2001 Week 16: Bye Week

Week 16 was a bye week for the Pats, so we figured we'd do a bye week episode as well. In true Pats fashion, we look inwards at what we've done right (and mostly wrong). Followed by a deep dive of the talented but troubled Terry Glenn.

For those who want to do more reading on Glenn, here's the articles mentioned in the podcast:

  • https://people.com/archive/forged-by-fire-vol-47-no-3/
  • https://vault.si.com/vault/1997/01/27/a-true-survival-test-dont-try-telling-patriots-wideout-terry-glenn-that-theres-no-greater-pressure-than-playing-in-the-nfls-ultimate-game
  • https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/terry-glenn-jr-son-of-late-cowboys-star-terry-glenn-dead-of-apparent-accidental-overdose-at-22/

And here's a link to the hotly-debated Troy Brown biography: https://smile.amazon.com/Patriot-Pride-Life-England-Dynasty/dp/1629375217/

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course my sometimes say some not things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead I am not your welcome to the Patriots Dicey podcast. This isn't really as a bit of a departure from what we've been doing normally is the bye week two thousand one for the Patriots so we thought we would do our own little bi week episode so We still have everybody with us today. Gentlemen how you how you handling. How're you holding up with everything going on right now in the world's I'm seeing pretty I'm alive? Yeah well you sound pretty. I wish we could quarantine all the time. Yes so who knows when this is coming out probably till well it's just like what should we predict when the quarantine will end? Yeah well if this is in the future date today is March twentieth. Yes so there's it we as you can probably hear voices still beginnings the first week of quarantine for most of us. I think we still have hope left. So Steve What is your prediction for. When the I'M GONNA say May Twelfth? You put some thought into that. I was just going to pick a number random but all right I did. I just pick the number random okay mic longer than I think but before my birthday all right so you think we're going back to work on a Wednesday Steve. Eighty it all right Gregg Jato though I'm saying July sixth so after the fourth we're all coming back you think so. Yup that's a long time is dude. Got a flat in the curve. That's what that's what they say. Yeah I've been writing a lot of Internet. Mike what do you think? Well it depends you know because they have the vaccine now. I think for malaria that supposedly doing some things. But I hear on the low. There's some side effects so if they start injecting people with this stuff and then like two weeks later other stuff is happening. That will definitely sway thing. So I'm guessing nine weeks from now. Whatever that is. What are the side effects? Mike do you know I think it's increased heart rate and having you have some type of heart condition or something. It's pretty much not good. And if you have in erection for more than four hours you'd probably call the doctor they have said that but I don't know if it's common knowledge that that's a different drug might be the same. I don't know what I all the time. So that fight off the corona. Maybe I bet you haven't even tried it fights off a lot of things all right while tell trump that. Give it a shot. He's trying to. It might be a good time to try Boehner bills. You know you stuck at a lot of babies or just Yank it off. If you're single. I don't think that this is going to be another like like a baby boom two to three months of life. While here's the other side is if you're stuck with your significant other for all day could get sick of them might have the opposite effect biking divorces divorces. There's no kidding. Yeah didn't think about that man what's GonNa Happen to the the society who also got some dates. I think we're not going to have lifted until November twenty twenty boy November seconds and. I'm always saying that because I'm still bitter about the Tom Brady News. And if that happens if it's November I think the football season will have been cancelled. So what are the odds that we finish this podcast the whole dynasty before the quarantines over Eighty three percent thousand. One the whole the whole thing every season Yup Well we discussed. There's no ended peaches dynasty yet. So who knows and if there is no? I think we've discussed it wait.


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Did we decide it? Isn't it hasn't ended or it. Has I think it was a split decision that I don't know I don't know but if football doesn't come back you record it because ever now stem wins the super bowl. We can go back here and you'll have on your face brother. This is true when this gets released in November. Twenty twenty. It's the archives man so there are three hundred and sixty one game so far in since imaginative at some point. If we get desperate we'll go back to the two thousand season so three hundred sixty one game so we could record an episode every day and be here this time next year still releasing episodes for me. I'll I'll be executed sound like with a you doing just me. Yeah it wouldn't be great. I don't think you have a lovely voice. I've often said that. Asmar it would probably turn into that. Yeah REAL FACE FOR RADIO ANDY. Could Jabber related? Or here's a different facing the see. We're not a better face. I didn't say a was. I'm saying I know I'm just. I'm just letting everybody else that that hasn't met us. No it's not a better face. I think we've are decided. Yeah weeks ago. That the only person that doesn't have a face for radio with Mike Has Beautiful Haircut. Well right right. I'm the pretty one of the family pretty ugly. Do Mike Toby. Tom Brady threw on there. That's on record you'll do but I think he's on PCP though so. I don't know about that way. Lemay scratched from the records. And we'll have to talk about that man which means you have to be as low to get wet. I don't know what that means next topic all right so Because this is the the bye week kind of wanted to do a little bit of what the Patriots Do. WanNa look internally just briefly kind of do some self scouting as it were So a couple of things I just want to bring to your attention a four hour analytics which may only league be exciting to but In all transparency we have officially gone over a hundred listens for an episode. It happened this week so I seen one episode has a hundred and six. The first episode has one hundred six lessons. Oh Yeah One and even me it drops off every Romero if this is the best topic to go on air You do you man discarded. That's what I'm saying. Yeah and so Though congratulations for that we've had one hundred and I've also been kind of generally keeping track of when we say stupid shit. We don't know the answer so I went back and tried to look some of that shit up. I know it's not complete because I only did it. Sometimes when I felt it was super agree. Gis But Some of the things that we have said I have in here. I think we already debunked this. But Aaron Glenn is not in the hall of fame allegedly Aaron Glenn Terry Glenn just naturally. He's not the shot. That was quick. Yeah I believe we're also going back and forth on whether or not Terry Glenn got a Super Bowl Ring. You did not. What's confirmed my goodness. How you figure that out. Somebody told me so I looked it up and he did not get. I Dunno where I found out that he did not get one. The fabric of the world just fell apart right now We talked about Curtis Martin Super Garbled there and they take it back just like when underwater. Yeah no my Internet. Just only because I've been talking for Kelly hungrily and this is what I'm talking about.


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We're not GONNA make. It just walked in on a fucking happy hour live Chat Craig Brown's Book Ass Naked Was it butthole naked. Was that something from. That's a crock. So it wasn't Crockett was What's his name the wide receiver from the Ravens? Oh yes Smith everybody saying somebody was butthole wide. Oprah'S I don't remember what he's the best you can tell if an editing the Christmas one for too long 'cause it's let's see what else we talked. We talked about Curtis Martin and his poison pill and his contract and we did a horrendous job explaining it so I looked it up a bit more. Basically the poison pill was a clause in the contract that stated that cars mart will become an unrestricted free agent. After one year if the Patriots matched the offer and the patient would have been forced to pay like a three million dollars roster bonus which they wouldn't have been able to fit under the cap so that was why they couldn't bring him back. Seems a bit more clear that time? And now what was the? Is that what you're gonNA say last time before you went underwater yes okay cool and also just a side note on that while I was looking that up The jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum is regarded in many circles as the guy who fathered the idea of the poison pill so of course it was a gesture mention. I mean smart move is a ballot. Check TO YOU. Know your show. You're showing your bias again. Andy you'd be like it's genius of course and I mean he explains everything. Yeah definitely sounds like somebody's talking. The rose's rules Andy just admit that ballot tech has cheated before. Can you say that Sherry? Well yeah all right all right now on the same page. So he sent the rule rolling. Okay well okay the envelope. Yeah there you go all right. We're on the same page. You're growing In Week four I think just me and Mike talking about sacks for Tom Brady the leaders in that and we talked about how what episode. That was. Yeah that was dolphins on wasn't it? I don't remember that was the game that we talked about how we would never watch that game again. Something just happened okay. I think Steve Now has yes boy. So we fucked up some of the numbers correcting it out right. What the fuck you doing. Steve competes a back there. You want to make it a little bit more noisy to it. You could hear that my kitchen you can hear that and Andy thought you came down with something. Pretty CORONA VIRUS. Now had it early. Beat it there. It is oh boy but Mike in that episode we were talking about The number of people who lost their jobs due to the Patriots. If you recall and I came up with a real rough back of the envelope number did a little bit of research and I came up with in terms of coaches and quarterbacks in the AFC east about fifty eight of them have lost their job due to the ongoing Patriots Dynasty. It's amazing that's a lot about chatfield bad about that. No comment okay. I I have some. I have a quote from Terry Glenn About The ring. You see this little tear twenty nine twenty nine thousand nine. He said if they offered me while certainly accept it. And Keep it in my archives. Nice it would be nice to get one. He said I've been twenty. Nineteen in the article is written. No never mind two thousand two. I think I read that I was going to say mean. We're not gonNA ruin that surprise but yeah way that's bullshit so Putin gets a super bowl ring and Terry Glenn doesn't confirmed Putin has on. I thought so I believe Putin kind of took it right story. Classic Shocking Accidents Andy Miscommunication language barrier. Perhaps I'm guessing it probably wasn't.


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It was just blamed on that. Do you think that's very glenshane? Gotten one I I guess further. Assess after you go down. Yeah Yeah we'll talk about that in a minute The last thing that I had was when we had conner on. And we're talking all about kickers. You want no kicker accuracy by distance and basically Gostkowski is more accurate kicker. Ouch say and then In the playoffs they didn't have it broken down by distance but vinnie. Terry was a less accurate kicker in the playoffs. To surprising. Really Shoe made seventies just over seventy six percent of his field goals and Gus. Kassy's made eighty eight percent military. Didn't miss an extra point but they also from the two yard line. You never miss one playoffs. He was three hundred sixty. Seven of three hundred seventy four in the regular season ninety eight point one percent which is still just very slightly lower than Gostkowski. Ninety eight point three percent so caskey more accurate kicker just in general is connor indeed. So that's all I had. I just wanted to clear those things. Get the Get some transparency here. We're not perfect but working towards being so now we're not and if any of our listeners have anything else they wanNA talk about Greg's email address. Is She d brown? Something rather edgy. Throw my yeah yea issue with the PODCAST Greg. Now keep in mind that eight by the time you send us a question. It might take us three months to answer it on air. But Hey it'll be or you. Can you can hit up. Mike Melon twitter at. I don't know leave me alone. Yeah that's what it is three here. The old twitter I write some doozy's on that one can I? Can I SNEAK PEEK INCOGNITO? Jonathan Martin relevant tax from that. So Jonathan Martin says what's your address to which incognito responds one two three four go fuck yourself place you went with place. Class distinguished one two three four about part so. Yeah so the the second part of this was going to be. We're GONNA do some deep dives because I think that's kind of also what the Patriots would do. They would take a deeper look into their their own stuff. So this is one that I had set up. We have talked a lot about Terry Glenn. But we haven't really gotten into Terry Glenn. The Person The man the myth the legend so I thought we would do a bit of a deep dive on him next. So Terry Glenn Terry tyree Glenn which fail like as foreshadowing his middle middle name. His middle name has tyree in his first. Terry yes just verify yes. Terry's TYREE GLENN. It's tough born July. Twenty thousand nine hundred seventy four in Columbus Ohio. That will come back to be important later. We talk a lot about. I think football players coming from rough upbringings. I think we talked about David. Patten Troy Brown like being super and having to like work the fields and stuff to make ends meet for their family things like that. I thought he was like shipping. Coffee loading no loading coffee on the trucks by the bagful. Yeah we're gonNA feel what he's talking about. Troy Brown was wasn't cool. Have you ever farmed coffee? No it's not Islamic. Says you would think he was unloading trucks man talking about Brown. I don't know the other Guy Dave a pet coffee truck weight Greg while this guy calm nonsense. Can you look please? Would you want to look up whether Choi Troy Brown Before football job. Thank you. I don't believe in Troy Brown biography but check the whole change right. It sounds like you run to you really. I've never heard of this because you haven't read the book magazine.


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Not Troy Fan 'cause you're not a fan of the browns. I'm never admit this is true in fact he's admitted multiple times. He's not a fan of of these brands. I do love try Brown. No copy of the book. I'm giving. I'm giving up on the static because apparently Troy Brown in the NBA to Alright yeah it's really the only word for it just seems like It'll be made up on your next by week. We'll we'll do a deep dive on troy run on people's jobs before they did you know that. Kurt Warner was Was A bad boy. Did you know them? Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. I didn't did. He really didn't Antonio Gates Play Basketball Really. So why heard some breaking news so anyway? Back to Terry Glenn. Deep dive has gotten really deep so far we know his middle name and when he was born but His his his mom was on welfare as far back as remember apparently in his father left when he was two dude. We're laughing here and you just come with that right after. Jesus oh it gets. It gets a little worse before it doesn't really get better. You'll guys can do with this so he never knew his father and when Terry was thirteen years old his mother was beaten to death by man. She'd recently met Holy Shut. Yes so here's where you heard. Has she been killed on October? Eighth Nineteen eighty-seven beaten to death by casual acquaintance. Who had been stalking her. Terry didn't need a judge jury to tell him who is responsible. He knew that. Damn fatman Kenneth Adams. Now thirty three was sentenced ten to twenty five years after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter. So he didn't mean to Terry Glenn says he liked her and she didn't like him. I guess that's why he did it. According to the article I found on people dot com. So yeah. Glen was thirteen years old. He had a younger sister to because he like from. It was like a stepsister. I think because he considered suicide but then thought that US there will be no one to take care of his sister so we didn't so his sister went to live with her biological dad. Terry Glenn bounced around between aunts and uncles and stuff for a few years before. Finally one of his friends parents took him in and they were like you know friends and play football and stuff like that and basically raised by these people and he says football saved his life because otherwise like a lot of his friends are dead and stuff like that. Like dude had a rough a rough upbringing. I think he was obviously good at football. I think that's pretty pretty apparent by the his career but He actually walked onto High Ohio state. The Ohio State University. You got some other scholarships supplant like small place but decided he was going to walk on there and at the time There was a guy who gonNA play for the oilers who then turn the Titans Chris Sanders and another name. You might recognize Joey. Galloway were the starting wide receivers at Iowa state that users walk on it right. Joey Galloway for I remember one Joey. Galloway play and it's given making out of training camp. He did yeah. He made a couple of weeks in whatever season that was. I WanNa say oh six those dark years of that team. That's what I'm saying. Yeah but it was. I just remember showing gallon. I think he ran the wrong route and Brady just like Tornado. In the entire time they were walking off the field. How many times is that can happen with his new team-mates? Oh No. I'm sorry I cannot myself can give a factoid real quick because I was like Columbus Ohio is that even like a high crime rate apparently Columbus has more the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes really check on lines Massachusetts. Place thank you. It's I'm sure it's on the list so makes this. Is your brother in here. I guess what you're saying is I seems like he's had a harder life than than some a. It's it's lower than Columbus saw fifteen percent decline in two thousand seventeen better going on.


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I just want to think everybody involved cleaning out the community. I'm I always knew that it was a beautiful place. And I'm just really happy to hear that Greg thank you. I'm personally welcome. Has It got better. Once Mike left it was slowly getting better. I think it was twenty years ago. Yeah no it's great to see that John Hayman UPN shitty. I know but I've also helped out in the community but I don't like to Brag about that so I have to Lawrence. Yeah I purchased drugs from Lawrence as five years ago all right. Let's stop purchasing drugs food. Yes yeah yeah. Those numbers need to La Town Brown so back to back to our old friend. Terry Glenn As I walked onto the highest state and then a junior early did was set school records with sixty four catches hundred fourteen hundred yards and seventeen touchdowns which is pretty phenomenal. Especially back then. Yeah exactly and like. His numbers weren't outrageous like his best game. Came against the University of Pittsburgh Nine catches two hundred fifty three yards. Which is school record? It still is can we? Fact check back. Greg and his average was twenty. Eight point one yards per catch Four touchdowns Oh and a two point conversion so he was shit and coming up who's thrown on the ball. It didn't say that we could Google it. I don't think it matters at Ohio state. Do they have they ever had a a real quarterback amount of Ohio state and not really a real quarterback? Yes I know the answer. So that was That was his his college career. He was you know he did eventually get his His degree from Ohio State. I don't know what an didn't say. But after his junior resigned to declare for the draft and he was drafted seventh overall by your Michael New England Patriots. Back in ninety-six. I got a name Floria. Give it to me. Ohio state quarterback Tom to where it's eighty four to eighty seven and I didn't say anything. But tonto we'll go over that nugget. Zack also Kirk herbstreet. Ohio State Guy. The quarterback is literally like the biggest names. Has None of these guys played when Terry. Who Was it? Who was the quarterback in the early nineties does? What is the early nineties? Ninety to ninety five Bobby Bobby. You're so that was probably it was right on the ball and Bobby Ninety six so right you know he was getting so Glenn coming out of school drafted seventh overall by Your New England patriots. Ninety six by Robert Kraft not by bill parcells. We all know let's see apparently Parcells was outspoken of his desire to draft a defensive player. He was also outspoken about how he was overruled by team management twelve. Remember something about. Don't ask me to cook the dinner if I can't buy the groceries. Wasn't that the saying. Yeah Great Line. That's it's it's one of the top bill parcells lines. I think we figure out what bill parcells is. The actual name was cracked. Didn't you have that though parcells actual name? It's not hit Scott William No. I remember this. What happens when you listen to our episodes that we really slow. Dwayne Charles parcells tuna. And I'm pretty sure. The reason he goes by bill is because in school. He was confused with another guy whose name was built just started going by bill because it was easier. Ask Nicknames get made right yeah? You're nicknames never wanted you want to have those stick the ones you one adult stick Yeah I can take so.


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Yeah and then So there's all that shit with parcels and Terry Glenn. Obviously to like him. He made his displeasure known referring to. Glenn she after he pulled after Glenn pulled a hamstring tweaks and training camp and that forcible quote unquote forced him to miss the rest of training camp and he's Dolphin slashing now we've all heard of that part. But did Terry Glenn ever comments on parcels disdain. For him he did. He wasn't too bothered by it. To be honest. Oh really yeah I think the quote I don't have the exact quote here I don't think but it was something along the lines of I've been through a lot growing up so that really didn't bother me sense. Yeah exactly sears. I read all right. Yeah that that we know who the player that he wanted instead of Glen. That's a good question was drafted like right after. I'm looking at the draft right now. Alex molden a cornerback is next defensive. Player Regan upshaw the end knowing really of name here are the Patriots drafts Like what positions did they draft? Terry Glenn that year because that'll probably give you an idea of what parcells was looking for prolonged life right but greg's a good point though there's no other names it's not the worst picking the world. I mean I guess especially seven overall right exactly. This is as Dact wide receiver draft to though was it. Who Else Yannis keyshawn Johnson only Marvin Harrison Eric? Moulds Machine Muhammad was a staff who went rela wins. Damn Yeah Joe Horn. Whoever that keyshawn now okay. Yeah that makes them so Ab- I think Glenn held his own against all those wide receivers because it is rookie season. He recorded ninety catches for eleven hundred yards and six touchdowns and at the time Those ninety receptions were the most ever in a single season by a rookie in the NFL history and it was actually in Patriots. History was the second most ever behind. Ben Coates I think ninety four ninety six. So that's all he did and that was his rookie year was the Patriots went to Super Bowl. Thirty one against the Green Bay packers. Can I interject here again with you man? Par parcells is kind of like a Douche though then because the guys rip it on Glenn Basically helps the team go to the Super Bowl. And then he records. Yeah and then. He bails on the team with his disdain. Because Robert Kraft made him pick Terry Glenn in the first place which turned out to be the right decision? Yeah that's pretty awesome. That's spiteful a little bit yeah so then South Ninety six rookie year Not much really happened until ninety nine and ninety eight. He set the Patriots receiving record with one hundred ninety three yards against the steelers. So that's three years two years into his his career. Ninety nine he led the team again with reception was sixty nine. Nice eleven hundred yards and four touchdowns in fourteen games. I think you know injury troubles again and then on October. Thirty set the franchise records with thirteen receptions for two hundred fourteen yards against the Cleveland browns. So I remember him being good. I don't remember him being vis good. Yeah I believe having Glen proponent bear back in the day and you told me that he thought so. I believe you even said that. He didn't have the capability of two touchdowns game. I think that was your direct. He's not coaching touching well. You never caught to touch. Have you said you didn't even have the ability to catch two touchdowns he's telling words in my mouth candy. No without wars limbaugh. I never say no. That's what I heard. I was like no I know. He's Never Kaku of things. Okay I heard it to show. You did say all right. Hey enough I'm on Mandy. How do you have two hundred and thirteen yards and only one touchdown? Okay you guys fuck you Steve. I know this is how about this. Steve Ready for this one. You'll probably like this to Terry.


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Glenn is the drew bledsoe of flag receiver. Okay and I've said this frequently. Both of them could be in the hall of fame. Given a couple of things here that might have been different given each other because I mean they had their chance. Yeah and did pretty well now give them a bunch more time because obviously Terry Glenn. Hey Tom Brady. I mean that was given. He didn't even WanNa play with them. So what happened. So that's what I'm told so your sources both Tom Brady. And you just. I'm saying when I hear guys so these voices are coming from if If if we don't know what could have been. Yeah it's true. I've seen that argument pop up lately now that Tom Brady Asta talk about back. Then but Tarik. Glenn used to stay at drew bledsoe's house. I mean they would build a relationship together. What do you mean? Stay just like hang our buddies? Yeah SLEEPOVERS SLUMBER PARTIES PILLOW FIGHTS. You know so. They supported each other beautiful thing now. Now does that within Tonio Round people are like oh it's so great nobody Sacramento Bledsoe back then as a humanitarian for the sources. I have said that When when Terry Glennon and drew bledsoe where? We're having sleepovers when you're actually doing is they were buying a case of SURGE SODAS SURGE. Okay and they were going on. Aol Chat rooms at the time to be. Lesbians is very specific. Nfl wits idle low. That's great sounds familiar imagine that. Asl Question Mark. That's right ban. Those are interesting times. Allegedly allegedly allegedly. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure both drew bledsoe and Terry Glenn. Learn a lot today. Mentioned Cyber Ring. Is that what it was called? Cyber real bright moving on you made that operate what cyber chat thing real. You both made it all up right. They didn't hang out together. That bledsoe's Oh I just need to allegedly allegedly. I don't want to hear allegedly. Just is there anything even alleging it? No I would have to look back on that but allergy. No next time. Is that football not football? It's totally one hundred percent up so Ninety nine is also when Terry Glenn Off. The field stuff started to kind of catch up to him. He was cited for speeding and was three hours late for practice on done. That's why he was speaking. I mean three hours late tough. Look he was also later. Accused of inappropriately inappropriately touching a woman outside a nightclub. The previous night The previous night of his speeding ticket and then after missing the game against the buffalo bills because of the flu. He was suspended for the season finale. The season finale by head coach Pete Carroll for failing to show up for treatment which is a harboring a come. I think this was a quarantine you would think right but I mean I'm surprised that P carol actually disciplined that's be Carol's later the law. You know you've fucked up but it was also. I think the last game of the season so Then so two thousand more issues. He tested positive for marijuana and enter the NFL Substance Abuse Program Substance Right. He also although think about that. If you can function catch balls and touchdowns and all this other stuff. Hi Pretty good man. Look at Josh Gordon dealing while he was setting records now. Have you ever played sports? I'm like you know I probably not because I don't know what that feels like. Are you know allegedly? We'll talk you. Think Terry got it from town. Audibility any more into the mall. We think it was called back to see back then.


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I think we'll get there. Here's a question now so now with the CBS. More relaxed like marijuana laws. And I'm sure that will probably evolve overtime. So I wonder how. Many wide receivers that wouldn't have to contend with. That would have been phenomenal given that they weren't India the program. We'll never know what Randy Moss yesterday to could have been hall of fame. Ready bosses phenomenal anyway. True so yeah so he tested positive for marijuana and I think that came back. I think actually talked about a little bit in two thousand one if you remember because he got all pissed off about how the pay like He. I guess that came out the information that he positive and he was in. The Substance Abuse Program got leaks. How and so he tried to. I think sue the League and the Patriots like never really support him was his was his thing. So that's kind of why he was sitting at the beginning and the whole. I'm hurt but I'm not getting paid and getting paid so I'm hurt. Sort of thing I think it's more about money like he said he's gone through worse. I'm pretty sure you didn't give a crap. Bill ballot check stands by him or not maybe but Speaking of money in two thousand he signed six year fifty million dollar contract extension with an eleven and a half million dollar signing bonus so it's pretty active for back then so it was that plus the the drew bledsoe ten year one hundred million dollar signing. You thought these would be the cornerstone of your offense for the next long magical what that would look like again Yeah look like the Dallas Cowboys. No figuring that's where they both ended up. Now I don't buy with Arsenal's greg king check check it right now. But here's the thing that was at the tail end so I don't know he's different people back then perhaps spry. It was what he was thirty six or something by that point on. Never seen it. Thirty six year old quarterback perform at a high level. Rhonda something where it's the first time we've ever seen it Andrew Bite. You're tired. He's six-year-old. Yeah to true breezes thirty nine no. We don't believe it forty no sorry. How old is Joe Montana? Actually go Montana's probably twenty eight when he retired thirty. He's an early thirties. He was yeah. But wait a minute this. This current trend outside of yellow when moves to the test of recipes. But like starting starting quarterbacks hasn't really happened until recently with the rivers in July manning and all that kind of stuff so they own you showed me. Thank you We're going back to what you were saying about Molly like In Two Thousand. I may have touched on this too. They were given given permission with Tilana Troy Brown to stay in Buffalo after a game. Up there because They didn't WANNA fly in the bad weather because it's fucking buffalo. But they were given permission to do that on the condition that the three were back in. Foxborough the next day for team meeting the players were later seen in. Strip club in Canada and Thailand was arrested for possession of ecstasy and they were also like getting money meeting so that was awesome. Troy Brown's book. If you read it. He was probably the only apologetic one. Out of three of those players. You'd Imagine Brown was one of 'em Troy Brown was on that list. Yeah Jewish a strip club tyler law and Terry Glenn. Wow that would be awesome night to be on that. Can you imagine it's always on us? Brown brothers really go. I would probably be the Troy Brown honest as Greg's ty law since Donald J because Craig Brown's one getting arrested for possession of ecstasy at the Canadian border. I guess I'll be the diva So that was two thousand pretty Pretty entertaining two thousand one We've kind of talked about this season. He was arrested for assaulting the mother of his son. So that's not great And then was eventually you know we've kind of talked about it through the season? Didn't play heart hurt. Maybe not hurt. Maybe just being hurt. Because he's not getting paid all shit eventually gets traded after this season spoiler alert to the Green Bay packers in exchange for the fourth round.


45:13 - 50:06


Pick which turned into driver screen and Two thousand three conditional pick which turned into somebody called Bryant mcneal yet in the either nope and as part of that deal. Glenn dropped a series of grievances against Patriots. Which I think we're kind of building throughout the season that we've talked about a bit and once that bill ballot check just kind of dismissed and so he didn't play much because he had some injuries knee injuries in two thousand two but two thousand three was traded to Dallas cowboys and we talked about it in exchange for two thousand four six round draft choice right. Imagine that act. Cowboys was reunited with the former head. Coach Bill parcells Dwayne Charles Man. Oh it gets better he stay. Wait wait wait wait. You're you're can ask this. How do you think it is? How come he gets in trouble with the law? And I'm looking at like like nowadays. Well boy tyreek Hill nowadays like he's gotten into more trouble than that. I think some of the same stuff but that was confirmed to he was getting out of college. He gets a pass. Remember kids stuff to know. But he's like present day have gotten a pretty good pass from the chiefs the NFL. What I don't give them a pass. I hate that guy. He runs a four to forty. Yeah that's why that's what he can catch a football. You put some points in fancy does but I can't believe the acid seats. I guess because the chiefs cut ties with one guy they get a pass for the other guy could ties with the rain. Hunt Kareem Hunt. Who is now playing for the browns and I think he just got a new deal. I yeah so so fast and pilot so yes. He was reunited tag reunited with former head coach. Bill parcells the other starting wide receiver for that Dallas cowboys team. Anybody WanNa Guess Joey Ball. Greg Brownell didn't line. I got it. Yes so playing with his old Ohio state teammate. Joey Galloway Terry Glenn. Would lead the team. You catches seven hundred fifty yards five touchdowns not too bad contributed a team. Make the playoffs for the first time since ninety nine now what about after that times no say. I can't pick the groceries. And then he left them for the eagles. All right so then. Two Thousand Five. Guess who else. He was reunited with Michael. I'll give you a hint. It's a quarter drew bledsoe and get this. He had Two thousand five reunited with his boy drew bledsoe these three catches eleven hundred yards which since nineteen ninety. Nine seven touchdowns. Okay and what did I say? Eighteen point three yard average. Which is I in the NFC. Yeah of course it was. I wait a minute you skim over this and not apologize for putting me down about ten minutes ago and other episodes. I wasn't apology man. Because for what if they stayed together that whole time in their prime they would have been a hall of famers. Hey Greg Cougar Stat. Check on how many picks drew bledsoe threw that year. Five thousand five or just justice. How many rows since he left the Patriots after he left the Patriots? Look it's a system to you. GotTa keep that in mind if tell you what. He's saying. System Package eight through fifteen thousand two thousand twelve sixteen seventeen. Okay well again. We don't know ballot. Check this whole three eleven touchdowns twelve interceptions come on how to run an offense in eleven touchdowns in sixteen games. That's Kinda brutal. Two thousand five win seven back dude.


50:07 - 55:23


He he was feeling depressed that year. I don't even want to go into it. Just brushing it over like at least give them some respect. Ju- BLEDSOE's depressed. Yeah he's feeling down at and I can't really go into it but you know about it as patriots industries boy. So anyways it's move I in like makes it facts report podcast so much all right well take it as you will so yeah. He had a great year in two thousand five on the field off the field. He had another issue. He was arrested for intoxication and public urination in a Jack in the box parking lot. But that's I mean it's tough to judge that one I pay for that. Two thousand nine this law without the public urination but yeah intoxication. Yes it was. A perfect storm is like Saturday night. We got home late from aside away game it was. It was a snoop dogg concert on campus. That's and it was dame seven of Bulls and Celtics. That series is unbelievable. So is a perfect storm. Yeah we're cop didn't let me go right and I don't hold myself accountable. Dida remember getting arrested. Quick no but I was apparently like me and my roommate like wrestling in the street only was wild ride in the morning. I tell you what yeah I feel like. You've told me about the the drive home to campus from the police next morning. What do you call the police officer? I don't remember from wait till you are in the back of the cruiser you. You're off campus at the police station. He driving back to campus and He was hammered down in the passing lane. Oh a guy front of you. That wouldn't pull over something so you banged on the The divider I've got plenty of room back here. Chargers to was bombing. Greg fits I got to do that. You know and they put in the glass with the telephone thing. I got to do that. Yeah that's awesome. Talk to my roommate. He came to pick me up and like put my hand on it. And how's your hand on the window? Take it seriously. We don't go to any of that. I mean okay so anything Greg. Does really. He only arrests in the Brown family. That's why he's tyler and buses with the perfect true Nilda yeah. Brown apparently is the black sheep of the family who we all knew fair enough. When that caught brought him home had a talk with him in mom the dining room table. What we'll cut this part. I was affair when you mounted the chew on the snowbank No comment okay and let's chat about the decisions Greg's making life Yeah I remember having fuck in deal with this is by digging the Goddamn van of a snowbank Terry land lots of Sun though right speaking of bad decisions There wasn't much that happened after two thousand and five on the fields and he didn't play much after that two thousand nine. He was arrested again for public intoxication. Possession marijuana twenty ten. He was arrested for auto theft of a rental car. I don't know how that works overturning. Yeah that I guess. I thought they just charge you. The the price of the car like they do library books but then again on the Troy Brown in this situation so I have no idea see. I heard a stand up. Comedian say that one time he was late for a flight and just like drove up to the terminal and just left it there and called the call the place to go. You want your car. It's at Terminal C. Teams. Give you shit for that. But that's yeah you save. Get in trouble for its try. That he's renege or what. Yeah yes I mean it was a stand up so it could be just making it up through Say and then Sadly twenty seventeen Terry Glenn died at the age of forty three calling one vehicle rollover traffic accidents in two thousand seventeen in Irving Texas near Dallas which left his fiancee slightly injured shoes in the car.


55:26 - 60:10


ballot check though when when finding out about it said. I think he was deep down inside a good part of good intentions and a good heart. Obviously it's very unfortunate passing. I mean is just sad. The sad day it's sad news. So kinda rough he Turns out there was as you can probably imagine both alcohol and marijuana in his blood when that happened so didn't really learn his lessons of the rest of the time he was rest for all that shit the UH. Well it's funny. You bring that up. I was just about to A. He has seven children. Yeah Five win not particularly happy either. Because when was this December third twenty nineteen Terry Glenn Junior? His died of an apparent accidental overdose. Why again idea to explore? 'cause we needed to talk about Terry Glenn. Because he's such a big part of this. I know we've given a lot of crap so I kind of want to just kind of shed a light on. I know we get try to be funny a lot of times but like some of this shit like he went through some rough stuff. So did you find any of all the research that there was like a consistent person trying to help them out throughout all this his girlfriend it seemed like was his his person for that They what does she? She was a Dallas County law enforcement officer. I think And they started several nonprofits together. the would target like a domestic violence awareness and things which probably stemmed from the stuff that you had going on back in two thousand one when he was arrested for assaulting or his mom getting killed him in. That's TV right there. I mean that's here. Yeah so I mean a lot of it kind of fault him throughout all this stuff and that's the thing too. I mean it's such a horrible start to life you know so I don't know it's a tough thing to shake especially with. I mean yeah so I don't know. I wonder if he tried to get help. I don't know what he tried to do. But that's extremely unfortunate. Yeah there wasn't a lot of about him talking about his personal life. Us Pretty Button up about that. He just was not a guy he would open up. But it didn't really. I mean Andy and I kind of went over a little bit of the mental health aspect of sports and then and now and I go into too much unless you guys wanNA share anything or chime in but I will say that. Hopefully things are a little bit better for players to reach out without having the stick or Issues that stem from that and just address them and stuff is also on top of like dealing with a tragic past. And you know you have all this money and opportunity that you might not have had before I got to imagine that. It's tough to navigate alone. Never mind with you. Know issues stemming from childhood and Whatnot Yep imagine if a coach called one of his players she and the yeah. That's a rough one. That's what I'm saying. Hopefully you know. Things are a little bit better for players to reach out and get the help that they need. Yeah I mean the whole mental health thing. It's definitely better these days right. I'd hope so I mean I don't know all the way thereby yeah definitely better than it was like fifteen years ago research about it to even things Lakers just understanding what it is in concussions and how they affect people well the guy from the cavs just came out and said he had Anxiety which he he got a pretty good reception Kevin love. That's right yeah. Yeah that's a good point and I gotta I gotTa think all that celebrity and you're going through shit like I. Don't I know that people I mean it's easy to these guys? Make millions of dollars whatever and we all have problems in our own way. But I can't imagine having a camera in my face following me around. I'm having all the money in the world to do whatever I want. Restrain Myself When you know things don't feel that great it's tough and then it comes in its own unique set of problems for sure like you feel like no one understands it either right.


60:10 - 60:47


Everyone's like oh you're a super rich. Why UPSET I mean? I don't know how comfortable people are with reaching teammates and stuff too because there's like bravado stuff and tally of especially football to of all the sports so that'll do it for this deep dive by week episode. Next week we are going to be trailing to Carolina Panthers the not very good panthers so this I think we'll have a lot of garbage time in its But we will find out next week on the pages. Dicey podcast see that.