2001 AFC Divisional: Patriots vs Raiders

Patriots. Raiders. In the snow. Is this the best game of the Patriots dynasty? You don't need us to tell you about this game, but we're gonna do it anyway. With the help of a Raiders fan, no less.

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This is Christine. Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast as my mother Judy you have the choice not to my sons, and of course, Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny, but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead I am not your of. Okay. Welcome back to the special edition, really of the Pages Dynasty podcast A playoff edition. We have made it to the playoffs Boyce congratulations. How you feel about that. Just like the rest of the Patriots, nation in two thousand one I didn't think we'd make it this far. Just another game. Business as usual. I. Don't believe you. I. Appreciate I appreciate the tone. It's only the greatest game. Of the dynasty. I'm saying I'm saying our. Media coming out Byron. Let's let's start with then. I WanNa, I wanna I want your your take on this. Defend your take. This scene I mean if you love football, you gotTA. Love this game. You know what I'm saying. Just the snow coming down in droves. Come down to the last play controversy. Brady, putting his stamp on the League is just everything so many players that had like their coming out party today to like. Bruschi seem more tile like. It was just an unbelievable game. Really was. I mean I I'm not gonNA. Argue with you. I think it's definitely up there. I. Don't know if it's the best game ever. Yeah, but. Top Five at the very least I'm with Andy. Memorable Games I think maybe. The best atmosphere. At foxboro like this. Like it's unbelievable. Yeah, maybe I would. I would go so far as to say best non Super Bowl. Okay okay okay. I can only think of one of the game. Best non sue being probably give this a run for its money and that was the one against the Ravens. Say That to now's a good game, but this is that because like to all things, Greg noted right Brady's out party in the snow last Fox brown sort of had a ton of character. That's true yeah. Yeah, just the imagery of every time guys would butt heads. The puff of snow would come off the top of their helmets thing in the raiders, wearing black or like you know the black trim on. made it even better. 'cause snow versus the black looked so sick. Anytime when he gets tackled, they wake up and walk. Get up and they got a facebook a snow. Every Antoine Smith run ended with. A complete faith math villa's now. It's the most football football game ever. There is definitely up there. I will I'll give you that all right. I think you've converted me. That was easy. That's ever best ever so far on this podcast for sure. That's for sure. So. Let's talk about this game this. Last ever game at Foxboro Stadium, it was actually supposed to be. A few weeks ago. At their last home game, but the it was supposed to be demolished by now already be up, but it was. Still standing because they had one more game to planet, and that was this one. So hell of a way to end. Going up against the raiders who finished first in the AFC west and I remember them being good I. Don't remember. I didn't remember how good they actually were. Just in terms of numbers, they rich. Gannon was a pro bowler yet twenty seven touchdowns and nine interceptions on the season, the best like interception percentage in the League. He was fourth in the League and touchdown passes fifth in passing yards like you. The wider sears were Tim Brown Jerry Rice, who both had over a thousand yards. And both had nine receiving touchdowns like this was a fucking stacked offense. I think there again though, aren't they? Yeah I. Mean I think this was like the end of Jerry Rice's career? Obviously I think the this year the year after when he went to Seattle last year. It went to the super bowl the next year though. They did yeah, he on that team I. Think I think he I think he was yeah. That makes sense. Is Brewed Him with. GRUDEN would leave Oakland after this year Tampa and then they play each other in the super bowl next year.

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I actually have a really hard core raiders fan, so we interviewed him about this. Oh. That's right. We did. Yeah, let's Let's go to that real quick. Little. Oh boy all right. We got my friend nobby. Joining us now is the biggest. Oakland Raiders San that I know actually big it only Oakland raiders saying that I know. Las Vegas Oh. Yes, I'm sorry I agree. To a bad start. I've known Avi for. Don't know close to ten years or so. Damn. Is Been Doc condolences. Nabi raised guy. July not see. Everybody keeps saying that but I. Don't know if they know the real. I'm saying it's not true. July. A great tradition you know there's A. Great Fourth of July Party and Take too many shots at. Are Payback making him re live. Play he said before we started this, he said he actually went back and rewatch his game. Yeah. That's crazy. Actually just. He was just finished up like an hour ago. I mean it was an exciting game. Yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah I think. It would be like us going back and watching the two thousand seven super bowl since an exciting game, but doesn't end though want to watch. Yeah! I mean. So. If fell just dominance by the raiders until the fourth quarter, and you know second half actually Brady was just on fire, just being dunked passes, and you know the Snow Delta came in factor where everybody's slipping I mean even David Patten with love, but he was still catching the ball David. Catch more calls. After he fallen down the beforehand I felt like in this game. Yeah, exactly like you know. Every time he called a ball a first like I was like a ten yard pass. He would down get back edge it. Off As you, remember watching the game the first, Time Nabi. How old are you? Yeah, hang on, let let's Let's rewind a little bit so Are you. Are you from the Oakland area originally? No, no, I'm born and raised and northern Virginia Little backstory became a raider fan is really. just. Hip Hop actually like when the one way that you know. The reiter brand was always show. That was like a young. Hip Hop you know, and then just hearing about the raiders defense back in days. How like dirty how hard core they were! Jackson you know everywhere playing, you know, go Jackson Ballgame, but really how truly became raider pay was. Watching. The Michigan Ohio state game and watching Charles wasn't just take a punt return back test out. Heisman pose at the end? Yeah. It was kind of like my i. like You Know College Football game that actually like vividly remember. My Man, they fucking just ask and little. You know actually. He's drafted by the raiders. Got All the colored jerseys you know for the drills with the White, the black at the silver. Just condemn out. Basically. The. Version of. Greg. With a tyler. Every single variation of Jersey like pro, Bowl tylar jerseys, which probably they make pro white pull pro bowl read. Bad. Never actually war, but he has it. was just like you know. Just like getting older and like you know just kind of like looking back at the raiders. You know looking at Jack Tatum less as all them just weapon people's is playing dirty. Ted Hendricks linebackers can go on and on you know to. This is like no other like. Raiders of just you know you can't put a city name at from. They're just the raiders. How do you feel about that movie de even lot of the mood? I love it. 'cause you go from thirteen point, three sales, income tax, or whatever you know, stay tax two zero. True all these all these bears are gonNA. Look at it like hey. I get more money now. In my pocket. For that exact same reason. Talk because it'd be closer for me. Hey Man Vegas eight looks like. was that star. Awesome. Story No. It seems like the perfect fit though the raiders like like you said that whole brand I was like the black hole plus did seems like. That's the way more of a fit then like the chargers in La not.

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Really they should. They should be the nomad team. They shouldn't even have a home game. On the road. visit he'll even warned in. Yeah, but yeah I mean. The Vegas, stadium I mean who's going to say no. To free two billion. Dollar Brand new stadium. Right exactly. You know. But yeah, from there nothing about the raiders and. I've gone through the the black hole. That dark dark dark days of being Raider Fan so. Few of them in there. This wasn't that time though this was This is a good time. Raiders Fan with John Lewis good to the. That talk role was the change. Of, the. You know the guard of the raiders. That team right there that play the Patriots and that's that was that and then following season was a very veteran team like you had. Barely any young players on that team. I mean I think probably Gardner might have been one of the youngest players on the team Charles. What's it might have been one of the youngest players on the team? Broadcast to yeah they did missile. That you look back at it. You're look like you know Eric Allen's up. There I mean they did have a first round. Gives them from Florida state, but I mean he was. You know they're? They're sprinkled in young guys, but yeah, but I mean the Patriots are kind of a similar story because Bella check had literally they've been talking about all season how they had gone in and brought in like eighteen or twenty veteran free agents, and all of them were like ten plus your vets just to get that that sort of setting the tone of the like what the team's going to be. I mean you could have done that back in the day, but now I feel like a young man's game. Harder faster and just better. You know coming out. You don't have. Two hundred forty pound linebackers are playing three downs nope. Yeah. Exactly. linebackers with their justice off the runs. Combined cocktails of the world right yeah. Bruce. I forgot about. Roman Phifer was on like on your team. You know looking at WHO's at pleasant guy or something else on the deepest ever. Yeah remember play man I'm like Holy Shit and it was like a like a trip back memory lane I know 'cause. I just stayed on I. Honestly Forgot Jerry Rice's even in this game. Oh, man, yeah, I mean they. Get? Yeah they both. Tim Brown both had a thousand each. Only like thirty yards apart in the whole season two. They're both over like eleven hundred yards. Nine touchdowns. Jerry good. Outside of San Fran. Let's just forget about it, Seattle Seahawks, as but he was a beast of the rate of I mean. Look at it. Now like Gujranwala. WanNa. Antonio Brown to be his. Jerry Rice. But. Let's not revisit that last summer debacle, but. We, can all agree on the? Man That was the worst hangover overhead, but no. I mean you had those who receivers Charlie Gardener Guy Like I dunno seventy five catches on the year. James Jet Barely sprinkled in there. Then you have John, Ritchie and are tight. End was a rolling Williams before Doug. All these other guys came around, but I mean John Ritchie was catching bulls out the backfield. That's a big boy. Just the size of the players in these old games as I mean. A linebacker now the lyman. Every single one of these guys looks like they could play fullback. You're. Definitely definitely, but yeah, I mean. that. Man like PTSD. Talk was just. Night here I forgot about it until you have the other day and I was like this motherfucker. That's what. I Mean that team was like a off and on again team that year because I mean they close the season out with three losses? They did yeah. So actually I want to ask you about this 'cause you probably know better than we will because the last loss. Which gave Patriots? The two seat was to the New York jets and I feel like I remember something. Because then they had to play the jets. In Wildcard Card? And I feel like I remember story about how? The raiders played the first A. Kind of pretty vanilla. Because they didn't want to give. The jets have shown what they had to. Because they need to win to get in the playoffs and the raiders didn't. Try to remember that little thing there but I mean it's. It's happened quite a few times in the early two thousand were teams would actually do that. Put it past Gruden.

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You know. Saying Hey, listen. You. Know just dogmas one out you know. I WanNa think you would actually say it, but you know. He kept it very vanilla. I mean they up their jets as the next week. You did yeah, now that I actually highlights for the house, a really good game. Twenty four something and got sealed on an eighty yard touchdown run by Charlie Garner. Charlie their local Virginia Man I. Forgot Neutral Gardner was to be honest sounds like. It was a piece. For us. I mean you had Kunar players on that team? My favorite player. Let's Charles Woodson has. No, no, yeah. All, Time Yeah. True I mean I really Love Jack Tatum's game? I feel Kinda Asfour for saying you know fill. The guy was. Insane and like just ruthless. Yeah. SCUMBAG like after football I, mean yeah. The raiders is. was he a linebacker in those days? He was the inbox safety for them the strong faith. That's right, yeah! I mean the you know. The obvious answer would be Charles with them all the time for Raider 'cause that. Personally made me. But I would have to go. It's a it's a toss up between how long! Man You can't say Bo. He wasn't there that long him marcus. Allen. Or down let's get. Full highlights that I watched I mean living here. Yeah, I just can't stop bringing it up to all these guys around here, but now how? Favorite Raider. because he's a low, he lives around here and actually met. The Guy Wants Twenty Story A. I literally opened the door. To a friend's girlfriend's house and him and his younger son. We're at the front door and I was like Hungary and I was like wait. I like how? I was like. Crazy. Yeah, it was. It was aroused. The worst way to meet somebody. Yeah and then you know bringing it back to like the movie broken Arrow, and if you ever watched that who was at one time ago? Remember that movie broken Arrow. Yeah was it you know? She's. Throwback right there, no kidding. So. There's too many writers say. We're like my favorite all time radio. If I can't say, drills wasn't would be how long! Do you feel about that. The GRUDEN trade went down. That was the. Elder cost for US L. Davis. Traded him for a first round pick, who ended up being filled Buchanan from the you, my favorite causing, but still wasn't worth it. I mean fast forward to next season. You Know Bill Callahan's coach and. Coming up, we gotTA play Gruden in the Super Bowl and. This guy knows literally every single play. And from the stories that you know we heard his. Kellyanne literally sabotage Super Bowl and played right into GRUDEN's hands, and you can hear like an highlights on the NFL films James or John Lynch lillies. Saying that's the play you know they're. Going here it's going. They're sitting here like this is the worst movie ever GonNa done. We kept Gruden Gun Super Bowl WanNA fucking superbowl. L.! Sports his way out. Remember like how that all came about he didn't. He didn't force his way out at all I think it was something to do. With ego a little bit, but I mean we won't know that she's story. Gruden obviously back, and you know Mark Davis, Love Gruden and Al Day was always dead, Loker but. Who knows? Times between the two times. He was there, yeah! Really the there's probably something happened behind closed doors, but Y- is probably similar to the Brady Bella track. Thing to you'll probably never know. You'll never know exactly you actually. Davis. He's dead, but. Yeah, we'll never know because you didn't want ever say the next person aiming transform every say who's Dave is right hand woman. But you know that was the end of the raiders, because right then and there that like that that omen after the Super Bowl defeat which. I sat at my friend's house and his basement. Golf MY JERSEY. And didn't say a word. The rest of the game like we're going to have kicked on like this. And, then haircut staffer first half in the super bowl before.

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Bed Shitty I rather. You know having anything else happened. I don't know what I can describe but. Yeah. We're kind of going through that with with the departure Brady to just with everything the way it's happened. Just here I don't know I mean you gotTa. You guys are spoiled. You got absolutely. You. Know Alex Caribbean fired and then your best gets traded and got. Brady leave in. The cell or the Celtics yeah the Celtics and Bruins I think we're both in first place. Both seasons got suspended civil. Never know what happened to me. They're so. In Boston, sports right now all. The veto the next team. I mean everyone knows what it's not football, so they more basketball season, but those kids that reward. That will never like never say shit about anybody else because they've seen so many championships come through that city. It's unreal. Yeah, it's it's bananas I don't understand. On Worldwide It'll be you know. Trust the process pretty much, right? You never know. I mean that's it's work so far. I've always been interested in what raiders since think of their owner. Obviously, we love our K- K. He's A. He's A. He's a good guy, but he's you know. He needs to obviously sell some assets and get somebody better pockets. Cause him waiting for. VEGAS ALL VEGAS MONEY'S GONNA take time and. I don't know what he's thinking. He's definitely brought the franchise down. You know he's trying to do good. But you know cashflow is definitely an issue. Everybody knows that. You know well. That's rumors, but. You know on the way. The contracts are being made their little funny. You know their money up front because there won't be money later, I? Don't know, but it's a good guy. Good intention shitty owner. When it comes to like you know pockets wise. He's probably one of the poorest owners. Off the money now not later. You know. I think an awesome haircuts though definitely. Even I. Even bring back the bulk campaign for a long time now and Greg to. Going up two zero t games talk games wearing all white. All white suit. The tracks. Yes, but he's. He has his his swag of all the NFL owners. It's almost out negative swag, but it's kind of like looped back around. Exactly. So bad. So bad, it's good. I agree I agree I'm just rather shithole stadium at smoke shit. Yeah, well I mean this. This is us in two thousand one out of a show when he gave you ben at the old. Stadium. I I didn't go to many only been there twice. I've gone all around my favorite steam, visiting and watch a game was Nashville. So anytime the raiders play. They're always try and get their. Yeah I mean, Greg went to that one. Kicked out of my side isn't really that much. I enjoyed it. We won recently down there WAS ON TV got a text message from my mom. Put Your fucking Jersey back on. Again. Yup because. We're right behind the goalposts second row. was as balls that day we're wearing black jerseys latavius Murray's scored. He'd do the football start celebrating took over. On the elves hammered. And waving it around all happy shit, and that's excellent. Put Your fucking Jersey back on my. Mom. I definitely. I love going there to the Raiders stadium for the game but. And it's like Shit and we'd. To Combo. That's what it looks like malls like on TV. They're smoking in the state of. Their they're everybody's high bowls they're! Just don't give a fuck there. Yeah some saying. That's my works perfectly for Vegas. Yup Yup. Rules Baby. It'll be. It'll be weird to see how Vegas turns out. Because I feel like the first years. It'll be like a show for all the way fans to to. But. They gotta spend like eight hundred thousand dollars for like a Shitty. TASKS CRAZY! It's going to be insane for the prices in Vegas.

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We'll say I mean. I'll be going. To see a bills game, so let's see how much money we work over for tickets Think about the in that game betting. You can do from your seat Oh. Yes, you can make that money. That is true. Very true I'm not a big. To go to games and watch them 'cause I, Love Football Games, and like gambling, so it's like. I go to a game a game where it's the only game they're. Going to be against the bills, but just throw that. Man Those. Their track record has not been good the we'll put way. Too much. True that is true. So. A couple questions to real quick. As a raiders fan, how do you see the Patriots? Like what do you think of the Patriots? I I hated him. And then I hated Brady a lot. Like Social Media Brady coming out and just the way he likes. Just videos. Like TB twelve stuff 'cause I don't know. I, love. Tom Brady, the person. Like awake, cool and like. You know. Like call Maitree is and then there's Brady the Patriot. I mean you gotta give them respect I being young. You hate know teams grow. But. Yes, still fucking! Look for that so. So I don't know if you'll actually having answer this. Do you have a favorite patriots? Raiders game. No 'cause we have. Truth. Jackson. I guess. I don't even know what was the last time we beat you guys. Couldn't tell you I think it's been. Yeah the last time we got close was wind gronk. was playing and. I think. We rarely lost that game I think it was like A. Very close game if I remember. It was like I. Don't know ten thirteen or something like that. That's because. You know I'm trying to think was even on the reiter team that year. Limp Saint Peter's. Yeah, so. Let's see the last time to raiders beat. The Patriots was two thousand and two week eleven. Those. Opponents here, yeah! Yeah, it would have been yeah the revenge I suppose. Yeah, you can go and twenty, two, twenty, seven, twenty, seven twenty. And then with the WHO's. Kind of Before nineteen access onto. Eighty one when they were still in Oakland, but I'm sure. The raiders beat them at some point two. Yeah Yeah Oh they did they deadly that I remember seeing. The raiders. Yeah, that's we haven't been together forever. I can't tell you what my favorite. I don't remember this two thousand two games. It'd be honest. Blurred a I gotta go back. always wondered what people thought of them. Draft Jamarcus Russell like when you drafted him were hyped. Suck no Do right away. I believe in. If he got Calvin Johnson he would have found a way to do something else. Yeah it's. It's like the next. Yeah I mean I would love to have him. who was on the Air Right now Dan? Rogers was when we drafted Robert Gallery. Undertaker the guy from Iowa over. You know Aaron Rodgers could've used a quarterback. hoops. Imagine Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson Saint team and the raiders. Yeah Yeah. That would have been borderline unstoppable. Pretty much, and then you got Jerry Puerto over. There are young dunk receiver. That would have been a nice little years. There would have been are I wouldn't. Instead you had. Rangers living in the. ISSUE WHAT IS THE Majority Steve Rat pressure. That's every single franchise. Fans other than the Patriots for being honest true. Yeah! I should do it. We did in distract your franchise quarterback with one hundred and ninety nine does. Don't want the next.

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I'm going to draft a quarterback. I, mean I think our quarterback or the futures or you on the team Marcus Mariota, but that's just me who? Had the hot case. you, we don't really. Deal time comes out. Yeah, this might come out a weeks from now so in two months. That might actually be. Yeah I. Mean there are great in the system, but. The guy's not mobile enough. He's not. Confident enough to use it legs. and to make smarter plays like the guy for fuck sakes. He ran out of bounds on fourth and goal or something like that I. Remember like he does the just give somebody the time to make a play like give somebody a chance merged. Mariotto would have never done that stupid ass play get booed out of your fucking stadium last game this evening I just feel like trust or the offense. That's just me, but you know it was made Alex. One mortar back. There's a reason why it's contracts. Like tact with an sentence. Oh that's right, yeah! You could two years. It can make up to forty seven million dollars. That's nuts, even though he's a base. Yeah crazy. Acting. You'd like what the fuck like. There a small leash for Derek Carr this year I feel like. As we think. It's good. I mean with that contract the way it is, it just feels weird I mean. Yeah, they'll probably be happy for a few weeks, but like when they start losing and they like you know losing because the past Games. He's just fucking up. I was going to be right there. That's true yeah. That's actual I active quarterback. We've had actually challenged him to take his job. The names of backup quarterbacks in Oakland has not been. Bethlehem. Has Been. Matt mcglone! Best is an. I think you're using that word loosely, but yeah, yeah, I'd even throw Bruce Gronkowski and because he beat Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Louis Murphy I remember that. cakes and Campbell was got hurt, but You know dealing sky. Right. Yeah I mean these. And here comes huge Jackson tossing and first round pick. Of course. Palmer but. Apollo was that right? There man, but He didn't WanNa play for the raiders he went from the Bengals to the raiders. Come on! Well, we talked on the radio off era. The rainy months area was just garbage Angel Walters. Try to throw rainy Mazda. Ball Ramos did not want to be there. The guy was. At speed. He just didn't give a fuck. He was getting paid. True. You came the Patriots and was awesome or you like. Yeah, of course that happened of course I was going to happen. Everybody knew fucking happen. Got, something better than a fourth round. Pick. That's true. They actually gave up more for Wes welker that year. I gave up like an. Else. Never fucking trade with the Patriots. I mean we gave up a I republican Richard Seymour. That's true, we. The best thing Richard Seymour was punched big bet in the face. Finding. Out that. That's gotta be like a top that moment. That the rate is you're talking about that? Raiders Defense in that attitude you talk. I think that was actually the game that Bruce Cascade through Louis Murphy the game winning touchdown to. Who you might remember this at all, yeah. Team. was. Complete Shit show. I mean that's totally worth. First round picks though right. fucking through SPAG, brother! That's why we can all agree on that. I'll take him over who's a little guy. No Got Thugs. Raja. Airbrush. I'll take. They've been overtaken. Russia the great steelers quarterback. ooh, that's another hot take full of them. Yeah Fire Very Bradshaw was his stats were shit I mean you know there was this? Yeah, he was like the Trent dilfer. The team I was GONNA say. The. That that? On Steel Curtain. Well, the questions got. All the ones I had. Any questions. No I definitely want to know how you felt about Randy Moss. Glad I got that out there. What's funny actually about the Randy Moss is. About Randy Moss Jersey. and. Then I believe. We traded him one year later.

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No, no, no sorry. Hold on, rewind rewind. A Point Harris Jersey he was a linebacker. Random! It was good, right. And You know super excited. Dang. I got a Jersey now is gonNA. Be here for a while. He's a beast. One hundred fifty tackles next offseason traded to Minnesota for Randy Moss. I'm like Oh shit. When I'm. Just GonNa go right in the closet. Never used again spent like on a fifty sixty bucks at the time those early. Arena. That didn't last on. We'll say. I remember this very clearly, Greg. In his Infinite Jersey. Collection had a raiders ran Jerry. Rice I remember correctly. Out of trouble I thought he had a Charles Woodson Jersey because he would collect any Jersey of defensive backs. WHO number four? I'm almost positive because. No he definitely did. There's a picture of me about how I have that on backwards. Years. Like in digging, Mo it to you. Yeah, I'm I'm actually a hundred percent positive. Greg had eight. Jerry Rice raiders. Familiar. I knew we. Think. That would make sense to. That's that's a nicer as I saw Tim Brown Adidas. Jersey then have a Bo Jackson jokes from China. Don't have any my Charles Woodson jerseys. Who Breaking news readers and apple deal fall apart. yeah, I don't have any Charles Listen Jerry's anymore. I don't know what happened and they probably got taken. You know here and there but. A Bo Jackson will be there my temper. Greg still has his trust. Can Find Yeah. Thank, you for having me on your podcast Nabi, appreciate it. Thanks for giving us a different perspective. Anytime. I love you as you mean that. Take it is. Little, little. After all that we're still not friends, so thanks snobby. Great Transition, you just uses you for your fourth of July, party so I get it. Sure. He's not the only one. NOPE! He not a big fan of. What's his name? The the? Bill Callahan Yeah not a big fan of him. Completely understandable I think. So, it was a big GRUDEN fan. Yes, yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah what do you guys think Gruden? I don't know how I'm not as high on him as I feel like everybody else seems to be. I feel like a lot of people hate on him. Ever since he did Monday night like. Yeah I mean. He was a bit of a character on Monday night football I was just him playing that role, you know. Sheen! In a cube camp that he does, he just loves everybody everybody. You got a Lotta Shit for that. I haven't heard him. Say critical thing at all. Unless I was like on hard knocks. I didn't even watch that show. that. I liked him on hard knocks. Really I heard. About him specifically hard knocks. Every coach gets criticism for that show. I thought he was other. Who could players coach I? Don't know how good of an XS and Os guy is but yeah. He's a good motivator. We're supposed. We're pretty good offense of mind, isn't he? Thought I think at this point in his career. People were pretty high on. Well. Let's put a a number on. The Raiders Wins here in the twenty twenty season. Nine wins. WHO's playing quarterback? Is it still car. Nathan Peterman. No they brought in someone to challenge our who they were. Loves Peterman Zach. This. They brought Mariota that's right. Yeah, because allergies, heartache nabis holiday was yes, very iota will be the starter and the Knicks Franchise quarterback. Yes, so on W. picking against snobby. Let me give six wins. I could see them doing okay. More than ten.

40:03 - 45:00

I'm going to ten wins. I'm going. Going based on no research. And not even knowing half the roster going ten wins. That's how hot takes her born Greg. I'm right, and then you defend them. Even if you don't believe them with dying, you defend them till you die, you just cover them up with more hot takes like Oh. Yeah, but what about this ought take? What's You want to hear my worst ever sports take. Course always gay! Aaron Hernandez will be a better career player than Rob Gronkowski. Off. Passionate about that one. I was like he's just a more fluid athlete. Now and went down in flames. Gunfire. Among other things. Actual flicking game he came into talk. Talk Talk. Yeah. All right so just. Real Quick I know. Nabi mentioned in the in the interview, but A. Again that the the raiders actually lost their last three games regular season. and. It was a weird situation where in week seventeen. If they had won that game, they would've gotten the two seed, and so the Patriots. But. They lost to the jets who they then had to play the next week in the wildcard game like six days later, and they beat the jets, and it was one of those things I I kind of remember, and he wasn't completely clear on it, but. It was something like the raiders played super vanilla in week seventeen, so they wouldn't give the jets anything just in case, they didn't beat them. And, they pulled out all the stops in the playoffs and right over the thirty eight twenty four. So, that's the the raiders actually got here. Just like putting up numbers and running back Charlie Garner. Had like he is the game with an eighty yard touchdown run with a few minutes left. I had no idea who try the garden it was. I remember. But did. On Forty niners. May Yes. Shek. Start in Philly. From Ninety four to ninety eight, and then two years in San Francisco before four years in Oakland was back name her specter to. Yeah. Well this is when stat. Check goes wrong. It Must Garner Gardner. Yes, Charlie Gardener was a recurring character in the second season of girl meets world which. Turns out is show. Dog Talk to Mike Mellow about that though. It's very. Girl, Girl meets world. Not Boy meets world. Basically wrote that. wrote a reunion for a boy meets world. He wrote the whole script and everything and tried to shop it around and then. came out I apparently. It was some similarities between what he wrote in what came out and Sosa. Subject Yeah. that. Oh well, that's hilarious. Charlie Gardener, good looking guys. What about Charlie, Garner. Spell check. He's is Charlie Garner the third by the way? So good for him. But he looked pretty sprightly and his game though I. Mean He looked? You he used to. Nations guy a bulldog runner. Those guys yeah. He was just that he was stereotypical. Always keep your legs moving and good things will happen as a running back. Guy Yeah, like He. He didn't really. Make any moves. He wasn't beating anybody. He just like. Just keep going, and eventually somebody would fall off and he'd get an extra eight yards from it sorta thing. I say that we do a best and worst for each quarter like one two and three, and then we could talk about the fourth in overtime. Boy All right. That's aggressive. You go first. Baths in the first quarter. Was the three screens in a row from the Patriots. Yeah, that's the. Yeah even running backs even fill was calling him out. The worst is over six on third downs. Both teams combined that was. Terrible. Wasn't great punting in that first quarter. There wasn't a lot of I. Think in this. I'll go the fact that they had the yellow line.

45:01 - 50:02

The yellow I download was back for this game because it was A. Time game which thank fucking God because. Actually see the the yard markers unless they had the the guy with the leaf blowers out there. During commercial breaks? La Appointed on the end zone line to yeah Oh. Yeah, that was. Very. Guy On the raiders lost track of it on one play. Yeah I was going to be my worst for the second quarter was the. Yeah he let it let it bounce. He was sitting in the end zone. Thing you'd on the five. Bounce into the Enzo for an act. I remember that play to for some reason. Yes, Sir plays in this game that stick out in my memory and Erica scare. Yup Yup I'm the same way. There was some that I completely forgot about though which will get two? Thousand my my best, my worse was. Oh the raiders on the first drive. chows the first down. Yeah and even though look like they got it. It's still got spotted short. So, they didn't get the first down on third down and had to punt anyway, and the poem was. The game down so much dads. In the first half has it has like literally the first drive challenge? And challenges back then took like forty five minutes. Though by the time they got back on the punt, the ball of the three inches of snow and they were like Oh. Yeah, you win the challenge, but you don't get the first down. 'cause. move the ball ahead two inches, so here's your time out back. And then we gotta go back to play in that each of the coaches and just like Holy Shit. I say it was a first down, though right? Yeah, it was supposed to have been. Got The. Colorado, that's the first. Screw job of the raiders of the night. That that actually reminds me so talking about that in 'cause I watch the highlights of the raiders jets game the week before just as how that went. And the jets got a whole bunch of calls that went against them to like the scrooge. OP that game. So maybe. It's speaking of Karma. What what is it one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy six? The phantom fantastic phantom, roughing the passer your. PATS raiders. So now we're even what you say. Well No I mean I'm to to clearly point out a hole in your logic. You're just you're calling Karma because you want to justify that. The pats got the good end of the calls here. I mean you can put words in my mouth. All you want, but. The raiders got jobbed in this game. I knew you were going to. A. Job They had. Against Them. Jack Thousand Raiders Fan. I'd be pissed. What other raiders fan? Or sound. The, well we'll get. We'll get an. We will. Mess One later. Yeah, let's. Give us your conversation. The worst is clearly steve just bringing this on us. I've no idea what any of this happened. In what quarter? And Watch the game. Clearly I watched the game, but I'm not like writing best worse for each quarter. Neither way I mean for for the beginning to gain the best has got to be the environment right. Yeah, like when they pan to the crowd and his dudes at their shirts off and like corrine looks like you're getting a bad reception, 'cause. It's just white coming down down gone. Down because the bleachers are cold. Air! Everybody was standing the entire game entire game entire game. And just a, it's just one of those. It's one of those things when you turn on a snow game football and see the whole field covered in white, except for the lines at they've. Leave blown. It's just it's so cool. I remember we're in the library, and like waiting for the game to start house, looking outside the window and a cyclist smell and I was like damn. It's really coming down out there. Just so you know people who don't didn't live in the Brown house growing up. No, the library isn't actually. The library is just a room in our house. Percents the library. Books. Yeah actually because our fathers, a dead had it was called the Jerry Garcia Memorial Library. In here! We had the TV. That's where we went to church. No yeah, no reading happened in that room. It is a it is a unique thing, too. Because I was trying to think of like how many like. Truths Snow Games are 'cause. It takes like a pretty precise timing to snow game perfect where it's. You know. This game it's snowed the entire way through.

50:03 - 55:00

which almost never happens? Heavy snow. Dust and It was I mean think about how much no fell in those three hours. Yeah, yeah, it was still like legitimately accumulating. 'cause I mean typically good snowstorm. You only get like. Two to three hours of like real serious snow anyways, right? You hit it perfectly during game time to get like a game like this. And it just nailed it. You know I. It didn't stop snowing the whole game lead up a little bit. Halftime lightened up and then by fourth quarter. Time started snowing like Abbie again to. Fourth quarter over time was you could tell it was really accumulating. Harness! Coming you think off, stop your head. Like. Five Snow Games that you've watched Hayden. Titan Titan. Game we went to. Favorite speeches game. Yeah, really yeah, yeah, that was the end of the eighth season, when the Patriots walked the shit out of cardinals, who eventually went to super bowl. One in Chicago. patients played in Chicago and Brady. Threw a touchdown to Diab branch would like three seconds left in the half because he was wide open. But it wasn't accumulated really now in right. Field feel was white I. Remember that I think it was still snowing. I don't know how much it was accumulating. Yeah! It's what four games in the past twenty years we can think of all the top Fred. Of course flashback, the snowplow game which I forgot. The Dolphins I laugh did they had the guy then he'd to be over Jesus? Didn't they have the guy there? Yeah. Oh No. It's like maybe the end of the regular season. They had him come out and do like a wave to the crowd in the last game. They thought and Foxborough. Was Yeah. We did talk about it already. Whatever that game was, wasn't it against the dolphins? Yeah I think it was very sure. That makes sense. That's a Dick move. I love it. Greg. You WanNa Shit on that, too yeah. Every. So I would also say that. Just the running game in general in the first quarter, not great. No? I Just Antoine Smith did not going in this game. It go outside the first three screens shit else going on quarter now. They really didn't. Take the second quarter. I think everybody's worst is probably. James Jet Catching a touchdown. With three fucking catches all year. Yeah, it's crazy. But that's so patriots defense to is they take away the things you can actually even talked about it in this game where I think it was. John? They were talking about Jon Gruden. Saying like we have no idea where they're gonNA throw at us, but we are GonNa take away what we do well, so and then, James. Jet Catches a touchdown. which is there a better name for a wide receiver? James Jet. That's up there, yeah? I mean there was talk. It is male. That's. The nickname. Has True. But James Jellinek. fucking name. Maybe, if he had like a silent D. on the end, you know, then he'd be like td at the end, but yeah. That's. Good ever. Way What. Like jt and then I got D.. Did the. Law, Steve. Those director of all stretches. Silence. COME JANE'S JETTED You'll by James. Jet Td. He could. Maybe he did who knows. Raiders fans. We didn't he should have. I'll have to reach out Stephen and let them know of that oil. Second quarter at a different worst actual. For what the first. Second Quarter are. We second quarter. Right after that touchdown breaks the ball back and just. Sales one for an interception. Yeah I I watched. That played a few times. I I don't know who is throwing it to like. What A. It's like we can't do anything offense. They score a touchdown, the ball and get touchdown. We the ball back. Brady like two plays sales. It throws a pick on like our forty. Yet I wasn't great.

55:01 - 60:00

That was probably the low point. I think of this game at least for me. Force in it out. Definitely, he definitely was, but I don't even know who's Borisovna to. It wasn't anybody like really in. Mississippi! To three head. Out For, he's Kinda looked at it. Yeah, I think Troy Brow was the closest guy and he's like that was. That wasn't to me. Which? I Love Troy Brown. I think that's been well established. Did Not have his best game this game. St Charles Woodson. Also I think it was the the weather to help him he as quick if you fumble punts. He wasn't beat anybody because he couldn't get his footing, so he couldn't. He couldn't do anybody. And they? To do a reverse with him I. think it was in the second quarter. And it got blown up lost like seven or eight yards, which never happens. Choi our talk about like you'll find a way to reverse field again and still get a first down in. Yeah didn't have a great. Was As good? Yeah Oh yeah. And we touched on this in the interview, but it felt like every catch David Patten had he had fallen over already. In the row who get up just in time to make the catch like half the time he was on his knees, still making the catch. And it was. It was it was kind of. It was not the Troy Brown game in this game. For sure. My best those right after that pick brady threw. I think they may be one first down or not. There are kind of right outside field goal. Range private with military kicked the field goal. Third in medium. We blitzed in Otis, came all the way across. The entire formation picked up. A best ASEA Brown coupling on a crossing route yep. I didn't think that fast to be honest, but he like closed. It made awesome play on the ball to force. That might have been the punt that went into the end zone. It was yes. and. Is An unsung hero for this team definitely really is yeah for. The whole year. I mean this game. He played pretty well, too, but. Watch these Games have I've been surprised. What a playmaker he was see! That was one of the things that I remembered about the defense was a Smith for some reason. Him Entire Law were just unbeatable and I think this game was. For both sides, I think the. the defensive backs on in on both these defenses where top notch there was like they were putting on a clinic between Thai, Law Oda Smith and Charles Woodson. Like that's. That's film that you could use a teach her cornerbacks how to play defense. You know who like made a huge impression on me on this game does ESPN. Wiggins, Yeah. I think. I was right, but like Jane's jet like burn them burned US touchdown. Wiggins came out of nowhere fucking them, too. Yeah I had lost the only time he did. I had I wrote this down. This was his best game as a pro. He had ten catches seventy yards. Yeah and now we host the morning show for kiss one. Oh seven whatever night. Betty doesn't wear gloves doing that either. He's the only guy out there gloves on W. E. I isn't it I think. We need to like a like a pop culture one, did he? Maybe I'm pretty sure. Did these sports radio now? We in the morning or something like that. No you Steve You're right. I think he was the only one out there that didn't have loves. The leading receiver, or at least one of. Beijing? is fantastic. So? Yeah, you! Did you love the patriot and catches. Him in Tim Brown both had ten catches in this game. One of things. Like the others on the third down conversion rate for both teams combined in the first half was one for thirteen. Yeah I mean kind of goes back I. I felt like the rays are actually moving the ball if felt. First Order. They slowed down as well for that. In the first in the first quarter they're moving the ball. And I felt like the Patriots actually started like after the touchdown. Pass the Patriot start to to bring pressure from everywhere, though blitzing, it felt like every play. And that slowed him down a bit, but. It felt like they were playing their game. The Patriots, just it felt like they're just going out there. Being super-conservative and I remembered that about this game. In the first half like start rolling the ball like you.

60:00 - 65:02

You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA get. Rush on either team. Yeah, and but the pages are content to just run it straight up the middle three times with. Antoine Smith and go three and out or yeah, and you actually start to hear some booze in the second quarter with this. They ran a drawn third long, and that's classic ballot. Check Dow. And let him. It's gotta be He. I mean this. This has been consistent. Since this day right of him playing the. Plane the game. As it's like presenting itself rather than like playing your game. You know that'll come again with. We're going to do this this this and that. It's like all right. We're GONNA try these couple of things and see what works and then. This is the guy that kicked off in overtime. Because, he wanted the wind at his face. It's like that that's that's to me saying I care more about like the external factors than my own team, you know. Oh so when you were shit on me. The other day when I said check was kicking his short on purpose. Re with I disagree with it I honestly. and. I mean obviously he's a better coach than I am right. But from a player's standpoint, if I was playing in this game I'd be like dude. Let's throw the ball. Like. Let us make plays you know so I could be frustrating for the players and for the fans. You know. Yeah, but I think that's probably why he's better than us. Yeah. It was the right decision at the end, but yeah, I think but who knows maybe they throw the ball. They come out aggressive and beginning win by three touchdowns. You know that's true, but then it wouldn't be a classic with it. That's true. And also I mean they came out in the second half I thought Chuck in the ball around, even though they're only down. What seven? Especially that first drive of the third quarter. Brady hip Patton onto. Long passes they get it inside the five, and they're still chugging it. into the end zone and Brady. Brady missed a couple of like easier throws like they did that. Play what they always do. The hard play action me. Toss it over the line. And, he overthrown assuming wiggins. And then the play after he had somebody else wide open, and just completely sell it on him, too, and they had to settle for a field goal a sucks. He only threw for three hundred fifteen yards in a driving snowstorm. True, which surprises shit out of me after watching the first half because I don't. Do you passing yards in the first half. Four for nine with a pick. And he'd like through got real bullet to Troy Brown right at the end of the second half Oh. That's right and I got confused because the announcers were. There saying that he has a nice stroke. Like that that football are NAFA balls while enough? He did have a nice stroke. Did in fact, Tomlin made it. He made his name off his stroke. Made a couple of kids to Swimmer. Minna name off his stroke. That bullet by Brady at the end, the pretty closely the second half. Drive is rifling through there. And they're like all right. Let's try opened up a little bit in the past game. The raiders did to. Quarter. It's kind of insane that they threw. He threw the ball fifty two times for three hundred yards, and they scored sixteen points. I'm. Talking about yeah, and and it didn't feel like. There was no like turnovers red zone. Usually when you get those kind of numbers as like a reason, yeah, and I think they got conservative at Weird Times. As it felt like. Yeah, then they would just. I. Don't know it all of a sudden. The driver's just end. It never felt like they were at least in the first happened. Ever felt like they're even. Challenging Oh, they had one drive. Yeah the first drive of the game they drove down, but then they tried to go for it on fourth and three because they were like. Just outside of field goal range I think. And didn't convert, and that felt like that was as far they got. At least in the first half. Yeah. At times. It felt they were just trying to run out the clock on my. Second Quarter? and. You're and you're down seven nothing. You GotTa score at some point. Yeah, but yeah. I mean if I told you at the first half after the first half that. Tom, Brady would be the leading passiveness game you. Probably would disagree with me yeah. But, because rich Gannon, I thought was actually doing well now first half is.

65:03 - 70:00

It. Better than the third. Sataan yeah, Oh, yeah. And Yeah I think rice had a bunch of catches just in that third quarter. Didn't he? The Up? Till they stuck Tilana. Yeah, and then that was the end of that. but yeah rich. Gannon like you said Greg. Pretty, through fifty two times, three hundred twelve yards, rich Gannon, thirty one attempts only had one hundred fifty nine yards. See. Like, it played out like that. That's what I mean. Yeah, it didn't feel like that at all. But. Third Quarter. Patriots settle for field. Goal Raiders do the same thing. had two field goals in the game and the one that I had forgotten. I think we gotTA, give! What's name Janikowski? The is powder keg yeah? Kicked in that third quarter he live in shit out of. The forty five yard feel good from probably about sixty. Have the same one that. Snuck through. He was hitting the back netting. Yeah. I I. Love Jankowski. Gossip. How's The dateable like Komo that guy. Is just a mouth breather. Boy Cannot main kick a football. Yeah you just do one thing. I know we're like we're riding this thing to the top. And, but he never even tried you. Have you ever I think it was him where there's videos of like on kick returns and he's the last guy just like. Let's the guy goes even like. Try to make a tackle tripling fuck it. That's not much A. Never like tried to work out or take care of his body you, he's just. A Square. Rectangle. Reminded me shit out of it. You know of our father like running around on the soccer field. Like just. The Jad Baud Yeah not exactly smooth motion or anything. But could kick the shit out of things. Jankowski's good for him. I mean that's a good place to be play two million years to. Smoking heaters on the sideline like that Acre and Probably was. He'd be so awesome. I'll say his field goal to set up by Tyler. Back to back red zone possessions tiles when Red Zone but. Within Field Goal Range, they threat loud on both of them. Tiling, Clinic in this game. Number twenty four is both of them. Played Awesome. Yeah, he led the team in tackles. You see that no tyler. Twelve tackles and two pass breakups. Ship, and both those breakups on third down in the. Red Zone. More Pass breakups in that. I think he this is his type of game. Though like a physical, get your hands on the guy. Tyler law style. Punish on whenever you get a chance. He's amazing tackler. There with Rome like six. About Oh. Yeah, oh! Yeah, That's my favorite all time. Single performance style against. Peyton Manning, yeah. A. Fashionable business, quarter. WHO's the have put note about his Bobby Hamilton. Yes he was starting to get some pressure all by himself and actually even Nabi mentioned him. Really, yeah, yeah he's. Sneaky like Otis like you talked about earlier. Sneaky contributor to this dynasty. But he also one of those guys who doesn't move particularly athletically, no. It's like if Janikowski was playing defensive, tackle defensive end whatever it was. Just a big goofy do, but meg. He moved he needs to. But. Question Yeah. Who would you rather sleep with Jankowski or Rothlisberger? Like sharing a bed sleeping with no, you know what that means nicest stroke is you know what I? Like Jankowski would be gentler. Yeah. Like, knock you out. Have you seen Rothlisberger recently? Mountain man. He looks disgusting. This gusty this coming with a man who shaved only half his beard.

70:06 - 75:00

The left the right. The left. Shave your laugh local side beard. something. So a good anecdote from that when I was. I played soccer in college until my senior year, and then my senior year. Stop playing, but I was still drinking aggressively. Again a couple pounds. You know as you deal with you. And the you know how like the moment of. Rock bottom where you turn your life around start eating healthier and shit was one of Elliot's old boyfriends told me that I looked rothlisberger. I got to do something about this. Is that the one that couldn't pizza. Ian Yeah. Oh yeah, because I remember. We did the the domino's five deal. Wasn't me Greg and him? Yeah I. Think so because we used to just do it and race you that pizza the quickest. And we both finished ours and he would let us look at his box. And when we open it, he had like three quarters of a pizza left. Stays beyond those those days are behind me Andy are they. End Up look. What about the Brown? Double Double Greg? You don't do that anymore does dark days to? Right around the same time I can't believe we would do that. Yeah, because there's there's a a thing going around. It's out on twitter the other day. where? It's like Oh. If somebody were to pay you thirty five hundred dollars. But you had to eat it was. To. What's the Burger King? McDonalds big MACs two big MACs to large fries and two things of nuggets and four sodas in ninety minutes. Ninety minutes. Would you do it? Thirty five hundred bucks. I thought to myself. We used to that for lunch and then go continue to clean pools. fucking stupid. I. Don't think my body could handle it anymore like I if I eat dinner too fast now. Mud, but It could be healthy food, but I just went to quick and. I'm like a fragile stomach guy now. I am not I. been. Speed of intakes speed about take. No, no, it's a real thing that did not. Oh Yeah I think it's because I don't chew enough. I'd never chew enough, and then just starts rumble, and I can feel the rumble in like an hour later. Get damage to your food. I get salad poos like crazy. That's all the roughage yeah yeah yeah. Get down the leafy Greens this. When I eat a salad to fucking sounds like. Salads. Through the heavily ten pounds a lot of yeah. Man Speaking to rough here. Talk about this fourth quarter. Well we we. Just, skip the third, quarter! We talked about it, okay? The couple field goals. Gloss over this, but I forgot about the incidental facemask county because that came out. Yeah, they ask them up a couple of times like in the season. Incidental, which was what five yards and then? The intentional was fifteen. I kinda liked that. Like, police right like what's in the dental and was not. Fifteen yards for something where you didn't mean to do. It seems a bit extreme especially. If you just brush it, you know. That why not just meet in the middle and say Ted? Yeah, so they should have done. Yeah solving problems yeah. Where's the NFL. Get them on the phone. Kill Roger on the pod. Doing now. I saw that there was A. Conspiracy theory going around that. He's the one that created this whole panic so that he doesn't get booted draft. You know that has legs. Right. So I think, we should find out where he's staying. Does he have a house in? Maine that he's probably saying we'll go there boom. You got a house in Maine area. Where main? How close I son of a BITCH DUDE! How dairy well during the whole deflategate? Some dude hired a plane to fly over his house. And people like leave signs and shit around his.

75:01 - 80:00

Front of course the gated hose. I like his kind of main. No. GINGERS. John. Adjusted Rich, people. Rich people in general mainly, that's true. That's true. That's why I like main. Is Your poor. Well. In personality yes. Avenue? Richard, looks right. Yes Fourth quarter. Actually Oh one more thing in the third quarter. To kind of prime the pump of what was to come. Brady Got Strips Act. On. His on the second drive of the half. Who on second down got strip sack measurer covers on fumble. Sign of things to come you consider my pump primed. Man a visual on that one is. If I can transition. You're can have to do it for me. Well build up the fourth quarter. Let's get US elite it. Like. You're doing the TV like coming back from commercial the star of the fourth. Lead me into your. You seem to have something in mind. You. Know what I mean Steve. What! You lead us into the fourth quarter. Here builds intentional, but now the moment you've all been waiting for. Patriot readers down by ten. The Patriots just got sacked to kill a nice drive in the raiders convert a quick I to open the fourth quarter. That's good. That was good. That was good. Is it accurate though yes? Patriots puts drive together. then. They got sacked. Midfield. Back the raiders, and they get the Quick Person House like Oh man, you know raiders. Put Nice dry together. They're. They're inside ten. Minutes left. Head to burn a timeout. Twelve minutes left on third down Oh. Yeah, yeah, they were cavalier with their timeouts which? I don't think actually came back to bite him, but. Felt pretty typical because they were actually talking about. FUCKING! What's his name? Rich Gannon the quarterback and how he was? A bit of a loose cannon. Mean to do that, but Sh- fucked Christ. But, yeah, and the quote I wrote down was I. don't remember one. Is talking about. When they interview Jon Gruden and what he had to say, version and it was. You need a good night's sleep to deal with rich Gannon on Game Day. He's high maintenance. Yeah, so it's a good job. This was a Nike because you've got a lot of sleep. Apparently, like the two of them, which is like bitch and Moan each other like during games, just go after each other. Because Rich Gannon, who'd been around since eighty-seven? which do you know who is drafted by? Minnesota Know Your New England patriots. No Yeah the Fourth Round Pick Ninety eighth overall in the one thousand, nine hundred seven draft by the New England Patriots lead drafted rich Gannon. We drafted rich Gannon Nellie. Shit just goes to show what kind of. They were and then just traded. I don't know how he team, but. Never played. Sta. Because he start is first year whereas in Minnesota, so never actually played for tangles drafted by them Dan. So I don't know what happened there, but. Maybe listener will tell us maybe a Minnesota Vikings. Fan If there are any left. He had a pretty good career. Did Yeah. But. This was kind of a book of his career was like ninety, nine, two thousand. Ninety nine through two thousand two really made the ball for years. Two, thousand, two, thousand and two we made. All PRO team I e mail pro even. Though his Oakland days where where his? His real peak. Player say that. It's true. Small school old school. Raiders guys out there probably. Busy Brady like. This fourth quarter. Yes. Awesome delivery right as he's getting like form tackled. The Kevin, faulk. Yes, yeah, so in that his first full drive the fourth quarter he he went nine straight completions i. think it was on that drive. Yeah you let the ponies out of the stable.

80:01 - 85:00

Yeah, there's a fucking. We're going to start trucking the ball because we're down, took the reins off and Tommy just took over. But in true pages, fashion did not throw a touchdown, but instead runs it in for the touchdown. Probably everybody who's listening does actually remembers. Before that for the spike I cannot was the. He's like a wide receiver on the boundary. Pat, and maybe who like it bounce off his hands. And then against came right behind him, and grabbed it, and like tapped his feet inbounds. Why we're even there, I don't know I. Point to yeah, there's a couple of plays where wiggins was in suspect locations. There was one. mcaddo for it and tried to catch it just like went right beyond into patents hands. He's chill out. He was having himself fucking. Day is having a great time, yeah! I have a note on here. Because like on that Brady touchdown. Obviously, we've all seen a million times. I Have Baker that middle linebacker. Raiders Yup the OG. Brian Urlacher is the same kind of like Brady Jukes goes left that he got her lacquer on bears game. That's similar feel. It looked slow motion now. I remember thinking. It was pretty poor. Attempt to tackling 'cause. Brady just kind of like fell for is not so much juked. I have a stat check question for your Greg Show. What's the longest td Ronald Brady's career because that was like? Eight yards as long as I remember. who think great question. Because they're only because. There's. A bunch of twenty two yards. Does as long as run. Scored a twenty two year touchdown though. Longest run. And I love the announcers. Look at Tom, Brady celebrating, because he's so young, you know Youth League. It made me think of that Julian, Ataman, punt return touchdown against the broncos. Ran Down. A weight you in the end zone. I'm going to say this may have been his longest touchdown run. How how many yards was it six? He might be right. I don't think there's. One that was longer. Yeah because he didn't boarding to Patriots Dynasty. Info, if you do some searching. That is wild, yeah. Because, you have a five hundred. He does have a five yard touchdown scramble against. The broncos I. Don't remember this game. When was this? Twenty Three Hundred Twenty Thirteen AFC championship. He had troupes moving out one. Yes so his. So how about this Tom Brady playoff runner. All his longest touchdown runs come in the playoffs. Tom Brady. That's a stat longest touchdown run. Six hundred yards. He has a handful from four was. This is first touchdown. Run as well. Number one really pushing our capabilities here in the stats department. That's a tough one, but we just watched every game. This year is all the games he'd start at this point and I. Don't remember him I. Don't remember any QB sneaks right. Yeah, I feel like. This could be yeah. This is only run. Is only touchdown run a two thousand one so? That is I and his longest. Yeah, it was all downhill from here. More uphill really for him if you watch them run. This is the first point of the game and that it looks like we got a chance, though yeah, yeah, when? The ball down and they just moving it. Easily at seemly. Back to them. There's a third one in a quick. Quick snap like we were definitely not ready. and. That's a good under five minutes of play, and then you're like. ooh, I don't know. Yeah, because the raiders got that first down like you said on that play. Which? I feel like. Yeah they almost held them, and then they didn't let us third and short, and you know. He said they did the quick snap, and they got like eight or nine yards that quick snap plex stretch. Yeah, exactly. And then I have her it now. The pats get the ball back with three thirty five left. Get one first down then pundit. Yeah nowhere. Can we back up a little bit as far as like the fourth quarter comeback situations like sure. It's it's gotten to a point now where it feels inevitable.

85:01 - 90:00

Right Oh God. You like that super bowl against the rams. You're like yeah. They're not scoring, but. It's GonNa Happen. It's. Yeah. I, don't I don't get the feeling just from a couple of the articles from around here. It's. It felt like that was the opposite. Back then of it, it was A. When does this fall apart not? You know. When are they going to pull it out of their ass and we've talked about that. In regards to drew. BLEDSOE's well because that was kind of the knock on him, he would. He would hang in the whole game, but then you'd have that last drive that you need to have and something would go wrong. Wasn't necessarily BLEDSOE's fault, but. Often enough. It was like throw a bad player. He's you know. He's getting sacked over his shoulder. That sort of Shit. Because you just trying to put the team on his back. Yeah. This is kind of the beginning of that. That different feel like you said. And that's where I think. Brady distinguishes himself not only from the rest of the League, but from the coaching staff where like the staff puts him in a place where he can win games. But like when it gets to crunch time. And you need this guy to start swinging the ball, Tom. He gets out there and just start slanging. Young like it just doesn't seem bothered by. Any sort of pressure. He just almost edgy. He just thrives in it, you know. It looks like he gets another gear when he's them. Those like crunch time moments of had this say the Summertime Foods Bill Jacob radiance like as both like check puts you in a position to get there and Brady. Has that extra gear? Belgian! Radio when the Bulls and you could even see it. From Brady's third start when he was playing the chargers and I know you guys weren't there for that episode me Mike. But He pulled them from way down. Late to the point where I was watching the game and I'm thinking I I think I'm washing came I. don't but they? They come back and win this. Take this literally his third start and the one where he threw his first touchdown. Pass to Terry Glenn. And he pulled him back and then won an overtime. That's his game ever as we kind of even saw early. But then you don't really see it again the rest of the season. Up until this? Yeah! We'd see it a lot more in the next few years. To, the point where sure it was more surprising when it didn't happen. Yeah, that's right across. From the. Yeah. If you didn't get strips act. He was about to. But that was the best brady is. There was just so few times where you're like I would have because he just, did you. Even like coming back against Atlanta where it'd be like. There are so many points in that game where you'll be like even if they don't win this, you're gonNA. You'RE GONNA. Look back fondly on how Brady played. But, that wasn't enough. He just deeds still did it. Which? I think he just as hard as. Getting, there, you know yeah and go back to your points. About whether it's bill or Tom. Go back to the game where bell check took the wind in overtime against the broncos in that game, because Brady pulled them all the way back in that game remember there were twenty nothing something at halftime. I was at Adam fucking freezing. Yeah, the game where your? Yeah your beer was freezing because you weren't drinking it quick enough. We like to rose from atop the stadium and it was like ten degrees. and. We didn't. And we're down twenty four nothing at halftime. Yeah Katie Steve like crazy. We said that if if if the Patriots didn't score on their opening, drive the second half. We're GONNA leave. And then they scored again in the scored again, fucking leaving. That Jules punt return game that I. Referenced earlier right. Yeah I think he did have one in that game. No I wasn't. It was the MUFF Welker one we waved it off. Yeah, yeah, but I think I thought. Element had apartment touch on that game to the. Now he had that weird one. We took the bubble screen. They go from the five year. Yeah, I did have that one. Yeah, that was. That was like connick. The. Raiders game. Memory Lane. That's what we're gotTA DO. That's what this four. So, yeah, let's talk about this comeback. Patriots down. Thirteen to three under five to play, yeah. We blitz. On the next third down, get the ball back Yep. And go absolutely nowhere. To.

90:00 - 95:00

Get one first down after punt it right back. So yeah, the over to forty one left. There's a sweet another grab by Andrew Wiggins in there with the bat, the ball between the two hands and catches it just being super lucky again. Such dangerous. Bulletins gets hit by a snowball from a guy. The ground that's right now is awesome. Greg I think that was aimed at you. Could tell, he was like initially pissed to was. The Guy, who did it. Dude imagine that guy that through that. He can, he can watch this game on Youtube for years to come and be like it was neat. Honestly I can imagine you being the guy look through that dude. He's alleged. Is Not and he's got people like US watching this game here like. Did you see that fire where they'll since get? So. Frozen Beer. We can find out who that is. We have on the PODCAST. Guest of honor. But in a PB or whatever the thing is called. The Patriots are three for eleven on third down. To forty seven left. Yeah yeah, raise them all back to forty one. And basically three and out can't come, because they had a third one and couldn't convert again which is. Second Seymour Seymour Monster on that play Oh. My God were. was on the third, but like lawyer came flying in on second down to both those. How about that Bruschi? Up The middle. Lor Malloy I had that he was just the only guy out there who looks like he could still like lay the would, because every kind of like skating around, and there was a while you see me. Come out of nowhere. Just thump somebody and he was low, and it was able to actually get thumping on somebody. Fantastic him and actually. and. What's his name? Our Marijuana. A. Your friend's name Steve. Knobby? So Nabi actually WANNA call us out that Roman. Phifer had a great game in this game. He was the only one that could tackle Charlie Garner I thought. Apparently was just me cool. Did Not did not jump to me at all. Now, although we'd have signed Roman Phifer football cards so yeah for the rams, but still. I'd probably still have it somewhere kicking around. Awesome Hell Ya. Roman, favor guy was miss probably worth as much as you fucking pokemon cards dandy. You'll you're POKEMON cards. Bro. Holographic two things. It's worth more than money. That's worth memories. Didn't give that to my nephew. Did. You gave. In CARSO GOOD Can Use them all the memories. And said trade a bad gambler, pretty solid punt return in this up until he fumbled. Let second time so yeah, and that actually leads me. I'M GONNA the? I'm going to save them for you I. Know You're saving I don't know if you do. I'm just GONNA, spoil it right now? Larry Izzo to all regardless to. Watch the Game Andy. You're looking at my fucking notes. On looking at your notes do say. Larry is Oh unsung hero of this game without Larry is Yo. It's attached to fumbles because troy. Brown fumbled to puns and Larry recovered both of them. What out that two of those drives our ended immediately, one of those is the one that leads up to the fourth quarter this one now which? Does somebody want to? Take the reins on this because this is a pretty important drive here, that's all we're going to save. Larry is oh. What else you got! Teams captain. Party this is the. Same for a while this point right Eddie think so. To? Find Him on the list, let's. Now. He's only like. Twenty seven. Four five years yeah yeah. So you've been. Here before. I thought. Yeah with Miami. Special teamer though.

95:01 - 100:00

This is first on the Patriots. It was yes yes. Megan is Mark Nice of eight years on the Patriots. That's what I want Matthew. Slater is not the slater. Yeah, wouldn't it be sweet to play in like a big game, but not of the pressure of actually having to perform, but just like accidentally fall onto fumbles and be like I contributed. That's always been my dream. That's exactly who I would be to be that guy. I'll the guy that can't blow it, but he can save it. That that role player, who's probably the glue guy on the sidelines to? That's why captain you. Great Locker Room Guy. Maybe not the most skill, but you know yeah I warmed up the closer so good in the bullpen. Yeah I mean just like. But that kind of goes to the point of this bell check system to as he has these guys in there, even in two thousand one, which maybe some. That's a bit luckier this early, but The we also talked like way back in the beginning of this season. How? Ballot check I brought in a teen different free agents, and they were all like tenure veterans. And so guys like is not quite that but I mean he's a veteran. In this league brought him in just the play special teams now he's got two fumble recoveries in. Ramos is a pro bowl. Dolphin Special Teamer that he's times is a free agent. Right exactly. That's a classic Dolecek, move. Jack Clark. Pay To him on the pay him. You'll pay those middle level. Guys more than any other middle Gaza will make the Belgian system, right. After this. So yeah, so like you said Dr Troy Brash Really Department, turns leap fumbled it, but luckily the Patrick covered. I started out. I think like right around midfield. Right. Nah. Right around there take. I was. Playing the game. It was really tough to tell where anybody was. I had no idea. And, and like you could actually hear the announcer. Like. In like not in the broadcast, but like the announcing the stadium announcing where the ball was sometimes just because nobody had any fucking clue. I like the old school announcer to over the speaker to. Feels like a high school game. Yes, they should bring that back Antoine Smith Smith. six-yard! Carey Carey Carey. I love that plus sleet does have good field, doesn't it? Just gives me the right fee on it, and it's like Christmas. Yeah. When you started watching the game, that's all you. That's what you sent us. Watching the game the snow saying that feels like Christmas. It's right it does. So, first and ten at their own forty, six two minutes left down by three. Yep! Brady Tom. Brady moved the ball a little bit. And now all of a sudden, it is second ten on the of forty two with a minute forty seven left. They moved the ball a little bit, not a ton. Radio I stumble in that moving the ball, which he? Totally forgot about. This is this is the difference between. This is what? Tom Brady brings to the Patriots offense that drew blitzer doesn't remember. A big running. l., Exactly, Nobody's ever said about him since. Even though he's a thousand yard rusher. Man That's still gets to me. Yes so second and ten Raider Forty Two min forty seven left in the game. And his old. College teammate. Running off of his right side. Very unbreakable like. At least now is to not now. He got blown up a bunch this. Yeah, I mean I knew it was coming so I was watching for Woodson to come on that blitz. And he didn't hide it. He took like three steps towards the line of scrimmage before Brady the ball it was. If you? If I would assume most quarterback see that coming at least these days. But I mean just overall this season. Brady got blown up like blindside hit a lot more than I remembered. Yeah I agree, 'CAUSE A. Inside pit. Brady's taken like couldn't tell you. Yeah! Well, he was also sacked. I think the most. In his career in the season, nearly forty five times go. Surprised you didn't get hurt because he didn't have. Along gated tendons at this point either I figured. Well he get hurt. Just not his game. We'll get to that.

100:00 - 105:03

It's true that's true. What's. Next week. Long. So they. Word like doubtfire fumble. But then like they played it for the replay on the fans, and you hear the fans all know about the talk, rule, yeah! Don't tell me that St everybody knew was the Tuck rule. that. You're out of your mind. Tough call they saw the slightest movement on of the armed fords and any fan in the world. It's pissed drunk and a fourth quarter. Loss to complete. which with them, but we have existing of like his arm is like not all the way back tucked in, and it's A. INCOMPLETE VERSA FUMBLE? No! They had no idea I mean they were ready to boo heavily when? Wall, Coleman wherever the fuck it was came back from his review. But, yeah. I mean we've talked about sorry. We've seen this twice once in the jets game where it was vinny testaverde. Think. It was the first jets game right where he did the same thing and then just last week for us. Yeah in the in the last game, the season where it was right at the end of the half in wasn't even winky. Chris winky was the quarterback, and he was exact same thing where. It. Was this Botch Hail Mary and he? It was almost exactly the same motion to his tucking it down a fumbled. It basically throw right in the ground. All I'm saying recovered it and could have walked in for a touchdown, but they blow it dead. Same thing is if you watch closely. Woodson hits Brady in the head. Personal foul fifteen yards. And PERSA so. Steve! Incidental facemask. Roughing the passer. Stumble I'm just I'm just pissed. The the refs this that roughing the passer call. It's a fumble now. It wasn't then did it's. It's a fumble. It was the right call at the time. Because! There was a Tuck rule at the time. Even that talk rule like that's meant to be like you lose control of it on a pump fake right? Now not it gets jarred loose. They were saying the throwing motion encapsulates like the caulking the all the way forward, and then the pullback in, and then his arm is moving forward. It's from slipping doesn't matter. It doesn't have to slip your arm. I think it's a fumble. I mean if you will at real speed. Yeah, like a fumble and today's Day and age shirts a fumble, but in today's Day and age it's also personal foul hit to the head. Steve. it'd be ripped sheriff. Raiders Fan you know I, mean they get off on a technicality as not. He has told the hundreds of times. That, call cost them two super bowls. Let's! He was convinced everybody to start their own dynasty. Did. Say That and Gruden one of left, and then they would have won the next year to. Yeah I mean that's fair. They were good team. But you know some teams get lucky. Completely ignores being the steelers and the rams. Size appointed. And the fact that there's still. Like under two minutes left in this game. Are still losing technically. Yeah, but. If, they get dead. The game's over. It's kneel downtime. But the steelers were wagging. The rams are even more of a wagon like those are two best teams an. NFL. Yeah. They were a class above. Everybody else is super bowl okay. Yeah Yeah. Sometimes in your sports fan on behalf to admit. That the other team jogged and to me. This is one of those cases you know. where? If. I was on the other side of this call I would be ratchet. Yeah L. Salt. Volvo sympathy. Sympathy in the world for for raiders fans for this I. I'd be pissed at my parents were bringing us up as raiders fans personally but. I have a note on here and surprise. GRUDEN's snow on his hat didn't built he's. Thinking you. How's it going? Greg Gumbel thing to say. But even solid I. I have another point like they're on the forty to kick the field goal there right if they stop them on the third ensuing third and ten. This, just be a footnote Yup. And instead Brady Hits Patton immediately for first down to twenty eight. And this kind of goes back to Tom Brady again just not.

105:05 - 110:02

He. He's been doing this all. He's been up and down, but every time he makes mistake like that or something. The next play they won the Patriots let them throw the ball and to he goes out. Just slings, it and it usually good things happen. I, mean it's easier side, but when you reeling from a call like that, not going your way definitely. Momentum shifter for sure, but it wasn't like. They had like they had at least one more chance than than. I'm over time and all at. Yeah, they got jobbed. Created disagree the right call directly always. Say. What's your opinion on this handy? I, just telling him I've been I mean. It was. It's A. It's a shitty rule. And I can understand why they feel like. They got robbed, but it was called to the letter of the law the time. Just sucks that. It got overturned to you. Know! Yeah, play A. More arrests than not would call that fumble it SORTA reminds. Dez Bryant at first the packers member that. Catch, Yeah Yeah That's Great Greg. You really think that Another referee in Foxborough in that game in that stadium is going to call that against the Patriots Yeah I don't know that they would do listen to the. Commentators talking about it. Home Field is the real thing. But. It wouldn't have even been a controversy if they were just like. If they didn't even review, it wouldn't have been a controversy of the pages loss either. It's only because agents marriage. pull it out of the. Yes, thanks, Jack and that game that call changed the result of the game. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. You can say like a letter of the law this and that at well then fine. Fuck the law. You know what I'm saying like. Somebody made this law. That's an idiot. You know. Still be, and that's even worse because now you're admitting the fucking call was dumb to begin with you know I agree I would just be ripped shit I'd style would be over it. Now, you know twenty years later on point, though is that they had chances to. Change Committee and make it a flip. They didn't yeah, but that's you know even overtime. You can say that about any game. Let's get there, so we all know what happens, right? Yup. What happens? Adam Viteri. Forty five yards out. When blown and his face was blown on his back. According to the commentators. squeaks a forty five yard field goal in probably like six inches of snow at this point like it's just piling up around him. Turn out of the game conic reaction to acceleration that little double hop skip thing and then the hard fist pump and of the silent. Also assumed that like they cleared the snow. Now on the all time out, and like clear the that's actually the later feel like this one. Kicked like three inches of snow is what I'm saying. Yeah, you buried that and you couldn't see the damn thing either. No, you just had to listen the crowd. Which is pretty good. Call commentator actually. Which one. Whoever whoever did does the play by play? Was the call. Oh he just. He didn't lose it right because I feel everybody lost cited. Tell. Because that's how I knew good call good, even before the refs, yeah could indicate and see on the TV. By you'RE GONNA. Talk about how. I think it was. The radio broadcasts probably of which I guess. We probably don't have here, but I I came across it. Capital, Eddie was yeah. Yeah, Gillan Gino. Overtime fuel, he basically said I'm just going to let the crowd's reaction. Tell you whether or not it's good. Kicking down and then he just like didn't say anything and you just heard the crowd. Go Bananas asked. That's a great call. Then! There are those I can't remember what plays. They were, but there are few plays in this game where I. Could hear their call my head just because I've seen the replace. Their call on it so many times. Yeah I did miss the I don't remember released on the calls my head that they say that he missed Forbes last five per employee five plus.

110:04 - 115:00

The city! Is, fine. I've miss here. We should get connor. We'll have been cleared up for us. You I do remember that. Of the ones that like when I was looking at the ones that. Viteri would miss. They were usually from longer, so that wouldn't surprise me. Yeah. I mean you can be an average kicker if you hit the big ones. Yes, all you really need to do as long as you hit the late ones. Nobody remembers early ones exactly which is basically what that whole argument was about was. CUSTOS are more accurate kicker, but yeah. Go down as the bedrock kicker because because he's got the iconic. Kick the clutch the classics. Which I! Think is a fair assessment to of how you grade those types of players. Agree Yeah probably. Some grayer in there because I mean, you could also argue that Gostkowski didn't have the chance to make those iconic kicks. You just didn't have the opportunities you know wasn't. Kicking game winning field like the. Game winning field goal in the playoffs, so yeah. But yeah, I mean like you said I. Think you're right that when people look at it, that's what they're gonNA. That's GONNA remember. So now we're overtime. Because the raiders, actually the ball back after that field, twenty two seconds left and just took a knee. Which probably bad decision, twenty two seconds, but still I can put up a try. Snow like. Yeah! This ball game right here and. I don't know if you guys noted but rich Gannon. Was He was definitely struggling fourth quarter? Yeah, with like his grip those a couple like bubble screens that he floated them. And I was like ooh. I think this heavier snow is starting to get them. Yeah, that's true. I think they were talking about how the temperature drops the balls or getting harder. Football now, football. Which I think is probably why vegetarians kick is a bit more impressive in the fourth quarter. With all that snow and cold and maybe. genyk houses was in in the third quarter, even though both exact same distance pretty much from the same spot on the field to. Both five yard is going left to right. Wait night. These are the half or quarter. You. Switch a quarter. Yeah, so once the same spot. Have you watched football before season? No No. I ever gave is a good one to watch. Thanks for having me guys. Would! They played quarters. Periods full, it was thirds. Of them. Over time raiders call heads, tails pages like never fails. They always win coin tosses. Right. Just thinking of things that would make me mad if I wasn't a patriots fans. I. Always Win The coin toss. Ones? Like field goal kicking to win the early. Exactly. Fails. Three that come to mind. Falcons Super Bowl. Cheats AFC championship. Overtime Games in general the ones that they need they cheaters. But. Did you see that? One of the guys out for the overtime coin toss was drew bledsoe. Really is pretty bad ass. Yeah, that is sweet. So. I mean obviously there are. The raiders called the coin toss, but I like to think that bledsoe had something to do with it. I think he him where he was standing was was blocking the wind, and so that extra half a flip so because. Big Out there. I. AM, looking at the box score by the way sorry to interrupt, but the kick off the right the end of regulation they're. Tackle made by match. Adam shoutout s all right. Love is GonNa. WanNa Pod, her great tackle. It was an unbelievable tackle. Tackle. Yeah. I mean and he's one of those. That's why they didn't. Get any points here. Yeah, because they pinned him deep late and he's startled dynasty yeah. He's one of those role players that we talked about. The Patriots system is built on his. He's one of those. Those! Guys that you don't hear. Much about, but he's he's that like foundation it. All these other great things happen are built on I. got a name for you on that same thing Jr Redman. Yeah.

115:01 - 120:00

Put his first drive overtime. I I. Think it might be the exact same one as that. Rams. Super Bowl filed drive. So. I ask you wrote down all the plays in the last, so actually even before that I. Think Another Guy Control here's Patrick Pass because he's returning kickoffs in this game which. I didn't realize he did that. I feel like they seem to have a different guy back there every time. Because I remember for two weeks I had written down, and we never brought it up though some guy named Ben Kelly, but never heard of. That he was returning kicks. That's all he did and you never saw starting speaking of that. Riddick. Parker was started on the Patriots for this game. WHO. Use make that up. That's one of my notes. Like when they did the the introductions, even holy ship positioned by defensive tackle apparently. Correct? Yeah Harker. Never heard of never dared. Get started this game on this list of page side. I do not recognize. Back to heroes 'cause he's gone Saad. unsung I mean I least song of. The guys who are doing this stupid. August don't actually that's that's. That's pretty unsung. Patrick Pass actually returned this. Overtime kickoff to the page thirty four. So that's a great start, yeah! And then like you, said Steve. This was basically the Redmond and Wigan show. It was a quick pass the Middle Redman and then a screen to Redman for the first hour. He broke a tackle down the sideline which. As? I remembered yeah. Broke it rappleye fifteen yards on like second sort of thing. and then it was quick out to Wiggins screener Redmond Quinta. WIGGINS middle to Wiggins Redmond right up the middle and. Then a quick passageway Brown to break the streak. And, this is where we get to the point where I forgot about this, but this is some ballsy shit like this. Is some game winning play calling an in all of it? The pats have fourth four on the twenty eight yard line. And instead of Their even though I mean they're going in the opposite direction, so the kind of kicking into the wind. So. What's that what's? The plus seventeen or eighteen. Seventeen a you lab seven yards behind the line. As. The, same field goal they had the under-regulation. Yeah, get this one cast into the wind, so you fuck gone for it forces. Go for. And I think it was. Greg was talking about this play where? We thought it was to him, but it was actually to the patent. Until wiggins is diving outstretched for a ball thrown. And and she's like sitting in amount of snow yet. Again you've fallen down on. The ground you can't see because it's like three inches of snow between. Is. Good, Magin, for weakens. Like gets his hand on that. Knocks it out. See, that's my fear I said my goal was to be the guy that jumps on the fumble. My fear is I'm the guy that like goes to the ball misses it, and like actually tips away from the intended receiver. Sneak for life. was supposed to be there and you're the Colombian soccer player. That's causing own-goal against the United States in the World Cup or the Steve Bartman. The bill, Buckner your that astle. But that's get out of jail free again. Yeah, yeah, is there any controversy now in great? You wanted to stir up now. That was a great play. Call great throated, yeah I'll say into on Smith's best play came up with that after that staying inbound. The so. I was really yeah, because then at this point, it's just like. Run the ball at the middle of Antoine, so to strap on no gain basically, and then on third down, I don't remember which commentary said it's like. The have to pass it here and I. I would be shocked if they didn't like. Do A play action. Throw and have buried. Put the ball Brady's hands. And all I did was handed off to Antoine right tackling ran for I down filled out of bounds. WH. Why is it a good play to him bats? It isn't I don't think he. INBOUNDS. I was just going off with Steve. Steve Kerr to comment. Take take as much time off the clock. Because you can't just in case, you missed a field goal. That's a good call. Like the just. Oh you and I thought what he fell down that he did it intentionally.

120:01 - 125:02

Wait a second. I. Just like an instinct that. His mental conditioning of like I bet it is, or you know what it is like a tight game where like infield goal range running down the game here? Says, stay inbounds. Yeah, 'cause like how unlike you know that person say amounts around a balance your like. Yeah, what are you doing? Yeah but I know here. Here's here's a theory for you. the Patriots were going against the wind so if they don't score here. The raiders are pinned deep, and they would have less time to drive down with the wind to the other side to kick a field goal and hope for the payers can hold them, and then if we get a second overtime now the Patriots win their back. Boom done. Wait they have a wind right now. They're against the wind against one right now, so if the raise pinned deep, so you want to milk as much clock off. Time off the clock. Now as you can. Before you try this field goal, just don't have as much time to to use a win to their advantage. That's deep cut, but stuff. Oh, and how Antoine Spin said as you can tell Yoga. Book and stretch, but. It's probably true. Go check it thought of that. Because, it could go either way to right. Wouldn't you? How's it go the other, way? Flavor triple overtime. We'll because you're talking about so much time left that like if you think about like how long an average drive time was left when they kick the field. Like seven minutes. Yeah questions eight minutes left when he makes that run. Yeah so, but yeah, and then you know three more runs the middle which brings it down to six and a half minutes. So that's that's. Half the quarter. And they wouldn't be starting thirty four like we did right. That'd be starting thrown five airline basically this point. So, then you stop them deepen their own John. Get the ball back your against the wind again, but then the wind chill. They run the clock out and you switch the other side and kicking easy field goal I think you guys are projecting too much for six and a half minutes, nope! I think you're just a Goddamn hater office fucking podcast, go join podcast. Right! There aren't a rate of cast system Romanowski out there. On the POD. Getting Romanowski on the. Charles Woodson. Yup. That would be cool. Break you. Have Landrace Raiders Jersey Yeah. I had jerry rice and I had a Charles. Woodson To Woodson. The Black Raiders jerseys were sweet. With silver here. So not much left in this game brings home. Yeah, so it was just antoine of the middle, and then that kind of brady quote, unquote sneak where he's basically just like moving the ball into the middle of the field to make the field goal easier. And then. The Patriots lineup for a field goal and the raiders trying to ice the kicker. which was the greatest vision because that just lets the? Patriots line help. Clear the snow, so that Viteri has. An easier. Footing and an easier way to field goal, which does from twenty three yards out to win the game. Now you've got snow angels. You've got celebrations. And you've got. Football for another week. Thank him the official retirement of Fox. Stadium. Yep what a way to go! mentioned being at that game. I. God, I caught. The Greatest Game Patriots Dynasty. Watch this over again. Ridiculous, it was very enjoyable. Also nervous watching it though yeah sounds. All my happening. These boys better figure it out quick. I. Didn't I didn't get that feeling. Because, you didn't watch the game. I watched the game. How would I know about that thing? That I called out Andy on which was? Larry Izzo. Son of a bitch. watched. Here My final note on all the pages and notes is just God i Miss Sports. I.

125:05 - 130:00

Of, all anti up was. Like. Fuck! That's true. Life Yeah Yeah. That feeling all right so then give me your best and worst, Steve. Oh I wasn't prepared for this. You. Fucking Gordon. Greg if you best to worst to. Go First Andy. I got to think of my. Let's see I got a couple of bests. there's small things one was. Richard, Seymour Horse calling the shit out of rich Gannon. The third quarter. Thirty. To like it was just like you just. Reached out one of those long arms grabbed by the back in just like just went straight, limp himself, and just fell straight the grounds yanks gaining straight back again. It was pissed. I. Wonder feels that strong. We disagree grown human and just like. Yourself just. It'd be ready. Human Beings, yeah and athletic human being. Big powerful man. Oh my God. So that was one, and then there was another one Charles Woodson was returning punts, and so he fair caught one and pacts, and came over and punch the bottom of his hand after the play was over just to be a Dick. Is that was that? I gave was going to that point. I love the pettiness of it. From Lonnie Paxton in your fucking. Long snapper. Who then would make himself famous for doing the? The snow angels after the game winner. Conic image yeah. I think. This I remember this one now. My worst was. The raiders they tried to go no huddle. Because apparently, that was thing that they did, and it would always try catch people off guard and rich Gannon, was his wily veteran, and tried to go no huddle and Amelia call for a false start. Again just never went back to it again. Dump talks. Yeah so good for them. On the road all start that you get you idiots I think it was like the first quarter to now supposed to be like A. Big Deal of is like. Oh, it going to there. There are no huddling. This is going to cause a patient's problems all night, and then it just. Never actually because the false site. Feels like the raiders. To any of your else have any we waste them all in the quarters I got one more best. Give it to me. I huddle the game. Hombre trots out there. And you can see on TV. Fi points someone Siobhaun gives them like a nice. Brin. Super relaxed for like his first playoff game in snow on. A. California boy. Trots out there. In point, someone gives them like A. SMILE JUST GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS. He never did look shook at all. Yeah, that's my worst. Is that Tom play for US anymore? Today's the day that he he wrote the article, too. Yeah! I read it the denial stage, and then I was miserable, so I sent it to. You guys so that. You can share my misery because miserable I saw was immediately xed out. Now I never read your texts anyways so I just miss it. You can't read those I expect to you. Can't read doesn't watch the gains. Because rainman. He just remembered as these games without having to watch him again from what only? Got His fucking? Scrapbook of all the the Boston Globe articles. This game did bring up a whole lot of memories though. I really do sitting in the basement watching it. This is the one where Dad's scraped his hands on the ceiling, right. Now's the super. Bowl as super bowl. Because I. Remember that I remember exactly what you're on that one. Member scrapbooking. After the game collecting all the Boston Globes. Now are all my favorite things. Get my mom to laminate them. All the Tracy did Ritchie. I still. Laminated posterboards! Newspaper Clip how much that costs issues is running a preschool and your fucking user entire lamentation budget on. I never considered that Andy.

130:02 - 134:59

She shocking. Ten Greg Yeah. So it's a big ask piece of lamb nation. Yeah, it was pretty big. It was worth it because he's. That's right. That's true, yeah so. They they've. Paid their money's worth. I had one last question I wanted. To ask you boys? How much money would it take for you to attend to tackle Antoine Smith in his prime. Because I'm pretty sure I'll take probably a couple bones if I said to you are we're going to do? The was the Oklahoma drill? If you if you stopped him from getting past you I'll give you X. amount of money. What would that money needs to be freed action getting there? To Stop Them Yeah. It's a theoretical number because I'm not going to stop him sign. It's going to leave early. Try I mean yeah, you'll slow down. Try like with like one percent effort and just. Let it run by me. No. You actually have to make a tackle it I. Don't think he would run wearing my wearing. Full pads. Throw my body. Adam let him truck stick me and then he's on his way. Yeah, just want for like five ten grand. Here's a question. How much would you pay in today's dollars to attend this game if you knew? The outcomes yeah. I would take. Everybody knows the outcome. No You can train. You can pay like five grand. Go back in time and attendance game. Yeah, and then you transport Iraq out leading Antoine's myth. To go back in time to watch this game without a doubt, those are equal. Fair. I like that and like he just hits me blackout and then I wake up at the game boom. Yeah all right all right. Mortgage in the house. You know probably true. Every dime I have. 401k is just my wife's 401k so. I'll take the penalty. Both the cars. And absolutely I kinda game to go to. Especially at in the last game in s adm to Oh God. Take the benches on with you. How long do you think it took? People get home from that though. Over time. fucking eight thirty at night, Oh my God in this with a foot of snow on the ground. Since you? Got there. And you can't even like like shoveled out took a. where are you going to put this now? Trying to out of God? It was the Saturday game. And there were like what we build a new stadium. We should just build in the same place because it's really working out the trade. Her. Idiots. But now you can park there for free and back lots, but you're not to leave for an hour after the game. That's a good idea. I'd last. You go to give. His phone, and then you lose them in. You stand out for two hours waiting to find out where the fuck is so. Not. Pay For that privilege. Yup Fair enough and then Steve Bitches for the rest of his breathing life about it. All right well. You guys have anything else you WANNA talk about in this game I think we've. Pretty much over the literally every play it feels like. is worth it though I mean this was. This is one of those iconic. Moments in the dynasty, even the game. Same Way. Yeah, it's a different in a different way because it's. It's not at home. You're going into you going into Pittsburgh. Three rivers stadium or is this hinds feel at this point. I don't remember four rivers. Forever's through US hours for. US being addicted or is it is? It's actually Heinz, field so fucking matter anyway. Ketchup Stadium. This is like early Heinz field though. I, we'll find out next week. All, right Well this has been. A special playoff episode of the pages fantasy podcast, and we'll see one in the damn cutting I'm done now you're done. You're all done never got to my favorite game. It's all going out on top all right. It's just downhill from here. WELL YOU'RE WATCHING THE GAME The next week we will see you again for another special playoff episode. Of the pages Z podcast? Yellow.