Emergency Episode: Tom Brady

This sucks. Join us as we progress through the five stages of grief after learning of Tom Brady's desire not to return to the New England Patriots. Well, six stages if you count all the drinking.

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All right we go number. Welcome to guests fucking laughing. This is not a laughing matter somber. Sambre this is a SAMBRA's I get boys. I have not been in a good place today. This is a departure from our regularly scheduled programming. Because there's been some big news today. Tom Brady has decided not to return to the New England patriots. Allegedly does anybody have the so? Yeah we'll start there. Does anybody have the actual quote up somewhere now? I didn't even finish it now. I I couldn't get through all of it. I read the first couple of sentences than the last one just to see if you stay and that was it so may we go through it together. Let's let me see if I can pull it up real quick. Look Tom. Brady's trending on in like a funny voice or something so it's a little more entertainment because the long run. I cannot talk listening to of them. Yes I think. The fans and coaches in the bla-bla-bla the bowl in there so there's two of them the first one goes along with the Title FUCK YOU WANNA. Call it on twitter Texts forever a patriot in all caps which disagree with that says to my teammates coaches executives and staff coach. Belichick Arcade K. And the Kraft family and the entire organization. I want to say thank you for the past twenty years of my life and the daily commitment to winning in creating a winning culture built on great values. I'm grateful for all that you've taught me. I have learned from everyone. You all have allowed me to maximize my potential. And that is all employees can ever hope for everything we have accomplished brings me great joy and the lessons I have learned will carry on with me forever. I couldn't be the man I am today without the relationships. You have allowed me to build with you. I've benefited from all you have given me. I cherish every opportunity had to be a part of our team and I love you for all of that. Our team has always had a great standard and pro sports and I know it will continue to do just that. Although my football journey will take place elsewhere I appreciate everything that we have achieved. And I'm grateful for incredible in all caps team accomplishments. I have been privileged to have the opportunity to know each and every one of you and to have the memories. We've created together. Some solid wordsmith. From his publicist there. Yeah right and those just as boring when I read it. There's also another one to the fans love you. Pats nation is strapped in guys. Don't care I don't WanNa hear okay. I know what it says was absolutely nothing. Yeah from his publicist wall spent. I don't think he did. Yeah Yeah spokesman. Tom Brady doesn't take shortcuts. Dude he would speak it and then somebody would make it prettier. No he signed off on it. They said Tom. This is what we're GONNA do. And he said actually no changes to that crossed me. He did not write that. No you know what happened. Is Tom wrote this and has spent a week editing? It himself man. You are in a move time. I disagree initial reactions when you first heard it. I had heard that this is going to happen two weeks ago. By somebody in the Biz so I may turn along in the busy mean you. I can't reveal my sources are also what's the point so that guy was this guy. It was deflating. Footballs for him is guy. That's the popcorn. Stand in Gillette. This is a guy who's in Brady's inner circle I'll give you. That is this guy that knew has also banged the two girls. He's banged saying he doesn't know Brady. He's only been with ladies that know Radi. How many how many guys you know my cheese. I L area two thousand six. I should know one or two. It's not on. What would you bang them? Tom Brady the source. Oh No wow yeah. Yeah and he's really hurt. His feelings like that type of dude he. I don't know if he is but I'm so sorry I would say it's Dan but I can't reveal him so I really apologize but no I wouldn't. Wow that's harsh all right.

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Yes I came to terms of this a little while ago thinking that it could happen. I don't know I think it's a to be honest. I think it's a pretty interesting turn of events for the dynasty and I'm actually looking forward to seeing how whatever team lands looks like the box and the past how they look in the next couple of years. I think it'll be a little bit fun. That's clearly not the The overall sentiment though so you jump in. I'm not ready for that yet. I looked it up to the five stages of grief Yup. I'm like come on there where you at depression. GimMe the stages denials. I like it. I was like what he hasn't signed anywhere though yet. Right like this isn't official. And then there was anger. I was like all fucking Bill Belichick. What ask all Giselle probably made them do it? Did you ever get angry at Brady himself? Fuck you doing real okay. Bargaining is third. I don't really understand that one. So skip it. It's the quickest one. I think we'll maybe if I if I donate to a gofundme me. We can keep Tom Brady back all I did consider like. Maybe he's retiring. Hurt lassen bargaining right. Yup I did that and then depression and then acceptance out there right and it's not there. I'm in Yeah I'm not there yet. So my wife today and we've been at home together due to the corona virus stuff I ask going onto. Yeah so today was the first day that we're both home from work. She's a teacher and she had to go in yesterday to figure out how to teach people and I told her the news when she she woke up because I was already working and you could see that. She's been trying to help me all day but she doesn't know how so she was asking me about it today at were at dinner before this and she wants to know what. I was feeling and the only way I can explain to. Her was that feels like a grownup version of the day. You found out. Santa Claus doesn't exist now. Here's the problem with that I. I don't know what that means because I never believed security another analogy another algae Santa Claus. Mama Yeah but what? What is it when you realize you're in love you? Oh my mom's the best. What do you guys are lining yourselves me? She face for that. Okay see go on. I'll try to understand what you're talking about so just felt like a piece of my childhood and finally died. Okay I might. Tally died the moment. I came out of the womb next groping lines. Yeah that's true. That's true so I did the moment you realize you were growing up Lawrence. Oh fuck you got me but it is. I mean we joke to people who like outside the Brown family when they ask for Patriots fans or at least I do and the only way I can explain to them is that Patients football was the closest thing. The Brown family came to religion Chur. Now's our trash. Yeah like every Sunday. We get dressed up in a different way that people going to church. Would we put on our our Sunday Best? Which is usually patriots gear and we would all gather around the The television and watch our our our God and Jesus Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and we probably do a little bit of praying. I know I did. I don't know about you boys and something that's been going on for like since two thousand for twenty years through our formative years of growing up the one constant in all this change in our lives as we turn from. Mike you and I were what two thousand was. That was right around beginning of college. Maybe we'll say like eating before we graduate. No one yet but mean the march yeah.

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Exactly high-school college are kind of our growing up years. You know and the one constant is that was. The trio of Robert Kraft Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and the success that they would have. And I mean you know in being global bob it and looking back like we've touched on. I think the Patriots are pretty important especially for us. You know Playing out with other kids and connecting people on that level I remember like in ninety six devastated. We were when the PATS lost the Super Bowl and It was a feeling that I couldn't shake for quite some time. And it's funny looking back but it was. It seemed extremely important and I think at the time it was and we never quite felt that again until this run and I was in New York during the first Super Bowl and several others when I was at first three right right. Yeah exactly so. That was a really fun experience especially being at that age and just ragging on people on the Red Sox. Yeah Yeah Yeah I am always good people rag on me as to defend myself. That's how I feel. You never started you. Just finish it. We never rat on you. Mike I appreciate that. I love you guys and I don't say enough show up here. Okay Fuck you. Yeah that I'm never doing that again. But Yeah so. That was interesting Time for me and it was all very fun. I mean you get the the Bara conversation so as you got older. That was fun so he definitely provided quite a bit of enjoyment in my life priceline. Now he's done and he'll provide us with more entertainment when the bucks and the Patriots face off in the super bowl super bowls in Tampa. I mean could you write this better? Brady hire the best writers for the NFL. I mean come on. I have a Edano somewhat different perspective than you guys ever since the lawyer. Milloy see you later which was shocking to me as a kid like you said Andy. It's like God. Spiting Abraham Four Dodge expert pretty consistent. He's GonNa do whatever's best the team so I don I can. I saw it come in a little bit so many players who've also aken like the Jerry Rice Emmitt Smith and Joe Montana you know there is more probable than not that. Someone's going to finish there and like we all like held out hope that maybe ballot check will make an exemption this one time boy. Yeah I mean diva Dow. You'll like that for me though because Brady has always taken the. He's always put the team. I and especially when it came to take deal. Bet If you come out when you see whatever the fucking money they gave Brady. I've heard US thirty million a year. Which means it's probably two years sixty ish captain made me one in fifteen so if you actually look at the overall money he's made. I think I looked up. It was like three hundred. Twenty five million dollars of course was career and he's not the the main winner and his family. His wife Mayor twice snap. That's always been an extra sixty million at that point and see a point that even on the you know the people in the Patriots that have talked about this and the organization where Dave leaked out that like Brady hasn't given up as much money as we think he's prolonged it and he's deferred it and he's taken it and bonuses and he's made million dollars in salary but then cashed him for twenty million dollar bonuses so you might have taken you know maybe like four or five million less secure there but it's not as crazy as people make it out to be true. I mean they have taken some discounts but your shirt as aggressive as maybe some people out to be right and I also what I think is funny is the team that is brady year after year. People are saying oh well. He didn't have the weapons he didn't he didn't have that right. And I understand that argument accept. It doesn't quite make sense to me because if Brady new if the staff knew that he could elevate players located or at least try to locate these funds to the rest of the team so he's had a little bit better defense than some other teams. He's got a little better special teams in some other teams sometimes even in the Super Bowl.

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It's bailed out kickers The Patriots consistently pay kickers a little bit higher than they normally would otherwise. So it's not just the receivers and tight ends which he also had one of the greatest tight ends of all time by. They've located that money in a way that has provided a overall team for two decades. So that's something to consider as well. Well I think what they do is that they. They have a system and they fit the best people into every slaughter. They can for that system so I don't go out and spend a ton of money on one or two people but over like the the breadth that system. They make sure they have better players in our on the other side of the ball. They're the opposite of the cowboys. Cowboys are paid off. Five Guys Amari Cooper one hundred million bucks. Yeah we're the pages. Try and build a strong middle class. Exactly right right and knock on the quarterback. The top and money allows them to build that strong middle class. And that's the same approach. Took care with no doubt in the bucks came along and said here is just an absolutely absurd offer. I also right but the the the argument I keep hearing is that the last year they had no receivers well Devlin was hurt The line was decimated. Julian Edelman was hurt. Most of the year Sanu was hurt after we acquired them. No tight ends that I understand but they thought that maybe they resigned grunk so that was one year right and I keep hearing everybody going all ban last year. I understand that last year was a disaster by PATRIOTS TERMS BUTTS YEARS. I mean they won the Super Bowl. You know what two out of four years. So it's not like they provide them with nothing and like we've had worse to see record like reshape caldwell leading receiver on our team once and they went to what. I'm picking halftime too. Close not that I hate Jay. Tom Brady elevate these people now. Maybe I'm I still think it was more injury based but I think this this more stems from probably a little animosity with him. Bella check Working for a boss that you can't tolerate for awhile. I don't think that's driving is moored as purely money. Pay Like one fifteen and Tom but then I disagree as well if you look at the bucks team. Their receivers are great. The defense is Great. The there defensively. Yeah it. Yeah but it's been it's been trending upwards and they just spend some money on some people offense lie like aligned. Great Balan fucking tell with James Winston behind it so right if it was about money right because the chargers would probably give him the same deal right and more opportunity in La. I'm I'm telling you. The bucks bloom the water with their offer. But why why does it matter now? Why that's that's my question. Matter for twenty years of matters now I think it's a respect thing like even come close in weren't willing to budget all or make any accommodations and he was like fuck this. Why am I gonNa you know what my ass on the line and down to you? You're not even willing to meet me halfway. I completely agree. And it's like this started man like if you remember the year this year to year crap. We're starting I think it's the beginning of two thousand eighteen. I'm not sure but remember when he wanted an extension and they're like you know what will give you incentives. They did the same thing that Gronk couple years braided and hid anything. I think it was like five million dollars in incentive. You didn't get anything right now. Maybe he got a back door check. I don't know but On face value you got nothing so the next year is a yoke. GimMe you made a couple of years. I WANNA play until I'm forty five. They give them a one year contract this year. One year contract I mean even if it was a two year would be voidable probably so you gotta think if the guy is saying I want to work here for the next four to five years and you're telling me you only value meal one year not even like money and whatever it's about legacy it's like all right you disrespect me like that in the last three years of my career after everything. I've done doesn't look like that. Bell checks what's best for the Team Wore Twenty? And that's a different thing. He Com- breeding thirty million dollars. A year is not in the best interest of the damn. I agree I think the overall best decision is probably what the Patriots and Brady came up with But if I'm Brady I totally get if that's what's happening.

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I totally can can sympathize with that. One hundred percent agree both sides of the equation L. Check things as dumb to pay him thirty million dollars a year because he thinks that he's a forty three year old quarterback and Brady is his last chance to make a lot of money and feels are suspected to play for ten million dollars a year. Whatever their offer was go to Florida where there's no income tax bank? You gotta be a middle ground there right cause the patriots could make run this year with Brady Right. Not going to without him. I don't know about that I don't know about that. What makes you say that we don't know all right all right then? Let's say this. They better odds with Ray than not give you that. So how is there not a middle ground there? I mean if you're gonNA play into was that you would take twenty three. It would retire as a patriot. Every would love them. Well why isn't there like and I know that this has been talked about and like I don't know what's real and what isn't because the guy that I know only told me that he was GonNa leave the Patriots and he told me the wrong team so fuck that guy what line he said he he He said the chargers. So I think there's information there but I mean I guess we'll see sourced by by what made you trust them I can't go into that information to talk. I have a question for the U The love. Tom Brady route from this year. Yeah I WANNA I wanNA beat him in the Super Bowl or the box year. What no next year. Now play the chargers this year. I think it's they do play the bucks at home there by the bucks at home next year. I mean I think that'd be a fascinating story. I mean we were forward to the Jimmy G. Brady matchup or at least I was so. This is another element I wanted to just like. Okay I would like to see them dominate in the patron. He wanted to be like eight struggle behind poor offensive line and he put us some decent numbers but not really win a lot of games. I would like to see Brady career numbers. Yeah so that he kind of shows that he doesn't need the Patriots or ballot check but then Bella check wins the superbowl so then he shows well. I don't need you either. And then everybody wins including the Patriots. Which is what we want. I think let's say well. What do you guys think he's GonNa put up this here? Let's like realistic expectations from a Stat. Line perspective for him. There's no off-season game one. More game no off season and potentially two more games because only one team now gets the by Shit Right. You've heard the rumors about Ab there to write all believe it. I haven't heard of that but I've heard he wants to. So that makes sense as even is even the number one wide receiver and that offense. If we didn't tell you Brown Evans Godwin raise good. And then he can hand the ball off to He Barbara Edna and What's his name is is protecting his blindside can feel it. It hurts the thing. But you'll get the head when he gets close. Kicker will just knock it through for him. Mark Martin Gramatica. There you go kids Florida state that they moved up in the draft against compared to cut him. They cut him after one year. He was like a third round pick. Yeah let's talk about the like like the risk factor of like making this decision on both ends man because like a frady crafts himself and it seemed sucks. That is embarrassing. Obviously so you can get like again. I think that when you like. Oh man the bucks and so Goodell. He just went through this exercise of like. Yeah they're skill position. Players are awesome. But I think the infrastructure of their offense is not shit like. I can't name a single box offensive lineman in the past like three or four years either. Like I can't think of anybody since like Logan Mankins was there.

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That's even decent. I don't you know the Olana anybody else can speak to that. I don't know anybody's line from being honest fact check who their five starters from ESPN DOT COM Tampa Bay buccaneers depth. Chart left tackle Donovan. Smith left guard Ellie market. Oh Yep okay. Let's see all right. Never heard of him center Ryan Jensen and loved. It loved me some Ryan Guard. Alex Kappa. Right Tackle Dotson. Ooh The car. No been wasn't Donovan. Their first round pick but he hasn't been very good alleys pretty good guard. And that's it. Yeah Man I know all the Donovan Smith was the Second Round. Pick so no. Who's your alley market? Let's say be good the second round. Pick Chapel the muppet might have a pro bowl. I think Dotson. I don't think he was drafted because it just says college southern Miss and nothing about him being drafted example Kappa third round pick ever heard twenty eighteen. Alex Kappa Kappa Kappa. Here's a beast. Have no agency you yes I have. I have my. Where do you go to school if you know much about them travel? Hey you wanna hear a pro football focus. Yeah Yeah let's hear that They go for the bottom quarter of the league. Twenty nine. I'm going to say they were trending upwards of twenty three seven. See you guys. Don't know Shit Ryan. Jensen Alley market anchored. The middle of the bucks offensive line provided some of the best task protection that we saw from any interior of this season. Yeah I'd say that's a trending upwards to man. This is a genius move. Okay TAT's bucks in the Super Bowl. I'm calling it either this year next year and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a three year deal because that would be insane and I love it Yeah the deals. Guide career the specifics and under this voidable crap either three legit years air t money hundred million dollars. Ac's seized favorites. No Man I man you. So we're losing much faith Picked up digs too. Yeah 'cause he's going to be happy they're a good point. Imagine going from Minnesota to busloads those things. Where it's like the monkey's paw I just WANNA get out of like Minnesota. I'll go anywhere except for Minnesota and the one of the fingers. The monkey pox closes the trade to Buffalo. Walk Monkey Pox. You've never heard that wishes. But the wishes always go badly. Edgar Allan Poe. I don't know it's Halloween episode. Yes it is. That's right never made any sense to me. W Jacobs supernatural short story. Nineteen hundred zero the monkey's paw all right. Well there you give me a recap of it. The cliff notes Foreshadowing this that the other ground. Oh is anyone feels going bucks fans are there any I Melania and I know a lot of fans I know some old gable that I live in the area but I think that sense I mean I know lightning fans. I know some pretty hard core. Lightning ants no box. Yeah I haven't I haven't come across one in the people but I know. Vikings FANS KNOWS HARDAWAY BILLS FANS. I eat those skins still hanging on really have moved on xfl.

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I mean we're into that too but did I'm here. I'm getting season tickets to the box next year. Right in the pirate ship to watch some chargers games. But that's not going to happen now Brady Jersey. Hi Bruce Arians GonNa do this ofensive philosophy now. Is HE GONNA tailor it to Brady or is brady fit to areas I mean does any kinda cater to it already a little bit there downfield passing attack James. Why not but luck. Sometimes it's a Dinka Deng guy the little bit let me. Here's a smarter guy. I mean he'd fling it when they were down by twenty throw picks but that's one thing brady theoretically is not going to throw picks so if they take that Dinka Dunk Style and wobbling here and there I mean how do you guys feel about if if they do ask him the lobby more because I mean Brady was hasn't really connected with guys down. The field in a in a little bit radius never been a great thrower true. Are you nuts? Yeah you know he had. He had a great run with Moss. But he's always been more accurate than a great deep Balthasar. I agree with that. His strength has been decision. Making and accuracy not Hockett down the Field Asians when he was out there. Yeah when he's back there and he lobbed it you thought that the guy was gonNA catch it. How often does happen outside of threat? Like brandin cooks even him. Yeah yeah he was one of the most accurate teeth rose when he had brandin cooks in the League. I think with granny loss back there. He was awesome but I think rating mosques anybody in awesome feat. There are all right. I've never seen starting for the raiders and I think is bad for our strength of his Game Jeff Garcia that who was the deserve guy the fuck with his name. I'm looking at. What was it. Twenty sixteen two thousand six but okay. Let me ask you a question. Them Arab Brooke going through wall. Hey go here go here. Go Hang on two thousand. Six Oakland Raiders. Season Starting quarterbacks number one. Aaron Brooks Marcus to a sopo. Through all the QUARTERBACKS TO HIS COUSIN. Mosey to throw the year before that he was also on the team. Two Thousand Five. They traded for him. Yup and that was Kerry Collins Kerry Awesome Sopo and Andrew. Walter so the wears jamarcus Russell. That's what I that's who I was thinking was because he gets the ball. That's how we got drafted by the raiders. Looking for him now. Wow Rick mirer was a quarterback in realizing the two thousand three know what's been after that who the fuck cares. I'm we'll see how that how those two Mesh Brady's had one system his whole life with specific set of terminology. Do you try and teach us the offense that trying to teach Tom Brady. Bruce Arians downfield attack. Because that's I mean that's five James was such a boom and bust guy last year partly because you huckabee partly because he couldn't see a fucking middle linebacker dropping but also part of that was that there's a lot of big plays in that offense catching some eight or vibes from you right now. I agree with Steve if Brady is still in the patriots pro and say this but like was the last couple of years first of all the bucks. Gm is a patriots guy so that culture in that system is already someone in place anyway philosophies different though right but the way that the company has to run as a whole on the organization. I think you're GonNa find some similarity and comfort their quarterback twice as much what he's worth no but like who's the Jason Licht. I think it is. Yeah so I mean I. I think that some of his philosophies are are similar obviously like you also want to sell tickets and Brady guarantees.

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That's a lie. Not as a but what I was. GonNa ask Andy Lake. You know since he think like he's a really good deep ball thrower. What if he got a guy like deebo? Samuel or metcalf or instead of you know the the guy that we got. And here's a downfield guy. So most of the route tree is down the field right so remove. Remove like the option routes and whatever from the equation. Because that's that appears to be the complicated aspect of land receiver learning curve on the pats which just say downfield runner. If that is on the team you think that he's a successful. Is You know he was in San Fran or any of these other guys that had success on their rookie years. He's a successful. Brandin cooks wasn't 2017. Dog Those downfield threat guys. A rookie is going to be different than than cooks. So I'm saying do you think that like because these these ricky's into do fine with these other quarterbacks? That's what I'm asking is throwing a rookie was brady go downfield. Do you think that's a success? Now Me Neither. I guess they have a season. Guy Who has to pick up the system quick and there's all these stipulations but in in terms of just like like lobbing the field down in accuracy. I don't think he's tops consistently I think that's the system. They read eligible or mcdaniels. Whatever you want boss. Yeah I don't I don't think they can do with Brady. I think you got a guy that can always have a voice in the system. I think they both run the show. Together he runs the system yet but so lobby ball down the field with that. I don't think it's built that way. I don't think mcdaniel maybe Cecil women taste of whatever's happening back there the offense of lime perhaps abby able to give them more than two seconds. Maybe as arm strength. Maybe all this stuff. I don't know it is forty. Three men are GONNA be determined to theory. Go ahead I said. He did seem awfully grouchy last year. Too He did. He's yelling at everybody and look. We'll be down. Get down. Would not lose confidence you know. Yeah Yeah we know and getting bashed time and time again like I think he elevated the rookies like once or twice throughout the year. But yeah now like Stevo saying you know we'll see what the system is With the bucks but he does have some fast guys there so if he can't be as accurate as you claim that he is going to be an interesting thing onto here the fallout and I guess we'll find out as the year unfolds. I'm just happy people stop asking me. Think Oh you think the questions are done you out of your fucking mind. Here's my pillow perito coming back. Who's going to be the starting quarterback? Now who do you think's going to be better brady or Belle check? You think the question is built. My entire brand at work about does being a big. Tom Brady homer shocking. Like acting make people passwords all the time that is always make them Tom Brady so they don't forget him. You Zeroed for security purposes. Nope NAIDOO IHEART. Tom Brady but the heart is like the Less than simple three. Yeah so for any hackers out there. Yeah and like my desktop. Keep chain every thirty six every difference. Actually India have a I have a photoshop requests for you. Can you take that have a desktop background? It's like Assault Bay sprinkling salt. But it's like Tom. Brady's had sprinkling super borings. Yeah and you make that Jarrett Stidham had instead. Steve's already pivoting Kisner again give them what it feels like. I'm wondering you guys are excited to see how this unfolds like my choice would be brady stays in finishes out his last two three years shirt but this is gonNA be fun. I think it feels wrong to just move on and be feel like this is what I would have felt like if my parents had divorced what. Yeah cool I got two Christmases but still fucking socks and we're asking questions like who they gonNA marry. Nets you know is is. There is mom's new boyfriend going to be as cool as Tom Brady. No it's top fucking Brady. My Dad like fucking answer divorced and it is what it is no.

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They're not. Oh no miserable together. Nice like bill and like all parents thread. What's your what's your favorite all-time Brady moment. Hang before we get there because that's a little too positive for me right now have one. Who is the starting quarterback for the Patriots? Week one stardom stood the Stud Greg Cam Newton. Man Day they signed Teddy Bridgewater. Are You fucking kidding me you? You're at once. You're the one that wants the whole to see how exciting this can be. What's more exciting dude? That is Davis fucking. No but no CAM. Newton has a patient that guy I wouldn't say he's the best decision maker ever seen. Cam was an MVP. So what did you see this one to see them playing Super Bowl? He made a super bowl on a lot of other quarterbacks that we did a true not true. Jimmy name another quarterback who is the market right. Now who's been new Super Bowl Jimmy? Jean? He's not on the market. According to the rumors jamborees he just signed two years. Fifty Million Amit see. That's the deal. That's what we could add all Who's the backup for the chiefs backer for the chiefs now? He went to super bowl more and more. I think we him. He went to throw back. Who played in the Super Bowl? Nick foles he's available for Nick Man. You're not even thinking. Oh Yeah. Rg Three options galore above him new. Though I'm on I'm on Cam so he can barely stand up at this point in this new capture nick as long years being her lacks so all right. So here's here's a quarterback for you Cam Newton's starter now Haji three number two now. Kibo number three now. What's wrong with you? Yeah where did them on that? Yeah have have faith. And how? They traded him for a punt returner. What if what if? What if drinking would make me feel better here? Hot Take quarterback next year Julian Edelman. Ooh My girlfriend pair even going hot. Take you Mazel. Say A new New Combo. Just the two quarterbacks or no quarterback system one of those lines up in the walk out every time. You don't believe the hype that's getting within the organization quote unquote. What if we bring back our all time passing leader in Passer Rating? Tom Brady Nope. Isn't it David Patten? I don't podcast. It's one of the receivers now because patent sorted inception Amendola Dole. Dole hasn't Trona Panther. They has dude stat check. It was an incomplete though. I'm pretty sure what's wrong with them. What's your take on this guy? I don't have taken the guy like that. So far his last throw and Tom Brady's last row both pick sixes and I'm okay with that could feel all right. The top passers for the Patriots in history. Three three people tied for first place. We've already talked about. One of them. Does a patent. Nope Juliet Greg. Yup Julian Edelman hundred fifty eight point. Three has four hundred percent completion rate in completion. Obviously ninety yards and a touchdown owning completion. Thirty what it two touchdowns isn't he ravens and then One might just be regular season. He has wanting completion for sure he does in the Super Bowl right. I think so. I guess this must be regular season.

45:02 - 50:01

So also tied with him. I guess we're doing regular season here. Mosey too early to the running back. he was two for two thirty yards touchdown. And also Gino Cappelletti the kicker longtime announcer. He was one for one. Twenty seven yards and a touchdown which I'm assuming was a number four this list holy Shit. It's a quarterback Steve Grogan. No more age probably actually. Lantana Vinny Testaverde. I see that I have a Mug on pro football. I got Dave Meggett one for one or decide duties. He's debunking you. Where are you looking pro football reference? Yeah that's where I'm looking. I decided by rate the same thing. Let's do this. Let's say wow Andy Booth Alan Greg. You've got to be on this Scott. Zolak one twenty eight point two. That's not bad. Seem right at all to be completely honest. I don't remember that. What about that kid from New Orleans to the breezes backup trying to lock him up? Yeah but they can't afford them. Then they put like a first-round ten Rodham. They didn't think so. Let's do it. Well you give up a first round. He's starting quarterback. No maybe like if you if you sign a rookie in the first round you get them for five years on the Mike Waiting Room. My Dreams Buddy. You're getting your fucking data from but I just a maybe do the whole fucking thing. I'm ad since since nineteen fifty. The DOPP passers furthering patriots descended sorted by passer rating descending while one Gino Cappelletti. How are you looking at up before they have a a league? Leaderless on I just went to season leaders passing own mark season leaders. I we're talking overall. C Brown not just one season. I already felt bad because Brady and now this you know what my numbers are exactly fucking same. Gino Julian Edelman Mosey to to Pu rating one hundred fifty eight point three all three of Fourth Steve. If what can just went season leaders and there's more in the season leaders number five Attari. Steve doesn't know how to use pro football reference. I don't know who to believe anymore and sucks out of into. Terry's one for one four yards and a touchdown to you remember. The play is Jillian season of Twenty nineteen was to Fatu Davis season. A ninety seven was one for one Gino Season. An anti sixty one was one for one. Mosey was one for one in eighty seven. We're not talking about seasonal talking about overall cumulative. Yeah I just wanted to buy season when you're talking about the season cumulative this list though this is a list all right just top. Twenty real quick. I'm just GonNa give you Burger God. Julian Element Moses to severity. Adam Venit Terry Jim Crawford is only play from nineteen sixty sixty four Matt who says greatest backup those seven Lee Johnson. The Punter Michael Brick. Hey O'Neill who I believe. Either PUNTER A kick out remember Don Westbrook. I've never heard of James White Number Eleven Dave Meggett number twelve Donald Guys Dole Jimmy Garoppolo most sixteen seventeen remember birdseed whose number eighteen url Brady left the Patriots. It was number Tom. Fuck Number Eighteen. Except he has three hundred twenty six attempts. Sorry Games any top. Twenty for completion percentage pleased. That was it wasn't that was for passer rating. But it's Tom Brady. Has Thrown seven thousand passes compared to about one hundred for the rest of the guys on this list. Thank you andy. And he is eighteenth.

50:02 - 55:00

He still he teamed up to seven thousand passes. That's fucking well. Completions eleven thousand. How does that compare to all of the? Nfl could eat. Let's get. Let's get that role you want all the NFL. No just kidding. I quit. I wave the white flag man. You Win along Dan. What's your favorite brain moment? No yeah start that Oh man. That's a tough one. You know what it is. I hate to say it but just right off the top of my head. At least my favorite moment that I witnessed was. Tuck rule game because I I hope that season as with a couple of guys I couldn't even watch I thought it was a fumble. Some say it was but I thought it was a fumble. I couldn't even look and then the guys I was watching with couldn't believe it turned around it was overturned and it was that moment that gave us new life. Dow's probably my favorite feeling that I that I can remember the Atari. I didn't. I didn't say when it happened. What game so keeping she talked to. I have one that like in the moment. And then one after review okay the after review on was 'cause. I've watched the RAM Super Bowl. The first one a million times when he spikes the ball and he catches it in on the last play before check. I didn't notice that in in in the moment actually did. I don't know why did it again in the The Carolina Panthers to the in the moment one was there are some steelers safety shit talking a lot and they just like picked autumn real hard and this go to touchdown and Brady just read up Guy. Right after the beat them. Just get doc right in his face. That's a good one. What was his name? I know you're talking about two. So Smith what is that didn't even matter who is data. He actually came up because he's a Like talking head on on some of the football things to really talk about him. Yeah like I got a job. Football steelers cut him next week. Pick they may have a dermot that greg favorite moment. It's kind of like an obscure one certain degree but in the context of it it was the divisional game twenty fourteen against the Ravens when they went down fourteen nothing and then they came back tied it and then they went down or teen and ask for that first touchdown. Mega Twenty eight. Twenty one was a short touchdown. Gronk and I remember. Breed is like gin in the end zone just like losing his mind right in front of fans there. I remember thinking like Egos is right. After we'd been we'd been quite a few years since those original three so a lot of people are like. Is it just going to be free? Like is this going to be a case of like didn't live up the essential and I feel like that game turned that all like second dynasty and I remember just being so hyped up like this means something to Brady as much as it means to me. That was the same game where he had. A quarterback sneak got bent in half to right. Remember that you dove over the pile and whoever the middle linebacker was right in his small was back and he got up and he started John Adam right away as also the game that they were exploiting the rule book and laughing at the Ravens for it Yes Patriots Game Julian Edelman Toss to man a Lotta Lasalle in the corner. That might be. Brady's like putting it ocoee. Yeah Everything Andy. Long Brady had. Maybe that wasn't that game those different game with the Quarterback sneak he did have a rushing touchdown but it was four yards out. What's your favorite? Fuck my favorite game would be the seahawks Super Bowl. The whole fourth quarter of that Brady was just a different person. He was it was. It was a historic defense.

55:01 - 60:05

Us going against and they had won the superbowl and ages and all the shit was happening and he just decided like Greg said this game. He wasn't gonNA lose and he just put the whole team on his back. He was getting harassed the entire game throwing a couple of picks already. And it just didn't fucking matter. He going to win that game and the touchdown to element that they had tried before earlier in the game. The Tri like the in and out route to him where he missed him. Are you just knew as soon as he hit a suicide brady hit element? He pointed right Adam as if like I know. I miss you the first time but I got you this time and we're winning this game so I think that zone stands out to me But for Little Shit like Greg was talking about like the We actually just saw the game last week about When they played the dolphins and you had that catch and you know may wanna I catch his career but one of the only ones that he has and after the game he's talking about how he turns a touchdown in new twenty three yard game and that's just like like. That's the Tom Brady that I loved that he was still self deprecating instill trying to give credit everybody else. I just actually read that today. For whatever reason And it was this he's like. Oh yeah you know I bitch about all the other wide receivers never catch my husband and I realized how hard is I might take it easier on them. Sort of thing you know and that's just be who brady is also seems very no Dawson tall now. I think that price should Jaylen from him. Yeah he's been forever like even back in very savage. I remember His first big TV. Commercial I'm you guys remember this. It was a role where he insisted all of his lineman at the time. Become the stars and like it was like how visa protects you or some shit like that. Yes this is also the shit talking. Payton and saying that he was GONNA outlasted career. And you would never say that in public so we don't know how years have you. But that's exactly who he is because he would say all. Payton is one of the greatest ever and I just love to compete against him and Blah Blah. We'll see what happens. I wish him the best fucking say he's both of those people but the most competitive person but if you talk to him in real life outside of PR he would've been like. Oh Man I fucking roster that catcher or whatever. He has more ego than you're giving him. There's no way that doesn't make them a bad person. He's wrong sure right. Well there's ego he's still self deprecating. Which is fine sure. Yeah right his his public persona as Mr like who he is and rather have his public persona than Peyton. Manning's Oh I agree. I think pay meetings. Yeah I've come around Manning but did you read Mike Race Article Today. I read nothing today. It's actually Kinda. I'm I'm still in phase for the depression. Part of the bag on a house. Mike Greece's kind of talking about that the more the off the field stuff. 'cause I mean obviously he has a lot more like interactions it brady than a normal fan would. Oh Yeah I know what you're talking about. It was a nice moment when he saw his kids in the parking lot and stopped like talked on twenty minutes. Yeah I'm not saying he's a Dick I'm saying he has some said No. I'm saying that he has a fire. He has an ego which is good and it makes them great. But what you're saying. The public persona isn't necessarily what his every every day entourage is going to witness. So that's what I'm saying but I'm saying that's a good thing because if you if you did feel like that P. stuff all the time you probably wouldn't be as great as yet. I go Montana one. Nine Games in his final season with cheese is more than I thought. Tom Brady over under nine and a half wins next year. Over and over again it depends on place. That's a good point. If it's on the bucks I think over if it's in La. I Dunno tally. Under under Steve. Pivoting so hard. I know you. I thought I was going to be worse but I think the bucks here. I'll flash YOU THINK BRADY'S ALL FLASH RAISE A lot of substance. He's brought me love joy to my life ready stabbing if Brady has to learn new offense.

60:05 - 65:02

Is He still the same guy? I mean you learned a new offense. When he went from Michigan's New England like Ninety eight twenty fucking years ago. Yeah all right. What else you got you have. Also if you believe the rumors that he wants control over the system in whatever if that's the case then I think he'll do all right. I'm less conflict. I got a quiz for you guys. Actually I first off. I have a question that I've been debating myself all day. Is Today the official end of the pages dynasty off? You're not a brady fan if you're a patriots fan that's that's to be decided. I mean this run for another forty years. We don't know I think it is while. Here's my battle. I've had a minute. Where'S THE LINE BETWEEN STEVE? You guys on Brady Versus Patriots. Yeah we have definitely separated here and IT'S A. You guys are rooting for the corporation of Patriot of the Patriots. Right Right Patriots. It's the players on the team right. It's ruined for Tom. Brady is rooting for the flag. And it's you like sports because you like watching the players like the Patriots before Tom Brady started playing correct. It's a it's like being like when you're people that are into politics and they're just like whatever Democrat or Republican comes to remind new favorite. Then I say that I want him to break records and then I want him to lose the Super Bowl. I Want Brady to have as much continued success as he can't because the Patriots yes Greg I looked great I said why and I want him to have success as well. I love him more. I'M NOT GONNA say more than the Patriots so you decided he was going to say. I mean to be fair. It's been a longer relationship so I get it to battle funding. I love my flesh. I don't then I think like because the dynasty era as we're calling it was three people is Robert Kraft is bill bell check and it was Tom Brady. Does that end now? The Tom Brady is not a part of that. Well yeah there's only two of them. I think it depends. I think is yet to be seen if if the Patriots can continue to be successful post Brady the know what success to you if the Patriots obviously have patience superbowl this year. That's excess water have stood him as the answer. That's what they go with where what is the. What does that mean because the Patriots have ten years of no Super Bowl with Tom? Browett thing if you'd let me finish my sentence I'll tell you okay. So let's say the pages Jones who was year maybe stim- isn't the answer. They go five years before they draft another quarterback whatever checks still the coach of the team and they WANNA see wolf five years from now. Is the dynasty still going? Are they still making the playoffs every year? No then maybe they make the playoffs half the time. It's dead already get so. They know that already needs so. Where's the line the line if he's making stephen us when again if if he's still makes? I don't know an AFC championship and then a wild card and then go to the Super Bowl and loses and then that's the pattern I still think continues. What does stem goes six and ten world six hundred seventy this year? Well it's still this. Year is still fixing six and ten. This year goes ten. Six next year makes the wildcard but loses. Yeah exactly nobody else. Well then yeah then this continued. I think if you have multiple seasons of just be in the Redskins then yeah all right. What if all right? So how about this? How okay so that's your line? What if six and ten this year? They make the wildcard next three years but lose all three years. Then it's over. Yeah you gotta get passed along party or if they get past the soccer once in those times losing the divorce rate. Let me give you a definitive answer. Yes to make the championship. Here's to make the playoffs every year for the next three years big championship. Once one thing about the colts right you think about the Peyton. Manning are and then you think but the handbook era. There's one between those but you'd hope combined together and go. Colts Dynasty War for Andrew was a little better. He would've suck to the only made once blow.

65:03 - 70:02

Yeah but those are different. You could say oh there's the Payton run and then there's the intellect run and you can compare those but as an organization you can say well when people say that about San Fran all the time to have consistency in their front office or their head gudgeon right but yeah what about the niners. Who's more response the Dynasty Brady or your organization right? Well that's a different conversation though. I think he could still have a dynasty and Brady was still more valuable instead of them but I think he can still win. Who's more valuable but removed? What's different question if we're going to get on that topic then we can do that. It'd be all can agree. That Robert Kraft is the most valuable. Right he'd get Outta here neider. That's a fair point point point. Maybe I'm the closest to it because I live in DC but my God bad owner ruins everything damn semi competent odour. Could off. Well he also has to keep in. Check EGOS I'm sure. Yes you know decide when give certain people leeway? It's a tough job. So bad answer blaming games. Wait a minute before we move onto. Who's more important Greg? What do you think about the forty niners? Rain is that not a dynasty between Joe Montana and Steve. Young definitely is a good. It's a good. We're bottle Mike. Okay cool down before my time. If I'm being honest that's I don't I don't remember the transition from Montana to too young to be fair to me a Mike. We caught the tail end. Maybe STEVE YOUNG MOSTLY REMEMBER STEVE. Young but nothing like hard rogers right. You don't consider that one one longevity in starting quarterback is is that I mean I think packers still had success as much as they did with either quarterback. They both went to. Did they both win the Super Bowl? They did. Yeah but I don't think that they're a dynasty. Regardless of who was quarterback. I mean agree bay right. I could. I view it as a good run as a team with both quarterback for sure but I don't think that they're dynasty regardless Montana. It also put that as one good run you put it as two separate ones right. I view it as an organization will run. I mean you have like the owner. That's my team. So if you can sustain what save craft goes from blitz which was better results than we than we had then he goes into Brady and then he goes into what no wins. A couple and it continues. That's a massive run for an organization. That's a huge accomplishment. More more so than having great players you can turn three players to greatness. It's fantastic strew the Arizona Different Eras but I ran from the overall it podcast perspective. Do we have an end date now? Way Oh to this podcast or general. I can keep an eye out on the next couple of years. I mean we've got plenty of time to figure it out. I'm just right asking the questions. I think it continues. I think it's not officially dead until a check retires and mcdaniels take over and then he has success. I think it. So I'm I'm TBB on this on me if if it's a mcdaniels and a different starting quarterback winning more super bowls to me. It's the second era is there enough south of dynasty era. Why think a dynasty is a fine by sustained success so if we just keep making similar people though he made him? Playoffs doesn't matter over. Still Dynasty. Regan successfully transition Brady to the next starting quarterback and keep winning the AFC east and keep making playoffs and then we can transition Mcdaniels and keep making playoffs and to another starting quarterback that's a really long sustained dynasty. I agree and if we're using your definition and then anytime that they get new players which is every year we reassess that because you're essentially saying the quarterback is the most important but this turnover everywhere and sometimes there's mainstays everywhere. So let's say your quarterback is in the best player but you have a monster linebacker that changes the game. What Sarah Lewis? So you're putting your placing importance on quarterback coach in dynasty.

70:03 - 75:01

But that's not how I'm doing. It necessarily see I can make the argument there. We've ordered event for two Patriots Dynasty. Those I got to me. They're the trademark. Is You win championships. Right in a small. Plus you get like five years in between championships. Urine moved onto the next. Eric is a lot of that turnovers. happen with your. I think is different than Greg. I disagree I think. There's those defining points of a dynasty but a dynasty is about longevity especially decided Kabir where patriots have bended X. amount of straight AJ chip's next month playoff appearances where every other franchise in the League is cyclical. Right every other team and say okay. You're good for two years and then your shitty for three and then you came back and you're good for four years and then your shitty for five right so the goal coats. Dynasties are one Steve. I don't think dynasty. Yeah Andrew Luck. Never every yeah they made. Afc Tim Chips and Shit. Both you guys see. I'm with Steve Again. You did it for four years right. Right Woodson. What's your you know what you're getting into like these like arbitrary numbers of what? James. You'RE GONNA win the finance but look no no no no. He's right because look check this out you win. Three out of four to start the dynasty right. Yeah you have ten years that you don't win the Super Bowl but you make records by making a consecutive amount of AFC championships and Record amounts of Super Bowl's like pay Yup. No he didn't do like every imaginable record. What I'm saying he all right so how many AFC to see the piles right exactly one and done in one in done like nine or ten times in his career wool. Yeah One antle one now. He went to his guys by. The Standard is started. Three out of three out of four a ton of straight as he championships and super bowls they lost and then they won three more. So that's his thing greatness. None of the teams that you're talking about outside of Pittsburgh in the seventies in like the niners sustained anything close to that so if he pats all of a sudden one and done a bunch of times in the Middle. I would agree with you but I think like they didn't have bad years. They did or a suitable contender. Ten straight years. No they weren't. Oh yeah contender. But then they would go in the playoffs. Lose the first game the first game every time maybe once against the ravens throw them a bone but they weren't consistent like ABC championship teams. I disagree look. I'm looking at now. Look of one what to find you know. Look stuff is his record year after year. Two thousand since we're starting this dynasty colts have made the playoffs in two thousand and two thousand two thousand and three four five wins seven eight nine township making the playoffs. Let's keep on twelve thirteen fourteen eighteen. So let's see Two thousand dollars wildcard loss. Wildcard doesn't three. They lost the conference. Two thousand four they lost the divisional. Two thousand five divisional two thousand six. They won the Super Bowl. Two thousand seven they lost the divisional two thousand eight. The last wildcard nine. They made the Super Bowl but lost two thousand ten loss wildcard. That's not a dynasty steam since thirteen fourteen wildcard minimum success. Greg where why does everybody say was inducted? Peyton what year was that was her two thousand twelve one line. So their their record after. Twenty twelve was Lost Wildcard Twenty twelve in his rookie. Season LOST divisional loss conference in back back back years and then a few years nothing in the loss of division twenty is that few years and nothing is what kills it right. Okay wait let me ask you on keener Way Greg do you think what start with this? Do you think that the colts have been dynasty like in that era you dynasty definition? They are by sold you that the Patriots won three out of four super bowls sustained massive success to get a championship level. And then one three more. What how clear can I get? There's an eight year gap in the middle there yet but they went to the AFC championship record.

75:01 - 80:05

Amount of time. Dane win. So what my my real take on the Patriots Dynasty real take? I think that there are separate dynasties. I don't think it's the same thing but hey but by what they've done. That run is more impressive than any other thing in sports that I've seen all agree having a back to back. Dynasty is more impressive than having one long dynasty. Because you have a complete turnover of the team outside of coaching quarterback. Right then yeah I agree. There's two separate dynasties but if comp- in comparison to other teams I've never seen anything like it. So if we're if a lot of people still consider the past dynasties I'm going off of what the majority of people think if the Patriots get a one or two seed this coming year we're back on yeah wind but that's probably your truest evaluation of a dynasty if they can sustain a top one or two seed in the playoffs. I did agree with that. The Patriots have done that for a long time. All there superbowl Ron's even if they lost it. We're on the top two seeds where the vote possibly playing car weekend. Because what the pats done is like. It's it's never been done way back nine or seems steelers scenes. They didn't have like they weren't AFC championship game. Twelve beer straight net by that standard. No one is so. There's the greatest Odyssey in sports history. Of course the greatest dynasties. Well I guess what you make the argument that because it's the same people like you guys were saying. It kind of connects the two because there wasn't a changing of the guard and the principal people. So maybe that's why people view it as one long dynasty because there hasn't been turnover at the top. Maybe which team gets more wins this year bucks or Patriots? That's a good question. I think patriots as well. The Patriots had the hardest schedule this year. Oh that's a good That's a good point. Andy here's the other way that the NFL works like last year. Winning percentage and a bunch of those teams are GonNa regress Abortions Shittier. Going to be good this year. That's true but then what do you think about the flip side of that scenario? Where it's like. I know that this has been part of the narrative but the pats the hardest scheduled theoretically they they have thirteen and a half million dollars dead money from Brady. Another five million from Antonio Brown. What do you think about the fact that do you think across? Britney's mind that if he stiffed the Patriots and Bella Chac. It'd be a whole to get out of. No you thought about it now on these addictive like that. Oh Wow. He said that he would have a longer career than Payton and Payton had a devastating neck injury so if he's like that ruthless you don't think it crosses violence buck ballot check. That's not ruthless. No I think that's a personal issue. I don't know I think I think it definitely crosses mind man. How can you be the top of your game? Have that much of an ego where you you are aware of Legacy. Not Think about that. At least I think you're overstating is ego really then. He's because I want to be the highest player in no no no no. He could value legacy over money. That's still ego. Yeah but if he was all about ego he would've taken a higher rate contact. Wouldn't know you would take some people. Value wins over money so if he knows right except that still ego he wants to win. He wants to be the best. You know. You can't what team. Yeah yeah I know but it still takes. Ego Ego can mean a lot of things ego could be based on power it could be based on the admiration it could be based on legacy it could be based on money is inherently that. If you want wins more than stats. That kind of speaks to that now. No because that's the greatest that he knows. I could say that. He's a smart guy with an ego because he reason could see that trajectory more than anybody else and I don't understand how but he managed to to to do that so yeah I don't I don't think it's a bad thing. I think his ego took them in a different direction than like pretty much any other player outside of Michael Jordan or somebody like that days ago.

80:07 - 85:07

Oh that's probably so. I figure Tom Brady's ego or his Dick. While didn't connor reference that driftwood Tommy or something like that. Yes he did so. That is a good question and up for debate. I don't know Greg. How big is Tom? Brady's Hog. I mean I think you know the question is is bigger than Peyton. Manning's I think the answer. It's quite substantial. I question what's bigger Tom? Brady's hog or peyton manning's forehead his dog. Yeah Peyton manning surpassed the five ten goes to the six head buds. Are we talking then? I gotta give it to the forehead all right so moving. I throw out a question and it's going to upset you guys. Don't fuck yeah but for the people living here. I'm sorry I'm sorry for better for the do I not. I have to work on that. It's a nervous condition that I have So for the people that are mad at at Brady and think that you know. He turned his back on the team. In whatever what are your. What's the worst moment that you You have him question my fucking kidding me this. This is the worst moment over his career up to now. It's a good question probably getting injured first week or two thousand. He's done. Oh yeah but that's not like I mean that is based on something. You didn't like that he did. Don't don't change the game around the Maga- hat in the locker. That's fair that is there? I forgot about that. Hasn't done a lot of like a lot of anything wrong with that but well it is funny that he is flaunting. Got It kissing his kid in the lips on that Thomas. Oh yeah that's a book in general where he had like drew up wandering. That's good that's pretty fun. My my worst moment is right before the undefeated season when somebody asks him. Oh how many You Know How many points do you? You'll you think that you'll put up or whatever and the guy said some low number like two touchdowns and Brady's eighteen seventeen yes talking about the two thousand seven super bowl and he was. He was told that the giants defense said that they were going to hold the pages of seventeen points yelp some of that while his response was he laughed at me. Goes give us a little bit more credit than that. I said we'll see. It was his respond. Oh thought then it's been manipulated throughout the years because I remember him recently and he laughed. He said Oh. We'll see okay well even if it's that right either way. I don't think he usually gives that off so it's one of the more painful ones that I can remember just because I was like. Wow that's it's very confident with him and not characteristic and it ended up happening. I thought Mike Yours would have been the whole deflategate thing. Why House banking on you. Because like the press conference that he gave about it and how nonchalant he was. I figured I thought that was hilarious. Yeah there is definitely not one of the worst moments I wanNA give you guys a stat. That makes me sad if Tom Brady goes to. The buccaneers because at the end of this season Tom Brady has since two thousand. I guess down one. He has two hundred forty. Nine wins the starting quarterback the Tampa Bay buccaneers since their inception in nineteen. Seventy six. They have two hundred seventy six. Total wins So Tom Brady does not go. The buccaneers he could conceivably catch the buccaneers franchise in total wins. Yeah they were the closest right Of of teams that aren't like expansion teams like I think he has more wins than like the Houston Texans or the Ravens. 'cause they're a young team but affirm originally teams from before he gives the League? Yes wow she said yeah he's Never GonNa he's that's one record you'll never have guess if he goes to the buccaneers he will never break their coordinate.

85:08 - 90:08

Amazing another question do you guys. Maybe all right I heard that trump was actually making calls to the NFL to to keep it open throughout the year since through this corona virus situation. Everything's just being shut down so there is a hopefully slate chance or none at all that the NFL was delayed or something can happen. Let's say it goes away completely right. So let's say they don't play and then Brady doesn't have an opportunity to actually play with the bucks. Let's say he retires the year after whatever this that tinned his legacy because now obviously he didn't show what he can do on the field and he still made the decision to leave that hurts. I don't think any of his legacy. I don't know no no but I mean how people might not end like. Oh Yeah let me. Let me the people that are angry. If there are any that he left with that like I would that affect their mind. You think but that also at Mike because we just skipped all this exactly. That's what I moved. We knew that it was going to be no season retired. Would all been happy and go to road off into the sunset. Yeah you're absolutely right. That's exactly what I was getting at. So yeah that kind of that would hurt me. Yeah I think that's the issue to like what Greg's going as all the way through this. You had this idea of how this is going to end in. It was Bell Jack in Brady writing off in the sunset together and they were both GonNa retire at the same time after winning a super bowl setting all these records or whatever the fuck it was but it wasn't this I just never had that I guess that at the beginning of this podcast like this is almost what expected because you have no heart woj whereas Greg are dragging and he has no heart with it. What does that mean implying he has? He's it was pretty fucking clear. Well I don't agree with your statement but carrying on. Well that'll give a shit you agree. He's as they logical human being whose processing information as he gets it and I want speak for him because he was speaking before you interrupted him interrupting. I did go on classic. But he's always been ruthless like that so like why would. Why would this be any different because it's brady? Yeah that's the why but like raise. The reason for that is not allow Chaffetz as much as Belgian actives. 'cause 'cause bell check with a realize that none of this was possible without this yet. This Guy Yeah Yeah. None of this was possible. But what about the upcoming season? That's all he gives a shit about so like an asshole. Yeah but then. Do you believe there's also it makes them successful but successful. If that's the case do you then do you believe that? He wanted to keep Jimmy G. Because then that that would fly in the face of that because he's been in check by craft before if that's the case no bowel check looked at. Tom Brady. Tom Brady better quarterback than Jimmy. Wow he gives us a better chance to win which clearly he was right. Super Bowl with a great decision. It's come to this point where ballot check. Looks radiant says You're worth this much. I think I would like to have a team. But I'm not about to like break. The Bank for it if depriving under passer at a fraction of the costing the problem with that is dead. That's basically check saying like. Oh it's the system. That is the reason for our success. When I don't even by that I do. I think Tom Brady is the reason for our success. I've had this debate a bunch. I've always said Bell check system will take anybody to the playoffs. The browns did going today. You can put into the playoffs team. They moved yeah You can put you can put anybody can any starting quarterback in the NFL. You can put nick foles. You put Gardner Menchu but anybody behind center and the Patriots and into the playoffs. Your your special was in the highest stakes. That came to city game is probably the ultimate example right three times in a row. He's absolutely nails. He was the warm to get them over the hump. Which you have to do to super bowl. Okay that's why does it? Why does not give better chance to win this year? Right if you can if you can take a four three zero Brady and put them out there while maybe it was also heard a lot more than he has in the past so I don't know if that gives you more like it was a cost benefit not like.

90:09 - 95:04

I'm not going to pay thirty million dollars a year for the next three years to do that and I was GonNa hurt the hours year. Whatever it is going to give him right hurt more absurd on the money side sacrifices the other team. We can't signs later. We can't rely mccourty. Then you know. That's the playoff games. Okay well what about Brady had? Knee problems had elbow problems. You think that twenty something year old kid is going to have those same problems. Maybe not now you can't play that Reich. I'm against Brady's but he was hurt. Colosio durable through the last two years. He's been struggling towards the end of the season fact. I'm not saying that he was terrible. I'm just saying it's a fact chair. We can always see the injuries that have heard him has been able to be available. I agree is GonNa make it through the season or anything. So I'm just saying I. I know that Brady has been dealing with a few things recently. Also is better than most quarterbacks of the page. They've had it avoiding injury to just agree. Garoppolo when he was here and then after that. What's his face? Bruce set within four weeks and like I said I don't know what to do and now obviously younger people have little from antiquity. Where they might you know be willing to preserve their career and you know. Sit a few games. I'm not sure right also to Greg's point Bella check without Tom. Brady in two thousand eight did not make the playoffs. Give that context undefeated team from the year before with the easiest started playing against easiest schedule in the in the NFL to still went eleven. Five in the playoff. Yeah but you know what it did it. Because they didn't have the x factor old Tommy boy able like even like the browns. Like you're saying I don't like that. The narrative for him is that he sucked. He was the last playoff coach with the browns. They moved. They basically chand him because they had different plans. And that's why the whole jets thing happened. He looks like an asshole again but he avoided the jet situation because they're about to sell the team and he didn't want to get fired. Midseason or something. You WanNa Talk. About Egos. I think. Bill Belichick has massive ego. I don't think he does it all now. I'm just kidding. Everybody should've kept that good. Greg I know this The the browns have made the playoffs since they made in two thousand two. But won't check. Is the last person last coach to win a game right in ninety four? And what team did he be Patriots? Correct and with an Maurice Hurst as a cornerback. I remember him in game. Leave so bill bill chocolate team. We Love them but Yeah and the reason that bell check didn't do well. The next year was because the team was sold in the middle of the year and basically the team gave up around because they there aren't going to be there and Bella Trek so he's not a leader of men. Wow you know what we're sitting here to beatty. Oh my God is our Twenty Year Dynasty GonNa keep going and Browns fans. They're sitting there be like. Are We ever get another playoff game since ninety four? That's a tough one. That's maybe that's the answer thing about it though. I mean this point last year. Browns fans were book gap. Bakker had a good season. We've got OB J Jarvis Landry so if you want some perspective between the browns and the Patriots. The browns between two thousand nine and twenty seventeen. Just what how many years eight? Years Eight Nine seasons seasons they had thirty four wins in nine seasons the Patriots in two thousand three and two thousand and four in two seasons had thirty. Four wins had like undefeated streak superlong which I think is still the NFL record. Yeah Twenty one zero yes. That's what the best part about Brady is and like that. Put in contact with this whole like corona buyer announced or. It's not like he gave you a reason to watch for twenty years all of you.

95:05 - 100:01

You know what I'm saying like every week. It was a game that you were looking for do because you knew the pad a chance to do some special you know and that just from the entertainment value was twenty years. Isn't it may be think anyone's going to Burn Brady Jerseys? That'd be yes. Walk Douche in hot or somethin' social media now changes that so. I'm sure somebody will do it. Just for the attention but that's ridiculous. I would say that somebody would hold a patriots like a Brady Burning Party. But you can't do that right now with the lockdown and everything right do you think it by send mybookie drizzle Tom. He'll sign it no genuine radio. Well I'm buying a box. Where do right now is an? We'll let you brady fan now. You're giving him shit. What IS PRETTY. Fan FUCKING BUCKS JERSEY. That's glide because you're you're you're an organizational guy why I'm both Oh my goodness you buying that Jersey to burn it or what. Yeah well. I'm getting the old school like Brian? At least once the cream South Greg stands by his statements. Andy is now shitting on him for Supporting Brady. That's the duck side Andy. I'm not sharing for supporting Brady shooting supporting the bucks. Oh the Organization of the box interest. Not by a fucking also. Brady's Jersey. That's interesting all right. You could try. Make us a thing. But it's not gonNA be a thing. I think you're leaning towards a Stephen My side now. Do you think the patriots pro shop is still going to sell Brady Jerseys? Next year no inventory. They'll sell it online. You give me shit about my wicked old faded one. I keep telling me I'll buy a new one or new retires Die Bowen. Now wait wait wait retire. You deserve going after what you've said today. I mean you guys are nuts but at least you stuck to your guns. Andy's waffling I don't like that. Greg is brought up both at the same time ball. Then why not buy a baby? It Jersey Andy Patriots Jersey. After the one bill. He's your by both all right now. We're getting to the heart of it. Now you're swaying back to their side after you've gotten a little scolding. I'm not saying anything I can support both. Tom Brady and the Patriots at the same time. Because I'm a human being and you you boys a fucking children. Apparently no I love Tom. Brady wishing the best to you have been paying attention. I think. Waffling Steve Though. Who's been the biggest stain or Brady for as long as I've known him then all of a sudden all of a sudden he can't throw the deep ball the fucking bucks. Not Cleveland like. It's just a moldable. I'm just being logical wanted this logic like three months ago. I was logical then to Mali. Were your said he had a persona built up around. Tom Brady being found out to change my answer to the my least favorite. Tom Brady moment. Okay Okay my least favorite. Tom Brady moment is the last pass of his career as a patriot. Everybody's making a big deal about that. Like what was he supposed to do? Is on the one yard line. I mean stocks. That's a way to Eddie and Anna. I happen to be there for it. And the interception was in that ends on the Dow is down to watch Logan Ryan celebrate directly In the rain. So that's my worst. That's tough Myers. Is that union? Invite me to that game. I did but you would not you did not. You didn't even ask you didn't ask I. I might fly out visit you. He asked me. Mike. Greg Gumbel. I was looking at work. I literally couldn't find any me. Ask Me. You wouldn't have heard this way before you move on Brown's thing real quick let's say for instance Brown family or the Brown team know the Philadelphia. Let's say the fair question.

100:01 - 105:10

Let's say for instance. Maybe Brady Tonio Brownie. He doesn't buy whatever he's doing this thing in for the box. And let's say. Bala check trades for OB. J What would. How would you view that? I don't know if you everything in terms of like levels of what would be funniest. Hit that point in the podcast. I was just thinking you know what would brady feels with that like I'd to his hatred or would you be okay with that. I mean I think that's kind of funny. It would fuel him. I agree everything feels though so definitely much of a change watering Lee when he sits down disease is at all skill Montana years from now Smith it depends on how close next true we should have a parade for him Joe Montana regretted apparently yes by that even though he he still did. Okay Yeah I took this last year and they they. They went to the playoffs with them. Yeah it it wasn't a they lost to the the Jim harbaugh colts I mean that's a that's a good. That's a good point. Does he regret it at the end? I mean he's GonNa regret it immediately. Obviously but like right. I think it depends. When do they build a statue of Tom? Brady and Patriot place. Dodgers did a meal. Who cares do you do it after retires and if so how long now? It's too right now. Who Cares Greg Right now right now? He's done so you just. So what does that look like you know? He's like wait yells. Yeah Oh the let's go. Yeah that's that's pretty good. I was thinking of him standing over center pointing and yelling. It's not bad. I think that they should hire the person did the first Cristiano Renaldo. I don't think a Lotta people will get that reference but well look it up Cristiano Renaldo Statue. If you guys want to see something interesting allard old love one. Where he's headbutting. Somebody Mike to go back to what you're saying I think you could use the The the sketch from the when he was in court you could use that picture point reference. I got you why is in Alan to with the law. The long hair Brady. Yeah looking like all right. That was when he first started dating zone right. Yeah Yup when he got his hair plugs. Be Tough to do and bronze though you can do. Anything Lebron's Steve. You put your mind to it. That's true so I know Greg wanted to try. Start a quiz on these podcasts. So I've come up with one as we're doing this. Can you name the I got two questions here? The first one is. Can you name the one team that Brady has a losing record against Yup Patriots Incorrect He is four and three giants. He has three and three against the panthers broncos Denver. You HAVE CATS DENVER. Denver does Tampa played for eight and nine against Denver. Tom Brady is undefeated against one. Two three four five teams in his career in your Navel Chow. Kansas Kids Falcons yes. Redskins is four months redskins apparently Shit I remember that game. Yeah the Redskins game was the last game. They lost before they won. Twenty one zero. Yeah we're GONNA best by then they have lost to the browns where they they've lost the browns once. And that was the game with when What's his name is coach. Kicks Not one that one. Now the the guy from the jets the SARS spy gate Manji Linney. Yeah we're going on gonNA trick plays apparently Was Walker kicked a field goal or extra point in those games meals.

105:13 - 110:00

They are one on one against the cardinals bears. They are five zero against the bears. Yeah so falcons. And bears two teams. So far falcons six against see teams in Washington. Was there as we have seen this season. I miss that game. What is it five and one against the rams let us now? One of teams should be pretty fucking easy tales. God Damn night mine should be Oh Shit. Tampa Bay buccaneers they. He has four now against this and I thought man this is sinking real quick. And then you turn it around. The bills are the best. His best record against non undefeated teams. He has nine fourteen record against the bills. He's thirty two and three G.'s. But heels went undefeated against and they are both NFC teams there teams. They played in the last. Two Years Cowboys. That is correct. They're five and against cowboys. One more team. It is a team where they have played a super bowl in their home stadium Texas. Let's the only one here nine and two against Texans but it's out of our misery man the Minnesota Vikings. That's out of the Blue Right. You don't remember many of those wins but memorable winds but they're win thirty to win both thirty two and three against the bills to. That's two full seasons worth built in. I think we've talked about this before where Tom Brady. Ranks in Buffalo history in wins in Buffalo. Six place all quarterbacks wins in Buffalo. Yeah Bucks playing. Acc This here the Buxton play the AFC's this year. Should they play one team in like they're similar rank age? You're yeah yeah. That's that's just a conferencing. Yeah so that's everything on Brady any this. What happens when the team gets passed onto craft son? Jonathan Continue Kuno detail is all right fair point. I think it's already happened. I think you hear Robert Kraft speak to the media. These days My feeling is Jonathan's art around the team interesting so the new big Jonathan Josh and Jarrett Three D Jays Triple J. Baby. Is there anything now as we're wrapping this up starting to feel a little sad admittedly so is there anything that you want to talk about before we wrap up that you wanna get off your chest or that would be therapeutic? I I wish Tom was from Massachusetts. Yeah wouldn't that be sweet? Never thought about that does the only thing I can think of. That would make like get a better story. He even called it out in his message to the fans like Old California boy or some Shit. Like that yeah. I thought it was funny that he did that. I would like to put out there that the national suicide prevention lifeline is one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five just in case. This is hitting you harder than it is to help is available. You can tell it to say that you know Tom Brady is about so much joy to my life. Hooked not love him forever. You've been turned on him all night. Unbelievable I still exactly. I mean he's me so many moments as a college and high school kids like me talked about.

110:00 - 114:14

But there's a lot of bonding that I've done with my family with my dad. I'm just watching games with him over the years watching them win. I mean that's sort of the easiest language that we have between us So that was a huge contribution by Brady and even brought all of us together. Right Oh good point. Yeah kept us together anyway. Right pretty powerful US. This podcast wouldn't exist without Tom. Brady right I think that's worth while would have would have existed if there was any quarterback that we picked up off the street because it's about the system and not the quarterback. Well I mean when it be called an interesting if they got a new quarterback every two years and one is many super bowls anyway. In as many games Dow would be interesting. Maybe that happens in the next twenty years. We'll see Cam Newton LBJ. I can't believe you want Cam Newton. Your I'm pretty sure Mike wants Drew Bledsoe to come back so he can finish his hot takes about that now. Watch it been I mean. Yeah if we really want to go down because I think in the last episode Make my stints. But we don't know for sure if sustained the magic that Brady did over this time with these rules and if you play this long we just don't know guys. Okay Michael You keep referencing. This loss episode. You bring this up every three episodes row. Well those that don't know they could have been a fucking on this. I just want Cam. Newton come to the Patriots. So when record with Bobby for the Panther's game yeah that might be the next next episode. We record as with our brother-in-law. Bobby who is a born and raised panthers fan? At how are we going to isolate the background? Noise with those two. Little Munchkins in the background. That's up to him not us. We'll see his take on Kim to be fair. We have to greg background noise apparently because he can't forget it is tough to plug in a USB microphones so Stan. I mean upside down right side up. Yeah go fuck yourself by was that Greg. I can't hear you concern Bra. I gave you the simplest thing you possibly by Agata. Go Cathartic for some yourself. You hurt my feelings handy. But that's fine. I don't mind I'm still in the exact same place as I was before this. I thought I would get some some help from it but I didn't so thanks for that guys. I feel just as depressed as I did. So hopefully the listeners are feeling the same way. Assuming we'll release this some good background stuff going on. Yeah thanks Kelli Cool. This is great everybody go by a Brady Bucks Jersey. You know and he said everybody by it so I said nothing of the sort you said by one of each. He's if you can buy. Tom Brady Michigan Jersey. Is that what you're hardcore away and easy and on that? I think we can hear you all hopefully in a better mood next week. Probably not by night.