2001 Week 13: Patriots vs Browns

The Belichick Revenge Tour continues with the Browns coming to town. Connor joins the gang, starts some shit, then cooks dinner in the middle of the podcast. This one is a rollercoaster, buckle in.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go RIGHT AHEAD. I am not your mother. Welcome back to the pages dynasty podcast. You made it to week thirteen. Well we have not sure anybody's listening anymore. But we have a special guest with us today but before we get to him. We have Mike and Greg on the show tonight. Snow Steve. How're you doing? Fantastic darn well. I should let one at a time. I knew better or graceful also with us we have Connor Ireland's who to me sounds like a name of Conor McGregor in an off licence. Mma game but I assure you he's not connor. How's IT Goin'? While I think my name kind of sounds like someone who grew up as an Irish kid who's cheered for the patriots for burned tire life back during the The Ben Coates drew bledsoe or those other guys. There's other guys guys huge fan fan grant back in those days. I don't know at Greg Remembers this. 'cause he's just a one but The Boston Globe used to do a poster of a specific player every Sunday night and no one had been more than coats posters on their walls Than I did so Greg Fuck with me when you can remember. Nineteen ninety-six is. I know I can't hang them up at market basket. That's right yeah coming on the market that states every every Sunday there is a little poster in the back of the Sunday globe a specific player and I used to cut them out in ate them on my wall so I think I had those up in my walls to remember those honor of you ever seen my scrapbook. The kid who had the the the Patriots shrine in his bedroom for in series. I scrapbook this wholesome. Let me guess you're patriots? Shrines started in. What two thousand three two thousand four do pre Brady? Yeah I scrub. Brady's first start he did so. Don't come at me so two thousand two thousand one got it. Yup All right so now that the Dick Measuring contest is over. How about we get to this. Football game boy. I didn't even join the Dick Measuring contests you would you? Would you like to Chime in? About how big your patriots tickets? This later all right So this is like we said earlier week. Thirteen of the two thousand one season the Cleveland browns coming to visit foxboro stadium with the gratuitous shots of Gi field in the backgrounds. Browns were actually good for the browns. This year I guess come into the game. They were six and five which was more wins than they had in the previous two seasons combined where they went to wins and then three wins. Unfortunately they would finish the season. Seven and nine missed the playoffs. Typical Brown chip well. It aircraft is so great. You know what did he win? A Heisman. The great white hope for the ground. Well they were talking about him. As what the heisman winner or something in this game but yeah. This was still this pre crisis. Was Tim couch couch. Yes sorry he. I felt so bad for Tim Couch in this game. We'll get to that in a bit but he he struggled. He was sacked fifty one times a season. I think yeah. We touched on most sacked players in the league history. And I'm pretty sure this was on that list in the top or twenty whatever it was some seventies on what's his face was talking about as far and away car. Yes yeah yeah expansion on yeah that's true.

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Yeah so head. Coach was Butch Davis which is fucking fantastic name. An never beat. The Patriots Path went to an against him. Some other notable coaches on the same though. They're actually like some who's who of future hair coaching failures. I thought the offense to Bruce Arians is probably the most successful of the mall. Yep head coach Carlo five years and is now currently the head coach of the buccaneers him of James Winston fame. I like clarity. I think he's a good coach. Yeah but wasn't he the guy that talked about like USA drink paint as a kid that make that up? I'll stab check. I feel like there was some quote about him. Somewhere about emily eating paint chips or like drinking picked. Bruce Arians said on serious today that he had to get his stomach pumped twice when he was younger breaking paint so not once but twice twenty seventeen. Yeah I thought so. Secondary coach on the team with Todd. Bowles the old jets head coach. Remember him and we liked plan against him. The pages were eight and one against todd. Bowles coach jets teams. What happened on that loss I don't know I've taught my head but my guess is probably like a week. Seventeen three year. Backups in Game Yeah. He's alright yeah well actually no wasn't that Todd Bowles Who was jets quarterback after After Sanchez I think like the Virginia or Virginia. Tech Guy What's his name was. Quincy Carter is not Quincy Carter. Gino Smith thank you. Yeah yeah she knows Smith Aaron. Having John West Virginia. But who's okay it's enough. Yeah so I think that was during those days and those one game where Gino Smith just went off randomly and beat the Patriots. That was point that one. I think I'm assuming that was todd. Bowles 'cause I mean. They've had a lot of dark moments. But Todd Bowles is one of the darker ones And then the secondary coach was our old friend. Chuck Pagano in History Right. Yeah it was because he is the swinging gate fake punt. Chuck Pagano Right. Oh yeah okay. The greatest play in special teams mystery. Oh so hang on was taught. No and I was hoping that Todd Bowles was the coach of the Buffalo Game. But that's can you hear me? I can hear you now. Yeah Okay Yeah I just I Just hopped onto my zoom meeting. My my air pods are connected to the zoo meeting. So we're locked and loaded continue. We'll leave that in fuck it. That's what I'm saying So I I took a quick look at the. The roster of this team tried to put together a list of people that even like you may have heard of and only two people that. I'd heard of Tim Couch and Phil Dawson the kicker the other names. I didn't recognize you. Don't Remember Gerard Warren. The the defensive linemen that played for like twenty seven years. You don't remember earl little the safety then it's north ring. A bell. Sure his Bellary Kevin Giant. I had no idea but he was great. By the way I just want to point this out I have the zoom APP because I use it for work every time Greg Talk. It says Kelly Brown when he speaks. Yeah so I just I just want that on. I want that on record Greg Greg you know what I'm I'm a modern man. He actually took her first name and she took his last name so they both Kelly Brown.

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Oh Shit that is. It's fucking me up. Every TIME GREG talks it says. Kelly Brown is speaking. And you know it it makes sense. I did recognize Corey Fuller. I think but I don't know if that's because you had a good game in this game or are you thinking of the wide receiver Corey Filler. That was actually on the browns a couple years ago That could be a two. It's a different corey fuller. Yeah apparently Jomar Miller was like a pro bowl for seem all pro linebacker And he looked the part but still never heard them. Don't remember him and one is just A. Who's who of just failures in terms of Brown's defense this is what bothers me as a guy named Wali Rainer. That had thirteen tackles that game. I'm upset that I have never heard of a guy named Wali Rainer. Nope none of these guys. Because yeah I'm putting all the league. They're leading running back with James Jackson. One never heard of two. He finished with five hundred fifty four rushing yards never heard of him either leading rusher on this team are the reason why is because of the whole relocation. Yes so yeah because that just happened recently. The new Brown's new Brown's resume play in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine two years back into their brand new. Yes is essentially. I can't believe so wait. I CAN'T BELIEVE. Bill gave up on a franchise like us. It's really mind. They gave up on him. Yes I did. Give up on him. He wanted to stick around. Yeah did you hear how it went down? I think so. I've heard a few different versions of what you've heard. So belichick makes the playoffs right now. woman five the next year. They're like it's week five. Enacts when art modell he like decides he's going to announce that they're moving at steam the middle of the season right right Lou team croissant on the season. Of course they wish beans at year end. Dumbbell chicks gone but then that also plays into the jet situation because people should on ballot check for bailing on the jets position but if people remember back then there was also an ownership change or was at least rocky because they didn't know if they're going to sell the team and so. I'm pretty sure Bella check into WANNA be a head coach for the second time and then have the T. Movers from Jenky crap happens so you know it looked pretty bad but if we if we look back at history I think it's a you know understandable moves and I think you can also point out the fact that the last coach to take the Browns to a playoff victory is still to this day. Bill Belichick true beating our New England patriots. Actually in that playoff game. Imagine imagine this podcast by the browns long. We should START THAT GREG. Bowman you browns on Brown's that name can just go back and just shit on the round starting in two thousand one. Thank you got the name of the PODCAST. It's called Shit Brown beauty that not in Santo that imagine being a browns fan near like you. You WanNA start a podcast. This one I was like. Oh my God. There's so much longevity. You start with Tom. Brady's first game and you have nineteen years. It's like we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have a podcast forever you do the Brown Like well we're done all right. When do you even start with that? Thank thanks for coming back. You guys want to cover some of those nineteen sixty Jim Brown games. Let's go blame anyway. I would be would be tough to cover because I don't think they had. Tv back then to find video that you can't look this up but imagine Jim Brown breaking a tackle of one hundred eighty pound linebacker that you've never heard of the visual part time mechanic while also playing for Auto Green Lost Four year twenty seven. This is sounding better and better by the second nine Brownstone Brown's I'm telling you wait for that spin off.

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I can feel it want something. That's how we expand our audience. Andy absolutely yeah. The browns fans and patriots fans there to audiences ripe for the picking ashore. Not that I think there's many browns fans left probably but I don't know they do need a boost for those left all right so maybe it. Maybe we'll bring our massive star power to the browns as well. I can't wait by the way anyway. Browns go ahead. This is just a side note. I got Text confirmation tally Banta. Cain is ready to join the PODCAST. Starting in two thousand and three so we have some ground on makeup. He did tell me that I would be allowed to ask him on air. How Big Tom? Brady's Dick is so. Can we get two thousand and three as soon as possible? I have some things to ask us all right. I like this guy. He's Riggins a big table here. I've got some questions asked tally Banta. Cain about Kelly Brown actually fell. Yep So yeah we definitely have to have him on the podcast from the rumors exactly. Yeah if he knows what was it called the credit cards credit cards flight. Yeah Okay so. We'll tease that for fucking two seasons from now. Christian for a so that Tom. Brady's nickname was driftwood. Tommy and I wanNA know what exactly he means by Driftwood. Like what are we talking here? Yeah that's kind of ambiguous. You think that's GonNa come out like when Brady retires because it's soft and smooth. I don't I don't think breaking news Tom. Brady's Dick is the size of a log that had been out at sea for three years. What they call that that big Dick Energy is that what it is. It's true. Yeah yeah he's got that big Dick Energy seems that way I'm along cock. Greg dresses him for for Halloween. Really anatomically correct. You've got all right. Speaking of speaking to big dicks. Let's talk about. Let's talk about a boy tim couch. I feel like we should probably start with him. Because for some reason I remember seeing highlights of this I think is like when I was putting together the website and all the highlights are basically tim couch getting just absolutely the shit kicked in. It's the fact that he survived this football game kind of surprised me can couch running for his life. He went twenty four twenty nine twenty thirty nine in this game first. Pass attempt like to set the tone of his game. Second play from scrimmage drives back and I think it was tedy Bruschi just puts his face right in his chest as he's throwing the ball and turns into adopting gets picked off like literally second play the Game Jones without exactly went downhill from there. It was not great and then he actually had one drive. That was good and he got all the way down in the first Corrigan. All the way down and then threw a touchdown on third down but even got overturned though. It's just not his day. Well I don't know if it was necessarily his fault. Because they were part parts of the game and is looking like Steve Young around slinging it the problem is is that he was getting smashed in the replay. So it's hard to tell if it was like his faults or in the line didn't help for sure I don't know if that guy ever got like a fair shake in his game I don't even know shaking career know exactly when his bracket by an expansion team I overall right and then you five years in the end up only how crowded games and five season all at the brass so he never even got that like every you know first pick overall boss always gets at second third fourteen. You'd never happen for him. That's crazy I never knew that. It's true aisin. Also he was responsible for one to four turnovers in that game. Three picks and a forced fumble a My boy to Bucky. What a NAM by the way donahue responsible for that though maybe he recovered the fumble. I'm sorry you're talking about smoking John. I thought you're talking about Tim Couch Couch. Come couch was responsible for four turn. I mean he was involved in four turnovers in that game three picks and completed the past.

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That was fumbled. That's what it was to Bucky had a pick and a forced fumble in that game was ablaze because North. Korea literally got knocked. The fuck out as he was like Africa hot the ball. That's so bad I love it. I should've should've cut anywhere but north. You're absolutely correct for a second there. I thought you said self cut and I thought that was what I thought know but the guy is trying to make plays so of course every once in a while it's GonNa sail on them or whatever but I mean he was pretty much the only playmate you're on this deal. They had nobody. The there was nothing because I mean even one of those interceptions he hit the Guy Straight in the hands of just bobbled it and it was picked off by which defensive line while pleasant ended up with the interception. It was it. Was Anthony Pleasant. Yeah for probably his only ever interception of his career. I have to guess Stech. There's there's so many there's so many names on this path defense that just God I fucking I love those early teams in turn like Anthony. Pleasant work we'll get to Roman phifer later Maybe the mobile under. Maybe the most underrated Patriots Defensive Player. Like the early two thousand. There's some great. There's some fucking great man Patrick Pass. Who's what our full-back had three tackles in that game. God He must have just been doing work on either kickoff curve punt pass special teams yeah and patching pass again pleasant queer such to allow your sacks I mean. They seem defensive end but he didn't feel like a defensive end. How does this still happen where you have like your three main linebackers? And they're all they all have like ten plus tackles in a game. Does that still happen in the NFL or on the peaches? 'cause I'm looking at Roman Phifer Mikey braids and Teddy ice cold and they all had ten plus tackles in this game and its like. Does that even happen in the NFL anymore? When you have three linebackers on a field anymore with how spread and things are like you'll have to and then you'll have like a an extra safety. Come down in the box or something like that. You know like Atra trunks on with a an extra d beyond their Roman Phifer was definitely one of those like hybrid outside linebacker. Like an Elvis. Do More like Duma bill or you know like not a not a traditional linebacker especially in today's Day and age but I'm looking at it right now and it's like Pfeiffer Bruschi in eleven sort of that sort of free hybrid. Yep Yeah I did catch the when. You're talking about underrated players on his defense. They the commentators at one point like all I think. The most underrated players on his defenses. Tedy Bruschi I thought of all the people you can defense. I don't know if he's the one I would've pulled out but maybe he wasn't referencing that he was like a Use a backup before there were injuries so I think he he was under it in two thousand one two thousand one and he probably wasn't underrated underused linebacker on the team. He probably didn't come into his own. You didn't start seeing like tedy. Bruschi throwing up the snowballs during the Snow Game. Like into like the two thousand and three thousand four was two thousand three two thousand four era Tedy. Bruschi wasn't like an everyday starter glow above them on the depth chart until he got. Yeah thought I thought until I'm just looking up right this second statue now. These and ninety nine two thousand both years he had one hundred and eight tackles arts so these I know but I mean that's what I thought too especially the way that we're talking about him about his young up and comer but I mean he'd been on the team since ninety six apparently. Yeah didn't start many games until ninety nine we started.

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He started fourteen games on then sixteen games year year or the before and this one. That's weird you're right. They were kind of almost like they never discovered them. I mean to be fair the Patriots were obscure anyway so maybe it was just that they were getting a little bit better and they noticed him. That's what I'm thinking. Yeah I mean I will say Tedy Bruschi man. I don't know if there's been another linebacker that just flies around tackler. No tackle usually not tackling. But he's flying offscreen to somewhere and I've never seen anybody else doing like him. I think that's one of my favorite things to to remember from from these teams. Is that that picture of Tedy Bruschi just running at like on a blitz inches running at the guy running back that steps up to to block them. You just lose tries to jump over every time clip in the legs but still just like his body hurdles into the into the quarterback and inches knocks them over like feet fire. Some bullshit all right you guys have two seconds to respond what position where did Tedy Bruschi to go to college? What position did he play Arizona? Yes he he was a tight end though wasn't he? He was the safety. I'm pretty sure don't quote me on that but a- ITS ON AIR ON RECORD. I'm sure he was a safety and Arizona with the point being though he's massively under size he's always just been a fucking bowling ball. Hey apparent six one to forty seven which not huge for I mean. Well I mean nowadays linebacker I think of kind of gotten smaller in general because they have to be quicker but in this two thousand one day and age where everybody was just bigger in general it seems like I mean you look at the tight ends of these games and they all look the same size of Rob Gronkowski. They're just basically an extra hands. Everybody lowered in like just a little bit. Yeah the game wasn't about speed. It was about size. Because didn't them. Then Bob parcels have some common about He he built big teams because as the season goes on fast teams get slower but big teams never get any smaller or something like that also probably get slower so this is true but they started slow so it doesn't matter so closes right the size. The size never changes. I guess that's true. The best part cells quotas about being able to pick the groceries when he went to the cowboys. Like you like. I want to take the groceries and I couldn't. It's like Amen. And that's one thing about bill that's why never leaving the pats. Bill gets to pick the groceries in fucking Robert Kraft signs the checks. Bill builds his fucking like obscure team where people were like. How is this going to work? And it's the same way that this isn't going to really blow your mind. The same way her brooks built the nineteen eighty. Us Olympic team that built the Russia's like how is this going to work? And you gotta you just gotTa Fuck with division. You've gotta fuck with vision and that for you to have a system. Yeah that's I mean. I think that's a surprisingly apt analogy from and what that quote was about You know he parcells upset because he was forced to draft Terry Glenn and speaking of Cherry Glen. This season nicely done a hell of a segue actually finally played in this game The Boston Globe had articles that? We like the whole thing was. Will he actually play or not? 'cause they settled their differences or some bullshit and he was kind of healthy. But did you actually see? They showed the clip of we talked about it last week before about the interview that he gave where he basically said Yeah I'm hurt because I'm not getting paid and I'm not GONNA pay from. I'm going to be hurt. Sort of bullshit right. He said I did want to be part of the Patriots. Yes D I D did. Because we're his outfit on. That was phenomenal. He is style you so had. He had the corn rows. Which I'm assuming we're thing back in two thousand one. I'm just GonNa Guess Stylish Manso ever heard of Alan Iverson. Andy Young Man.

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I'd say that corn rains where thing back in two thousand and one. I don't I don't follow Alan Iverson's hairstyle career in terms of times when we had one we only had one. That's that's all we ever had. You had the corn rows and then he had those like. I don't even know how you described the sunglasses. Almost like clear reflective sunglasses that were like wraparound sunglasses. Let's honor the dead Terry Glenn and his son have Passed onto the afterlife. Let's looks Not Be too disrespectful. But you're not talking about this in the past but you are correct. What a waste of talent. I'll just dive in right now. Terry Glenn what a fucking waste of talent. He could have been so good. I mean he was good. One is on the field. Yeah you just feel ninety six to ninety eight. He was probably like a top ten wide receiver. He caught ninety balls as a rookie. Yeah one hundred yards. What year was that Kelly Ninety Ninety six. Yeah those are super bowl year right. The first one was. Yeah yes he does. He gave drew bledsoe a weapon. They went to the Super Bowl his his playing style matched up with Jews. Perfectly because drew was so in love with his arm and he just did like the whole he just did. The whole like fucking. Terry's down there somewhere and Terry was like you know the perfect Terry would just be going long and drew would just hit them. But so similar to like Tom Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Or you've seen the. Eli You see like the ally manning beam whereas eyes are closed. And he's throwing the ball and he's like fuck it Ob Yeah Manningham down there somewhere. Exactly Joe flacco jump bulge saying exactly the same idea. Joe FLACCO is best. Play was throw at deep. Get the defense of the past interference. That was by far his best constantly. Oh absolutely or lead bowl like body someone right. Hi Okay so we thirteen thousand. What do you think was the game changing play in this game? I think everyone probably thinks it's the same one but I I have one. That's in mind. I just WanNa hear what other think. Well I'm a Troy Brown stands so I'm going to go with his punt return touchdown and that's the that's the only answer one thing. Well I was going to jump in with a play but the the two minute drill before the half was human drill as well play. So I'll give you that but I I loved watching it. I think it Set the tone for the second half yeah if NFL FILMS. Doing a turning point. I think it could be either of those situation agree. I agree one thing that sticks out to me like that's just a glaring difference between the two thousand and and like today it's football lawyer Malloy. Maybe our best overall player. He had the game changing block. That Free Choi Brown up for that punt return started to start offensive players ban on punt returns anymore. I think that's just like not a thing that happens anymore. Patriots minutes always been like that for them. I think Bill Belichick had had been. I remember seeing something one of those like documentaries of the Banou Abell checkers off season. And they were talking about how he did the same thing in in Cleveland on the browns and had like average top and at one them like a whole bunch of gains literally on a walk off punt return for a touchdown at one. The game like that was part of his philosophy from day. One some stat from this year about how they were like paying special teams players. More than wide receivers. Yes like guys only special teams like Matthew Slater and I think that's kind of like the evolution of having the stars on there too like literally just trapped and guys who are starters on special teams now but I think that was my point. I feel like you just don't see it you know. They haven't tire personnel changes when the punt return when they know the teams ponting and like I was just reading up on it. It's like Richard Seymour lawyer And I think we're all out on punt return and you know what could have been a major driver behind out.

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Do you remember when Gronk broke his forearm on a fucking extra point? I was just going to bring you. Do you remember I in garbage time. And he's been. I think he'd probably still wears that. Fucking robot's saying on his arms. He's not even play. I don't want to say that it was the major driver behind it but like I feel like early. Two thousand just a whole different animal. You had your best players out on your punt return on our country. Turn to add to your point. That wasn't a nasty Laura Malloy blocked but then Richard Seymour. Like you mentioned was out there. He blasted the kicker on my best watching six foot. Seven three hundred fifty pound Richard Seymour. It was basically just just walk right into the Punter and the guy just falls over and he's been hit by a truck was away like I didn't do that. He's actually got his hands up as he's doing it and the guys still falls over well perspective that go ahead. No you go ahead Mike. I was just going to say to put into perspective like game wise and correct me if I'm wrong because I slipped up last week. So whatever at this point who is like Ten ten in the second quarter. I think it was like four minutes left. And the Troy Brown punt return touchdown for eighty five yards eight at seventeen ten so it was definitely a turning point in the game for those. That are curious where we're at this point but go on car. No I'll even add on top of that. I think that we got the ball back at happened. We scored right at half. That part return actually turned into a sizable to score. Lead and by sizable to score lead. That makes no fucking sense. Because you're right you're right. We got the ball back at half. I'm pretty sure we scored after four. Half right right sorry. Did they get the ball in that too? So yeah so. After the punt return the browns like drove straight down the field in like three plays and then but then tim couch through pick to Terrell Buckley and then the pats they had the ball in their own like twenty or thirty and with like just over a minute left but they actually drove down the field instead of the commentary. The commentators actually made some comments about how it was a whole different philosophy Kaz patriots in the past would have just taken a handgun. Halftime of the page sexy drove down the field. Madame military field goal with like a couple of seconds left. So now they're up ten points going into into the half up twenty to ten it's actually able to. That's what I was thinking. Is Definitely foreshadowing that greg it's a minute seventeen. They have it on their own. Thirty yell football baby anywhere. And then they got a big task and Troy Brown sets it up and then it's almost like the sleep. Shame interim can I dive into that? Cliche even more. Maybe I carry was the best player on that team. Obviously GonNa fuck and drive down the field no matter how much time is left because he wanna put the ball in your best players. The best player new teams hands. And that's not saying that. That's that's what bill ballot check dude. That's what Bill Belichick was saying. Semen saying admitted. Terry Adam did. It was the best player on that. I swear to God that is a direct and this isn't doing that year. I'm talking about years later. Bill Belichick thinking back to that team. He's said not direct quote. Terry was the best player on that team. So which is interesting because even missed two kicks this game. Yeah I also what is true and and he hadn't been nearly as consistent throughout this season so far as I remember because when you think of Adam Terry of him just never ever missing kicks and always making the big ones but this season especially. I thought he hasn't been who are him to be I? I'm pretty sure from this week's fourteen. I don't know this is not a absolute stat.

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But it's close from week fourteen on. I don't Know Adam Terry missed the field goal the rest of the year. Might maybe one and this is a million and this is the year that we went on the win. Our First Super Bowl I sorta. Maybe it was not as cool as week fourteen but I sorta he started a week and he didn't miss a field goal the rest of the season and he was the best player on the school connor. I'm interested in your take as we talked about this in a previous episode before. But so you're saying that. He got pretty automatic as the season but obviously was struggling in the early part of the season. Same thing with Tom Brady. He had his bumps and bruises. There are some perfect games and then so far. We've seen some kind of Ducks thrown in In all that and bill's philosophy at that time was right. Those guys right Yet faith in them. I think nowadays. You'd have a little bit of shorter leash for the same scenario with a guesthouse gear like some other guys. So what are your thoughts on his departure philosophy or is it the same philosophy in on this reading. I think you're right in the middle because I don't think it's Harry. I think from I think week fourteen thousand one. Maybe the rest of the rest of his career never had as bad of a stretch as statsky has i. Don't you remember those games? Mike Andy Greg Win. Have you like a kick like a thirty five yard field goal during the era? Where you ever like. Oh my God I'm worried that's missed. Missed those over and over again. He's so like then. It's Harry how to run where you knew no matter what. It was automatic. Forty to forty five guards automatic. He hit most of the fifty plus yards but forty forty five yards. You could just like go. Get SMART Chips and dip like you knew he was hitting it 'cause Southie you're like are we going to lose this game because he can't take a forty yard field goal in a dome like I'm telling police units the what Mike Mike. You're also right though. 'cause I bet. checked philosophy is the exact same but. I don't think he ever got to the point within Terry where he needs to start bringing in these fucking journeymen kickers like you. Do you remember Fucking Bill? Belichick having fifty seven year old more than Anderson in for a tryout because Harry was fucking unreliable. No that's true but yet they haven't had chicken. They haven't had kickers in because Gutowski unreliable because he was hurt. Yeah but how now man was he hurt for three seasons Viteri? Extra point has been added career after week. Fourteen thousand one granted it was from what twenty yards twenty five yards terrible at all. He actually has missed some. Yes during this. Dong during his during his dominant run at the pack. Yes which one one two. He missed three in one. Two three five years connor from from the two yard line the shortcake's guess what he's Ugo percentage wise in two thousand and one being. Greg think asked me what does field goal percentage was two thousand and four. Just answer the question in two thousand one the year. We're talking about two eighty percent car kit eighty percent that year. That's not great year. Give Small Brain Syndrome. You only remember the kiss. That were big. We make how many how many socks Harry thirty attempts thirty field goals. And he made twenty four of them so name a kick ass kicked attempted over forty field goals and has had a better percentage. No I want I terry best year. Not Two thousand one when he had a rocky start to the year. Andy like both brought it up. He went on a run after week. Fourteen and was the most reliable person team. Okay you want to hear that eight yards in fucking three. So he's not clutch. Eighty three point sent Gutowski. Eighty seven point. Four percent. Interest is more accurate. Technically kicker without a doubt. Yeah but conner's point though it's the eyeball test because if you remember.

45:05 - 50:00

I hate to bring this up and we'll talk about later but season right super bowl. Arrays half right before half ask you was given an opportunity or there was an opportunity to kick Bella check decided to go for some bullshit fourth and twenty or whatever it was instead of going for the kick and I'm I'm sorry but it's the prove your point. Connor Viteri past the eyeball test. Well he's more clutch. We can agree on that. I like yelling all know Andy. All the numbers for every statistic earned slated. Now it is the score points league. Do we're talking about two thousand and one on return. Brady Tom Brady. Tom Brady but how is kicking changed on unity of anything? They're lower because they move back the extra point kick back. There hasn't changed outside of the the extra point rule ever and you know what has record of consecutive extra points kicked in a row. Yeah Kathy with like five hundred. Seventy something warmer could rookie year. Two thousand seven. Not a bad part doesn't six two thousand six. Oh I'm sorry I'm sorry we're not talking about totals here. We're talking about percentages right accuracy. So so you're telling me the Tom Brady Randy. Moss welcome Walker days. Then put the kicker in a better position Position to hit field goals. Then the Tom Brady fucking seventeen for twenty six no touchdowns two hundred yards and a couple of like game winning drives where Adam Venit Terry hit the field goal dude. All right sounds good point in this game alone. He's right I can't disagree In this game alone to be fair the majority of his kicks that were attempts. Were around fifty yards. Tom Lang Com Brady threw fifty touchdown in two thousand and seven. I don't know how many touchdowns total the you gotta add in fucking rushing touchdown defensive touchdowns special teams touchdowns. Tom Brady was in the fucking red zone all game long stuff. He had the easiest job in the game. I'm telling you then a terry with early pre ACL injury. Tom Brady was kicking. Forty plus fuel goes all day long. Southie was in like the thirty thirty five rain with the occasional forty and like the ever day magical record. I don't mean Betas. I've been watching the past the nineteen ninety sick. You were talking. You were a bucket twinkle in your dad's I in nineteen ninety six. I had been one patriots since nineteen hundred same age. Your was a year a year off. I'm a year older but I know like his cognitive ability like he probably didn't really get the enjoyment of the Patriots until the year after that which is why I'm interested in the twinkle in your dad's I if you'd like to talk about that for a little bit or or perhaps we we go back to the browns here. I know people are fascinated by our kicker talk. I'M GONNA figure out the numbers on that all right back next week. Unless I'm wrong then I won't I mean Game Wise I will say this is a weird one because it felt like both teams were kind of just mucking around You Know Brady has mistakes. Nothing was really like solid especially in the first half But the somehow made it work anyway but throughout the game no matter how you know one side sucked or another. It was pretty close to the end which is surprising to me because it was so sloppy. Yeah they were talking about. How the The browns were like plus eight on the season terms of turnovers like turnover ratio. People people. Forget to earl. Little was with a Stud Earl. Little was a study with a safety for the browns Gerard. Warren in his brown days was a minute on Defense. Like th there because they had a.

50:01 - 55:00

They had a good defensive. Names do any other show. Which makes that number even crazier. Is that in the previous two games for this. The browns had lost eight. Fumbles in those two games. Holy Shit yes. It's minus eight and they're already and they're still plus on top of that dude. It's crazy though. They said up to this point up to this week at twenty five interceptions in thirty one overall takeaways. That sounds like a Shipton. Yeah that's like one of those defenses that you expect to see the top lead people talk about but because their offense was so bad they'd still won six games and and you know the the commentators again kept coming back was like this is how browns games is their defense keeps a minute and then they were talking about the the Cleveland. Browns bend. Don't break defense which was hilarious. But then hopefully the somebody will make a play at some point. Which Brown's the defense did they scored the only touchdown the was it a picnic or a fumble. I think it was the pick six. That was Yeah it was. Brady's Brady's I passed. It was a fix. It was a lob. Grab no Etowah Corey. I agree with you Andy and then I think about some of those cuts defenses and I was a big been. Don't break I always like when people are like the past deepens me so bad the thirty second in the league and I was like a big bend. Don't break defense guy yards vs points for putting a fifty points a game. Obviously these offenses are going to accumulate some yards and maybe score points a point or two because they now have to throw fifty times a game even try and keep up and I was like I was writer. Die On the bend. Don't break defense so watch it. Oh Yeah I think most most of us weren't listening to these guys talk about that. From the Cleveland browns standpoint. It was though yes recently. I remember the first year didn't feel like that was and you're like all right. Now they're playing Was like so refreshing to like watch a defense like place. Yeah kind of like this. This defense has been doing all year. There's another one defense but I just the the level of violence it. I thought this defense brought to pay as kind of shocked me compared to what we're used to these like all of these. Steve Brown's before to where you every play you Li like that's that's probably a penalty this nowadays like every every is it. Is it though because I was looking at that man? Like one of the best hits I've ever seen on tim couch delivered by Bruschi like knocked off and that was legal. Man One hundred percent and it's a lot of these heads man. It was like shoulder pads. They were just. I don't know if they were more eight hundred idea. I think a lot of it is the defensive defenseless receivers stuff now. That was not a thing back then. And that's a lot of that in this game. I really agree with Mike. Mellow I think back. Then because it was way more violent you had to play smarter and you had like there was more. I don't know how to explain it. There was more shoulder to shoulder tackles back then when it was more like violence actually more. I don't know feeling in people's and defenders especially are so frayed to play defense because everything has a penalty. Now they don't know what to do so really they're just trying to like knock the guy's head off and just hope they stop them detonates because they don't know what's legal and what's not anymore that's defense hasn't been getting screwed. Probably the Oh seven Brady Moss when they were like all right. It's all about offense the defense it's also say. Oh four when Peyton Manning? The colts got the rules change. Yeah so that's when it was four. Yes I said I said. Oh seven because I thought we did it better than they did which we did. Well I think that was Bella. Check sway as being like. Hey Fuck you. You won't change the rules okay. I'll explain that one instead. And that's exactly what he did anybody else get any Game Score Yeah. I haven't mentioned the final score any of these games. I don't think yet there. It is good yup stack. I will say though man like like I said the pats were comfortable for a while. Brady was just off now. Two credits tends credit. I mean he had the composure. Do I just keep going.

55:01 - 60:05

And he didn't fall apart. You know but there was no manning face on. Brady's face doesn't get rattled. You'll throw a pick and you'll come back. And they're they're pointing it out that that Who's the offense coordinator Charlie? Weis would would come out and the next replays. We've got chuck it but not even just like short passes like I want you to chuck it down field twenty yards like they just seem to have full confidence in him. Actually doing what he needed to do. Dividends crazy because it was it was twenty ten and this is one of the worst interceptions I've ever seen Brady throw giving. You might have been getting like bledsoe tips. A little bit too much during Brady basically a Lonzo ball as he's falling forward and both of his legs legs are almost off the ground being grabbed by like defender so he throws this nasty pick. They end up. That leads eventually to Brownfield going. It's twenty to thirteen just like that. Yeah by the Way Mike. That exact play it was third and long and did you see Tom. Brady's quote in the paper the day after it's you'd never hear him well. Luckily uploads all the newspapers Like you can send you are a psychopath dude. You don't know is actually print these off and have them up on my wall my bedroom with the with all the pins connecting in this looks like the wall of like the war room and in the CIA. There's like all these strings with fucking tab. That in but Tom Brady in the CAPER goes sometimes. I need to stay in there and take more hits. And he's talking about its third and long he's like it's better basically to get hit and take a sack. Then do what I did on that play. Which is that was the horrible interception. You're talking about. Could you imagine post tear Tom Brady when he changed the whole mindset on health and what what's important obviously it's pliability? It's IT'S PLIABILITY I have obviously. It's all about pliability. But she's like I need this. I need to stay in there and take more hits. That's just not something you would ever hear. Post two thousand seven. Tom Brady ever say and just kinda speaks to how different his mindset was and honestly how different game was. The game has changed. So much like quarterbacks. Don't get hit the way Tom Brady got hit back then and east fucking tough as nails. He's he's one of the toughest ever and I'm done talking the podcast but that makes sense. I mean this funny I like. I'm a Brent Jones and Gus Johnson Guy. I mean we talk pretty frequently and you know. I don't think there's football or not football this week. Guys I think I got most of it. But but Jones goes when he say he. Oh he said a player's name wrong and then he was like. I'm so sorry it's actually this Harkening back to my playing days because Johnson. Ha Six concussions. I understand and read Joseph. What was your name again? So openly laughing about concussions. Back then about the fact that he was six concussions while definitely a different time. I don't think I don't even think that after him was even a thing. C. T. E. Yeah Yeah I mean we've talked about the Talked about drew bledsoe. And how like when he got hit against the jets the first time I know talking to the the team trainer who was literally standing right there when he saw it happen and he's like Oh check them out for concussion but he seemed FIS. We put him back in the game and then like your day after all the players like yet he didn't actually know what play he was calling so we told him that he should be out there. Players actually sent back off the field because he was so bad back then. Yeah also by the way the announcer talking about how the night before They had dinner and kraft paid for everything and I was just wondering what else he paid for. Now see that's not right out. You're going to go with them. I thought we're going to go with It's a slight take on your ear. Football not football. It's a hall of Famer Not Hall of Famer. Ooh ooh Yes Brent Jones the I did yes sir was there.

60:06 - 65:02

They were congratulated him because he was inducted into the hall of fame. And I thought you gotta be fucking kidding not another one but it was actually the division to hall of fame and Bay showed a clip of his his speech and It sounded a little CD. His Big Jake was the fact that obviously the division two guys are smarter. Because you know what we've got the playoffs and that was his. Bring Down House moment. Do you think people didn't know that drew bledsoe was concussed is because he was basically just a traffic arm A traffic cone with arms. Even when he was in I was literally big. Fan of drew. Bledsoe don't hey boys. I'm thirty three years old. I the peak of my fandom might have been during the buds days. I'm just saying he was a traffic cone with a right arm from his rookie year. Back Guy could not get out of the way I mean he. He probably had the work worse like pocket aware but he was one of those guys. His arm was so good. He thought he could make any throw on the field. I swear to God led so exciting swing past I was GONNA say screen pass regardless like. What is the screen pads? I like you know what I do. Fucking throw rockets. All over the. It's like this nice touch past. You're talking about now. Fuck that gun it in their amazing Greg. All right Greg Brown can probably statue listening to this. What is what is your role on this podcast. If you won't speak for fifteen minutes Greg we'll win you run your mouth slipping counterpart to get a word in all. Well Greg you're doing a fine job with the stats. I really like your brand name here and also Greg. Your your brother is against you. I told them when you guys were talking about Tom. Brady's looks and Gretchen. Cut In and said would you bang? It was laugh out loud funny and the fact that Andy didn't cut that up and put that on social media. Let's me know that he doesn't want you your career to take off so It's not on me. You can talk to Andy. I'm here for love of the game. You know I'm not here right. We'll city likes shares. All right speaking of banging and all that other stuff Aye. Let's try out a a football quickly on connor and see what he thinks So these things have popped up week to week because I just don't understand football and Andy Smarter than I am. Greg SMARTER THAN I am in Steve. Perhaps so I like to rely on them To give me a little knowledge so Brent Jones did say and I quote Saint L. has two hands on it and just couldn't hold on santee. I go had two hands on it and just couldn't hold on. What does that mean that football or football? I don't know yet to hands on it and just couldn't hold on online quite Brent Jones. Yeah Jones saying that. When was this? Is this like a day in sports and around the same time as week. Thirteen during the game. You just two hands on it. And I'm Kinda Hazy. But that it is and he just couldn't hold on so you know I think it might be is. He had two hands on the marijuana that he was arrested for. When was that in the paper? There was a mug right. You're talking about okay. Are you guys? Fucking? We're not we're not talking about the BROWNS Lineman Greg Andy. 'cause what you're saying is the Browns. Lineman Greg Robinson just got arrested like a hundred seventy pounds a weed and now you're talking to somebody who is saying. There's NO CYNTHIA. Way Who the hell in jail for this I would. I would actually clarify if connor shelter. Fuck up way. Oj Simpson is a different player in the in the Boston Globe. There was this tiny little slow little blurb they call my.

65:02 - 70:03

I said warrants out for Santiago a warrant was issued in Pittsburgh for the arrest of Cleveland Browns Titan. Oj Santiago marijuana possession decree from kind deal report yesterday. According to the paper the warriors connected to the November Twentieth Arrest of defensive. Tackle Gerard Warren. Who faces a charge of carrying unlicenced firearm in his car during a search police found marijuana which they now believe belonged? San Diego so the foul right. So fact that San San Diego's actually to play in this game surprise me. But so my guess is was talking about the fact that he was trying to hide his his marijuana and He's trying to get both hands on it but obviously couldn't which is why. I the warrant out for his arrest that makes friends Brent. Jones is trying to be clever and like that old fuck and Corny. Dad like porn joke way. Yes and Geragos warn. You've seen his hair and I'm not stereotyping. Obviously he smokes weed. He looked like like Afroman's you ever heard his song. I end with added this out. All right insult Jerry but he looks like Afro Man. He's talking about the but it's not actually they actually look alike. Greg. That wasn't just a broad linear Snack that's all Greg on athletes. Chick logistic also say while he's looking Jones said we'll fork when he shaved. That is why it looks exactly like Vince will for I am dead. I'm obviously looking at pictures. Now look up Afro Man. It was happening. Just want to say he is also said and I know this is early two thousands and I don't know why he went. This way was during a kick return by. He was like. Oh this is gay at the five. And then he's taken down at the thirty three yard line. I don't know why you're saying that five five. I don't know that one I do know what is it because a kick returner and You you can't make this up. His name was Ben Gay. I don't know if he was named after the was that like the hot stuff. Oh Are you serious? So that was football. Yeah Oh Jones. But the topical Pain Relief Product Ben. Gay which because in soccer in high school. Everybody used to RUB IT in other people's Underwear Shit. So they're fucking. That's all I know never happened to me. I guess people thought I was to anybody. No I couldn't afford Ben gives you ever watch somebody do. It's anybody go home later and good too so I plead the fifth. His name is literally Ben. Gay running back. Wow all right well then. I Back Brian Jones story about people with last name. Gay just going Greg. Unh realized might be cutting this out to run away again on the soccer team in many fans but one game. I don't know where it was. They must have got a hold of like the rosters as their walk in if she cares as a kid on my team at gay and they just showed up and they were like where he's gay seventy pounds gay is. I don't condone any of this. This was your all by those. How did he think how do you feel about all this? He didn't acknowledge it at all. I mean like when you get to college right. I'm sure you've heard all of that. Oh Yeah Oh yeah yeah. He thought it was on. Yeah of course yeah did not know that. That's not good. That's well as I'm sorry. You have to listen to this connor. This is a shame. Well no it's not as creative as the stuff. Gregory would say during his fandom if you will went to a lull spinners game honestly brothers and dad and it was so the heckling was so bad that dad left us in and just drove home to find out.

70:05 - 75:01

What did you say Greg and I'm I'm bracing myself well? He tried to. He tried to fight the mascot at one point. I think that was dad's tipping point. He was heckling mascot. Mall is not bad. Once I started drinking Greg Greg loves to set the fight and he's not one to finish the fight. I've noticed that about shots fired their greg. C C Eighty Buffalo trip. We've been on. You've got the biggest now in the entire group. He's a an addict anatomically correct size blowup of Tom. Brady Dick strapped around his legs. And he's walking around. Buffalo Telling People. I'm Brady Brady. This is an anatomically correct size of trump walking around buffalo and then people get kissed and guests who steps to the back of the line doesn't want to be a part of any of the physical altered case. It's Greg Crack. Why is it physical occasion over there? That's just good clean fun right there. Fun Dude he's this plane. His nickname apparently had some. I had some beers thrown and make like when I was can't wait was a nickname again. Something driftwood just would tommy. Yeah there you go this proof right there. My point being greg is I mean Andy. You know he's an all time shit talker. It's in the blood than the blood. Greg thing I you know Greg definitely got overseas. Besides everything Jesus Delivery Greg. Hasn't good delivery of his shit. Talk Steve's He's Witty Steve. Steve's a bit too aggressive on his his delivery I think I also must admit to the to the whatever listener out there that Greg does resemble a little tiny. Dan Don't do some Brady back. I know I know I now never mind. Cut that out to dry driftwood Tommy in that department. But he's gone Mike Brown's almost there. We're not talking about like facial structure right because I mean Tom Brady is infinitely no Greg. Brown looks nothing like Tom Brady. No I retract my statement. Then I probably. I looked like Tom Brady. Except I'm more athletic and I have a better looking. I like that. That's good. I just told my vote. My Greg. The better looking white. You're out of your pinball shadow. Kellyanne their smokes. Yeah can't more patient life. That's for sure I I forgot we were on a pug when Greg got I gotta y water bottle I lived like choke. It's fair game. She's shall we talk about the last big play of the fourth quarter to wrap this up. Yeah that's what everyone wants to hear the last big play of the fourth quarter game from two thousand and actually how about you this you do. How would you best and worse and Mike? You can start with your all right then play. I'm GonNa have the big play which is my best and then like a little best so the the whole. Iro Holy Crap. Best right with eight minutes left. Oh it was third down the Patriots There's a penalty for holding and at this point they were in their in field goal range and instead of pushing them back and making him do it again. The browns the climbed the penalty fourth down Get into a field goal formation. It's fifty two yard attempt and they hiked the ball. They catch everybody off guard. Viteri pooches it yeah. They snapped directly to vegetarian which I thought was an impressive snap. Yes I agree. I didn't even know what was going on at the play back like three times.

75:02 - 80:05

What just happened but Yeah and then it was down by Jermaine wiggins with like a crazy athletic play at the one and I feel like that Freddie much seal the deal but you guys get yeah and I think Watching Jermaine Wiggins hustle forty yards downfield to tap the ball from going into the end zone. Like as he's kind of diving for it made me realize how unathletic Jermaine wiggins was I would love to see him. Invincible fork play one on one basketball. I think Wilford would toast them call. It wouldn't even I love. And he's he's a character and he's he makes some big plays in the snowball and such but and this is a list a phenomenal play but sing all of Netflix. You use like when we're talking about. How big these guys are tight ends? We're just like actual linemen. Who can catch this this Basically ousting of Jermaine wiggins when I said that well I'll also say since we were talking about kickers and punters in the past so Ken Walter this season I guess he was averaging almost forty yards a punt on the greatest. Oh they put it into Vinnie. Terry's hands it's pretty bad and it was the perfect punt. It was awesome all right so that was that was my best. I guess you could say and then other best of the game was a run up the middle by Mark Edwards which is not a big deal. Oh sorry man but Alex you take that one. I'll leave that alone. I'll tackle worst. Were so worst moment of the game and I hate this shit on these kids and it's probably the parents fault patriots fans with face paint and it looked like the French flag so I got nothing negative for that A. for effort but negative execution. Sorry stuff that's bad parenting with that shit. Parents which down parents are probably browns fans Jackson. Yeah those dead on you nailed it all right so. I'll go next because Mike tried to see him with under My best was Tom. Brady's physicality and so Mike was starting to allude to it. But there was as a mark Mark Edwards fullback dive right by the end zone and You know the bunch of pushing shoving somebody like one of the big defensive. Lineman tried to push him in like Benjamin half as Tom Brady came out of nowhere. And just shove this massive defensive Lineman who then turn around and realizes Tom Brady and start stopping towards him and I. I haven't seen Brady moved quickly away from somebody like even when he has the football but there was that but it was also the fact that they they ran that reverse again that they've been running with David Patten and Tom Brady was again. The lead blocker and he threw a legitimate lead block on this game. Did you guys catch this on? You might have been like a legal kind of buy. It was it was. It was a COUPLA that was legal. You guys less but I mean he. He caught him and it was like it wasn't even like it offends and he was like a linebacker was took the guy clean out of the play in. Even I think it was Brent. Jones was commenting about how it's going to suck to watch that tape. 'cause YOU NEVER. WanNa get blocked by a quarterback Tom Brady and then I think you can tack on what? Connor was saying about his comments after the game about how he should take more hits in the pocket. So just psycho psycho. Tom Brady is my best in. This game See my worst Will this game. I don't really have a real whereas but the this game had some commercials in it if you guys skip them or not but off my two favorites yeah I. Two favorites was a commercial for the palm pilot. Remember the palm pilot so that was fantastic top line technology and they were like three hundred bucks and I remember our mom having one because I think dad used to work for palm so he got some palm pilots for free. Mommy's love her palm pilot Ohio. It's yeah and that that that flame burnt fast and strong and real quick like a schedule calendar in there was a digital counter that didn't connect to the Internet and then the other the other commercial that I enjoyed was The one for Pepsi Twist Remember Drinking Pepsi Twists back then and think house hot shit. Yeah I agree surge though circles passing.

80:07 - 85:01

Yeah but yeah because Serge. They actually came to our school and as school and out there giving it away to all of us for free which I don't do well to it. Yeah what is up with that free huck? Yeah of course get pretty weird man. When I was going to school like college. These pickup games. I don't know if you were there for one of these. Would they be driving around with like peddling like red bull and giving it away for free really like what is this representatives at call out free to anybody could do? This sounds suspect someone who can do a deep dive on this on Stefka. Greg give us your best the worst rules. You've seen Browns Jersey with a keep adding on all quarterbacks you visiting more whole thing and looking at all names. It's giving give us a quick rundown. Okay we got all coutts voice. Siyal all Trent dilfer Charlie while Ball Games than win Cole McCoy Brandon Weeden. Sad Lewis are three. Some great names on my worst was the Be that actually for Vocal Jersey. Which I have no clue. Why had that did we dare you? Had A Kelly Holcomb Jersey. Hoping I wasn't one of those bargain bin ones. I'd like and I make sense. Why would be insane as podcast went on? My Neil worst is connor state on kicking a loop back a little bit if you will ask career. Construction going on my worse is connor doing well fuck. He's doing the bathroom or I had my fridge. Door had been opened for too long and it was alerted me that get out of the fridge that asks making fuck out hot pockets over there making a making a chicken burrito with Verde. It's green hot sauce anyways. Thank you congratulations greg. Her for all your staff I know you were Tim Young. I know you were too young to comprehend the Games during the thousand and one but Adam. Venit Terry was automatic. And you never had to worry about them. I haven't been able to trust protest right back. The numbers don't lie. Your brain is not fully developed gear like a fuck instinct you just see one unit the redcowmn. Okay do you know how do you remember? Yes you damn right. It might be do. Remember the Games something you. I never worried about vegetarian from two thousand and one until whenever he left. I Bet I bet these old farts remember that to. You could always count on the terrier of military. Stephen Guesthouse has been missing bunnies. Maybe not the you know it is. Great is percentage is great because we score so often. Then we're in fucking scoring position all the time but he visiting also better at fifty plus dude. Let's be honest all right. Let's let's be honest. Stephen Guess Cassie was great until that year in the playoffs against the broncos where missed that kick and he's never been the same since all right so terry eager to you got. Is it that you that you go out of him the same since no? He was not right after that game. Man I mean look at look at the fucking stats do you. What do you want in their prime? And then a terry gets ASCII pride. Pretty want his middle. It doesn't matter owned my God. Would you hit the forty eight would get hit? The forty eight yard are in the snow.

85:02 - 90:00

You know he wouldn't give me talking dude one name one big name one big kick. He kicked a fifty three yard. Beat the giants look at. What was that week seven week? Seventeen exactly oh come on. Yeah you you know you know and I remember that game exactly. So that's one. Does we had that kicked in the last three in nearly one ran randy had that long touchdown everyone remembers week. Seventeen and how? It didn't matter though. Not Not that game. Well I remember the other game that you might be alluding to with O B J and oh I'll kick it can't be in the regular season man. There's a big fat no fifty three yard game winner break. Who'S THE BARAK LIQUOR? I believe? It's the one that ballot check recently. Said what's what's his face from the Ravens. I believe John Tucker Mouse Connor. What's your best and worst man all right? So limited to Beth Album being talked about but talk about Mr reliable and plus I you guys. I'm talking about in the past. Two Seasons Games Very pedestrian like maybe seventy eighty yards rushing but he had a fucking knows for the end zone. I think he had two rushing. Tv's in the game My second seventy my seconds as very ambulance McCain's My second best like I already mentioned. Was that fuck massive lawyer Malloy Flock to three try Brown on the front concerns. I know it's you. Don't see your your got suspenders out. On putting their terms like you get like early thousands and stuff That kind Tom Brady just being clearly doesn't person in like two thousand one on his his first year but like those areas. Just my worst might have been Tom Brady plays I think this is probably his worst game. Game Starter One. Man Goes Game was an absolute nightmare. Actually Kinda typical this year. This yeah so you know the two picks and I think he lost fumbles then. He had games where he didn't score touchdowns but he drove him down the field. And so I'm Smith or like your Auto Kevin Faulk or some shit happens but I think he was responsible for free. Terms like in. This game was one of his worst games. Maybe not as worse but I can only be a second words this point. We had one where it was a four game. Maybe a couple of fumbles Yup Yup. That's bad I will. I will say this guy's because we didn't bring it up but I thought it was very cool stat. Sorry Greg jumping in your territory here but it. They were talking about Most consecutive games in a row. I'm with seventy percent. Completion percentage or. Oh Yeah and they put up You know a graphic and Joe Montana had eight games in a row Sammy BAUGH had four Steve. Young four Troy Aikman had four and Brady coming into. This game had four in a row as well. So that's pretty cool. Two thousand one CONRADI. Sure was prolific. Con Brio right and then by the time. I guess so also say we didn't bring up Aaron Shea does I mean he got hurt in the game anyway but Aaron Shea was. Brady's teammate at Michigan did they became very good friends. And then I don't know if you guys know this but this always stuck in my mind. He always greatness and Tom Brady because he was a hard worker. India's humble and he knows he's humble because he wants to ask Brady. What would you do if you became famous and you had millions of dollars Brady said I would buy a new pair of socks every day because I liked that so when we have Tom Brady on this podcast? We're going to ask him. The first question asked him. Do you buy socks everyday. Yeah I think that's pretty good question move isn't it? That's definitely ball movies. I know he's real washer on socks. That's real fucking humble. That's all he wants do. That's a pretty big ask.

90:03 - 93:12

Luckily loses its novelty after. What like sixty times a week. Maybe two weeks. It's because they're new wines. So that's a poor take from and they still like the first couple times you're wearing. They still feel new you know. And the pre hair three hair plugs. Tom He I think he just had a different mindset. See I I'm glad you brought that up. I mean we definitely That'll be a teaser for future episodes because I've brought up and we've debated when everybody Sold her soul. So is it hair plugs. Or was it a deal with the devil for sure? Dude come on two thousand four or five. He got hair plugs. Yeah and they started to grow in. I would do it to and I might have already. Thank you very much long. Talk longhaired Tom Brady. Where seven my favorite years. And you know. He was only wearing the long hair because he was so happy to even be able to grow long hair after the hair plugs. All right now. He's dying his hair. Look it's fine right. Yeah he's a beautiful man can do what he wants. He's earned it grow up or what yes I I think. That's that's plenty. I hide and what is happening. I just can't believe we've talked much about a random browns game that I didn't even remember happened happened if known as I do. Remember this game actually but Um Salah I do you son of a bitch but connor. If if you're ever back again I mean this noise you're making his fucking amateur hour but otherwise I hear you have a deep dive on. I believe Roman Phifer so that could be for another time. Yes I agree. Yeah we'RE GONNA get into the I two hours at this point should anyway. That's what you said. And then you said you released a two hour episode. I haven't been paying attention but I hear there's a two hour one back in forty five yes I don't. He came on my Ambro. Let me come back. I'll I won't talk as much that's my promise. I didn't know what to do. I had so much I promise you I will have nothing to say next week. I literally used all might cakes. I use all my like. I'm done tap their knowledge. That was it at all right well until then next week. The Patriots traveled to Ralph Wilson. Stadium of Greg Brown Dick Fame and against the buffalo bills. Soulsby how that turns out so if you've lasted this long. He'll join US next week and we'll talk to you then. Seila everybody bye bye.