2001 Week 9: Patriots vs Bills

Join us as we discover a better Steve Brown, talk about how Brady won't leave, and touch on the Patriots attempting to get above .500 for the first time this season.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go RIGHT AHEAD. I am not your mother welcome back. I'm sure you've all been listening all the way through to the Patriots Dicey podcast. This week is two thousand one week nine with the the buffalo bills coming to Foxborough stadium. Not Gillette stadium although the gratuitous shots of Gillette Stadium in the background. Yeah yes thank you. Gi Field as we've already talked about what were they. They were the the ask. Jeeves of the early two. Thousands isn't that we discovered something like that. Yes Sir something like that. Yeah so just for some context while we might sound a little dour this week. We are recording this the week after the ending of the two thousand nineteen patriots season. Some would say that well a lot of media would say that. I'm not ready to call it quite yet. Because they've been saying that for the past what would you say? Ten Years Up. The Dynasty is ended. It's over I like that. A playoff appearance after three super bowls is the end. That's season while battling through a platitude of injuries house that's true. He sold his house. Guerrero sold his too. Didn't he read Anne's a free agent? You'll know move to dedicate Bella check eight. Some it's physically impossible for him to come back. I'm pretty sure now. You know play devil's advocate here isn't it would be a little bit interesting to see. Brady go somewhere else just to kind of add to that bar. Conversation of like who's better ballot check Brady. Who needed who or I mean. Obviously the different conversation because he's older teams are different. Whatever it's Kinda stupid but could be fun to talk about. It'd be interesting. Yeah Flake Brady wins. Won the Nobel number wins another one. That's pretty embarrassing. Ch- my money would be on the other way round. I doubt that's what I'd be more likely for the coach. The coach until he's eighty five and sneak one in there at least yeah but brady brings the fucking tighten to the super bowl. It's not bad. You put him on the colts or something. Yeah isn't the chargers of the the leads spa? I don't get that man. They're terrible. And the raiders right. I'm sure Belcher I with his name. Not Al Davis Son with a bowl. Cut Fox's name Oh that Guy Al Davis Junior yes is issue please? He's a where a all I know is the chances of the Patriots leading Brady go is miniscule. Because I don't know if you guys know but there's a thirteen million dollar cap it if he leaves and that's a huge amount of money to be sitting around for nothing so but we don't talk about that. Nope we're here to talk about two thousand one week nine the the one in five buffing introductions before getting sidetracked. Nice Yup. I mean this point. Do we even need introductions? Everybody's here the whole damn crew your who we are by. Now you can google it you. Google Google Steve Brown until areas. It's like a Yo Yo champion amount to do is legit. I'm actually looking that up right now so I think your master. He is your guys. He's like an og. Yoyo seeing this guy. Guys stay tuned. I said a Google alert trailer Andrew Brown so every time name comes up in like a new Google Story. I get notified. There is a a defensive line for the Cincinnati Bengals name Brown and also a whole lot of guys who've done a whole bunch of blows you say a lot of victims and murderers all kinds of weird things out there. You know what this Yoyo Guy Looks. Awesome yeah his. Beard is sex.


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Forget the Yoyos I dunno asser on point he makes walking the dog look cool. Sheep the mood speaking of great beards. I guess as a Segue a buffalo bills head coach Gregg Williams. Does he have a beard? I don't think fuck it. Sounds like a cool fro though? Yeah something like that. He's got to. Oh yeah this is Greg. Jeez he's very square head. I feel like I will say about Greg Williams Because this pops up in the broadcast and I thought it was very cool. He was talking to a team or talking about his team and he says his team is too young not talented enough to overcome penalties in the states. I thought that was pretty well. This is the the same Greg Williams. Who was the interim? Browns head coach twenty eighteen after Hugh Jackson was fired because he was his more of a defensive coordinator. I think yeah. That's that's usually what he is. He's been in the league since ninety seven Moses Defensive Coordinator but he got a couple of shots at head coach This of course was the a one through three with the bills where he went the seventeen and thirty one and then the year with Cleveland had eight games during went five and three but they didn't bring him back to the head coach because I think he seems like a bit of a loose cannon from the way he talks about gay guy is yeah right. Yeah so he's a did you watch the hard knocks with him in it. No which was that. Oh the last year the browns now. I didn't actually see it easily. Old School you know grumpy kind Canada you how do you feel about the about? I don't know I mean I think it's it's like whatever they're trying to hurt each other anyway. It's football that's what I thought I mean. It's kind of weird to put a dollar a amalgamate. Somebody's head but at the same time they're all trying to kill each other so rain saying go hurt him. Go hit him as hard as you can right right. I think you like the money thing was just like them. You Know Again. Not right the optics. It doesn't pass the optics task. But they're just you know it wasn't like this whole infrastructure to lie decimate people. I don't think right it's it. It felt like the the actual punishments that came down. Like Sean Payton being spending for year and all that crap like that over the top. Yeah yeah I mean it was? It was definitely like an optics thing. You don't want a brutal sport to be mired by things like that but Yeah like Greg said. He's an old school guy doesn't excuse his actions though. Save that So in his head coaching career. He has faced ballot check six times. I'll coaching the buffalo bills. He lost five of them. Can any view name the one win? I am but I I teed it and I look. Was it the thirty one nothing? It was. Yeah it was game week. One was his only win against the New England Patriots and Bill Bill Ballot check. Yeah what a win. Yeah and then they They they finished that season pretty strong to believe by coming back to. I don't remember which one was wear but playing the Patriots again last week of the season and in the perfect book and losing thirty one. Nothing the first game was in Buffalo. The last game in New England. And that's what I thought. Yeah that seems right from the visuals that have been burned into my memory. Paying ends on your. Because they had the second-string until the the bill started driving right at the end and then they put the first string defense back in and help them to keep it thirty one. Nothing it's beautiful. I WANNA know this. Ron Is Greg Williams got in trouble for the bountygate thing. How COME SEAN? Payton doesn't get in trouble for bringing light east carrying around one hundred thousand dollars or something a cash enticing players to win again. This isn't that promote betting living in New Jersey. Yeah you can you bet like if you're on an NFL team or against or for whatever probably not exactly exactly so you know.


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What isn't Sean? Payton trump should just get suspended every year. How about that? Go off king all right speaking of terrible. Though the bills this year would finish the season three and thirteen after coming into this at one in the six that would qualify for fifth in the AFC. East out of five teams back. When that was still a thing They wouldn't actually win more than one game. In a row this season they had losing streaks of four which to start season and then another six after winning coming out of there by and this is a game that we're we're catching them now is part of that. Six game losing streak. Let's see other notable coaches literally. Nobody this team was so bad that Nobody else ever got a job in the NFL. Afterwards as a head coach anyway. I don't know if they replaced replaced on the bills who replaced Williams replaced these BS. Famous guy it was leading a flutie ROB JOHNSON FIASCO. Give a hint. Oh no that wasn't It's not a MARV Levy. Now Wade Phillips I feel like I feel like I can use those two guys way. Phillips is is that like defensive coordinator every once in a while. Get the shot to. Isn't it yeah? So that's that's kind of is a bum phillips. Yeah Yeah why? Are they related son a bomb bomb Ned Salon? Actually read some excerpts out of it in preparation for this podcast really. I hope he fell into the flutie. Rob Johnson radical. It was it was quite a rabbit hole. They was Here's a whole bunch of shit that went on. It is ridiculous. Yeah I mean that deep. Yeah so we can get into that now if you only because the next thing is the starting quarterback as we've made aware as Rob Johnson. He was the replacement for Doug. Flutie really right. Yep Yeah now I remember the game. We touched on this like anything. Go deeper than that. You want me to get into it. I got time. Yeah here. He's a fourth round draft. Pick Johnson for the bench in Jacksonville. Jaguars right he plays three years. He starts one game. Played His ass off in that one game. If you remember this this came up with the like the Mac Castle Conversation. He gave up a first and fourth round. Pick the trade. Wow so they brought him in Flutie in in Nineteen Ninety eight believes and He sucks he starts season them. One in three and I'm flutie takes over when he gets turned the season around. They make the playoffs. Rudy goes to the pro bowl. Everything's Dandy right. The next year they go eleven and five. This is this is where it all like blew up so flutie started fifteen games at year right right or making the playoffs. He sits out week seventeen because they couldn't change their playoff seeding. Johnson comes in slings. All of the field plays his ass off and then starts Johnson City Miracle Right. Yeah forgot. That's how it went down. Yeah which turned out to be the music city miracle yes. Yeah so then they. They lost obviously to lacking and then the next year they split time. Flutie went form wine. Rob Johnson went four and seven and at the end of that year. That decision. Wade Phillips said I think it would rob Johnson. Wow flutie yeah. 'cause I don't I don't I think it's just me and Mike. That did the chargers game but because they trade him to the chargers yoke flutie and at the time I think. The charges were undefeated in the bills. Were winless yes so food deliveries like tearing a bit. They were one in fifteen the year before and then he actually played. They played each other that year.


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And Woody was born to like turn around the chargers and then there was a dramatic. Like game ending scrambled touchdown rudy. Add to win. It dargis aptly happening because everyone was like dude. Fuck Ron Johnson. I guess that's what happens at your trade a first round pick for them. O's actually two weeks before this game. I think yeah it was. Yeah his there week. Seven Rob Johnson like breaks his collarbone in this game spoiler alert and he basically was never the same kind of was though the one forever off. That was it. Wow thank you for that. I forgot about all that. Yeah down in like. There was so many instances throughout this whole thing of like. Oh Yeah Rob. Johnson started game. There were losing he. You know gets a concussion. Fluid comes in scored twenty four unanswered points in. They win. Like I read that like four different times so similar to the Tom Brady. Drew was the exact same situation in Michigan. Just want Rob Johnson. It'd be good just put in the backup to clean things up again. Yeah see I thought he was like a high draft pick so did off first and fourth like that's where that line reputation came from like. We gotta use them because we technically it was a high draft pick. Just not by the Jacks Fuck. Yeah and they rolled with Rob Johnson and Alex Van Pelt of people the season green eight to had to finish this game and then the rest of the season. 'cause Rob Johnson who I think that was also another knock on Ron. Johnson says he can never say healthy to use injured and then so after that music city Miracle Ethnic it took him twenty years to get back to the playoffs. Yeah curse I went. Did flutie make the playoffs in those when he is on the Patriots team? So you must have. Yeah so not as guarded me all right curse Doug Flutie I love it. And they still haven't won a playoff game since then right 'cause they lost us here too so tough. Is these the the Babe Ruth of Buffalo? I think they've since the year they lost four super bowl in a row. Think you're 'cause they lost in the In both those years I was looking at the ninety eight ninety nine. Does it compare to the Tokyo Brown curse? Got The raiders steelers in Patriots Eddie included Buffalo. While he was proud of you know every team being out in the same week so we gotta sign that Man. Immediately on the PODCAST. I think he'd be down like we. Do Watch his music video. Get hyped it for him. I liked share ready. I think once was whole lot of money. Awesome Auto tuned enough. I'll auto tune in post that I do well. So actually the The last Buffalo playoff win was the year after they lost their last week. One in the wildcard against the dolphins. If we're living to the steelers in around Nineteen ninety-five. Maybe backtrack her. It's been a couple of years. Hey other teams. That are worse off so they should be happy. Yeah sure barely yes. We're going to do their selves until next year. Speaking dynasties the bills wide receivers Eric Moulds imperialist. Price talk duo. Both of them really Eric. Volz La Sierra lists though what a great me yeah. That's yeah that's great. I think if we're if we're going with great names running back starting running back Travis. Henry was always my favorite because I remember playing him in Madden and calling him big Hen and my college roommate. At the time I use Travis Henry to to such great Travis Henry and drew bledsoe such great effect that he couldn't beat me and suck speaking to me.


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I know I know drew bledsoe forever at anyone else. Go into the Travis January Rabbit Hole Ravenhill now. It either ocean though is there. Oh boy let's hear it though. I mean it was so good. Your lender He has some seed. We'll say that always he. Dave Meggett style. Oh No Antonio Cromartie on the all time. Best Athlete or illegitimate Oh really your than Cromartie Yup standard-bearer Cromartie twelve kids with eight women. Wow Wow eleven with ten. Wow paying so in own nine court for child support end. They said that he was bang. Hundred seventy thousand dollars a year in jail. God well now. That's why I was in court. This is all before he was already yet allow. Yeah so. He ended up getting some jail time. I believe for getting arrested for multi-kilogram cocaine transaction. Oops well he's trying to do what he could to help. Out His kids I will in the plot thickens. They asked him like child support. Amass where it all went and he said Oh I spend it on my three cars and two hundred fifty thousand dollars in jewelry. Oh my God well I mean. Think about it though. The kids give return on investment until they're at least forty so I mean why. Not ZIPP ARANDA. Coup has a three of them sound cookie. I saw that Antonio Brown's Video Guy Travis Henry. Oh we should. I feel like I heard a quote from him when they ask somebody. And he's like there's nothing to do in buffalo except at Fuck Great Shawn McCoy it might have been Willis mcgahee by God boy. They've got some quality running back on a buffalo and wrote down some mode. Oj Simpson Thurman. Thomas what were you going to say? Gee I said I wrote. There's a lot of the people that have a ton of kids or like really famous to like names you'd know hair down saw some stats here. Cromartie twelve they Muhammad Ali. Nine with five Sean. From the Supersonics. Seven six vendor holyfield eleven with six while Wide Guerrero. Eight with five one Audible return investment is like in the MLB vladi junior. That's one out of thirty of my favorite. The God fearing man himself. Ray Lewis six but four way. Wait now you're leaving out Benjamin Watson who has ignited with one so let's give that man round of applause who's GonNa fill rivers and say he's got like eleven right some stupid himself a whole football team man for Mama. Them at noted float like a butterfly come. Legal Horse Clipper used to promote this podcast. You're right we could make that Asharq Greg. But I don't know anybody who would wear that in public speaking lake coming like a horse. The only pro bowl are on. This team was the one the only Larry centers the fullback love Larry. Yup who was third in receiving yards on the team and fourth in rushing yards is a lot of names. I recognize that defense even even got the defense. The only other name that I had for offense was tight. End Jay remers Riemersma thinking. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's a great fucking name and he looks like a poor man's Rob Gronkowski which we can talk about later.


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If you want but Seattle the defense. This was yeah. There was some pretty big name on this defense. Defensive Backs Nate Clements and Antoine Winfield. We'll solid yeah Linebackers I don't really recognize any of these names brandon spoon which is another great name who had to pick sixes on the year. Which for linebacker. I feel like a lot the rookie. Too Yeah Jay Foreman who led the team with one hundred one tackles. Don't remember him or Keith. Newman wells the door. Member Defensive Line though you'll know these both these names. I'm sure that's fan. Aaron Schobul Schoebel Yep. Who had the his? This is his rookie area. Two sacks of Brady on the day would actually finish with. We talked about before I remember when he is the person with the most sacks of. Tom Brady embraced area. And he's got like fourteen Aaron schoeberl. That's a that's a great little trivia for you and trouble where was Jason Taylor on that list. I WANNA say it was like second second. Yeah stop like he's sacked Brady shitload. Yeah and then America's thing. Oh Mike I think that was the the dolphins game that we did the first one. Greg Actually Watch but talked about two weeks later. Avidsson cise learn the bills pats in? Oh four I have in my hand a Game Day Program from that Game Nice. Well we'll get there in probably five and a half years so hang onto that for so no worries. Yeah wait a minute Andy. Did we go to Brady. Game was at us in Buffalo. Yes that's right I ask visit. We'll have to talk about that when that POPs up. Yeah yeah that'll be good. Go speaking of fat bastards. The last name on defense was Pat Williams was legit. Yeah that wasn't paros was it. That was a different Williams. Those called who is he broncos. Yeah I thought his name was William Sue. Wasn't it what about the tractor trailer? I don't think he was on this team. At this point I think just left there. Like owes the lost his buddy. Yes yeah yeah. Let's Look Always Buddy Antwan Smith like no no as ought to the big fat guy on defense that he used to play it right next to Ted Washington. Oh Yeah what are your thoughts on the commentators Andy Do you want to get to that now? I mean we can't because I got what guys I try not to bring this up because I feel stupid in that I don't know so much. A Bridge started football. Not Football at every time this guy POPs up by Ken Escape and I have to write three or four things because you could use the hell out of me so I mean yeah we can get into it if you guys want to help you out by I. Don't I feel dumb bringing this up but this guy just brings it out. Think we can dive right if you WANNA even though. We haven't talked about the game at all yet. I mean this could help the listeners and understanding the game a little bit better as we unravel all right. I mean you may as well. We're talking about comedy. Let's do all right. Yeah Brent Jones Goes Johnson's all right. He toes the line but Jones or something else and so the first one would be. Sometimes that ball is slippery when you get that pump going. Didn't Kinda it can be definitely did and I don't understand. It could usually football not football sunny game to. Why would it be slippery idea? I give you pump it up enough. You don't get like super. Yeah it's it's like the opposite of deflate gate and the ball gets super. Yeah you can't grip it as well so kind of like an Aaron Rodgers Gay. Yes yeah okay. So that's what you guys think. It's like a a air being completely honest. I don't actually know what the fuck he said it. I swear I'm Jerry did. I don't know if he knew what he was talking about. All right so if anybody out there is listening to this you can fill us it on ordnance that'd be ideal next one. Is Tom Brady able to step up into the pocket and put some juice on football? I think that's football Because the pocket. I think we may have talked about before is is what the automatic we have now all right.


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So that's what offensive line tries to create around Tom. Brady keep it the the the defenders off of him I shaped. Yeah no what do they call it a wall. It's called the pocket because it's curbs so they have to call it a podcast. You don't put things in walls right. So what is putting juice on the pocket and I think the juice was about the football and how hard he threw it. Because Tom Brady can fucking huck football back in two thousand one. There's kind of like the high cheese and baseball identity bridge. Ot to that. I don't know which impose aby okay sent make sense a step up in the pocket and puts them juice on it. Okay Yeah This one is talking about Rob Johnson. I don't know anything about Rob Johnson and I don't know if it pertains to this but he said about six inches he has it. I don't know anything about him. Dick cinches are well. I don't think it was the I don't know where it is. A right. What dies. I don't know what we're talking about. I mean makes a big difference singers to game adventure right so I think yeah. Big Men on that field right. If wonder is important like how you use that one in six inches has got to be pretty good above average. I would think so so. That's a football thing. Yeah okay the last one and this was the most confusing for me. He was under pressure and had to get it off. Never been under pressure to get it off. Mike I've never played football like this is not fun of fifty thousand people. I don't think you hit the garage door opening. You're like oh no oh. I grabbed gross. How `bout collapsing? I believe it's now or never scenario but I was watching. I think it was. Mtv programming my room. I heard footsteps so all right. Well thanks guys. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA try to understand a little bit better. But Brent Jones He. He's he's a man of words. News is just a Brent Jones thing or Gus Johnson would never say these things. How dare you? I mean it hasn't just been a hasn't just no but he seems to bring out the best in these questions he did. Start this whole thing because it seems like everything he says is multilayered emmys a little bit more intelligent than I am. So yeah he also Got Super excited when they're showing CMG. I stadium that he was like you know what my favorite part of that stadium is Canadian. Blue Steel all right. Yeah I'm guessing Brent Jones Canadian stat check you gotTa Greg. Yeah I got come. Johnston doesn't say anything like this. He's from Santa Clara California stock in Canadian Steel Kitchen Brent Jones. An email about this 'cause maybe I wonder if we're GONNA have brench do it and I'm going to try to understand everything that he says what. He's all the podcast. Because I might have to go back. Listen to decipher ask you. Yes he has some possible political aspirations. He's in new that back to ten A. C. Interesting. There's a lot of tape on what this man said. I don't know tight end Mike. What does that make you think That he played a position on offense. Okay you get confused easily so I don't know. Oh Yeah. No that's fair that's fair. I'M NOT GONNA. I'M NOT GONNA go against that. Sometimes you get dumb it down for you. Yeah right yeah all right we can have a tight ends I don't think the Patriots have any. Do they then had the pathway tight ends? We're all yes right. Wiggins had one catch because I remember it 'cause he tried to Ge- Agai and he jumped and got his feet caught and Lenin Square on his face and had to come off immediately.


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Oh that's right it was. It was one of those hits where the whole when he hit the ground. The like everybody in the crowd went. Oh and you wonder if he's going to get up because he is a not an agile fella. That one wasn't there like a rutledge was reality. I think that was. I think that may have been two thousand. I want to spend. Yeah Wiggins yeah he yeah he. He didn't do enough for me to put any notes and the only the only tight end in this game. It got notes from me where it's was Jay Riemersma. Six five to fifty. Two fucker doesn't wear gloves. His definitely Harto and he was also holder on the Buffalo Bills Field Goal Thames. You caught up. So fuck yeah. That's pretty awesome. Yeah what are your thoughts on? The tight end progression for the Patriots is a win interesting like it was like nothing. They went to that. Too tight ends with Gronk in now looks like they're coming back out with like the not theory again while I think well bell checks always consistently drafted tight ends. He just hasn't he didn't have any success until the just Mendez Gronkowski. Yeah because I mean. He drafted Watson. He drafted Daniel. Graham for Ya like. He's he's been drafted tight ends for his whole career was a trade. I may have been by. Yeah he he likes them. Say I use them wiggins for whatever reason no such a weapon when they had Hernandez grog together. Oh God yeah. That's the one time I remember thinking like there's there's nothing people can do to stop this. You can't because they can do whatever they want elite. Well it hasn't really been replicated sense so you'd think that somebody would give it a shot but I think finding no pun positions hard to do sorry got her own. Brand Jones up. That was pretty great. I mean Gronkowski's his own thing right. So yeah I mean that was what it was. I don't know man. I the games changing to where like now with the game. I think there's like three dominant tight ends. They're all super fast. Agile and Mike. You don't really steer about it with anybody else and with teams I Baltimore. You know they got like a whole different system So yeah I don't know I mean obviously the chiefs have a good one Bengals you know off and on but you don't really hear about it too much more for some reasons the ravens you can do in this year. Where there have more catches than their wide receivers. Oh really I didn't know that in their rotate. Like three of them in there. Yeah Yeah Yeah I think it is. I mean the NFL cyclical anyway. So it's a matter of time. You're actually starting to see the resurgence of fullbacks. Come back to you. Know with the forty niners as well as the Ravens and things like that. It'd be like just a personnel thing. Here right yeah I can but I think those all those sorts of positions are now being asked to do more so you have to have a full back who can catch now although I suppose if you're looking at two thousand one you've got Mark Edwards who is like through the first three or four weeks was like the weapon that they kept going about Sam. Gash remember him you. Yeah he was kind of a one trick pony he was. I thought it was good for a passer in that. Yeah but so is Brian Cox so I mean trump. What are the guy in the Patriots. Say Say A. C. motherfuckers. I hit him or something. A run through a motherfucker offense defense special teams Barack for one yard. A sorry speaking to players they hear speaking of two way players though Elsie the Terrell Buckley was playing wide receiver again. This game. That really. That's way and they keep chucking bombs soon because that was brady's interception in this game was They they decide to take a shot and then he threw a pick. But that shot was Terrell Buckley again very strange I was like watching in and out and then I came back to that. Play dishonored two of them like jumping up for jump on a Mug. What the Hell's going on? Here's why is he number? Twenty seven that makes it seem like a bad ball to or bad decision. Obviously yeah I mean I I think it was one of those designed because I wanna say the pages just got the ball back but I think they'd just gotten like Can't find it my got it back the next day.


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Yeah yes so yeah bills. The bills went through. Oh the Patriots scored the touchdown to fog the falk off of Troy Brown's Nice punt return. When are we getting ahead of ourselves here? No so this first quarter and then the bills went three and out and so then like the the first play off of the next punt return braves. He took that shot on the first play. Gotcha I think they're trying to put the game away. You know didn't work no but I thought Troy Brown. I thought the the Patriots Special Teams in general had a pretty good game. Well actually I don't think anybody really had a good game in this now. Thirty yard punt return the first quarter. That was pretty awesome right on twenty eight yard punt which we'll get it to the punting 'cause that was pretty cool let's do it. Let's do it by give it to me. Can we Brian Moorman? Yeah Man. I'm going to say this is almost like the best moment of the game for me But I would say the best play. The game is Brian. Moorman Bills Ponder got a twenty yard punt from the what his own twenty yard line to the forty that play which is pretty sweet Akeem Akbar actually touches the ball accidentally and the revenue misset so the Patriots should of loss ball. They caught a break. So that play in. General was amazing. Twenty Yard Punt Midfield yeah that that balance backwards like it hit the Hit like the forty five and bounce backwards to the forty. Yeah that that would be topped by another punt from Brian. Moorman from his from the fifty yard line and made it to the thirty. Five fifty is pretty awesome. He averaged his his yards per punt. On the day he averaged. Twenty seven point two yards per bridged. That is amazing. What was wrong with most of the punts were into the way? Lagos a super windy game and so it seemed like all of his punts where towards the open end of the stadium and like they were all really really bad because because the first one he did he did a line drive one and it went twenty eight yards in Troy Bram. Return it for thirty two or something like that. So he didn't try it again but he kicked them straight up. They just hung O' Brien Yup not not great five punts hundred thirty six yards averaged. Twenty seven point two. You know. That's what happens in six seasons. You know yeah I mean. I'm going into the wind as they stay up. You'd think that they would try some kind of different technique. I'm thinking of it that it was pretty every time but they just kept going for. It wasn't wasn't great. I but I mean the kicking game in general was awful. They showed some stat about Adam. Unitary King and against the bills and how bad he is. He was like a seventy or eighty percent kicker normally but in this game against the bills he was like fifty something percent field goal percentage which is kind of strange. Viteri is four hundred fifty four for seventy nine point. Six percents almost eighty percent on field goal attempts which he was on at this point that but says his one week has been the bills against whom he's managed only fifty eight point three percents field goal percentage and he missed another one in this game. He missed to miss both of his field goals so over. Two field goals. Hit all three extra points. I think he just blame the wind. In general I look like a couple of deep balls hung to and did some weird shit so this was one of those old foxborough games where the wind actually mattered as opposed to appear. Now where they say it matters but you never really see it actually thanked. You're absolutely right like most everyone had a crap game. I'm looking at Brady's numbers. And here's fifteen for twenty one which isn't bad. For one hundred seven yards touchdown interception. Kevin Faulk was the leading receiver with twenty nine yards. He did good. Yeah the run game was solid for one hundred two touchdowns. That's that's what you want. It is but I think that was also skewed by the run at the end.


45:00 - 50:00


The big was at forty seven yard. Run that has left off yards to you. Know like great tackles. Oh yeah well. Because that's the thing. Let's talk about Antoine's too because he was a former buffalo bill and in ninety eight. He'd actually run for eleven hundred yards and eight touchdowns and then they got a new think. Offensive Coordinator head coaches that whole new system and basically they said. The commentators were saying that The the new the new coaches basically didn't like him so just stopped playing him so then he ran for six hundred yards and then in ninety nine three hundred yards in two thousand who was Rob Johnson blowing in that front office and we got influenced knit. Both studs is that a football question or football question Brag with both BMI he spent. I Anton Smith. Bend it like the entire week before. And all the the postgame San how. This wasn't like a revenge game. He's angered anybody because the people that gave up on him weren't even there anymore. Like coach wise and stuff but he still was running like he was pissed off. I think this is the hardest. I've seen him run so far this season and he's still got like clearly got a ton left in the tank too. I mean Oh yeah we know that now but why would you give up on a guy like the same reason you give up? Doug Flutie I mean and imagine. You're you're taking over a team. You kind of want you to put your stamp on like a lot of guys wanted to distance themselves from like anybody that the GM put in place beforehand. So it's probably a situation where you just wanted his own guys and to prove a point. Whatever yeah that's a good point with that bullshit? Oh Yeah Yeah I mean yeah. Play to the talent that you have. I mean. Look at what they've done with the the ravens this year like right You have a running quarterback that can do things like build system around much ego numbers even riding the bench like they weren't horrible so I mean to your point. They probably should've trusted them with the football more. We should be coaches. I think so. I'll I mean I'm I'm in line for the ballot check physician whenever he wants to give that up. -sition will coach again. Might you know well. I don't know I mean I'm I'm willing to give it a shot but I'm not frigging waiting around. Twenty years takes up the job. Believe me this. Strike me as punters coach. Joe Joe Judge Special Teams Guy Giant. See so there is an avid through there. Guys Mike Mike. How are you going to be a coach when he don't even know what's football not you're right speaking of not knowing their football I've thought like we're talking about everybody not having a great game Brady's play at the end. We're talking about the end already van. I mean there's just like a lot of shit football every quarter. I don't know if you've noticed but we are all over the fucking place this week so yeah may jumps again and we can jump back later. Don't worry fair enough because I wanted to point out. Brady's kind of very UN Brady like rookie mistake at the end. There pats up by two scores. And they're running the ball with relative ease and for some reason the past start calling like play action passes when they have no reason to so brady takes play action roles to his right. And there's a defender like in his face and he tries to like. I wanted to say he was trying to Juke. But if you've seen TOM BRADY TO RUN. You can kind of imagine what that looks like. And so he doesn't and the the. The defensive end is kind of slaps the ball out of his hand. And then kicks it twenty yards backwards and the bills and up recovering it and scoring a touchdown two plays later to make the game uncomfortably close. Yeah let's say it was a learning experience for Brady game because it was pretty awful throughout but I don't know if it's entirely his fault because there was I think six sacks on them by the time the fourth quarter started yep so and I think in the by half he was sacked like four or five times so. I don't think he's been pressured like that on this season.


50:01 - 55:00


Yeah well other than the the Miami Dolphins Game Yup had that almost exact play where Brady fumbled the snap. And then the was the right guard. The beautiful backheel to kick back twenty yards at the dolphins occur for touchdown. He was sacked seven times in this game. Seven man and yeah. He fumbled twice here. The Tech Your bill decisions. Sorta backs were sacked five times so this was not an offense of the split by any stretch of the imagination right and every year and sacked dropback ratio. I guess who did Rob Johnson? I can see it and the Brady's decisions at the end though like you were saying i. I wouldn't say this game was a blowout because they were up by. It was like fourteen. Whatever it was like less than two touchdowns fourteen three forty three and then after that play. Yeah peerless. Price got a touchdown so as fourteen eleven after two point conversion so yeah that that one decision made it a close game. Even though it shouldn't have been to your point they. They couldn't just run the time. I'll never know why they were all cute. Fancy but yeah. That's that's what I was wondering is like I mean you still on a rookie quarterback who's been sacked seven times. Well probably six times. I suppose that bright count the sack fumble. Why you having him roll out on a bootleg right and the bills they went for ticking almost gotten it was recovered by our very own. Mike Vrabel yes sore. Spot right there by The APP they almost got the onside kick so if they got it this would have been potentially a different game. And Yeah. We're not even at this point. I don't think we were used to seeing a brady. Make these these decisions so was And and it was interesting to. I'm sure you saw some of this. But it reading some of the articles because now there is about fifty thousand articles written every game that we have to sift through During this time but they were talking to him about it he did say that it was a learning experience it was. I think the first time where he was coming off a little bit more humble than like confident. Which was I think? Probably good for this moment of the season. Yeah the quote that I wrote down with. You'd like to play great every Tom Brady talking. You'd like to play great every week but I'm finding out that's not always the case in this league. Yeah so that was a little different than what we've heard. Before and then in that same article with a quote yesterday certainly wasn't education in adversity for the second year novice. He learned. He could overcome a rash of misadventures. He Completed Fifteen of twenty one passes but travel only one hundred seven yards. His longest connection was a thirty eight yard to Antoine Winfield of Buffalo. That's pretty rough. It's it's pretty amazing though that stuck with him because I don't know I mean we saw with you know he throws one pick six and you know he replays again True you know and and this is right around the time that BLEDSOE was starting to come back. I think they were expecting it to be ready the next week. So the fact that Brady one that a mazes me look back on it. Yeah I'm I'm a little. It almost makes you feel like the situation is different. I mean I don't know if things would've been different if say Jimmy. Garoppolo had stayed healthy for those first four games a few years ago if he had won all four of those games. If you would have seen something similar I don't I don't know. Wow because it feels like a similar situation where you knew that the start is coming back but if the the guy that plays those first four games gets here this point. I mean obviously this more than four games. But if he gets his point I think at that point. Garoppolo was playing better than before he got hurt. Then Brady was playing here so I I. I'm not quite sure how that would work out. But yeah you're right BLEDSOE It was announced he was cleared by the medical staff to play this. The the following care against the rams coming up. So I'm assuming that's GonNa be the whole next week of blitz articles who had started a terrible year. Yeah yeah that's true I mean and it was. It wasn't that guy picks as usual. Since you know.


55:00 - 60:21


I think I think the whole thing was that like the only thing that team had offensive. Would YOU BLEDSOE? And he dragged him to five and eleven right. I mean Bella check though I. He's a decision making guy right so Brady Brady make sound decisions for the most part. Great gay manager at this point. That makes a lot of mistakes by I mean. Obviously you know he references Brady. Now's conic in Boston for the Patriots while Bledsoe was pretty iconic as well at the time so I don't know if it was the easiest decision again it obviously helps because it was parcells guy in his own right but yet to your point I mean I wonder what would have happened with the Garoppolo thing I mean obviously. Luckily it happened way too that happened. They've made another three super bowls by That's a good point. I don't know how would have played out if percent that jumped in there So any fan. Anybody else have anything they want to touch on this game Other than that. It was Absolute Crap Yeah. It was a bit of a slog to get through a good thing. I didn't watch it then. Break the Fourth Wall Steve. I know thanks Anne case. Way Way Way Way Way way did you end up watching the highlights. At least not nothing. Not even did not good for you. Okay you know what the I actually found highlights because well I assumed Greg wouldn't watch game so He proved me wrong. So thanks Greg I watched. I think oh But the highlights. I found were actually. Nfl Primetime Highlights Watch those. Yeah I love those I will say what are the on top of the bad play. Obviously there were so many flags on the bills and patriots. It was almost painful to sit through the announcers. Were getting away a little antsy too but obviously not you know the ballot check type of and what we're used to buy so many on both sides. Obviously the referees were shit or something yeah. They weren't great. I don't know that was rough. I think like it'd be interesting to touch on some of the stuff that was going on around this game as well Some of the notes he had. And the on Terry Glenn. I thought were pretty interesting. round yeah Here we go so. This is still in the peak. Terry Glenn Saga of will he ever play for the Patriots again? And the the story that came out in the aftermath of last week's game on on on Tuesday the Boston Globe was that Terry Glenn has depression and It was the quotas. Glenn confirmed that. Chronic depression is the physical disability cited as the reason the receiver was unable to take his mandated drug tests at the appointed time during the offseason that tardiness earned Glenn A four-game suspension. At the start of the season that is not to be confused with the season. Long Banishment. Bella. Trek tried to impose Glenn Bolted from training camp because he felt the team wasn't being supportive enough in his protests of the League's sentence. Right into like the whole like housewives of Orange County. Early agree with that. You Bitch I could tell your voice I give it to me. Give me your side of this. I don't know it's tough because I feel like for that that the talking about depression that was like almost like ahead of its time because you. I. I didn't really hear this kind of stuff. Being talked about. Sort of taboo back then An for us to hear this. I mean obviously he's putting it out there at the time but for us they hear this without like social media. There's definitely a stigma attached to it now. Does he advance that. You know lessening of the stigma. I don't know because I don't know if he was using it to justify his you know his actions to provide an excuse or if he was actually dealing with this but we do know that he had substance issues. We see a little bit of that with Josh Gordon and I you know he hasn't necessarily describe depression but I know that it can. You know it it. There's a lot of things that go into addiction depression anxiety and we're finding out a little bit more about that now even guys like. Antonio Brown where where? We're not quite sure what's going on. He seems like he's just Kinda showed you is. There could be something a little bit deeper a little bit of depression. Who KNOWS But we do know that with Terry Lamp. It manifested at substance abuse. So maybe the way that he went about doing it wasn't the right way but feel like the infrastructure was in place for sure back then to help a guy who's dealing with like problems at like maybe off base and maybe he was sort of like using that as a crutch or wake a reason to get because it was also a dispute where the Patriots had paid him.


60:21 - 65:01


I think eleven million dollars worth holding eight million dollars of a signing bonus because of all this and you know that was sort of his reasoning for trying to combat that so again. Is it the Antonio Brown thing where it's like? Hey I'm going to blame everybody else. I'M GONNA put my blames this or that and I want my money back or is it that he was actually dealing with that and it just seems like an excuse because we didn't really hear that kind of stuff back that right and I think that's a criticism is not that whether or not he has chronic depression or anything like that which I mean looking back on it now and kind of the tragic way that he ended. It's probably pretty obvious that. Yeah he had at least something whether it was craft pressure or something even more than that. I think is is pretty obvious that there was something going on with him but yeah the criticism was that this came out however many months after the fact and now lives this coming all of a sudden. When is protracted legal battle right like at the time I widen it? Come out at the time and and like my whole the reason for my comment about like you know. Housewives of Orange County was just the whole reason why of Glen like basically leaving training camp. Because the team wasn't being supportive of him. Sorta thing right. I mean you know. Obviously I'm giving you shit but To your point it. It's just tough to assess that situation especially without knowing what was going on without social media. So it's just what we know. Based on what Terry Glenn told us and the timing of it. All right is that it is. He's just leave. Yup thanks all right. Do we have left. Is Greg so here. No he left to. She's awesome way to go guys. You know we knew Greg Insert right way to let them my viewers now but anyways to wrap that up. I mean I don't have to go after. Go Fuck Outta here. Why did he? Where does a Chad by the viewers man and then I interrupted you twice? Which is awesome. Reviewers cutting this whole thing out. We're just GONNA play it off like ro though this is we've it there man let it be. Massey will see very messy all right man. Good chatting later. I think you should leave out there because this is life. And whoever's listening this point yes it is and speaking out that the best of The Terry Glenn Situation So yeah to your point he. It did seem like he you know he did some things like he missed them drug tests for whatever reason at the time and then yeah months later. He said that it was because of that. Now it doesn't it doesn't mean that he's not dealing with that maybe is using that to justify later as a like. Lee Away but I just thought it was interesting because I didn't. I didn't really remember this going on. Maybe I was a little bit too young to understand but I think it is an interesting thing because a lot of the articles that you had put up that I was looking over. It was like they were interviewing doctors and trying to figure out from psychiatrists if you know how how this manifest itself at by people that really know how to deal with the mental health aspect of athletics. Yeah back that. I don't think we're at the point. Where we we know how to handle that now no I. Yeah I mean this was before. Cte was even like a thought could a possibility. But Yeah I think you're even in the articles they all all the. Even the explanations from these doctors felt a simplistic. Yes Yup you could. You could almost tell that there hasn't really been a lot of emphasis on on that side of things but it wasn't even just the the the depression and stuff because there was another article to focus specifically focusing on a tarragon mental health and the quote that I pulled from that one was The Norfolk County district.


65:01 - 70:05


Attorney's office dismissed. The felony intimidation of a witness charge against the Glenn stemming from May sixteen incident which he allegedly assaulted. Kimberly combs the mother six year. Old Son Right. I saw that and I remember that happening either so again. I don't know if this was like public knowledge or maybe paying attention to it. 'cause I doubt I was reading newspapers and like you know around this time but I mean obviously we would hear about it more with the social media aspect of today but I just thought it was interesting. I mean and it's also I don't know it's a tough thing to talk about because it is a very real thing. I think that now a lot of people understand what it is Or at least experience it a little bit more. No willing to talk about it Is it fair? That was using the way that he did it again. Probably not because it doesn't necessarily advance The study of understanding of depression and anxiety. And all these things that you know I think is very much in play today but it was very interesting to to hear that. And obviously you know if you're dealing with depression anxiety. You're trying to get help. That also doesn't excuse behavior like what he was accused of You know it doesn't help that situation either and getting that discussion going by. I do think it's interesting because nowadays and I think social media has a lot to do with it but we see a lot of athletes dealing with this and people in their everyday life and now we're starting to talk about those things and try to figure out as a society how to deal with it but right can you imagine like twenty years ago dealing with it in fact was I don't know I mean he's he was definitely on something whether whatever it is were turned out to be which is it feels like shades of even like an Aaron Hernandez or like Antonio Brown like. There's there's just things going on like this this. This does feel very similar like the more that we get into it. It feels very similar to Antonio Brown's Which you know. Hopefully the league is a little bit different. Because I don't I'm not seeing anything Substance wise with him on at the moment but there is like a lot of the legal stuff up in the air. And you know hopefully I mean. He said he's talking to therapist. I don't know if Terry lead was at the time but then again I I don't know if this is an interesting For anybody listening or not. But I'm fascinated by this stuff because also if you're a football player what's your Terry Glenn You and parcells was already like on a little bit for being soft and this and that. That's not necessarily the environment that promotes you to share your feelings or at least explain that like you know things don't feel right and I don't know it must have been tough and like you said Aaron Hernandez you know. There's a documentary. That's coming out. I don't know what it's about. By the time this is released. It will have been out but based on what I've read on him. I mean he lived a sort of life that as a football player and as a tough guy but then he had other feelings as well. And it's like if you don't have an outlet for that That it's gotta be extremely tough again. It doesn't excuse his behavior or how he acted. You know deal with certain situations but I. It's gotta be tough. Yeah Yeah I think the fact that it's becoming more talked about these days is probably Heading in the right direction Both to it just was then people just trying to deal with on on their own right. So as much as we give Terry Glenn Shit and talk about. How much circuses? I think. There's definitely some deep veins of some sad shit that that the runs through all of this. And if I'm being honest I don't actually remember how this ends. The whole tagline thing because I don't remember him ever playing again but I remember. He obviously went to the cowboys with their bledsoe and parcels reunion. It's not like he played any of these playoff games or like super bowls than I that I remember. 'cause I those those games pretty vividly and he wasn't Parham so I don't know what happens with Terry Glenn this year. I think we're GONNA have have to. They will probably stumble across that together as we go here. That is the interesting thing about looking back at these things. Just kind of like understand what was going on behind the scenes that we didn't quite understanding for. Yeah because I think especially with with these positive football seasons the things you remember all the the the the good things you know welcome Lavar.


70:06 - 75:02


Yeah well I mean I I mean what negative stuff did you remember about the two thousand one season before we start to two thousand one now? That's what I mean. It's all pretty exciting. Yeah I mean when it comes to sports I think you remember the Good Bits. And then for the most part unless there's some really heart wrenching thing like the helmet catcher something right. I don't really remember the bad stuff. Yeah that's true. I mean I'm also wondering on this time obviously Ballot check was establishing this culture right and it might not be the easiest thing to deal with when a player is sort of acting up or acting differently. They don't you know he's not telling the land for whatever reason and you know as a coach you obviously was like. We're going to do it this way. And I don't want to be distracted so it's not necessarily the most encouraging environment anyway but I also understand that because you're trying to implement this sort of structure at this like you know what this is going to become at would be came but we also see like outside of like mental health. Or you know you know sitting Terry Gland making those decisions. But he doesn't play the rest of the year. I don't know Or like you said you don't see them show up in any game so I mean maybe that was a ballot. Check thing to just try. Try Point I mean there were articles about how he was already screwing around with the injury. Report is at one point eighteen players on it or something like that so he got reprimanded with on the air here. The bell check was asked if he had issues. If issued such a lengthy injury report at the behest of the League office sometimes questions such reports. When few injuries are listed four-times bowel check was asked if the eighteen men list was a result of such a reprimand. His replies were as follows. No nope no not. That I'm aware of. He was definitely playing games with that. Whole injury. Report thing even back in two thousand one right so I mean I think all of these things coming to play. I obviously I think. He's he softened over the years. Because with the Josh Gordon Situation. I think they were a little bit more while lot. More ACCOMMODATING YEAH. I feel like the Corey Dillon's and the rainy mosses kind of softened him to to bring it in those 'cause he see that it can work as long as the the player has the right mindset. Right right I agree. Yeah so anyways I mean it'll be interesting to see how it plays out and I'm just interested as I get older as well as society progresses in whatever way it's going it's interesting to look back in You know I'm sure there's GonNa be other situation where we get a little bit more insight like. Oh okay yeah you know. Maybe there's something more going on. Yeah absolutely yeah. I don't know if anybody wants to listen to this stuff. So there you now's great stuff Plus I wrap this up. We've talked for quite a bit about all sorts of today Even some Some bills game. You want to start your best worst. Yeah I mean the obvious best which I wanted to avoid picking this. But it was the best. What is the ants? On Smith's touchdown that sealed the the game. I think it was one fifty seven left on the clock. they're trying to kill time and then Antoine Smith blows through pretty much. Everybody that was trying to tackle them gets a monster. Forty two yard run made the score. Twenty one eleven and pre which seals the deal Before that to show how bad this game was my best play was a Patrick Pass. Kickoff return that was fumbled picked up. He runs across the field. Bounces off a few guys for one thousand nine hundred third Returns that was my best play before that I mean it was exciting. Sure the Troy Brown and around that got called back from holding the reverse. Yeah Yeah that was one of my notes about Gus Johnson Brett Jones. That's not a fucking reverse right around right. I did write a note that though I love. Brady's hand off because he timed it perfectly held it long enough to make the plate. Work obviously didn't know what was your worst the game. Well the worst I would say is just any offensive line Play that allowed a sack and even like the hurries. I'd say I'll tell them the EH.


75:02 - 80:02


The offensive line was terrible wasn't good. Yeah which I saw another article that they were talking about. Oh well maybe Bledsoe was better. You know because he would have been better if he had a better offensive line or whatever they were talking about how the offensive line play was a little bit better in You Know Brady's ten year two thousand one not Mike. I think they were the same. It's just sort of the decision making and whatever that comes with it. No you're right but I did like the quote from that Article In nineteen ninety nine. Let's play behind a line from which only one player remains. When I say that I don't mean still remains in New England. I mean still remains in pro football all right well. That's that's a major point right there by asa so not great I mean. I don't think this is head and shoulders better than the night but I was ninety nine was was. This is what I'm talking about when I'm talking about drew bledsoe correcting this team to victories. Is that's what he was dealing with right And I will say that I also wanted to touch on. This was so bad I wanted to get the other guys on here and see what they thought but when they put up put up all of posts like there's the NFL dot com one Yeah where this time. The Patriots were finally mentioned the first time all year that the the coal for NFL dot com actually referenced the Patriots Yup I have it here it was what has been the most surprising aspect of the two thousand one season thus far and the first option is emerging. Tom Brady where shrimp Jones picks up exactly so the New England but actually it was just because he's a new England right if you know if anybody has listened to some of these Bill now that there's a bunch of these dot com polls. They have nothing to do with the Patriots. Even though they're serving the Patriots game But then the the best thing that I thought they put up there was they. Were talking about Ted Johnson's favourite a ceiling. No go for it. Go for it. Go all right. That's a great segue. Yeah no my best actually had to Talking about Ted Johnson being an avid reader. Like you said it turns out. His favorite book is the notebook by Nicholas sparks. Apparently it's so good which those of you who have or are currently dating. Somebody got turned into a movie with Ryan. Gosling and it was fantastic. Yes and we'll make your significant other very matt you afterwards after watching it because you're not a nicholas sparks character from well when I will. I will admit that I watched that movie on my own at like three. Am by myself marriage to know what it was about and by the end. 'cause I think it's a horror film and nobody wants to talk about that but it is horror film and by the end. I think I cried by myself for at least five minutes. Not Out of like the love story but out of sheer fear. Because that's like a positive. I mean yeah that's fair but yeah that that that graphic that you're talking about they actually put up the graphic habit here I took a screen shot of it so I wouldn't forget it. Ted Johnson's favourite authors Deepak Chopra Nelson Nelson Mill. I believe it's pronounced John Grisham which Okay Great Robert Ludlum. Of course M Scott Peck who? I don't actually know. And then and then the aforementioned Nicholas Sparks. That is so funny though. They've avid reader for for especially for a run stopping linebacker. Who from the picture? They showed necks of this. These names of authors. His neck is actually wider than his head shaped. Remember that about. Yeah and so yeah just not something expects and my actually had another favorite and this is just a small thing but the Patriots ran a direct snap to Kevin Faulk on third and twelve. Play remember. Yeah it was It's halfway through the second quarter and they they didn't convert or anything so it didn't really work but I think I got like eight yards but On the direct. Snap to Faulk Tom. Brady's play fake was amazing. He literally act like he caught the ball and like was was doing his whole dropback and like looking looking across. Oh yeah now. Remember the announcers. Were talking about that too. Yeah it was amazing. It was so like rookie. Tom Brady like making sure everything is is exactly how it should be a Harto. Oh Yeah I don't even call him a hard all day. Well all all season. I guess I didn't know.


80:02 - 81:55


Jj Watt is a Harto so no rookie. Tom Brady's Super Harto amazing And then my worst lots of pick from I think We'll go back to the kicking game. Kicker in this game is Jake Arians. He would not last the entire season with the buffalo bills. They would eventually replace him with Patriot. Legend Shane Graham Butts THEY. They mentioned in his first field goal attempts. I think it was Was in the second quarter. They talked about how this was the first or his the the fact that his last two field goal attempts have been blocked before kicking off one. So this is the first time in three kicks that he didn't have blocked and he made it pretty good. Yeah that was what kind of game this was. It was one of those so I think that does it for for this week. What do we have to look forward to Mr Mellow? I don't know but don't ruin it for me either because again. I'm experiencing this season as if I I think you will know this one. Don't you dare? The greatest show on turf is coming to town next week. One of the Games you remember. I'm sure I remember all of them. Okay I'm just trying not to so I don't think you you don't remember any of these games but everybody remembers. I Rams Game. Because that's when she got serious sell. Join US next episode when the Saint Louis Rams come to town face a new England patriots the currently five and four New England patriots. And we will see you then by Tata Oh man.