2018 Week 14

Patriots ( 33 ) @ Miami Dolphins ( 34 )

Game Summary
1 2 3 4 Final
New England Patriots 6 21 0 6 33
Miami Dolphins 7 14 7 6 34
Game Recap

Oh brother. This game was just nail-biting for fans of both teams.

Brady went 27-35 for 358 yards and 3 TDs. Run game was shut down aside from a James Develin FB dive that caught the Dolphins off-guard.

Everything was moving relatively smoothly compared to previous @ Miami games. Pats weren’t trailing by much nor for too long while they did trail. It was a back and forth affair, each team answering scores in a timely fashion.

One play that likely screwed the Patriots was a DPI call on Minkah Fitzpatrick that set the Patriots up at the Miami 7 yard line with 1:56 remaining in the 4th. At that point the Pats were up 30-28. Had they declined the penalty, it would’ve been 3rd and 10 at the Miami 48.

Now hindsight is 20/20, the Patriots probably should have declined just to give them enough room to run the clock but Belichick went for it all and accepted, with the hopes they could score a TD and go up 37-28 and thus clinching the win but instead had to settle for a FG and going up 33-28. Ultimately, that’s what I believe screwed the Pats in the end, was accepting that penalty.

Dolphins get the ball at their own 31 yard line. Chances of a lateral play are HIGHLY unlikely, but desperation plays always have that SMALL chance of working, and it worked.

Tom Brady's Statistics
27 43 358 3 0 112.35
Game Info

Temperature: 82° F

Over/Under: 49.5

Vegas Line: -9.5

Surface Type: Natural Grass