2019 Week 7

Patriots ( 33 ) @ New York Jets ( 0 )

Game Summary
1 2 3 4 Final
New England Patriots 17 7 2 7 33
New York Jets 0 0 0 0 0
Game Recap

Darnold had recovered from mono and the Jets played their best game of the year, picking up their first win against the Dallas Cowboys. Although most football fans would predict the Patriots to win this game, many believed the Jets would put up a far better showing than their Week 3 blowout.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Bill Belichick was already on to Halloween. Via some type of devil summoning, Bill turned this Patriots defense into boogeymen, phantoms, and other sorts of monsters (Or maybe just ghosts). Darnold was completely rattled and threw four (1234) interceptions. On one play, he missed the snap and only barely recovered in time to smartly commit a safety, preventing a Patriots defensive touchdown.

This is also the game where Belichick screwed around with clock-wasting penalties to troll the Jets. This was ostensibly to try to get the rule changed (Which it should this offseason. My preferred solution is to have the coach get to choose a running or stopped clock when accepting or declining penalties). More likely, it is because Bill does not like the Jets.

Akin to the Giants game, the Patriots offense looks far better in the box score than in the game. There was, admittedly, conservative playcalling once the Patriots were up 24-0 early in the second quarter. However, when you have 40 minutes of possession, benefit from six turnovers, and have the GOAT QB, one would expect at least a couple more points on the board.

Nevertheless, this was another dominant Patriots victory. Their next game was against the Browns in a rainy Foxborough.

Tom Brady's Statistics
31 45 249 1 1 80.69
Game Info

Temperature: 58° F

Over/Under: 43.0

Vegas Line: -9.5

Surface Type: Artificial Turf

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