2001 Week 10: Patriots vs Rams

Everybody but Steve chimes in on the "most important loss of the Patriots Dynasty" (what!?). Mike tries to get us a sponsor, and Greg shares his travel plans. Join us as we review the first meeting between the 2001 Patriots and the Greatest Show on Turf.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your rocking back. All he still with us and welcome for the first time if this is your first episode if it is that's kind of weird that you starting a week ten but we forgive you Like I said this is week. Ten of the two thousand one. Nfl season bestowed upon us by our Lord and Savior. Thomas Patrick Edward Brady junior that I get that right. I can never remember the order of the middle. I think so I feel you should be the third. It just sounds better. Yeah some third. Wasn't there a player. Who's WHO's the second. Yeah Garden. Chew the second and Philipp Diller set right. I thought he was the third. I think he's in third which makes sense but you don't often see the second but parents because It's not his father's aims his grandfather's name so he's technically not a junior but he is the second best on the block. Yes that's right learning from so if you all are more about Gartner Flint men shows at right mill named Flint. Angry Brown Bros sports dot com and read. Gregory's perusing about it but today we're going to be talking about what I'm going to pause it as the most important loss of the Patriots Dynasty show. That's a bold statement. A Damn Cohen. Shoot hot boys. Why do you say that now because this game we haven't introducing against where the greatest show on turf visited old? Foxboro stadium coming in red hot eight and one against the pats who just over five hundred at five and four. This was the game. I think that gave the Patriots. The confidence that they could compete at a high level. Even though they didn't win the game I think away from it that they were able to hang with the elite of the NFL. You Disagree Greg. Why is not you? Don't lose games and be like data good loss what set in the world the the after the post game locker room stuff by definitely not congratulating them for losing this game but like Greg. Do you remember the Kansas City? Where the team Basically lost their spirit. And then that lasts drive or rock out a touchdown and whatnot. Turn the whole season around because bowel check said that he saw fire on the team. That was a good loss. The were onto Cincinnati game. That's a good one two off bullshit. Okay I agree. But what's what's given to listeners. Okay well I'd say you know 'cause there's plenty of teams over the years that are lost terribly. Okay fine sucks. Jesus Christ forget about story. Every last sucks. Oh you are rare mood good good. I told you Sarah guys do. I had a mute button for Mike. I do okay just checking. You should use it for today I might. Let's talk about the rams then who I will still. I'm going to stick with my take The Ba- I think this was a positive in the long run in terms of the direction of the Patriots Dynasty. Put them on the right direction. What I take to your tickets. Nobody really cares what I like. The story of it. But Greg over every loss blows the no that can come from ever. What about People lose in life. Yeah they're losers was the Two Thousand Four. Oh actually here's a better one. The Patriots lose in. Oh six in the game to the colts and that opens a opens. The Eyes of the coaching staff that Brady Needs Help. And they go out and get welker. Moss and lightly gunfire was nothing at the same time. Well I wouldn't say none of us exactly everything sour start there see again.


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Scratch this from the podcast man. I'm just going to delete your entire audio from this guy back and drink maram do it. So yes big on the rams they will finish the season fourteen and two I in the NFC west. Obviously they're only only losses this season where to the seven and nine saints randomly week seven and then against the nine and seven bucks and week eleven which is directly after this game. So I think this also led to the Lost DIRECTLY AFTER THIS THIS GAME. Just how hard it was played in. How close it was. I'm sticking with you. I'll give you that that makes sense to me unless Greg I'm sure why does divisional games with division? Where they in? Nfc West because that was before the realignment. Because like I don't know why I always think they're in the same division as the talking so that. Nfc West back. Then was rams. Forty niners Saints Falcons Panthers and so the final standings rams obviously fourteen to like we said forty niners twelve and four. Then nobody else about five hundred saints. Seven Nine Falcon seventy nine panthers one in fifteen which we will see them later in the podcast. Yeah Yep so. This was like we touched on before. Part of the greatest show on turf era and the offense would score five hundred three points this year which was seventh most all time at the time which was more impressive because this was before the explosion of offensive production. You can see you know rookie. Quarterback's throw fifty touchdowns but back then that was unheard of so but as part of this greatest show on turf. The reason was called is because the year before this they put up five hundred and forty points which was third all time at the time and the year before that Ninety Ninety five hundred twenty six points which was fourth all time at the time. So they're putting up top ten all time scoring numbers every year for three years in a row and as part of that in this it was looted by one of the commentators that the rams had scored coming into this game thirty one touchdowns and they only punted twenty three times on the season coming into the game and so I went down a bit of a route whole today at lunch and forgot to eat lunch because of it but I decided that I would look up How many times teams have finished with more touchdowns than punts on a season and there was more there. Were thirty four of them. Believe it or not and I'm pretty sure you could probably name. Maybe half off the top of your head. But in terms of the punt differential punt touchdown differential if you will how many more touchdowns than punts there were Who would you guess would be the top of that list with the most Poncet at least amount? Now the the most More touchdowns in punts like the biggest positive difference Patriots. Seven yeah correct. That is correct. They had seventy five touchdowns which is second all-time to that was twenty team. Broncos was it Yeah Twenty Thirteen. Broncos had seventy six touchdown on the air the Oh seven. Pats seventy five but the difference in punting was that that. Broncos team punted sixty six times that year so they're only plus ten the Patriots and seven hundred forty five times so they were plus thirty on the season in terms of touchdowns to punt my thoughts on planters. I Love Them. I'm so I'm I'm just enjoying my. Oh Clark Rum and listening to this fabulous conversation about beautiful beautiful that free plug it can be. I mean we work it out about it does it goes you can SIP IT. You can chug it if you really want to. I would recommend that and you know you find it for like ten twelve bucks. Does that help? Ease the pain. It's making the show a lot better boy you said. Now we're not even halfway done. I don't in in ten years that were that.


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Number's going to skyrocket more teams in the NFL than not will have more touchdowns upon so yes. You're right because to that point Of the top four To those were this were the last. Two years came to last year with a plus twenty six and Baltimore this year. Plus twenty three. The analytic say you shouldn't buy Yup. Yeah because I think Way More infrequently than they do yeah actually both teams in this upcoming super bowl the chiefs and the forty niners are both on this this list. Now this will not be upcoming by the time you listen to this. Y'All so if we say anything stupider inaccurate while tweet at us if we have a twitter than we do sweet yeah I'm going you're going to Super Bowl Miami. Well that's almost cool. I mean I was Gonna say your Big Ball because the super bowl tickets are going for like nine grant. At the moment we got the AIRBNB like around the time of Antonio Brown being signed bull quite workout but no round trip flight for a hundred fifty bucks. Muslims phone weekend sounds pretty good loving the office. That's plan but they would be but they're not but that would that would have been a whole more expensive because You can't go down there and not go to the Super Bowl second mortgage. It's all. It's all good. Yeah exactly Andy was one of the teams. That you're mentioning the Peyton Manning's colts. Because I remember one year they that it was a running gag without punter. Just never did anything you remember. There are the culture on here a couple of times fourteen with a plus twelve in two thousand four and then we're else Twenty and twenty nine back seasons. Oh seven Oh six. They're both plus two. Oh also thirty second with a plus one. So they're on here. A Bunch Yeah. They they definitely scored more touchdowns and punts often. That's putting pumps. I'm glad you boys found that fascinating as I did. Those definitely worth a a lunch break. Cool well I can t any. You can what you can tell. You didn't eat lunch. Oh thanks I said I enjoyed it. Thank you very much for sharing man. You're very welcome. I I know how much you like Punters and punts debt. So just for you I loved it every minute of every second of it for all the people that are still listening about that. All F I you can tweet US. At pats dynasty Info on twitter sexy especially the Hanso part. Come get us. Yeah all right Ran The architect of this greatest show on Turf Mike Martz. He was pretty good. It was six seasons as head coach from two thousand two thousand five. He wasn't really the architect this. I guess now I'm saying that because this was already in place when he took over it wasn't it so that's great He was He kinda like drove his team at the ground a little bit so he was fired after week. Five in two thousand five so he didn't make it through the full season I can add to that Probably a reason why he petered out because I wrote down that. He got a comment that they haven't The Rams hadn't faced a team like the Patriots with as speedy receivers as they have and I love Troy Brown David Patten. By if if that's what you're putting out into the world it makes sense that you might be out of a job so yeah I mean that's that's a great point he yeah he wasn't But was that something that he said. I thought that was More on the defensive coordinator. Oh I thought it was him. I take back everything I just said. It was the defensive coordinator every got so that down. As a Lovey Smith quote. No no no I say Martz said they had. I was kind of half paying attention so I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure Greg. Well look that up please.


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It was the quote was patriots. Wide Receivers present the biggest challenge of the season according to Lovey Smith. And this is the quote that I had was that they hadn't faced a team with receivers like the Patriots. Yeah Yeah Yeah I think that was the continuation of the quote and how fast they were. Incenting okay maybe they set it. Maybe neither of them said it. Maybe we will lie to you by Joe Theismann. I mean yeah. You don't where they go find it. I'm looking Google. The following quote only notable coaches. I think there was Kensington. Peasy he was only really. He was the wide receiver coach. Only really notable in air quotes. Because he is the son of the former Patriots offensive coordinator earnings and peasy back in ninety eight ninety nine so I don't know how much of an effect you had on that although commentators all about this this wide receiving corps. The Rams happened Greg's time and if Andy's go on is looking weekly rant about the Commentators I like you know what I think. It's this is a rarity but I don't have a football or not football because I think I got everything that they were talking about. Yeah I was. It was Mike Patrick Palm Aguire and Joe Theismann and I'm Joe thighs in was the original. Tony Romo like is points. Point point things out before they happened little fine. Yep Yeah US having a good time with people. That's what that's what makes it. Good commentator is just having fun yeah also knowing the game to like I. It's not listening. Dan De la. Carte can't understand why they're throwing a flag like Joe. Theismann action knew the rules and could explain them to you in real time is happening. Is that a twenty minutes later. When he's been told by whatever research staffy has the Greg Brownsville. The world's main The only thing I had was that he sticks him right between the two and the eight and I kind of figured what that pretty quickly did you like the the comment about the the. The referee having those east. German surplus microphones. That working again. No I missed that. What's going on Did you not hear the referees? Because neither did anybody else. Because they're out that's right. Yeah bledsoe throws more catchable ball. How do you feel about that as a bledsoe stand? Well I mean they also said this so we can debate how good they actually were because one of the quotes was brady just ripped off and I say ripped off because he looked like he was actually running those like a ten yard. Run for a stamp and one of the announcer says. That's one element that Brady adds to the offense that you see you game first downs running the football statement allies. Is that a shot for getting injured instead of getting a first down and oh I should have added. That's some shade that is beyond me. In retrospect now that we know that. In retrospect pretty alerts hell. Yeah so who WanNa talk about the presentation? This is really the first Prime Time Game of of the Patriots Dynasty and it was the first appearance of the yellow. I outline yeah and you. You basically took my best of the game. Because I didn't even know that I wrote down. Is this the first time we've actually seen this? I wasn't sure but I guess it is with these patriots. Yeah because apparently it was owned by I think. Espn actually put it together. I have quote here somewhere. Yeah so this is. Here is oh. Cbs rally excuse me you immediately. It wasn't the usual third or fourth string. Afc telecasts on CBS when the ball was spotted after the play and the yellow first and ten line appeared for the first time this season on the telecasts of Patriots game. It's usually reserved for the key National Games because of the twenty five thousand dollar per game. Expense some foresight. Yes so there's been twenty-five Geez for lime but now everybody uses it now. How do you feel about because I love that yellow line because I'm a Lazy River But implicit creates a great conversations in bars in at friends homes but How does it compare with the remember? The hockey puck that you select glow and it was like Meyer. Why did that never stick because his like you know hockey fans are like macho like hockey off the casual fan ru hockey fans aid there? I don't think they're already had casual hockey fans as the problem.


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It's like casual across fans. That's not a thing. They were offended by the the glowing. Pocket them so but yeah I mean on that no touch. Let Watching Games now. I realized the things that I think when they first came out I used to hate but I don't anymore like when they actually put the down and distance like they displayed on the field with Arrow below the where they'll live and I kind of miss that because I can never quite find it in time on these telecasts because they only show like before the game goes away when the play happens on like this I look up to find out like what down that was already forgotten because I have. Add and I have no idea what down a distance it is. That doesn't happen to me. That sounds like a personal problem. Watch the Games though. Oh shots fired there. But let's go back to the issue here and I'm watching. I know it's you might get to the end of the game by the time they finish the podcast. We'll see three but that that is also something to talk about. Maybe for another time but you throw around. Add is this what you mean by that? Is it a flippant remark? Or are you talking about actual problems here because if that's the case then we're good but if not don't throw that shit around Andy? It's both I can say because I have it. Okay can joke about it because I am one all right now. Your tone makes me feel bad so because I abuse prescription drugs not prescribed. Oh all right Well this one. Yeah it's just my head. What do you think about if they were to like? Come up with technology to make that lime visible to the players so I will. I'll run with this question. I know here you go. Here's what you need to do. It can't just be because I think if it's going to be asking me like lasers and Shit right so that yeah so if you're going to be doing laser show on the field. You May as well just get rid of the the sticks and just like laser measure like yeah put a chip in the ball or some bullshit like that and then have both the The line of scrimmage be laser etched on the field or whatever and the or laser display products. Etching anything but then also the first down is exactly ten yards away to the millimeter and so when they put the ball down as long as as long as low. Cut You off the first down. You can't talk about this now because referees. No no no with commentators dude got under wraps and this is why I want you to patent this idea. I don't know how to do all that. Shit but you just do it when you go into shining and then you pitch this shit and then you license it okay. That's what would they tell me is. I've been recently our need a name for this company though It's gotta be something hip. Yeah could also be translated to like classrooms but with no vowels or like a Hashtag Laser L. C. R. L. Y. N. Do all done so. Don't don't Patten this really fucking idea. 'cause I mean we're we're we're talking about this probably six months in the past when people listening. But I'm pretty sure I wanNA patent it by by then what about like. Here's another idea. It's a little field but maybe maybe it works out of it. What if the you get tackled? The ball hits the ground and then the grass like self paints itself. So that like I got this line gets painted real time on the field from pass any like paint itself green again. You need a lot of need for this idea but like it seems more reasonable. What about let? Let's let's play off of that then If instead of the grass pending itself. Because I feel like that a lot of effort to ass on we just hire like homeless children with paint rollers to run out and just paint lines every time. The first down Thought Missile Homeless Housing tariffication.


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I don't know where this is going to hell. And have basket exists tennis. And they do that. Zoom in the area and then we got like old dudes carrying chains. Billion Dollar League probably tennis yards apart as long as kinks in the chain and in long as straight and as long as it's put down in the correct spot initially pretty basic system. We bring this up but did you think it adds to the intrigue. Old Timey charm just like wearing hats in their stirrups or whatever that shit is like they're they're baseball players have got lost right. All right I'll go ahead what. There is a certain skill to it like as far as can the player see some players do have that like internal. I know where the line is like Kevin Fox where the catch it not fall for exactly where they need to true they don't have that skill And as Andy pointed out. Let's do not have that skill that was that was Your quote but did I don't know what has been said so far but I will say this. They mentioned that Half of the blood in his body. My worst yeah got it all back in back in the day later scrape it off the grass and all the youth his blood. I I just I just were belichick saying you might be out for like one or two weeks. Yep He was out a little bit longer than that. That's okay man. Half the blood in his body. That's fantastic modern medicine. Yeah also actually Speaking of BLEDSOE's injury they had an article in the globe this this week before it talking. About what the injury actually was and the quotas. What he did have was a sheared blood vessel that lead to a condition known as Hema Thorax in which blood not air enters the lungs. Jesus fucking Christ in due time. The blood was removed via tube from the lungs and redirected back into his system. Honestly the things you can learn. That's insane Fisher. A little bit like like breathing. Blood as opposed to air some Superhero Shit. Yeah so I mean. I'm assuming it's only happening one of his lungs right. I was our maybe it was both well. I mean look it up with backcheck art fish syndrome. Fishes fit long so and on top of that. I know we talked about at the beginning about like when it happened. We're talking about whether or not he had a concussion. And there was another quote in this same article talking about that probably did said The BLEDSOE cases interesting because demonstrates the limited ability of even the most trained doctors to make accurate judgments in a hurry. Dr Sarah aarons was their doctor at the time was standing. Just a few feet away from where Bledsoe was hit. He examined Bledsoe immediately for any signs of inflation and decided there were none it continues but bledsoe did last just one more seed before. Belgium's pulled him when it was obvious he wasn't in full command of his faculties. I had communication with some of my teammates and based on that they went to bill and said maybe I should go out. Let's explain what concerned his teammates. Damon humor to mark. Edwards was that their quarterback and didn't really know what plays he was running a that that the doctor who literally was standing a few feet away from when he gotta hit couldn't diagnose correctly Bowron. Yeah I will say this. I will say this and I don't want to bring the move down but it has to be addressed because just released and people listening to this. We'll have a little bit more time to take it in But in talking about getting your Bell Rung which we've all seen concussions and whatever in our playing days previous listeners will know my playing days All three of them right But they were mean as Backslash slash linebacker. Don't get me started but with concussions becoming a bigger thing there was the Aaron Hernandez documentary which I think a lot of it is already common knowledge But we also see the Antonio Brown stuff kind of escalating pretty quickly us in the last few episodes and then also in one of the articles that you posted is talking about Leeann Gray.


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Who kind of you know. Yeah withered away and passed in his. Like which I think. He was in his forties And there were some suspicions about what led to that There's another player who passed homeless On the street by himself and that was looking at an article on Tokyo Brown steelers there was like You know a holiday centre Forget his name but he Pass sort of homeless and had problems and they were They were just the teams Kinda turned their back on them. So what do you think about all that? I mean and seeing something like that happened a bledsoe that could have probably you know or at least like you could have changed his life about like it did. I think I ran What do you think about because I think we've talked about concussions? A little bit In this season alone it kind of seemed like it was already popping up a little bit more frequent. Yeah I think you're right and I think I noticed even in this game I think they 'cause they flash up a list of all the injuries that had happened in this game to the rams alone and I believe Aeneas Williams was on that list as having suffered a concussion but then like a few plays later. Who's in there making the tackle Houston on the blitz putting his his helmet in Tom. Brady's chest out that's right. Yeah Yeah So. He's still out there leading with his head. Even after he had been diagnosed with a concussion they let him back in there to continue playing it like just looking back at it now from what we know is going on these days with the with the information that we have and like how much more research has been put into especially seeing and everything it does have a different tone to it then just like you know rub some dirt on it and get back out. There seems like that's what it used to be. I'll definitely was. I'm wondering I mean. Obviously they're taking steps to kind of prevent some of the stuff I maybe this year. They're talking about removing kickoffs altogether and whatnot. And you know I don't know if that's good or bad but the data just prevalent to this. I know it's like guys banging their heads against each other but why I hear like soccer players have so. Is it like inherently a sports thing or do you think is primarily like and obviously we don't know at the moment but yeah? I think I mean obviously I'm just making shit up now. I think that is probably prevalent in the majority of Sports. Because like they say you can get this like they're seeing. Cg In soccer players from heading the ball and shit like that which is a big part of soccer. But I think that you're I've I feel that sports like football and probably to a certain extent. Maybe like rugby and things like that. Those collision sports hockey those sorts of things. I think you'll see it worse. Cases of of C. T. in the future by. I think you'll see in in all sports but it will be more severe in the ones where there's like collisions. All the time. Like I've offense defense line. That's kind of what they do. Every play the bash heads with each other so I don't know how you fix it either because hitting is part of the game and it's not like it has to be these big hits each day quits. All the hits. That kind of pile up is what seems to be where the researches is going with this right. You're up to solve it but you you can do. Things like give the players. Lifetime health insurance rang. Yup true that moment make. You're not doing that right now. Especially with with the money that they're making hand over Fist Ford it deems. They'll give shit. They cut up so make. That require them to give them health insurance. We sacrificing their bodyg- all that money like that's an easy solution that doesn't take any doctors or research. Earning raise true and continues the sport too because I think it shows the players yet but I I I mean I think there's I don't know how true it is or what the numbers are but there's been stories out there. How Youth football and participation is declining rapidly. So does it get to a point where you just don't have the same pool of players who choose from. Yeah I mean. I think there is something to that I mean. Obviously it's always gonNA offer an opportunity for anybody who doesn't have any other way to wake make an income or make a big splash like that and kind of provide opportunities but yeah. I think it does affect. I mean. That's a good idea. I've always been in the camp of light.


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We probably know this info years past. But you know that banging your head against somebody else's not the greatest thing inherently but it's their choice but Like Greg set. Maybe that would fix something. Obviously these people are putting their body through the wringer in their minds by you know. I think a lot of do that for their families. And it's a conscious decision but at least make it a little bit more humane while we're trying to clean it up a little bit We'll see how it goes. I don't know for anybody WHO's listening. We didn't solve shit that conversation and I don't want to hear it so you can tweet at Mike. No twitter thank. You know twitter social media all right. So yeah I was GONNA try. Drew bledsoe quote out of my thing but the only comment I have Andrea blood cells that he put out half the blood in his body. All right. Well that's not true So we'll get to it in a little bit but What did you? What were your kind of initial thoughts on this game? Because Mike I know you are a bit more down on it. I was talking to you before we started this right. I mean it was interesting because I thought that the first half you know overall speaking we can get into it but the first half. Kinda seem light a little bit more competitive defense. Was you know holding their own And then sort of in the second half Which I still understand why they would be encouraged after this loss allegedly but it kind of seemed like it became Marshall Faulk show and it was just running down their throats every single play at the time. Yeah so let's just touch on a little bit so first quarter Pages ON THEIR FIRST DRIVE. Brady throws a new section deep zone territory. Basically Hits Falk in the hands come falk in the hands with a heater and bounces off and he gets picked off the rams start. Unlike inside the twenty and score a touchdown three plays later and I will say it started off pretty well because the game open with two batted balls that Kurt Warner through. And then all of a sudden the third plays a thirty five yard pass Isaac Bruce and it was really well covered by Taiwa So even though it's a good start for the because they stopped them on that drive i. Sledding though again yeah but I think that the pets difference definitely gave Warner trouble. I think this this game especially was one that the Patriots brought pressure more than I can ever remember which against a team with this firepower. Seems Really Ballsy to me but they were. It seemed like they were bringing at least five or six guys. Every defensive play from all is to talk. We haven't gone over the the roster usually have but gesture looking at Torry Holt Isaac Bruce Ricky parole trunk candidate which was like Super Fast Marshall. Faulk and that's by offense but defense agree blind Williams London Fletcher Leonard. Little like this team was stack. Yeah they had some some big fucking names And Like all those people you just mentioned wins the proble. Kurt Warner auditory. Hold Isaac Bruce Marshall Faulk they're all pro bowlers Falcon. Kurt Warner were first team. All Pros And Marshall Faulk was basically a video game at this point what was this the year he was on the cover madden was around this time maybe like ninety nine to probably the curse usually gets you so so yes this probably on two thousand. Be My guess Greg Statue but this was talking about pumps versus. Td's this is another rabbit hole. I went down Marshall Faulk in this season outscored the kicker one hundred twenty eight points at one twenty seven which is hard to do. Because the kicker get you know appoint every time you grow touchdown plus all the field goals all that jazz so the out of the top twenty scores of all time in the league. Fifteen of those are kickers lot. Which doesn't seem right and I would tell you who they were if this page will load but it doesn't maddened heifers. Yeah but yeah. So the only top twenty. The only players who aren't kickers are actually running back surprisingly so Ladainian Thomason in terms of points in a single season points scored Ladainian Tomlinson.


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First Place in two thousand and six thousand had thirty one rushing touchdowns wasn't rushing touchdown author all Russian. Yeah but So he's got one hundred eighty six points such as he's second two thousand five with one hundred sixty eight points. So he's a distant second. He's got twenty eight touchdowns and that it's kickers David Akers Gary Anderson. Jeff Wilkins priests homes in six place. He's scored twenty seven touchdowns Mark Moseley. Who actually know what the fuck is? He doesn't have a position marked here. He is also kicker. What's what's that one out and just like pretend that research them. Pretend we knew what we were talking about the eighty three Washington redskins. So there. You go was that Moseley. Yeah Mark. Obviously yeah you know him. He was Sixty to sixty three on field goals on extra points. Arc Mosaic sorry but then In eighth place was this year's Marshall Faulk with one hundred sixty points which is out of control. Lee's pretty good. Yeah he like you said I mean this is why he the second half looked like the Marshall Faulk show because the whole season was the Marshall. Faulk show yeah. I also like may the note and I don't know if there's any correlation but the way that Marshall Faulk was used in this game it's sort of very much beat up the Patriots. This was before the Patriots Incorporated back So pretty much just like run up the middle run up the middle kind of people down. Do you think that playing a guy like Marshall? Faulk sort of changed his philosophy because I feel like as the years continued the Patriots now is sort of known for those like flex backs That million things Verena all the way to James so you think had yep exactly so do you think that like a second about it am. I did this game. Maybe introduce that into his mind or at least like facing them a couple of times. Maybe it was a little bit. I think they already had Kevin Falk on the team now but he was like. I think yeah. I think this was a and I think this happened with not just the Patriots. Where because you know it's a copycat league in now. I think people started to make their wide receivers be more of a receiving threat but having said that I mean the Patriots from week one have been splitting their fullback out wide five wide receiver sets. Yes it's true. I mean right. I mean I feel like that's more gimmick than anything but it is the start of something I mean so is Who's the originator of that? Does it go back to? I don't know why be West. Coast offense where it was instilled in like who started that like SCAP acting. That's a great question. I don't know all right again. We're GONNA pause at our information straight. Come absolutely we'll just we'll have Our our listeners. Tell us on twitter. 'cause nobody loves to tell you when you're wrong like twitter does so okay if you know the answer tweet APP. Mike Mellow twitter men. That's how I I that's how I escaped this bullshit. No social media so well. Here's what we're going to do so you can. You can tweet at our pets dynasty Info but but make sure it's it's made out to Mike Mellow. Yeah well we'll read it to you so don't worry about it it's cool. I won't listen. I'm barely paying attention now. So Live Actions Library Act and maybe eventually we will be live. And maybe I'll I'll give a damn. Maybe if somebody calls it eventually we get that whole thing set up. Maybe that's human contact technology. All right. We'll do that just for you. So then Cleveland come live shows if we get Johnson on which you would you. Would you listen to him? You know I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I I was a big big fan way back. I mean. His career started before I was born. I was still a fan I was in the womb kind of forty for the so. I bet you I would be. I would be into having my conversation going trying mustard sauce.


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That was him right. I think so I can remember that can. Walter is one of the punters even a pages punter at remember sausage to you all right so yeah so. I think you're right about the this. Being a game of two halves. The Patriots hung in the first half because they had two interceptions in the first quarter. Off Of Warner a pick six by Terrell Buckley which. I don't know why I didn't remember that. Play happening. But it was a legit legit play. It was definitely the highlight of the game. I thought seven seven at that point because they lost. I'm having an effect. I have way more distinct memories of wins. Oh yes it's so tragic. If you put it out of your mind you move on recent and I probably didn't watch any highlights. Their team loses you. Just ignore it. Yeah you don't you don't watch. The pats fifth quarter or anything like that. You just kind of turn. Tv off walkway. I've noticed that a few. Yeah Yeah me too. Although I going back to the shit on any episode from a few weeks ago I think this is one of the first games that I think I was still at home for either. I come home for Christmas break or I had stayed home for Christmas so so I do remember watching this game. I will say that the the pick six is that you're talking about. I mean Warner through one to throw both like you said and then the next five one or through a picks to tedy Bruschi at like the rams forty see I think that would be a defining moment but it was not yet. I think just because it's early it's like watching the Falcons Pat Super Bowl like the the rams were driving up and down the field. The entire time almost like the colts game earlier and this will both colts games earlier in the season where manning and the colts could drive all up and down the field. But then they'd stall and missed field goals or gopher foot down and not get it sort of thing and I think that was happening in the first half Because yeah the the rams through two picks in the first quarter punted once in the first on their opening drive missed field goal in the second quarter but then pat they missed field goal past drive down inside the five going to to take a seventeen seven lead instead. Antoine Smith fumbled. The ball ran the ball in their own was at three are lines that two three yard line with two minutes left in the half and drive ninety seven yards for touchdown. Averaging like yeah. That was incredible. That like I mean. That's one everything obviously employer Antwan Smith. Time it sucks by that. Two minute drill was flawless. It was nasty. It didn't even look like they were trying. They were huddling up between plays and shit and taking time out at random times but they still. It didn't matter. It just felt like the Patriots had done so well up until this point with how much pressure they were getting on Warner and as soon two minute warning hit. They backed off and wanted is carved into pieces well. I think that the the announcers could sense that because I wrote a couple of things like around this time that they were kind of bringing up and one is. They went into this whole story about Antoine Smith. And how Nice Guy is. It is pretty crazy. Story apparently turned down a scholarship to Auburn. Put Off College for three years to take care of his parents. His grandfather at chancers frame of there was going up dialysis and he worked at a factory for three years. Doing this put everything off and then got a scholarship to Houston and continued on its path about. That's pretty crazy. Yeah Yeah it's kind of similar to the Troy Brown has kind of a similar story and also David Pat News. Actually mentioned this game. They mentioned a few games checking around bags of coffee. Beans sachse coffee beans. I want I choose to remember. Antone Smith in this game for his loving heart and not the fumble and then I thought this was pretty hilarious but there is a there they were talking about. How Brady was the first Patriot quarterback to have over sixty five percent completion passing in four straight games? So in the hit. The Patriots never out of quarterback over sixty five percent in four straight games that ballooning including drew bledsoe. Who was the savior of the franchise right? That's fair that like to those games. He was like seventy something percent and the other two. He wasn't right right so that it's funny. I mean the Guy Played. What six or seven games at this point? He's already in some kind of records. I also thought around this time it was funny bledsoe but hey he did it to himself.


50:05 - 55:01


The Ninety so from ninety three to two thousand seven games and he The Patriots one in six without him. He asks you thousand one with Brady. At this point they were five and two. That's pretty amazing. It is. Can you name the one win and the the one in six? You named the quarterback I wanNA say Zolak believe it was and it was like he was like pointing to the gods and I think having it up forty niners maybe. Was this bledsoe finger. Zolak that around that time. What the Finger. Yes like a broken finger or something like that. Oh bledsoe played through broken finger. Okay I don't remember but I do remember this. Game was like freaking out and lacks a bit of a nutcase. Did that one game set up for like the rest of his career as anyway. I think we'll just being a backup to drew bledsoe. I think we'll be sick. You did have won the game. He's got that win an NFL wind under his belt. Which is more than any of us can say so. I'll give it to him scare the second half. I thought third quarter was actually okay patriots still in it And ended seventeen ten rams and it was fourteen ten at the half saw. The RAMS got a field goal. There was out of eight drives. No one really went anywhere. It was kind of sloppy. That Warner had the fumbled snap near midfields. He just dropped the snap and the Patriots recovered the very next play. Tom Brady under pressure off his back. Foot chuxing interception to the Middle Linebacker. Whoever the hell that was again I'm surprised that bill bill but again yes. It is yeah. Well yeah. Well we'll get to that in a second because I have some thoughts on that So yeah so but going into the fourth quarter. The Rams have the ball driving into the third and the fourth and They basically just walk down the field. And score that Touchdown Warner they wanted was getting no pressure on him at this point. I think the defense is a big gassed building. Feel so long. And he threw a touchdown to his fullback which was the fullbacks. First tiny right out his name. Because I didn't care at this point so that makes it twenty four ten rams and at this point you thinking it's over but Brady immediately responds with. I think they all six plays where passing plays like just spread it out wide five wide and just chopping the ball over the yard and Brady drives him down with Touchdown to patent in the back of the endzone which Kinda had a feel of that same touchdown a patented who throw in the Super Bowl Kind of that back of the end zone. Fehb at the other corner this time But then like now. The next ranch drive was the last drive of the game because I think they they got the ball back with six minutes left. And we've been getting into that though. I feel like the announcer such on this and it was to be fair. The first time that the patriots sort of opened up the playbook a little bit and allowed Brady to throw more than like a five yard test So in in getting his first opportunity to sort of do that even after like you know his interceptions. Whatever I'm pretty impressive. Drive very quick and it was. It felt very brady asked what you know of him. Now where some of the earlier mistakes like the interceptions thrown feel like the guy that we know and love at this point they put up the stat where it was like you know to prove that point where they had no big plays because they were drinking dunking you know maybe it was Plays of over ten yards is unlike that the rams had twenty two. I think in the Patriots had four yup halfway through the before this fourth quarter drive by Brady any. I think almost all the plate. Will THAT DRIVE? All six of them. Were over ten yards for the most part. Yeah so it was interesting. Yeah well you said renting the ball back and the pages defense just can't get off the field on third down. Iran's converted like three or four maybe on the drive and just kept the ball for the last six minutes of the game six seven and a half almost emitted been even longer than that. Yeah I have the the log here. Let's see when they got the ball back with seven and a half minutes left seven thirty seven and it was brutal? Yeah let's Marshall. Faulk seven yard run Marshall Faulk four yard run trunk candidate one yard run Kurt Warner to Marshall Faulk for two yards.


55:02 - 60:01


Kurt Marshall Faulk for eighteen yards. Marshall faulk run for eight yards. Mayes one yards nine yards. Kurt Warner runs for game. Fumbles it but recovered by candidate. Andy listeners to sleep hauls twelve was about two and a half watching. This game couldn't get off the field and I think the backbreaker was third and four to twenty two left Like you still have the two minute warning to stop you. Stop the clock. You can get the ball back third and four Marshall. Faulk up the middle for six yards game over twenty four seventeen so yeah say it was still touchdown lead but I mean all the Rams doppler field goal range cooker kicked a field goal. True true took three knees and that was the game is definitely a different defensive approach than the Super Bowl. Yeah and I think that's that's kind of goes back to my point that I started with the what the Patriots learn from this game as well being able to one kind of judge what they're getting themselves into to know that they can kind of keep pace with this team and and give Kurt Warner problems because all the stats. They were showing with that This offense production was way under what it it it usually is. All the averages were were way. Lower playing this page defense pages even see that they can hang in there and it's just up to the Brady and the offense stop making these mistakes up fumbling it with inside the five so you felt like you were kind of right there on the doorstep but you also were able to figure out what else you you needed to do to to stop things like Marshall Faulk off. I don't know I think I kind of feel differently. I think it shows that I think the rams made a lot of mistakes made turnovers in this game could have been a blowout on there like will try some a different if we're GONNA end that's at home on the grass which slowing down yet. A Minute Orleans they said are let we slow down these The thing by hitting them getting up in the receivers face online like like actually slow down. I think I mean I'm sure we'll get to it when we get to the rule but I feel like I remember three games a glorious. I'm like that where they talk about the first game. They're defensive. Game Plan was to get pressure on Kurt Warner and and throw off his timing that way and then when they realized that wasn't GonNa work because they couldn't get to him the second half of this game and he started carbon obits. It was to disrupt the timing by hitting the receivers instead and Chipping Marshall. Faulk wherever he went and making sure. There's somebody there to take away outlet to legislate. Yeah this is the first. This is the first half of that. But you're right because they did show a stat where this Greatest show on TURF TURF is actually a big part of that because the offense as a whole is actually a TD worse a touchdown wars in production Because they averaged this. I mean the average thirty five points per game on turf like since ninety nine. And they're only averaging twenty eight points per game on grass which impact on our. That'd be nasty. Diesel Awesome God. That'd be unfair. I think by me wasn't fair. This quarter seventy five touchdowns I will say. I thought this isn't good. Bill is They're talking about that. You know leading up to this game and I'm sure after that Bill Scout team face you know when when they're facing each other the receivers were lining up at Three yards ahead of the ball just to give to spot and that sort of speed that they don't have on a pass to replicate that but that was funny that he's thinking that far ahead where he's reading these like weird remedies with the scout team. Yeah that was pretty cool. Yeah I that's just one of those stories. You always hear it makes you realize that bell check is just like further ahead than his coaching counterparts. I think because he does he tries make his feeling tries to make his starters practice at a disadvantage so that when they actually get to the game they're either prepared for it or it comes easier to them because they've implied such disadvantage all week. Make Sense Principle. Surprised that more coaches are like. It occurred on things I mean.


60:01 - 65:04


Made the don't here about it it just because this is you know checks being here for so long and so all these stories finally come out after guys retired. Sort of thing. You know affability successes like cultured driven riot. Mvsa genius like after being a good coach is getting player by took this on basically setting yourself up future success. No you absolutely I mess still think there is a genius in there. I mean he's got his but I think a lot of genius may not make 'cause they have won two years. Yes yeah I I think it's a difference of being a really good like offense or defensive coordinator and being a really good head coach because head coach. You have to build that that whole system of a team as well instead of just focusing on one or the other. Yeah probably a good owner. That like is he already make decision. Kind of hit on radio late a draft bread and other be jam at my or Russell Wilson something. Yeah and that those things one. There's something to be said for him being genius because along with the culture You know he cheats and there does it. Does it. In a way that actually brilliant because he'll cheap for many years until it doesn't work anymore and then he'll get caught and you think oh my God these guys again but then if you look at it. The next year by a motivates the crap out of the team because it's not against the world so the guy uses cheating and then gets caught and uses it again. That's fucking once he's done with these like yeah. We can get caught doing this right. It's great. It helped him beat the bengals year. Send a film crew. The bengals game dude. He was meeting Alex. Cora I I don't know if it's as big a deal in the future when you guys listen to this you you'll you can chime in. We'll just leave it at that man. That's that's a hot take. I like it baby. Nice bullets have Anything else you want to touch on anybody else you WanNa talk about well. I mean we never really talked about Kurt Warner at all. No I mean. He's a pretty pretty amazing story. It's genuine share that story because I do think it's pretty pretty bad asked. Yeah I mean. He was bagging groceries. Or five fifteen hour and then like six years later he's like running the best offense in the NFL. I gotta say though even in. Nfl uniform he still has that like grocery bagger looked to him. Yeah he did like. I don't want to offend me. Grocery bags out there. So can you elaborate on that please? I don't like his stance or posture. Or just the way he moves but he doesn't look like a world class athlete to me. Maybe the fact that he has no Chin and he tries aware that like tiny little chinstrap that Brett farve used to wear. You know what I'm talking about. It's like it's just like a piece of a flap of leather underneath. I duNno be sure. He does not look like an athletic dude. Just recall there. Isn't Jack Lummus Vacher like athletes? Like Sam Bradford Cool True Y- cool cool and but also like yeah. He is is bagging groceries. Is You know arena football years. Nfl Europe when that was the thing and all that stuff but triggering doesn't go down with an injury. Same thing there's no Kurt Warner. So that's crazy and I was like okay. There's no there's no patriots superbowl theory so we thought the nine eleven back started the dynasty but it might have been trained green. It might have been mouth fucking about talking to you guys. We're always learning wasn't Rodney Harrison. That hurt Trent Green was it. Oh I don't know we gotta look that one up all right now. This is great radio It was in nineteen ninety nine. According to rule here we go nights nine. Nine Green was slated to be the starter for the rams but suffered a gruesome season ending knee injury in a preseason game on a hit by Rodney Harrison of the chargers wife says dirtiest player in the League attacking.


65:05 - 70:08


Well what about Bernard Not fucking Hell? Yes this is whipped. So Rodney Harrison started the Patriots Dynasty. Wow tweet out to him. Because that's unbelievable. I'm La you do it. Because I'm scared of shitter on Harrison. Dare I say God bless you what you like to say what. What COMMERCIAL MISSED IT? Well you Lazy River. You wanted it drilling Mike to win now. You'RE GONNA have to post that for us to show. That sounds amazing. Imagine if Ronnie knocked the ball out of you know you know. A wedge between the hand and a helmet would be the greatest. Yeah that's for another day brought on the Rod pod. Excuse you what is in this commercial. Jesus are you gonNA have? Oh you're right. Yeah Yeah I know what you're talking about. I build zone little man cave and he calls it the hot. Oh you're right so they're both players man. Well that would make sense. That Kurt Warner would be hanging out with them. Mike Football not football broad pod Rod pod. I actually easier for me because I I did see the commercial and what he's talking about is like you know with the money that he has. He created this environment where it's kind of like a man kings. So it's the Rod hot rod in this situation. The ride is It's Rodney it's running his nickname. Oh okay all right. That occur joke about a hall of fame jacket or something and eat chips or something. I don't know man it's definitely it's definitely footballer and not. It's whatever will terry was. That wire does the think he does the Monday night. Radio call or does sell lifer like Westwood one or something right. Yeah I've heard. I've come across a randomly every once in a while. He better than the guys running. Espn broadcast and he seems to be a patriots. Fan Marshall Faulk and those guys that were part of that team so I can respect them. That's true too often. Yes but this is a great segue for this speaking of Douche bags on the rams. How about Leonard? Little pretty good right. Did either of you go down the rabbit hole? I did doing so. Little is great bag on even kind of let's say a less successful tyreek. Hill but worse off of domestic violence with pregnant girlfriends and beating kids and threatening worse. Oh Wow so Shame on you. Kansas City by the way shame on him. Yeah so when he was A rookie his rookie season letter little. He went out. I forgave everybody out some thing and he was drinking and was driving home. Drunk and Collided with another car of a mother who was going to pick up her son from a a concert and killed her. Oh yeah drunk driving And the quote that I found of him talking about it at the time said It was the family's deepest wish that little twenty twenty four year old rookie be taken away to prison for a substantial period of time. It didn't seem an outrageous. Wish this was a man who according to the police report with so indifferent at the time of the accident that he said of Susan Gut Wyler. The lady that he killed. The expletive ran a yellow light. And hit me wrecking my forty five thousand dollar expletive car. Yellow light is all right. That's pretty deuce bagging looking So he do we. Should we have like an episode? Where we're just like outing every fucking Douche bag so that like it's off the record that they are giant pieces of sheds and we don't support them whatsoever is that's how long we'll do that during the bye week.


70:10 - 75:01


I've been looking for a bye week topic so there it is so here you go so for that. How much time do you think he served base? Little pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to ninety days in the city. Workhouse four years probation and a thousand hours of community service kind of like sound a little bit like Dante stalwarts issue. I mean obviously. I don't think douchebag but I mean yeah I mean similar truck. Driving drunk driving is sadly A common occurrence in America for a variety of reasons. But I think just the fact that you're not tried about it. I think is is not great but the other part of this is that this is not his only drunk driving offense backtrack you save forty? Five thousand dollars are yeah. Yes fencing. No it was some massive. Suv is all. It was like a Lincoln summer there. so yeah and he has Blood alcohol content was point. One nine well over the point. Oh eight in the state of Missouri. So yeah he was suspended for eight games in that nineteen ninety nine season and then other things that he He had on his record on January. Eighteenth two thousand. Three according wikipedia was charged with communicating threats and making harassing calls to his former girlfriend's after The girlfriend ended their relationship and on April twenty. Four two thousand four. He was arrested again for surprise. Surprise driving while intoxicated after being stopped by the police driving. Seventy eight hundred fifty five at the time. He had red eyes smelled of alcohol and failed three roadside sobriety tests. He later admitted that he drank alcohol. To the police but He was convicted of a misdemeanor speeding but acquitted of Dui basically because the police screw something up in those loophole but he was prohibited from drinking any sort of alcoholic beverage for his probation. How long has this probation Two years no chance no absolutely not sell it. So we've the week go through four forty five thousand dollar car wherever whatever that means he can get a driver. I mean Kala Cab. Over so the The article that I found was interviewing the the debt bomb son. And that's basically what he said he's like. Why the fuck aren't you just renting a limo? Every time you go out can you at that were you and you know what? I'm realizing realizing that. In talking about football there's a lot of dark moments on this on chess but art them properly and and speak on it but we're not authorities on this. You don't know Shit. I think I can spot a piece of shit when I see him but you never know. Yep so on. I Dunno if a lighter note right term but on a KARMIC note In the aforementioned list of rams players got injured on there was Leonard Litter Leonard More Time Leonard. Little who had sprained his. Mci In this game. So Patriots are Karma for that ship driving with a sprain. Mc L. Bitch. You all right when I see right. I was just on your passion Greg so I mean we can take it again. You start it just anything. Make you feel little walk. He's a fucking piece of shit. Sure have oh. I felt pretty good about that. Yeah you sound like you feel pretty. Good all right I think it's about time wrap this up. Does any of YOU WANNA do your best and worse suppress I will say my worst and usually I love this but it was a little silly in this game Tedy.


75:02 - 80:03


Bruschi was just throwing his body around for the hell of it. Even it wasn't near the football so there's like one play where Marshall Faulk is you cutting back into run or whatever and Bruschi is just seeing watching him offscreen flash of way off to the corner. Yeah legos Tedy Bruschi. Some of those that great. I'm in the best for me. It was seeing the silver painted head. Fan Guy Oh yes and somebody had written on the top of his head like coming up next Monday night countdown. And something like that. I didn't see that came back from a commercial and it was like just showing the top of his head and said sketchy look on his face. Yeah yeah another guy's name but props to you unless he's a piece shit and then I take that back pictures mugshot. What ways that actually him. The head. Where Mugshot man see? I knew it. I can't pull for anybody anymore. Yes he's got a patriots helmet like tattooed on his head to his both at the same guy though. I don't know well we're talking about the guy that painted Holyhead silver. They let it wasn't a kind of similar. Might be lucky. I'll make the statement. I don't know him. I don't agree with anything that he's ever done is life. I've seen before in games and it was. It was nice to see him again. Yeah it was a blast from the past all right. That's Great Greg. So you say you don't have a best somewhere if you're not gonNA pull out of your ass. Now that you guys mentioned fans there was one like I don't want a bloody shame I'll be guy in his head was just day. One of those little like old school not like white. Leather Helmet was the no Yup L. scores space into the stand. That it just can't soak giggle so look like Bennis Burger or know who was it. That Not not the duck dude with the the other quarterback they started this year knocked. Yeah where he got the concussion and they had to take his face mask off and he had that that had like you had to pour into the helmet in the first place. I just looked. I don't stand by anything that's being said right now. That's fun. Nobody cares little bit. I'm going to cut that out that you said that anyway. So don't worry about it. Look Down Greg. I say if it was like the situations route off but it was big Ben and face like spilling out of the helmet. Oh all right My best for this game was the Live interactive polls on the challenges. Did you see this? There's a coach's challenge you know. They show the referee like watching the game. They do the like the shots of both head coaches and stuff but then when they came back from the challenge they I guess you could like texting or something. It doesn't actually say but it was the viewer's votes of let the play. Stand or overturn it and it would show you. The percentage like how people voted so for. I think this was the screen shot that I have is of the the Antwan Smith Fumble and out of thirty nine thousand six votes fifty seven percents that overturn. It and forty three percent said let the play stand and why the fuck that isn't still thing is amazing to me. Definitely still right. 'cause oh you could get so much like sports talk fodder out of that especially if they get something agreed. Justly wrong like Last year's NFC championship game where it should have been passed that SORTA. I let them make the call. Jackie that voting should be what results in the actual plan. I mean remember the show playmakers how it was out for a season in the NFL squash that and then there was a NFL blitz video game or like you know you can do all kinds of messed up shit that and now we even in Matt and like they. They're pretty tight on things of maybe for that reason. Actually you know what I'm GonNa Make Your Referees. Look Bet you might be right point all right so that was my best And my worst was Our our old friend Shank Dan Shaughnessy the after the game as real immediate. Just firing that. Qb controversy machine. I'm GONNA leave you with this quote from Dan Shaughnessy. Well then I'm Gonna I'M GONNA piggyback on this quotas. Well leave the Cadillac in the garage.


80:04 - 83:49


The Toyota takes you around town and it gets better gas. Mileage talking about Brady immerses leaving drew bledsoe on the sidelines in a close game against not who who is he who in that drew bledsoe is the Cadillac Shakes Center fucking year again. So maybe we'll tweet this Adam to place we'll stand by this you fucking moron well to piggyback on that. I thought I was kind of let down by this but you not like Brady even throughout most of this opportunity. He's been very confident. Everything he says is like basically. I'm the Best I learned from this at whatever so Bledsoe He had a quote. Where you just talking about you know what happens with playing time or whatever and he says. I tend to make it very hard for Brady to stay on the field. Because he's playing better than I am. He'll keep playing. I was like all right. I'm not GONNA go crazy. Shit is that like I love that. That's exactly what prevents me that you have the time. Don't play. Pc PC. He'll keep playing. I thought it's don't say that you'd say I'm GonNa get the job. I'm out now a greg. What I'm with Andy? It's he's being realistic. Yeah all right. So like not shitting. Tom Brady to see. Here's the thing. All right. My uncle told me this this once and I don't know if it's true but it doesn't matter it's still my point. Does this soccer player one time? He kicked a goal from midfield. Right and then he did it again. He did to the he shot. Goals from midfield won the game master. The game they said. Hey man like how did that happen and then he said you know it was lock. It can happen to anybody. Ain't know who that guy was. You know one knows because no one fucking remembers them so you've got to have it up baby. Pr That's typical Portuguese. Like the story. Don't bring into it. Okay true what is that Greg Greg Sad again? It's very Portuguese. I'm right your raw alright. Whatever man I'm American baby so I'm happy to see next week guys. It's always a pleasure even when it's not a love it thanks for. Thanks for walking us out what we look forward to next week. Mike tell me about it. They're the Patriots are playing this team and that team is the guns are out and they're just firing on also so. If that's the teaser for you. I don't know what his marching in. If that helps shirt saints are coming marching into Foxborough stadium right right right the only team so far this year to beaten the rams that we just lost two so we'll have that look forward to next week on the episode of the Patriots. Podcast Greg what. This is the last time that the Patriots have lost to the rams alley that was worth stopping it and now for the fourth attempt at exiting this podcast. Great Hearing Guys Love Ya take it easy bye.