2001 Week 14: Patriots at Bills

The boys discover Alex "Pill" Van Pelt, talk about CTE, and swap stories about visiting Buffalo, NY to watch football games.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty you have the choice not to my sons and of course. Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your welcome back met again episode fourteen of the pages. Dicey podcast where keep making our way through the two thousand one season getting towards the end here. This is the game where New England Patriots headed to warm and Cozy Buffalo. That might melanomas so well having gone to school up in that area. How far from Rochester? Pretty close. Yeah I think if it's if it's snowing probably take a good hour and a half to get there but it's not probably probably do it in twenty to thirty. I think an hour and a half away. Then that's what you're saying sixty minutes yeah thank you. There's a stag Alexa good good. So if you haven't figured out by now we're joined by Mike and the Brown brothers was Greg and Steve. Steve just got back from Mexico. All Right Olah as eve taken the mic Brown approach to learning the language where you learn how to say hello and my guess is you know how to Saas for. Yes exactly okay. Do you know anything else and Spanish mass we went to teach Anita which is spelled. Kinda like chicken. It's a and I asked my girlfriend. We're all the chickens. Were repeated poor woman. Should ask that issue right. Greg dammit missed opportunity indeed Craig. How're you doing fantastic? I hear you just got a promotion I did and now year Big Job this week has been to send out something about mustaches. Yes you Ronan. Walrus Moustache facemask etiquette. Well congrats how bad promotion. Congratulations man. Life just keeps getting better. Does and what better way to continue it by talking about Football game where. I'm just GONNA come out. And say they were no touchdown scored again with these spoiler. I'm not sure what I'm spoiling for. You not for me but for everybody else got we got to build it up baby now because we we've been we've been told that we don't say the score so. I'm just going to say the score every week at inappropriate time so what better time than now. The Patriots Win this twelve to nine in overtime shootout. Yeah but I mean so going into this knowing that I was not particularly enthused but after watching this game I am changing my tune. I think this was actually. I thought this was a pretty good game and I thought there was some interesting takeaways from this. Especially if you compare it to kind of today's Patriots and not just that but the kind of media reaction around it. They say lag. It's buffalo bills. I will counter and say this might be one of the worst games ever watched. So Taylor's unravel well. I didn't watch it verdict. Here Roy Greg and watch it so clearly I watch the NFL. Primetime highlights. I know because I actually now provide that just for you. A prime time was the best. The best yes. Has Anybody seen the new iteration yet? No Akeem back on. Espn PLUS said. That's stupid I actually at one point I think it was around the time when what was that Competitor to Madden Video. Game came out. What was that one last two? Nfl Two K. Yes when the whatever the last one was it came out like a really good one to five zero thinks that came out. I spent altogether too much time on that but it it made me actually go looking for.

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Nfl prime time videos and I still think the NFL make a killing or ESPN for that matter if they soldiers like access to the the Patriots NFL highlights of no a season. Those are the music was unparalleled electric. I listened to that I found. I found the audio files. And it's in. My regular playlist was at least like seven or eight songs energies bangers and for some reason I can just like I have different highlights in my head for different songs and like random games like oh this is what I listen to. One of them was like Oh. This is the jets versus the bengals in meadowlands stadium. No no idea why vividly in my mind you could tell how close the game is what music they're using a paper. That's the one that's the best one as actually great music to work to you as well because it's upbeat. There's no there's no word or anything you know. The song repetitive. So it doesn't like getting away distract you. It's fantastic Mike. I recommend it back to play it right now if you guys want. Hopefully we can try. But this might sound like ask Andy. Do we have the rights to play that to this? Whole conversation is quit the music in the background for it all L. Edited in in Post. I'm sure that's great awesome. All right. We'll be cutting this part of your. I cut a little bit. Okay cut dissolution out if you say something stupid. That's isn nothing self-censor Yeah so going back to the football game. The reason that I enjoyed it was because it was so different from. I think probably this past year. Where because they're the cosmic similarities. That kept like coming back to me about when the Patriots played the bills. I wasn't around week. Fourteen fifteen This this year at home and the bills had given them problems. At the beginning of the season the page came out and kind of had their way with them. Beat them pretty handily and like the offense like the best is looked in a while. Remember the game talking about. Yeah I nine fifteen whether you something like that And then the whole reaction around that game was he's Patriots. Still Kinda suck. They should have beat the bills by more. The this this is not a team. That's going to go anywhere in the playoffs. All this kind of like negativities around it and then if you look at go back in two thousand one like it almost exact same situation like except the pages didn't play as well like the defense play really well. Brady had an off game. I don't think it was as bad as maybe looked on paper. But it's still wasn't great running for his life got sacked a whole bunch but if you looked at the the papers the next day there was all this kind of optimism. Hey We're actually in the playoff race. This is a team that could do something. And and the commentators were talking about how you know. This could be the one team that that gets into the playoffs. And that's the one team all the other playoff teams looking at and saying we don't WanNa play them. Yeah from that perspective I get your point and I guess this was a a game to test their mettle so to speak even though the bills at this time were to intend and basically for all intensive purposes rebuilding. Alex Van Pelt quarterback. Yup I mean he also by the way that guy's nickname was pill. I don't know if you caught that I didn't pill for Pillsbury dough boy. Tell me the nickname I've ever heard from a football player. But that's tough struggling pillsbury dough boy. Was We nobly throw boy well? That's a million nicknames. Yeah Jared Lorenzen remember him. They have to lefty touchdown talk. When she didn't Alexan- first name is Gregory not else Gregory Alexander Van Pelt.

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While can we fact check that? Please -pedia nicknames. It's so funny. J. Lo'd coke me g boy course. Battleship Lorenzen Yeah. Yeah he did is recently. I think I'll have to look them up and use big dude. Yeah if you look up them pell now. He kind of looks like Lorenzo and did really he. He looks like Mike McCarthy. Wait. He's the browns on native right now. Yeah he's a coach. Now wait a minute. Always Lind offense coordinator. So He's our next Mike McCarthy he looks exactly like Mike McCarthy grumbled Alexan- pell and the picture that came up. I just thought was Mike. Carthy shirts not six. Maybe because he's got the Green Bay packers gear on and everything awesome. Wow packers running backs coach and quarterbacks coach two thousand twelve to two thousand seventeen well enter. It was then the bengals coach to the browns of see this year. Lustrous law speak of a lustiest Career Sixteen touchdowns twenty four. I N T didn't have either of those in this game. He didn't really do. Oh no you had an option That's kind of all he provided in this game won't outs fan pelts on all right. I mean I guess so. That's why I think it's impressive that they the the pats were you know. They continued on their role. Because there'd be a part of me that'd be like men were facing ten team against Alex Van Pelt. The Guy Is Alex Van. Pels right till and yet the barely squeaked this out like. I know that inspired confidence because it did test them but if I was on the team I'd be questioning that I think I think so man like but this is just how the Patriots and bills played at that point. They they showed a stat. Where before this game? Three of the last four games going to overtime yeah. Alex Van Pelt Man. When it's been like Flutie Rob Johnson? We've at least like you. Know dissected the merit of a first round tech or something like this this is pil were talking about but I will say one cool point in this game was that Troy Brown crossed the thousand yards. And this is what we fourteen. So that's pretty impressive. Also the punt returner in the AFC so Props DETROIT Brown for in this game but other than that. I don't know I don't know what inspire anything I mean. This is definitely defensive battle. I will give you that I did notice a difference in that side of things to the hits that were being. I mean we've talked about this a little bit but just the speed at which the defense has moved in these games on both sides of the ball like for the bills and the Patriots just seemed so much faster and more aggressive than it does now and I think part of that is probably the rule changes like talking about before. But just might I'm GONNA I'M GONNA call out connor in the previous episode. Because he was like yeah no defenseless like receivers and this all but they they were talking about in this game that they're They were debating on flags horror Hits ON DEFENSELESS RECEIVER? So I I know that the the rules tighten up a little bit but apparently some of them were still in play so they they just maybe they were allowed to get away with it a little bit more. I don't know I agree with you. That was a lot more aggressive back. Then yeah and eye your right. They did have one that they threw the flag for but picked it back up again Because they said that he He wasn't defensive. Came runner again now because absent. Got His head taken off. Even though it wasn't two steps I think he landed on his on both feet. And then got crushed. Exactly exactly so yeah. I mean to that point though I also felt like this is one play where the pats just like cloud into somebody white running out of balance and they were probably out of bounds. Maybe two three feet already and there was no one even bat an eye so yeah the rules are in place.

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Maybe they would just enforce nevertheless they wear. Yeah and I think we're probably still new. So they were kind of testing them out more than they were actually being enforced. Astringently as you see now like that. That defenseless receiver thing. 'cause I I wrote down that if that was happening now Mama. Brown is writing a letter to the commissioner. Who WAS A commissioner? Then technically I think so. I think that's what we decided earlier. How do you say that in a British accent going to tell me Steve? That sounds pretty British already. Tagliabue it. World Steve. I mean you had the Mexican food. The Spanish tagliabue watts was a travesty. Alice in Spanish. Oh No it wasn't boy. Well my two cents on the whole hitting defenseless receivers. I think the big difference is how people like react to it like you see a big hit and it was like celebrated back then. Yeah players immediately celebrating the commentators alike year. Hit where now? You're Kinda like we know that that's going to cause brain damage. So you're far less likely to China but didn't it? Didn't you know that would cause brain damage back then? Understand DIRECT CORRELATION INDIANA. I me far less because I only played a few games here. They're not even you know because I as we have established didn't last very long but when I was on a team with Andy that's what I said the personally when When I was on the team with him we some guys that had accumulated quite a few concussions. At that point they didn't see so I always knew which guys laws were right. And I didn't play like Pop Warner anything. So it's like one year of experience for me and just looking around and like you know you know who's had a concussion who hasn't I mean some because they tell you but I don't know I. I think that there are signs back so I don't understand how people didn't know that banging your head against another person would not caused damage. He I don't think that's what he stay. I think it's we knew not to the extent like of how long term damage was and how who didn't know about CTE and all that. I mean we didn't know about CTE. But I mean you could probably figure that some of these people are going to have problems with dementia memory issues even way before right at yeah at the time we thought it was just like those guys they got the their heads knocked off all the time. We're getting multiple concussions now. It's like if you get one. Well I don't know everyone hits. Yeah Yeah but every one of those his just makes it worse worse. I look at this and I'm like I understand and now because there's a there's a term white were held accountable right or it's like hey you're the repercussions we know. Exactly what this is. This is causing damage. I just think that. For what sixty seventy years of football before that No one knew that this is. I mean I feel like it's it's a little bit of a cop out I don't know I mean I. I enjoy football now like I enjoyed it back then but I'm not gonNA sit here and say that I one hundred percent thought. It was safe fair. Mike you would you say that September eleventh caused CD while man. Now you're now you're just fishing. This is what happens when you don't watch football game. This is what happens or this is what happens when you make stupid hot takes forever on the Internet. Okay Steve Thank you for that. I appreciate it. Really Fun Fun Guy. Where's Connor Jesus you talking to himself in the mirror trying to get him psyched up for the next podcast? That's fair. I figured out when Wilson told me in an African accent because I haven't seen the movie but you know we'll Smith does with the accident but yeah no that definitely did bring everything to light You're right and I think it's there is more of a public awareness. I mean I think that the NFL is definitely held accountable to it. Because of all this information which I think is a good thing and I think the rules ultimately obviously argued thing and I think it makes the game a little bit more exciting in different ways.

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I mean a little bit more scoring People are around longer as you get to see your your you know these like icons continue to play as opposed to being on the sideline But I'm just saying before that movie. Apparently we didn't know any of that. Yeah I mean I'm sure that the NFL knew more than they were letting on as well all those smoking exacts thing that they didn't realize is often caused cancer when they bring a lot of money proving or trying to prove that it didn't when it was obvious everybody except for them earthquakes. Yeah now I mean. I think you're definitely right on that. Maybe the public in general never thought about it but they definitely had to have had some type of data That's too easy to like. Generalized data takes a long time to develop and like prove causation. Just because you had to get Tompkins since his right right. Yeah Houdini. Your Gregson Sorta like team lead or something fun. Spa Accumulated. I just don't understand but I think if we had a team I mean it so building off of that watching Brady. I mean people who have watched this game will recognize probably one if not two highlights from this and one is brady rolling out going on the run and getting his head taken off rag dolls. Like like leary. Helmet popped off and went ten yards backwards down fields like just clements. Yeah and the fact and just pop right back up clapping and everything and then they showed him on the sideline kind of like joking around about it with drew bledsoe and made me think if anybody knows what that feels like. It's privilege bledsoe. I know you're probably that's probably in poor taste. Brady be joking with that guy about something. I'd probably wait a minute. I mean who's who's going to get that joke the best other than somebody. Who's been there with you? I guess blesses probably like you son of a bit. Let's look like him up how long you would've done if that's fair. Yeah no I mean. I think that's interesting too. And it plays into the thing of like you know you show bravado right so if you WANNA show weakness I mean obviously amp your way team up but nowadays. I don't know if it's necessarily celebrated I mean I think it would have been a little bit more of people getting in the face of that other player like nobody really did anything. It was just like you got popped. You got up on. His helmet goes flying so somebody grabbed his helmet for him and that was about it. Yeah it's interesting and it's also we talked about. I believe last episode where he had the mentality of being this tough guy and taking his heads and then after His acl injury. Got a little bit smarter about that so I think that whole era was around that and you know maybe that is a a little bit of proof that players didn't quite know the extent of the injuries until now because I don't see players necessarily reacting that anymore. Yeah I mean even even an was that but ballot check definitely did if you end remember. You mentioned that first bills game this year where the kind of had trouble with it. And you're kind of leading into this long Brady brought up that hit after that game. This year he did. Yeah because member Josh Allen got knocked down and like all the Bills Peril. Those Brady getting hit like that. We'd all be right so he. He talked about Africa game. The Nick Clements at that actually had played up in buffalo earlier in my career while scrambling up the right side and tried to hold onto the ball. Try to slide late in the hit me in the helmet flew about ten yards. Away Kinda Riled. Up their whole sideline remember the next day coach. Check said to me. I'll never forget this. He said Hey. Brady you WANNA have a career in this league. When you're running like that you had to throw the ball away or you slide. I'll check that and I've kind of taken to that a lot of quarterbacks who do run you're trying to get make yards and that's great the same time you're susceptible to big hits again with a fight or not or that's penalty allowed rules change over the years but from a quarterback standpoint. I feel like it's always better. Try to be available to the team. Tried to take the risk and so forth again. Nobody likes anybody. Heard out there from my own experience. I tried to the best kid. Avoid any big shots like that. The Ham Russell Wilson It's still when Russell's scrambles Annan like slides right in front of Defender. It's show walking. Annoy really is because even as a fan you WanNa seems like.

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Oh Oh this is your changes chant. Somebody hit him. Somebody hit him but nobody ever Ken or he'll he'll just like step out of bounds right at the end. Yeah aid you true but I mean even in this game like we're talking about one. After the play happened. How many times they show the replay seven eight twelve fifteen and they kept like even the commerce like. Oh it was such a scary movie. It's it's it's amazing nobody's hurt. Let's look at it again here. It is again today. They'll still do that today now. With that enthusiasm they'll go. Oh Jeez I I can't believe let's just wash out again when Moore Towel Card. Let's let's listen to it. We have sound exactly. Yeah marching full speed. But then like that was their highlight of the game too like when when overtime started. They went back to like. This has been a game full hits and they showed that one and then the the ones talking about where the running backs up the hidden bounds. Or right yeah And it's kept showing those over and over again. I will say man sound everything by by the way I. I don't know if this was because of the the the game and how it was going because the announcers are insane but did you notice that everything that was said in the first half they repeated in the second half by word for it almost like they had a script and I felt like how on earth is this like televised. Because I already done. The game was boring as hell. And these guys. I don't know what was going on mentally with them but everything was regurgitated twice. How would you hang hang on so I just WANNA I wanna take a moment here just so you can see what's happening so when when we first started this podcast and I was coming out saying how bad these commentators were and I got so much pushback and all as I was I will? We'll see just wait. Just wait until week. Fourteen man fucking Steve Tasker and Dunkerque. Doing this. And we'll see what you guys are saying and that those words that'd be incredible. They were very similar. I don't think it was Don Corinthians. You've task here. I think using my old crutch. What's his name Dan right well. I'll hand it to you because it's infuriating. I mean and look I know. It's a difficult like job. And when it's a game like this you have to keep the excitement and make it entertaining. But I look at a guy like now and I know that the times have changed but somebody like a Romo which is really fun to listen to. My opinion is a little off the cuff and silly. These guys ran out of material watching the live game. I mean as somebody who now talks about a football game. That's already happened for an hour after being able to prepare for for it. I understand talking about a game is is harder than I thought it was. At the time I understand but even if one of the announcers made some stupid remark about how guy made nine eleven comment and the other guy got pissed off at him and they retaliate. Would still be more interesting than what the hell. Yeah they weren't. They weren't great but I did like how they started the whole broadcast. They didn't I I didn't I. I write down the commentators every time. Because I have my grudges took me until but every yeah so every game. I write down commentators ours. I knew who who to give shit too. That's what it took me until the fourth quarter and before they introduce themselves for one. How dare they right like fucking tell me tell me who was mad at like from the beginning? Oh true extra take setup they they did introduce new tasks at the beginning by showing the highlight of him being on the fields and the punt returner for the longest punt in Patriots. History was ninety three yards. Yeah that was pretty awesome like the Guy Pundit from his own endzone and it ended up being down on like the one yard line of the bills didn't can I also say he was on that like the buffalo team that went four straight years Super Bowl and never one dad's gotta be brutal and it didn't get brought up once on it for a second. I know I know. How would you guys fans to see something like that? Arche like the worst. Bruins lost in history is definitely the undefeated super bowl. That season happen. I I couldn't watch anything sports related until probably the start of the next season. I still every time it comes on. I watch highlights of that about a month ago for the first time. Well we should probably just like Kansas broadcast before. Gets that Ohno with that? That's that's when it ends as we go up to the ABC Chamber Game of two thousand seven than the podcast is done.

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Somebody else can take over from there. We we we can just in episode where we just talk about anything but I think we'll have to come up with some way to get. Actually I might be a good idea. Yeah we just won't address it. Just skip it. And that's the end of the two thousand seven season moving up right. That's my problems. I I read some meam where it says your problems From now I don't know if that's if that's debatable or not but you're probably right just forget about it and they'll go away depends on the problem but yeah. I mean injunctive by. This does not work. I would imagine anything they can get a cream for. You should probably take regime but doctors could not my is cut. It is like a week and half. Well luckily were. We're all remote so we don't have to deal with that but a did it. I mean that could go away on. Its own two right. I'm no doctor but dusk summer. Waddles Man Lord Go ahead conjunctiva his appendicitis and meninges meningitis on one summer. Fucking what the Hell Dude. So do antibiotics are just destroy. Everything your system. Have you build that up? That's insane I think I was drinking lake water that didn't help Appendicitis story though. Well when we're working together no about how mom handled it. Oh Yeah we'll in you to you kinda called me a pussy. 'cause I was like we were working together to impose like Andy. I can't act. Kansas State got dropped me off the road of the day myself. Home forcing myself to Puke in so much pain off you have gas. She's agape the horn uneven court own gives gas first of all would then. I'd moving on my mom. This is really looking like the Simpsons Appendicitis. And she's like okay. Up are actually ruptured appendix. Oh that's fun. She doesn't know how long you're in the hospital for not long or then she thinks you're meningitis was because you're hung over to the meningitis. That was their oak. You do have a track record of all those things. Yes so none of these were like out of the norm for any of us. An extremely high things arts temporarily consumer man's match one. Tom Brady you know getting your bell. Rock and pop back in there so he he does that right and then the next drive the I don't know if it was designer. If he called himself just to be a hard ass but brady ran a qb draw like in the in the red zone. Yeah if we're GONNA talk about that. What a stupid play. Can I say that? No forget because this was was it towards the end of the half jumping around here a little bit but towards the game it was right before they kicked their. You're right yeah Ben. So yeah they're driving. You can win the game and wasn't like third-down. Yep So it's third down they were I think. What like several yards away from the end zone and they run. Pretend yeah okay. Yeah they were in a draw. Would Brady so that yeah. They kicked field. Tie it to go into overtime. But what what the hell was that? So it's thirty nine from buffalo ten yard line and they run a Tom Brady draw. Qb designed qb draw from looks of it for three yards. What on Earth is that? Terri Sands we such a good kicker actually stat checked connors claim that Viteri didn't miss a kick the rest of the season he did. Yeah for the record. He went I think thirteen or fourteen from week. Fourteen on whatever the hell it was it was close. Yes I'm sure we'll we'll we'll come across that kick sooner or later and one of you point out like where's Waldo. I will also say talking about kickers. I'M GONNA have to issue an apology here. initiated ragging on.

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Ken Walter for not averaging forty yards because the the previous game was brutal in some of the punts but the announcer said. And I don't know this is true. Maybe Greg can check on this at some point but they said that can walter was averaging thirty seven yards net and years actually I in the NFL and that category yeah. I thought that too that an because there was one game where both punters were averaging like under thirty yards a punt at our main which was and it was horrendous. Yeah I was surprised to hear that. Too and Troy Brown was leading. What do they call it? They didn't call it the. Afc they call the American conference in punt return yards. I have a A guy at work is actually in the office today. He's on a GM's he's like a true and true bills Mafia guy. And he's like poor Bastard Ryan. Mormon is my favorite bill everything. Ooh Wow I could see that though. I gave him that Bills Patriots like yearbook or whatever it was from the game from nine thousand two thousand four used loving it Brian. Or my favorite. I mean he was visa though. That's a good segue. We should talk about bills. Mafia food talking about it's the the single greatest annual sporting event in the world. What's that as pets beating the bills in buffalo at Buffalo? Yeah Okay it's the. It's the best sporting that've been to really. Oh Yeah because you've been to some big sporting events as far as like atmosphere. Well we'll we'll say this four a twenty one to thirty year old male oriented you care to elaborate on that and share some experiences. Yeah Yeah I mean so. We probably I was like two thousand ten timeframe and meanwhile we've got about a buffalo bills fans around. He had a we. We take an. Rv dragged from New Hampshire although buffalo it Niagara hit the casino park at the mud. Lot You can park it. The mud lot right next to the stadium. You have one hundred bucks for the week whenever you want you. Just wake up in the morning. The lot fills up around you. It's just a shitload hammered bills fans and obviously you've seen the videos doing like eagles and and they're all just there for a good time. You know I mean I suppose like what else is there to do in Buffalo. Nothing but it's about the people can't salt of the earth can guess because me and Mike went to a game when he was at school in Rochester. I'm pretty sure this program is from that game. Andy is it two thousand four. Yeah that sounds that sounds right. Yeah those the Richard Seymour game which will get into at some point but we were wholly unprepared. If I recall we drove I drove up. No I I actually flew up for that one. I think on like this tin can of plane. It was the scariest airplane ride of my life. Got The buffalo and then we on the day of the game went to go buy beer and you can't buy beer in buffalo on Sundays I remember that yeah so then we just fuck it said Fuck. It drove to the game. And if you haven't been to their stadium it's literally feel like it's in a neighborhood like driving through upstate. New York does nothing nothing. Nothing was under the few houses on your left and you come over this hill and there. There's a stadium on the right. We literally parked in some dudes backyard targets fence down and like use it as a sign to be like free like buffalo bills parking here parked in their bummed a couple beers off like some of the guys there that felt bad for us and then went into the game. It is a magical experience and the fans. They're obviously fantastic. I mean you can see. We see bills fans attacking bill chance. Oh yeah I mean that was fantastic? Some subdued abroad. His kid who was like trying to fight another dude. Yeah they're fighting amongst themselves and you can just walk past if you're like coy about it because they don't like obviously pats fans by if you're walking by you can see some fantastic things happening in the parking lot And then when we went to the game didn't we start or somebody started a chance Where they were just chanting Norwood or would like a quarter and a half.

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That's all the guy. Did I think he was a bills fan? I think you I think we started. He joined in he just did it for the rest of the game and this was like halfway through the third quarter and he just. He's like yeah. Okay I'm going with this and just did it. I don't know if he's a representation of all bills fans but he was a great gentleman. You're more prepared than that. One game. I went to one greg. Were you got the adapter for the girl. Bought like a hundred bucks where the meat and we're like. Yeah we're going to like eat. Ause me and his snow in its motherfucker and forgot. They're like oh I don't know I remember walking around trying to find a place to sell charcoal sucks. I'M GONNA go fuck myself. It we had a bunch of beard is called no foods. Y'All just drag halftime of Donskis in Buffalo? We made a pre-game Bent. Whoever's team lost gets a beer poured on Ono bread this itchy. It's like two thousand ten eleven which is like right. I was like okay. Take a great picture me just porn beer on a sad looking. Brennan Mall Horns not alone in stevie Johnson Jersey. That's brutal to man. It's freezing up there so yeah I remember Mafia up thirty six. Pack of hand warmers. You're seeing in the end zone and that was thrown into the Santa Claus ahead. More God sees the best. Yeah wicked wicked fun so Speaking of that one of my favorite ever. Tom Brady Statistics On the list of most wins by quarterback in Buffalo. The top five are buffalo bills quarterbacks number six is Tom Brady ooh can in I've Yeah let's see if you can give me top five. It's mad. Generally Jim Kelly is number. One was sixty six wins flow so obviously all those came as the Buffalo Bill. Yeah don't fluidly wine. Ooh With Thirteen Wins Robbie Jay Rob Johnson not on this list. It's worth a shot we got. What about Fitzpatrick? He's on this. He is number ten is tie tie. Doug Flutie. Easy wins was before Jim. I'll give you two names listed. I don't know Joe Ferguson Jack. Kemp are third and fourth. Oh Yea Jack Kemp right. You're really good. And that guy. There's tyrod Taylor is number eight more win than Doug Flutie and Ryan Fitzpatrick with fourteen. You let you let them. Tom Brady who has sixteen and number? Seven is Darrel Lamonica. So there's only fuck did Daryl Lamonica yes fifteen with this one guy on here number two just behind Jim Kelly. Actually ty with Joe Ferguson. For forty three wins he also this he is A. You will know him Alex. I don't know if he has any wetzel buffalo quarterback but I know he a coach in the NFL No no hold on a second hold on a second. He's a coach in the NFL head. Coach yes I believe so all right Andy Reid visual Andy. Reid look good in buffalo bills. Yeah Greg Time frame eighties nineties. Similar timeframe is Jim Kelly. Yeah I not someone right there. I can't think he say he is the head coach here. Here's another clue. He is responsible for the biggest comeback in. Nfl history against the oilers. Yes exactly what I was. Thinking was No IDEA I can't remember I. Car In coach The Indianapolis Colts. Oh that's right eight name Frank Reich.

45:03 - 50:01

Yes yeah you're right Peterman Peterman I remember they got any of these freaking people andy. Peterman Hewlett their first round draft. Pick five interception now. Yeah I feel so. He's probably I stat. Can we statue who is throwing more interceptions in Buffalo Nathan Peterman or Tom Brady Peterman's kind of he's going to be Peterman? Is that guy still in the league. Yeah he's the back on raiders. No kidding GRUDEN. Muslim apparently does all right anything else. You guys had on this game. I mean I will say that there was another you know stat on the difference between Tom Brady and blood. So at this point and up to this point records eight and three for Brady threw for bledsoe Brady was averaging twenty five points a game bledsoe although as only a few ten points again right Yards were about the same tool five and two hundred and then Brady Sixteen. Tv's nine interceptions plateau to into. Yes although they did they did. Note that Because while this game was going on they kept showing some of the other games because the jets are also had the same records. Was You know where the pay to keep pace with them? And so the jets are playing the bengals and noted that the bengals had like a top ten ranked defense as well and the jets. Also had I think top ten ranked defense so those are the two games that bledsoe loss. Right I guess you tend even so I am willing to give him a little bit of slack for that. That's fair but the one thing we haven't touched on yet I said before they were to highlights that people who had watched his gang member one was brady getting his head knocked off. The other was in overtime the one that everybody was talking about the day after and this is something I thought was also a little bit different in terms of what the reaction was but it was In overtime the patients got the ball after the bills punted and Brady scrambled out to his right and completes a pass David Patten who gets hit again so hard in the head that he gets knocked the fuck out drops the football but he falls his limp. Unconscious is called a fumble. Yes so so. He fumbled the ball recovered and he was called down. And so that's how it was called in the fields bills ball. They thought they were getting the ball back But after probably have felt like about a half an hour of review What they ruled was that David Patents. Unconscious Body had come down out of bounds and because his foot was resting on the ball. That means the ball was out of bounds. So it's considered a catch a fumble but then technically fumble on a bounds righteous was out of bounds. Yeah which if you're looking at logically make sense because if you if you don't get two feet in one foot of stepped out of bounds consider out of bounds of their for the ball's not in play if you do it the other way round so it makes sense but the bills were livid about this rule just about the call in general and the fact that go to overturn and everything. I mean it does make sense with. What did they WANNA do it? I think it was the right call. Eventually yeah I mean it. It's it's pretty clear obvious when you look at it that way Especially because if you if you kind of turn it around like if it was a fumble like a loose bumble and like a page player grabbed it while they're out of bounds or bills player. Graboy is out of bounds. It would still stay with patriots because they're out of bounds and the ball stays with the team and to ask if you guys have seen this rule But it plays up on that. But I've seen videos where a few kick returners won't actually out of bounds and then catch the ball and forty. Yeah Yeah so they. I mean Buffalo. Buffalo obviously expected to have the ball that they should know better but then literally the very next place I think the past. Get the ball. Unlike the forty of the bills at this point because of like after the end of the result of this play and the very next play the bills obviously just like not prepared to continue. Playing defense gives Antwan. Smith runs for thirty eight yards down to the two yard line. And that's the end of the game right circle didn't even Didn't even try another play.

50:01 - 55:09

I mean Brady centered it. And somehow he fell fourteen got hit by Mark Edwards. I don't know how that happened. But that was a closer markup of life right. He took a bunch of shots in this game. But yeah obviously Viteri wins it but yeah could have gone either way. There were a couple of those weird moment. There's another weird moment in the fourth quarter where I mean You know help me out on this. But peerless price catches a touchdown or so. It seems so it looked pretty good. I mean they slowed it down a bunch debate. I guess control. But as a fingertip catch he drags both feet. And it's it's called an incomplete and they didn't challenge in it. Yes like third. And goal threw a touchdown pass. It looked like it was pretty obvious. I think in slow. Mo that it was a touchdown and the bills. Just didn't challenge it. Yeah and so. They kick a field goal to tie it and then the announcers losing their minds and rightfully so but I think they had all their timeouts and everything so it was pretty weird Sequence of events there. They mentioned that the bills had been bitten by failed Challenges in the in the past announced season and I feel like challenges and the whole replay system was new if not this season then relatively recently I think people so trying to like figure it out but at that point I mean fuck it. Take take a delay of game. It's a chip shop on the ten ten. Why not just challenge it? Who Cares? Well that's true too. Yeah But I think the coach was named Greg Williams. I gotta Say I think we talked about it. The first time he came up. Not a great Head coach was done to the end. Greg's astle yeah. Oh you can always you can already tell but I think just lay. They showed him every single time. Anything happened the game and his reaction was so over the top. It looked like how I watched the game in real time as a patriots fan. But he's staying on this island with a headset on like cringing and like trying to body language field goal to go through an all this and jumping up and down and even the commentators talking about how he lives in dies on every play as a players coach. Man All basketball coaches giving those same but it doesn't work in the NFL named one guy. Who's like that? That's had a prolonged career as a head coach. Auburn on that. I've been on that take forever like college. Athletic coaches are always like Carol still like that. Yeah that's true. I mean he does create that culture. I see your point though that it doesn't really work for the most part but even Harbach Before you went back to Michigan he was kind of a little bit like that. Yeah we don't have. We don't have a huge span of information on him but it's also the difference between like a true like players like rock coach in like a ham and ask for true. Yeah I'll give you that. He's like prick to his players are buccal it's fine Or a only is those kids are eighteen. Nineteen in the getting paid. Can't Tom Across Point Trivia question. Who has more touchdowns thrown two bills players on Brady or Nathan Peterman? Oh Tom Brady Tom. Brady's throwing a bunch pick sixes in Buffalo Peterman. Three eighty two so close. He's only two picks in Buffalo. I feel like I can remember both of them. I can't think of a third. So yeah that makes sense tractor trailer. All right I remember when Connor was basically claiming that it was the worst game Brady played and we had countered that there was another one this season. This is another doctor put up by Brady and like I said Alex Van Pelt like he started the game like to intend to. You know But Brady I think they mustered up for most of the second half. I think it was four yards. One point yes and Brady was like chuck it all over the place. Not Completing it. Getting hit obviously didn't seem like he knew where he was a little bit so it was pretty interesting to kind of see a few games in a row now where we're defenses figuring him out.

55:09 - 60:01

Was He just adjusting to the game plan? I mean why do you think he struggled mightily before the playoffs? Yeah I mean I think this game especially you could see. He was actually sailing some balls and I think I always saw some issues in the kicking game too. I think whether or at least wind may have played a factor in this. What are the Games in Buffalo? The wind has an effect today. Mention that though. I don't remember it being too windy. Their habit they talked about it because the on the first field goal that the bills missed talked about Adam unitary kicking in that end zone and and whether or not it would be as easy to chip shot at as it should be knowing win really thirty. Four degrees relative humidity eighty nine percent. No wind we ask. I don't remember thank you greg. That's that's important. Yeah I think he. I believe that. Yeah check to see I. Don't I talked about the wind in the game? I never knocked out of field goal. I never heard Russia wants the mouse. Handy yeah a ranked twenty seven their defense twenty nine really so bad. Their defense was twenty-ninth as it came to play in this game. And I I think a lot of it was Matt. Light getting toasted by The the leading the the guy. Who has the most sack Tom Brady in? Nfl history saw the guy on the cover of that program. That I gave to the bills. Fan was really. Yeah this his dense. Both of their rookie seasons not light. Nairn Schobul. Yeah they talked about it being a rookie on rookie match up and shovel absolutely just sell torch. Metlife that the guy call them. No show Schobul admits that never do anything which is crazy because he has the most sacks against Brady and then he went on to tell me that after every rebuilds loss him and his brothers would do a bills burning where they go to their birth. Something Bills Related. Sounds really fun expensive? You've gone through a lot of Shit. Dude yeah but they're probably. I am shit off of the the big thing that you were getting all your jerseys from Sri at builds your expensive not many out there so they might be the way around. Well that's that's fair. They're collecting thought like you're making a whole bunch of a my you. You're not making a shit ton of Jay Riemersma Jerseys. He's still and Mormon Jersey in his closet. His texted him he never burned it. No nothing I guess not and then apparently there is like this hamster thing that sings like a song we look it up on Ebay. He was all excited about it. Bills Related right a Mike. We're going with this. I'm interested in finding out more hamster touchdown song. It'll come up not on my work computer. Thank you very much buffalo over that song. I remember them saying that. Does JAM is Steve. Was that zoo bus. I mean I've always been work stuff. So he's awesome to work kind of bills fan. Izzy have you seen the guy that does like the condiments thank you? Yes yeah eighty off. Your old man is getting like dollar stood St- strangely erotic at something. There's nothing like buffalo so I mean that's that's what losing four straight super bowls those fan base though. I think all speaking away. It's you might do you have any Football an awful boss. That's a good question. I do have three but they're trimming while on this week two. Oh shoot. I'm curious to see if you if you also have some some similar questions because you this you want me to go all right I won so put it in context. He's talking about Malloy. So lawyer Malloy came unimpeded and got a clean shot on the quarterback so football football on our on fought against. I remember the play correctly.

60:02 - 65:02

Oh you remember it. Yeah Yeah I think you're right this this one sounds familiar And I think if my context is correct what they're talking about is lawyer. Moloi who doesn't normally rush the passer probably came on a blitz Nobody picked him up so he was coming unimpeded which means nobody knows nobody in his way between him and the would've helped if I knew what unimpeded was so he took a shot. Hit The quarterback. Alex Pill Peterson held. Mov- fucking WANNA call them right Pretty hard I guess straight in the chest. If I remember the play correctly I see. He took a bunch of shots in the chest. I don't see how it's not football eating drinking on the sidelines. Mike again lower malloy came unimpeded and got a clean shot on the quarterback. I mean I don't know I'm also maybe emphasizing. Certain words. Weirdly so I don't know if I but they could have been drinking. I Dunno well. Mine's actually similar. Might as well okay. And it's actually not from this game. This is from two days ago on the radio on the guy to work your drink. Winger show play tend to Mike. What do you mean corrupted? I'm wondering aloud you guys. Trey wingo discussing JOE BOROUGHS DRAFT PROSPECTS. And how he played in the National Championship handled the rush. And he said Lee clemson players were blitz lal over the place is Isaiah. Simmons was coming all over the place. Oh I I don't know based on previous weeks I think I have a guess as to what it means ULA tear. It was common all over the place. Yeah that's that's not football. I don't think I don't know what he did was Trey Wingo. Yeah keep that in mind. He's talking nerd. Oh all right okay. Football just some deep sort of stat bullshit right so you guys are saying coming all over. The place is probably Like the lawyer milloy coming unimpeded and that sense oh although blitzing different spots perhaps oh interesting some nerd shit like that 'cause like brexit. It's Trey wingo although tracks of interpreted different ways I guess all in your addled Mind Michael. No no no. I think it's football okay. Knowing trae I think yeah. Pro's Pro Greg. I mean you trick from this game when I heard in the choir pullover roll down driving so I couldn't write it down when I was like actually googled. Podcast I only discussed right down. The precise bats awesome. I love it. I'm at mint. I mean you want to keep doing yours Mike if you could top that all right This one is just an interesting one. I I don't know I don't know what you guys think. Roman phifer another one of those veteran free agents who came over Bella check had a relationship with him. Who'll yeah that kind of sparked the old noggin words? Ambiguous isn't it right and they don't really talk about relationships too much with him. I mean girlfriend. Yeah where they're not as open about these types of things so maybe that's like a little code word in there. I don't know I just thought it was interesting. I mean he had a relationship with him is what the guy said. Now's like Oh that's okay. I mean did. Did they know each other before the Patriots? I'll do I think they did. The wasn't the jets. Oh okay so maybe it could be professional relationship then case if they had worked together before it is ambiguous it is ambiguous and they did say Roman Phifer another one of these veteran free agent so they must have been talking about the jets that I missed that could be. I don't know so that that sets maybe football the maybe pile okay And then finally this was about Larry Centers.

65:03 - 70:03

I know for sure and it was. He took a dump over the Middle Way. That's football. I thought it was interesting. I mean he was the game plan which I thought was awesome was to limit Larry Centers. The whole back in this game passes right so now you know why right if you don't well. I don't know if he was upset or nervous frustrated but he took a dump over the middle. I mean whatever it is that that's making a statement right. There didn't have an effect in the game arts. They have I ever go with no okay. But I've had many times where I've had to pull off the side of the road. Run to Lord knows where then do some damage in the middle of nowhere? Pu Ching sports once on a left field. It was the Patriots and seahawks superbowl time and I was like I got a p look. Bad in the game was tense. You know so fantasy bathroom and like I said but I was like forcing it a lot and pooped a little bit and I was wearing my lucky. Wow candice throw him outside to clean them out and then watch risk standing. Oh my God when you use it when you yeah. It's a laziness thing. What on Earth? Fuck it one time. I was a snowboarding and like this when I was like just when I like went through the words path on sad I was like I am man now You come back to the trailers little jump or came out from under me and I landed right on my ass off done that as soon as I start up Man I haven't done fairly well wish you but cheeks syndrome and so I like you know clench. Stir up the lay down when rain to the bathroom star wiping. It turns that a didn't ship my pants. What I think happened was like it got immediately swollen so shit in there but it was just. Oh yeah yeah I know that feelings are on the way down shit myself good lord yet. I haven't had that one but I have I've been at the gym once and doing leg press so stereotypical situation and I'm GONNA put a little bit too much weight and I ripped one as extremely embarrassing but nobody said a word or looked over. It was very loud too like that. No one said anything but I I did that except it was in a yoga class. That's even better. Apparently the poses called wind relieving pose. And let me tell you works. Yeah it's it's also known as Yoga. Yeah and So you know you're you're on your backing you're holding onto your feet like a happy baby yup and Ah Let one. I'll let one slip and this is like early in my yoga career is years ago and of course my reaction isn't to just ignore or anything to let everybody know it was me that's a good one. Gatien's an accident two we just. Yeah which actually leads me to another pupil since doing this way. No one out of they react no instead of work knowing. The Yoga teacher was probably like oh good. You guys are getting good no she. She's a good friend of mine and apparently she was dying. She told me she was e. Oh and crying. Laughing goosing sauntered. It's beautiful. Yeah there's another thing that is more recent that was years ago but this every time. I hear somebody close to me. You know sneeze or anything. I I'd say bless you and then it turned into like a cough or a burp or a Fart or anything else you. I'd say bless you because I thought it was funny and my wife didn't so she ever farts I I say bless you and she gets angry and I laugh but apparently that has become a Like a wrote response so I was in the stall at work a couple of weeks ago.

70:04 - 75:17

You know just doing business and the guy next to me in the stove. What's it? Let's say one rip and just by default rescue and I realize what I've done they go. Oh that is hilarious. So I'm literally sitting there lifting my feet up so he can't recognize my shoes. Eyewitness this motherfucker out and I think I. He was waiting for me to come out because he wanted to. The fuck was that and I waited long enough so I apologize if that person listen to this that was me. That's a perfect opportunity. Yeah it was rough. I just started the job to. I hadn't been there very long. I'm like Oh man fired. That is hilarious company email. Yeah that was so sorry I feel like it's the worst things you can say when somebody does it but that's a good one and it was like innocent which I like. Yeah it was. It was completely accident but so there's militias ways of doing things like that right exactly. Yeah I was thinking of a few different responses so absolutely. I like this back to bill's patriots stat checked my earlier statement about Peterman versus Tom. Brady Close Brady five Peterman three. Oh Yeah what do you mean you thought because you you said that you remember it. Only two of them and look at that you're going to shed was now. I can't trust anything that you say. Haven Greg for anything on his chest tape name check obviously the tractor trailer one. We all know sort of love since we'd be thirty one. Nothing later that year Need clements about one earlier in the year I'll slit. I saw this Baas looking through all of your website. Andy is two thousand seven. Fifteen forty three in the second period Manny Moss. Sixteen yard touchdown. Six thirty three left Randy Moss. Six Pass ten seconds left Randy Moss. Seventeen yard go-to re boss brutal. I was in England. That season was happening. And that's I watched right was just the stats coming up. And I was like groping. Aaron Schoebel had a twenty six yard. Pick six. Ooh ooh that everyone's GonNa remember from the member of the Patriots scored with two minutes left. Ben Watson all the goals and scored another touchdown Watson with season-opening. It was fourteen. Yeah sounds right. Two thousand six hundred thirty nine nine Rally Sa does the same years the the titans blow Drayton. Florence had one. That's a game the bills one on a Ryan Lindell's twenty airfield goal with time expiring from them as a Fridge Jackson game. Yup I'll give you a stat since that pulled up. Yeah not IT'S DOC. Ally seventy five or eighty seven on catches you know one big run that setup that kick probably the other one you're thinking of any Jordan employer that's the one I was thinking of it. Si- actually four two three two three four. That's what I have to Laura. Well I'm glad we statue like that. Let's let's you bet some worse. Wrap this up. Anybody WANNA go. I salute you know Steve. You Go I. I didn't watch it. What if he steals my was at best or worst? Well all right now best. Is You know seeing. That guy opened that Aaron Schobul program so happy but then the best is like him realizing that it brought back a memory of him burning bills memorabilia in his backyard and the fact that his favorite player is a punter bust.

75:18 - 80:02

Love it Greg with your best on waste My best is So period price. I was like that's an awesome name. I'm wondering how they've got it so I looked it up parents. His mom named him after like a moving company from Ohio where they grew up. Excuse me he was friends. I guess peerless moving company -actly yeah but what the name though I mean. She was on the money with that one plus name. Yeah 'cause it works you don't stink of it as like. Yeah but imagine. Imagine if that guy didn't end up being a football player. What if he was like an accountant? That's like main rice. Yeah I don't know what if he was a terrible accountant. Reminding me all the simpsons episode where he changes name to Max Power and they're like. Oh yeah thanks. I got it from a hairdryer. Also there's a guy on Sunderland soccer team. I support us. Names are scored. The game. Last week was his given name Let's roster well. Yeah but I mean homer Simpson's name on some Ross is probably Max Bauer Greg. You GotTa start a Funny Name Hall of fame on this podcast because you have a lot of them. Oh Yeah I had one at work today. I thought you Peter Peterson. That's pretty good. I had a job I had. We had a funny name. Hall of fame is we worked with a lot of clients to anybody that had contact with someone who had a hilarious name. We used to vote on it. There's some good ones Kurt Guckenberger that Real WanNa Fong like no these memory to melt reading she. Somebody's made up. She sang say inappropriate for today's Dan. Age I don't know you had to have like documented proof of this person Agai- doug an email with their official name stuff like this. How we didn't take this lightly people down from all prestigious. There's only like six. Well we can probably start a patriots. Podcast Funny Name Hall of fame all time. Renamed it probably right priebus price or a century my vote. If he's named after a moving company I mean she's awesome and he's got to boot which is awesome. Peerless I mean. I use pretty good in one season with ninety plus catches twelve hundred yards in like ten touchdowns straight up. Dropped a pass in this game though but so is that your best and worst Mike you. My worst was the first quarter. I just were most uneventful quarter so far and a close second was the second quarter. The whole thing was gone first half more but I wanted to be specific about this so that if everybody decides to watch the game just really avoid the first quarter together. My best is going to be you know Brady popping up. We talked about that so I will go with the best. Part of the game for me was a soon as it looked like Brady was was struggling. And he might lose the game. The analysis were already calling for blitz. So it was a very short leash. I mean he's He's put a few wins together and there they already saying. I think it's time to pull back in. Yeah every time Tom. Brady's sailed an incompletion. The next shot was of Brady's reaction and then a shot of blitz on the sideline right every time so that was pretty fun. They didn't wait too long to get to that point. Oh they didn't all right so from my best was Troy Brown. He had They they tried to reverse pass with him.

80:04 - 85:10

It got sniffed out so you know Brady handed to him on the on the end around and then it got sniffed out in so troy brown is in the backfield like with nobody throw to and the pressure coming on but he somehow manages to get out of trouble and still pick up nine yards using. Tom Brady as lead blocker. Your house fantastic. It was good. I also an audible mentioned was They were talking about Tom Brady and his new found fame and so they are. They're asking him about it and apparently he said that he was tired of of reading about himself. Which sounds like there's an easy fix for that But that after the season he was going to go somewhere. People don't know him and sleep for a week which is limited which is funny again when he sold his soul him. That's up for debate on when we will address that but nowadays it seems like he gets his jollies off of putting stories out there and making everything ambiguous cryptic as possible Discovered social media absolutely super bowl. Commercials you win the impregnated in actress out of wedlock of well. That's that this year. Yeah it was but I think he won a couple of super bowls by that point. I thought so too words. I know he was coming all over the place. Who Baby that reference am. I worth around this time hanging out with Donald Trump in being judge. It like you know Miss America University or something so I don't know it just statement by the man who try winger knows we're just in two thousand fourteen thousand six. Yeah this is pre bridging but it is interesting that he didn't he didn't want to be known and then a couple years later. He's Tom. Rain Steve Does it say and your fact checking what bridget. Moynahan son its name is purchased Brady No appreciates Lake Janssen. Edward Thomas some slight Smith Moynahan. Something she named him jets. Jack asks the kids initials are like jets. Just to get back into something. That's what I heard. I had heard that he is Tara. Reid I mean I'm bringing that back. John Edward Thomas say they go John? Edward Thomas H two thousand seven. Yes my worst. Just cap this off. Terry Glenn. He played second game of the enroll. He played this season. I forgotten about and he. There was a deep pass to him that got picked off by whoever was covering in there and terribly made literally no effort to try to break that up whatsoever. I mean to be fair was it. Wasn't he like sort of falling I know what you're talking about. Maybe I looked at it in a couple of times I wanNA give them the benefit of the data for no reason whatsoever but he made a strong catch later like in the fourth quarter at some point like him in the defender both got sell it. He had e bring like a comeback him. The defender both got the same time he like fought the guy for it and And so he put effort now but not on the obvious interception so that was my my worst Mike. Do you think you'd like the biggest Glenn? Fan still around Dude what did I say? It might have been lost episode but he could have been the greatest wide receiver all time. I stay home. So you're right. Steve and I stand by that could yes so much swag that. Oh Yeah I mean if if talked about that if he and Dion Sanders hung out consistently I would lose my mind am I GONNA do? It might be too much drama for me like drama but like a funny way kind of force like it's true which the Patriots might be a perfect fit for him so he can be as true self and not put on a show. Your boy work if only he learned the playbook all right. I think we've filled up enough airtime with our poop stories and I have so many more because I guess so right now.

85:10 - 89:35

We're leaving that it Siamese exactly until next week next week. Patriots hosts the Miami Dolphins the AFC leading Miami Dolphins for a battle of for the AFC. East really grudge match grudge match. Indeed see if they can get some. Get some retribution. For how badly they were beaten in Miami. So we'll see how that turns out so join us next week on the Patriots pod dynasty. Podcast I believe is what it's called now. I was wrong now. Podcast the Patriots Dynasty podcast Patriots pod dynasty podcast. Pike's hot take our watch the game back to Mexico man. Jesus what's get connor in here. Lo what would you want us to build a wall to keep Steve Up We keep mount rapes a drug dealer. While I don't know man I wouldn't put those words anywhere near my mouth. The browns aren't sending their best sometimes. That's amazing that's amazing any well. Maybe a rivalry between Stephen is developing. And we'll see where that goes. Good Harry Glenn Socks Fuck you Martin. Both the moderator Andy. Yeah I've lost all control it's like it's like CNN up in this bitch fuck. Donald trump boy. I'm calling it look to figure out what the cut and what to keep my God. Yeah he's everything. Don't be fooled. I don't know maybe I'm trusting him with a bad decision. I'll leave stuff that makes me sound good and you guys are assholes so plenty of that. Exactly boys will I'll talk to you soon. Yeah I got an idea He you know how we often reference some photo or something. Maybe we should put those on the social media. Yeah because we're talking about what's his name look in fat compel you put does on there with like a quote you now true and the the Paul thing is a good idea. That happened on the page as well. I think people sort of thing. Do you want me to do the social media. Have you WANNA run social media? That'd be so much work. Is it not that bad but like the guy but you can post a stoop like not even relevant ship but designing patriots related. Yeah that's true. I mean goofy stuff is fun. People like that shit or just like areas old photos of like Sony Pictures Out There. Bella check will hug meets Back in the day. Oh good point man. Because the pats distracted knew that like the actual patriots twitter. Whatever I saw it and they're like look at the players how they look back on their columbine days and everyone looks exactly the same and they had a better one where they had like good faces from all but I agree posted on my desk. This pitcher bell check in like a Cleveland browns sweatshirt holding a football. Greg I think you gave it to me her. Andy should give all access right. Yeah I can do that instead of one person to spread the content around a lot easier that way. Your time he works for me allows even get a picture of that. Guy's Chris Mormon Jersey in his closet. That'd be dope are both guys talk to you later bye.