Greg Brown
30 January 2018


The extra bye week before the Super Bowl typically gives Patriots fans a chance to reflect. Some like to chain watch hype videos on YouTube. Some like to aggressively rehash arguments with other NFL fans on Twitter. Some like to write time consuming sports blogs that nobody reads. But not me. Being the historian that I am, I choose to spend the time reliving some of the most triumphant Patriots victories of the past. What better time to crack into the dusty old NFL archives and stream the entire Super Bowl XXXIX Patriots win over the Philadelphia Eagles. So why don’t you join and take a stroll down memory lane to a much simpler time.

The game was actually closer throughout than I had remembered. They entered the 4th quarter 14-14 before the Patriots jumped to a 24-14 lead. The Eagles rallied behind Terrell Owens but ultimately poor clock management (Andy Reid? Can’t be true) doomed their comeback attempt. Rodney Harrison sealed the victory with an INT with 9 seconds left in regulation giving the Patriots a 24-21 victory. The championship was the 3rd in 4 years and solidified the Patriots as an NFL dynasty in many people's eyes. Anyways, after re-watching it, here are my rambling thoughts about the game in no coherent order:


  • It may not look like it from the stat sheet but Donovan McNabb was embarrassingly bad. Could have sworn I was watching Kevin Kolb or AJ Feely out there.  He threw FOUR picks (one was called back on an off-the-ball holding call). He completed less than 60% of his passes. He was huddling, walking to the line and throwing check downs with less than 3 mins left and down 2 scores. And let’s not forget, he puked on the field (allegedly).
  • Terrell Owens on the other hand was as beastly as advertised. He tore up the NE secondary despite having two screws and a metal plate surgically placed in his ankle only 7 weeks prior. Some people might have even called his performance “heroic”. Not Terrell of course, but definitely some people:
  • People tend to remember his career in a negative light for doing sit ups in his driveway or for calling Jeff Garcia gay and rightly they should. But if you gave me a HOF vote, I’d put that cocky, egotistical, gay bashing sonofabitch on my first ballot.
  • This graphic made me chuckle. Can anyone think if that record has been broken since?
  • At some point in the first quarter the Eagles completed a pass and I saw Troy Brown come up to try to make the tackle. Damn near shit my pants. Troy Brown played nickel CB for the Patriots… a Super Bowl. And in true Troy Brown fashion he chipped in 2 catches and 3 punts returns. Imagine if Amendola was catching TDs, returning punts and then turning around and covering Alshon Jeffery the next series? You'd probably damn near shit your pants.
  • Apparently the Patriots were decimated at corner with injuries to both starters (Ty Law and Tyrone Poole). Did a little more research and found out that the 4th string CB was none other than funny name hall-of-famer Earthwind Moreland. And in an amusing stroke of coincidence, his namesake "Earth Wind and Fire" performed for the FOX pregame show before kickoff. Imagine the futures bet odds his mother could have got on that one.  
  • After the previous season’s nipple exposure controversy, Paul McCartney was chosen as the half time performance in hopes that he also wouldn’t expose himself. The halftime show wasn't in the YouTube stream but I feel like I would have remembered it if he did. On a completely unrelated note many people say my mom is McCartney’s doppelganger. If you were to point out that they are different genders I would tell you that yes, you are correct, Paul McCartney is a very feminine man (not that’s there’s anything wrong with that Paul). Anyways, I’ll let you be the judge:
  • The amount of household names on the 2004 Patriots defense was staggering. People sometimes forget the quality of defense Brady played with early in his career. Not to sound too sacrilegious but you could argue the defense was more instrumental than Brady in those first 3 championships. If you include the injured Ty Law, the defensive roster for Super Bowl XXXIX would end up accounting for 27 career pro bowl appearances.  Richard Seymour (7), Vince Wilfork (5), Ty Law (5), Asante Samuel (4), Willie McGinest (2), Rodney Harrison (2), Tedy Bruschi (1) and Mike Vrabel (1).


So there you have it. The first and only time this week that anyone has brought up the fact that the Patriots previously played the Eagles in a Super Bowl. I’ll be compiling my thoughts on Sunday’s matchup sometime later this week but for now let’s get a quick update on the city medal count since the 2004 seasons:

Boston (8): Patriots (3), Red Sox (3), Bruins (1), Celtics (1)

Philadelphia (1): Phillies (1)

Hey at least they have Penn State right?

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