Tracking the Patriots Dynasty

In an age of parity in the NFL the Patriots' overall win percentage is absurd to the point of being almost unbelievable. To put this in perspective, there are only 4 other coaches with a winning percentage over .700 (Guy Chamberlin, John Madden, Vince Lombardi and George Allen). These 4 coaches are a combined 244 games over .500, whereas Belichick's Patriots are 157 games over .500.
241 - 84
A common argument is that the Patriots would struggle if they were in the NFC instead of the "easier" AFC, but the statistics prove otherwise.
182 - 63
59 - 21
Another argument against the Patriots dominance is that they benefit from "six free wins a season" by playing in a weak division. In fact, the AFC East is just as competitive against New England as any other division, if not more so.
AFC East
81 - 29
AFC West
30 - 16
AFC North
32 - 10
AFC South
39 - 8
And it's not as if the Patriots only beat up on teams they know. Each of the NFC divisions have met similar results as their AFC counterparts.
NFC East
14 - 6
NFC West
14 - 5
NFC North
14 - 5
NFC South
17 - 5

Throughout the history of the NFL there have been many dynasties, but none have been on the same level as the Patriots' dominance since Bill Belichick took over in 2000. Since September 3rd, 2000 the Patriots have an astounding win percentage against the rest of the league. In fact, no team in the NFL has a winning record against the Patriots in this span. You can click on any team to get a better idea of their history against the Pats. Use these buttons below to filter the list of teams by conference/division:

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