2018 Week 7

Patriots ( 38 ) @ Chicago Bears ( 31 )

Game Summary
1 2 3 4 Final
New England Patriots 7 14 10 7 38
Chicago Bears 10 7 7 7 31
Game Recap

The world was optimistic about, but not yet convinced by this Chicago Bears team. Khalil Mack is an absolute monster and probably worth the 2 first-round picks, first-year coach Matt Nagy looked good, and Titties Trubisky seemed to be improving each year. However, their game record was mixed. They had lost a heartbreaker to Green Bay, won against Seattle, barely beat the woeful Cardinals, beat Fitztragic, and lost to a Brock Lobster sunburn in Miami. That last one is forgivable; there is no shame in losing to a meme quarterback, nor is there shame in losing in Miami. Please agree with me, I beg you. The Chicago Bears were returning home to meet the Patriots.

For much of the first half, the Bears soundly outplayed the Patriots. Chicago forced a pair of fumbles on consecutive New England possessions and scored a touchdown off both of them. But Chicaboat sprung a leak (Pretty sure this isn’t a metaphor), letting Cordarrelle Patterson take the kickoff to the house and redeeming his earlier fumble. This sudden shift in momentum continued through the third quarter when the Patriots put together another special teams touchdown, this time returning a blocked punt. Despite their quality play, the Bears were down 14. They brought it back to 7 points and had enough timeouts to get the ball back with just enough time for a hail mary.

The Bears had 24 seconds and no timeouts to go 80 yards and they made it 79. Patriots legend Kyle “yet another player the Patriots spent peanuts to acquire and plays incredibly well” Van Noy got in Trubisky’s face and forced a marginally underthrown ball which, while caught by the Bears, was stopped at the 1-yard line. A ridiculous ending to a ridiculous game.

This is absolutely a game that Chicago fans want back. Two special teams touchdowns for New England and two interceptions by Trubisky sunk what was otherwise a game-winning effort. The Patriots, especially on the road, continued to look beatable. But stop me if you’ve heard this one: Th-oh, you have heard it? Two games ago? Okay, my bad. On to Buffalo.

Tom Brady's Statistics
25 36 277 3 1 108.22
Game Info

Temperature: 44° F

Over/Under: 48.5

Vegas Line: -1.0

Surface Type: Natural Grass