2001 Week 11: Patriots vs Saints

Greg is headed to the Super Bowl, but the rest of the crew is holding down the fort and talking about the Patriots Saints game. Join us for a deeper look into Steve's feelings about Aaron Brooks, Mike's terrible note-taking skills, and Andy's weekly anger issues towards another commentator.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty you have the choice not to my sons and of course my sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid you still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your welcome to episode eleven of the Pages Dicey podcast. We're GONNA start this before Michael. I come to fisticuffs from across if you guys are wondering. We're discussing the INTRO music. If nothing else can be talked about right now so well. I think because we haven't addressed this yet and because we've actually just figured it out on our end but it'll have been in every episode since so we. Should Brian Take the time to thank Mama Brown for her disclaimer? At the beginning of all of these model Brown and in full transparency. She was not the first choice. We did try to get a cameo from their website of Jonas Gray to do it for us. But he doesn't know how to use the the cameo website or he just decided not to didn't tell us we tried a couple times. Didn't get him a Momma Brown. It felt it felt right to have her apologize for us. Before you even start listening to this so thanks to her as long as you can tell we have both Mike and Steve here. No Greg this week because he is heading to Miami for the Super Bowl. That was some poor four. Planning I suppose on his part Buying a lawyer understand why you would would buy tickets to wherever the super bowl is every year just because the last time the Patriots weren't in it was four years ago that right and so I'm terrible with time so we're GONNA go with that but to be clear even if they weren't liberal he did not have tickets to the game. No no go to Miami game even patriots in it. He couldn't afford that anyways. Well he probably could afford it because if the pages are in it the tickets would have been cheap again. They were cheap. That's why all the patients fans were there. What's cheap these days? Five thousand dollars. Not so much they are this year. I think maybe thousand are. They're pretty expensive this year. Because she's haven't been one hundred but we're not here to talk about the chiefs or the forty niners where we were talking about the saints because the saints are coming to town two thousand one week. Eleven to the a wet and windy foxborough Massachusetts. Apparently the everybody was pissed because during the day it was like sixty degrees and sunny This is a late game and the rain and wind started late. So was fun About Saints Saints Team. They seemed like they were pretty good. They were good the year before but this year that actually finish seven and nine third in the NFC west behind. Obviously the rams the forty niners were a bit of a powerhouse. This year to head coach was. Jim has let you boys remember. Jim Has let no yeah. Who else is us back? Then because his before they rely on the divisions right when the culture still in ours. It is by the end of this. Podcast will definitely remember how these were. Yeah because we asked this question literally. Nfc West was the rams. Forty niners Saints Falcons and Panthers. I believe touch on this last week. Powerhouse and like now. Yeah Ramsey bullets feared niners superbowl this year saints Been the NFC championship game. At least seven wins last couple of years. I think the Falcons were the Super Bowl recently. To aren't they now the guy they were like a big Super Bowl? Something like that. I don't remember I'm sure well we'll probably find out twenty years. Yeah listening it'll be forty years. You couldn't so. Jim Has let Pretty Good Defensive Coordinator Defensive Coordinator for the steelers before this for a few years when they were pretty good. And that's I think how he got his head coaching gig. So that coach from two thousand two thousand eight most of those years or with the New Orleans saints didn't do so great. He only had two winning seasons. One was at first two thousand season and then two thousand and two The rest of the season. Here's either eight or worse finished with a forty seven. Sixty one record overall just not great but the fact that he lasted for was eight years.


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Yeah even with such a bad record as a testament to been able to stick around Fisher was Jeff Fisher. Yeah pretty much what Garrett Jason Garrett I mean That guy and he held his job. So that's true We can I think there's other connections Jason Garrett to its we'll get to in a second but against hasslet coach teams Patriots were undefeated. Now it three. They beat the saints twice in one. Oh five and then again. When has coaching the rams in two thousand so we like seeing his team's none of the games were particularly close really average score was Twenty seven seventeen. Pats one of the games the most games were about twenty four to seventeen sixteen to twenty three twenty four so they were very Offer not wanting to play in this game there. Were definitely a dome team for sure. Because Games were were informed. Dome Team Out Dome Him. Gotcha haven't been doing umbrella alive. My accent it's tripping you up. It is sorry but yeah so to come back to the clapper that I said before The other notable coach in this offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy who is currently the New Dallas cowboys head coach after turning this offense coordinator job into the Green Bay head. Coaching job in two thousand six coach forever up until last season he was through. Two thousand. Eighteen season didn't code. What's your take on? His relationship with awe. Aaron Rodgers have take kind of ignored that to be honest really. Aaron Rodgers seems kind of like a single berry so that's IBM. It's funny way to put it but he I Dunno I wake up early on. I think he's become a little bit of a budget on Aaron Rodgers. That is that's what it feels like. And he's the boss. Yeah the early success seems to have maybe gone to his head a bit right also kind of interesting to see that I mean. He was hands down across the board known as the. You know the most athletic quarterback and now that's definitely not the case. So it's interesting to see the passing of the torch and he never really won another championship so it is what it is. Yeah I think it kind of puts what Brady has accomplished into perspective when you see somebody with that sort of ability and that sort of talent and all these successes had and he's only won one super bowl even for a while on right. I think it's been too well right so to only ever get to one super bowl but the fact that he's gotten two nine one six of them it's it's a whole different level but remember what it was. Aaron Rodgers Peyton manning and Brady for status. Yeah Yep and now. It's Tom Brady and drew. Brees is now entered the conversation where he drew brees for goat. Yeah this year you heard it when you want. He passed paid touchdown record. Well regular season touchdown passing record people just regular season then. Yeah maybe it is between manning and breeze. The thing is Brady's up there and all those numbers but he has the whole playoff top of it. You know all those records where he's head and shoulders above everybody in every statistic. I now it's kind of a silly argument. It's outrageous. Yeah you could actually put together a full season of Tom. Brady playoff games. I think he's still finishes twelve and four. I Guess Playoff teams and Super Bowl team teams like the Legion of boom in the greatest show on turf and all these teams. It's an what can we think for all this deflate gate bell check Celena Soul. Now there's a lot of stuff is Brady Celena soul after I think oh seven or maybe oh six. There's obviously we've talked about when ballot check. Sold his soul. We've talked about belt. Checks cheating ways in his opportunistic. Getting caught talked about that. Well what's called a spade a spade my friend So with deflate gate that happen and they went on a run list.


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Say so without the fleet gay. We probably don't have the second part of the dynasty in probably gets cap so ballot check again frigging thinks fellow according to Patriots weren't GonNa win the game against Seattle the Super Bowl against Seattle. Well you have but deflate gate sort of like created that that aura. That like Oh screw this. Everybody's against us because if you remember after deflategate they still have two weeks or whatever of like answering questions and then the The year after you know what was that suspension year was the year after that Whatever Brady was suspended I mean that brought up the whole Garoppolo thing so everyone was looking at him. Brady had a chip on his shoulder. He had probably have that chip on a shoulder for a long time. I mean you just rattled off super bowl after super bowl super bowl so I think deflate gate played a hand in this run. You said it Mike you also thought nine eleven played a hand in this Clark. I didn't stay. All I said was the dynasty happened because of Melissa's hit okay. Excellent adding that to the list indirectly. Look there's a lot of people don't start out as a listen to all this and you see the filth that these guys are spewing and I'm ready to solids bidung consider getting all right good Lord somebody takes real tastes. I like. I like doing this because all these hot takes get us through this cold New England winter. They just it just keeps you warm. There probably know here. Do you still have the fires to keep you warm or those? Now it's just sunny. It's tough life. You lead is a couple of earthquakes here and there but other than let's must be nice. It was nice today because it got into the thirties. Got To thirty six. After like sweatshirts on their outside fucking lunatics writes The Saint Speaking Lunatics. How about some of these saints players quarterback Aaron Brooks remember him? I do because I actually had his jersey. If you recall Brooks Jersey I went through a phase. Yes that's my stop man. That's Mike and Mike and I talked about this. Maybe just been the two of us. I think Mike Well we go shopping at that place in Lawrence. Oh Hell Yeah. Sell sold Steve. Do you remember that place now? No Greg USA love it too. They had Like one of those like filings as like Tj Maxx Sorta just had a bunch of random stuff but they always had one rack of random like crap jerseys so they had one with like name sewn on upside down and like stupid things like that. I think it's purely price was the one that I had. Ooh Yeah I'm blind was off center. Twenty two right but one of them. I had Aaron Brooks and then also my my crown. Jewel was Murray's Claret broncos Jersey. Yeah those were cheap. There was also tim couch one. I think who's the the big defensive lineman for Green Bay with the Great Name Kebab? Emila that guy I him. Yeah at one of those so I I would give those away in college for Christmas presents and stuff till my roommates and things warn of course oh boy. They weren't new. They were used as well. I used to wear like house parties and stuff and I see what you do with them. So that's why I'm surprised. I wear no surprise. Aaron Brusson a reject pile he booking SOx Yup hell man he. Yeah he was not as bad as I remember him being. Oh he was worse. And I I. I mean this game in the heat and he couldn't handle it like he had to get out of the kitchen but I mean he put up these numbers. He had thirty eight hundred yards. Twenty Six touchdowns and twenty two deception. Didn't you have a three hundred and fifty yards in this game passing which was weird? Because I don't think I saw him complete a pass. We did the only pass. He completed sixty yards downfield. Yeah there's a couple of yeah But he was also on the team in rushing yards with three hundred fifty eight. He was sacked fifty times. That is five zero fifty times. Let's see is is that I that's usually in the upper region right but like fifty. Hi you hear that I mean what on car remember the Texans? Didn't he set wrestling? Have no idea how many times although for running quarterbacks and that is a lot of sex you'd well you'd think that because The second this game was where he was scrambling and then he ran and kind of like tripped over himself right.


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Yeah Oh here we go. Here's the leader of time. Sacked season. Uc that said David car. I was Maria now. Mike Yes it was him in two thousand and two caretaking. Guess how many times. He was sacked that year. I remember it was like in the seventies. I Seventy six. Oh Damn second-place though Randall Cunningham and six seventy two while surprising. Yeah a lot of these. It seems to be either White quarterbacks on bad teams like immobile quarterback teams or mobile quarterbacks. Who LIKED TO SEAN WASHINGTON? Here twenty eighteen with sixty two real kind of hands on here a lot. Forgotten is in the hall of fame. Three drew bledsoe's on here. Nineteen ninety nine fifty five sacks tied for eighteenth with Blake Bortles. Twenty fourteen blesses on here again. Two thousand two buffalo with fifty four secs doesn't that guy sounded good pokemon. I don't know anything about every time. I hear. Bortles picture his face off. I think you're right. Say brexit is. He's the he's on this list but he's got some good good company. Aaron Rodgers Fifty one sacks yells up fifty six new year so it does seem to be kind of mostly the Milwaukee our mobile guys and David Carr. Who is I and also third on this list? Oh that's pretty. Well my boy. Tim Coaches on here. Fifty six six car. Crashes that's a Lotta car crashes but now cars bring it in the announcing game I think is he. I don't know he's a reporter of some sort. I don't know man I don't I haven't come across the There is like the most Tom Brady. There've been sack was forty one times. Guess what season that was this one. This one hour really doesn't have like supernatural awareness. He got blown up blindsided in this game yet. A couple of fumbles that is often sublime recovered sided. It was real big your neck snaps back. Yeah it's a wonder why Bella check allowed him to keep his job again. Bledsoe didn't have the greatest history as well and got a pretty good view of him the year before when they went five hundred so right from what it sounded like is ballot check. Chose Tom Brady based on since he was making more so than really the numbers I think. Yeah that's a good point. I also read. This is perspective that you get after the fact. I don't remember any of this stuff like you know when I was watching. These games live but it came down to a lot of like a practice snaps between bledsoe and Brady and I guess in the previous GAM instagram's ballot check basically blamed Brady's performance so to speak on On the limited practice opportunities because bledsoe kind of took some away. I don't know if that's true or not. But that that's sort of what he went with. And you look at it from that perspective. You have a quarterback who's been you know he's a starter for two games gets hurt and then you have a guy who started eight games. You sort of like gear the The whole team philosophy towards is what's happening with that quarterback the terminology etc playcalling. So it doesn't actually make sense that you know you're this far into the season regardless of even if he thought Brady was the better quarterback it probably is a setback to kind of like restarted. Again with some guys that for two months right especially with Brady's still winning games during that stretch to a US five and three going into this game I heard somewhere some ballot check clip talking about this specific saints game where he said. Brady play like crap game before in this game. Kind of showed him that he needed to stick with Brady kind of proved them right. It's GonNa ride them for the rest of the year was a specific saints game. Yeah and that's actually. What all the The Boston Globe articles were kind of before and after is exactly that kind of dichotomy. Where and the funny thing though is is that like. He made not the hard decision but he made the decision that Brady was going to be.


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The starter barring injury before this gang so. I wonder if he didn't play like lights out which he did I wonder if it would have been a different outcome. Always would've stuck stuck with the rest of the year but yeah I mean who who really knows. Ambala check but and he's never gonNA fucking tell you he'll take it the Suri well once we have him on this podcast and thirty but yeah I mean there was a bunch of stuff in the papers about how belches made the decision and took the full responsibility for it to even back then in typical bell check fashion talking about how it's his decision and it is what it is and nobody else has anything to do with it. The line was. There's no sense in being wishy washy. That's not what I'm paid to do. Fucking bill bell check true but then they were also players quoted saying that you know exactly where you stand with them which I thought was interesting except for the fact when he chooses matter to be upfront is wishy washy. Because he told blood cell that he would be allowed to practice and earn those reps and earned the starting status again. That was never the case and as recently as I think Mike Panel This past year was coming out saying that check was never upfront with them and it was just you know sort of a guessing game until he was caught whatever so it is funny that that's a valid stance. But he's not wishy washy unless he asked me well out of your mic. I don't I don't know if I agree with that. Because they also had Muslim Michael Bennett. And he said exactly ops like new executive studios complete transparent and say every time did I. I said you wanted to be the case. I mean Mabley strategic or is it just that it's up to the player to decide how to react to bell checks demeanor. Maybe I don't know the right word there would be. I don't know I mean I I've just repeatedly will bledsoe said. He said that he had a conversation with check. Ballot check said that he would give them the opportunity to win his job back and then the next week he named Brady Starter. So I'm just looking at it from the perspective. Now maybe he was a little hard about it. Maybe is feelings were hurt. I mean I player so that he was very angry. That's all understandable but I'm just saying what he said man. This is what happens when we articles. That's true yeah I bring you the news but it is kind of funny to look back at some of these articles that these people are riding at the time knowing what we know now I can ramble a Bob Duffy. Getting Super Pissy about it before the game and then afterwards having to kind of like eat their own words Dan. Shaughnessy being miserable prick about it. Now shocking I will say I reading another article that you put up and it said again this is in line with wishy washy or not now Or being upfront with players or maybe them having interpret what he says but instead of the Patriots have had more grievances filed against any other team in the NFL in the past two years and that was like before. All of this recent stuff. This is going back to two thousand one. Baby I mean yeah I bel- check was installing his system. And we're happy about it. Although I do wonder how many of those grievances were just from Terry Glenn. He popped up a couple of times. Yeah I mean there was one article after the game about basically Glenn done tear glands done in New England because with US mark to write one of those angle hurts or whatever. Yeah have the CO right here. So it's the wide receiver said. He came back to the team. Ready to play against San Diego quote. But the other side didn't give an inch and his hamstring started hurting. So do you WANNA play again? This season the guy interviewing I'm asked and his response was. I did want to play for them again. He said that's D. I. D. But I don't think I'll be your next season. I don't care from films football team as directly if he was if he wasn't playing because he wasn't getting his money. Glenn said maybe I'm not getting paid and my hamstring hurts smile. So Yeah Yeah. She's definitely a little bit but it is funny to as we go through this season to kind of see that whole scenario played out. Yeah this feels like officially because we were talking about earlier that you know you remember the whole saga but we don't remember how it ended and this feels to me like this week.


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Specifically this is the beginning of the unacceptably. We haven't actually heard about him in the past couple of weeks now fast you episodes like there just hasn't been any news on him. Everything was pretty quiet. I thought Oh maybe that's how it goes out just like any more. We asked that question to we. Don't know what was the question. If if Terry Glenn go to people. I think that he probably did craft. I mean he was on the team. Although a quick Google search now shut up you would have got him like a hundred thousand dollar ring at the end of the year. Here we go. I think you might have still bid for EPA found an article from February eight two thousand and two entitled Glenn Says He Would Take Super Bowl ring if offered controversial wide receiver. Terry Glenn that he probably does not deserve a ring in Super Bowl champion New England patriots but except one if offered that's ridiculous whereas irving ring can work to the guys who are out there and won the Super Bowl. Of course. Not Glenn told the Boston Globe happy for those guys. They're my friends but I felt like I was still part of that organization. I did play some of this year before the rings were handed out or after February. Two thousand federal way to the February two thousand and two Dave handed out then. No I don't think so February. Two thousand two right. Yeah that would have been whatever. The rings are usually like the ceremonies. Way Down the line. Isn't it summer it? Yeah so I wonder wonder if you did. And now that they won the Super Bowl. Why bother with me? He said just reached a settlement. I don't even care about the money. Let's let's just break it off poor guy what's up with wide receivers different breed. They've always been kind of that me. I diva mentality. That's always been the stereotype right. Keyshawn Johnson writing a book called throwing the Damn Ball Right. Tarallo doing working out in his driveway during the off season. I mean we follow the Antonio Brown thing up until now but I guess now looking a little bit worse than me. We sort of alluded to the fact that it could go either way but Certain Tony Brown has Got INTO SOME TROUBLE. Yes not looking great so again for those that are listening. You probably know the outcome Speaking of trouble players the star of this offense of the saints game was Ricky Williams. Ricky Williams. Yeah definitely a funded. I did love how the commentators commented on his small hands and how that contributed to him not being able to catch the ball or how many fumbles he had poor guy while the things he has tiny but after the game the page that you did a good job of stopping him which doesn't surprise me or what but I just I feel like I had this reaction every time I saw him get the ball of like the clenching. The we talked about every time I'd see drew bledsoe draw back on third down Where you just feel like he kind of tore the pages to bits. But I don't know if that was when he was with the dolphins the other of you remember. I'd just I had lives like Shit. What'd you say? Six when he was with the dolphins yeah hits priority is what was he the part of that dolphins team that ran the wildcat. That's what I couldn't remember. Yeah OKAY OUR COUSIN. Mcgaw say probably not. Yeah I mean Ricky Williams though had a interesting career so that that guy was fun to keep tabs on it was. It was other than that on offense was Joe Horn who went to the pro bowl at a decent year. Didn't you must Mr Cell phone where he only had one cell phone stashed in the goalpost so if he scored the opposite end. That wouldn't work. Which is Great? That's gotta be the best. Td Celebration of all time right. Arrange Moss pretending to to moon the crowd personally. Yeah which I don't know why was it. Joe Buck that was like what he was. Yeah come on. Don't get me started on Joe Buck Michael. All right you know. They made rules after after. Joe Horn pulled that cell phone. All right they're like nope that's like. That was the season I think. 'cause was him in on.


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Yeah Yeah because he was he pulled a sign out of the snow said. Nfl please find me so they find him for it right. Who's alive for you? Runs Teo Nie on Cowboys Star? Wake him just like posing. There gets tackled that was. That's my deductible Dallas crate he proposing to the cheerleader of the popcorn. He's right yeah he was he was he was on his game too though. Some not as good anymore. It's a shame I mean some coordinated ones are okay but I don't know oh I didn't even think ti still on this game and he's still got some good ones making the cowboys solid piece. Not as tears. Yeah to be fair that season the celebrations. We're getting a little weak Ocho. Cinco had the rowboat thing where he's paddling like football like things were making sense after a while. I mean you run out of ideas but you gotta keep doing something score and Barry Sanders and just give the ball back. Like you've been there before but I feel the joe horns cell phone email. That's got to be up there and in recent news he also got caught in his scam about that healthcare scam. Oh you're part of that part of that. I feel like we've touched on that reason. That was a couple of players as well with Clinton was in there. Think yes yes yes. That's who it was angry. She called law. Well that is a collection of of names shit. Just it's the news. Yeah sure let's see. Who Else is on this team? Did you know the names? Sammy Knight was on this team and apparently he was the playmaker. I don't remember him. I don't really remember him. But as a strong safety he led the team in both interceptions fumble returns fumble recoveries and tackles from the strong safety position. That would never happen anymore. Although if you're leading your team in tackles from the safety position that's usually not a good sign for which is weird because has supposed to be like the defensive coordinator gas. He thinks his defense will be the strong point of his team. But it wasn't. I had no idea who their quote unquote lockdown corner was. He had kept talking about him through the whole game but remember his name. Yeah I don't remember. Maybe because they talked about him early like Oh they picked them up from somewhere and he was supposed to be this. Really good defensive back. Eve's wasn't that great before I go through injuries or something but this year he really stepped it up. And he's He's become a shutdown CAU- corner. Let's see Fred Thomas an might be? So let's the Sammy Knight and Jay Bellamy with a safeties. Kevin Mathis and Fred Thomas where the ads for Thomas to Arginine and he's GonNa Cover Troy Brown and his game in troy browse going to have a tough time with them and he didn't or did he know. Yet it's a ninety one yard touchdown or would you just ruined the whole game. Everybody I mean we're this far. Have Brown game. Yeah this was. This was quality brown. I will say Leroy Glover on the saints by the way I remember him in view is kind of a beast. I remember him just for his name. La- Roy with the apostrophe and glover which sounds like a glove and very remember Willie Roaf. Willie Roaf Yeah. I remember that all you but signi big fat offensive Lineman Guy. I mean Meatloaf your browser where there wasn't those jokes in there. Actually they they had one pun about Ralph. But I don't remember it wasn't it wasn't very good said did you touch on Boo Williams. That is you wrote it down. I wrote down Williams but the the note that I had on here. If we're GONNA pull that the Komo no aside is a great name mediocre tight end. Did you know who he was before I wrote his name down? Well no was that time that I didn't now that's what I thought I right. Get the game. How what did you think of the game? I thought it was a strong start for sure for the Patriots. I feel like the Patriots have had strong starts this season kind of generally and then they faded the end which is very unpatriotic these days while funny. You mentioned that because They were mentioning that the Patriots scored.


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I nine out of eleven times so far that season pretty impressive it is. I don't know I thought they kind of put it away. In the end of the beginning of the fourth quarter drive touchdown radio true. Jeez talking about journey guys Bro. Like forty five minutes into this podcast on his way down. We gotta talk about the first drive babies. All right talk about that I drive. You can do it if you like four or five plays of it. It wasn't very long because it one two three ended with the forty one yard screen pass to Anton Smith that play call was tremendous. Oh great time after it. It's one of those plays that I feel. You don't see enough. That kind of rolls out to one side. And then it's the kind of the throwback screen to the other side to the empty field and on this play it was Antwan Smith and to offense of linemen on one half the field just them and there was nobody else out there. I think the the two the two blockers got what twenty thirty dollars feel before they hit anybody and it was like Bo safeties. The only ones that had to come all the way back across the only ones that had any sort of angle on the play and they will get blown up by by the down. Didn't Brady like throw blocking that. Plays well was that you know. He's on the field but he did throw block sometime. He did he. It was when they tried to run her averse and they had him out there as lead blocker. But it got blown up in the backfield. Antoine Smith just ate the ball and didn't pitch. That's right that's right which I thought was smart. I would like to see him toss it. I thought yeah. He was hemmed him. But I thought pattern had. Yeah then you know they would have fucked up though to prime fuck it up. Spot this game and in the sink. On that first touchdown like balls Anton Smith catch. He's like Sony. Yeah he he wasn't a big pass catcher. Just in general I like Kevin Faulk and they got burned on that. You like come on guys what do you do? Of course it's GonNa be a screen you don't expect the Spanish inquisition or the screen. Pass to Antoine. I will say Viteri in the ensuing kickoff in every kickoff probably this entire year sucked at a getting. It passed the twenty nine. Yeah I mean he's never really known for that. Yeah I feel like you've never really known for his booming kickoffs and the Patriots always seemed to try to not kick cutbacks. Unless it's a really dangerous with Gas Kaczynski is like he puts it at the one. That's Harry puts in the fifteen. That is true. Yeah gives them a running start right office further at? Oh you're right. Steve Breath a little something. It's all so yeah and I think there was an article in one of the the Globes days about how you can't really blame out of an interior because his kick coverage team is is God. Awful was the gist of it. And I don't know I fully agree with that because I think it's all into play but I am surprised how bad this kick it. Just the special teams in general are just because Belgium's hasn't got his scheme fully implemented or what's going on but it is kind of surprising because last game there was a comment about how the rams and the Patriots where the two worst kick coverage teams in the League and yet somehow they both end up going to the super bowl spoiler alert. I couldn't stop that one guy. Sorry I had deuce mcallister turn kicks either. Use Super Good in this game. Yeah well that's kind of all. He did on this saints team. He was he was the third. Yeah well he was the third leading. Rusher this team behind. Obviously really Ricky Williams and so under one hundred yards wasn't yeah he did yeah. His stat line was actually pretty legit. He finished season. Ninety one rushing yards but had a long fifty four. Doesn't he like he must be good on in his career? Then because I remember deuce being pretty solid I think you're right. Yeah I think so too. I think Then he going to play with his with another back. Eagles Eagles I think no. Maybe not Brian West and Kamera with deuce mcallister and somebody else than New Orleans.


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The young put out there that we're not experts on any of this so anything that we say it could potentially be completely inaccurate. Nothi Brown nailed it out this season. Deuce mcallister ran for thirteen hundred. Sixty nine hundred and then just over three CS and your fucking face. Mike Injured lured disclaimer. Out after your because while that we've already covered that in a let me rephrase anything that Andy says it's probably bullshit because he doesn't know what he's talking about is that better Steve. Now good answer. This is starting off. Well how good film hour and fifteen. Now if you didn't where are you guys getting these numbers up way late? Sorry my monitor was broken guys. Sorry God you're late. One time a half hour. Everybody loses their shit. Well you were so late that my headphones what does that. You're on a Bluetooth. I was Oh boy is a great conversation. All right so the other thing we talk about is the kicker which we didn't touch on before because John Carney on the season missed three field goals the entire season two of them were in the first quarter of this game one. He missed a longer kick. I think on the Louis three or four Andy. Mass only professionals. I don't do but anyways. Yeah you're right to this goals. Yep and one of them was blocked by our boy Richard Seymour Cottam right. That's all right. Although of an Atari missed one as well so rough day for the kicking game yeah I feel like we can Chagas. Will maybe up to the the weather with the wind and the rain but I feel he's been a terrier hasn't been as automatic this season as I remember him being. You know you remember him just like never missing a kick. Yeah he's actually quite a few in the season. I think it happened after the two thousand one season for some reason I mean. Did we say that his career number before this was like seventy nine percent or something like that? They aren't great. Yeah so something clicked. Eventually steroids allegedly allegedly. But anyways the rest of this game we could pretty much fast forward to Right before halftime because seven nothing pats but for like a seven nothing game. They look really good. Was it thirteen oven well. Same before the half before that Dr Seven. Nothing until about a minute and a half less than a game. I mean a minute and a half left in the half and seven. Nothing third touching thirteen. Yeah THEY WANNA learn off in saying. I'm saying up until that drive guys seven. Nothing gay how they went into the half up twenty to nothing. You're right you're fucked up all right. Well let's fast forward to that driver. It's thirteen nothing. I don't know what you guys take over. You guys a flustered me. What's going on. I mean you missed the the Brady touchdown pass to Troy Brown. Where afterwards the that was the one. But it wasn't you boy can. Walter was holding the extra point. Your punter there and kind of when he the snap was highs ricotta like in his chest. You kind of fumble putting it down. And then adamantly didn't get them quick enough. It's like fuck it and just pull. It ran all by himself. Yeah I don't know what that was and got lit the fuck up. You're right I apologize. You're right because then there was a a bunch of like Back and forth here like everybody going three out. I know that like the game was like there wasn't a lot of action but the pats looked like they were dominating. Yeah it did. Yeah because the the pats were winning the battle of field position even when they weren't scoring they were even. They're punting there they were downing the ball inside the five yard line. Every time The Saints Get out of their own ends with either. Some random amazing catch deep passes on him to get to like the fifty and then like sputter. You Miss a field goal back or whatever but then like you said right at the end of the half. The first play of the drive Brady is the one that Steve was talking about earlier. Brady guts hit from behind and gets like is that snap back of your head that Ucla and all the those nfl greatest hits VHS tapes.


45:07 - 50:00


Remember those and there was just all of those like quarterbacks getting blinds is all they were and it that type of hit and Brady lost the ball. But somehow the pastor covered it didn't even look should have And then they run a couple of plays and that was right. Antoine Gets like a bunch of yards on both plays like ten fifteen yards on each place. It gives them like midfield. So they're like all right. Is I think. Thirty seconds left at this point. And they're just going to start airing out. Try Go on with a touchdown and Brady fines was his name Charles. Johnson is that right yeah. I think Charles Johnson's only touchdown from Tom Brady. But it was an Abso fucking laser. Those one of the best raspberries ever made a few like over the linebacker between the safety. And the cornerback. Amdo was was minute was amazing trial and see. Maybe I want to jump the gun here. So yeah so. I guess I need a twenty nothing so it's thirteen nothing but what I did. WanNa point out of about that Dr Outside of that wage crazy laser to Johnson was on that drive Brady was rolling out to the left. He was Roy ads of the right at one point on. Tv's diving for first downs. Along Past David Patten an touchdown of Johnson so I felt like that was a statement dry for the year. I called it the drive of the year. Up to this point rule I would agree with that Because I think they the only other one that I can think of off the top of my head would be the one against San Diego to tie it at the end of the game but his first comeback win. I think this was his statement of not fucking around here. I'm not overwhelmed. I belong in the NFL. I am a starting quarterback with thing. Yeah and it was. It was amazing with eight seconds. Left drive of the whole season right up to this point up to this point. I don't know what to come the turning point. I'll give you that. I mean it was pretty amazing for anybody who has access to that drive. It is pretty textbook and Tom Brady had that. That one long run too I was. I feel like I was surprised at how active Brady was in the run game in this game like he was taken off. If there's nothing open wasn't getting very far because he's not fast but At one point four quarter. They called a design quarterback draw on here. Brady looks like a baby. Deer running. Looks like a newborn deer. Running just hasn't quite forget house. Legs work yet. Yeah Yeah and one of the plane's rolling out he must have ran like forty yards before. Gaining eight is one of the longest runs of his career. Amazing Tab but I think because of that all and I think both anouncement had a really good running game two in this game crushed him and that opened up the the Tom Brady patented play action I think my favorite one that I forgot that I don't think they run it much anymore. But that they faked the pitch and then he kind of spins her our quicken throws a quick slant to whoever it is that players right that used to be a staple. I thought I remembered I. I saw it in this game like oh I love that play. But I don't remember that and they don't run that really anymore at least not that way. Write a letter to Charlie Weis. Tell them to bring it back. Yeah but the one play that they did run which I think has been kind of the bread and butter was the direct snap. Play to Kevin Faulk Did you see that one? And the favorite part of that player was Tom. Brady dropping back to pass without the bond hands and it fooled like the entire defensive line like they're all rushing field to get some and Kevin Fox like four or five yards. Downfield the one where the announcers were like freaking out at how much he sold that. Yes it never seen it before looking this kid. He's actually he's pretending to hold the ball. What come should also have you heard of either bees commentators but they were fine. They were fine but they did. Leave me very confused. Okay was that we're GONNA do this. Yeah we can do it man. I I to every week but these guys I mean Bill. Maas especially fantastic. Yes Oh look.


50:00 - 55:02


Introducing further. Sam Rosen and Bill Moss. I've never heard of me neither. He had some pizzazz. Apparently in one of the articles. On that you had posted people were not happy with him because The the article said that the police was out to get him because he said that the wind line was winning in the trenches and they thought that that was a military reference and that was too risque so he had flack about that. So it's interesting because we think that everything's incendiary now but he was getting flak for making a military reference which I thought was like common terms. Oh yeah but again. I don't know anything. The amount of military terms in football lingo is eighty percent of all football terms. Yes bomb all of it. That wasn't even part of my football football because I figured in the trenches was just a sort of metaphor. Yeah pretty easy to figure out okay. he also said this. That was funny because ever since they said Kyle Turner of the same to anger management. The whole team has gotten a little saucer and he starts laughing and then other announcer discos. Maybe to a redoubt in the game before when they're playing the rams in the locker room and like throwing a bunch of Shit and it be on the team. Yeah you talking somebody. I didn't quite follow what you're talking about. But yeah somebody was like breaking shit in at halftime or something like that and they came back and won the game or something talking about. Wow Yeah I don't know about bill. Maher is is very close to Brent Jones in my opinion but we been we. We can go down my list if you guys want. I'm I guess the first question would be so he said see. Bruschi number fifty four at the bottom of the pile down there. There's a lot of banging going on. What is that football football football? I think the bang talking about his banged pads together. Probably Bang their bodies together Wait Yeah but if you're at the bottom of a pile though why hasn't the collusion already happened or I'm confused about that. Yeah I think I think that's why he's at the bottom of the piles because he did a lot of banging. Oh he's talking about process of the pile happening I think so now. He's actually down there. I'm I'm guessing yes I don't want to speak for. I don't WANNA put words his mouth but that's my assumption. Okay Steve Now it could be either way. Okay thank you for that. The next one he wants it all the time and if you don't give it to him often enough he kinda gets his down a little bit and then becomes ineffective his dubber with the context of this. I think I remember. It was about Joe Horn. Yes it was about Joe so Joe Horn getting his daughter down. What is everything is if being honest that that might be a Dick Joke Dr Arena? I mean he was because he was talking about like you need to feed him. Football's or else he turns into Randy Moss and gets his daughter down and so I think he's. He's probably just gets a hard on for getting catches because that's weird 'cause like he wants it all the time if you don't give it too often enough. County gets downright which kind of makes sense that he becomes ineffective yet. We'll see there. You go so. I think the first part is about getting football's And now you're part you think is is addictive. I think so all right. Yeah E. I mean Domas Elva Gabe next one Maybe now that you guys said at halftime thing. Maybe it makes a little bit more sense of this quote by. He said about this game. I wish we had a camera in the Saints Locker Room at halftime. I'd like to see that you know would have to be one of those cable channels to watch. What the hell. Now I guess I kind of get it but at the time I did maybe. He's talking about the swearing. Yeah deficit can't swear on network television Kenya okay. So that's what he wanted to see in the Locker Room. Maybe or maybe maybe he thinks it's WWe sort of style should being thrown around. That's pay per view right. I think so. I don't know for sure. Yeah so all right so I guess that's football in the last one I don't know Two men coming hard Bruschi and Malloy two men coming hard brisk Bruschi and we've been over this coming hard and the whole no filling the whole. Now he's talking about the whole which I guess we've talked about putting juice in the hole which I've got two men coming. I haven't heard that one yet. They're coming hard to fill the whole running very quickly to come.


55:02 - 60:00


Fill out whole because the defenders. Yes all right. It's recall Steve. Yeah that's that's pretty much it. Thank you guys for helping me out there. Very welcome Bill Mazar. He did have himself quite the game. There's one part where he was legitimately arguing with the referees. Yeah love the on the because also like anti he was like stop fastened appears he's like stupid as ramps because one of them was It was on a punt and I think Gerard Cherry stepped on Mike. Got Back into the field of play and down the ball the one and the refs as as the ref is explained that he got a bit. He's no no. He did not reestablish lil yelling at the TV. As if he's me watching the TV I literally show the replay afterwards where he got like you have to get to and you got like four steps in the well. Maybe I hope we get on the end and Airbus exciting. He did also have. He went on a rant about the defense. Having twelve guys on the field you see that should be held even if they get. Oftentimes the twelve guy gets off the field in time because the defense the offense isn't GonNa know who's blitzing won't one you don't blitz every play and to the offense like I mean he's at a point if you have twelve men in the huddle on offense as an automatic penalty before you can even break the huddle it's true. But defense don't have huddles so doesn't quite count and the reason he was to stop you from putting everybody on the field and then having enough guys run off so that the defense can adjust put their personnel on right house. It's the offense that's dictating the personnel. In the field of the guy running off the field is is pretty sure. I think you're right but hey let's give it up so Bill Moss. Great clapping on a podcast. That's that's going to really good all right. You guys have anybody else. You WanNa talk about. Think I mean you know. After Dr of the year it's all downhill from there. I mean I would say that New Orleans made it pretty good push. It was twenty seven seventeen at one point. Yep Yep they they. At the end of the third quarter it was twenty to ten. They pulled it back within ten a couple of times but every time they did the patients who just drive down the field touch that that lasts a shower. Antoine's method is ranked all time. And then if you notice right when he scored from the two yard line or whatever it was like the entire offensive lineman all at the same time put up their arms like that one of the on that. I mean they had one hundred one hundred ninety three or something like that are running out and Brady almost had three hundred hundred passing and four touchdowns so they were firing all offense of cylinders. They're Noonan had one hundred ninety. One Yard rushing and two hundred and fifty eight yards passing for touchdown I did like the staff that I like the stat. That basically said that New Orleans allowed forty five yards of You know whatever run games run? Plays up the middle the entire season up to that point so forty five yards up the middle and then that Game Antoine Smith Guy. Seventy five yards up the middle so he almost double that is crushing them. All right. Let's do some best and worst. Mike you want to go. I talk about this game. It was great. I mean the first half was unbelievable. So and that drive really pumped me up. I mean it was definitely a taste of what was to come absolutely Let me see. Let me see best and worst here. I'll start off with my worst. The announcers were having trouble the difference between David Patent and Troy Brown the entire game. They're blaming it on the dirty jerseys. I don't I don't know I don't know if I like that kind of bothered me. So that's my worst and then my best was actually from the. It was hearing that. Brian Cox was running at warm-ups after breaking his leg early in the season yes so. That's pretty amazing. I don't know what he was taking steroids but Yeah he rubber earlier earlier episode. We mentioned something to the fact of We didn't remember what happened. Cots and he probably would not return But here we are six games left. I believe five games and A.


60:00 - 65:02


They're talking about him coming back playing against the jets. Yep No that was the that was. That was exciting to see. Actually that ties into mine. But Steve You go you do your first The best was that Brady throw on. That third touchdown. Yeah as awesome and have like a worst for the saints. Pick that Aaron Brooks through. Where like somehow? He didn't see me literally standing three yards in front of him and throws it right at me just like sit up in the air. If pleasant gets it wasn't great like out. I don't know how do you he's literally stealing. Bravo me Fox at its base trying to stop the ball on the basis of deflecting. It up do that a couple of times. He hit a he hit variable right between the five and the Jersey that should have been a pecking enable was even think coverage. He was coming around like a stunt right in the chest and my peaches for us. Was Tyler just absolutely torch by Joe Horn on that long deep ball? When their dad he'd Beth Game Noor joined us Ran Straight and is absolutely burn and if like rooks had not thrown at terribly. Cloudy six out of it yet. But he made the catch and The called for P. I anyway was on him while he caught. The ball doesn't credible catch regardless. But Yeah Yeah wasn't didn't Blau. He just puts more air into that ball. Joins gone. Yeah Oh yeah that's true. All right So my best was Brian Cox talking to the media after the game Before the game talking about The quarterback controversy and the the global is according to the injured linebacker. There's no quarterback controversy in New England. Only immediate core looking for trouble in capital. Letters would never be a controversy like this any other town according to Brian Cox. Oh No this is fucking boards writing of course. Ono quarterback controversies exists. Only in foxborough never in places like New York or Chicago which are among Cox's previous playing addresses. Not like this Cock said. This is real foolish. You guys are trying to undercut bill. He's trying to make a decision. That's best for the team. You guys don't know the situation. I don't think it would be as bad in New York. So the media here not capable of making the choice of who should be the quarterback. They don't know they don't see the tape. The CAN Brian Cox coming out here. And he's Got Bilbao checks back. Plus I'd say a lot because he did come from those places so if he thinks the media even worse is your is better than the boss. Me saying something. Brian Troy Brown also. This isn't this cap tied and e kind of handle it similarly where in the article it civil article say Troy Brown the Patriots senior in top receiver rolled his eyes when he looked up from his locker and saw Media Posse. Swarming him wanting to talk. Why Bell chose they were kind of on the same page. It seemed like the only people that were up in arms about it were media which is still playing out to this day with the the bledsoe decision making stuff which again probably sorted out by the time. Listen to this but don't spoil it for the rest of us Let's see my worst was Was Ricky Williams after the game. Talking about how he thought he had a game and how the he didn't think the the pages even stopped him. So he only ran for ricky lists leasing in yards. I think the NFL personally NFC right. Yeah in rushing yards. And he was up there in total yards. While the second in total yards from scrimmage. So they're talking about asking about you know He. The Patriots held him to fifty six yards and a touchdown on fifteen carries so like not great especially for the leagues where the NFC leading rusher right. This is the quote from the article so naturally Williams was asked. If this was the toughest defense countered all season. He looks incredulous that his saints cap almost spun around front words and the tidy gold studied nearly fell out of his nose. You being serious. He said his is wider than any of the whole he tried in vain to find. They're not even close and it goes on an odd about how he doesn't think that the Patriots did anything special and he baby.


65:03 - 68:25


His his argument was that because the Patriots so far he didn't get enough carries to do anything which I mean healing on fifteen carries but still. He didn't do much but he was also talking shit about Willie mcginest to was like one of the main reasons that he wasn't running so It was for instance. There was the way he and fullback. Terrell Smith positively manhandled linebacker. Willie mcginest who merely anchored the bottleneck for three quarters before leaving with injury quote McGinnis. It's two hundred seventy pounds said Williams. Tyrrell ME ARE LOT SMALLER. But we stood up to the challenge. We smashed his mouth for a whole fifty cents fifty six. They were tough yards and was coming at him because the defense is coming hard at him so I enjoy regret. I forgot how entertaining he was but I think not a great look after getting again. He is smoking a lot of this time. As Life's Oh yeah. Give him a little leeway here. You think he'd be a little bit more laid back about it and I believe at induced. Maybe he's seen things. We don't know smoke Greasy Brown. What can we do you? I mean not as good as Ricky Williams can afford. I Guess Not Jesus. Started Greg about that. He's the Lilly quit the NFL to go round the world smoking weed living in the mountains with some groups or something. Nag fucking afford it. Couldn't he got respect until about ran out if you remember? The comeback made immense to Willie after he got like super high with Buddha Came Back Williams hearted definitely it? It seems like the forgiving type so I'm sure it was aright allowed about wraps up for this one next week. We had to look forward to the pages. Traveling to is officially called giant stadium to visit the New York jets. Don't even have their own home but New York jets. That started this whole thing really. So would this be revenge game more we will find next week. We'll find out I just want to say I apologize for being out of hand. Earlier guys My notes got a little jostled and I was incorrect again and I just want to apologize for taking it out on you guys and I'm sorry you know what apology accepted. We still love him. I don't think that Andy we as in me and the listeners. Okay and cancel them in there with uncalled-for upon us. Hey we're we're we're a positive positivie podcast here. I'm working on it. We're not anybody except for Greg. Not here Fuck Greg. Yeah Greg Segment William. Maybe he'll be here next week. And we can say to his face until then autograph ground. No Greg brave amused and I love Greg Brown folk Mike. Oh crap. I think my apology back on that. Now Jesus Christ.