2001 Week 17: Patriots at Panthers

It's the last week of the season, so we figured it's finally time to bring in someone who knows what they're talking about. The brothers interview brother-in-law (and Panther fan) Bobby in the regular season finale as we get geared up for the playoffs!

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This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your back to the guys apart. Gaffe week seventeen actually keeping track and we are down in North Carolina. We've decided no shock lackey right for Patriots at Panther last game in the regular season lot on the line here least the Patriots. Not so much for the panthers. She'll get into but before we do. Gentlemen how are you doing fantastic? Maybe an trey you guys. You welcome to my hometown. That's right yeah we're GONNA raise up take shared off North Carolina South Carolina for all Carolina's. No Oh North Carolina yeah PD hall on Of Carolina's get Get offended if you confuse them. Because we know North Carolina's do dude people get pissed off. If you call Raleigh Durham one thing really good. Yeah and they're like does an airport called the Raleigh Durham Airport. Consider them to separate cities. They are two separate cities. You Son Bitch literally. Yeah well. They're like fifteen twenty miles apart. That's true and then those fucking loses over and Chapel Hill. Yeah now you're live in Durham. So you're kind of the expert on what to call it. That's right so static. Call area the triangle the whole area. Just Yeah Steve Is. Greg is called the triangle. Great what are the three points of the Triangle Raleigh? Durham in. Who The hell cares. Charlotte Waco Nope Chapel Hill Day ago. In all right cities in North Carolina. They call where I live the same version they try and go the triad note the DMV way Father Great Nickname Maryland Virginia Delaware. Now no Delaware DC the district Maryland and Virginia. Yeah Restrict Colorado Live Cow Hampshire Londonderry biggess match Ghanistan. That's probably more accurate these. We couldn't afford a house. Dairy alday Move Londonderry. Well being of angry North Carolina's we actually no one so we thought we'd have on the podcast to talk about his home team. Oh bobby his brother in law bobby so enjoy that right now with us. Today we have a special guest. It is our. I'd say top three brother-in-law would you boys agree up to the top five but it is. It is art. Sister's husband Elliott husband Bobby Bridges and this is the point where Gregory says his name with the whole body there. What the Hell so? My first question leads into my next question. Which is We we didn't have a choice to be in the Brown family. But you did and you chose this why well I regret it every day but at this point of suck now you guys are great. I mean obviously La but The family is a nice icing on the cake. You're you're the icing on the cake to walk. Thanks Greg PC L. E. CAKE. So Bob for those you don't know and raised in North Carolina. I can never remember which Carolina Bob. They're not the same. Mandy but L. handled that early slight and for North Carolina. At least I gotta right and if he shot how far from Charlotte.

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Where you Bob? About an hour by. You're kind of in the in the woods of North Carolina. Right. That's true. Does your town have a name. Rumor had even have a post office. My friend ooh is that new a little bit all right so so you grew up in the woods of of North Carolina. And and the panthers weren't a thing until you were probably what like nine or ten hour. Thank the came in league and ninety five ninety five so I was ten th right so then. Did you get into football with the panthers or we already football fan? I would say more or less with the Panthers. I would say as I remember it now. I was like sort of a sports fan but like when I was a kid young it was all the braves. Dad loved the braves. Watch the braves all the time You know this was their heyday. This was like Maddux. Glavin those guys. I remember watching the last out of the world series. We wanted ninety five. I was all about the braves college basketball. Everybody talks about you in seek going on then honestly at this time I was born. It's Fan so I remember my dad game in one of those years in around that time period with a friend of his tickets. I'm going to see the Hornets laying Michael Jordan and the Bulls. I remember that I've still got the tickets saved In Mike. My scrap box thing anyway. So football's for off the radar like GRANDPA's a redskins fan like the redskins were kind of team with a territory. But I didn't really pay attention to it. We didn't have a team. It was like baseball and then I was personally a little bit in the Hornets yet. Up stuff going on. It's no will not on the radar off for else morning like the as gins worthy actual alike team the area. Oh yeah unofficially. But big time were they at a closest. I don't know really geographically. Yeah but like culturally that that was the thing like. They're still a little bit of friction. There there are still like hold redskins Carolina's for sure. Wow good there aren't even redskins fans. Dc anymore for right. I had a question about the Hornets. Is that the Muggsy bogues era. This memory amassed. Yeah anyway the way it played out was basically like in this a couple of years down. The road in the Hornets thing happened and then they can laugh. And everybody is Away we're allowed to curse on this podcast anyway. The owner fucking left town I got was already starting to get into the panthers have that of success in second season. They did get them as well. The man the Hornets leaving and then the Braves Dynasty. Kinda fallen apart. It was perfect. Timing for me than Gordon. High School then. All of a sudden all lived on the Panthers Football Right. Yeah because yeah like Steve. Like Bob Hussein The second year for book they both came in and ninety five and and both teams second-year randomly. They both made it to the conference. Championship of each each conference. Obviously playoff game against the Jaguars where bright eighty went out so so actually both teams lost to the obviously eventual teams on Super Bowl and that was the Patriots. Played the packers so that was kind of a strange thing. Where because there was a bit of an anomaly to they didn't have a winning season outside of that for a while. Like a Ninety Day. Started Ninety five. They had that winning season ninety six and then the next one was until two thousand three. Who is our quarterback for line? And before that Greg have no idea started with Bob do you. Do you know who the original starting quarterback the Carolina Panthers was. I don't remember Jerry Collins I was GONNA say Cassettes I pick right. Yeah I think so. Wait not we didn't pick him in the very first. Yeah Ninety Five. But he wasn't one overall he was five for some reason. There are enough. Yeah that's a whole nother story with that fucking guy. His drunken nonsense by used to there were there was a report at once about him driving around Charlotte drunk just yelling obscenities. Racial slurs out the window fifth inning. Carolina Super Annoying. Actually when he when he easy now it was annoying when he went to the giants unlike semi resuscitates career for year.

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Like really this fucking washout asking goodness so yes. So we're we're kind of getting into the the the panthers right now in two thousand one and this is the end of the George Siefert era. Did you have any comments about that? Because actually read about George Siefert recently randomly. Because I mean when you first pitch this like I probably would've done it no matter what the game was when you told me when it was. I was actually. I was actually kind of excited to do this. Because the yeah the instinct thing about this game is like it's kind of interesting what we just talked about and like random. That's unlike a is then. This moment was like this was the very this. This was the lowest moment the entire franchise history. This game could qualify this game truly. It was like the abstinent of the Lowest Irian so like NFC for the one in fifteen season. There was all tra- embarrassing There was like winning that first game against Minnesota. We lost fifteen straight The team totally gave up George Siefert which like Kinda subtexts of all of that like truly. They stay like literally weren't playing at right guys. Were not like schilling up. Trying hard guys were faking injuries. It was like super embarrassing. 'cause like the team had initial high and like folks in the is really excited and I remember that being like a really embarrassing low point of like are they lose fan base. I actually looked this up today. Prepped for this that game this game against the think the only sixteen thousand people who so there well. It wasn't just that they were bad. It was like it was that they openly gave up and like a talking point of like how embarrassing this team in this coach and the morale were the other thing that happened. Here is the rake. A root thing overshadowed August remember that year. No wasn't well. The incident wasn't this year. That was nine nine with this was still playing out and I remember. I looked it up today to earn this. It was in this middle of this shit. Show season that. He was actually big. And so that got all dressed up and it just like the fucking low point of the Franz Good Lord maybe we got Chris winky themself out. Oh man the team gave up but the interesting thing is then after this was is what began really like I mean in my personal life kind of experience. The Golden Age of Panther Football. Like an you know. Interestingly it put us on a crossroads meet get in that Super Bowl two years later. The Jake degrom exactly Fox comes in. He clean things up This is Dan me going right from high school in College. All those season's over member quite fondly and just to go back to see for real quick I reading and I was reading. Because it's the we're all locked out right now. But I was reading a book by Mike Lombardi who was the old GM of the Patriots and before that he was actually gm of the forty niners in his whole thing about siefert was that Because he he took over for Walsh and the forty niners when Bill Walsh. When they're winning all those walls and everything and they were that dynasty and took over from them and basically what? You're saying that he knew how to run that system but he didn't know how to create it himself so bill wash created this system. Add rennet successfully Montana forever and then see for took over and kept going and want to see Super Bowl. The first year he in like when he was the head coach of the forty niners Got The conference championship. A few times won another super bowl and then lost individual round a couple of times and then moved on and that was like moving from Montana. Young and everything like that so I think from what I remember of him coming in. There was a lot of high hopes from from Carolina. Panther Panthers fans is that that's something you remember or am. I just made that up as like an outsider. No that's right. I mean it was interesting because he like son who the owner at the time. was already known as a pretty patient owner. And so you know we started out dom capers. Who like say what you want about. The Guy was like pretty popular and pretty energetic in the into that initial success might lose. It didn't work out. And he had a bunch of like kind of mediocre to bad seasons and left alike bitterly liked and respected for like thirty in the franchise and then they they clearly at that moment had like higher hoax in. We're kind of aimed big. And we're like we're GONNA get this like pedigree I think around quickly and then it was just shit show and it was really clear. This is a guy who was used. Coaching basically ready made championship. Team IS FLASH NOTHING AIRLINE OF ANCHOR CIRCUIT Two thousand.

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This is true so I think outside of this backing up before I get to that as Panther Fan. How do you view the Patriots like what? What do you of the Patriots? Yeah I mean they have to hold back. This is a pro pages podcast but where we scan the the whole gamut of their cheaters. Too So yeah. I don't think there's a lot there I mean you know that Super Bowl we played. Was You know at the end of the day kind of gets forgotten in the in the whole spectrum of things it ends up being a really exciting game Clear underdog in aim in like coming within. You know the field goal and so it's not like they're were like hard feelings Ursa and then beyond that it's then. How often do we meet? You know what I mean. It's like in the AFC only other game. I really remember all stretch was like thirteen or fifteen thirteen. We have this pain. We played you guys. Oh Yeah I just remember the non call end zone to win that game. We all remember that too. Yeah yeah remember that would and Brady was yelling at the rest on the way out. This and Belichick so was it. Pass interference I mean it was definitely clearly within the boundaries of being called out when you don't get it. Yeah that's you don't get recall. It's into the game. Yeah it's GonNa like make or break the clearly the game. Like ending play your. It was home in Carolina. Yeah they're probably not calling that Shit in the Super Bowl you know. Yeah and then they review it and then they're like we're going to let it stand fuck it whatever also a super fucking legit play from Kikwete. Annuity Yeah could have been called a whole and I think he probably took a calculated risk knowing that it was Gronkowski and you may as well because there are times where he he's handled. This motherfucker is conspiring on your fucking. So I was looking up to and I feel like outside of this one game in two thousand one. The Patriots and panthers don't really play like Boring Games. There was one in two thousand nine. Apparently that I don't remember at all. The Patriots won at home twenty ten but the other ones. There's two thousand thirteen while we're talking about twenty four twenty with the Leuke Gli twenty seventeen more recently. I think that was one of Stephon Gilmore's first game. Yeah and The Panthers Disposed Jack and the panthers one that would right the end. Thirty three thirty on some dubious. Those like a defensive holding penalty called after Cam got sacked on third down or something like that kept the drive alive in the winning. Kick the field goal and then of course the super bowl so there haven't been many games where they haven't been exciting so almost what I was looking this up. Kind of want to put the panthers in that kind of low key nemesis isn't the right word but just kind of like. It is almost a bit of a rivalry. I don't play each other very often. It's true although this this game that team along dead. I mean I would now thinking back about this put panthers. History three eras in. This game is the very. This was the dead in of the first Arab football. The ball in the John. Sarah was really second era. And then the like Ron Rivera Cam Newton era which honestly maybe is. Now maybe we call it the end of the third hour right now those. Those are the eras so far and apparently the panthers have sold out every home game since two thousand two so starting in that second era. Yeah they make sense that makes sense from my perspective. From like upward trajectory of the franchise unlike. What is that about? The redskins thing earlier like that was like that was an actual conscious narrative by the friendships. They knew they were constantly under threat. Actually wins and over. There were a lot of conscious decision so calling them. Carolina Panthers was very calculated like the inch line on Charlotte's border. It was very conscious to try to grow a large fan base knowing that an up hill battle on Polish basketball with the redskins baseball An honestly it's really since two thousand and two and a that.

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They've actually been able to successfully like they've basically put that argument rests that they weren't going to be able to thrive as small Mark Fan. I would agree with so so is Charlotte Panthers town. Just because for sure Raleigh Raleigh. Durham not really in my because I live in and that is definitely like college basketball. Like a million to see to stay are definitely the highest priority is percent at football fans. That are local are probably. They're like. Yeah I'm a panthers fan but it's not like you get patriots fans back home or Ryder. Die You know. I think that's totally true. And I think that that part of the state will always but college sports first and foremost I think Charlotte in western North Carolina are different and honestly the thing that gets forgotten to I just said is like a huge part of their fan bases South Carolina. Which has always been more football territory anyway And like they do draw huge base of their their Particularly like the black portion of the fan base is really heavily draws on like occupation of South Carolina which part of the reason why. Am has been such a big deal so you are. You glad camps gone supercell. Good we get. It's it's a very. It's a very sad moment the franchise in for everybody at Bridgewater. I mean it's a savvy signing like you know if you look at the market or the League's right now. Sure it's like a decent contract it's like it makes sense and like you know you gotta view this through the prism of newish owner. Who wants to make his mark new coach sheriff fine but at the same time from a standpoint of we'll give accomplished like it's tough and it's really sad to see things in this way and you know. The injuries really derailed. The last few years unlike is still look back on that stupid ass. Preseason game season when they played Cam Any artist against the past. You can't help but wonder how things play out differently with everybody with Ron with Cam. The season it's hard to stomach that I've been a little on the outside of it. The last year and a half. But it's just a tough thinking about. It should have played out differently in Cam. I mean I would posit the important player in franchise history in many ways. And he doesn't get I think. In retrospect it'll be interesting to see how his narrative plays out because it's tough because he's been under constant fire the whole time that he's been our quarterback a lot of it has been undeserved. In my opinion I agree. I don't know he doesn't like doom self. That many favors with his puts his foot in his mouth season. Any of the way like his ever seen is like cryptic finally a stupid. Like I'll say if I could talk to Cam out like look I love you and let me tell you all the why fan also let me tell you three stupid asking me for this you know. Let's things Bob. Well the fucking instagram or whatever. It is the social media thing but the new. The Font is known Man Packing the fashion things interesting. I think it's more the like he didn't do himself favours early on with like the pounding payment. It's actually good for you to be fucking past. You're not taking notes on how that's accepted like Brady can be passed but like you can't you can't just came across his pouty early in his career. I think it's from a guy who like was used to being students asphalt and like honestly it the thing that the narrative that was wrong was that it impacted the teams. I really don't think it ever did. I think that the players always had act understood where he's coming from and took it. The right way of my dude really fucking wants to win But from a broader narrative standpoint just like that shit really sank him but the we could spend a whole nother. Podcast going into the away. Which all this shit was unfairly judged through your lens of race and like the way his like a Rasma and sort of science and like fashion like mostly all of that stuff is like he's really unfairly criticized for your podcast Bob. Him Able you're Hanson. All right so my last question. We may have already touched on this. What is your favorite patriots? Panther's game Favorite Patriots Panther's game Yeah we Kinda talk through them a little bit.

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I I mean the honorable mention that two thousand thirteen I remember well Elliot Williamsburg. I was watching. Tv and I remember you have those memories watching a football or any sports. Were like a game happens and like you win or whatever happens like you just have that fucking high like I remember i. I think it was Sunday night. Football and it was like mad funnily that was like eleven ridiculous school in Exterior. I drank like fucking eight years or something. This is stupid. I'm GonNa feel like Shit tomorrow but I had to just having go out. I like Wynton up and took a walk around the neighborhood. My head in social so backed up. I just remember that that I mean I still can't put that first place like that. Super Bowl doesn't -rageous midst so much like it really just sparked for me. Personally it sparked like a Bourbeau charged phase of I mean I would say panthers and football but honestly sports fandom in general like I don't without that I don't know if I become a espn several times everyday co sports fan. I really don't yeah I would agree with you. That probably what happened to me too in two thousand one with the Patriots. Get you absolutely. Yeah I've always thought that of like would I be huge football slash patriots fan if it wasn't for the pats it was red sox city before all this happened. Yeah Oh yeah. The Patriots is that laughingstock of now. They'll eventually fuck this up somehow. Some of how. They're GONNA do it. Which I think is probably pretty common in a lot of a lot of towns a lot of sports too. You know a lot of teams house like Bob with the Bruins. When I was little kid I have a Bruins game ticket for ninety seven when the fleet center opened how yeah right. Jesus that's a throwback. You boys have any other questions for bump call. Yeah House here Who's your favorite? Panthers player both all time in now all time. Steve Smith Course I but he. He really represented that second area of Panthers. Football in so many ways it was like the underdog status. The chip on a shoulder was the fact that like the panthers don't have a lot of swagger but Steve Smith had a fucking mountain of swagger and wasn't afraid to tell you there's just so many moments like I rose remember moment when he like destroyed. Fred smoot on the Vikings and ruined his career and told him to ice up after the game in the in the playoff run went to the super bowl to play that. I'll always remember is with the rams in additional round and went to double overtop and that was like low key. You know it's interesting. It was past the lake Racial in turf rams but it still like kind of the remnants of that with our culture and there were twelve and four that year in like April up better than us. I remember double overtime. I just remember it was. I think it was the first play of double overtime. And it was just like Steve Smith straight up. Slant route up the cut through cornerback in the safety to streaking down. The field catching the ball into the endzone. Like I was watching the play at some friends house and Things got heated right. It was a back and forth game. But I'll never forget that play and I remember my friend's mom after that we're with a bunch of guys not all of whom are actual football fans like me and my friend Daniel. A bunch of kids we hung out with and after the game like everybody gradually moved away from the room and watching the game. And you know my composure. Remember a friend's mom saying to me later after the game. She's like if the panthers the panthers lost this game. I don't think I would have let my son's hanging out with you anymore. The definitely definitely Steve Smith. He's in my mind. The most iconic player in history and finally in his first season was two thousand one season it was it was and made the pro bowl as a return man but then two thousand three was super bowl. Season was really his breakout. Sieber yeah yeah current. I mean if we're counting last season I mean while keithly is just like I'm not ready to process his retirement. So I'll put that bear but honestly like also low key like Greg Olsen. And he's one of the rare players who's come to the panthers who has a transplant wasn't drafted by. Us has become. I would argue like in the go. So far as top. Ten Pantheon in terms of like important voices for the Franchise Greg Olsen.

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The Bear Snow did associated with the panthers. Yeah exactly and I can't really think of another guy for the panthers who's in that level with the franchise. We didn't draft like they locate have had a lot of success with like franchise players they drafted ransom lance not so much Which is why also stands out so much in like it's also an indicator of like how sour things have gotten in the past three to four years with ownership and management that like he went out pretty vocally being like. Yeah these guys and like when Cam posted his shed about recently about like. Don't try to pretend like I asked you for the train. Like responded to that she had was like yeah. That sounds right. Olsen has enough capital to publicly fucking. Call the team out on. Shit like that but anyway sad to see both those guys go. So it's it's kind of almost feel like another parallel with the Patriots this year and then it feels like they're almost kind of cleaning houses well with with Brady leaving and everybody else seeming to be getting sign other were yep new era. Yeah so we feel your law. Who's your least Favorite Panther? Awesome Steve Smith. That's a really interesting question. Oh man there's a lot the content bob no. I'm trying to think about that for a moment of like who pissed me off. The most Jimmy Clausen Boston was not to even be considered a you know what I mean like this guy. The fuck out Least Panther man who is really frustrating over the years. I mean Greg Hardy but thousand more like what an idiot frustrating as much as like fuck that guy. What just like not good person I would say least favorite panther. I'm trying to figure out the guys. They're always the guys who you never trusted right like in the big moment. Who were always like? You know what you're just nope get off the field like a Russia guy. I would say every number two receiver in panthers history except for Moose. That's funny that's a good one. It is true and if you if you look at like that team that Cam Newton took to the Super Bowl. The fifteen in one team joke receiving core is laughable. It's truly names. It's it was I mean Ted. Ginn was basically the number one again Ten touchdowns that season funchess right. Yeah and then from there. It's dudes like you wouldn't even recognize their name. Holy Shit all right so top receiving by yards Greg Olsen led the team in receiving yards. Ted ginn Jericho Khatri. I Love Khatri. That's an NC state guy. Go homegrown boy. Devin funchess and then Corey Brown cousin familiar. They call them Billy Brown yeah a bunch of dudes. It really didn't really didn't have business starting much less on the super bowl team. Yeah you're not kidding. And after that your fullback Mike Tolbert Tolbert Tolbert. He went to the bowl year. Apparently Yeah over. Tolbert was good. People is impact was probably overstated on the field. But he was he was good people. That's fair so here's a here's just a little bit for you. You can Take the panthers parties. Steve Smith is actual name. Steve Steve on Latrell Smith. You're staying till they go. You want to need no Ray Cruz. Real name off Ray. Ray Lamar Wiggins. Wait. What Caruth. I think it was his step-dad or something like that. I mean low key. There's been a lot of contra like that stirred up in the last year to because he got released from jail. Oh yeah then. Basically decided to continue being a really awful person in the public eye like the started off with these.

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Like you know what I'm GonNa Apologize and then took that apology really south. A how much denote story. I read about it a bit today. The headline is he played a guy friend of his to shoot like do a drive by shooting at the car of his girlfriend who was pregnant with his eight month old unborn child and so she dies. They do emergency. C section deliver the baby the baby however had like cerebral palsy. And other things. Because it's been like seventy minutes without air oxygen during this whole process anyway. The baby is still alive. He's a he's guys named chancellor he's alive now for mother. The girls. Mom's taking care of him. This motherfucker Rake Ruth gets at a deal and has the golden as apologize and also I'd like to get custody of my son lost his fucking mind kid. Imagine why it's like. Hey Man he's been ninety years in prison quietly severe somewhere he says Christ. Jeez that's pretty bad was so that's ongoing. That's the thing why is a new leader in the clubhouse for least Favorite Panther? There's never really an argument. If you come down Kelly. Tarnished truly turned the franchise in a way that was like. I don't see anybody topping. That he was the first round pick to was was any good on the field. It was for one season and then he was like injured ship. Much all right fuck them. So Bob are the Patriots. You're number two team now. Or is it like the North Carolina Panthers and Buffalo? Steve Steve Steve. There's no such thing as a number two team that's eight hundred thirty two teams and you cheer for one and you don't cheer for the other thirty one all right. Well it's like loss of be. Let me tweak that a little bit. Are you going to root for Cam Newton? Wherever he goes this year. We've been having with Brady. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Hope Cam does well because I really think. He deserves a shot. I think if he gets healthy I think he can be good and I won't come to the well. I'm not going to cheer for his team but okay does well and I think it's important that he does well. What if he goes to the peaches? Then will you troopers team? An Archer for his team have already that I will support Cam and I hope he does. Well move what about your wife and your two daughters. I mean they're all patriots fans. That's that's fine. I don't I don't I don't support them in map. Supportive Dad and husband. Goddamn very transitioning that to my next question is your favorite brother-in-law. Let's let's roll off of that. Who's your least favorite running? Just based on this podcast or in general do both yeah great. Yeah I'm GonNa this is GonNa be linked on the podcast start next. I'm going to do an episode on this right all right. Well we've kept you long enough away from your family. We appreciate you doing this. Bob Thanks for joining us. This has been great. The hope the game talk is what the game talk is as good as the prelude. Oh it usually is. Yes I appreciate that. Yeah we don't really talk about the game but I think we'll have have you back the next time we talk about the panthers because that will be in two thousand and three in the Super Bowl so all right love it and this time will actually have you on the whole game because that one is actually probably when you'll want to watch indeed cool all right. Thanks a lot Bob. Thanks BOB SCARY ON TALK. Teaser. Little who really? I guess her back. I don't know how to transition out of that. I don't remember how he ended itself. Thanks bobby it's week seventeen. United transitions down here. The cheese I do whenever a interviews. Because they haven't done before see good point so I guess now that Bobby is told us how much the two thousand one Carolina Panthers have sucked. We should probably start there. Don't you think I was? I was personally surprised at how little I knew about the panthers for one and also that this was kind of their lowest below moments in history and then like when Bobby said because I watch a game we did the interview and when Bobby said that there was only like what sixteen thousand people this game.

40:14 - 45:04

Oh yeah seemed like less. Yeah I say I don't even think it was half that and of those they're saying like sixty percent were patriots fans will say that you said team and they put actually played pretty hard for one fourteen team. I thought it was like you know you see score which aren't forget what it was but as a shit load to nothing and you're like wow. This rolled over right away but it really wasn't like that. Yeah I thought that the first half I thought they competed definitely did so. The the was hot garbage. They were pro. Football reference. Says it's steady. Tenants was seventy one thousand. I was going to bring that up no way because I looked up to to get an actual number seventy one thousand nine hundred and seven maybe as a typo supposed to be one seven one. I mean maybe they sold them. He takes us but there is like they were. It was empty. You look at the lower bowl and you'd see some people say the top of the lower bowl like what are you doing? Move Down like so. It reminded me of the few games. MLS Games. I've gone to at Gillette stadium for like the revolution back in the day when you get free tickets. Because they couldn't sell how dave disrespected website time. Not I'm just I'm just equating this where they would shut down the top bowl so that it wouldn't look empty and they put on one side of the field opposite. The camera redskins did that too. They've like blocked off part of their upper bowl right. Exactly like they put like permanent. Like fencing McGregor who were sitting against that fencing. Yes it's behind us and had like it was like like chain link fence tarps over it. Jesus so like till like have. Their percentage full be higher they were they were social distancing before it was cool ten years before it was cool. So yeah a bit about these panthers and we've heard a little bit from Bob. Ready but As we discussed there they would finish one in fifteen which the commentators pointed out nicely at the end of this game that they won their first game of the season and then went onto lose the rest of them and that was the longest losing streak in an NFL season ever. Nobody had lost more than fifteen games in a row. Then the lions are like hold my beer right eventually. That would be broken a few years after this but that was for a single season right. Yes yeah grow for one season it was the most. It was the longest losing streak in one season. Who has the longest losing streak ever is it? The boxer was at the lions. I guess the box. I think it's the bucks. Yeah I agree all the browns. I don't know what there's look like those two years where they went one in thirty two. That's got to be up there. Depending on when that win came in fifteen sixteen the next year. I'M GONNA say the box because fuck the box. Yeah I think I briefly I was like twenty three straight games or something. That's not great. We talked about George SIEFERT ALREADY. Well not anymore. They got Brady now. They're going to twenty three game winning streak. What was longer the losing streak or the Patriots winning streak when they went was at oh three or four or they won ton and around one in a row right. I believe it was. They did win a shitload load in. I remember that I think it was twenty one interrupts the longest active. Nfl Win Streak. Yes or whole time. Yeah Yeah and You could say the Patriots have the most the longest singles winning streak as well because they won eighteen games in a season so I was always looking out the best. The best way to describe their season. Yeah and I don't know if you've ever been on urban thesaurus. But it's fucking awesome with those an urban thesaurus really our just gives you like equivalent words. I only knew about. Yeah I do I suggest you go to urban disorders at some point. 'cause it's funny so. I put in dumpster fire. Some of this shit is hilarious. Tragic News Hobo Salad Dead. Man's dumpster diving boy. Nacro pyro bestiality darker as you go along.

45:04 - 50:09

Alaskan fire dragon veto sewer Hook. Read the Chevelle Day. There's like six podcast idea. Backdraft Lord side. This whole podcast has been worth it just for that one little nugget of knowledge right. I wish we knew this. So we could ask bobby. That question of describes this of these four options. What would you choose? Dumpster fire eight. Oh backdraft PYRO. Nacro beastie Elliott all right now. Getting crazy yeah So speaking of dumpster friars this. Coaching Staff We talked about Georgia for the other coaches. You may recognize. Mike McCoy Remember. Him chargers coach from twenty thirteen. Two Thousand Sixteen was wide receivers coach. And then also Greg Roman you might recognize who is currently the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and that records all right. He's in higher mant. He really is. He wasn't back. Then if you look at this offense Because I I did my best to come up with names. You guys on his offense. There really aren't any the winky man. Yeah former heisman winner. Is that what they say? That good in college and the the Who are the commentators commentator duo of Kevin Harlan? And Craig James Our Craig James. During this game. I actually liked them because they did. All right that's come from Andy. You know there are great. They're definitely not the a team now. I will say that and I think they knew it so they were just having fun with it. Which is like when he calls out the block. Like the on the touchdown run that got called back and then recipe like what a great block in the play and on that guy. Yeah Yep yes and Blood Compton. Wearing the visor. It's like like drizzling overcast in December. They're snower North Carolina Gotten Adviser on. Yeah it was. It was like thirty six degrees in like freezing rain and you could see snow around the sideline and stuff yeah. I don't think it's no down there. Greg I'm surprised anybody. Silica the stadium once figured they would have shut down the state so Chris winky fun fact. He spent six years of the Blue Jays before going to Florida state. So he's joining us. Twenty six notion. He enrolled at Florida State so he must must've been close to thirty time. He got drifted. Remember that he was. What was the other guy that from Oklahoma state the Brown yes Brandon Weeden? He was the same guy but the guy Didn't help him much. That that Time and the on the Blue Jays. I don't think is completion percentage. I looked it up with fifty four percent on the year for the average fifty. Six doesn't sound that sounds low. V Corps is Great. It's easy completes. Just barely one of every two passes and all a lot of those are two the other team. He had eleven touchdowns in nineteen interceptions. Yeah he threw Koppel of bad pick sexism. Game a couple just got lucky. That one of them got called back for holding on the return though on the tyler so bad though not not the second one that got deflected right unless you can call it a great thrill but little lucky. The one the tyler off. It's just awful. Yes he just. I don't know if it's a flaw of his that nobody knew about but the guy couldn't throw an out pattern to save his life through was on an out pattern. And you just hit the defensive back right in the hands with nobody in front of him. Nobody I haven't no you're about Steve. Smith was a guy who's in targeting. This was rookie year and Bobby took him a couple of years figured out. I don't know Steve Smith flashing this game. Fumbled just going to say so Like Bob who is saying see Smith I for years was more of a kick returner and wants the proble for kick returns in this season but his kick returning in his game.

50:10 - 55:07

Was God awful off like every time he I mean. There was a bunch of kickoffs. Patriots scored thirty eight points in this game. And every single one of them he ran directly into the nearest offender and got just rag doll every time it felt like a healing as a receiver. He was resulted in me at that. One big play that got called back. Yep He was. I haven't done here. He's spin the ball down thirty one. The ball way he would catch it near the sidelines. Instead of stepping out would hit the guy The defender and try to like lower shoulder and and get knocked out of bounds. Anyway because he's so small and spin the ball and start yapping. Nothing thirty one to six so as hundred percent compete one hundred percent of the time I will say there weren't many plays that I thought he was butthole naked. Interesting way to describe naked but sure that was his quote remember. He made the mistake of forty and behind a desk at a halftime show. I don't know what gives them the idea that that would go. Well but I think thousands quote was you got some Bob Dole Nagin Open. We talked about Ad Nauseam in the the the episode. Where altogether yes Steve? Come on pay attention. No kidding didn't show it all the way I like. I like him because he's like he knows a lot of like false bravado in the NFL. The Josh Norman's of the world the comapny boroughs a he strikes me as like legitimate crazy man provider where he authentically believes. He's that much better than everybody I would. I would be willing to bet that he would fight literally anyone. Yeah like just just thinking he would be able to to win every fight. The T. L. Isn't that like how do you how you put the l? Teo is a bit self aware for me. You know yeah similar but not the same. Almost yeah he knew what he was doing he was. He was playing the media to a certain degree. Oh definitely whereas Steve Smith is just like. He's out of his mind. Yeah I think Te'o is more of a showman like he was gonNA put on a show and he was telling enough to do that like he was going to pull the sharp out of his soccer. Go stand on the The star in Dallas. You know that's what that's fair. Who else is authentic crazy man bravado the closest comp to that hines? Harrison's that now he's quiet yeah he was but he was. He was fearless though. Yeah the same way that Steve Smith is actually road wrote a blog on it andy. On what on Steve Smith? It was actually on Jalen Ramsey when he was being a clown. Our website called Brown Bruce. Sports should probably know that. Apparently you've been writing recently to isn't it isn't it linked on the pages dynasty side as well maybe. Did you even read the blog? I wrote recently log recently. Yeah I have about Alex Fan Pell No. I didn't know you wrote it. Yeah it the title of the blog is Alex. Van Pelt is your wife's favorite player. It's just it's not many word pictures of him. A Stud that the last thing friends could read fifty shades of wrecks. Whatever it was. That's what started getting weird. How's IT GONNA start getting good then? You Stop Writing Kobe Bryant. He's another one was like. Yeah that's a great. Yeah what about Pedro he's also a little quiet. He was a really low but manny to yell. Yeah I'll give you that. Many put on a show speech speaking of the panthers game where the fuck off track yet again The other names.

55:08 - 60:03

You guys recognized a list. I did not recognize was. They're running back and honey did what was his final stat line. He was crushing on though one hundred yards by like mid second quarter. Twenty one carries one hundred sixty eight rushing yards. Yeah and like a hundred of those plus came by in the first quarter and a half I is. It was a close game so just for some context he led the League in rushing with six hundred and sixty five yards. You got one hundred six hundred seventy this game. Oh my God yeah. They had the worst rushing offense in the league and they're sitting. There does gashing the Patriots over and over like we fumbled on the one yard. Line Right. Yep So there was like three angled goals got a feel out of or some shit like that. Yeah so yes the first drive. The Patriots had Like they got I go from like the four of the five And actually scored the touchdown that you talked about. But they got called back for holding my compton on the fantastic block the Craig James Man. And then they end up selling for field goal and then Like a few plays later. Winky throws his first pick six of the game. I la WHO Outrun Steve Smith. Which is pretty cool farm on the facial of that pick-6 just imagine one on the wall near the side of the field via our role. Yep that's Broza. Banner SEAVER titleist catches. Chris wasn't pressured at all and just threw a terrible past trip. And so they got the they got the ball back and literally the next play winky throws another. What should've picked six? Yeah Otis Smith. Which only wasn't because he got called back to holding on the return by whoever the defender was So the path get the ball and like on the thirty five convert a fourth and to get to fourth and goal like the to and as Antwan Smith is running into the end zone. He fumbles it on the goal line and the panthers recover and like their first quarter wedge clay from the one yard line a hand off to that date and he ran the twenty five hundred forty five and this was like. Oh my God yeah it was he. He was basically the entire. Panther's offense game really rushing yards then winky passing yards. Stop getting the ball on the second quarter to crazy denton so bad it was not great. Carolina finished with one hundred ninety three total rushing yards brutal and no touchdowns but the name of the game was turnovers. Carolina had six of them to the Patriots. Three would still and say. Yeah but I mean. I don't know how you guys felt about this. But WASHINGTON'S GAME. I didn't think I can see how the Super Bowl because like you said going into. This game is absolute drubbing. Ends thirty eight to six. And you're like Oh yeah I I feel like I remember them. Just like beating the shit out of the panthers and kind of in the passing defense. Yeah because the Patriots defense outscored the panthers offense technically because they had to pick sixes but they were getting gashed in the run and the calm days. We're talking about how you have to worry about. I think it was the steelers running game and the Ravens as well who won the super bowl year. Before you don't WanNa you don't WanNa face then right exactly. Well I mean you can if you look at it from like Bella Checks View right where complimentary football and it's not just about. The offense was not very good but there is you know the defense the they punted got him down to the one right and then the defense held them and then they punted it too. Far and Troy Brown took that to the house. Like see specialties. Craze defense special teams touchdown Blah Blah. Blah Steve I was GONNA make the same point dam. Unbelievable did unbelievable. I had written down to my notes. Bella football on who actually a very similar return to that steelers game.

60:03 - 65:00

Yeah Very Astute. Have you steal and then try to get right up the gut? And then there's the Punter GonNa get a meal there the sewers. You guys that I wave. There wasn't somebody within like twenty yards Troy Brown in his troy round. Ever been tackled by punter kicker. Probably not never 'cause he's never really returned a kick against Terry apparently right. Yeah ooh that would be. That would be a match up by Homa drill with vinegar. Twenty twenty two like current Troy Brown incur. Now that'd be amazing money's on current Troy Brown. I don't care. Yeah Tour Brat. He's shifty man cousin you got a bad on them. I guess well speaking of Troy Brown spry guitar brings us up. He was playing Like in front of his family. They're talking about how. Yeah I think it was in the paper that he is because he's from he's from North Carolina. We keep getting ready. I also don't care about the fact that there's two Carolina's no offense Greg. You can take offence if you WANNA you. Don't care that just to I do but I don't care too if somebody tells me they're from one of them. I'm not going to remember which one they're culturally very different. Andy maybe you should read a book not about the Carolina. Get your head out your ass. It should dig out of your hand. Boy We saw troy row comes. comes home to his home state and they're talking about how he bought like hundred tickets for this game for like friends and family and I think he brought like pee wee football team the game or something like that And this is a great game to watch. If you're troy. Brown Fan said he had that sixty one year apartment for a touchdown he also eventually set the all time patriots single season reception record. Which if you remember it was. I think it's like for the half and catch that that set the record but then it got challenged and overturned. Because he didn't completely catch it and they kept like showing him the camera on and you just like laughing and smile you can tell kind of pissed off. Does want to show got that. Was that fucking record and the only did it. They didn't say Shit exactly yeah. It didn't happen much longer afterwards but no like video. Montage expect us with drew. Brees STOPPED THE FUCKING GAME. And like what the plaque there troy rounds. Black nude a crew was the worst. Did it again this year? To produce you did the touchdown record this year. Yeah not not a regular season touchdown record exactly on Monday night game and I had frigging Michael Thomas and they just pull them in the second quarter. There's like thirty eight nothing and all you. Now as we're talking about his drew brees course. I was so mad back to why this is a great troy. Brown game is that Antoine Smith running touchdown innings. I shop for the water along with Troy. Brown has his guy. The cornerback on like roller skates and neither pushing them. All the way back in the end from twenty five yards out. Oh yeah that's classic Troy Brown right. They're just blocking like a beast on the edge should get Thuan untouched heads. Yeah is also tyler game. It was a great fantastic. Okay Smith Game. He had two picks which technically return both touchdown. One guy called back broke up a ton of de passes reprise you to have like three or four picks in this game you just can't catch and I was GONNA say from my best. But there was one play where he was lined up on the far side of the field. And he he came on a corner blitz. And you got to watch the entire thing. Unfold and it felt like watching Like a national geographic thing where you can have the lion the lion hunting you like coming down on the on the prey like always going to get him. He's gotta get him he better for that. Football anchors wing. He just didn't even feel like I second. That was now. Just fantastic television yet. Gazelles Never Camera Angle and everything. Yeah so I have a note on here that Miss Tackle by winky and then the high step pick six.

65:01 - 70:03

That's Otis's like pick six in the fourth quarter is the gift of winky's career. You think I'll get a summit up your great in the pros but then down thirty one. Six thirty one eight third pick six of the game. Yes was never any good right now no not. Nfl Britain van. Winky nicely done come. Nobody's or these early existing. Oh I wish I wish. I were an Oscar Mayer winky. You're is digging deeper these. She's up in Attleboro. It's a website the berm files you hear a name like winky and you're like there's a nickname for them all amazing websites that. I I I know right well I will have to put all these links in the in the show notes so that other people can call there was. There was one where I didn't want want to interrupt you guys on the. Yeah so the dumpster fire one purple headed Christian. Meet missile of anything to do with dumpster. Who knows did it's just. Sometimes words go well together. Give me that one. More time. Purple headed Christian meet missile Kirk cousins real name as his nickname and high school. Holy Shit who? I have one more thing thing about Troy Brown That I forgot to bring up the beginning of this and before we get sidetracked again Before this game Pro bowlers were announced Brady and Malloy both the pro bowl but troy brown. Didn't which is kind of bullshit because he had like one of the best seasons receding in the League and who was also. Yeah exactly so The Boston Globe article about it and everybody was pissed. Form apparently and This is what the the globe I say. His friends and fans were angry upon learning troy. Brown have been overlooked for the AFC pro bowl team. But Not Brad himself. No big deal said Brown. Who will officially be named an alternate to the pro later this week. The Watergate players who were selected. Hetemi is nothing. I can say about it. A lot of guys in here on the team weren't happy about it but it's out of my control important thing that I have the respect of my teammates and that we're heading into the playoffs and trying to get to the Super Bowl. I'm not upset or angry or anything like that. I've just tried to go out every week and do whatever it takes to help. Team can troy Brown man or give one hundred ten percent fucking love. That's just who he is though foul. Yeah that's okay. Always been my favorite patriots buyer forever. Yeah have you seen it? Brendan Fraser Movie. Where he's like the sweaty guy in the Locker Room Chris Brown. It's the sweaty in Brendon Frazier. Where we tiresome. They're interviewing him and he's talking to law one hundred ten percent. That sounds familiar eric. What never mind this killed it. But I'm ready to send you guys the link afternoon like Oh man. That's funny that every every time I hear a player give them a bullshit response like that. That's all I don't think of Brown is bullshit. That's just who he's always been though. That's why bell check. I mean that could have been ballot. Check like response for him right. All I care about is winning. I don't care about individual accolades. I my team. We're going to the playoffs right. Like that's Classic Bell Jack on Alpay that forum right I don't care about the roster bonus for a pro bowl you know couple extra million I just I dislike. It was just happy as playing man. Eight Craig Brown. Read his Rita's biography. I have not read that and email to me. If you have it can get you. It's I don't think it was very much kind of feel like it was so I know you had a hand in it. Scott some interesting stuff in it. I would hope had a hand. It was it was very. I think it was like ghost written for him. You know yeah but it's still it's still sounds like troy. Brown is what I'm saying. It's a good book. Greg I have a stat check note.

70:05 - 75:05

What like what was the last coach. Other coaches are traded for a pick because a commentator talking about how Bill Jack was traded for pick he was doc rivers in. Gruden's the obvious answer right. Gruden who will say next week but as a hesitant anybody. Since then I'll accurate. Remember Doc rivers was he. Yeah Yeah I can't. They lay off top. My head really. Yeah Oh wait no. That's the groom one way. Yeah here we go. Because they're like yeah track swapped herm Edwards. Apparently what who paid a big for her knowing Kansas City was interested in hiring him to succeed the retiring Dick for meal and we're tempted to strong arm. The jets into a contract extension and include raise. His move didn't work. The two teams eventually settled on a deal which came to city sent the jets. A fourth a fourth pick is the fourth bigger round pick in exchange release Edwards from his contract Holmgren from the packers seahawks eight year contract valued at four million dollars year. Total control over football operations lured homegrown to Seattle. Ninety nine was not only coach but also executive vice president football operations and general manager. The packers received the seahawks second round pick forty seventh overall the ninety nine draft and bill. Parcells he so on was pre Bella check but post ourselves now Holmgren was homer was ninety. Nine am parcells was right around then. Right seven yeah so this is good Lullaby are Oh yes. Oh Eat Jeff's name bill belichick parcel citizens head coach and signed prosales as a consultant pages balked in and if L. Commissioner Paul Tagliabue worked deal. They gave the Patriots. The jets third and fourth round picks a ninety seven a second. Pick Ninety eight and a first round in ninety nine on top of that. The jets also donated three hundred thousand dollars to Patriots Charity. Exchange for New England RELEASING PARCELS FOR PARCELS. Got a first second third and fourth. Yes wow and three hundred thousand dollars donated to Patriots charity and then checkers just a first rounder right. I believe so. Here we go The patients were awarded. We want patients were awarded the jets fifth round. Pick in two thousand one in seventh round. Pick in two thousand two doesn't make sense okay now hearing NFL Commissioner. Paul Tagliabue awarded the jets the Patriots First Round Pick in two thousand and fourth and seventh round pick in two thousand one and the Patriots got the jets fifth round. Pick no one and seventh round. Pick not so some late. Yes I is like. You don't see coaches being traded like it does not have fifteen years. It's basically those five. Yeah and guys going back and forth between the Patriots ballot check parcells Home Grin all within for years. Yeah so maybe that was the the coach trading era of the NFL. On if that will ever come back. Probably not I think was harder to find franchise franchise coach question. I guess that goes back to question. Would you rather start a team with ballot check or Brady? This point somewhat obvious right Brady a couple years left. Donald Check has long. I meant like from the beginning Greyhound one. I probably want to coach. I would think What's his name from the chiefs? Andy Reid yeah you like? He's he's he's been able to do is elevated any team. He's been on the same bill. Parcells to parcels would always create playoff teams. You never quite as accessible without Bell Jack. But he was still took the cowboys in the playoffs. Right say the jets took them in the playoffs. So anything else you want to talk about in this game you want your best and worst review.

75:05 - 80:09

My notes did you see. Chris laid out there. Yes I did actually see out there but he was on the list players on the team. They they call them out. A little bit did they. I I MISS. This was his. This is his kind of song after how hatred this last season in the NFL. You was actually on the team with two and a half sacks though only season without not on the Patriots I did have a note like Brady had seventeen ten I and then throws two more in this game so the year with what seventeen and twelve and that's his probable just today to think about like. Oh yeah seventeen twelve i. t's slyke Sunday even replacement level. I mean it was different. I she know he did throw a touchdown. He wanted to wiggins Like wiggins felt that check. He got an offer it. Yeah he did you. You know you're right which I have a note on here is probably important like wiggins had a couple catches in this game. And then you'll have a huge. Catch against the raiders spoiler over maybe this game or will he find our next week so he threw eighteen touchdowns season To anybody no Here's a here's a quiz for you. How many did he throw in the playoffs? This in two thousand and touchdowns Because it surprise me one who Greg Brown nailed it one dave in the rams in Super Bowl. Yeah right before the only touchdown he threw he ran for one. And so we went through one against Pittsburgh Let's US which was the same one that Brady with throw in the Super Bowl corner out a pattern in the end zone I am I. I looked into that Ray caruth thing a little more that we talked out talked about with Bob. Yeah Yeah Juicy. Well the only thing I think of note is how he got caught and arrested. Oh boy yeah. We didn't touch on that. Yeah so he. He hires the guy that shoots his eight month pregnant wife or girlfriend right she. She didn't die immediately. She like went into a coma like arraigned him. Whatever he paid the bail a three million dollar bail so he got out then she died after that. So that's when he tried to escape in the trunk of a car of a friend. They said when they arrested him he was like hold up in the trunk of a car. Thirty nine hundred dollars right the cash bottles to hold his own urine. This sounds familiar candy bars and a cell phone. Yeah I feel like this was actually on the news where they had like surround. The cops surrounded the car and they're like pulling him out of the trunk copter footage of California and then you have That former boss a Nissan. You hear about that guy. No Oh indicted in Japan for like body and stuff and he like fled the country in a violin. Case I'm going on out. There played with the Middle East. That is Scott. Freeze always like can't be extradited and it's the most Japanese thing ever. Everybody else got a cello case. He's a fucking rakers got to this did about violet. Goddamn nufemme probably Jesus. Yea actually remember that. The only other note I had was. They were talking about the fans at the stadium. The said forty forty percent where where in patriots gear on that day heard. Let's go jets. Fan Chair yeah changing its stance because you know way to give away my worst sales such on that because I we kind of almost talked about the beginning but This game did have playoff implications for the Patriots because they had to win this game. And the jets had to beat the raiders the patients who got the number two seed and a first round bye and of course our friend. Fucking Ron Gorgeous. Decided that would be a terrible idea. And so he wrote a bunch of articles in the Boston gl Forbes saying That's probably a good idea for the Patriots to lose this game so that they would play wildcard weekend.

80:09 - 85:00

What lying three games would be better than whoever they would face? And all this extra time off would be. That's retarded ads. Ron Gorgeous epochal ron bog. And the best thing was The day after the game he had to do another article that basically said that all the players would prefer the extra week off. Yeah had to walk back later. Everything he said well when they opened the game they had a graph cop and I was like Patriots of the number two seed. There was a bunch of people like ten and five or whatever yeah and is like because I don't I don't see the scores. Were Far Watch Games? Like to be surprised. I guess there and I was like man. How do we go from number two to plan a walk our weekend and then like halfway through the second quarter they? Oh you up the jets. The jets can be Oakland today. Then the Patriots get a by and I was like fucking jets that anyways. I would root for the jets to lose and play on car weekend. Rob that call and said you know what we should plan walkout weekend because up the jets and Fuck Curtis Martin. I'll be like yes. That's what it should have stadium. Who's chanting? Let's go jets. Fuck them Steve's Bari. But this'll be good at. I'm Sad that Mike's not here for this one but The jets won it on a last second field goal. Thanks to The the Heroin seemed like a strong word for a holder on on a field goal attempt. But Tom Tuba. Got a bad snap but still managed to to pull it up and settled up for Fox kick out and John Hall so to to kick the game winning field goal so the just one twenty four twenty two in the game so Tom Tuba is the reason. The Patriots Dynasty began. That's fine. I mean they gave us. The raiders. Game was awesome. And we'll talk about that next week. All ends well but PUCCA jets. I'll give you my best all right. Best the come on so they The commentators or like Brady had a hard count and it was like third and six or something like that right and he gets a hard count and gets a offsides and they're like oh you know brees hard gallons part of his arsenal and like literally wild talking about how this this hard count as far as arsenal brady by south. The quarterback sneak the R. Occur member of Brady. Qb sneak like that during the season. Not Nothing stuck out on the line. Quick not unlike the. Yeah just like the hurry up. Get to the line and do up quick. Yup that's that's is like number one dollars. Yeah into fair Steve. Neither you nor I have watched any of the games this year. So we could. I feel like it may came up once but it may be one of the games that you guys Rogers me and Mike. May like the fucking early dolphins game but There there were. It hadn't happened often if it all so this this I year the beginning of what was a legendary run of him. Converting on digital yard housing yards doing it one yet at a time. That's great all right. You worse was the jet stuff. Yeah fuck them. That's Greg what about you all right? So my best there was a couple. Those was a couple instances where they they put in the you know. The in game highlight package where they give you the update around the league. You might be still my best. Yeah well there is two okay. I'll leave the one. I think you're going to go with you can do about. I'm tracking by the mouth. Okay well the first form was a Chris Motto Ma. Follow citing yeah. We'll we'll get to talk about him next week. Old Enough said Christopher. He's bad ma. Follow up that pronunciation on. I go to my. I followed a lot about that. Man's Day life. Hello my God. He's he's one of the best. Yeah Ma Fowler Tim. Biakabutuka and Manawanui I saw.

85:00 - 90:04

Oh I try Boca so the other one was one. I think you thinking of was key the tractor trailer intercept return and running it like probably sixty yards. We didn't do the Patriots because I saw that and I was like I feel like I've seen that play with him in a different jersey. Maybe I'm remembering. I think it was the Ted Washington when you're remembering yeah wasn't that Washington. Yeah the thirty one nothing game. Yeah think so but no. I mean we've seen other nose tackles return. Fumbles or central invincible for doing a couple of times and it's always awesome. But I've never seen anybody who adds slow Keith. Traylor do this will end. The best part is he gets like forty yards in. Yeah he starts looking around for some pitched the ball do is you could tell he was just so somebody take this thing and it couldn't find so at the end just kind of fell over. Nobody tackled and we just kind of like went down in a heap at the five yard line. Fatman touchdowns are fatman returns at a best. Oh they're so good like the referee without running and like having a like just jog to slow down a bit I just looked at that. He has a nother. Sixty two yard return now. Sixty seven wow sixty to ninety seven. Did he score now? He hasn't scored didn't just runs out of juice. And the when Wolf work does it. He actually looks like athletic about it. He we'll we'll we'll talk about other hand he's he's thrown a stiff arm at one on one of them the transfers the ball from one arm to the other he's holding like an actual football players like a loaf of bread. I mean the all time worst Leon Lett Fatman name. Yeah he did Don Beebe Yup nice deep diabolic. What's worse than I hadn't really thought of it. The only other note I had in here was is when they Spin into a worst is when the there were talking about Brady and like you know. They have the meetings the night before and they said that he was wearing baggy blue jeans and it was hanging barely on his fanny sign times in a backwards. Baseball cap barely. Audits Fatty. Tell you the kids these days a give you that all right. Let's see what's what's my best here. A lot of worse in this game was a sloppy game saul sloppy One of my was Infographics they put up. Just the title of one of them was panthers or pussycats. No it was just showing how they ranked last in like everything and the second last and everything else. That's seventeen us. Yeah that's a week. Seventeen graphic we're like no one's watching his game right. We go to proof. Pussycats graph jokes on them is twenty twenty where watching it it. It was so good Let's see I feel like yeah. This is the best is GonNa get for stuff. We haven't talked about I think the worst was basically all of garbage time. At the end of his game there was a patriots fourth. The fourth quarter while Brady tried to hit patent deep on on third down up like I dunno to touch already Other they're up twenty four six and they go and just for the hell of it and so they punt The next play. Winky fumbled the snap. Patrick cover brace. Scores a touchdown and then Or Smith violates pick six is still in the fourth quarter and at the end like the panthers is still kind of trying to go for it but it's like fourth in really long The past jump off sides on the fourth down play and winky drops back all. He's got a free play drops back and gets blindsided drops football and it literally sits there like nobody goes to recover it becomes like a free anyway so like eventually one of the Patriots players jumps on it and And so and this is on a plate. Like doesn't fucking count. And then so the the the panthers get a do over.

90:04 - 95:00

Now's like four thousand two hundred two four thousand seven that was a foreshadowing for Cam Newton in the Super Bowl panther-style. Now I don't Wanna I don't WanNA picked up was like watching the Boise. I'm good and then so. They have fourth to which they could of converted but then winky goes on almost rose yet another reception Ota Smith and has basically how the game was just like running out the clock. It was like much shit show. They had their chance because they're running back as gashing us who's off. It was committed a bunted dump penalties and winky was could not stop throwing fixed Coupla their honorable mentions for worse Steve Smith Fumble. On the kick return was his eighth fumble on kick returns season. Yeah had that no talking eighth. And he's still made the pro bowl different back then And that on the opening kickoff Patrick Pass returned it. tackled as he was going out of bounds and hit the plastic tarp and slid so far that he hit the the benches and injured himself is jacked up the whole game. He kept playing but tell US shoulders fucked up from like. Yeah it Net ben shot. Yeah because he made a couple of tackles on Steve Smith on KICK RETURNS. He was all like yeah he would compounding on every time. Reggie how Shame Star Wars that that foul play in the Super Bowl in the superdome. Yep Oh yeah yeah he did. He sued soup something. Been the rams old stadium as one of those domes. Oh has your cement on the outside had a cement ring before they hit the the actual like stadium wall and that's what he slid on Tour Shat that he did that. I was like that. Look like Reggie Bush because I I and then like all the sudden has a bunch of Shit. Yep He's is no way to stop. Looters like slid on his stomach. Like five ten yards at full speed into the footing of the those metal benches that they have in silence but I have have more Trivia meltdown I thought was pretty cool on winky's second interception. The one to open Smith I got called back. That was tipped the received a tip that was Donald. Hays who the year after would actually be playing for the Patriots and catching touchdowns. I wasn't he. A dolphins guy. Donal no doll. Hayes was with the panthers for one two three four years. This is the last year the panthers then year. Donald driver Steve. Yeah Yeah Probably True. Packers in for the pattern of two one of those One hit wonders that would be on. Tom Brady's list of seventy seven hundred receives so many of them. I have one note before we wrap it up. Give it to the end of the second half. They had the Hail Mary chance. The Panthers said the first half and the Patriots rushed one player. Someone blitz like literally. They rushed one they did. And then one of the linebackers blitz said like literally the other four guys like Alan eventually an e forced fumble and the commentators even better than that is that a fumble like now at the talk role was the. Tuck rule came into effect yet again. This is the second time we've seen at the season because it came into effect in the first jets game to back to. Yeah everyone remembers. Ibm You can always pointed that. First jets game like Oh yeah. This happened that once. I like anyone's really thought of this. But that was Louis the end ended. The first half was hip. It was clearly a fumble as is clear fumble actually has a very similar kind of hit to them as exactly. Yeah he he he was pulling the ball down and got hit got hit from his right side from guy. Blitzen like Free Yep and all you're saying the talk and the Patriots game. The raiders game was a fumble to then no because it was considered both called on the field. And you just said that. This clearly a fumble. Today's game yes. It is clearly fumble. Is it the heart the even see? I'm talking talk. Oh interesting even. Call the interest.

95:00 - 95:48

If you'd watch the Game Greg now I see that part more than usual. You give you credit for that all right anything else. Anybody wanted to touch on here. I think that's all my notes now. Foreshadowing next week raiders. One of my favorite games of all time yeah. I think you're not alone in that. The snowball snowball. That's right and we will see you next week for a playoff edition of the Patriots Dynasty. Podcast thanks listen. I am dreaming of a one stop stop.