2018 Week 8

Patriots ( 25 ) @ Buffalo Bills ( 6 )

Game Summary
1 2 3 4 Final
New England Patriots 3 6 3 13 25
Buffalo Bills 0 3 3 0 6
Game Recap

The Bills were a trendy pick to be the worst team in the NFL. They followed up a flukey 9-7 playoff berth (Thanks Cincy!) with an offense that looked good in shorts, and kept a pretty similar and actually pretty good defense, but that’s about it. They were rebuilding. They did overperform expectations, but that’s not really saying much. Instead of top tier play, the Bills blessed us with one of the better Twitter burns I’ve seen. Even though the Bills beat the Fargo Vikings, nobody really expected the Bills to compete with Belichick and the Patriots. Two McCourtys are better than one, but one Bill is better than 53.

I did say that the Bills looked good in shorts, but that wasn’t quite true this game. Josh Allen was injured and Buffalo finally recognized that maybe Peterman wasn’t an NFL-caliber quarterback. They started Derek Anderson instead, who was okay. There’s really not much to say about this game. Both Patriots and Bills defenses looked pretty good, but the Bills managed to have worse WR options than the Patriots who had around 30 signed free-agent receivers retire during training camp; the Bills had a worse O-line, and definitely worse QB play. Nobody expected Buffalo to win this game, and their defeat was met with a big ‘meh’ by fans.

The Pats improved to 2-2 on the road, but one win was the Bills, and the other easily could have been a loss to Chicago. The real takeaway from this week was how overly excited everyone was for next week’s game against Green Bay.

Tom Brady's Statistics
29 45 324 0 0 85.79
Game Info

Temperature: 46° F

Over/Under: 44.5

Vegas Line: -13.5

Surface Type: Artificial Turf