2001 AFC Championship: Patriots at Steelers

Our plucky underdogs travel to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA to take on the 10-point favorite Steelers team. This game was many things, but nothing exemplified it more than the renaissance of Drew Bledsoe. Join the wine-addled brothers as they discuss the 2001 AFC Championship game.

Since this is a long one, we're gonna try some chapters. Hopefully they work like they're supposed to:

(1:00) Interview with Good Steve the Steeler fan.

(31:06) The Brown brothers review their wine

(39:59) Finally get to the game review

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The Belichick Breakdown of Troy Brown's PR TD: https://www.patriots.com/video/belichick-breakdown-top-plays-from-week-5-vs-tampa-bay-310211

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Full Transcript

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This is Christine Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to my sons, and of course my. Sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny, but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your. Welcome back. It's still. Yet another. Playoff, podcast playoff special playoff episode I guess you could say the pages Dicey podcast. This week is the two thousand one AFC championship game. which we are subtitling, the drew bledsoe renaissance. We are I. I made that up literally right now so. Nice, yeah, glad you're. With us today we have the brothers against even greg. And we also have another special guest who I guess for this podcast. We're calling good Steve we've decided. WELL BETTER STEVE! Steve Less Wow. After a rousing start. And, so yes. Less shitty Steve is a steelers fan so. We'll let you call him what you will. As listeners. So Steve Thanks for joining us. No problem. And you are, as we seals fan. That is correct, right? You haven't been lying. One hundred percent. He's not going to. His dog is named Heinz. Factor Hines Ward not after the stadium he did was what I was wondering actually. CATCH UP Catch up. It's not the catch up the dog food, Steve. Dog Food. That's true, but what does. So, he's named after Ben Rothlisberger. Now that the next dog coach. David exe dog, Big Ben, or something of that. I mean five my way. Yeah, but probably not gonNA happen. carries a negative connotation these days. Up Big Ben. Makes it even worse. I'm FSU FAN so I had to deal with Big Ben Engine Winston though. How did how did you get that combination? So where are you from the Pittsburgh area? My family's from Pittsburgh. I was born there. And then we moved to Jacksonville Florida when I was like two years old or something like that. so I grew up watching Pittsburgh Sports with my GRANDPA. None of them were college fans, and I kind of adopted Florida state growing up in Florida. Wow, that's a lead. For a semester to. SEMESTER YEAH! I know how that goes I went to Penn Stacey Semester. Didn't last long. Right so. That's I. Say that's reasonable We've had some other fans on here. We had last week. We had a raiders fan on who became a raiders fan because of hip hop. Okay, yeah don't fan base judge around here. Okay? No, that's what I'm saying. I'm always curious to know how people got into this like a got into following a certain team. especially if they're not living in that area, so it's Kinda cool. So all right, so we're talking about the two thousand one steelers, and before this before we are recording Not, should he? Steve was saying that you. What like nine years old at the time? I think like eleven or twelve. I was still pretty young. you know and that was only my second or third year really following. football I remember like a couple of support that we weren't very good. and that was the first year in Heinz field. Actually, that's right. Thousand one season? Yeah because everybody had trouble kicking in that that one end zone kicking field goals. We the open end that okay, so the river there? Including Chris Brown this season, our cousin. He's here. Every time of Brown is mentioned all browns. But all right. We're not, cousins Steve You. That's true I wish. Lupul. Brutal? Yeah because look it up in Chris Brown I was wondering what was going on because he made sixty eight percent of his field goals this season. which was? Nice talk- Great Yeah. level. Yeah it's. It's definitely on that, but he still played the whole season.

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and. Only season. Not for the steelers didn't know. I think he went out to play for the the Texans for a few years. Did Okay 'cause he was in a store. I don't remember if there was a kicker between him and read but I. WanNa say Jeff read years shortly after that could neither. He did not last long. So do you remember watching this Game Live Steve? Yeah. I do actually I remember watching the playoffs live. Like the week before beating the Raven, they were the only loss we'd had in Heinz field that year, and that was actually Tony Siragusa last game. for the Ravens in or all hot actually period he retired after that season. And and so we were the number one and I remember. Thinking for sure we were gonNA. Go to the Super Bowl and Not Happening so. I don't you're alone in that? Everybody felt the. The patient's going to get stomped this game and sure the ravens the week before they were the defending super bowl champions, two YEP, and that was a big rush twenty seven to ten week before. Yeah absolutely highlighted them. And I still remember. 'cause I the one game I didn't watch the playoffs because I was working at the time. And your I was working at that That retirement home like in the kitchen cleaning dishes long. Portable FM radio with me and would only pick up the game in one spot in the kitchen so I'd like. Run out that spot in the kitchen and stand there in a certain position to make sure I got the the and then run back and clean some dishes and keep going back and forth. Radio Sport. It is so I would clean dishes like in Kirk commercial breaks. So, this is actually the first time I watched this full game. Really Yeah. I didn't realize I. Don't remember any of this like I've seen. The highlights some obviously a bunch. Don't remember half of these plays. Yeah because that was the thing to. You couldn't really look up game. Daffy the fact they're like now we can just you know. Don't on. NFL replayed. Find Online back then you missed the game fought, you watch. Prime time on Sunday night, but it'll give you like a four minute clip. Highlights. The. The beginning of the game killing Gino the the radio announcers, said something along the lines of I'm happy to report. Despite all the prognostications of doom, the Patriots have shown up here today and will take the field against the steelers. Now is like how he led into this because I'll love. It heavily favored the steelers. I mean that's a pretty desert pretty good. steelers team, though, but you look at that roster hold. Yeah, go has a shallow to names. JUMP OUT GIOVANNI FAVORITE Steve. Yeah I remember well. He didn't turn out my favorites, but it was actually the first Jersey I ever bought, and that was Kendra Bell. Linebacker for the feelers I think. Yeah. I think it was the rookie of the year. Yeah, think yeah. I heard them mentioned that yeah. Yeah, so he's like the defensive rookie of the year that year and I was like a huge fan, and then he had that great season. Kinda out in Kansas City and in really pan out there and then only played like four or five years in the League actually other players. Jerseys of. I had Kordell Stewart Jersey. How to Hines Ward Jersey. which I still actually seeing that I think that's it from that from those years actually. Oh andro actually rehab. Yeah I was looking at the Rosser and Michael Good. He didn't have a Beddis and then he said that. I. Don't anymore like crabs. Wait smaller, but yeah. What. What is your like general like memories of dramatics? Because he's a, he's A. He's a vintage type player. You Know Yeah Yeah. Oh Yeah. I mean I actually got to meet him once at a steelers. Jaguars game I think it might have been this year that year. Actually like so the steeler Jacksonville and we hung out near the buses after the game, and got shake his hand, and got his autograph on football, but I remember I was pretty young at the time, but I just never. How massive cooking looks like his legs tree trunks. In just like. I mean definitely wasn't like the prettiest running back, but he was good to get you. You know three and a half or four yards a carry straight up the GUT and. One of my favorite memories I remember when he just absolutely tr- Brian Urlacher Who really in a game in Chicago so? I was huge fan stat. Check back. Stat check what. Steve's memory.

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Did. He averaged three point nine yards a carry over his career. Fees. I think he's the only hall of fame running back that average less than four yards a carry. Oh remember his stats were always like four carries three yards, two touchdowns SORTA thing. Yeah like that. He definitely a few games like that towards the end of his career. Going to play by play of the STAT CHECK Sure. We're in the snow here. From the five yard line, rothlisburger handed off the BEDDIS. Early lack of fills the gap. Any just gets trucked. stood him up and then just kept churning until we like. It was like a meat grinder. You just got caught underneath the bus. That's what happens. Yeah what a great nickname! One of the all-time Great Football! NICKNAMES DO! One of my like memories of this game actually was like I was like ten years old. and. Like the the bus was the big nickname going around and I remember thinking like all the school bus. Does it run on Sundays? I was like the lovers little shit. Bad I'm GonNa make a poster board. You. I don't think I. Ever did it. Would Do, yeah. I mean he was wearing yellow. And it was gonna be like a picture of like a broken down bus. I think that I was going to do. So. Stealing, eat lot, even the steelers all time leading rusher. Wings all right. Let's Trivia Trivia this weekend. GET DISGUISE! Frank. Frank Harris would be my. Yeah it's Franco Harris okay. Yeah the buffet played his first three seasons with Iran's. That's right. He did five forgot about those years I had no idea about that La Rams. When he was called the battering rams. Oh. Wow, what also great name! Yeah Yeah, he was a he was a round mound of rushing yards. Eighteen ramp. Yeah round mound touchdown, Jeez Andy Rhyme, either you fucking idiot. Doesn't end with a D.. Okay. How ramming works it. Is You fucking God damnit Godly, not even GonNa look up the worm. Fuck it, MOM snorter statue. Check. Out and down rhyme. All right Good Steve. Less shitty Steve. He was until you guys are shitting on me. Good Seafood. I like him better. The more I talk to you. As a as a steelers fan. What's your? View of the Patriots because we've got. We've got a bunch of answers when we asked this question. Yeah I mean like I. Think it's. I. Respect for them and what they've been able to do. just kind of ridiculous with except bad, but also like I do I. I wouldn't say a little bitter towards them as well because I think of all the super. Bowl Stewart's would have the logging for that. Will Checking Brady. Yeah. Particular have been. Whipping Boys. Yeah I was GonNa say you. Need more than anybody else in the playoffs, but yeah for sure. We have had a great record against Pittsburgh. Especially in the. In the playoffs especially, yeah. I mean even look at the two years that the steelers won the super bowl with rothlisburger. We didn't play the Patriots. 'cause they got knocked out I think one nearby The Ravens I'm not sure if the other year. How has knowing me change your opinion of the Patriots? Better made it worse. I. On present. Pinson only ever played the steelers like since like the Belgian Brady era in the AFC conference game. In the AFC championship Game No. Either to two games in Pittsburgh. and. They're both those two, thousand, one, two, thousand, four and twenty sixteen. And he's. Playoffs yeah in the play. Are They meant only playoff games. The pages of played against steelers have been in the AFC GNC Championships, which is why for Stephen it hurts that much more because it's that last game against the Super Bowl.

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Yeah can't. I think to those games were in Pittsburgh. Maybe they were I. Know The visit I. Yeah four was. Cold game when you guys had. Is Rothlisberger. Rookie year. I think rookie year. Yeah. In, one. Yup Fifteen, and and I mean I'm not GonNa Complain Too much came back and won at the next year, but yeah, that's right would have been nice to. Get that one. Year we'd be. We'd be the Patriots and Eagles and I think it was like within three weeks of each other that we have gone over. The steelers victory over the Patriots was the one that broke their game win streak. Remember that game on Halloween, How much candy did you Greg to get over that? I remember that it was Al.. But. You said that more than once I think. Oh boy. All right, so I got a question for Good Steve. Less shitty. was. He's grown on us. All. Bill Cower or Mike Tomlin. We take in Honestly I'm a big. My thought in I mean I love cower, but you know I think it's. I, especially after everything that came out with Antonio Brown this year. Yeah, I have a lot of from my common like Hey I'm just keep that under wraps for as long as he did. So Yeah Yeah Yeah I I still think he's pretty young. I think he's got more super bowl ahead of them. As, far as keeping culture together. Outside of the PATS. It's you know you talk about like? Spanning more than ten years with having like consistently winning seasons. St I, mean Patriots. steelers called surveys. Tomlin or chuck oddity. OMLUND or Chuck Knoll. Why wasn't alive during the seventies? So yeah, I mean obviously had a lot more success than columns had but. I can't even I can't really comment on. Twitter Lance Allworth. Limbaugh name my dog after ward. Beth blocking wide receiver in NFL history. Yeah I have to say after watching this game I. Remember the fury that he would instill in me. Was One of those guys that I think. kind of like the Rodney Harrison of the team where you fucking love him if he's on your team. Data mining guessing death fucking dirty fuck I hope he stays imbalance. Time! Yeah Yeah Oh. Yeah I mean. I think he broke. keep rivers jaw. You're talking about linebacker angering. I mean even he was this. Kind of start the whole like. steelers bengals view to. I mean. Angle still suffer more years. Yeah, but the. Super Chippy after that. Though in Oh, yeah data plan I mean they actually the NFL change the rules because of Hines Ward with a lot of those blocks. No. Today with like what you used to do so. I mean Juju Smith Schuster still doing it to what the fuck. Yeah, you got suspension forced by I'm okay with that. Verdicts of Shit was yes, and then he stood over I. think that's on the that's. Perfect probably had that common. For, years yeah I was watching that game with you Steve That playoff game against the bengals? We were A. muggle whatever it was. Yeah. He hurt the. Super Hot to. North of pop culture breath. The equivalent of that is of the the. Thing is Weinstein getting corona virus. Where you're like. Yeah, I don't want to see it happen to anybody, but always going happen, someone. That's the guy. Rate? You got there always was worried. That's why I had to interrupt. Whoever interrupted. Appreciate it. Let's see all right, so here's a question for you. We haven't had great luck. I haven't had great like asking this question to other people because we've been asking panthers and Raiders Fans and There weren't any but Do you have a favorite Patriots steeler game? yeah, I mean actually unfortunately didn't turn out that great for us for the season, but the game two years ago on Hind spiel where the steelers within interception from by a Joe Hayden at the end of the game.

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That was actually at that game so. It's like game to. Me and Shitty fever there. Steve You dame. Also at the year before when Rothlisburger, fake, we worked it. Oh! My like other than AFC championship game that is definitely like my least favorite is Red Hot I. Which AFC championship game. That wasn't AFC championship game. We other than the championship game loss for the past. There's where we'd be yeah. Shit probably. Walk it. But that was that. was that fake spike one, the fourth one or Fourth least favorite like my fourth least favorite right, or is one of the ANC JV. Really stick out as like A. Mean definitely. Two thousand four hundred sticks out. I mean we're fifteen and one. I thought we were doing all that. Yeah. I mean even even in two thousand and one. These steal teams fucking wagon, yeah! Yeah had to hear the for I in. Rushing. Yards and yards in rushing defense in both. and. touchdowns. Like they were. fucking unstoppable on the ground and yet in this game. It felt like they didn't even run it for whatever. They came out swinging the ball. Don't. Even Kordell Stewart's threw three interceptions. I think in that game. We'll get there. He knew. You know my favorite Patriots steelers Game Yes nineteen ninety-six fog bowl whole member that now barely I do not a. The Patriots First Ever Home Playoff game drew bledsoe entirety. Glenn, yes, versus Neil O'Donnell in the steelers. All Shit Neo Dolly guys didn't have. Yeah Greg Lloyd member Greg Lloyd the. Linebacker the steelers backer, yeah! Dude steelers linebackers there different breed I feel like because they always have that like. Cool like Predator facemask. They all do. The helmets. And they're just like fucking. Terrify, looking people. That we get jj watt next on the other side of Tj, Watt Jesus Christ. Oh, I saw that article, but I didn't read it because it looked shitty. Well. What is the rumor going around though? I guess real any legs to it, but there. Is I mean we got his brother? We got through the brothers now and I think Jay would love to play for the steelers, just kind of hear a message boards, or whatever but I just don't really think it'll happen. I duNNo. Trading for a bag of practice, balls or something like that just can answer to. Brian Year, so maybe we could just offer them like you know. Browns expiring contract. Thank, God for raiders like we have to cook into town with Brown and fricken Martavis Bryant the last three years. Red. Bryant thing. Man. So basically, the the raiders are wide receivers. Go to die, basically right Yup. Moss as well, yeah! Jerry Rice to a certain extent. Now! He was good. He had like four thousand yards season there I'm pretty sure he definitely. Two thousand one season actually. So You boys have anymore questions for good Steve No. I'm just GONNA. Make Steve Relive that moment. When we were at that fakes by game together. Did I? I TALKED TO AFTER THAT Game Steve and you shift faced with. The. Shitty Steve Kerr. Shafei Steve Yeah like I'm a I'm a chopper like I love going against in away games interpret Adam. At insanity after the gay because there was just. There is so shell shocked angry. And I was like. Yeah, you know the rest. You but Rothlisberger fucked you harder.

25:04 - 30:00

So Christie was a story true. Oh yeah, that's definitely true. He didn't like. The one time yet that Shitty Steve is not talked after a game when the steelers or another team lost Greg Yummy Folksy Ken read a room. Yeah Right. It. Was a tough one. It was yeah, because I was like. The rest! Really I I mean I think they got that call wrong? And then it was compounded by just a dreadful decision by big. Just all Trent Lott Yeah. Factor much time to go to. Just anything else. Literally anything else would've worked. That game. Like the pages dry before that where he just goes gronk over and over again just. Storms down the field just. Linked to ground for touchdown and then. You drag route. Ran Everybody. But that grounds within like two minutes it was crazy. The GRONK touchdown spike where he like he caught the touchdown point, the guy who was covering lying on the laughed at them, and then spiked it. Is is seared in my memory. Like that to me is is Rob Gronkowski. At? The stadium were broncos faking that. Can help. Got Thought you. which trip up to you know Boston? Next time the dealers are up there. Yeah, WE'RE GONNA. Do it this past year, but it was opening those super. Yeah, no, I'm not. I'm not paying dropping a grand to go to that. Probably decision especially after the result of that, too. That would not have been worth it for you. Know Yeah. Shit you. Shit show. Bad Game. For you. No matter for me. Yeah Well I. Don't know maybe the. I got nothing. Maybe. Five years, so it's cold true. And FSU I guess maybe. They've been pretty bad last year's. You should know how to pick him. Their forty one st seasons of a ballgame snaps for winning records snaps couple of years ago. Willie, Taggart was awful. Don't even get me started on college football. High on them to Oh my God. It was hilarious. Steve Well I. Guess if nobody else has any questions. I think we will mercifully. Let you go. Appreciate. Me Appreciate. You being a good sport about this and. Listening to to shadow problem enjoy the reliving that glorious game for y'All. And going on to win. Thanks to come in on Steve Good Steve. Guys. Later the. GotTa say it doesn't sound like a steelers. Fan dozy. He's hardcore. steelers fan for sure yeah, just doesn't sound like he doesn't. He doesn't talk like steelers Fan. Yeah. I think he didn't say it's once. I like Pittsburgh I like the people they're. Up and. They're just like. Yeah? That's very. It's like a hilly Boston. People are very like. into their sports, you drive around. New England you see Patriots. Stickers in Bruins, stickers in socks everywhere. Everyone's wearing the stuff like that in Pittsburgh, too. Or. Is this sports everywhere? Pittsburgh isn't really huge. College sports town is up now. Basketball are either. But yeah, it's not. It's not a huge. But Doug a big sport sounds kind of blue collar. People are like. They'll be like assholes, but like they're not gonNA. Be Up either, right? Shit to people holy Shit, now now that you say that I actually just had a memory because this was. I don't know why. But Oh, I think. I think we had to go back and get all my shit from Penn State. So we drove down. There packed up the van and we're driving back. Stop at like the fucking steakhouse or something like that on the way, and it must have been. I don't think it was in the Pittsburgh area because Pittsburgh's west. Western right because yeah, phillies east and Pittsburgh's forty five minutes from Ohio Yeah. We're in the State House where I'm Troy Brown Jersey House. In the bathroom, the urinal and some guy walks in and sees it and start like giving me Shit while I'm taking piss about. Still a bitch. Don't even have a chance I can't believe you're wearing that here like going on and on August. We'll see we'll see. because.

30:01 - 35:01

Fucking, Eighteen years old was like forty twice the size. And you're digging your hand. On through a little, little exposed. My first thought was to go back to that guy I'm like Oh. Yeah I! Bet You feel like shit had targeted talking shit to A. College kid in a in a urinal. I bet he doesn't. He doesn't even remember yeah. but I felt vindicated. Which is all the game that we went to? We met these guys. Stand in line behind us. One was the steelers fan was a patriots fan. We're waiting for your brothers. Say twice. Quicker. We all sat together eight launch in like we ended up like Tailgate, and with them, and triggered a bunch of beers out the whole weekend and the next year. We got AIRBNB with them as well so like. Everyone's like super chiller. And and then they'll fucked each other. As one big gay orgy evolves in Pittsburgh. I can imagine why. So. Friendly, yeah. Yeah. So I think this is probably the perfect time to explain. Why this is the drew bledsoe. What am I? Call Renaissance Game. So for those that maybe don't remember we. Concocted this plan weeks ago. And actually at this point is probably like months ago. Yeah! About, we found out that your blood's owns a winery and we tried to get his wine and we're going to do this episode as a tribute to drew bledsoe. Because this was his renaissance, so. as as true brown plans tend to go. I'm the only one that actually found triplets wine because it is very prevalent in new, Hampshire liquor stores. You can find in almost all of them. Actually believe it or not. And For anybody who doesn't live in New Hampshire. The the liquor stores are directly off the highway, so they're very easy to get to and to leave and we say Dr Yeah exactly we say we don't promote drunk driving yet. We put all liquor stores directly off. I was so live free or fucking die, so I was able to find it, and this is quite literally. The most money I've ever spent on a bottle of wine. It is flying B Not v but be for BLEDSOE. The CABERNET Sauvignon twenty. ooh, and for those that you. It's. Delicious? And I know nothing about wine, but I. decided to to pry my palate over the past week. With a bottle of wine that my boss gave me, that was supposed to be super fancy, and I drank it and it was pretty good. This one's better so. Drew Blood. That's not US astronaut blood. So that's that's a legitimate take. Yeah, no drew bledsoe, not great on third long, great it, squishing grapes, and making them from it. How dare you? A, we'll get to. Don't you worry I'll we'll get to it. So I found drew bledsoe. And, so I have been drinking that steadily throughout this. How about you boys? I Have A. It doesn't have a year on it. Could start. It doesn't up. That pregnant women shouldn't drink though. A, twenty fifth, anniversary California Cabernet Sanding With a massive panthers logo on. The Durham North Carolina Harris Teeter. That I ran to this afternoon with a backpack on. Ran Two miles their stuffed it in. My backpack ran home. So as well shaken. Yes, and we're supposed to do with all wind I believe that's how you air it. Yeah, I'm I'm wafting the AROMAS into the microphone right now, so take a deep. Yup Yes. That's a nice knows. It has has delightful, is that? Is that elderberry? blackcurrant Oh, okay now. You're smelling Nice earthy aroma. Yeah. That MOCHA I think I think there's a layer of Mocha in there now that I'm. So for reference. I took Greg Brown to a beer festival once. And only once I'll never do it again because you spent the entire time. Every time I go to like Yup nope Moon Yup those Multan this one. The hops would has no tastes like beer.

35:03 - 40:03

Literally every single time he drank something guy skies. Boss? Beer nerds. So that I leave Steve Steve What. What did you end up finding in fucking? Virginia all blazes. I have a bottle of Jan Stevenson's. Merlots from two thousand and ten i. hear the older the wine, the better it is. Oh definitely. This has been sitting in my. Cabinet for many many moons. Probably. Six years. So how did you obtain well? That's what you're supposed to do with. Why is supposed to let it sipped? Yeah, right felt for those. Seller. Jan Stevenson is how dare you. She is an Australian LPGA Golfer who's in the world golf hall of fame Dummies. Bob Orga Golf Company and like they were like some stupid team. Building event, and one of the prizes was wine and I question got a bottle of wine. I'll never. And here we are. The question I. Give us the. Super Bowl is the Tom Brady have so of course I knew it. Was Three Gregory getting three. Greg. Getting booted as Christmas party for wearing a pats Chris Santa, hat by booed by the entire company. How many people in that company there like a hundred and sixty people? I'm sure you handled it well. Of course. I feed up to eight. You know I agree. I'm the same way. The heat nourishes me I. Think it's a Brown family thing. I. Like mine. Drew bledsoe wine, so to drew bledsoe everybody for those in bringing it home. Hopefully. The commute. If we can hold your that. Yes. Can you tell them spinning the bottle as I porte, yes? Varies, ooh, animate eminently palatable though. You fucking smell at first overall and amusing car water. Who? Is quite fragrant. Have, you actually tried it yet. Greg. No, come on you an amateur. Smell that ship for like ten minutes before you do anything. Already had like glasses. Though yeah me, too, is you gotta look at the color? You know the see. How like the legs of it. What are the legs car? I can't see the color dark. Like spin, you're glad to see how it ripples off shit! You know relaxed as just saying that Jesus Christ. All right so I. I got some ripple after. Say this accurate from really good wine. Steve Probably couldn't even tell the difference between a Mall Beck and a Cabernet. Cabernet. Over that tie. We're in that French restaurant in Brooklyn with Ellie when she first moved there. As you. Ed Greg was a letter. That That embarrass in. La doesn't get embarrassed, but she was hours that one night. And graduates taken it all the way. He ordered a peanut. Greg her remember. Your find is peanut Greg. Chicken Parmigiana. The waiter was like going to Brooklyn who has taken his job super serious at. He hated you. The worst all of us. There's that pitcher of the clown in the booth that you were like making out with. I have that photo still you do. Yes, can you post a lines? We can put it in. The show notes Yep. Yeah, all right. Love it, thank you. So. Speaking of clowns I what we talk about this football game. Kordell Stewart I have more to talk about my one. Dragging shut up your well, of course, not andy slipping. So an insult. We'll do is. We'll do a halftime wine review of Greg Brown's panther wine. Okay so all right. Let's get into this game. Two Thousand One AFC championship game, even killing Gino. Are Joking about how the Patriots actually finally showed up. Even nobody expected them to. And it starts off. As expected, I would say. I don't know. What was he served plane Awesome d actually no I take that back, I think. They're getting suspected was that the steelers would run down the patriots throat because that's.

40:04 - 45:01

If. There's one criticism of this. This patriots defense that we've seen is that. fucking known as running down the Panthers Guy's name either of you remember Oh. Two seconds who is time Huntley? Hunt I'll take you where I I I don't remember the. Only, but just some random as dude. Then last week was Charlie Garner? Who? Mediocre. Would after this year, but not this year. BETTYS! Hurt though right, he missed like the previous six or seven games, so yeah, that was my question, too. Is that the COMTREX kept talking about? They made this comment I wrote it down because it. freaked me out a little bit. He this is first getting back in seven weeks. And they mentioned something about a botched painkiller injection. Missouri. Benefits was like Oh. It's the best thing happened to me because I was able to take all this time off and go back and rewatch every single one of my runs to see what I was doing right when I was doing wrong and all this shit. Yeah that's that's what someone on painkillers does. Sit on the couch and watch shit. Smoke is math and then. I can watch every goddamn every run. I don't think that's. Necessarily prescribed painkillers, Steve Mustard grow into a doctor I. Don't know about. Yeah you're GONNA combine drugs. You know. You're not just doing one. That's very I mean H. H I'm sure, right? Shall Fuck you up this. HAS PEYTON manning forehead? I do remember though that. The first couple of like the first steelers possession bottled up the boss, and I was like yeah. Stopping. The run was huge for the past ten. Years is. On Sundays. The thread school bus not run on Sundays and he wasn't he he was. Awful in this game, the can't do that like Hitch kind of sweep forum. And whoever the defensive end was on outside almost always Willie mcginest felt like. was almost behind him by the time he caught the ball like they couldn't block the sweep. For whatever reason will you gotta stay? One on one since Jack Yeah. But Willie mcginest like earned his paycheck in this game. He it's so like odd to watch. beddis play though 'cause. It's just like you don't see players that shape. It's true. He almost looks greenback top-heavy. Ah! He's so so round like he is. There's players are like heavy right like the Derrick Henry. Are The world even the Mike All we like is. He's a big boy, but yeah. Fat, you know yeah like. That was the guy. I'll try to compare to was Mike Dot Because? I'll start you. Kind of had the similar running style where he's going to run through people, and even if he breaks it past lives rooms, you'll look for somebody to hit sort of thing. But also just look like a tree trunk like he's just a thick boy. Yeah, but drone it. was kind of like rowdy like legs and then those. a slimmed-down Vince will for. ooh, that's not bad. Yes, they have very same kind of body shape. Vince was he was also very round. Yes. But move quicker than you expect him to. Exactly Real Betis as making people miss. Yeah, yeah, he's. People now. When they throw screen and at one point, yeah, I was like Oh i. Throw it to line. So but. I and I mentioned it before. We're talking to good Steve, but the stat lines for drone better so fantastic, and this one was no exception he had. Anybody WanNA guess this stat line. Fifteen carries forty yards and a touchdown. Oh, it's so much better than that. Nine carries. Eight yards one touchdown. Long run. Four yards. Yeah. Not Run on Sundays. On the lowest. Ruined does. I think I think we should well. Let's not gloss over like. The lightning of that thunder and lightning backfield. Famous Amos zero away. He's gotta be up there in the football name hall of fame. Right great name zero away. Zero way itself. I mean it's it's basically ninety percent vows, which is fantastic. First.

45:01 - 50:02

Name is Amos. There's five dollars into non vowels. One of those non vows Z.. Like almost a valid itself, because you'd never see us and one of the vowels has those little accent marks the really yeah, and the last. He has that a you know that. Oh. I'll call and I'll like it. That's why it's not zero zero away. Oh all right. I'll take your word for it. It's pretty. Our reference can't handle those. Yeah from the Ivory Coast. Oh No kitten. That's pretty cool like. Soccer Drogba Gear Drogba. Dark Chilean Whatever told you that story. We were the quote. This is from. College. We had a by as Aga- surfer guy. And he was just like he was like. Your typical stone are like always zoned out like they're really know is going on like Oh man like what's going on. A BUSY! Yeah and we were playing fee. And? It was like someone was playing with Chelsea. So in the scoreboard had C. H. L.. Zoomed in and had like drug scoring a goal, he just. That's one dark Chilean. Like what did. The Fuck So, then from then then on, that's been a part of our vernacular I've heard you say multiple times, but an action packed story two. That's fantastic. Oh Good Lord. I'm pretty sure Chelsea would kick the shit out of Chile by the way. That's true lies easily. So yes. Oh, speaking of Chileans. A the first quarter of this football game was pretty chilly. For both offenses. Do best and worst reach quarter again. Jesus Curtis House warning if you given that up, but apparently not all right. ALL RIGHT Sure Steve You go first. You son of a bitch. Well a main I think the overall worst watching Kordell Stewart play quarterback. Especially when he had hines ward embarks go burs as as receivers. Is that. or He's turning into coverage their makeup lie. The do combatants of football into somebody into why wide receiver like no other you look nervous. And but you say that, but both those wide receivers were over thousand yards. And, get into the best which is. Pretty obvious. Shouldn't let you go first. You son of a bitch at the Troy Brown. Perimeter. But I think everyone has seen that, and there's actually a bill check breakdown on it. If you haven't watched that, you definitely should. Oh, that's right. The the effort that they do on the governor. Done the end zone. But which you don't really get unless you re watch his game in full. Is the punt before that? At a penalty on it, so they punted it and trae Bronco a mess it up yet where I should fear, caught it, and stepped out of bounds or something like that, and he just let it go and a bounce, and kept going down the sideline, and it was on the Patriots Twenty Five. Sixty something yard punt. Yeah, yeah, there was a boom in pot with flip field position, but Because, he got. A lot of the end zone ran out of bounds. Didn't try and get back in, so if threw a flag and made them repented. Yep Try to get to the house. Yeah, and then on the next play. He got he he actually didn't get off the line. And when you watch the replay, the guy that's that's being blocked by two guys and falling over in his own endzone does the same guy. I remember his name Troy Edwards's name. This whole game made me start hating him. I I have no way in the fourth quarter. Like I love seeing Troy Edwards fail why. Not a lot 'cause he was a kick returner to yeah I dislike. I, dislike see NFL. Gets alert that's harsh dude. Forum. He's he's a human being. He's got the being he. He made a tough play. He probably regrets that play every day of his life. Think of how does mother feels? Right, we start calling Shitty Troy Edwards. It's. You tell me. The trail mix. I don't think think of the receiver from up Brown's. Brillon Edwards. And Edwards. I was thinking the same thing to. then. He play for the steelers two point. Oh Fuck! Check.

50:03 - 55:01

Now I'm already looking up Torri, Edwards fuck it all right. All right then I'll, I'll do my best and worst food. He finished. The grand rapids rampage of the arena football league. Football League was it's. A Troy Edwards. Rapids arena. Football Jersey would be sick. Yeah gotta be want an Ebay. And actually definitely not WANNA. Cut that'd be dealt though. The IF I saw somebody wearing that. I mean you'd have to drink right? You wouldn't even know who it is like. Who the hell's Edwards. And what does this Jersey well? We would know the three of us, so if any, if any of see that or listen to see that. Send us a picture and we will by that manner drink. US. Listen to this. Let's be honest. Hey, we get. Some listens. Nobody from our family. Though apparently, we found out resulting. Literally none of our our family members listened to this. They're smart enough on like you idiots. That'll keep them around great. Yeah? Well, fuck and shut up and I will. My best was actually trae Brown's first punt return. Originally Andy do that. Did you was better than the second one I'm yeah, anyone for touchdown, but his first punt return he was making guys look fucking foolish twenty five year, olds. You broke some news ankles. and. Caught the ball I. don't even know what he did. It didn't look like he did a move with the guy, just kind of like fellow from front of him and troy. Brown's skipped around, and it was fantastic. So I'm GonNa have to find that highlight and put it on the website because that was great. And the worst was. kind of every other. Patriots offensive player in the first quarter because he only. The only person that had any I think positive offense yard was Troy Brown. Like the Patriots had a bunch of false starts and shit and the first drive, they had the false start. And then second play Brady got sacked as A teen. House third and eighteen, yeah, and throws a wide screen. Detroit Brownie picks up like fifteen or sixteen yards on. Yeah, yeah, but it's still three and out, so he was like the only good thing in this first half. So that was my. I mean this game is peak Troy Brown. Yeah and actually. You you boys we're talking about, and you're paying yourself on the back for having the same thought, which could you? but you were talking about how. Last week in the snowball was like. A perfect example of Phil Bella checks all three phases of the game and our argue this game tops that in those three phases. The offense was. You're right that. Rice at up. On. The also will get to the other. Yes I mean the defense was was phenomenal I. Thought for stopping the run on the best running team in the in the league. And I think the offense was the perfect example of next man up. With, the drew bledsoe situation sure. and. There was some executing in in. In crunch time if you will. Like executing when exactly they needed it to happen like it wasn't. A huge offensive production day, but when they needed to have play, they got it. And so this was to me. The perfect execution of the ballot check system. And, what was your worst? Every other player besides Troy Brown. Was the offense. Having said all that. Yeah I. Guess short-term in, Nisha Are Greg what about you Bethany welcomes I think left. My best was Troy Brown's screen pass. which was better than both of his kick return sell? Right. Now my best is. The rule. Samaritan Oregon. My best is the Chris Fu Ma to Ma follow citing. Fiery. I love that you nailed that first time to do I love him. He's an all time name. That's. My worst on names is Matt Stevens. Brutal name.

55:03 - 60:00

And for some reason I, don't I. I've seen him show about this year and. I don't even think I remembered him at all. meet. I thought the same thing. I remember like he started week. One added note there I was like who the fuck is Matt Stevens now I think my favorite player name is Steven Gregory the Patriots. Brothers. Minus Chris Brown because I love my mom. Nicely done! And Vincent Brisby just because that's an awesome name. Pinson Brazil's the man. He was he was my first favorite patriot. Because his name, Reid with Frisbee. House like seven. Mine was Mosey to to do. You Suck Up. So. What's your worst thing? I descend Matt, Stevens. Your worst is just the name. On. I'm making this up on the fly. We are I'm looking at the rosters and making up my best. Best Stevens even play this game I don't think he did. He made a tackle with nine fifty four in the first quarter. mcginest on Jerome Bettis Tovia again. Who? Was a screenplay I. Think They Loki worst was right at the end of the first quarter. Kordell Stewart ripped off that super long run forty Plus Yard Ryan Yeah. They hadn't done anything up to that point. Yeah, and now they're inside the P. The pats ten second quarter. There's no passing game. The can't run the ball, but somehow they're inside the ten. which and he escaped a sack on that play was one of those. It reminded me of when the Patriots Play Cam Newton and they'd have him like dead to rights for like a twenty yard sack, or even this most recent season and Hours for the Texans got, Emmett. Watson wine wine does give them. Yeah, so yeah, just Shaw Wasser where they had him for that sack. Broker for big run. That kept the drive alive in the yeah. So it was it was that sort of play where they couldn't quite contain the mobile quarterback. He runs for like forty fucking yards. But. On the plus side. So they're. They're inside the pats ten. The quarter ends, and so does start. Yes seven other patriots on Troy Brown return. Second Quarter starts and. The steals basically three and out and they showed the stat. Which? I KINDA WANNA get into a little bit because it's. It's baffling to me. And basically this is. The number one rushing offense in the league right with two thousand yard receivers as well on top of it all. and. The Stat was they show the Patriots defense in the red. Zone was third in the NFL in. touchdowns allowed the steelers offense. The the best running offense in the League was twenty ninth in the NFL. Yeah? I didn't really put all the. Does that work. I think a lot of their rushing yards came from stuart though. Maybe he wasn't. He had like like. That is only at one thousand yards in the year. Stuart had liked to almost six hundred so I think it was like a combination running game more so than like a ground and pound running game didn't try a bunch of design. quarterback runs in this game, and they did not work now. That one worked the early one works, but nothing else after that did Richard Seymour. That out almost every time it seemed like. A great, game. Like drinking a fine wine, right? Up In there. So, yeah, the the play went drone better run for no gain the middle. And then it was. It wasn't a design run. It was actually a pass play that Kordell Stewart took a sack, and they threw an incomplete pass when he tried to like scramble again, and there was like offense holding on the play, and it was A. Shitty mass, so they kicked field goal. Seven three. And then. Not much happens. In. The second quarter other than. The pats started to get into a bit of a rhythm. The had A. A completion overturned on third and long to Troy Brown, where? Phil Simms. Almost guaranteed that it was a completion to fuck sell sins and his replay. Like guesses in this God damn, game. The darkness Stephen. I'm every time.

60:02 - 65:03

Well. You want and you like eight years Greg Gumbel. Remind me not to take you to Vegas next time ago because he's wrong. But. He was so adamant about his stance to. The at the end of the game whenever there was a challenge like I'm not even GonNa say anything because will be wrong. There are so many challenges to like. No the fuck. Catch what saw? Even two thousand and one. What A freaking catches! The referees in this game where. I'm going to say they were hot garbage, and not just like against the page, but just in general like they made some shitty calls. You want to hear a hot take everybody everybody complains about to catch thing. I think it's legitimately a hard thing to. Put a rule around agree there's so many nuances to catches that it's you know they're doing their best. Also like people complain all they want, but there's no. If there was an easy answers to like this catch and this, we would have figured it out by now. There's no easy answer you agree that, but I don't know you can. Even say seven of them say a catch, right? You're showing real time sort of thing. The. Other three people that raise hell and say wasn't you know? The majority of people like. You look at it in real time on a bigger sample. then. Yeah, it's a catch. US ought to catch. So I I've two answers to this. To two solutions, one is simplify a catch to the most basic thing you can possibly be. And like you know like Baubles, no matter whatever as long as the guy. Makes a catch at some point and has two hands on the football to catch, and that's it. or We go back to talk about this back. I think the saints game. It was ages ago Whenever those challenge this year early on some of the stations would. would. You were allowed to vote. So You I. Don't know if you like texting almost like voting for What's that singer show? Night Oh yeah. So you can actually vote. And as they were reviewing the play, they would show the the voting of America and like Oh six seven thousand votes and sixty two percent say this should stand. And I think it was. Greg, who said that they should just use that and whatever the population votes is. What the call! I want them to do that, but now it's fans. I wanted to have a room full of. or Both So we ended up Donald Trump. See. Better solutions don't matter because someone will always complain. Even, if they got voted in by. By you know a democracy. We go all. It was at the popular vote. It's never been the popular vote. There were a lot of replacing this a lot of overturn calls. Slow because there was that there was that Troy Brown called. It got overturned which pilot? it was borderline, but Troy Brown was still like you hit the ground kind of moved a little bit. Whatever great so page punt. And then the pass to. Hines Ward where we caught. It was just over the fingertips of Troy Brown a tribal Taiwa. Nag It was a sick catch, but as he caught, the ball gets back hit, the ground bobbled, and by the time he grabbed it again, he would slip out of bounds already so. You know so they're basically even at this point there was the hinds were fumble, which they ruled a fumble on the field. The ball come out at all and then reversed it. Because his helmet hit the ground I, which I realize no idea when the ball's coming out at all true. When I didn't realize that the helmet was was considered like a part of you, that was down like near the knee and elbow and like whatever. But I didn't know the helmet was part of the. KNOWS FUCKING! Terrible. At Hockey League. He had some fucking. He was making all about himself. Too I wrote dental. Find It. I reviewed the play and I can't tell whether the tip the ground football football. So as an incomplete pass. Also every time the rest get on the stadium. Mike feedback loop which made in like awful. Oh, it's either that hits close to home now that. Like zooming or skyping every? Work where it's like dude, just figure out your microphone situated. Mute everybody mute right now is like a white guy who's not paying attention to the one guy who's got the feedback.

65:04 - 70:00

Yeah. Today this morning is is guy in Ireland. That was like having a fight with his siblings on. Mike was on. Trashing his sister, it was so warning. Jack I. Don't know what she's doing why she keeps us to that. So, so the really the only speaking of hurtful things, the only real. news of the second quarter of this game was. Brady taking some low hits which I'm come out and. They were fucking cheap shots. That's that's the. That's the only news of the quarter. Yeah, you're glossing over it. Well hang on we're getting there Jesus fucking Christ. He's the only lose, or is there more news later? Yeah? Listen. You gotta you gotTa. Let abry. You're drinking wine and you let that breathe. Let me brief young you either it's. fucking sentence Oh, my God. So Brady takes a couple of cheap shots. I'M GONNA. Say well as you one of them. Wasn't he got his ankle rolled up on. Second was definitely a cheap shot by. Rose name, 'cause I wanted to call his ass outlive flowers. Crawled into, Brady's legs rolled over. and. Maybe like. I'd but very similar hit yeah, very similar to the again against them from Pollard Mentors ACL, but got him from behind so rolled up his legs from the back. And Brady Cowboy limping hard. And on the play he'd actually. Completed A fucking laser to. Troy Brown. Yeah. They were moving the ball. They're starting to get into a rhythm. Like. All of a sudden, the patients offense was actually moving, and it was great. Oh, fuck, here! We go an umbrella hurt. An incomes. Our Savior drew bledsoe. Who I am to rescue in my car to the rescue? Louis to the rescue. Thank you very much. Yes, that's exactly I was like was looking to cheers me, thanks! and. Blitzer let's comes in and. Here haven't fast to of like. Did it felt it feels like you know looking back? I was like Oh. Man Such a dramatic thing, but they were just like Brady's down and goes in. And then like all right, second six thousand. And so this is with Rhoda. What a minute forty left in the half so? We'll get to this late. I found this article. Some guy who was a huge blood, so stan and hated brain wrote a bunch of ESPN articles bottom. And like this was his vindication apparently. But so it comes through the minute forty left in the half, and the play was. A laser completion to to David Patten on the first play like slim five wide star. Chuck in the balls crazy it. Second play was he got flush out of pocket, and ran towards the silent, lit the fuck up, almost exactly the same as he did against the jets and Mo Lewis, weird how? A late shot out of bounds which? I think it was a flag thrown, but they picked it up like the video that we watch kind of like. Skip that part so I don't know what happened. Because I I saw them like throw flagging your conferring, and then all of a sudden. It's still second six. And I was. I was bullshit again. fucking twenty years ago, bullshit for him. and the next play came back. He popped the fuck up to he was blood was excited to get Brady was walking by there on the islands on his way to the locker room. My best. and. Best of the of the of the game starts John. Yeah. We saw strong at the referee because he wasn't a flag and he was fucking live. He was Louis Bouncing on his one good leg. Want from my gear to quarterbacks right? Yeah, like these two couldn't have handled this whole situation any better. They had each other's backs. It was a mailing and like thing about blood so like. He's holding the whole no play sheet. And then like thirty five seconds later, he's in their zip in it. Yeah, like I imagine you're just from mental preparation standpoint, right? You just stand Alabama playing this game and thirty five seconds they. You're in a huddle leading. They, haven't played since we to against the best defense in the League, and you step it into the AFC championship game. Two Zero it's just. It's just like a weird movie moment you know.

70:01 - 75:01

Yeah, if you've written this as like part of remember the titans, everybody like now that's that's too far fetched. You got to kind of tone that down a bit. That would've taken a timeout. Lebanon law or something. Struck them in no big deal that you BLEDSOE's fine. Coaching philosophy right. Next man up. This is what I'm saying. This is this. IS THE BELL CHECK GAME? This is the game of the Belgium game. It's that, too. It's everything. But I think the. The the best recipient for this happening was David Patten because he hadn't caught a pass yet. This game and all of a sudden. This is the David Patten drive because he caught all three. Passes including the touchdown with fifty eight seconds left, which looked vaguely familiar to. Play, we'll see next week. And the Super Bowl, and that back corner of the the end zone. Yeah, so so bledsoe comes in with. A minute forty left in its. Zip fifteen yards. Cranked out of bounds zip ten yards zip touchdown. Four plays seven points like what the fuck is now. His. He had a thirty five seconds. The third down where he had that. Nice touch pass before. The comes later. Talking about that comes Leeann. Yeah, yeah, this is four plays thirty five seconds at touchdown. And then they're showing on the sideline and there's some guy that has like A. Towel up to his drink is I. It was the first passively the first completion that he had to patent he got. Clocked right in the chin. Yes. But now he's got like a band aid on his chin, and he just like fucking bad ass. His reaction throwing the touchdown sick to. Just just out of the sidelines and gives a WHO me. It was just like. Clamming around him. Yeah, it was so. That was fucking cool hand Luke Walton. What else did you expect? Of course the touch show. What are your right? To so cool. So then the stealing back well, do member mom's reaction to that. No because MOM was working number. Our blood so fast he was a huge. Fan, so like this whole season, she was kind of like torn like. So, what and as soon as Brady got hurt, she was like immediately panicked and was like. She like hides in the background. She was hyped couch. Hearing over and watching the game. So, How did you feel about that? Blow touchdown? Exactly what you'd expect. She was whipping up a storm. I'm sure. So I thought the end of the half was actually pretty interesting because. As well yeah the steelers. Actually you know. They have what fifty seconds left I. Think something like that so under a minute and actually moved. That had all three timeouts the move the ball down. Almost within field goal range, and then I took a shot in the end zone and boy. Boris. Like had Pi that pulled him back on Barris. Death exactly what was about to say. Now on the shot that they took to Boris and Otis, Smith Plate Perfectly Otis Smith in this game. I thought. Had One of the Best Games on defense. Because I, mean if. PLAXICO burress. Dude is a fucking. He's he's a beast. He's my quarter. He just hearing that name and I hate them to. Hate Him, but that name just brings back memories. I'd rather not remember. But he was like. It almost looked like he was a foot taller than Otis Smith. Or anybody else out there, but could run. Pass him because it almost had like A. He had that same kind of gate is Rainy Austin? We're dealing with US trying much. You'll just running pass people. But. He just didn't have the awareness I. think that rainy, Ma and Oda Smith played him like a God. Damned fiddle in this game. So in a deep shot in old Smith in the perfect position so. Pythagoras had to just kind of grab poems. It wasn't interception. So that was not as passenger, push them outside of Phil Range. And so they had to settle for Hail Mary. We've got accepted. Instead of an actual field goal did Kordell Stewart didn't even make the end zone on his hail Mary from the forty five yard line. This is true quarterback controversy. He couldn't even huck. It drove better. On their backup quarterback. The positive side of the field at like he took the fighter forty yards in the air. It's not great. Pressure though right.

75:03 - 80:02

I. Remember I. Don't think so. Still. The Hail Mary, the been one thing you gotta do is throw it in the fucking ends on. Early, not I remember hating Kordell Stewart. And be watching the game. Really, maybe realized why hate him because he's so bad in this game. I never hated him. Hustle bathrooms reason I. Don't know if the quarterback year waiting for the other shoe to drop right like do. I guess. Are we doing best than worse. My best was the offensive pass interference that Oda Smith. Managed to to pull. My wars was the the dirty hit. Hundred on Tom Brady. That caused me. Get injured. Fuck you guys? My worst was Jason Guilt guilty Ian Gillan Gilding. He'll who the wrecking ball game. He was a monster. He killed the drive the sack. He almost had to pick sex. especially in that first half in the actually the whole game, he was in the backfield. I think like when Brady came in, and you see all the players around him. That were like excited, right. They're ready to go there anthem if he'd been. In the diva situation the whole year and had been trying to create a divide. Point not taking the path. He would I don't think it would have been successful drive. I agree. Just to go back to Jason Golden thing. I E Marlboro to on the team. Twelve sacks on the season. Two in this game like Lydia, pick six in his hand. WHO THE FUCK AND MONSTER YEAR! Greg, what about you I mean? Obviously my best is. The entire bledsoe situation of God, yeah, Fairy Tale in my worst is. I think this is in the second quarter when they were showing Brady going back to the locker room and he was. Limping of the comedies like. The actually looks like he's walking better than he was before and they hopping on his. Never Look at it like that Phil, Simms being wrong again. What a surprise! Yeah What. Braids such a fucking goofball to. Like! He just looked I. Child Bids Been Hurt, but doesn't want to admit Yup. I'll walk on this and then like I know this ain't work and. Try to walk the game because he was on them. It's like why do you? Why needs a hop like just walk slowly? Yeah, he's like speed. Walk into the locker. So we're at Halftime Greg. Do you WanNa? Do you wind review? I sure do. Give it to me. Right House the Carolina. Panthers wine. Well. It's got a nice syrupy texture it's. A great nose definitely some earthy Oak. NUTTY TONES! Does it hurt to drink? That's a good time. It slides down the throat very smoothly. That's it, she said. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA isolate that that's going to be the. Quote from this game. Certainly. Eight certainly less underwhelming than the Carolina Panthers. Outside raise! How. How would Cam Newton rate this? Is. Cam Newton. I bet he is a wine guy, because that's if. Ron and like you know. By the way that was the worst. If we. If we can talk about how she lebron is. Always done to that. Yeah, yes, Bassem podcast. Sorry! Greg is finally ranked wind. Sitting. So smooth. So much pollen here it's. US feel like I'm eating Paul every. Oh, my God spring came early. must say happens like three times a day where I get this. Gray radio. Yeah, but Lebron Fuck Lebron and his like thinking he's. You know what my? The thing that Lebron did that I hate the most with.

80:04 - 85:01

This, Like. I don't know if you've ever seen how. He like pretends to be a reader. and He's always reading the Godfather the book. There was a situation one time where he was When they do like the pre-game stuff. They show the players coming in from the bus. Well there's one time he was walking and reading the Godfather I. which first of all aren't as face is just ridiculous? Yeah, it nobody reads and walks knowingly Amrop, and he flipped the book open exactly he knew he was getting films. We his book open to to be cool book. Reading Guy which is a douchebag move. Because anybody that starts walking read knows that it's like damn near impossible you shaking. You can't folks where work doesn't work. But then to make it worse, there was there was video of him earlier in the day at a practice session, and after the practice session, he was reading the book on the sidelines. And some Internet sleuth, look into it. And when he was reading it on the sidelines fake reading it. Obviously, he was for further along in the book. The money was reading it getting. Goes it was. Overdue rampage? fucking typical. WHO The fuck brings a book to practice my God like if that isn't a look at me, move than. One hundred percents. How did we get here again? I don't know who the fuck area, so it was great fun. Exactly. Speaking people behave. How about this Patriots steelers game? Getting third getting second half here. This third quarter we talked to watch. This this is the wild. Come back a little bit so fourteen three going. I will say. The. The first drivers IOS was. Fun To watch the opening kickoff match Chatham's tackle on that one and you guys spotted that He. Is probably the best tackle. I've seen of him so far, but he hit the guy. At a full speed run, and it hit him so hard at bounce back. Three yards be still managed to hold on and dragged him down the same time. Like that, it was embarrassing. It was I think it was the same guy. Steve that you were talking about the gun on the punter. Troy Ariza eight him again. Yeah, every time you touch the ball i. read it for him to fill and that was. Great Yeah. Yeah you could get. The whole game. Victory was the Patriots special teams. Where much better than that was definitely interested in this game without it definitely was yeah. But. The CEO's also had A. Hines Ward fumble overturned. Behead touching. Yeah exactly and then Louisville. As well, of course you. Ask definitely a formless. Could not overturn. The Naco is defense. They ruled a fumble on the field. There's nothing to overturn it. I agree with him on that one, but still fuck Phil Simms in his shitty commutation. Do you like his son? Him at all. I know. What's his name? Chris Simms. Blake played quarterback for a little bit. He does commentary, stuff or PF T. Really profootballtalk yet. With Florio, I. He's one of my favorite football commentators going right now. Really okay. He's kind of like a bit of a prick, but That's like I really like him, Milwaukee. At you identify with them Greg No. Well like good. Back and forth with Florio. He's like a lawyer, so we always shitting on them for being a nerd, so I can I can associate with. Be Better for. Two thirds I feel that. Thirty every commentator going right now. Toy Room yeah, well I mean like an analysis guy like postgame mouse guy. Brian! Bobby. Paula Douglas breakdown. Good? He just loves him some good blocking, and that's a major warms. My heart he's got an amazing like gravel voice to which like makes it. Even better. Always sounds hyped up when he's like doing his breakdowns. Brian himself up for like? Ten minutes.

85:03 - 90:00

Show you guys this. He's been edging himself for a good half hour. I'm right on the edge. Here I'm just. Oh this block. Block. Look at number fifty four. Look at how hands or extended. A nominal a love Baldi's breakdown, if you if you haven't seen them definitely. Worth it. speaking of hands extended or lack thereof after the fumbles overturned from hines ward the literal next play. Kordell Stewart fumbled a snap imperfect Karma because the place shouldn't overturned yeah. Avenue recover. Commodore Which? Of course you did. but it's Third Quarter was not BLEDSOE's best. he struggles on his first drive because the page got the ball like deep inside steals territory. And Not Deep Psychic records fifty thirty, four five ish, maybe yeah outside of field goal range. and. I'm pretty sure this is the drive where blood so does his patented. Shoulder throw! Yes in started four or five for thirty nine yards and touchdown, and then he does that. Literally getting sacked and throw the ball over shoulder, I thought. Y-. Typical drew bledsoe, but I thought the intentional grounding call was bullshit. It was, isn't it? was actually guy was a running back in the vicinity? The only reason is grounded because they hadn't seen him play for so many weeks. He's been playing all year book. You is just. He knew a guy there. Yeah, but it just. It didn't happen so. so they go three and out and its fourth and seven. From like just sells. I feel Gorens. The patients had to go for it and. Blood so. I think maybe still hyped up. Or maybe it's just typical drew. bledsoe tries through a wide receiver screen, and basically just guns into Troy Brown's facemask. Around. Brown can't catch the ball drops it, and so that's that's how fourth-down goes. I remember. Mom being shook at this point to. I was watching. rewatching gave the first time in twenty years. I'll show all faulk have commentators. The commentators are talking about how who you better remember this play because you know. The steelers have momentum and it's. Just like Kanye. Like a purely blood so loving. where she was off, couldn't have been better the first half, but now he's gotTa. Play the whole second you're. Probably secretly, hoping that like Brady would come back and start the second back. Not that. Part. Yet. His time in the sun now he can go back into the. Question. Honest question. If Brady says he wants to give it a go. Star third-quarter near the coach? What do you do? You. Does my question here like was the third quarterback even dressed. As Damon Huard I saw him on the sideline off his active or not for the game. I believe and the BLEDSOE got hurt where they've put pretty back because he looked okay in that second half ish like. US, thrilling passes on the SI- on. A bad ankle. You can do that. That's true, yeah, so. You can play on a bad ankle. You just can't do and he stay on their. Throw it. Yeah you know scrambling or anything you just do in shock on to limit your playbook right Oh. Absolutely yeah! But just from my ride in the momentum of the end of the first half. Even if he's like yeah, I can give it a go. Ev- is coach. I'd be like you know what let's just see how this plays out. And I'd be like Brady. We don't WanNA. Push you. We're going to need you best super bowl. Great Point. Because literally the next drive. The steelers drive down the field goal range. Jesse had a interception, but is brought back by defensive offsides. Yeah as an fares as a whole bunch of like Defense Appel on the drive again, go range, and this is the Phil goal that gets blocked. Roads Troy Brown scoops it up laterals to Antwan. Harris? He returns it for a touchdown. This to Steve while watching the game. Right, for it where Willie drops the pick. Like a little quick. And Willie mcginest right there. It's right in the hands any almost the second chance at it. That's even littering game. Though now, this is right before the field goal.

90:01 - 95:00

that. Fuck. You're right. Yeah, because. That same drive. Negated by offsides Yup and then Willie mcginest hat, assure pick in his hand system. Right in the hands that he drives. Hansie he knocked down to his knees bounds up, and he still doesn't catch it. Yeah, because although two cents nap Chad of him, dropping the pick, and then the bird, the field goal block. Any still to come on this podcast. What a guy! Poor Bastard, but let's get into. That blocked field because it's it's an absolutely incredible play by Troy Brown is the best Troy Brown play ever. On this game the punt return. The only thing we had going in the first quarter and then obviously plays just peak peak troy, Brown and I encourage listeners to go back in and look at the video again because I like my. Memory wasn't what it was they he like that. The kicker is like a yard away from him when he goes to, he's lost anything anything outside than absolutely perfect scoop. These Fox is getting tackled and. SCOOPS, it doesn't even break stride and then laterals that like without a thought in the next second like a perfectly. Only Troy Brown would lateral at because everybody else be like I can break the tackle the kicker it. I'm going to keep going and he gets dragged down. Brown's like how do I make this work? And things. laterals will. Jump on that ball to yeah. I think that's. Just jump on it, but troy probably has enough experience like returning punts and catch them off the bouncing. Stop true that he read it. Grabbed it by the time He. Knew that it didn't matter because the ball was backwards, it didn't matter if he jumped on her. Orphee like muff that and he didn't pick it up. He gets the ball. There anyway throws out yet so I had a question on this I. I don't know the answer to so. He scoops it right. If he. Then like he's, he took a few steps and then larryelder. It may be like ten yards if if he laterals, it gets dropped and the steelers recover. They first down from there. Is that considered like change of possession? So if the Madden video game is Tommy thing than yes. Okay integrates point of like I. don't even have been like that. Because it was so close between him picking it and lateral ing. It true wasn't like Iran yards. It was like he took one or two steps if that. Is Getting. Down, Checked into the guy and widening some I don't even know how he saw him either. It was it was? Bang. Bang as like scoop it. Take a step or two, and then pitch at perfectly to whenever somebody mentions aim, Troy Brown, the first one that comes to my mind. Mine is the. Interception against the chargers where stripped it? Yeah, yeah, that's number two downs better today or the or the interception of drew bledsoe as a defensive back. I mean that was cool for like. Posterity reasons but. The like the meeting meaningfulness of the game. That's that's fumble against the chargers. Who just retired? Talk Play. All of them all this game itself though he's got fourteen points on the board here. All by himself by himself and not an offense. Yeah. You'll also shout Antwan Harris. Local Rowley North Carolina Legend Yeah. Yeah if we can find a way, I'd love to have him on the podcast. Because I think he's one of those. Is Like uh, that that same kind of. mold of. That middle of Patriots players that kind of the foundation of that. Bella check system you know. He's got like A. He's like a semi following around here. Oh Yeah 'cause he's like he's a Raleigh born and bred in his tons of new Englanders living in Raleigh, and there's like a patriots bar downtown where they all watch the games, and he just goes up all the time. Does autographs and pictures and Shit like that? You gotTA. Get you gotta go talk to him when he does. Get Weird about like that kind stops. So. Do I I'm still doing so if I. Yeah well. Why don't you come? Mandy. podcast let's do. If. I was famous I'd be like sick people China.

95:03 - 100:03

But that's the thing though I feel like. He's that class guys who probably appreciate the attention because he doesn't get it a lot because he's not famous famous. You Know Oh, he famous boy. I bet he's not like going out to the Grocery Milk Oh. My God. That's Antwan Harris. That's drew. Can still live his life, but when people recognize that's gotTa, feel good when people recognize the issue say. Yeah that's what I'm saying. I wish I was Antwan Harris. I Want I wish Oh. I WANNA. Be Like! Like? Investment banker. Rich where you're not famous at all, but you just have faulk load of money. See how so here's my thing? I for a while I WANNA be. Famous for something I've made but I. don't want people recognize me. I can go to a party me like. Oh, so, what do you do? Like all I made this thing that everybody uses you. CAST. Pray! Yeah, exactly like I wrote A. Super fucking famous. You may have heard of me. You're nothing against podcasts Andy Exactly Yeah Except wheel down out. Self. And significantly uglier. How many times we Buddha Greg podcast because one of these is going to be fuck, and we and we've never seen. But. We know indies uglier just by. Listen you prick. Put up with it statistically almost guaranteed. Just because your mom's as you looked like Tom Brady doesn't mean you actually. Do you fucking head? I love wine episode. We should do more. So. After the Antwan Harris Tashaun. I've never heard Heinz field so so quiet. which is fucking phenomenal I have after that blown. Touchdown by Rothlisburger. Fix Bike to enter a pick. But that was what fourteen years later thirteen years later yep yeah. But it didn't laugh because. The steelers would score two touchdowns in this this quarter. Jerome Bettis touchdown. which actually should have been a? fuck. Yeah. Him Away there. It is easy. Yeah, it was. About these referees, regardless an this is actually when I wrote down the referees, referees garbage was because. It was clearly touchdown, but like Oh, no, he stepped out at the two. And it was blatantly. Ozzy didn't almost similar to the Makila Harry touchdown against the chiefs. It was more blatant than that that he didn't step out of bounce. Yeah, it was close because of how many bad calls are bidding this game or or even close calls if you will. the steelers didn't have any more challenges. They couldn't challenge that to run of play, but they're at the two year one when the bus random for touchdown, so the buses like actual legitimate stat line was what Maya one Kerry minus two yards minus one touchdown. This is notable. Yeah, he gained positive yards. And scored a touchdown on it. Yeah, honey Novi got in, either like look it up. It was borderline. You probably could challenge up at this point every so fucking and boy cows like Belgium. Fuck it legislature on. and. Then they, ensuing pages, drive was more of the same. It was a false. Start bally's started. BLEDSOE sacked again which brought back a whole flood of memories of lead, so it was one of those ones where he just held the ball. Yeah Maddie. Throat f-r-o-t-h. Throw it through fuck. Dammit, happy, let so but. then. Shitty punt coverage because had turned that Ponte with thirty five. That's. They got that second touchdown. So. They returns the punt and actually I will shout out The Punter The will know notley Johnson it was. Can Walter. Yes, thank you such a punter name, Ken. Yeah. But. He's a single father was doing his best to. My friends calling Kenny. Professionals Circle. By Ken Yeah. Yeah just feels more professional. So Ken Wald, but he was fucking hustling. He's the one that actually ran the partner out of bounds. But never got about. The New England thirty two. So a few plays later Amos famous scores a touchdown. Get, little closed cookie cookies for everybody. That's a good like Steve You WanNa hear some marketing share Anna. If if zero away scores a touchdown, free cookies for everybody famous Amos Cookies, in, the stands.

100:04 - 105:03

Let's see, did you like? What about maybe if they missed two extra points in the fourth quarter, freaky everybody. What The Fuck you talk about your basketball game if both free throws like everyone gets chick-fil-a, yeah! NC State. But then you don't have the connection to Amos right? The only cookies this kicked. A marketer on. Let's do worse. Come on. Fox? Job. My best is that the. The last drive of the third quarter paychecks she get finally. Get their first first down in the second half. My worst is all the fucking touch. Styles at the steelers scored because it's now twin seventeen instead of twenty three. My Best Obviously Antoine Harris. What alleged yes? She No my new best. Is that that part return by Troy Edwards psyched. Twist. It was a good dog. Give them that it was yeah. Steve Kerr to comment. Was a block in the back rest miss. That's all I got. No words fuck worse. My your worse is the the Pittsburgh. Crowd and silent fuck him. Battle through versity cheeses Christ. You're fucking Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You've been through medical. Actually have to best and tourists about that Goddamn my worst. Actress Brag. Steve Browde. Tyler hit a balance on, hines, Ward. With your best or worst or buzzwords like kind of. Highlight. That was Heinz getting in his head. He died off next and like cancer board basically took his fucking helmet off with a fucking. Likes. On the bench. I. was like I don't give a fuck about that penalty. That was worth it. He barely touched him. It was A. Bull, have I have on here this? No over and over again and it keeps getting bigger and bigger caps so many home calls there's. No there were there weren't home 'cause. There's bad calls on both sides of the ball. Believing one calls. I do but not in this game in professional sports. Do these guys the? Didn't do home calls. I disagree. At a worse were. Earn over the Karma Turnover. Let's take a shot to the end zone the same one that they got the touchdown on. And sales like. At a whole `nother dude over the guy's head. Sounds Great. He's throwing away. There's a sneaky Heads Up, play on that third down before the failed fourth down conversion. We Got Strips Act. As that kind of like. Right on the Edge Strip Act were. Strict sack and you watch that Patriots player dislike come flying in from nowhere. Jump on the ball out who it was, but I wrote down Troy Brown, because it fell out, I, looked it I like rewind it and positive. Is Charles Johnson. Shit our and I thought he was Bethel Johnson the whole game. Charles Rossouw, who used to play for the seals, which I think is why he put so much fucking effort game, and he's on the list of touchdown catches from Brady with one. Yes, yeah, we saw it. I think it was in the Thanksgiving Saints Game Yeah. It was a fucking laser by Brady. Yeah, we should do a live. Sparkle for Brady. Td recipients are you've already done it once I've seen. It's actually. It's super causes is fucking seventy something of them, yeah. And it's just interesting going through. Twenty year whole sports fandom of players and be like all right. How many receivers can you remember of your sports fandom? Yeah, that's basically what it is is so many obscure people to, and then you'd be like Johnston it'll bring up like three. Johnson's at Echo Yeah. All. The worst best. After. Troy laterals the field goal return. They had a shot the great work by seem yes of Tom Brady celebrating jumping on one leg.

105:04 - 110:00

I didn't see. No. That was my other best for the game. Got Screaming like a girl like in Seattle superbowl yeah, but little on one leg was exactly the same like jumping up and down with his hands on his head, but on one like this phenomenon I love Brady. He was so pumped up for this game and so pumped up like drew bledsoe and everything that was happening. So pissy wasn't in there, but he was like in a good way. It was amazing I got A. I got worse that I missed from earlier in the game. The was in the first quarter, the the fourth and one situations where they bring the people the the offense out and do the hard count. Then call timeout. I, fucking cannot stand at. One, not 'cause eight never works. And it's a tease. You're like all right. You're going for something you get hyped up and then you're like. That was lame. As a defense for your so relieved though right? Like, if it's the pages on defense and they do that like fuck, no is GonNa. Fall off! I guess yeah but I I. have. You ever seen it work I can't even think of an instance whereas all work. Must have worked at some point. It just feels like one of those coach things where they're like. Torque before, but. Really worked like twice and then ever, since then every coach in the world has been like four one coming out there, and they do a motion or shift to start the. Did like four or five motions on these. Long Shifts motion. You're like there's no fucking. They stopped Has It ever been where like everyone in the stadium thinks that they're not gonNA go for? And all of a sudden with two seconds left in the play clock. They snap, and that's a fucking good. They should. They should do a shift emotion. Hard! And then their quarterback walked off the field as tap to the fucking running back. Yes, that's genius. Bella check. Now shemale What's and the pink straps sky? Fox's the army early atoms, yes. She should send him. If anybody who's listening knows Ernie Adams Email Ernie Adams. Seeing if he can get advance scouting. Early Adams if you. If you're listening, it's up at a Patriots Dynasty. Two thousand one on twitter. Yeah, let's just send us. It won't have any words. It'll just be like play sheets. Yet is one hundred Oh. Yeah we've got plenty of play can read it for you yet. I fourth quarter fourth quarter, baby. This is crunch time. Patients Cling into a lead twenty one seventeen. They have the ball the driving. They actually finally get a first down. This looted the first down the first half. is on the last drive third quarter sneaking big grab by Johnson. Yup and then they get another which was? drew bledsoe on third and short. Getting lit the fuck up A. he does like a jump pass. And Takes a shot. Would have been to the chest, but now to the groin. You jumped up, but completed to the. To Mark Edwards on. Nice runs by Antoine and their right before that, too, though though was A. Tiny little grip on the run game there which I think's up that pass to fullback. It. Is that typical patriots? Run A few times get to third and short, and then converted with with the pass. Did it a couple times and got into Phil Goal Range enough. That! Out of terror kicked along field goal. It's like forty five is yards. Give or take. Hit that. A passer up twenty, four seventeen. And the. Steals the ball back. Another PLAXICO burress to pass interference as to in a game which I don't think has ever happened before that I can remember. To offense parents on the same wide receiver. But this was a gang going back to Otis Smith just kind of owning ship. And he was, he was lined up on Paiko bars, and Tyler was lined up on. Hines Ward. Just the entire game wherever they went was showing them. The new those watch. He was headed game. No especially high they tyler didn't amazing job on. You. Know and there was a there was actually one plan. I don't even remember what the play was I. think it was like a run play. Or maybe was Kordell Stewart like running for a couple of yards, but you could you.

110:00 - 115:00

It showed in the foreground. Otis Smith just kind of Punching lexical bursts in the chest as he tried to get off the line and plenty of ours did not do with it and the comedy that you called it out a one point. And it was, it was kind of how the whole game went. You just you just? Go to Smith just Kinda was too physical for Plaxico bars in this entire game box. Go just didn't know what to do. He didn't have a gun in his. Pants, so he couldn't. Couldn't handle this ship. Say That reminds me one year on Halloween. I had a friend who had PLAXICO burress giants Jersey in Him. For Halloween, I got a pair sweatpants put a Shitload of catch up on the Dick area. Like. BB Gun my pants. Mostly Brian Never. Feel those appoint. It's an all-time bone had moved. A gun without a safety in sweatpants even. Cell phone in my sweatpants yeah right. Falls, out every book. Club at flip by the way. Too many clubs when I do it ain't sweatpants, because don't fuck, let you. to He just signed a contract I feel like. That feels right. Yeah, because everyone's like woods can have with his contract. He's going to jail. Exact can't believe he did that right yes. Our Ages. SHOT HIMSELF But still. This is America discharge a firearm in a in a building with. himself. True. Like! Marvin Harrison has shot people and you can go to jail release. You know and then. Shoots of south and they're like jail time. Because New York I bet if he did that in Indiana like Marvin Harrison did he wouldn't got time for share night, but he's not just thinking. I wrote for New York building it off. tyreek hill broke his girlfriend's orbital bone eating the Joe allegedly. Bringing their right the fuck down. So speaking of orbital bones I guess fourth quarter. I thought the the myth of the game. Was your blood's going deep in his own territory to David. Patent and patent was half a step short as a touchdown. Does. He say he wasn't even sure but blood-soaked actually under through him. And whoever the defensive back was just barely got like a fingertip on it and made patent Bob it. A patent caught that he's walking you for a touchdown. Audit. Should. I agree. That's the classic bledsoe upside. Though right? Dow Such Beautiful Ball. Off His back blizzard chuck like sixty yards offs back foot because. That's all he knows how to do. You just spun it. talked it. For every every throw over his head on third seven. that. It gets a touch granny for he then uncork symbolic that. Yeah exactly. but they they convert a couple third-down eventually. Punt the ball, just running off clock at this point. and now we get into the Kordell Stewart interception section of the podcast. Answer I wrote a note. Right before this. Again like Andy. Add watched a lot of the highlights and I watched. That Troy Brown Mike kick return and all that a bunch in the field goal block I didn't watch the whole game in my whole perception was like. We've Kinda hung on at the end. Yeah I. So made some plays. But Also, member like hating Kordell Stewart this and have a note on here. Has Cordell on a pass more than fourteen yards, and then like immediately accurate tries at dot. DOT DOT throws a pick. One and the both the picks are just so. Yeah both of them. Over through his wide receiver, neither the watch sears are open, no the first one. Guy DOLLE Open. Money! was. You're right? Yeah, hines ward nobody within five yards of them. TOOK HYDRO Yards deep, and he threw it so far over the hines words head that the safety hit. That were to bucky right in the chest and he like. Like why this Paulin my chest right now? Yeah, it was a Canaccord. Cana corn. Comes from. I do what I remember.

115:02 - 120:11

About knocking. Off The off the top shelf. Yes, all grocers. Used use a stick to get things off the corn and they'd knock it into their waistband pocket things. and. They just knock it off the shelf and catch it in their the hip pocket. Amazing look so easy canaccord. Remember that video game we used to play. A Computer Game Yeah. Every single. Every bucking at least once again were said no, so banning all we swing at every pitch. Either, a home, run or a flare off. And every pop. A CORD! Hey. That's what I learned from here. Yeah. Be Two, thousand, four's or some shit like. I still I still dish out that fact all time. Me Too yeah. So yeah, so KORU throws a new session, so monkey Jones overthrows I can't. Pass go three and out. Because you know drew buzzes home, and that's what happens right now and Adam unitary misses his first field goal since Connor decided to tell us that he didn't miss. A field goal thrust the season well well well. This is the one what do we have here. To be fair, the fifty yard field goal at Highfield and chance to make it a to score game two minutes. To Championship game right so. Much! Push it just love and he missed by like. What a foot if that! Had Not. Much horseshoes and hang. On. Ashdown! Dot five yards so. You probably have made that Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, because Bledsoe took a shot the end zone like throat like fucking layover everybody's. These perceptions on cares. They're just built on circumstances right so true. Come back and get a touchdown here. People are talking about that kick. They're like. Yeah, he made he and that invalidates the kick against the steelers, because they don't are the raiders, because they don't make the Super Bowl true. Yeah, right, and then and then this whole law of Adam Venit Terry beamed and the best clutch clutch kicker in the history of the game is like ran from out the window. It's it's very true, so it's just like always get the chance highly built on circumstances like that. That's the argument I was trying to make is not that. Military socks it's just like. Yeah, he's like an average kicker but great. In the circumstances he got, and you know he made some big kicks. And, but give me one phil goal that Stephen Gostkowski. Has. Even had the opportunity to make. To win a game. Ramsey people. and. She's go up a couple of yeah. The giants game I like he hasn't had one where. He's got. Yeah, he's got. He's had a few like you talking about tough. Kick in like a really important game yet to win. You just hasn't had that opportunity so. so they must fill. The steals get the ball back in pretty good position and I think it was maybe one or two plays later. Kordell does an overthrow again. Thanks to Oda Smith. Route. And is picked up by law. Malloy and this game is just about over. But it's officially over when Antoine Smith, who has average? Maybe one lesson to yards a carry so far. On second like eight runs for twelve yards gets the first down game over. Everyone was when he got that. I ask God. Everybody ever does there. They were just like they knew it was the entire pages. Defense went and stood up on their on the bench and so. Why towels at the crowd? saw that which was my favorite moment of this entire game yeah? Drew in the final huddle in the kneel down. Cry Like blinken like every second. It was so good. As Awesome, an ten point dogs in his game. They were and they want it. surprised. I was to actually. Are Lagging at home. So ten points of points for playoff game. Effort AFC championship game especially in a low scoring league like this. trip. So. Give me your best and worse for this game now. How are we going to quarter. No. School. Host Shebang whole gay baby Seabra Zebra by best I mean there's absolutely no argument you can make against the best not being the so story.

120:12 - 125:01

I just the way handle himself all year, and then to to step in with like thirty seconds of notice and. Win The AFC championship game, but not only that, but the way he did it the way he took that hit on the sideline and bounce back up and they're wet through touchdown, which was basically game winning touchdown. Replacement. I thought he was like. Terrible in the second half, but liberty watching it. He had some clutch as had like that awesome touch pass. In the fourth quarter out. Pretty sick that like huge third down, keep that kind of drive churning and eaten up the clock like he actually had some big plays than I remembered. Yeah I remember just like kind of hey on. Inspite of blood, but that's definitely not the case. Yeah, because of blood so. Parents my worse this wine. Effect from the calendar bullshitting at the beginning. I don't like red wine to begin with so how much how much did it cost? You know I was I. Always Think I didn't even look at the price. I WanNa say it was like more expensive than I thought. I think it was like thirty five bucks woo yeah. I probably should have checked the price, but I was like ooh. Big Nfl logo that things going to be like twelve dollars. Like this thing looks Gaudy as Shit Likes the panthers so that that's going to lead into my best, which is drew. bledsoe knows how. To make a bottle of wine. He knows that a crush grapes. Let's say that this man has created a fantastic John. and. You WanNa. Know, something funny as I didn't. I didn't realize until very recently. that. Raisins were just like dehydrated grapes. What. CAN MARRIED PICKLES No Code Cucumber. S. You're the thing is I love I love pickles? I don't like cucumbers. I've always thought that. Though like. Why are pickles called? Pickles and like is pickled. Onions pickled radish pass. CAUGHT UP! We're having discussion cucumbers. Point, number. Not Call A. Raisin dehydrated grape. Well as Know I mean it's A. New Day, Learning hydrated cranberries. For, what can call cranberries? CRAISINS. Or that. I'm just. I'm just saying you know I feel like. It's not my fault. It's Society's fault. Not just for this book for everything. And for all my flaws, you know, my worst is Greg Brown's flaws and also the referees in this game. Yeah. Oh I, don't beat my wife because I'm an asshole is because society raised me this. Roads? To. Getting cut that. Out Note Steve Brown what's your, Best. The worst. Is that last comment? Fair. bessis definitely piqued brown well. Definitely I agree with Greg Drew Bledsoe Redemption Story and all that. Up there, though this is peak, Troy Brown I mean there's other ways you can pull out right of like. Brown being this and he's always been my favorite patriot. But that this game as gay. Yeah Run throughs, contributions real quick. What was staff on okay, so he had eight catches for twenty yards dams. He had scoop and tossed. Out For the Dutch Yep and he. had three returns eighty yards and a touchdown for twenty six and a half yard average. So. Touchdown touchdown two hundred yards. And a touchdown pass. The latter is that that's that's a fucking Troy Brown staff on. Those the prototypical Troy Rouselle and he didn't make the initial pro.

125:01 - 128:57

Bowl. Rich and like they're talking about or setting the steelers single season record with like ninety something catches and I was like wait didn't over one hundred. Yeah more than that. So see rows you worse than. Troy I. Got To be right now. I think what? We're trying to play quarterback man. balled up he struggled yeah. Is He. was the bills guy right now. tyrod Taylor now. He's The saints now. Charges now but Alan. We're like you just waiting for that. Other shoe to drop with them or even Sam Darnold than. Yours waiting for that more Sanchez, you can go through. The list of quarterbacks is like yeah, he's GonNa Fuck Up. Cornell better than them. No, he's Dobler. Throw the ball, but. He was. He was dangerous in other ways like his. Passing wasn't his. Danger. Let's and like He. Could run the ball. We didn't against us. Oh, Bill took away what he did. Well native beaten with his arm, and then just watching Cordell try to beat us with his arm. Was Brutal. Watch I'll give you that he was. That's why he threw to fix in the last minute. Because like the only thing. They added Cordell trying to throw it down the field. I mean ran for. Forty, one yards and his longest with thirty four. Yet to fumbles one when she lost. Twenty four, forty, two to fifty five. passing with three interceptions three sacks. And a lungs, a twenty four yards is reading forty five point two. Yeah as long as it's twenty four yards, probably a screen pass. Actually pretty sure it was his airway. It was it was to drill bettas famous Amos. So like the do cannot drop the ball on. The field saw when it came to that that he had to. Boom. Pick. Pick Don. Yeah, it wasn't great. Although. That's actually probably best just because he sucks maybe the other words. A specific call where they had a huge block in the back. And they called it back because signs ward because he stepped out of bounds, it was bullshit. Time a heartbeat before the block in the backs. I guess that doesn't count, but it didn't though. I don't think it did I think if you revenge or is found out and fucking. PLASCO bursts high steps away from that whole situation like a fucking moon. Did. Dirty? Bad Ref stirred lost collins of idiot. Could have been by troy. Ed's come up and chest bumped or something. Steve. I love it. All right well. I think we've done this game justice. And next week we have what we're doing. We're doing spirits. Christ. That'd be awesome. Next week I think I'm hoping. We have a a special guest. So. We will see you for that one. The Patriots have made the Super Bowl. For their third time ever. Going for the first ever. Super Bowl win against the greatest show on turf, so we will see you next week for that. Gentleman. Have a good evening have final media this. Hellier