2001 Week 8: Patriots @ Falcons

Let's go back to happier times, when we were all able to still get together. Join Mike and the brothers in cold, snowy NH for the shitshow that was the in-person Christmas episode. Yes, we realize it's March. Deal with it.

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go RIGHT AHEAD. I am not your mother. Just jump right cowboys. All right on to excited you. Hi Welcome to the pages. Is He. Podcast in person pages Dicey podcasts. Are Here in New Hampshire in the sticks of New Hampshire This probably won't be aired at Christmas but it is Christmas for us so we are all together in the same room for the first time in fucking years I would think and I gotta say this really drives home. The point at brought people for Radio. Looking at ugly you. I don't know I miss Mr Melt face routine now but it's better than the fro is not a man and abundance like a man Tony. I certainly didn't know I was GONNA say I didn't know what your parents would. You know. Respect he came with the with the Latte. Famer island got it. Oh so you can turn that into a fro- if you wanted. Oh yes I am. I hate to admit it but it was recently straightening Los Angeles. At least I don't support the rams so out of the play the Super Bowl hangover and I. This is nothing new the Patriots but I heard it. Today is a stat that I heard that I've already told Stephen. But I I need to share with as many people as possible so I heard a stat today. A for James Winston and the Games where he has thrown a his record in he's thrown a near central on the first drive his four and two in those games. Wow that anything's sense. Two things one. You've done it six times this year enough to track it you. He's got a winning record good for him. What about all the other times other times? What what's the record? I don't know whether at eight I think. Like eight and eight. Okay you just lost. But this week to go. He's got time to set this record on. Yeah they're they`re. They're supremely mediocre but he he could join the thirty thirty club too. Yeah where you touchdown thirty. Because he's I think is leading the league both touchdowns and interceptions. Maybe you're not touchdown Jacksonians but top three touchdowns and far and away the Lisa. He'd be the first ever. That's impressive thirty for thirty. He's tied right with the NFL. Record ON PICK SIXES ON PICK. Sixes into season. Yes with the name of you know this Houston Texans Dude. Know you would think. Eli Manning very close but no eight Yes oh one season and I haven't actually looked it up which season it was but it wouldn't surprise me if it was the one we were talking about this week or this year because he threw two against the Patriots in the first time the pats onto Tilana one to Smith. So how is that debate For goats to Addis between Payton Brady going these days. Yeah if Peyton is all hell is tied with jamison any interception category all time. Deng's now that the Black Mark Fisher all right. That's all I wanted to talk about. But I mean we'll stay in the NFC south is at the buccaneers are Yup with the Atlanta Falcons. Going down to the. At L. A. We actually made it halfway through the season. Boys I I was. I didn't think I would have like most of a regular. Nfl season though guys. Laws analyzed all right so we we ate coming into the game pats. Three and four falcons a three and three so the battle of mediocrity in theory at least at this point season the Let's see the Falcons will finish the season Mired in mediocrity finished season seven and nine fourth in the NFC west. So what is he south? You'll agree with me. Fuck all of us in the NFC west Samphran the rams cardinals ole this is pre two thousand two when they shifted everything so we both may be right.

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I'm not about to look at all man. Am I looking things up again? 'cause I very well. Why would you put Indian the east allowed to Miami in the East? So yeah who would it be in the in the AFC? Would you put if you rely on them? Patriots Bills The Quebec would. Have you want to both New York teams in the same and also she pittsburgh steelers? Yeah yeah next. Closest now be held a rivalry wouldn't have been everybody in the AFC north would think so but the Patriots have owned The steelers over those steelers fans and all that deep down they do but they WANNA admit it pick about like. Oh we'll make the playoffs and then we'll win the first round game and then we'll go to New England and beat the Patriots with the colleges. Like okay you quite crank Yeah so the Falcons would win three in a row after this game. That was the longest winning streak of the season but they would follow that. Losing five of the last six games to finish Out of the playoff hunt will say to be polite head coach Dan Reeves. I'm Dan Reeves Coach for twenty three years. I realize coach now fell off the horse. What what. It was paralyzed skiing. Greg and the guy who played superman I now is being slightly facetious. That guys are I pick. They may be related. We don't know I mean I won't say that I'd like to force a Dan. Reeves played retired against pages. But this is only game doesn't really work. That would have been great though was only game against bell check at least when Belgium patriots even though twenty one once. This is kind towards the end of the the tenure could. He did twelve years of Broncos for the giants and then finished with. Seven years. The Falcons so the only coach till two thousand three hundred eighty one to two thousand three so this is like this twilight era. He Muscle playbill check wheels on the browns. Maybe you would think yeah Although maybe with when he was Defensive Coordinator but so there what three years removed from their super bowl year? You know ninety ninety eight was the dirty fourteen into man. I love that same. Ninety eight. So three years removed Mal Anderson smeal but after that so so they went for that year. And if see champion Smid Super Bowl didn't win it here. They get rocked by somebody broncos. Yep those bad wait. No it was forty nine now. I'm thinking of somebody else right. Sign so fourteen into that year. Ninety eight ninety nine. They're super bowl. Hangover lasted one two years at five and eleven four and twelve and then this year was seven nine before they went. Wow side super bowl. The five wins wins. After I mean I literally recognize nobody on this team having my notes here. I don't recognize buddy. Oh Shit Algae Chrysler and then spotted Mike Vick on the sidelines. The that's literally. How am I thought process? Kobo Defending Asti. Nobody she's broking Keith. Brooking I recognize name but I realized how I mean he was like the early. It's magic because he's white. Thank you greg you also reminds Sean Lee. No he was pretty decent. I mean there's a couple of good guys so I had. He was the only pro bowl on defense sleeper. Hit One hundred. Twenty five tackles at year three and a half sacks two picks two fumble recoveries the guy was an absolute he will basically wasn't events he was a bit of a Sean Lee as the defense as he goes. Defense goes Maybe felt the injury problems The big names ahead. Where Ray Buchanan? Bill AUTOMATIC REMEMBER HIM.

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He was he number twenty four read. Look it up before this. Because all the Best X. Y. Twenty four exactly Greg. Misery Science Ashley. Ambrose they both they co led the team with five picks And then Patrick Carney. Was the defensive. End led the team with Twelve Saxon. A kind of good little eating guys. Maybe Rabi Canada's rash. Ambrose I don't remember there was nobody offense Shawn Jefferson. Guys Jefferson Vincent Britney Days. He was playing opposite him the Ohio Senate yes yeah because he played for the Patriots. It was ninety six ninety six to ninety nine. Yep before that he was a charger cut such a generic name. Put Two and two together. Well did you know? There's a shaw the guy on lsu right now. Shawn Jefferson Junior his son. Not as you got so excited when I was watching them play that I looked it up and I'm like well just narrow related. That's kind of like we talked about Jim. Mora earlier not sure. If that's like the later Jim Morris son or not. I think we just kind of assumed that they were named the same but we never actually put together. I think it might be my phone is I would go down into law rabbit hole. Bso options and players. Chris Chandler. Who led the team in fumble recoveries with four cool pretty great also not as great since they were his fumbles which he also the team in with eight eight is on band accused? Smith styles pretty pretty stationary. But he actually went a six eight but I remember that some stat in the game. I think I wrote it down of his win loss record when he actually finished the game. It was really good. He just didn't often finish games. So the money's always like constantly injured. This is the quarterback. We're talking about right again. Suited to a super bowl so forget the super bowl right. He also reabsorption. Sides had twenty hundred yards sixteen touchdowns fourteen picks But the bigger story a quarterback for the Falcons year was their first overall draft pick rookie. Michael Vick was he number one overall where women he started going by Mike Vick I dunno it. Was that a thing I mean. We're we're pretty early. No well I think in this podcast. In general we we tend to useful name. So I'm going to call him Michael Vick but he was Michael. You Michael Mellow yes and like. I think it was after prison. Maybe made those prison name. Mike Vick when that switch happened Mike and then he made a statement where he wanted to be known as Michael the respective whether he was when he was hanging out with Mike to Michael around. So maybe I don't know I mean you'd think if you are more respectable you've got Michael. Thank you know what the failing by way one of them likes you know non Tony Dungy. I imagine the the Google results for Mike. Vick would probably not in his famous road networks. Seo Effort into Michael Bacon and they're just like switch to one baby. Nobody will remember if I just slightly tweety are start fresh. Remember what would you? What are you talking about turtle? I think big dog. Maybe something like that that we're talking about a missing don't know. I guess I missed much play. Pc's doesn't get fired later. Whatever you do get Jonas created so at wide receiver. They had four guys who seem to be carbon copies of each other four guys with just about five hundred dollars receiving which is huge mediocre Terrence Mathis who? I recognize the name but couldn't pick his face out of a lineup.

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Tony Martin The aforementioned Sean Jefferson and Greg Savior Brian Finneran. Because the color of skin come on that I mean your anyway. Yeah this is what we're doing. I mean well. I'm the college failures I. I figured we'd just start something about Gregory. He's the race of the group either. Closed Down my favorite joke is when it gets cold like this. Now you guys are are here in New Hampshire is when it gets down if I turn on. My car says it's zero degrees Fahrenheit. I'll take my wife and I'll say you know what though the weather today. My time at Penn state having common zero degrees. You'd even have the first time which is why keep sending it persistence for sure. They get to zero degrees. The opposite actually will if I'm Steve Touches kids. I also don't condone any of this. I didn't go to Penn State. Andy did I apologize for concentrating new. You might have enabled. His behavior is going on. I was not on a first name. Basis with any of the the Penn State coaching staff. At all no no just sort of didn't even do it. Put that out there. Who didn't do it? Yeah why don't you read the transcript? All right go into this phone call. Perfect ditch key witness all over the Place Candy. Remembers this thing. Remember that thing actually sawing. Well some people have children for the rugged even similar okay. That's a red hot. I did read an article that said that there were some apologists. Whatever you descend. I'm just GONNA clip out the pieces that I like. Say the that's going to be the teaser for the podcast Greg saying article so every let P R one a one little sound Cook Greg. Jerry Sandusky not guilty podcast to find out the witnesses all right greg. Speaking of I can't even I can't tie that in. What are you GonNa talk about the running backs Or try to save kidding betsy. Yeah it's pretty good Yeah algae algae Chrysler who completely year. I feel like he's ancient. Yeah the pats incident. He yes he did. Yeah last four or five years. Let's relatively recent ten years ago. Fuck middle of the dynasty. We'll get down on his way out though we had. He was pretty much done season. And this is his rookie season which means Brady was already a year older than faulk struck me as let's see. Algae crumpled has been there forever. You know I'll be forty. Two is his birthday today. Born December twenty third nineteen seventy seven. Happy Birthday Mom. We're going to dedicate this to him. I'm sure he'll guy I got it no students. I heard somebody should have fun guy. He's the only guy is talking. Steve from two thousand one. If they're talking about is like forty speed though. I don't know if it's like they were like man. He's athletic. He's he ran a four nine years. I'm looking at it and it's like this year's class two thousand nine hundred. No Fan ran like four launches. I was GONNA ask. And he's not no big fast. Fast wants to pull the fourth quarter. Mike Vick was in there and he just looked like today. Speed versus all of you know a superstar gigantic wearing those huge shoulder pads dilemma. Around and Mike. Vick was just Oh. It wasn't a video game consoles. Yeah but no one else's caught him. This is like when you bought madness year. And you weren't allowed to play as the Falcons because it was cheating could do. It was fair because it was absolutely perfectly accurate.

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It was just unfair to play. He's the same same idea. Oh yeah not as fast but even so quick shift. I think he's quicker than Vick. But not straight-line fat out like breakaways vic is like you get them on a straight line and you just like yeah. It doesn't matter. What does Vick run? I thought with the easy as watching Randy. Moss just outrun. I ready Moss rolling up his hand and yards in front of the the defensive back knowing is going to beat them but he's only he's try jogging past the geysers John Effort into it. I mean it was too because part of like dogs stuff. This is all right but this cover your basis it was. It was a shame that he was always hurt. 'cause I mean he had a great vision to He'd be. Ju can run all over the place by always ended with him breaking a leg or something so it would have been fun to. Kinda see where that would have gone but mahomes is kind of in that skirts. Hori a yeah. I've been saying this about all all those mobile quarterbacks like since. Rg three and that knee injury that he had like ever it. It seems like they light league on fire until that happened last year. And they're managing hand. They're also kind of like running decoys everywhere so I mean it might not work the second year but still feel like every game day. Watch if you if you look at it us at least one hit again. Elite CLUB BY COURT. He dishes that hit the design and the PUCK is not the same. I don't think though Mike Vick this yeah I mean. I guess we'll touch on actually all all the focus is on the roster same guy from having such films as Hankas area or something like that. That's the guy the actor that Randy McCloy I. You thought there was this real name. And he went from the Falcons hot take. I think I'm not sure older the simpsons or a Tom Brady's dynasty the simpsons of there have like forty years just thirty J. Feeley guys dolphins game on the list. Kicker three three player was something I did. No reason. Wasn't he a entering the eagles. Maybe one of the I. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Did no research on Jay feely okay? More ended up being an actor slash comedian after out tasks. 'cause Jay Moore all right before the game. I want to talk about the week leading up to this because I think this was when Terry Glenn. Shit came to a head because literally every He Boston Globe or section. This week leading up to the game was all about busy. Glenn he was fine for not practicing on the day after the previous week's game Lebron last year in the final Maybe the year before but when he's like loses the game and he comes to the thing with a cast on his wrist and his video of him shuts in the locker room before the game. It's like the real. Yeah it feels that way But does actually An article on the Wednesday about Shawn Jefferson. Balking about Terry Glenn was at John was a lumps terry like brother and tried to mentor them when they played together so he said the. Jefferson wanted to show support. He said in that men telling Glen. Get Your Butt to Cam there guys depending on you screw at the media or a bill belichick. Thank get back out there for your teammates. That's fair it is. It happened money thing. That's not a bad. It's how it's handled back then. Sadhana what he's a little bit of a miser he is. Yeah I mean he probably saw the play for right and if you don't this is thousand once you don't have the out of of one. All these ambient chips and you're one Shan like yeah fired into the dog.

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What what makes you think you do that? You didn't have the respect that this one well and I by the time. This might not be a deal. Bad Guy she's now getting like celebrity from social media. Take man clear your but he isn't whole flu doesn't end the Terry around she album number. White Women's Yes twenty. He's making all the decisions. I'm doing the same. No more than twenty twenty. Did Terry Glenn ever play another? Snap after this cowboys. Jeez ring with. Let's BLERTA parcells. I as a Cherry Glen being a little bitch. We'll McGinnis healthy again. I think the only reason I put that in there is because just to mention the fact that you are t shirt that said silent but violent. Oh we're GONNA make that. We're GONNA sell foulness pages dynasty website. Oh Hell yeah well. We should make it hat. I mean back in two thousand one for me was talking about five. Definitely no What yeah well sound but deadly on that but yeah thanks for being generous charitable Christmas. I was especially as a Hashtag von. Why not ask? Where's the silent coming from? Because he doesn't talk much for a living now. Ironically now. He's posting game. Yeah Right. He's he's decent. See Smith is alleged man see always years like he's off the Kauffman were using tear. He said they were talking about an awesome. Not Thrown open receivers. And he's like you gotta throw the ball when he's butthole acres. I saw an accent. Oh thank you make sense but whole naked now but I don't understand what he meant. I just thirty set it. Yeah I get it I get it you you're you're so naked that you can over in spreadsheets. So people see you butthole. Well why they say that you gotta be you gotTa be bad you gotTa film The ball. He's so they bend over so they can see his grout. I come on. You know he think about this. How how away from other people? Do you have to be to be that comfortable to be naked enough to bend over and you can do that in in a crowd. No problem right in the middle of the state you could evoke and Kitty toucher. But I don't know if I could move. That's what he meant. Can we call them up? I think Jackson's that right in a release. The Kiss Potholes along the way. So he remains name. Lou Touching yes. It was a documentary. This another hot take. Mike said I don't know. Did you read the article said Michael Jackson didn't do it I you know? I don't think he wants to separate children at the same story of him. Poll there but Sheikh's Kiss him on the Bible in the documentary. I'm going on record. You cannot call me the kid dealer when both these guys. Greg defended Jerry Sandusky. And Mike's over here. In Jackson Hole. Bill Cosby is guilty. Yeah he's a piece of Shit But Yeah Michael Jackson. I'm not. I'm not a big fan of that man and he did it. I just don't get symbolic but maybe I didn't watch the documentary stack earnings Google Michael Checks and just make sure your incognito hundred computer yelled yeah. That's that's rob regardless Mo- Jackson piece of Shit. Yes I kept. Try Try to Segue you. Mother fuckers speaking of buttonholes. Okay Dan Neil the offensive lineman for the Denver broncos before broke Brian. Cox's like the Butthole A.

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Did you hear what good yeah? But he was fined For his block on Bri illegal block on Brian Cox that these commentators in this game. Actually the game are feed. Start a little late so you didn't actually get to catch the first first few drives so I don't know who they were as other fucking terrible commentary from them. I liked volunteers. They were they. Were defending of course chop block block. Maybe why they're calling out terry. Glenn Tribuna Biggie. Biggie bitch like they're like I don't care Terry Glenn their their toll meal the Shawn Jefferson Lines. Say Fuck out your way were yeah. They were defending the chop block. Which is like the most legal thing possibly? Do you think about this chance and think about this. If one of the Patriots plays did you would defend. Andy wasn't hallmark heart right. The CIA blog was. I'm just saying Andy you spins on everything you do well. I'm sorry I'm a fan. Go Fuck me right. Hey regions famished. Fanshawe for fucking fanatic. I'm sorry that I'm fanatically phonetically inclined They also had a good point where Troy Brown should of let a punt bounced in the end zone and fair caught it on the three yard line. Not Quite freak kitchen that and I was like right. There were right. No that was after the trump blocks everything they said was wrong to slow. Cox Basically was like I'm GonNa Mur her that guy. Next time I destroy his family or whatever he said but then. Ej mountain apologize for that growth. My friends so well I have apologize in quotes because he said I need to apologize because in my frustration. I told them I was going to blow out his knee. I don't want to see anybody injured. In that capacity. They have children and other people. They'll talk they're taking care of it. They compared with Terry Glenn to a twelve year old but instead he was worse than Ryan did come on. That's that's awesome. Blackhawks probably deserved. I'm trying to get to the Tigers. The mail out here because I want Greg dirty players and not ski but like similar fiery. I mean good for us but you hate him. And he's on the jobless rate was Rodney Harrison dirty. Okay them as dirty. I think but the comment that he was apologizing for which. We didn't actually touch last week. Because Youtube is you shitting me was wait where we one hundred percent. We got some fine points four and that's just an am. I spent a little bit so we didn't touch on Brian Cox's comments after game was to be honest. I don't care if it takes the rest of my career and if I ever play that guy again he's going to have a blown out knee and I don't care who knows it because he just does that. Sort of expletive all. The Time Cox said his voice along Growl Ooh cuts me like that then has the expletive audacity to ask me if I'm right as all right no I'm not expletive alright towards his mouth. That's what the Boston Globe reported dirty. But I like that. I like that So he kind of walked back now. We lost the for the year right. How's it I'm broken leg? I don't remember again don't so I don't remember playing this year. Who keep seeing all time Matt Stevens Safety. Yeah I don't remember him at all fly because he was guys defense isn't it keeps me eight weeks eight weeks. I was like I don't remember this guy at all seen for a while remember. I haven't seen him wake super warm. Vp Yes mike yes he was. Don't worry I intentionally Israeli our conversation. I mean we have done two minutes of Matt Stevens. Now he's the guy that tweak remember laying down. He jumped at on the guy. He hasn't been good. Let's be surprised just bench. Yes my guess is. He's not hurt. Easy Gottlieb Johnson.

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Who'LL BE MY GUESS? Third Safety so he comes on sub packages. Yeah I think so. Who's your second season? He was a starter. I remember watching the. Who's your second safety? It says lawyer Milloy into Bosque jaw muscle a year and the week one. He was a starter so he was nickel safety. Nicholson one is the he is when they when they figure starting earlier but I think it was. This is where he starts getting phased out. Yeah he's just listed as defense. Thanks Mary Lee. Blow Generous by talking about the game. I was trying to be turned on me over there. I talked to me about this game. I I will say that it was first. Start for Alcan's that stuck out of me. I have here that the first three Falcon drives netted. I think it was negative in yards. Had Negative six in the ballpark. Yes sounds pretty crazy. Unlike the defense a falls out like I don't think we've necessarily seen that before. The commentators touching on to how they had instead of sitting back in zone coverage and stuff like that they were actually playing a lot. More men blitzing a lot more from spas that the falcons weren't expecting it The commentators showed the Controlling from cover to cover one late which NC a lot more recently now went with this twenty nine hundred defense where they they're hiding something or even last year superbowl. They had kind of almost two calls. Or you see the one shift later. That second look So do a lot of like cover to cover one on one place. They have extra guy in the box and the fuck just had no doubts. When the Falcons pump in crowd noise too you know rise drew but what a tactic I mean. I wish the path that maybe they did but Chris Chandler fully deployed in his own Chris. Chandler the game two is like saying that they were flipping between three four and four. Three seven goes to start of that to reach us. Basically what does this year? Yeah so it's interesting points the WAG. Bring all that up midseason. When you're sort of pain we can do this. You got a game plan for it. Felt like it was. I mean nowadays I. It seems more pronounced but the those first for six weeks of the season or almost like an extended preseason for the Patriots. Were kind of getting everybody on the same page And then once you start getting middle season they they actually start doing some more interesting things like that because everybody saying Beijing. There's so much communication that goes on especially with the offense as well. I think nowadays with the way Brady runs things but the defense especially that there are all kinds of they'll have to be on the same day they'll have to know what the looks are now. I think their their responsibility shifts a lot like even during the play. I remember Gilmore with a bus when we first started. We're like assignments shit on hard. Even a couple of weeks ago I remember seeing some- replay of unimaginable. Kind of play. It was against the cowboys where the cowboys Senegal emotion and they were trying to do something like moving everything to one side but because of the like as the motion was happening the two linebackers where were literally like in real time switching off responsibilities because of the the. I'm assuming because the the offensive play had shifted to. Where the like that need to happen but they did it like instantaneously would know conversation happening like Tai. They knew that as soon as this guy moved over here the entire like defensive responsibilities for everybody change and so like everything just kind of shifted and Dak Prescott had like he thought he had something in completing because every. I think there's a lot of that sort of stuff happening. I think once you get to like you know week. Eight against even what was supposed to be an explosive Falcons Team. All of a sudden you see that all start to click a little bit because they've actually had all this time together one point so like when. I deal more because he had all offseason till I get acclimated whatever. It was a disaster and obviously he's amazing now thing but leasing. The kid is the first check your with the pads. It was like all rookies. New Guys in Lagos kind of this young mess. Thought all these like older guys. So how do you think alike? They rent cly by minutes in where people are just trying to do. When I think it's that's why on the guys that you. They know enough about the technique they got more at the time.

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But if you have those young guys like they're still learning you know the speed of the NFL like just everything about the new system whereas guys that have been the league. I mean you're talking about is the beginning of this this The season where they didn't just bring in vets they brought in guys who've been leaf like twelve fifteen years so they knew the INS and outs of like football on Sunday so it was a matter of just like making sure. They're all Zane page. I think more than anything. So you can feel more promises that maybe he hadn't been exposed and everybody else on the team. Did this seamless when he wasn't there when he joined like is just to the longtime kinda gauge. That whole is he played five years. Probably they probably just stuck in man in buffalo here. But what if this guy's this you have to you have to recognize this bypass switch off? That's fair true approval but he was just that good which we're seeing now. I also have this the whole Malcolm Butler thing and we were like. Hey why don't they give him the contract? Why are they bringing this guy in? Well I you know I guess that kind of percent Kinu I mean not not Gilmore versus Butler. But I gotta think that Butler better staying here. Then I remember I want. I think he's actually played well in Tennessee from played. Better well He. He had a rough first half of the season when he first went there but then secondhand is he was actually one of the better cornerbacks in the league right. I'm your brother Stan. I Love I love. I still can't wait to find out what happened in the Super Bowl challenge. It's such bullshit that's talked about that but I mean that's always GonNa say well we will get there. In twenty years episodes. We'll eventually get to that one. Frequent play for bad guy would have changed everything but anyway. I'm still pretty soon you too. Yeah we'll get paired. Two jobs man. He had some great years ten picks one year. Thanks for your ballot. Check Socks Luzon too early for too late. Though isn't the most recent I actually saw today. The most recent argument for Bella. Check the The drafter or whatever. You team builder Screwing Bell Jack. The coach was leading Chandler walk though. Yeah he's for three or four sacks away from the the record this that whole thing. We're perfectly though because it's needed to happen for the team to build around like what they had and if you think about it like the the Malcolm Butler year that what you've been play like your. They lost that one but then like we kind of made afforded more. I think so. It's like right like as Belgium would say. Yeah there is doing fine. He's also synthetic we'd like running legs cops like stations. I was awesome. I forgot about that right after. Always not saying about trey flowers trae. Fires hasn't had a big year the same exact thing. Yeah so that's does put you know placed away weird. Yeah I remember love. This game is that it was. It was college year. I've had now. What else is finger my ass right watching the game avenue? Michael Jackson Jerry. Sandusky kids state remember this game the night before it was the first time ever like really dranked and I was hanging out with some some older people at the time. I think I was young young in college. Whatever and so we played like some card games or so. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was. I have no idea. They basically destroyed so funny. I remember I had some assistance walking up stairs. I got through with a bed. It was a great initiation. Drink happens on the northern. There was this game. I remember like like laying down on this like chair. The game was on the background in the announcers. Making me nauseous. Every smell was coming to US throwing up like with every way Patriots. Klay and the I remember that. So I don't know fun memories bad but this was very bigoted we've talked about my members of Penn state or lack thereof so talked about taking off shirt. I mean you already like admitted to not being a part of that whole thing.

45:03 - 50:04

Allegedly story about it. He didn't drink college. I didn't know me neither really man was your. I like beer. Outside of mom and dad's purview. Probably a sophomore in high school was a really. Yeah for some I smoked weed and drank was the same night glow for house sitting on them and they had a dog and I was so stunned. We gotTA my head so you don't like dogs dogs. A COP mind was with Nick. He liked that a outing. A whole bunch of mother fuckers. I may have to cut this. She assertively this pack. Of course original put underneath the wheelbarrow in his yard warm coors banquet. Do you have any fun? I FOR SOURCE. I fucking no. Yeah 'cause I mean I'm semi blacked out and not realizing that. Oh God remembering last night. You're like yeah yeah and then I actually blacked out and I remember looking expedite set. And being like yeah. I don't remember that at all. My Dad blacking out as soon as he got older better so pretty much. I stay away from the malaise by the next thing. You know you get picked up by route one right up in there. Don't ever drink drink. Don't advertise EP. Probably yeah that's a no now. Make sure you asked before if you're in that situation you said we're call call your mom you take each month if the conversation is because it is in the NFL while PC poorly. I mean he did pretty good herbal speed pro bowl. Tom Brady in this game. How did you think he did well? I didn't watch it so much time. I'm sure to not watch his game for the right there and all Brow Brady he'd them at Alba's lapping it up. He was precise I mean the thing I saw where it was crazy. Game and very embellish. I'm like there's like Brady was actually lights out. There are a lot of great players that were called back for penalties. And it's yeah. It was happening all the time and really commentators to your point on that as well where they're like what the hell is going on. They were pissed linen. Minute has gone by no penalties. Imagine that or do I have the clothes. I wrote them down. It was haven't seen a flag in a minute or two. They're going to eat up. Brel is down there for all the flag fade past came. Falk in the end zone. Yeah greater like who called run the great about play. And that's another thing that he was towing lift so bridging was like kind of like we can have and so they send out by Kevin Faulk wide to isolate him with working in the outside the announcers worldwide again all over much whatever it worked for action but that wasn't a thing to kind of isolate matches like running back in those pretty cool. I don't like the isolation but like a fade route. Kevin Faulk seem weird to me. All you've ever seen that again. I don't remember ever seen Tom Brady. Threw a fade to a running back? He mustn't Sean James White Fade Fade though or was it kind of just like hard like right over the top guys like it's a great bog is five hundred eighty but to their credit. He wasn't even looking so part of the whatever enjoyed about this season. Is I have no recollection of a little bit of a treat so esther I had no idea what to expect. Oh Shit few blackout Mike. We just went over. There is one game this week. Yeah I think. Going to Steve's point it looked like and I think there was something in the paper the day after about how like the offensive game plan was because the corners were so good for the Falcons that they were basically just gonNa give them that and just throw to like back tons a whole game right. I think that was part. Like the Kevin. Faulk touchdown was funny. Is that like in commentators. Pointing out with radio is like picking on Arabia Chan and the whole game you use actually picking review.

50:05 - 55:00

He was insane at the end of the game. Brady waited for him to like kind of just like congratulate. Really tell them why aged obviously good job or whatever. Even though it wasn't playing was telling. Yeah like two thousand Brady. Confidence is my favorite thing about this. So far he was like I'm normally there was two plays back. The first play was they tried to flee and Brady got sacked. I think he did which is which I don't think I've ever seen in my life. Sack on a flea flicker no maybe a pick or something like that but not sack or even completely ad never. I've never seen anybody sack. But then the next play comes back and throws like a thirty our dime to patent like the next place not even phase that he had sacked on a trick play. He'd do that. That Troy Brown bomb in the second quarter he just hung in there and Gadjah launched it. That's when the real DICK SUCK IN FOR TOM. Brady from the did the announcer army. Darling you let you guys during the Game Vinnie. Though there's a stat where it said something like you'd never miss this point in the Dome up until that point I think it was twenty two twenty two field goals twenty one for twenty one extra points to something like that he didn't miss. It all kept it going. I believe believe you and me read the game where he started missing the first game. He missed a field goal. Endorse you're hung over again. So maybe no I was not now. You're going over at Ryan Stories. They watch it was against the Texans. You want to add no good. Oh and watch the game together though game together. Are you sure you weren't blackout rumor Stories Parties? I I would argue about politics. A you would be hammered if I remember correctly for ten minutes. Are you politics just to get on your nerves? So you want to talk about that Brown touchdown Russia. We're talking about Tom. Brady like this is so there was talk about what to call this play. Michael Smith and the Boston Globe. Og Right in front of the quotas. Immaculate Reception has already taken so rather than violate any unwritten copyright laws. What should pages fans call yesterday's moment of divine intervention at the Georgia? Dome and here are the options the clean the spotless match my personal faves listener or the pure punk rock snatch was a thing back. Then right why snatch was like slaying for your right so he knew about like the spotless Alice Snatch. I feel like it fits this podcast suggestion I. It was a suggestion with a Boston Globe writer while now let me see a clam of spotless. But he threw that into triple coverage. Pick ten times that attend joint off someone throw by Brady competent throw by Brady? The fine line and I felt that Dr Brown actually struggled in this game pretty heavily. I didn't think so. I think you need a few heads. L. Plays there. Were like five or seven I think for like ninety nine yards and a touchdown something like that. Yeah I mean he did his thing but on that play though what was funny is h so brady a pitch it bounces in Detroit around hands. He runs it in for what twenty five thirty yards in touch new destiny fifty yards. Now there's like fifty yards forty five or the plus buffer yards in the back there so he ran in the commentators were going nuts under their pointing out there. Like bledsoe was thinking. Why does that ever happen to me? Which away so many interceptions. But then they close up on his reaction even he can't believe it and it basically lay hands on his head. Bledsoe Josie with body language. Poor Guy Accident Bledsoe's face on that that was all that was gonNA be my best. Actually we didn't talk about it with BLEDSOE'S THOSE FACE GLEN. He's like you gotta doing that. Does a bad throw in triple coverage three guys? There was a double car seat becoming a top linebacker neat. The corner on guides is like what do you do with you? I don't think I've ever seen anything about a gun by yeah poor. Bledsoe van like I think he was a class. Act I mean he was criminalized.

55:00 - 60:00

A mentor throughout the season. Right and no comment has a lot about that. So good commentators Brady has been opened. I think about like not open but I mean towards talked about how the most helpful guy I think. Yeah from what? I've heard he doesn't like to give up snaps in practice practice and stuff. Yeah because what happened when he got. You didn't exactly is at first hand experience of what happens if you probably to be a really good athlete. Then you gotta to be kind of a prick for lack that he's actually like a fair point. That data rates penalized off. He doesn't have the hugest Dick but enough to like secure aspira right heartache. Brady's Dick Anything else you guys want to talk about in this game is alive. Scott Chandler's face after that third quarter. I drive sack face the way he looked like you can tell. Steve Does recognize guy. 'cause you call them Scott Chandler. Said he didn't get destroyed. Aimed wrote down Scott Chandler Richard Seymour. Got A sack in there. You know originally was the sack was a grown ass. You just remember that locker. Was Chris Chandler. He got sacked six times in like three quarters like he got sacked so much to leave the game. Yeah so he. He left the game walking sideways. And the visual. Yeah anybody wants to look that up in is like anything like exactly wrong with him. But you'll be bent oversight. It's like it's Katy Not. I don't know if there was no like reports on it or anything so I don't. I don't know what it was not the Boston papers. But Look Good Otis Smith later absolute one for another in this game. I mean odor. Smith came in so fast that the commentator actually yelled out watch Kevin Jones had a few good one chandler or Scott. Look like after that first drive sack at. Otis made sure of it. You want to go out especially when people like this is the third quarter and people were like yelling chanting for best when they came in that changed the game. Oh it did well before that I wrote down. This is amazing but why Brady was running the two minute drill and times going off the clock commentators getting a little nervous. He hasn't under casserole. I wrote amazing time management. A she killed everything. Bullet passed the like Mark Edwards. And then like there's about fifteen seconds left on the clock Ball so that's what they were talking about. They're talking about how long the Patriots were like nobody for a long time and then how they were coming a couple of other teams that were no names are coming out of the NFL. I've had it was funny because they were right. But it's sort of like wasn't right for the next twenty years exactly. Yeah also my favorite part of the two minute drill of the end of the half. Was Tom. Brady doing the hard count. Beginning the two minute drills. That was good. Nobody does it anymore again. The commentators are all over. That is a great commentators in this game. They will apply one glaring issue. Feeling this feel all right. Field goal is why left the other announcer Mike Serious? He's like the kicker didn't miss. Why the offense miss one less thing since four yards at one then? We had a good point though every every dumb penalty. It'll fall stars again in five years. Closer doesn't matter. He was furious. Because the kicker's fault to be fair. He missed from fifty eight fifty. So it's not like he was missing chip shot up forty five hundred the facts before we get to mix debut. I think Last pass touchdown where they went up by twenty four to tanner's that where when bit came in it was kind of out of hand. Already or twenty. Four seven was Thuan had a huge stutter. Addendum nothing in the whole second half. And then he had like a fat Ron that he's got a screen pass something because he fumbled early to mark Edwards it to an pointing. That was right before that crazy. Troy Brown touchdown. Yeah that started. It was the same on them. From what their twenty? Two like the fifty he had he had like two or three big runs and drive in. Net. It was the troy route.

60:02 - 65:02

One seventeen in the second half probably forty of those were in the in the in that wonder I've on Iran catch. And if he doesn't do those and they don't have that thing and that's not twenty four seven one victims and vic change I am. It's funny though because against one Smith was like remaining in the fourth quarter. Was that by managing a field goal. They got into the red zone with Mike. Vick back there and then ran it with a running back three times in a row. So I have I wrote down the stat that Chris Chandler going into this game. He had more touchdowns than lesions in the red zone. The season had four touchdowns in two incompletions is a big finish. The game if he'd finished a game incomes in the fourth quarter maybe comes with that fourth quarter hit that slant right that quick slant at turns into like a six-year gain we're one of the DB's on the Patriots literally like dodged them dodge the guy all Yay Yay dove out. What was this come across some like the boomtown had and I think he by turns of Bangalore just wants to hit some. He doesn't kill anybody literally like goes out of his way to not hit anybody super frustrating. So they're inside the red zone inside the ten I think and then the go Mike Vick back there and they just call three straight running plays the rhinebeck like I don't know maybe you didn't know we ask really right draft guide number one overall. You know you have planned play both like you know what I'm saying. Well they've talked about that how they did like Michael. Vick was still learning the playbook and he was like ways away from big able to run an offense but they're gonNA put him in any. I have here like nasty. Dr Mike Vick thirty five yard run right okay. Then same dry fifteen yard run right then like appearance and then the lawyer. Molloy sax swift crushes get a penalty but they take them down by the face masks head rips it off the Corner. Blissett HIM TO DEATH. They kept bringing the corporates over. No that's how they'd knocked Scott Chandler out of the game was bringing looks just like he couldn't get their suite is reached out with his left. Arm facemask Michael. Vick even outside and that like I I was basically written down. It was like a meal. Meaningless like Antoine Smith like run the fourth. Aw inside like the two minutes killing clock yeah I think it was wiggins why last some dude for a block right so even on offense they were just destroying people. The craziest like blocking tackling like game. I've ever watched it. Maybe Mark Jackson likes screw the penalties. I mean I don't disagree with that. I don't see that even find today's NFL. They've committed to that. I don't know but then again like they can only call so many penalties right at the legion of booms idea well and like the bengals like this year against them like the coach was basically why the wide receivers got manhandled. So I I. It's a little bit of like how they used to play the coal. Yeah so I'm like if you can set the tone early. Maybe it works break will early and they're just not going to try. I probably it probably wouldn't be a good idea to kind of lunged Jack's difference man physical back then. The players do that right. You have players are lying VLADIC. You're not like are going to let you up Brian. True Dont`a hightower wants is probably more than normal but like Jimmy. Johns does not gone and ripping. Someone's off neither those guys Comorans guy though. He's he's a grown man. That guy. That got arm tackles running back. Says he's getting blocked van. We will dish out then. Oil person some heat. I don't know but yeah you're right man. I don't think that would fly. They don't have that like Laura Malloy. Sort of safety is gonNA come up and just try to knock. Somebody's off. Well there is A. There's a moment on like vicks third or fourth drive when he'd been corner blitz to death and they dropped out and like he just did the old. Sam darnold sought ghosts and like saw that? Pass rush through it and like immediately duck and hope the late from them. He plus like he was clearly see in like fracture everywhere. Who's a textbook tabloid? Every time there was a way striving to ground. Yeah that's actually probably actually. I haven't ended on here. Survivor is the only thing older than Brady there.

65:02 - 70:00

Because usually don't have the commercials in it. Yeah there were some in this. Yeah and Survivor. Africa and I was like well throughout survivor. Africa that'd be can't be the original ceasing as they're talking about two years in cultural as a short time for my big. Oh you only played two years ago. Yeah Yeah College. And it's now you'll get this journey ear kind of twenty years you're GonNa be like you only spent two years at the XFL. Like JOE IS GONNA come out like real quick and everyone sees come out just immediately in college. I mean it makes sense or any money. What was I do of like that whole thing up? Was it worries. Clarissa Clara I have. Yeah that whole thing. Marie SK Loretta. He goes broncos. Steam Bucks Hammer. Yeah whatever that goal is also have. They're like oh. We can't play can't pay to starting quarterback seven million dollars a year seven seven. Yeah Yeah you can't pay one. Fourteen didn't boldin making five. Sorry thirty Jesus Rex. Burkhead probably making five. Yes he plays all too much ego and it's like what they all want to start. It was like yeah. There's just not enough money to go really needs. And that's the top end. What are the guys like? Just getting there has torn up years. Drew bledsoe sign. What like ten years. One hundred million dollars to ten million a year right like maybe some of those years. We're like voyage. I'm sure all Bangla. It looks so you're saying to fourteen for your quarterback. Yeah I don't know the gun and by two one I had written that like Antoine Smith had been campaigning for like twenty plus carries a game. Like that was his thing. Which unfortunately you need a back that hash to have that many but I guess I think even Peterson was like the same way but Any back then. That was a big. Yeah and I have that. They mentioned that it was the ipad runner that reached one hundred yards since the ninety nine at Yahoo running back. I wrote it down. But it was Terry Allen Jerry down there then you Terry Allen. Oh yeah he was. Marquis sounds no third cousin retarded brother. Yeah draw. Retie seem Ron Carey's listener. We use a brother and all very is listening. Shutouts terry now I mean yeah. Wasn't he in the same Ariza? Marion Butts these cameo. I remember remarried. But he's not object. I don't remember Atari Alley. Remember Terry on briefly to the Jonas gray ever get back to neutron means so it expire. You get five days and if they don't get your money back again can you know nowadays for the xfl? Or not I got a list of other guys at all right. Who else we got can potentially do our intro where they go My top lists Marshall Newhouse. Oh big men on that dominic easily man. Less of you guys know terrible. Nobody unless you're listening than Marshall Newhouse Guy. 'cause he's beloved because he is putting his Tufts. Miami listen because he's not he's fitting for not hate. It feels about heated. Exactly did you. What about Ross then thrown that guy with a little Joanna's deep dive man and that dude like knowledge. I ruined his life. This really read. I guess that huge game or was it two hundred yards for the colts tool one baby was. He does it in his thing. He says it's and so I guess what happens. Like he said his alarm on his phone to phone died any wins the practice late or whatever so he was in the Doghouse and then he tweeted. Kinda like one of the first weeks over this. Yeah turn your back on us so quickly or something like that and then basically yeah I mean he was never allowed to play again by a couple of like you know carries. You're there is actually on the Patriots. Something for the next season as well they just like. You're not going to play in the Michigan them out. I think till I the dolphins or something like that. Yeah using the xfl man he likes.

70:01 - 75:00

You didn't get picked up like I feel bad for the guy that's not bell. Check ruining his life. He's doing the twenty six. I just I gotTa say obviously Saas Mother things in practice. Whatever might shares Dave like if his alarm went off or whatever. The case may be if you order by Net. Now a really yeah. Okay well then. I retract with these leaders face value. I got drunk and I slept through. You missed the bust of Bucknell huge game any use celebrating idea what you like. Miss Your car keys or something Greg Ni- just you know the whole team. Yeah you don't you don't even have got together and I wasn't there and then shuttled to my coach. Didn't realize until halfway to New York. You only figured out what I call them. He's like Oh you're not on the bus so you boys having been here for this but when has been me and Mike he's had a segment. I think he wants to introduce here. Well the rest of you. I mean basically what I found in doing. This is that I didn't know as much about football is I thought I did. And sometimes announcer say some terms or some things that I have some understanding if it's football not football and so I sort of bring Andy. It's been he knows more about Football Naidoo and so you know he explains Music football not football. Maybe help with this like last week. I thought I was kind of what? You're learning about these terms. And whatever because nothing POPs up and Kinda disgusting nothing not not. This threw me for a loop again now bringing it should we should bring monnet but this she'll talk no new. Yeah let's see what he is will address this. I mean so these guys were saying there's a few that I can rattle off here So Ambrose said and this is what they were quoting as. I like things a little tighter. Ray Likes it. A little looser is football or not Footba who said that Amorous cornerback noses can in. Who's he's talking about? Ray Ray? His like probably isn't blood flow. Where he likes knows boyfriends or rail Wasn't now go ahead. Go ahead finish all right. So yeah so we like a little tighter unrealizable loosen them. I mean let's ask the Jerry Sandusky expert. I think I think it has to do with a coverage would be my guess. I'll hit you another similar analogy different strokes for different folks. Okay Okay Yeah but football in Alpha I duNno you. Tell me it could be both but when they stockings probably talking about like where ray gets right up on the receiver and runs with them. All the other guy gives them a little cushion. Tighter coverage versus loser covered with playing off the line. Guess if he gets physical like the man in a little bit. Kinda see where things are how the other person be dominates dictates on my face. Sorry next one When you're a hot quarterback things happen to you is talking about Brady. And this is really on on him a little bit. When you're a hot quarterback seeing this happen to you or having for you because you had written it has happened for you. And maybe I'm heard happened to you could be right. I don't know maybe it's happened for you when it changes it right. Yeah and that's why I was wondering. What are they talking about quarterback? I think the message is still the same and that same little soliloquy. They're talking about. They said if you have like Dan Marino. Dan bouncer whoever crap quarterbacks the we're on the bench year starting the hot hand another far but I know Johnny John Elway and all five backstreet boys were on the bench. You go with the hot hands. Which again that could play on that. I don't know what he's talking about hot hand. Does it lights the basketball tournament? The Guy Way crazy backstreet boys talked about the term thousand taxi boys. They're eight hot. What is happening here? You're hot in the streets. I mean must be that. He's attractive right because I mean that's actually boys I don't have a damn ugly shit. These are handwritten notes but he is bold hot hand wondering I mean. Are they talking about football it was? I don't think so and now and I I would say no we usually we get to. Yes it's football but I think in this case.

75:00 - 80:16

No I think talking about the Tom Brady so beautiful that when I think about Dolan. I disagree because Dan Marino's ugly. I saw Ace Ventura. He was not not track with John. John Elway both studs sides. John elway literally in the battery aren't studs. That's what I'm saying. I don't know of course music at the time so I mean they're talking about someone else saying things on sexual which is weird though there ahead of their time because Brady. This is a free haircut with the ball cut. Yeah alright alright not football but do you think he was hot back then. That's what I'm saying. I think he's like a fine wine was he was even before I mean. Obviously he's hot now her nose. Was He hot them? He had the he had the in which I find attractive but he was also Rumega five five or something. I thought he was cute now. He saw him through the two thousand one lands without being empty the nineteen. That's yeah so yeah yeah. He suffers from getting better. Another one doubling fancies. Islands double underlined right here. It says he goes boy. Can I exhaust hands in order to pull in a ball? Goes that fast quick? Who's Dino who that was shortly to football? You're welcome to the segment. I just I don't get it is a transcript of the gains control APPs hot. We don't know so so. Do we know who this is about a larger gentleman? I think it might have been again. He was told me to like context. These things that's fun. Yeah takes all right boy and he goes toy boy. Oh big him I mean have you seen. I think that's the kind of thing aren't really know if it happens like with algae Chrysler running a four nine one of those words. It's unusual for him to have big soft. Like supple hands as opposed to the big GNARLY linemen hand and that make sense big soft hands indicating footballs. I think what they missed out. Contracts was about Marie Smith. He's a big back. Not as strong and bruising. He's a little faster hitting the whole. So is is a vac not as strong in bruising which I think I dealt with that means. He's he's a little faster hitting the whole tomorrow now. So He's a wink. Yeah yeah alone. Cheese OFF GUARD DON'T KNOW ABOUT. I think when they're talking about whole and to talk about another one of my keyword control twinkle. I want to make the point. I think Maury Smith is actually Antoine. Smith you just change his first of all rotate person. Yes you're on the same way. I didn't watch Maury Smith was Smith. He just changed his name and swap jerseys at halftime. Big Breathe right strips. Although it'd been annoyingly on and off all the time he's remind I mean he. He makes football money. I bet he goes through piles of him but talking about. I think we've touched on this a bit before was mentioned gaping holes before. I missed similar. I think it's We're talking about hitting a whole right. That's how fast the running back gets into the hall that that hold at the lyman create hand off talking all all the way into the whole or like how quickly he enters the whole you enters the Hawk between getting the hand off and get into the offensive lineman. Yes the whole created in the in the defensive line body offensive lineman writing the I think I got it. Okay so then that leads into the next one where it's He hits the whole hard drexel centers in which we hope cheesy and kill me now. That means I jet football so I feel stupid. Ended up moving. What did you think that meant exactly? What you drag defenders into other holes I like Jerry Sandusky talk about football guys and then the last remaining too so man three say all right we.

80:17 - 85:04

We have a lot of excitement down there and this is about Nafa Block. I was wondering talking about Ron Mexico. Couldn't even get through the commentators. Watch it from the press box above field so there's like it down there when he sure it wasn't. Michael had an erection. Oh boy back. That's what I was thinking. But that's what it could be. I didn't did you not see Michael. Vick's erection this blatantly obvious to conduct stiff arm. The Guy Geez I ever stepped out. I brought this guys better. So am I says which this off guard than I looked into some other stuff. So Eight different receivers Brady has hooked up with today outside. Oh Shit that the lot. What does he mean by that? And then I figured like okay. How many receptions consider but then I was like wait a minute I got I. I was thinking woes. You hooked up with that. Many people was anybody of the time. Or whatever I don't know and so I mean. Zell wasn't pitching I years big use. Viewing Mike Jealous. I mean the fact that rate is from Wilmington. They went into all those letters. He wrote them. They went on to answer If he did write a few. But it kind of didn't seem like hammer out a cease and desist. Yeah well that one was back fun fact. Brady was dating thousand one Layla Roberts one thousand nine hundred seven playmate of the year. It says the after the Super Bowl so when that relationship Layla Roberts nineteen ninety seven playmate of the year this Atlanta game. I doubt it though while. Yeah I don't know about like at the game though. I know this is around the time trump doing that. Like coal. Stop Fighting. Yeah I think so. So men in two thousand. Two's that our relationship ended. He started tower. Read which I think we all know about. But at that point she had done American Pie. The Bosque big-name. Yes so then. He broke up with her and I was wondering I just watched Shark Neto six. And she's in a big player. I was just wondering if he regrets at the movies. So if we have them on young Cameo drowsy read that it's A. It's a great question Tom now. Now that we finally got you on this podcast. After ten years we we. We need to ask you the question that everybody wants to answer to. Have you seen sharp NATO six and what did you think of it and retract seven at this point to kidding? There's rumors that has not happened yet. Timing NATO twelve years. I mean spoiler alert. I should have watched by now. I mean Cyborg by the six lunch so just have. You actually watched it since fantastic. I've seen into heaven. It's something that we're just plugging other podcasts. Other moves on me Oh yeah. We're showing that. We're a well rounded people right but then so well-documented split two thousand four to two thousand six hundred coyote ugly all of his stuff. I had a kid with her at a little. Whatever didn't she named him. His initials are jet. Wasn't now at the Tom Brady. No yeah their kids like now chasing Edward Thomas Get. Outta here dig hot. Tom Brady named after himself gets naming rights. Probably Bridget. I think I don't know He. Well so can I add some limelight. Looked up for research. John Edward Thomas Moynahan jet while that's a dig of Jerem during that time when he dated her. Also linked to Vin Diesel Outta here. Was Tom. Brady Leyla. How are you talking? This is a New York.

85:04 - 90:02

She's got strange opposite ends of the spectrum though and Easel Tom Brady and then For a brief stint before Giselle he apparently allegedly day-to-day Patriots cheerleader. Who ENDED UP NO? She's married to him. But I think she's still with him. Lonnie tax buying it back to you. Boy Lonnie so do Laszewski if we're going to tie this. Kevin Yukos is married to Tom. Brady's sister to us so I don't know if that's informative anybody. Anybody cares but here we are all right in. Quincy no go ahead. Nope we edited. Cut It at this point. Yeah knocking censoring themselves and then sabotaging room. I'll cut it out this. What's the saying? It's not gave somebody sister mother brother whatever. I mean we. We have a guy on the podcasts that I know that did have battleship would have somebody who day. We spent time atop Rabi on the same website. I cannot from her deny all right. Let's see best and worse. Stephen Best Richard Seymour's first career sack o body dad fucking fan of many first-round pick took him week eight for SAC and as a as a brutal on and you can have a comedy more pages hundred. Maybe yes I love your style. And for the raiders in the Worship Seymour. Six six three hundred and five pounds. The truly you know where the edge offenders going at that point the new defensive end of crap for drafting him because he was too tall to be defensive. End Too big to be outside linebackers and bullshit like hall of Famer. He's on the cusp. Probably eventually hope so patriots Fan Refresher. Yeah if he's not all right worse the lawyer me just let me get out of the way for that slant route. I'll just like what do you do when tired of Malloy. Just the body him and I think what is thought was like I don't want hurt my own player too but like it's Thoughts ever occurred iron now. This body does hurt his own player. Anyway I chance to tackle it twenty yards early in the year. Just literally dodge the whole play all right Mr Mellow. That's worse. I gotta go best. I gotta go to fold here. It's a hustle hustle double all right. There was a play that was going to go. For a touchdown. That tile cuts across the field runs like forty forty yards. I think yeah. Yeah and save that edge that outplay so I was pretty Pretty Great and then Viteri also did the same. So there's really episode where you're talking about his athleticism. Yeah he pushes plan down the field. Not The guy out of bounce saving touchdown so Canada to to good hustle plays. I thought admits that episode. Was that the one where you pulled up that down. The cowboys are Turner. You mean Herschel Walker. You mean remember. I was hating on. You're like there's no true strobe you I was wrong. Fucking congressional players read having not seen this just tube bend Terry Herschel Walker. They'll come up. It's amazing the best dealing with them and I think I'm going to bypass the worst moment. 'cause I didn't really have one I was. I you know for the holiday season. I think like I`ll. I'll be nice by an honorable mention really the worst play but I thought it was worth noting. Is that the first time I've seen people bledsoe and which I saw your note. So you kind of mentioned this sort of fighters while in the same fashion is you know he. He basically like Brady chucks the ball. And no look over his head to try to complete a pass as he's falling down and ends up being almost the reception. It was incompletion which I know bledsoe. It would have been six for sure no easy. Yeah yes I've seen him do anything remotely close to that guy which I mean us being mentored by on the line at that point so picks up some bad habits. Yeah just check over your head knows the best rough greg. Esam Weiss alright so worst.

90:03 - 95:01

I'm going to kind of go back to that Boston. Globe thing we were talking about earlier the spotless snatch You off Michael Smith all four. These are bad spotless. Snatch stainless snare plot I mean. That's a writer Scott to do better than that. You have to do better than that. Which Major Nair was one of them? Stainless set worse than spotless. Sure for porn. Yeah we need your mom. How I'm finishing up. My worst of the week is my mom kicking me out of the Gosh Darn Room. We'll be five minutes. I've never be finished already if we weren't always interruptions you don't have to. We'll get you later. We'll do a real one roddy on our three. So my My best so I have all. I had the newspaper clippings from that day that same day Arizona rallies in ninth inning to dethrone Yankees Curt Schilling versus Roger Clemens and a gain seven world series diamondbacks. One Call Yeah. Hold off Louis Gonzales. Saying yes that's a great one world series gained seven same day. Wow Sherron failing which Roger Clemens Buck in the eighties love it? Red SOX LEGENDS CURT Schilling Against Red Sox the Yankees their fourth world series in a row. Ooh Dr here. So start of one dynasty was the finish of another writer over here. All right. Yeah take notes Michelson. Wait wait you cut that a news article and put that in your book about the Patriots. And you start yeah. I think I must've been same day so I was like. I gotTA throw this in here because the Yankees this transfer the Patriots I all all right my best worse my best. I think I think I'll go brady with his first ever third and short. Qe sneak where the empty backfield and had him. Do the quick qb sneak. I ever saw it first of many that he would always convert changed. The game now has a thousand yards rushing one yard at a time twenty fucking years later Russia and started there is is average paresh because he has all the yield downstream negatives his long Russia's like eighteen nineteen year old is average has got to be on her and a half. It's not a lot Oh also honorable mention was Terrell Buckley up at wide receiver. Yeah and getting a pass to him on the street play early little weed off and see it go down with the patients always a wide receiver playing defensive. Back when you have that in the bills came through with you. Pass a Jesse Jackson right. I don't think different games maybe concern although I wouldn't be surprised if Moore does something like that I'm GonNa play off Luxy Gilmer on the on the scout team wide receiver like. Oh Yeah. They did say that crazy even playing a lot and I'm pushing through a ball where he really spread out. I don't think so I'll double check what is so my worst and this is probably my favorite worst of the worst. The season so-fi far. Yeah Jermaine wiggins he got a a tripping call in the second quarter somewhere and use you trim calls are usually kind of Borel guys beans kinda sticks out. Jermaine wiggins flopped on the ground and just like the guys who flailed his legs almost like a dead fish like flopping and tragic kick the guy in the junk and missed and got called for that on that play and the next play had a false start like immediately afterwards. Didn't seem for the rest of the talk about the commentators about the flags going out. Yeah yeah but that was like one of the few legitimate. It was so badly I twenty five. Oh yeah it was brutal yes. Some of these sneakers were real bad. Oh yeah the pages picked up twenty yards on a thirty one point kids. Don't watch his games in the entirety. They're actually not that fun. Highlights actually if you go to Paris I know lucky for us. There are no highlights of each game.

95:02 - 99:25

I don't think for the most part of the majority of them so you need to listen. And let's say on the website Patriots Dicillo Info. Well big plays all the all the highlights. What would they do? You GotTa get the context. 'cause just that's true. Roy Brown's miracle catch out of nowhere. Spotless Snag Snatch let's fair all right. Let Him Watch the cleanest call I am. I think we'd beat this debt enough. I got I got one more surprise. All right you already kind of blew it phony Agata. Krispies comes early Pres- all what is happening here. This season not share real mine. Brad Beth. While Fair Practices Licensing put one picture like one of those cool ones at U. N. Website that like like not get us at another one from Patriots twitter. She's like get us. Nfl Logos or anything else. That who is this? It was like the people at the cut she was great shout Adriana. She was ownership rate sale customer sales for those who can't see it. Is Bill Belichick but no no? He's the pope pope slice in bell attack polling. Rosaries it's fitting. Yeah wow well. Designed Patriots dying on the front. We may have to so both of these on the website of some wild. Thank you guys. I love you America's choice. Merry Christmas to all our listeners. By that I mean our mom Mama Brad who's standing outside watching US Karolinska three allies sometime Christmas in July? And she will get to re. Listen to all of this as she wa- should happen next week. Coho don't ruin anything from the opponents the saints game or the Rams when they lose the rent no well it ruined check my. You can check your scrap uh-huh at home with the bills right correct. The one six bills will visit Foxboro stadium. You want a sneak peek. No we don't WANNA speak. Don't ruin it yeah. I know I know it's going to give you like one of these cryptic headlines Withdraw Pretty. Yeah pretty obvious. Oh how about this? This is a good teaser. Many are taking hits for Johnson decision. Oh Iran Gorgeous Johnson. Oh that's really accurate. We didn't even talk about the next time. I had a note. One one last note and this on a Lavon. Well this is how it starts. More more putter Falcons was averaging less than thirty yards a punt and I wrote whereas Johnson. We Need Them. I I I feel like punting the ball further now they are considering that region lake forty yards apart and I was like well. That Sucks Austin. `Jay more Christmas McClure so bad. I'm Scott Chandler. Gotcha all right. Merry Christmas guys. Love this stall of you and your family and your loved one. We'll see in two thousand twenty you Betcha.