2001 Week 12: Patriots at Jets

We're back to a full squad again, now with a Stat Guy© making sure we don't get things wrong. Unfortunately, the stat guy is Greg, who can't even figure out LinkedIn. Listen in as we touch on the first game of the Belichick revenge tour, names in America, and Drew Bledsoe's wine. Or don't, I'm not your mother.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead I am not your mother all right back all of you. Who are still with us after the bullshit. We've said for the first eleven weeks this is week. Twelve of the two thousand one in New England patriots season with a Pasco to travel to the meadowlands stadium back. Then I believe so face. The New York jets the seven and three AFC EAST CO LEADERS NEW YORK. Jets the past six five right behind them tie with the dolphins for the first news east. We've already talked about the jets back in week. Two not much to talk about really other than that. So it's Kinda give a bit of an update into how they're doing. So far Curtis Martin. There was a lot of talk about him in this game he has. They talked about his success. In how well he had played against Patriots and he had some quote about how he wished he could play them. Eight Games a year. I think the Patriots would disagree because the quote was in seven reunions against Patriots. Y- gained more than one hundred yards against them five times including one hundred six yards in ten to three jets victory earlier in the season and at this point he was right he was going to say. It's like seventeen yards away from one thousand yard season and this correct. Yeah Seventeen and which he would get in this game of course because it's curse mark against Patriots back and then that gave him a row right yeah for his first seven seasons in a row when he was one of only three guys to do it is Barry Sanders someone else Eric Dickerson. Yes thank you. Eat Meat Effect. Alex you guys to tighten up our our game but we actually have to get these statues right. I don't know I don't think so different but it doesn't feel right does it? Also I think we touched on the last time but the Patriots have lost the last four games against the jets now and seven of the eight seven of the last eight meetings so beating the jets. Not something that happens often. Probably most of that was usually because bill belichick was on the other side line and some other games. But it's not anymore but he I don't believe he. Yeah if they had lost the last four the jets up until this game to this is the first time of him beating the jets the Patriots coach historic way. Good away I know you just did you. Boys Not Watch the game the nano how this is going to end we gotta build up to it. My friends no no by park as I do and I want what's fair. I mean I guess we can gloss over the fact that some personnel did change in this game all right talking to Santana Moss actually became a little bit more involved this time around correct because he had been injured up until the week before he caught his first catch in this game wins first glorious originally yeah career and went for like thirty three yards etch. He cut the ball that that was pretty. Did he come off with it? Does yeah it does. Let's see all right. We'll just jump into the game Talk about this game of two halves. First half was the jets half second half was patriots. Half Steve. What do you think about this first half? Did you have any any jumped out at you? We'll set the stage. It was fifty three degrees in December. Sounds like global warming started early. Oh yeah now literally heartache yes the Patriots dynasties started global warming boy on our case. It's their fault. The earth is flat to swimming. All right we're gonNA talk about this. What do you guys think about all this stuff? No I mean if you watch after Dr.


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Their first like ten minutes of the game. Where Tyler slips gave up a touchdown jets come back and one at home crowd Israel into it down like ten. Nothing super early Thirty one hundred yards passing. They could stop them up the entire game right now. Oh minutes now what we're blowing through material here we talk about for the next. Three flicker on the second supply awesome. I play the game at the shot. They're coming out flinging it. Yeah because there weren't known. I mean vinny Testaverde quarterbacks not exactly known for Chuck in the ball down the field but I think at one point ahead like eight passes to runs or something like that. They were tilted heavily in at least in the first quarter and a half towards the passing game and they were slain all over the place. They were bombs and the whole like thirty eight doing this. I believe yeah so. We decided last news right around. There is definitely thirty. Eight said it so pretty impressive. Yeah me not a thirty eight year old. Tom Brady I. I was looking up. Testaverde's stats his. Nineteen eighty eight season. Is it draft by the box whenever shady? Oh Yeah on fifteen games. He had a forty seven percent. Completion percentage will thirty two hundred yards this team touchdowns in thirty five pigs who started every game next year. I mean I kind of sounds like Jameis Winston a little bit. It reminds two touchdowns trump. Nick believable yeah. When was he drafted? Craig eighty eighty seven. What what What rounds he drafted like. How high was drafted Moore? Use a stud at Miami right. Yeah you while. He was like really highly touted coming out of school but thank draft last city team so I think they just gave him like four five years to dislike. You can't lose your job type deal. Yeah L. E. Shitty was drafted first overall in the draft. And then he had like a ton of he never threw more touchdowns Vicks of the box got slightly better when he went to the browns. Any I'd like to Pro Bowl seasons in like twenty one seasons that he played woman. Baltimore which I don't even remember what his career yardage numbers are like top twenty ever ladies all play for the pats do. Yeah he always sucked. Yeah he sucked for a long time. I mean inside. I mean this solid mediocre and some of these seasons. It looks like three thousand. Thirty five hundred yards twentyish touchdown. Well all right seventeen touchdowns and he just played for ever is he. A bus. Does the first overall if you play twenty one years. No Terry one years can't be a bust but he's never he's never been good. He's a two time pro bowl of thank you very much. Never been good us. The JAMEIS Winston. That's what I'm saying minus the crab stealing social media back then. Big Testaverde's fan was that he's just the main so I had a question I'll take like I don't know what else to go with that. Of course he sucks can interview spell his name without looking. 'cause I try it every time and I get it wrong every time this test a green that so what is tested. Stand for statue. You're GONNA make something up about testicles. But all right check boy. He's checking that soccer about mean had head. Testaverde is greener anyplace by its wickedness. Serendipity that is right Mike Breaking new ground baffled by all of this but that right there is is something nobody's ever said about but he has already.


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I think Allie nasty boy quickly. It's Kinda like the first half did It went downhill very quickly. Because the defensive ends where basically doing whatever the fuck they wanted and it was a lot of talk about total yards. Yeah in in the half and there was a lot of talk about how. What's the Al Brady does? When he has the same sort of issues that drew bledsoe has talking about no offense of line no time to throw at no running game which was basically this game and now that was interesting too because I mean we've seen shades of it this during the season that Brady kind of like having Shitty game or whatever because of navy a little bit of pressure. This was definitely the first one. I think that every play was just getting hammered Oh Yeah so obviously. They change it up. The announcers were even talking about how Weiss was changing of the game plan that they were kind of doing the dinking dunking the slants. The screens That sort of thing do you think is. I don't remember ever really doing that. And I know he's not a finesse passer anyway but do you think that bledsoe would have been successful in that type of system. That's a good question. Never really seemed to be the strength of BLEDSOE's game a picture at least a few plays that I may have made up in my mind or that actually happens where he would Overthrow a guy in the flat or overthrow a screenplay. Just because he doesn't really have touch he's more of a gun at down the field. Sorta guy so but I don't know if that was just you know the offense was was tailored to that and so he was more background noise. Mcbrayer live in La. That'll get cut I don't know if like they tailored down the field offense because of true blood so and his strength was chuck it down the field or if they that's just how they did it so he played that game and like didn't have the opportunity to do more short stuff but I don't know I don't think he had the decision making either. He didn't seem that quick and that was always the the knock on him was that he would pass the ball three times and get sacked right. Wasn't that you'd be like in someone's arms and you just like throw the ball up right. That's true auto play. Read the defense. What is three steps? Yeah so yeah. I guess that makes sense. I mean starting quarterback for a long enough time that he probably would have come across a couple of screens. There's some short stuff it's true and I feel like we kind of Shit on Bledsoe a lot so I wish that I think. Will you detail just you literally just did but I think that I think that that part of it also made him less accessible to for a long time he kind of was for a long time? The only thing that the Patriots had and so we did have that drive to always try to finish a play. I guess for lack of a better way putting it which happened. Yeah and I think it always like that he he would try that an every play because he was kind of so maybe overwhelmed because he had no protection he had no weapons. He had no anything like just him the shot so I gotta get Gary Patterson Air Ga you think. Give them weapons and a good coach. You'll played great team. He's GonNa look out of his depth. I don't know if it's that big of swing. I think drew bledsoe had enough talent that he could still pull himself through some games but I think he had that mentality of always having to try and make something happen. That kind of led to a lot of bad decisions I think is what they think gunslinger. Yeah I guess unless you stop tougher than Gothic feel like at least standing there and take it.


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Yeah I think yeah and I don't think you ever really see bledsoe. Get as confused. As Goth does like often that super bowl against the Patriots. He had no idea what was going on. I don't know if that's just because that's how he was coached. And the coaching. Let them down. Or if he's just not a good decision maker but bledsoe I mean he would make stupid decisions but he would also perform kind of on his own to you know while I was just wondering does e hold the ball long enough to come off as not knowing what's going on because I mean he'd throw a pick before he analyzed it s very maybe just look at because he might all the ball on longer. I'm not sure I mean like. I said he did the interception Oprah his head toss once again. Yeah I mean com buck Lynch bledsoe because every time he draws back on third down you. Just tighten up just reflexively. He's a nice man okay and I think he makes good wine having tried it yet but the word on the street is makes good wine. Nice Man who? Maybe we should do an episode where we all or a bottle of wine drink it. We do the episode and we'll do a review of. Oh I got the perfect game. I'm doing the Cabernet. His first his first game when the place of the bills. That's that's a hell of an idea. I mean I think we yeah. I think that's a pretty good. Yeah right so we'll put that in the and the guys actually have to drink though because I want to commit and I don't WanNa come off stupid on here. God forbid cut forbid you gotTA reputation uphold. What's the bad news? One hundred doll- hundred dollars bottle. Andy or the ratings are going to be So we have to start patriotic. Get some or maybe a gofundme you people donate to us one hundred dollars a bottle. I'm fine with the cheapest one is I mean. That's a problem for him but I mean we are. Podcast is made money. Let's be real by the time we get to that bills game. We're all going to be rich and famous. So whenever idea are here we go here? We go what we're GONNA do is we're going to crowd fund this via the bills Mafia. 'cause if anybody one likes to raise money and to likes to drink is the bills Mafia. That's so this does seem like a good cause so we'll have to see if we can reach out to them. Yes so listen to this website here. The president and director of wine making it says is Josh mcdaniels. The Josh mcdaniels while a crazy coincidence. How many are there out there? Because Josh mcdaniels was part of the team here wasn't he was. What was he doing offensive assistant? Yeah Whoa Denise Star the QB coach. Do I have that wrong? Oh boy we gotta stack this two thousand and as a personnel assistant and then a defensive. Coaching assistant working with defensive backs and then he was in two thousand and four. Became quarterback coach does offer a little bit. But yeah he was on the team in two thousand and this is first season. I mean it was such a unique name like that. It can't be a different person I mean and they do have overlap. You would think it's the same. Is it different now? Just walk is by Foreign Raising Wall Walla. An early age fell in love with Wine Industry Washington State. For what an odd that that's all areas. It's a beautiful sewed. Drew Bledsoe knows in his work with two separate Josh mcdaniels. Yeah Wow and it worked out for him. Alendronate hundred eggs better through times. I know what my guess is linked in drama Moloch. Let's see if we can get some bottles. Donate a greg connecting with all right. The review will go a long way for them so I think what is it. Four bottles four hundred bucks. It's not bad. We have tens of listeners to I mean we have twenties of listeners. Time this one is released. We might have like all right all right all right. So here's the issue. I just went to how many of me dot com which you can search for people with Your first last name.


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Hope I've done this. There are a lot of Andrew. Browns just GONNA spoiler there are thirty. Eight thousand seventy five people in the United States. The first name Josh. There are eight thousand. Four hundred seventy seven people lesson mcdaniels. There is one person. There is one person in the United States named Josh mcdaniels. According to this website this is bullshit because we just determined that. There's tool yeah. My whole life was Oh holy. Wait a minute what if trust does from the Patriots is lying about his identity on the website. Maybe he changes name when he got married. Maybe I'll maybe he's embarrassed to deal with. I don't know man I'm now I'm confused so I'm just GonNa step away from this conversation. So are we thinking that there aren't four thousand five hundred sixty five? Andrew Browns in the United States is definitely way more one Josh. Didn't you say there's three thousand mcdaniels a eight thousand? Mcdonald's eighty four hundred. You know how many people are in the United States box. Thank you greg. How many so three hundred plus million merit? I have my doubts about this website. I think The real question. So what is your more? Andy Greg. Steve Brown's or you know some funny at the college is a kid degree below me. Gregory D Brown ship facebook friends. He's kind of little you. Do you WANNA put it out there and reach out to him like do have some beef or something that you want to squashing put out there right now now so I I set up a Google news alert for my name because you can search time would answer every week. I get a list of all the Andrew Browns in the news. There is a defensive Lineman for the bengals. Probably the most famous other than me around. Yeah Steve Yoyo Gas. Oh googling the name and remember. I found a lot of murderers and a lot of other styles name to Andy Brown. Yeah US browns. So yeah I think. There's a lot of southern Andy Brown set the bigger question trouble with the law. Whether I'm fascinated by is why you have Google or on your name because I wanna see how Google alerts worked. Thought it'd be funny because I've heard of people with like actual interesting names unlike show up on me and so there's a park named after me in Texas that I want to go visit. I learned things from it so I think it was a good investment. I have to say I haven't met a lot of Mike mellows out when I worked at movie scene. Put a flag on every single. Steve Brown's account and said I lived on St. Call me if he comes in. Steve Brown came into the movie. He was like forty five years old. But we had a nice chat about nicknames. Oh boy missing. All of these interactions name. I guess yeah the Brown and the Brown really gives you a head start of the last name. I Wa Joshua linked game requests big fan of the wind connect ooh. That's good ole. No no yeah doing the slow play like that. We're the weight D. Do you have the podcast in your Lincoln though? Okay so he can't he can't track back of course not or by the time this episode comes out. That's going to be the only thing on my Lincoln because I'll have been fired from my real job for spending so much time doing this all dude. Oh don't admit that argument that I'm loved and under Kelly's that'll be interesting better. How might yeah and I'm GonNa work taste regularly on Kelly's lived in his mind well log into zoom? That's right then and it was on wall being boy so happy accident Yeah I I think that will work out for the best for everybody involved including Kelly. We'll give her some of the wine if if we get some all right all right so speaking of The jets football game I first half bad second-half good So the Pasco into the half down thirteen nothing.


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And what did you say? They had sixty something yards of total offense until the yards. Yeah so not a lot but the To be fair though the defense did all. Okay against the jets. I mean considering they're slinging it and momentum early on the You know sometime before the house in the first quarter. They had a goal line. Stand so it could've been could've been down two touchdowns a real quick and they they stuff the offense of the one so that made it what they were down by ten. Sounds Pretty yes? Yeah that was the first quarter. Yeah Tedy Bruschi came in with the staff and the final one man. Yeah Him Brian Cox. It was curtis. Martin tried to jump over the pile. Just hit a brick wall of the two of them. Beautiful by. Yeah and yeah. This was Brian Cox's I came back from when he broke his leg in Denver. You know 'cause there was an article in the globe about how he recovered from a broken leg quicker than Terry Glenn recovered from his quote unquote hamstring injury. Hamstrings tough and I guess. More sneaky surprise season. What was your sneaky surprises him. Brian Cox Yeah Awesome. Did he plays. He's just a monster. Yeah he was He was screaming at the rest for something. I don't remember that on. It was like on the field goal. Tempt Yeah H is ahead. They like the jets. Were offsides fault. Yes all right and the rest call that and he was. I've yet to get pulled away from the referee so he wouldn't get another fifteen yard. Unsportsmanlike conduct like literally dragged away. Great Billy imagined. Miked up a bit amazing. Oh Man Well. I posted a link to the NFL. Prime-time highlight video mainly for Greg because he never watches the game But at the end of it they had an interview with him and he was basically saying. Yeah we actually played like Shit but we still beat the jets. So it'll be nice if it's nice that we can still like not play very good and and beat a team like this so I'm excited for when we actually play good now the whole interview. Isn't that word for word? I am pretty shelves verbatim. Oh boy my wasn't putting favorite quoted at what has it. Was Chris Berman. Obviously Primetime off. There is a point where the patch receiver Coleman caught it and he got so many items seen this. Many Coleman since L. Being put a single on those little little girl things. It wasn't as smooth as line but he got there by I missed. Nfl Primetime so badly so quick. I ever catch. He had to career hatred entire Kerr Dire. Nfl crew trout now. Who's one of the big catch? Recognize him not to open the second half. They're kind of a couple first downs and then hit him for the forty five yard all the way down. Yeah I yeah so this is the beginning of the the half path got the ball and went backwards immediately. I think it was like a robot stuffed and then Brady got sacked. New went three and out and they punted The punting in his game was horrendous. So Ken Walter managed to punt it to his own thirty five so just got the ball at the New England thirty five and then Variable picks off the bat and ball couple plays later and then those that big play Coleman his one of two ever catches which goes 35-yards. The pats I think like six or seven straight times before they did anything yes as a one two three four five six at least they punted around five. Most of them sucked one of the ones to win yard line so that was helpful. I think we talked about Tom. To what might we? We touched on that.


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Do not do a whole thing on him because the year before there's all kinds of stuff that ties into the dynasty but that's for another day maybe we'll do a punter episode just for Mike. Because I don't know if like Greg Remembers as well but there was a game against the past like before the season where he came in as a quarterback is lighten it up and there's a lot of things that are tired into that guy in that game your prior so then he got hurt clutch keyshawn Johnson. Yes pretty is also when he was a member of the Brownsville Bell checks browns. He was the first ever player to score two point conversion. Oh No shit. That's awesome. Yeah it was on a like a fake field goal attempt and he was the holder those at that Darna. He's A. He's a QUARTERBACK PUNTER COMBO. He was drafted by the cardinals as a quarterback and then they converted he punted in college converted into Punter and he was an all American unturned college as well. The starting quarterback get this as a child. He was obviously unpassable. Kick semifinalist three times and no to that. Remember that that was awesome. Kick fucking win on facet kick fucking hope. So that's awesome. Great Caesar also spot right absolutely hell. Yeah emergency quarterback before we go too far into the second half. I just wanted to say that there are a couple of like drives brady struggled with one blast by mo lowest and Kim across our. I'm Mike. What if he just happened to go? Through what Bledsoe went through. And then he just lost his job. You never hear anything again actually. Wrote down that My note from Louis was that he was trying to kill both the Patriots quarterback because he although on that play like get look really bad in real time but then you could see actually eased up at the end of that. That hit really. I missed that part. Yeah just just just barely. But I think he may have had something on his conscience about killing roughing the passer flags. I don't think I've seen a single one of those yet this year. No we've seen a few probably should have been where Brady will slide And still get lit up right like a helmet to the facemask sort of thing but yeah no. I don't think we see that I can remember well. And then the other thing that like stuck out to me in the first half was so brady had a fumble that was actually an incomplete right so his his arms moon forward of the announcers freaking out that it's called the open hand rule and they were debating on if it was you know an incomplete if it was a fumble then literally the same drive pretty. Fumbles his hands. Moving backwards selects play. It might have been the next plan and I thought it was pretty funny because it seemed like the based on what the announcers weren't talking about it wasn't like a familiar thing already as it stood so I thought it was pretty good foreshadowing later in season. Yeah no kidding. Yeah but I actually had a note on that too because it was right at the end of the half so the Patriots. The ball with like two minutes left and that it was an obvious forward pass And I even in real time you could tell us a forward pass. But the jets challenge in any way and lost their last time out and so then the pages ran the clock down like thirty seconds before they punted it and so the jets got the ball back with went. Twenty nine seconds I have and so instead of being able to like take a couple of shots to get within field goal range which at this point probably would have been the game. Winning field goal They have tried. Hail Mary which they tried the Hail Mary and that was probably the most one of those bizarre plays. We've seen this season. Because Vinny TESTAVERDE GETS STRIP SACKED. Kerr's Martin recovers it and runs for like twenty thirty yards. It's like inside the the red zone before getting tackled. Did I can't believe that he didn't trilateral. That yeah it it did feel a little bit like the beginning of the Miami miracle to me going all the way they were so excited broke. A couple tackles like. Oh the announcers though man Brent Jones we already have a history with that guy but did not see my jacked up for this game like something. I every statement he had was like a hyperbole losing his mind so on a little self conscious about talking about commentators but since you brought them up I have.


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I have some things here Things that I have no probably not. I don't listen to the game the way you listen to the game. Wow Brian Jones the beginning of the game. It's just stupid and I quote. The jets are just as explosive as the rams on offense I mean think for a drive and a half exactly the first few drives when they actually decided to throw the ball. Well they have speed on the outside with these little receivers and they have Curtis Martin to keep you on something like that. It's not quite the same Brent but okay and then Went to game break with Oh what's his name that the game break to the go to New York urge no I can't remember but the game break was a colts game and I guess Peyton manning must be throwing a lot of interceptions this year because they show. I guess against the Ravens and they showed the Ravens who are touchdown them right the end. These slipped in the line of And Manning has not been picked off to this point and it was like halfway through the first quarter. I think he doesn't feel like there's a game where he had thrown like four. Yeah when you mentioned that. I thought that they meant all year but they were talking about that game yet and it was early in the first quarter and a stat. Check for you on that explosive offense comment yes would jets finished the season with the seventeenth ranked offense in the NFL. Oh that's a good. Good Call There Greg. Explosive Ranch Atrium with six who des. Moines by points scored. Okay what about by yards gained Wa Mia Stack Guy? Here were twenty four billion. Well okay. So that didn't help Brent's argument at all. Either I will say though to Brenston. Offense is the first game that I've actually been more annoyed with Gus. Johnson Real. Yeah it was driving me nuts. It was doing the whole game and I don't know if it was Brent is just insane him or if because gus has nothing else to add but that I mean my guess is that irritating. Brent Jones getting riled up in and Gus Johnson didn't WANNA get smacked around up there together in a booth. Did you hear the little thing that they got into? We're Santa Claus and sit on his lap. Man broncos guts. Maybe if you get married you can have some sitting on Santa's lap and he's like I hope so then Brenda's like I hope you get married you married or you hope you have a son I mean there's like silence and dust goes you put me on a tough spot. He went back to the game. Laugh is driving me nuts sit on Santa's lap. That's what he's hoping for and ask for what a son. I don't know there's something there's something deeper there so I'll look into. I'M GONNA leave that one alone enough dumb shit today Did you notice how excited Brent Jones was about the height of the grass on and on about how the edges of the field had taller grass in the middle was much softer and shorter and easier to run in? But the outside was easier to cut on every time the ball went to the outside or those run up the middle. He will come about the grass. I don't know why don't you learn something? New His staff that he was going to keep going on. Did you pick out last time? But he was like obsessed with Canadian blue seats that the same guy. Canadian blue steel wasn't a steel. Yeah but now. He's maybe into. Details is wrong that maybe his daughter played for the Boston. Breakers women's professional soccer team one Wa- Ncaa CHAMPIONSHIPS UNC. Who so she's big-time eight-time hotshot athletic families did? I did have some questions if you guys want to help me out again. Oh Yeah let's do this. I'm Brian Jones Game.


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So we know this is going to happen. Football football give it to our now football. Yep All right here we go. I'll just start with the first one that I have on. This one was about Lor Malloy apparently and he was saying. That's exactly what they WANNA do. Get him out of the box. Let Curtis Martin Start. Pounded up there now. Based on past episodes I think the boss is like we're the running back is yeah. I think we've talked about that before in terms of boxes kind of the. It's an imaginary box that surrounds the both offensive and defensive line as kind of how many people are in that little area. Yeah also. It's also euphemism for Regina Mike Confused. Yeah that makes like well no but it also seems a little like selfish too. That's exactly what they WANNA do. Get lawyer Malloy out of the box and let Curtis Martin start to pound it up in there. I just thought those a little selfish they call it the CFO. Not No shit. That sounds that sounds. Pretty khanate intimate. Yeah I can I would believe that AK clam all right so so it's the getting him out of the box means getting getting them out of that area and then that would allow Curtis Martin to wipe pounded through. There is yet to clue when you put it like that. That sounds horrible. He can hit the whole with juice. Okay well yeah but that was about passing though so I guess you could say the same thing. I see what you're saying. Yeah all right well. That's informative okay. What else next one was Tom? Brady doesn't see me coming. Who has a full head of steam and gets it off just in time? What is it? I just wonder how your mind works. Confused Breath Jones throws out new new every time. I'm just fascinated. Oh Shit sometimes. I'm sort of fascinated with what he's saying that I miss a player to Kim. Yeah so I re read that back again. So Tom Brady doesn't c Mo Lewis coming who has a full head of steam and gets it off just in time. Okay all right so I think I know so my guess. I'm not able to see the play in real time but I think Tom Brady is probably dropped back to pass. And I think the Mola was coming is running at probably to try for a sack you know and so Tom Brady getting it off. I think is throwing the ball before me gets their own and MOLA's bus not on his face one of the two. Jesus man I can't believe he just said that. That's territory Jim. Yeah what the Hell Only God. That's okay that Steve. But I appreciate the effort. You'RE GONNA say Greg Hustle. We'll talk after we. I did this segment. I tried to like listen for these and I couldn't do it. So this is a unique skill life. This is what I'm saying. I his brain works differently the money. He's only four for every game all listening for them not to. I don't WanNa know everything but refused thereto this so next one so we we mentioned in the box so we get that and I think now this is a little silly bringing this up but I'll just say it anyway The quote was. We've talked about eight men. Auks how about eight men in the Enza? Oh my yeah okay all right so we know the boxes right we. We just discussed correct so I remember this plan right because this is right at the. This is the Hail Mary we're talking about and the Patriots unveiled the new defensive scheme. Oh yeah that's what was where they had eight of their players lined up basically in the end zone to knock down a hail Mary because they wanted to have more guys than on defense in the the offense down wide receivers because usually it's a hail Mary sending at least four if not five wide receivers down into the end zone so you WanNa have more than that to cover them unique situation. That was the first time that was done because Brian Jones seeing that. That was a new his the first. I'm Brian Jones ever saw. That's for sure okay. All meant to put eight in the box and they end up in the end zone. You're in big trouble very true.


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See I've learned a lot of stuff and the last one. Those defensive ends of the jets get wide so much that we're going to use some draw action to come on underneath. I don't know what that means at all. All right. Okay all right. I know I know this because we talked about this a little bit. Where just defensive ends? Were getting a lot of quick pressure on Tom. Brady right. Yeah so but if you think about the way they run because they're coming off the going out wide arounds usually the guys that are trying to block them to close on. Tom Brady as they're giving that space. There's a lot of space in the middle so the patients were mitigating. That by running drop. Plays where you drop back and it looks like you're GonNa pass it but then you hand it off to running back on a delay shadow. Can they run where those the defensive lineman used to be that makes sense right? I mean I don't know I think that makes sense. Do you guys agree. I stopped listening after the third one. Well I appreciate your help guys a little bit smarter for all right. The real question is Mike. How did you not get on the quarterback sneak where the Tessa very patched senators? Dick when they ran a straight ahead what we're talking about. Yeah there was literally sexual brench was talking about not enjoying being news. Well I heard about the rundle. I'm pretty sure. Yeah that's what he was talking about for real. Yeah that's what they do. They Gustav Physical. Tell for the center to snap the ball immediately and run like hell. He made a joke. It's like slapping a horse and running after it got his talks to tell this guy did spread Jones with everybody more involved so I I think I think this is the perfect time to do. Best in worse Steve. I well. I'm definitely I was going to say that we discussed now. You can still use it if you wanNA tell you us. Think best bit was how stoked bell check was the end of the game. Yeah cited all reserve but this is first win against jets clearly hates the jets. I do and at the end of the game. He's runarounds yell at. He's grabbed his players. Like it's pretty crazy. That's a good one. Worst ever jets are absolutely open them up in that slipped by Tilahun that slant that just gave him walk a terrible start. That was not great. Greg Gimme a besson worth. My best was Antoine Smith on that reception. Ooh Yeah that was his. Acceleration came out of nowhere. Is it didn't have cheese. Yeah I agree that equal and then my worst was just curtis Martin in general because he's a ton and that is punt service punter. Mike besser worse. I'm just I mean he's awesome but we have reason to it isn't he? Got Traded Man Best for me was So it right after week one of the Patriots touchdowns There is a kick return. That was going to break it and I think I would have been the end of the game and Viteri comes up north so your credit man your brothers the beginning of this podcast series the beasts and then I realized after seeing the clip that you showed and this has happened twice in this season alone. Yeah down the returner. As the last guy and save the touchdown and yet drive. They ended up getting a field goal. Thousand touchdown game over. Yeah because that was. What was that Herschel Walker Clipper talking about Oh yeah yeah. You're right old somewhere. I think it was someone on jet saying. That's the fastest kicker. They've ever seen. Yeah it was. It was it was right. After the Patriots first touchdown was that ensuing kickoff right seven thirteen and after that of seven sixteen but would have been over right.


50:05 - 55:00


Exactly so yeah. Yeah Yeah because one of the commentators like. That's the fastest kicker I've ever seen you're correct. Yeah it was pretty cool so I don't know how many of those using his career but I know of three a moment and then worst moments I would go pretty much what Steve said but the opposite end of it where bill was so happy smiling his high fiving hugging and I just know that a few years later. We're never gonNA see that again. Made me sad so my worse that he was happy at one point now. He's not all right then two-thirds why. Oh Boy Yup and we established thousand. Four is when you know we'll get to that correct our rights. My best is the winning the game. Winning play Patriots The the last time they need a first down its third and like three or four and the pages run a bootleg with Tom Brady But the defensive end steps right in the way and he basically just cuts it back up field and runs for a first down all by himself as to win the game dude. I forgot to anti spun as well. He did the Spain any dove and yeah he got the. I took the first by like the nose of the football. To like it was it was close and That was the game winner. So that's by far my best. That's just a good one. That's that's Tom Brady being Tom Brady before everybody knew Tom Brady. I was going to be the page to article that I found about by Bob Halloran. Who has a hard on for drew bledsoe But I think it's actually GonNa work better later because he has a few of them so we're GONNA actually get in-depth into some of the more egregious ones. So I'm GonNa say my worst is the jets fans for two reasons. One was firemen. Ed Yeah what a fucking Harto. And every time they cut to him they were showing him. Try to pump up the crowd. Even though the jets weren't offense every fucking him sitting on his boys shoulders like a chicken a concert just waving his hat around like yeah and then they also kept talking about how there the jets fans unofficial mascot is. Shrek because he's green and they win ugly. I don't remember that being a thing but they did keep out that early. Shrek that old I I guess so. I mean Mike went to school for that Mike. How old was when I went to school a few years ago? It was already out because this is two thousand one right so we gone. It had come out recently and I will say this because I was a lovely school of Rit and I went for computer animation. And when I was taking the tour I nobody into computer. Animation was really police. Come out and Shrek was recently out. We took a tour. These computers. This lab is what they use to work on Shrek with. We're all that is crazy. I gotTa go here and then I went there and I leave at that story for another day. Apparently yes but there's shades of your Penn state experiences and whatever into that all the time but to confirm yes records out and doing well. How many at all right like helicopter Cox who? I didn't see it was a different type of environment out. There of people not right. Yeah National Technical Institute yes right near there and I was in a room that was different so people would walk by the hallway and press the button so the struggle off and that was pretty cool. 'cause the add to that was the The firearm for deaf people right the strobe. Right yeah but you press it in the hallway right so did right.


55:02 - 55:50


There's a lot of a lot of good things about all righty. So we'll figure them all out at heart. Yeah we'll get into that no hell dicks though man. Maybe we'll get into that next week. When the Patriots travel back home to host the include. Six five Cleveland browns coming into Foxborough then a revenge game how so? Oh I guess it is. Yeah there are adventure tour. He's just stomping everybody. This is true so we'll learn more about that next week on the Patriots. Doc- podcast. Cla US by.