2001 Week 15: Patriots vs Dolphins

Steve wants to sell his spot to the highest bidder, Greg graces us with his presence (eventually), Mike talks about growing up on the mean streets of Lawrence, MA.

And there's some talk about a very important game for the lead in the AFC East. And kickers. This one is all over the map.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty you have the choice not to my sons and of course my sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your welcome to week. Fifteen episode fifteen pages. Dasy podcast going back and we're still in the two thousand one season getting towards the end of the season. Boys how you feel good. It's been a marathon. You still with me so far well every so often sure. Mike Morrison has been here pretty much every week. Yeah I don't think greg both on one for like five weeks fuck. I think you're right. Yeah has been a while. No we have a fucking. I don't know just trying to hold down the fort here. Yeah what were we what we do without you? Mike. I mean you've done it a couple of times already so I think you'll be just on Jesus saying that that's true you've now you've done it. Yeah stevie hates you already. So that's keep poking that bear. I mean out of pastimes poking barest try to maybe butter you up a little bit battery bribery all right. Yeah I mean. Steve Does have a history of his pastime being angering people for funding theoretically profit. But only gay should make any money off it to you. Well unless conner was pay me like ten thousand dollars to the spot now offers their. We'll have to see what his responses. I'm also interested. Well that's that's quite a start In fact if you want to pay any US ten thousand dollars any one of you out there connect can have spot on this podcast. We're not you proud and give it up to an episode for sure how I'll just one episode you ten grand episode. Oh wait ten grand for the entire thing you can. I don't know we're worth more than that baby. Okay slowly. Someone's to make money on this podcast. This has been a roller coaster so far for me all over the map good. Has it been You know wrangling. This whole thing putting it together. I mean you do a little bit more work than the rest of US. I guess so. It's been a lot but it's fine. I just don't eat lunch work anymore. I sit there and I read the Boston Globe Archives instead chose commitment because my sources. Tell me that Greg didn't show up today. Because he is eating right now. He's eating right now so I don't think you can make the podcast. That's important I can see. I can see how you would skip something like this for eating right but you you game plan ahead of time so props to you. Yeah I do tend to eat before we record this at eight. Pm Right Right. Make I mean eating at eight PM from easy too late anyway so I don't know what his promise but I mean to be fair. He didn't pull the Steve Bannon. Just leave halfway through to start making dinner so and that was one time the bar well. Matt case changed the whole thing all right well speaking of drinking. Let's get in this football game. Yeah so this is. This is actually one that I was excited. Like going into it looking forward to it because this was the dolphins coming to visit. Foxboro stadium the last game last regular season game regardless at Foxboro stadium. And they had a whole shindig around it which will get into but the dolphins who had beat the piss out of the Patriots earlier in the season. I believe that was just a me and Mike Game Larry Mike. It's it's all a blur at this point a lifetime. I think it was just hear me on that one and I believe at the end of it. We said it was a game that we will be fine. Never watching again. Oh that one. Yeah yeah all I can really remember is Brady fumbling the ball. And having a kickback. In the end zone and for dolphins touchdown and Troy Brown fumbling the punt. Because it was the only mistake. He's made the season but this game it would be different. Yeah kicks that's sure. Yeah there's a whole bunch of Chicago and But just to kind of recap liquid before I talked about the dolphins a bit Bogo again This was for the game for the.

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Afc The lead in the AFC east and of course Patriots were not splaying things. They win this game because everybody knows at this point how this goes But Dolphins would actually finish eleven and five and also still make the playoffs along with the the jets from as East. It's all three of those guys. Make the playoffs this year. If you remember a couple of weeks ago the Patriots also beat the jets so they kind of sit pretty in the driver's seat at this point and there was a whole bunch of talk about plath predictions and all this stuff straight at this point. I believe yeah I believe this is this is Win Number four zero to just about finished the season. The dolphins like we said make the playoffs but they lose in the wild card to the Ravens because obviously don't win the division Lhasa's game that puts him game behind Coach Dave to we've talked about the man the myth mustache. Let's see he actually played the Patriots. Tough again. It's just recap you went four and five against England but actually lost the last four of those games so he started off strong and faded down the stretch just like one. I wonder I know you had a terrible season year after this but I wonder why he never really had another shot again because his record wasn't too bad overall. It's true yeah. He was This year near before he was both eleven and five and they made the playoffs then nine and seven and ten six two years after that which is still pretty good. All right yes. I did better than I thought. Yeah but then in. Oh four start off one before an fired. I'm pretty sure that's what it was. I think he went to college. Cochin pet I think yeah. I don't know if he was the coach at the time. The Dion Lewis was there but I know deal news was from pit. I'm not sure if they overlap but if they did juicy fact check. Our car got all right. Quarterback was Jay fiedler fee on the roof that we talked about a few times because me and Mike talked about him during the game and then we talked about him again in week was a sex. Swing Gregory Watch the wrong game and had page of Jeffey notes Mike. I don't think you're there for that. But Jay fiedler was voted. I can't remember the exact specifics but he was the second best to Jewish quarterback in history. Football I'll wait a minute I. I Know Brigham Young Steve Young Number One. Oh actually went to Brigham. He was said Luchman. I believe it was right spicy. So yes as greg had a whole bunch of Jewish factor Jay fiedler. Because apparently that's what he was known for was being Jewish and be good football. According to Greg Interesting. Yeah he was actually. I thought he was really good in this game. Surprisingly I think he threw for three hundred yards in the didn't throw pick. Yeah and was kind of the only thing that they had going for them on offense and he finished the season pretty good. He had three just over three thousand yards and toy touchdowns nineteen inception so kind of about the same but I believe he actually outplayed. Peyton manning in this the season which is hard to say Adams after an ratio these like touchdown interception ratio. Is I feel like even though it's pretty jarring looking at this now I feel like for that era. It was kind of the normal little bit like Abbas text. Like all these guys that were pretty well known at the top of the league had a ton and then there's a drop off so now like the it's kind of normal to see a guy throw eight picks year right which used debate crazy you. Why do you think that is because of the lax rules or are people just getting better? Yeah I I think the rules have definitely shifted to focus more on the offense especially in the passing game with the lack of contact. That depends a baskin have nowadays. And how much Things get negated by penalty and all that sort of stuff especially like defensive holding penalties and pass interference and all that so that focus I think has skewed the interception numbers but I also think that offenses have gotten more creative with the short passing game. Seems like to me. So they're they're throwing.

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I'm just like drew. Breeze in his seventy something percent completion percentage every year. Now he's throwing these really accurate short passing games they kind of Brady in the the page. Softens kind of it felt like they started. Yeah I thought you go back like the Joe Montana West Coast offense days as well a little bit but I think with all these like wide receiver bubble screens and those quick short passes. It almost replaced running game the Patriots kind of took to heart and ran with But going back to your point Mike Brady even in this year. You know the guy who you don't think of a strong interceptions was eighteen. Touchdowns twelve interceptions on the season. So he was almost like one to one as well and this was considered a good year for quarterback the way he he played. Now it's interesting so Yeah I was just looking at that. I mean you have like a guy like Goth. Who's like putting up crazy? Numbers people nowadays are like. I don't know if he's that great quarterback or whatever so it is interesting. Yeah because I think that even that season When the rams went to the super bowl that rams offense I think was like a top ten scoring offense of all time like in the history of the NFL and people's like bad. I don't know if God that good. Yeah both both the chiefs and the rams were both top ten. All time offenses that season which is why they. They played that game against each other as well. Like four fifty three or something else crazy. I will say though that breeze gotta give him props though because I know he's doing the short game but I mean he'll throw the long ones in here and they're still and Oh yeah. I think he's done for years in a row of over seventy percent. I was reading. So it's something. Wherefore comparison drew bledsoe's completion percentage in two thousand one was sixty three point nine percent actually higher than I thought. I know yeah. Drew Bledsoe's for comparison was six point. Six all right But the one passer on here who had the highest passer rating which I think luxury segue. Well what we can talk about. Next is Kevin Faulk now. Completion percentage one for one for twenty three yards. Let's let's talk about. His is a passer rating. You will be. I think this was the you could probably say. Even though it was early it was the kind of turning point in the game. It felt like to me. Would you think Steve for sure I mean it? Was it not the same play as in Philly Super Bowl? We lost look like to the opposite side of the fields. And that spoiler alert might be the worst part of this game from a reminded me of what Stephen. Talking about brought back memories. Yeah because I actually had a similar feeling because I saw it so we'll just set it up for those who have actually seen it but it was kind of actually part of it was the direct snap to come fault that we've seen. Yeah more than I remember this season especially. Yeah in this in this season it really is. I mean you see them pull it out. Like even the the Falcons Super Bowl. Yeah this last one. I remember the direct snap to the the running back on the shotgun but escaped Atarot at by Brady in the air exact. Yeah Brady will jump. Like the ball. Went over his head and doesn't fool anybody so he did that. And Kevin Paul got the ball and started running a sweep to his right and then stopped him through a back to Brady on the left side of fields wide. Open and have a quote. What Brady set about this play Whereas the is Tom Brady on the play he was. He was wide fucking open. Headed the whole half the field to himself. And it's goal was I turned a touchdown into a twenty three yard gain. Which is so Tom Brady? It wasn't pretty tough catch though he looks pretty good and I'm pretty sure. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the only time that play has ever worked. That's the only time varies caught that ball. Well what's his career? Numbers and catches didn't Troy Brown. Toss someone as well also potentially against the dolphins or I might be magazines names. I can't remember another. Tom Brady catch so attack. Remember a couple Roy. He's missed him but yeah I don't even remember this one before I watch his game. So let's see. He has two other catches. Yeah I think one of them was from Troy Brown. If I'm not mistaken you might be mistaken because all right whatever never minds graduate one catching twenty fifteen and one in two thousand eighteen twenty eighteen one.

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I'm pretty sure the one in two thousand fifteen was for thirty six yards. I don't remember this play at all. It doesn't say who is by but thirty six ers as long as it's not bad so he has completed ties. I remember more reasonably against Tennessee that he hurt his neon wasn't the same the residency. Show that game. You're at that game. See Right you and Greg Yup. Yup that sucked Greg. It's like fourth quarters three minutes left. Let's just go. He's like no yard to sit here and take your likings real fans till games over regardless. That's fair Yep so but this one actually did work and it was last drive of the first quarter upset. Hadn't actually score. You know this. This was the one that yeah this this set it up an Antoine Smith rated in I in the second quarter with Richard. Seymour's a fullback. That's right yes Richard Seymour leading the way but the second quarter was really all that was it was rally action happened. I thought because he had that touchdown that that started literally the first play of the drive and then the patients went on to score. A couple more touchdowns one was brady hitting his backup. Fullback Patrick Pass for the touchdown which There was a quote by commentators. As you see it either you catch it. Is it a football football? No I don't think so so therefore Mike didn't catch it. I got it although I will say Greg Gumbel and Phil Simms on this one. So I think kind of making a jump in What is it popularity moving on up the ladder of competent commentators combination? That is a real worry but I. I don't know who it was at Seneca. Don't give a fuck But they basically said Patrick. Pass more like Patrick Catch. Oh yeah wait a minute who you know. This might be completely off face here. But I'm remembering a one of the worst fumbles I've ever seen in. My life was a hamstring issue. Running back drops the ball and patriots four motorway. Was that a Patrick. Pass moment. Ridley wasn't it was against the bills. So he's running with the ball and like strained his hamstring and just dropped the ball and dropped it instead of just going with the ground. He just drops the ball. I Dunno we might be thinking about different was against the bills. I think it might have been ridley also like run up the middle mental. If this up I wanted to ask really if that's why Patrick passed out of my mind so if that's wrong maybe you know good for him literally. The only Patrick Pass Hyder members. Is this specific touchdown. Outta here. Yeah I I don't know why but every time I hear Patrick. Pass this play comes the mind. I don't know why this thing it definitely is. Patrick Pass Pulling Ham. Is it really two thousand five shit? You'RE GONNA have to post. Chaz WE'RE GONNA watch it and comment when we get to that game. We'll revisit this. Oh all right yeah. That sounds fantastic forward to does that. Who I think it is all okay. Nice little meal. You feel better now. Missile Tummy Nice Shrimp Gumbo Delicious. Mike Be Crowded ME L. Wow you've turned into a fine young man. I'm always proud of you. I'm young woman. He wasn't saying that about you when you weren't here you track. I don't remember what I said. I'm GonNa have to just plead the fifth on this when I apologize if I said anything we can with tape. If you on crack. I'm sure he'd get back with lugging it's all everything's a blur. It's all fun. Blacks out of blacks out of this. It's a frigging condition. Condition starts bringing up how we grew up in Law Arts tough-guy Shit Tough Guy Shit Lawrence Massachusetts man. All right it's it. Ain't it ain't a mantra.

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I am Salem New Hampshire either. I'm just saying that's what I'm saying. All new ballgame all right sales. I made it out of that town and my parents are Portuguese Bro. So I mean a lot so tough me. flashbacks here. Oh do share. Yeah give us your favorite Lawrence moment. My favorite Lawrence moment. I learned most memorable. I would say I learned how to break out slash sneak out because babysitter will lock us on the porch to keep us contained at what she was doing and eight years old. I learned how to I came up with this way to get off of the porch. Kinda just do my thing On my own. And she wouldn't check on us for like five hours so I was kind of sneak out of the apartment and I taught my my sister in cousins. How To do this? And we just kind of frolic eight years old. Lawrence was that means raising hell. I don't know I mean that we. We learned a lot. But I don't know if I did much of the hell raising myself but as times fond memories and you know she's the best she's still with us by the way so your sister or the babysitter babysitter. Okay I guess yeah. She's yeah she's not. I did see a recently. She went back to Portugal okay. She's doing fine she. She had a little bit of a problem with the drink when she took care of us. As well I think that's gotten better so good for her. You know I'm proud of her proud of a lot of people today. He don't you just share in that pride and love. It was a first time. You broke out of your house and Just now tonight. I'm according this. This is some pirate. Radio Shimmer coordinate in the past of my car Oh shit so good. I know the the Acoustics in here there great anybody else have a sneaking out story just I just do whatever you want your mom's pretty cool so you do whatever you want. I got the house. We grew up a lost bedroom. Says like climb up a ladder in the law. There is like a little attic space. He's pull off the door and you can get like the you know the water heater and all that crap Of course you smoke weed in there because it was parked out. Set up blow the ash into the installation. Yeah Berbick. I don't think you're good. But then they had to go up there to check on something. At one point entree climb up can open the door and like lawnchair be back. Oh about the launch. Their favorite one while I was going to say what was she like. She seems like she would be kind of understanding of the whole situation. Yeah and I was the last house. Youngest of the four so by that time she'd given up on life given up all hope on Greg explains a law really came back freshman year college for the winter break. We're were smoking up there and Mama. We're not enough real idiots that like yeah. No one will be able to hear or smell us. Blunt Open LOFTS MOM Predator bedroom. So she doing up there. Oh Man I could come down. He goes what are you doing? Nothing she was doing has she ever. Does she ever corey? Yeah she ever done that ourselves. Do you think know that. Wow what smoked up in the loft. No no smoked up in general but I think probably should. She said when she was a teenager she was a wild child.

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I guess slow been told from Harry we eventually have on the podcast. I'M NOT GONNA put words Amapa Browse. Moths that's fair now. They speaking of high Let's talk about some of these kickoffs in the second quarter. Mike say about the punting. Well I thought that. Miami'S PUNTING was atrocious so bad. I mean I think one of travel like ten or fifteen yards. I think it was sixteen. Okay six sheet. Yeah Oh my God. Yeah pretty pretty rough have a hit Miami drove to the fifty and punted from the fifty and pat start at their own. Thirty four Yeah No. It was not pretty. The whole kicking game was interesting though because I was writing. I mean the the first one that Atari kicks into the end zone and I commented I wrote a note that like that was insane. Because we haven't seen that all year that actually bounce the zone but then they all started to kind of way and every kickoff landing if a thirty or forty I was like what the Hell is going on but I started picking up on the announcers such on this little bit that I think they were using the sun to the advantage to kind of create issues. Yeah couldn't tell if it was the sun or feels like a wind issue too because it did seem I think the kickoffs where I don't think the sixty yard but it felt like every time they're kicking from right to left is when the Patriots were doing the short kickoffs and punts were at were failing. it was the the dolphins punting in the first quarter when they're going that direction is when the too bad pun. Swear and as soon as the. Patriots scored was in the second quarter. And that's when they started in the kickoffs hadn't only ever seen the first one but yet they were doing these like like you said really high kickoffs that would land at the like the jets. The just the dolphins like thirty thirty five yard line And one of those. I think he might be right. That that may be the son did play into it because you could tell that the guys were having trouble feeling it right one. They're there's supposed to be blocking anyway so they're not used to feeling kicks but then too it also look. They were struggling with either the wind or the Sun. It was hard to tell says one of those things where I'm viewing it as like. Oh ballot check is a genius. Of course he came up with this and your maybe bringing to the table that it was coincidental. Perhaps I I think it might be a bit of both. I think mean the patients are playing at home. Hey shut the fuck up you shut up late you can that a sarin that you could date on your checks. The way you're I don't know if everybody else's here this but your pen words in my mouth that I was actually going to say so. Let me let me say it. Let People Talk Andy. Well if you shut up on time let you talk. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. The timeout activate. Your audio's socks now. It's better better. Now Yeah all right back to what I was saying handy. You're an idiot. All right. Connor go ahead. So this is the Patriots home field. I'm sure they've practiced on his sure. I'm sure they know what happens on. Windy days so I'm not saying they're purposely trying to get these kids to the lands on a specific guy who's known for not catching some bullshit like that but I'm pretty sure that they had something in place where you're kicking into the end zone and the wind's blowing and we've seen punts failing they have in the first quarter instead of trying to put it into the end zone. Let the guy get a run up at and catching into twenty five. Just kick it straight up like Bazeley poison. So they can't return for a touchdown and Mecca of forward guy. Catch it instead I disagree. I don't care what your A. Let Them Fund. Let them say it in your mind Greg. Here my rebuttal. Yes there was a fourteen on our win and it was windy. That's anything that strong right. But yeah that's why Greg casler anything that happens. Ballot check is a genius.

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Some just Wendy. I feel I was thinking that you know he didn't orchestrate it but my role is definitely to play devil's advocate in my ear. And you know what checks genius I give. Thanks my if makes agreeing with you. You know you've done something wrong. Well he he brings up a good point. It was the win dude. Fourteen mile an hour wind. I know as the wind was green up. I did now. I WANNA house literally. I wonder bring of though. I think Bocek didn't actually saw the first couple of months get caught up and if you remember looking they're showing Romeo Cornell Charlie Weis and like they're like blocking out the sun now they're all right. Sorry Greg I can't do it on purpose back. Turkey is doing it. Offer his to mu now. I have heard that Mack Matt Turk has been described as a genius by some folks in the League saying Yes some people. I've heard people talk about Matt Burke. That's nail situation now. Looks like a door. And he's got that stupid like downward angled facemasks. I think we talked about In the first Dolphins Game Mike though where the top of the face mask kind of like does a little loop too so he always looked surprised. But it's just because of face mask. Looks like a dog that surprise you know whereas eyebrows are all bunched up at the top? But it's it's helmet. He went chickens. Do that looked like an idiot. You're kicker like square irregular helmet. Don't understand it. I kind wish. Kickers would wear like linebacker helmets. How intimidating would that be you because you look at a guy who never misses ice cold? I I just love the tickers? That look like jacked. I mean there's one in every every ten years and there's one pops up that's true punter though I feel like Oh that can be although Janikowski was pretty pretty big hefty than anything though all right. That's true you're at the combine. That was like the most reps on the bench press. Yes twenty five or something ridiculous and then you run like some crazy forty. Well I thought Yeah I love to see him as like a linebacker and kicker like Viteri Blair. Yeah Yeah exactly you know you save a spot for something else and you put him on the field all the time. That's not bad. I'm surprised there aren't more like a hybrid. Kicker punters though I thought the same like have one guy do the bowl jobs is it that different of a skill set. I met probably as he would like a word I know. Oh Yeah that I'm curious Somebody who's kicked balls a lot in my life. I can understand that there are different skill sets. Are they that different? Where you can't do both I mean I always think it's funny. They have the kicker and punter. But then the punter or third kicker is doing kickoffs. Yeah well yeah the Patriots so to do that didn't they? Were they had Ryan Allen kicking off or something like that and certain games a couple of years ago. Maybe a call. Yeah Yeah Yeah. But he's there punter to kick right. She's going through so like obviously some people say it's easy and football is being under. What are you? What would your preference be as far as like longevity money you know how people respect you well position on the football team back of or all any physician backup quarterback for sure exactly the most popular guy if if the starter doesn't do anything if the stars playing well 'cause you're the one everyone will also put in because it's a change of pace. You'd actually have to do anything. You stay on all the fucking clipboard.

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And you're getting paid quarterback money instead of like punter so even as a backup you getting paid more than the starting kicker right practice yet redshirt and if you actually do get into the game and you suck. They don't expect anything from you anyway. Is the back career of it. Well he actually starts a bunch of games who was it that The chase mcdaniels of someone like that. Who had made some ungodly Montemayor? Like one hundred million dollars as a backup career backup was him. It was someone like that. There's a bunch of these guys though. Like Matt Liner for instance. Like I still you know. He was still plane until fairly recently. Is He's still playing Matlin statue. I don't know but that guy's made bank right and he never really did anything. Want snappers close. I can now yeah. That's a lot of pressure though. Yeah I'd rather be a punter pressure was like it's just like a muscle memory thing then. Nail Alerts Huckabee. You have you guys seen the trick guys like on Youtube. Yeah like how? Come those guys. Don't don't ever make team. I know they could try outs. But how come they never get signed the saga kicking you? Good at the actual kicking. 'cause they spend too much time practicing the but what about like that dude that was like boom like sixty yard field goals like one after another like Zach Zach? I ever a shot past. Try them out. Try not to yeah and press. We had was getting hurt. Oh Dan all right. I mean do do most kickers. Just come up through like school. And that's it. That's the farm system because like even on a couple of kickers that are entering this draft. Their percentages are not that great socket. You tell them that's going to translate into the NFL with like you know. I'm not quite sure how works but I think this year was lower overall anyway so I don't know what the hell happened but nobody could feel Sierra seemed like camps where they have like ants where you know all these like high profile prospects go. Oh and Mike how you perform it that like affects your draft status more than my email all right. No kidding that would make sense. Yeah Yeah how do you guys feel about? I don't know if you guys have watched the xfl but since we're talking about kickers how do you I know that they're trying to be a little bit more team this time around but they obviously change up a lot of things. What do you think about The NFL trying out some of the stuff that they're doing if you guys are familiar so I've only caught bits and pieces. I know that the kickoff different right and that seems I can take it or leave it. It's not a big enough difference that it makes. I mean it seems like less people would get hurt but it also seems like there'd be an opportunity for a big play now seems like there's less opportunity for big play though from the feel of it you think so because once they crossed the threshold. It's pretty much a wide open field. Yeah that's true but nobody ever seems to. I haven't seen it yet but I think it happened once. And it was on a trick. Play But I think the extra point thing is interesting more kicking an extra point you get one point which is like a play from the two yard line two points a five yard line and three points play from the ten something like that yes. I'm like that that's more interesting to me. Yeah Yeah I just wonder. I'm curious like what that's going to do. The scores like is it going to make it closer game because you could always like throw up a hail Mary with three or is it going to be that. It's going to be out of hand. More blowouts probably the close again. I feel like coaches still aren't going to go for three every time. If you're scoring you know what I mean just because it's hard to score from the ten but more of a chance actually crawl back in if you do start hitting those three point conversions. I was wondering though like one point is from the white. You're saying the two and in two points is like from the four. I mean is there that much of a difference I guess it kind of cuts out running plays on the. Don't think is that much difference. And I'm surprised more coaches. Don't go for it. Just go for two regardless in that situation. I thought the same thing though. I thought like you know I mean I do think that Bringing back checks on extra points was a good idea. I think it kind of adds a little more drama but Yeah didn't mind that system and same thing with like overtime rules. I mean I know that there's you know over time the NFL. I think is way better than it was around the two thousand one season so I think it's a lot better now where everyone gets shot Potentially but what do you think about the sort of college football? Xfl style the XFL.

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Same's college football. I don't actually know what they're almost like that. It's like I think everyone gets five possessions to try to score from like whatever yard line and then it's kind of like a shootout type of format where if it's tied just go into sudden-death I see I mean I think they all end up in sudden death anyway eventually. So it's at the end of the day. How much different is it? I think it's more about like drama Excitement and also like not hurting people. Because you don't want to play another fifteen minutes everyone's exhausted. I guess I guess I mean yeah. Either way's to be honest. Let's talk politics crushes. Nfl over time in terms of excitement. Yeah it's way better. Yeah I think so to ask a question is not more female kickers in the NFL. You tell us in trouble here now. Yeah that's a good point and the what is. Why do you think that maybe early right if we look at? How Games evolved over the last twenty years or so Kelly? You'll understand that when you to kick a football you need a lot of muscle in your leg and you know with with just the natural advantages that men have over women in both like bigger brains and bigger muscles really really makes it so that they're better kickers. Surprised you got through that as far as you did with without laughing when talking about the difference like the Games of all the time like the TD ratios good example. But kicking really. Hasn't admit if you look at like percentages of like made kicks this season versus last season across the whole. Nfl This probably pretty similar like why the rest of the NFL balanced and come so far in the offensive side of things and kicking stagnated Cutting has gotten more accurate actually over the years. Closer kicks have but People are the misses her now from like over forty five years instead of over. Thirty five yards. You know what I mean. I'm I'm still curious. What Kelly what. Wh Why do you think men are afraid that women are better than them do now? I have a question though because Carli Lloyd was bringing this up right. And she's amazing. Great Soccer Player But she was potentially to give the gift to be given the opportunity to try out. And then she declined. She said she'd think about it. Then she kind of waffled and then. She said that she didn't think she should do it. So she's the biggest proponent right now for female kickers so what do you think about her response? I don't agree because if you got to come out and say all that stuff and you gotta fall through. I agree but a woman not. Hey Hey kick them right now. Oh yes female kickers can do. I think I need to know more about the story. Because if she saying hey maybe not because she wants to keep playing soccer in. Stay there then okay. She said that she she thinks that women can kick as well as men but that the physical nature of getting hit by guy of that weight and speed might not be the greatest thing that's loosely translated. But that's what she was getting their right. Here's the more interesting question I think. Why aren't there female coaches? Isn't there one. There is now a head coach. Gets taken sticking what one hundred years to get to this point systematic? Sexism isn't it off because they weren't allowed to. They were allowed to be coaches growing up so they didn't have the opportunities so you're not seeing any similar try a lot of like The tech field to there's not a lot of Ryan takes out the physical element and I don't see any reason why because ability gun school going up there kind of shepherded towards other things just by societal norms. And things like that. You don't have to earn your right to get to the head coach. Do I mean I'm surprised that it took this long for women to have the opportunity to even climb? The ladder was that I'm not surprised.

45:00 - 50:02

It's a white I am. I mean how many Non White Males are there coaching the NFL. Well I also think the Rooney rule is like a joke because the fact that they have even instill a rule. That minority coaches have to interview is ridiculous. Like that shouldn't even have to thought to be. Whoever's the best can get the job right right. Make a Rooney Brule for women like morning. Will Kelly. We got the same time. One woman every head. Coaching job again then goes happen. Guys all right so you can speaking of kicks they WANNA do. You WanNa talk about this kickoff in the second quarter of the Patriots Dolphins Game An interesting episode. So what happened. Was We talked about it ad nauseam earlier but the patients doing high short kickoffs often struggle with the first one and actually fumbled echo on after The Patriots kick the field goal. They recover that kick and then Drive down and kick another field goal and now it's twenty two three at the half patriots genius mover check. You know what if you WANNA start a A Patriots doubters podcast. You're more than welcome backtracking. If there is no Rooney rule you think that minority coaches get an opportunity or is it just all whites all the time? That's crazy. I mean it's probably all whites all the time that sucks. That's kind of what we do as a Flight Mel Society as a Portuguese man. I don't know whether that follows in by. Everybody should be given an opportunity. All right. Yeah you considered white are you I. It's always been a gray area non white for me in my life. It depends on the group that I'm hanging out in. I guess how they view my I remember. I got rebuttal languages or minority coaches in the NFL. Roughly it's actually slightly more than the overall population in the United States. You're talking like percentage less really when you say that they're represented. I don't know I don't know the numbers are whatever I just know that in the last maybe ten years minority coaches have been given opportunities but before that and that's partly probably because of the really role but before that it was pretty much. Existent counterargument is the players are a lot more diverse than than most pop. Coach is in which is kind of suspect but The owners to in certainly more white people than there are black people Make sense statistically that you'd have more qualified white coats is than but then what about like all the owners are white and I know that that comes from money and like history and like where they came from and what opportunities and they were given. But that's not like you'd get indication of the population real for buying a football team. Yeah I know I was GonNa say I guess he can't really boot owners depends on how racist they are. I guess that's true right if I make their Employees show up in in jeans on Fridays. Or whatever the hell it was Muslim Jerry. Richardson the panthers. My what get the old owner. The panthers he was kind of like a scheduled man and a bunch. Sawyer already come out and they made him sell the team regime Fridays. That's right yeah so can look at the girls butts or something like that. I think that that was like the stuff that started. It's cool it's cool. He's selling the team. He's telling the team it's cool. We don't need any more of these stories typical. Nfl ship. Like I'm by and shirt off. He did not qualified to run. Nfl Bog post about it. Then you about PD. Trying to get the money together by the Carolina. Panthers now like he called them the North Carolina Panthers only didn't even know that looks not a great stack. Well there's why the clippers. The Lakers clippers clippers. He was super racist senile to he was now true also.

50:03 - 55:04

Super Racist also true. Yeah I don't know I don't know what I am anymore but I'm going to start putting down American and Azorian in other from now on Hillary as Nice not even Portuguese just Azorian. Well my family's from the Azores. Nobody even knows where that is so I know right. And he's a great great man. I actually know a lot of these orients really. Somebody might the one you interview. Oh Yeah Yeah Guy that interviewed me was as damp laceless. Well I didn't like what was that. Damn places at about. The place is about the people in the place called PORTA on my list to keep them apart. Whoa Hey I don't like this at all you hear on some thin ice right now. So I'm curious. I you Mike Fault saying all not backtrack. It's GonNa be a joke. I had pulled. Its back so well and everything talking about kickers giant claims apologized going to be the last statement if we football or not football make. I got a few if you WANNA get to them. Yes we talk about how the game ends. Behold you that. It's whatever you want. It's off the rails today suren. The Patriots won twenty to thirteen as he was. That close was because The dolphins who are touchdown garbage time at the ends under I. It was garbage time but then it slowly became like not garbage time very close to the NFL. Yeah pats had a chance to put the game away and they really didn't pats after after the half just started running clock in the third quarters running clock d. Did you watch it? Got Off the airplane today up all right so so. Should we ask Greg if you watched it all? You want to quote him. You a quote from your binder of course when the Guy Patrick Pass was patrick catch on still proves my point that I watched it right because there was no highlights on the Youtube Machine. Game didn't exist on the Internet so the only way I would've known that quote is actually click on the link in wall. Yeah that's fair about in the Boston Globe. Right after actually looked and it was like the second quarter all touchdown so I watched the second. That's one way to do it. But you miss you miss the the Brady play the throwback on I saw that I saw okay or yeah at the end of the game though is getting a little bit too close for comfort and this was like a must win essentially they have to win the division the following week. They have to win that game too right so it was all down to the wire and for some reason for that was a blow out in the last eight minutes. I think got pretty close. I mean it went down to a onside kick and the dolphins did that was like for an unsuccessful kick. That looked like one of the best. Onside kicks I've seen. It was well executed but it was before this. This was the first time I remember seeing the Patriots. Do their patented Onsides kick recover where they have all the guys on the side but everybody except for one goes and blocks and the one guy. The Hands Guy has to catch it arts genius but hand Guy Frankel Fred Coleman right who has big play again. Yeah yeah his only catch and this was his only other play of the season and he caught him he got lit the fuck up by the the backup like defensive end or something like that. Some huge dude had a running start and just crush them put. Patrick catch back there for the hands team. We'll revisit him. In two thousand five mice got thoughts. Rules change what do you guys think that instead of the onsides kick in that fourth and seventeen hundred because at this point nobody recovers.

55:05 - 60:12

I know I'm fine with it you. I think it's cool. It's better now. Yeah sure Games can. Can you remember like against the saints or Cleveland? Most recently where Patriots recovered it like. It's a really exciting thing. Yeah like Andy said after the rule changes that it doesn't happen it's lame. It's lame. Read one stipulation to the rule that I thought was brilliant to buy. You don't want it to be like a pass. Interference gives you the first down so the seventeen yard line to gain as like an end zone. So there's a penalty beyond that you just get one play from a fourth one from that. Oh all right. Oh Hey Bert it. But it gives you a second chance right so you can't just you can't just do the Joe flacco Hook it down. I get down the one yard line or baffled. Appearance Clever Yeah. I think it's not bad because I've seen people hate on. My guys just lame. If you don't want that rule did I. Just I like especially most of the Games are not for the right so if you just happen to be watching a game you have no vested interest. I just want to see something fun and exciting. It's pretty lame. When like the anticipation builds and the announcers trying to make it exciting and then it like kind of just patterns out of bounds into somebody's hands of Mike. At slams I agree so yeah all right so I mean that ends the Game Patriots recovery on his is kick Which starts a scuffle but PAT's end up being able to kneel at the ends and Ballot CHECK GETS WHAT THEY LOSS It wasn't actually official wasn't guaranteed yet but they have their bye week next week in weeks dad. Well because this game was played on the Saturday and the two of the Games that mattered were on the Sunday and I think if either the dolphins aside the jets or the ravens lost the pages be in the playoffs but the jets beat the colts and the Ravens the bengals. So it didn't happen. They have one more week regardless bowel check. Still got his GATORADE BATH. At the end of the game he did and it was a little little smile on his face again before sold his soul. So excited yeah. Give people bear hugs? Yup I feel like we're making the playoffs here like I didn't think we'd last say I'm witnessed fair so so I guess the question is. Where's my gatorade bath? Think it's potentially in the wine episode. Which will address later if we get. Yeah that's still on the table where we're figuring out the The specifics of that right. But Yeah No. You're right man. I mean It's been a pleasure connecting with you guys again. It was a good idea. Andy to talk about the patch and connect with you guys because life happens and it's tough to get in touch so he may the last episode. We have a bye week. Man You know that's fair enough mentally prepping. Good Lord it's Let's to football football. Do you have any? I do have a few man in some some of them. I think that they're just. They're they're throwing it up to me. You know what I'm saying like Greg Gumbel Phil Simms. Their their their new on the scene for us haven't heard yet right and there's a couple like similar ones but the way that they it. I'm just like come on guys. I know what this is at this point. But you're just making it hard on me. Cranks Prime Ready. Yeah I don't know if you guys picked up on some of these doubt it Charlie Weis the offensive. They're talking about Brady here Charlie. Weis the offensive coordinator. He says he brought me in his office and he gave me a tongue lashing so it kind of snapped them out of everything and I think Tom Brady feels good. Because that's kind of crazy right. Yeah I mean what is tongue lashing Ivan? Yeah what's a tongue lashing? Because he says he gets a lashing then all of a sudden he felt like really good wanted to give me a sm bar version of Google saying here am the whispering stuff. Yeah all right yes. Do you have like cute? Greg Kot was that was that you make that Nice.

60:13 - 65:03

Does Gould is really so football enough to actually go to hear them. Wow See I had a different experience when I grew will tongue lashing person The the definition here is that it's a noun is allowed or severe sculling so I but after after Greg's experience that he he shared with us. I don't I don't know who to believe so I think this is a gray area lashing or one. I think it's too. Yeah I think it is to Looks hyphenated to me. Ooh Made Up. That's not gray area. I don't know it is. Yeah figure right though because Yeah Greg's findings is very persuasive overwhelming. Yeah Yeah that was great. Thank you for looking that up. I appreciate what's Oh shit all right well next one and I get what this is I think. I think that there was a little weird tinge. `Bout the referee that they were talking about but One of the announcer said a referee. Look at it from every angle you girl was he under that hood thing too and he was talking about him. I think sell warned what they're looking at another there because when they come out they're rarely talking about what they were showing on the TV right so they get their own. Ingles right like that what we see. I guess but own angles of what of what I. I don't know if I want you to Google with anymore. A Little Scott fact check completely honest so we're just GONNA put this in the football one and move on all right. Yeah I think so. I think they might be talking about different angles of the play. All the different camera angles that they've captured. You know secret cameras that they have especially especially in Foxboro stadium. Probably a lot of secret. Cameras Right Greg. That's right fucking hater. It is a fact though I've seen a few of them but that's okay side note the Xfo. It's interesting that they're like trying to do another different thing. Where it's like full transparency. You can see what. The referee sees not showing conversation. Yeah they'll show a freaking coach. Say A play. And then they'll show at that. Play is right after like that's isn't it the epitome of science feeling. Or whatever. Kind of so. What does that science stealing odd to win? I mean look the Red Sox. They probably stole some signs. But I'M OKAY WITH IT Steve. Cheating you ain't trying classic pats and ask Tree. It's and all that Shit asterisk. I can donate to also. I'm a huge fan of on the astros players getting beaned. Every time I go up to the plate to best because I wanted to test your home whereas if you get like pissed when people said Patriots Shave and then you get like you. Judge other franchises cheating. You're not being consistent on her. Pats FANS LIKE RAG on Houston to. I think it's funny if you could get away with that long. I mean that's hilarious. And a trash can thing with genius genius because nobody recognizes the trash can do the whole thing they do not give a fuck your interviews. They don't give a shit apology that they keep come out and give and be like well. I'm sorry you're offended nicely. Done my favorite part is the Yankees Man. They just keep whining about how they lost two years in a row to them to the. Red Sox and I think it's hilarious. Yeah and there's also like so much smoke around the fact that like all these former astros like people that were involved in it when they're in Houston are on the Yankees as well like. I don't know how clean you are. Maybe stop throwing those rocks and Glass House Ios the song member.

65:03 - 70:03

Doug Doug plenty his song banging on a trash can every time about that song that should be every other like opponents walkup song to the all at bat or like as a reliever. You come out to that dude. It's Hilarious I just think like talking about the The Yankees so. Let's say a rod right. Mr Steroids is banned from baseball. Now he's like a beloved celebrity with Jaylo. We're just cutting through the fifteen years of hate and just going to that point. It's hilarious. Who Cares all all in reality? We shouldn't cheat tell by the integrity of the game. This is all INGESTS K. For those out there. I believe in sports. I believe in youth of America. And what's keep every game clean? Thank you you know what the xfl should do. They should allow performance enhancing drugs all of that. Let's see what the the human body can do when he just pump the fuck. I think they tried that in spurts but throughout it would end up being like What was that which teenage mutant Ninja Turtles? Movie was the second one with the youth. No Yeah and those like huge fucking monster things city and beep off. Oh Yeah wasn't it. Yeah Yeah it's also called the Nineteen Pittsburgh steelers point the American gladiators. Oh Love them with how all beloved franchises the XFL waiting for and you try to detain the people like. Yeah I WANNA see seven. Yard field goals. I WANNA see some guy killed from his own thirty yard line. That's fucking legit data. We don't condone any of this. We don't condone steroid use. It's thought real to me right there my Lou. The what. That's the royal we right there. I can do all this shit all right. I personally all right football I do. But this one is this. Bs because we've already talked about the whole. I already know what the whole is. But now these guys tell me that. Jr Redmond squirts through a whole. Come on their. They're playing with your mind Mike. Now and like Steve's like brought it up whereas like we've already talked about the pocket we've talked about the whole but football not football because that's that's they're just come on. I think at this point. They know you're listening so that I think this one is actually intentionally not football even though because they they've they've kind of Lulled you into the football side of this analysis enough are they can take it. So I'm going to say this is not football. Yeah why would you need the Sea squirts through a whole also human beings? They'll squirt well not like that scampered throw. I've heard that word ain't nothing bettine. No P through the whole you talking about certain like videos comfortable did ever that rumor to address it right on that. Check Google that on the computer. We'll just leave it at that. But I I've heard those rumors as well so to the next one then. Okay as a linebacker. He makes it so hard and why they put the so on there. That's what I wonder you makes it so hard. Yeah that's that's a context one but I don't know that this is what I'm saying man. I'm getting almost frustrated because it's like so blatant it's like what are we. What are we doing it? But I don't know but you you may be the only person to watch a twenty year old football game and get sexually frustrated. Well I wasn't even referring to anything sexual disagree. I don't know what you're doing over there. I'm just getting frustrated. That's unless and Mike now about the whole New Light thank you. Yeah yeah that. That's that's a sound. I won't ever be able to on here. What's the point of the hard thing? Well that that was pretty good into that more thing. I'm all set. I think that's where the I like. Progressive Amar Patriots. Odd cast on might be the first to ever have done that. You're right the first sports a Osama maybe we should have an segment.

70:04 - 75:02

I don't know I kind of ood. Okay Okay Up Squirting Asmar coach. Oh my God that was interesting. Toilet thousand right got to are these important. I got two more easy one. Think the fuck of Steve's is making me laugh all right. The penalty helps the dolphins come out of their own end. Penalty helps the dolphins come end. I got nothing actually. No okay all right all right. I think this is football. I think Darren is pry their own into the field probably. They'll probably backed up again zone. Would that make sense end end zone? Oh okay that makes sense. Yeah Yeah Again I. I wrote like the scenario of like the dolphins and the penalty. But I guess I just write the context of it. It's always seems email context the more details the better so the last one. This is about chambers would use a rookie right this year. Yeah so he was coming into his own. I thought he was doing a pretty good job when he was given an opportunity. But this is about him and the announcers were saying the running back went through the middle the middle open up and chambers fills it in. I I don't know middle of what I wonder. Maybe maybe it's the fields at. Oh I remember play- I don't know why probably because I I heard it in thought this might be on football but it was Who has chambers in the running back right and so they're saying that chambers ran through the middle I think of the fields and he drew the coverage of the of the defenders which allowed the running back to fill the middle or the other way around. I think it was the other way around either. A chambers filled the middle of the field. Where the defenders weren't there anymore. Oh okay got it. Yeah yeah that one was football. You remember it though I do i. I don't know I remember that places. Typically that conversation. Thank you guys as usual. Oh No thank you. I mean this one I enjoyed. I enjoy thoroughly. So thanks a lot. Can I do. Yeah we'll do worse now greg if you WANNA go. I didn't have any but while Mike was finishing his. I started googling Doug my best is either Valentine. A Love Him. He was blue wasn't he? He was a is Roger. Klotz wife you look. He's Orient. That's often really mad. Orange hair color. Should we make this? Is the bad guy. Just go green to be safe a threat with green. I don't know I lost all respect for that. Show after the episode where he tells Doug that burned down the science building and instead of like walking over and verifying it. He's now after. Go on the run. Because I've I've heard you say that voice you really. That's Larry I I have opinions about certain. Tv shows. Well can't think both my head. But I am got some hot takes all right Steve. Let's let's hear your best to worst preferably from the football game. Not Doug funny but you know. Do you already covered the Doug. Funny the best was Patrick Catches touchdown. How Brady was just flipping now. One of my best. You told me right commodores like well. How Crazy Brady is right now. It was. What was the last time you saw that like headbutting? Brady pop up. Yeah I feel like he's last year he didn't really get a lot of that out of him he's too old.

75:03 - 80:14

I think he had one on Some of the rookies. I scores usually was Patrick's first touchdown of his career. His only touch screen. Maybe Tha- checked out while you do. He's stuck around the PATS for a while. Yeah he's around. I don't really have a lot worse. I guess the first roughing the passer call the year. I mean as install a penalty but like I've seen some absolutely brutal heads. I don't even know if it would be you. Think he hit him and just like finish the hit the ground. Yeah in today's Day age. Definitely be it'd be like the weight role. Whatever it is just like a clean tackling put. His helmet is chess and just like tackle them. You put a lien on top of them. You know to do that anymore. Yeah true but like there's a crack back block on Troy browns verses. That was absolutely all like. I don't know I've thought that too. Yeah another best was a crew high rushing yards or Antoine on one leg at injured. Like what halfway through the second quarter or something. They said. I think I wrote down. It was a contusion on his lower leg and Even with that like he he would limp after every play and like come off. After every every run he had is still take any ran for a hundred eighteen yards in the first half and they finished with like one sixty or something like that something ridiculous. I was like one fifty eight I think. Yeah Yeah so yeah. He was an absolute animal. In this game. I think Brady only like cleared. A hundred yards passing. So yeah I think they had more rushing yards in passing yards in this game. I read so But just a fact. Check that That was Patrick passes. Only touchdown catch of his Co. hitting now. Oh Oh wait wait. Wait who? He had one in the playoffs so he has one more to. We're Greg Two thousand four before before his infamous two thousand five Mike. We've had a few Patrick Pass. Highlights look forward to. Apparently I'm GonNa make the same joke hundred eleven hundred all right Mike Your best worst all right so I was going to say headbutting Brady. But that's been said so I will go with one is kind of an uneventful play but like I thought it was awesome. Brady got blasted. He was blindsided and then somehow she like he lost a football in like magically bounced into his hands again like some golden helmet. I thought that was awesome. That was the Eh cornerback coming off the edge. You'd had like a free run Tom. Brady's back he didn't even seemed nothing like right. There was that Matt Light. Just didn't even try to block them. Bright even see him. Yeah but I thought that was cool. Because he managed to have the wherewithal to security even though he got killed. And it's by other top moment was belichick almost skipping on field at the end of the game. I mean if you look back. He's like of frolicking almost yeah. He was literally running up to. I think it was not lighter. Where the offensive lineman like giving him a huge hug and that rain over to Brady and gave him a hug so hard helmet off like he was. He was excited. Yeah so and then the worst I touched on was seeing that Brady reception did remind me of the Super Bowl. I can't help but think that maybe if a one play when the other way the past would have had three in a row. The elusive three in a row. Strew it's heartbreaking. That's fair enough and for those fans and are listening for some reason. I understand that it sounds shitty that I decided but also to be expected. When you're listening to the Patriots. Defense the podcast right right regardless of what Greg? Asa All right but if I was him I would say well. There's a good ten years with Pat. Didn't quite make it happen. Believe that for another day I guess has done all right. My best and worst my best Had A couple kind of two people troy Brown. Of course he had a reverse that he ran was on the second. Play from scrimmage and he's running to the right and it just fell apart so he did what he does and actually cut it again. The other way and as Steve Brown Alluded to earlier. He was trying to get around the edge and wasn't gonNA make it because there was like a backside defensive lineman or something until iggy Jermaine wiggins came to the rescue and absolutely lit some dude up from the side and Pretty Troy Brown.

80:14 - 85:05

Got The first down or go as he does what he does like a hell of a year. We've talked about it. He was at this point. Vying for most receptions in a season by pats player he broke in this game. He broke Terry Glands Record for receptions by a receiver I think right I. Yeah and then. He needed a couple more to break. Ben Coates is record of ninety. Six hundred was So I don't remember if he did or not so talk about his. Is the poor Guy Shaver Shea Caldwell? I missed that one. I don't I don't know if he's scared or if he's just seeing the fuel really well or something run when he runs. It looks like he's scared but has eiser so puget. Do you ever make a pro bowl? Does anybody now. I feel like he was in the running the pro bowl this year right. But if the guy can't make it with like almost one hundred receptions over a thousand yards and being a master on punt returning which I know that there are separate categories but I don't think he did he did make this year. This is the two that's awesome. All right good who got. The biggest is Patriot's history. We'LL HOGEN. He's a yeah. Logging gets crazy is sure. Does I think that was like called wells thing call. Well always had them. That was the thing isn't it? I've always been told that could be a thyroid issue so it concerns me a little bit. Yeah Okay I don't know Greg you check please and if it's wrong to scrap that I'm terrified of these statutes now when you would guy yes and some on thyroid Royd Amar movements obliging is is hyperthyroidism. Bayreuth blown all right. That's my only concern because I know You know it becomes a thing but I hope he. I hope he's okay. We're people here. We're not get to that that That era will we'll have dive and recalled because I feel like he's leading interesting life. Well it's definitely interesting voted to it. Yes SULLEN MOLLY. We use scheme. Yeah exactly we talked about that a couple of weeks ago. Yeah with Joe Horn Yeah. He was a lookout. We said It's woven it's always. I'm just repeating. What was said. Don't know for speaking of Brown's Record he was asked before the game. what he thought about it. And so they're quote was with nine receptions entering this very important game Saturday brown needed one more catch a past era. Glenn's ninety catches ninety six the second highest season reception total and you needed seventy break. Time record of ninety six by Ben Coates and asked about his possible eat brown said. What's the record for the most wins? Can we get it? I guess we can't do it this year but we can tie it right. I don't understand that that like a team player. That's he wants to win. Like what does that mean though like can we? What was that last bit? That he said like we can get the most wins right. Yeah what's the record for the most wins for the Patriots? Yeah Oh all right. That makes more sense. I didn't contact me statistic and turn it into a week. Statistic Team Team Wise. That's interesting what was the most in team history. Do we know that we really GONNA to go down this road. Yeah Okay because I think we all know is eighteen. No I mean at that point. I don't know how right up Dash Fair enough. No fucking Shit when the Patriots. Don't go twelve and four losing their shit. I know maybe eleven eleven eleven and eleven ninety six Byron.

85:05 - 89:34

Eleven and five eighty six eighty five when they when the super bowls. They're both eleven and five. Wow five and seventy eight. They did not have many Double Digit Win Seasons. General Steve's racking very different nowadays we'll have eleven straight games for like twenty years every year except two thousand two. Yeah Yeah. Two thousand is the last time. The patient didn't win double digit games crazy. So my other Best was to Bucky Jones and how bone rattling his his work. As he forced to rebels just on receivers you actually caught the ball and turned and met him and it was like a car care car crash. And He. Just that's the first he hit the guy the guy fumble but it was like it was a Bang Bang play. The guy just caught the ball and got hit but the second one was in the fourth quarter as Lamar Smith. The running back who had run all over the back in week. What three or four whenever it was and it was one of one and it was like literally on like the one or two yard line and he he hit two Bucky Jones and it looked like he hit a parked car because he just he hit him and he just stopped like all his momentum stop except for the football and he just like just went flat aboard and fell the fuck over and it was such a like school patriots. Hit these. You don't see that anymore because they'll be doesn't John all-time name Patriot on the all-time namelist to Bucky Jones. And more also a good one ferret Colin's but My worst was I don't know if you guys saw this. It was coming back from commercial and it was December. Twenty second was his game as couple of days before Christmas. Dwells Chris Stop and they had all the the dolphins players and Dave wants at wishing everybody a merry Christmas. Oh Yeah and the. I don't know who is the recording. What but Dave wants at his voice down exactly like the big dude from like molly. The actor nearly like higher pitched voice for big down because I figured out whatever but I had the same thought I was like. Whoa I whatever. Tell him match right. It was very bizarre. Might have been the recording. I don't know yeah so maybe I'll have to look up some dave one stat videos. And Lamar no no. No no no all right so I think I think we've still alive yet another Another episode before before Gregory Decides to bring us down a dark dark hole. I think we should probably call this a gap a I mean. It's part of a pocket. I guess what else have you before greg scripts us through a dark hole. Thank you and we'll bring this mercifully to an end so next week is technically a bye week for the Patriots. I think they probably will figure out if they are in the playoffs. Depending on some other results may be. I don't know but after that it will be heading to Carolina. North Carolina Greg South Carolina Whereas Carolina Panthers located North Carolina Maharaja to face the one in Fourteen Carolina Panthers who knows supposed to play week to until nine eleven happened so visit that conversation because we all know how feels about. How do I feel about it? We already know but I get him to an texts twisting my words my friend. I. I'm not saying I'm not. I'm not putting any words in your mouth and we're just going visit at their different me. Moving forward believe me okay. I can't I can't even wait so until then like joining us make you feel asking this long. It's been the Patriots Dynasty podcast and see and actually by Nora.