2001 Super Bowl: Patriots vs Rams - PART 1

Who better to talk about the Patriots first Super Bowl victory than with someone who was actually there? Join the Brown brothers as they try not to embarrass themselves while interviewing the podcast's most famous guest, former Patriot linebacker Matt Chatham.

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This is Christine Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to my sons, and of course my. Sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny, but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your mother. All right, so this is like you talked about A. Super Special episode. We got into our first super bowl of the dynasty. Today, we have no offense to our other guests, but prior most famous guest I would say. Former Patriots linebacker and three times bowl champion. Match Adam. Thanks join us. We'll thanks for having me on. This is fun and I'm glad it worked out. This is quarantine tabs, so we have all got a lot of a lot of time on her hands. Yes, we do. It has been. It's been okay so far at least for me. I don't how been for you, but it's actually starting to finally drag this past week. Yeah I think we're kind of reaching a point. Right where it's the the monotony of it. All I I'm SAM last family time. We're having a great time getting closer and spend more time. We always have, but we're hanging. Run out of stuff to do. It's like I can. Only watch so many movies you know you can only make so many different meals, and then it's like okay. What else what else is out there? Yeah, that's exactly I saw to. Watch every game for the dynasty. This. Was the perfect timing. If only we had planned it that way, but. Yeah I thought I'd get easier once the weather got nicer, but now he just sit outside and do nothing instead of sitting inside doing nothing. Literally run out of. Shift to do. Yeah. So I wanted to get into the the super bowl thirty six dollars, but I want he kind of. Just touch a bit on on you and your your journey as a paycheck. From! We've talked about this on our podcast kind of throughout the season, but you're kind of that. True Bella. Check in success story of that the kind of system. The ballot check has has put in place over these past twenty years of players a lot like yourself. And I I would put myself sort of in that group of that two thousand team, so I'll do my my row quick. I was actually ram initially. I was director of the university South Dakota. That's an FCS program for for listeners, so or similar to. It was division two at the time it's it's one layer FCS now, but that's comparable to like A. A UNH, or main or you massive the time or something like that, so it's that size school I was an undrafted, Guy I was like you know sort of in that realm of preseason, all-america and into your senior season. Maybe a guy like that has the chance to the NFL. Which Really Kinda out? You know you're Kinda just on the cusp of. Being really good at this level. What does that mean do? I have a chance to the next that kind of stuff and I went to my version of the senior bowl FCS level. They have this. It's no longer exists, but who was called the snowball back then it was inside north. Dakota states North Dakota State is they've actually had an ESPN game based on their book. Couple of years, but kind of angle and. It's just a hey. Greg went to you in H. we have an idea of okay. North north state year after year after year. I told this on media media. My guess since I've been doing this stuff, but plan in North Dakota state is is cool of the environment than I ever saw fell. It's smaller obviously, but it's. It's like an arena football game. It's tight on top of while but. Anyway, so I went up to that senior bullish kind of game for the small schools and perform pretty well, but I kind of jacked up my MC. L. Came Away with a little sprain play through it, but in the sort of workouts after I was not combine ready, and I wanNA combine alternate anyway at the time, so you really need the testing against bigger Heim dies, and you know the exposure their time players are sort of make that case and I. You know I was able to bench and I was able to do some of the stuff. They used to have a leg press thing like a leg side. Next Tesla type thing. There was part of combine testing, but there's only a few things I could do, and that hurts. Yes, so then I go, you know so. I mean I I think that's part of the story I go undrafted I thought I was going to be a middle or late round guy, and then I don't get drafted I'm offer to delay the rams, colts and Browns Kinda just through my agents guidance choose the rams in part because we thought that was the most vulnerability outside linebacker kind of thing where maybe you could make a roster. And was there in ninety nine, and that was my rookie season. That's year. The Rams won the Super Bowl and I was. Really. goofy story Leonard. Little was a really important for them to prescribe traffic year before ninety eight. And Leonard unfortunately gotten in that the deal with the the drunk driving. Actually yeah, we about.

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Yeah, so in the so that's my position I. That was in part some of my agents. Time about why that would be a great place to go looks like winter. You know their starter won't be there kind of thing, so maybe the veteran veteran moves into that spot. You can slide in went up backup job. That's a great opportunity, but that offseason in ninety nine it was announced that. It. Was Time served and you know different times in one thousand nine hundred nine then now. Obviously, you know if you're an accident, you're involved in action like that. You're probably GONNA miss year not more back then it was. I think it'd happened late in the season in ninety eight and he. Sat for those games and then I made that decision later that summer, so it was a weird situation like type stuff they you know where he keeps a cryptic and. You just never know where you're standing. As the team with Rams, a position coaches came to me. I was like wow, okay. Honors back and He's a really huge part of what we do and that means. You're basically not gonNA. Make team now. It's like Dude July. We haven't even gotten a preseason games that we've had. Stuff I think Tennessee or something like that but I pretty much learned before even getting to the preseason games that hey you're. You're fighting for practiced by job in my head. I'm like that's bullshit you know. I could I could have I could've gone to Cleveland. I could have gone Indiana. Raspy here so I did a little petulant I guess in retrospect all right well. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa go through these two days. for no without an option opportunity. Actually make the team, so I left APP. which is weird, so I went to Charlie army, who was the GM at the time and I had a pretty good relationship with coach for meal. You like me. That was one of the places much like new. New England, that keeps a lot of undrafted guys, London Fletcher's one example, but the Rams Brag about how many undrafted guys they bring up much like the Patriots, too they. They find a Lotta. Lotta those kinds of gems type idea but I went to him was like man I? Just want to play in the NFL and it looks like there's no opportunity here because you on practice squad mentioned move up and for a kid and ninety nine. Coming from small school practice squad to me met like old bag and you know, be somebody else's dummy. And I was like I'm not doing that. That's. Exactly that obviously is not really what it is. The practice squad world I mean I think in retrospect after grown up a little bit, you realize that is sort of on the cusp thing opportunity there but I didn't see it that way. Young Kid, so I went back to school so in ninety nine I still under full right scholarship USD, and I wanted to finish my degree so I left. I left. And They have a designation sort of a where they continue to your rights, futures contract kind of thing and so nine, which would have been my rookie year I went back to school and so then you know Charlie's calling in November and my agents calling them. They're saying okay. Do Katie Still WanNa. Do this and I'm like I do when I graduated that fall and then. I came back. The next offseason in two thousand, as if that were sort of my rookie season again and then that's the euro all through camp and. Automated Roster for the Rams Dot my playbook at the end of the fourth preseason game and Went through the weekend. Stay the hotel and holiday in inner city and thought hey. I made it and. For like Monday assures maybe it was Sunday sometime over that weekend where I thought I'd made the cut I came to the team meeting and had my new playbook for the work for week. One and other words are there was A. an injury at one of the receiver spots and can't do and said Hey, we're we're we're? We're going to be a little thin We're GONNA have to bring an extra wide receiver body, and for week one. Basically you must be number fifty three. It's Kinda. Why learn I think? But I'm fifty three and three in the so they. They said Hey. We're GONNA. We're GONNA. Put you on practice offer. Just we're going to have to release you right now. Just a little transaction hijab bringing you back when this things done. I was put on waivers and Scott Buli higher bed. New England claimed me so when I thought was just going to be a little. Hey Sucks. You won't get the plan week one, but you're still be on the team. Thing You're exposed to waivers. Anyone can get. Ya and Scott apparently had been. had been an advocate of mine have known more about me. And I and I had no interaction with team prior with knowing one prior to them doing that, but so I was claimed all sudden I'm on a plane up here and I played on week one with hats in two thousand bills first year and You know see while Scapula. It really did for my career, but it was total surprise so for me and I spent a lot of time on that story with background there to what the Ram thing meant to me was was of different. You know the reason fact we ended up playing though apathetic or team won championship was was cool for me because my my story had kind of started with him never really. Really got going and it's no father on I. Mean I think they were still. You know I on me, but you know the Patriots to expose a guy waivers and keep them practice pepper while and retain them, but ranch tried to do that with me, and somebody else grabbed me so I still kind of have a soft spot for that place.

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They were patient with me leaving. You know leaving them. To camp. And coming back, but it just didn't work out and I ended up in this place and oddly enough that. We played the crowd. Yeah, I 'cause. Yeah, we tried to do some some research on you before we did this. And none of that is in your wikipedia. Yes I think I. Know what I'm doing this afternoon. So. So what was like, were you a fan of a teen grown up then? So when you live in Iowa. It's not something I think you'd understand the New England or did you gotTA team I yobs yeah the past. Of South? Maybe you're far enough south. Unto you know Connecticut, maybe a giants, fan or something, but if you live in this region, there's generally a team that is affiliated with you. you know even if you're out as far as? Part of New England team. You live in Iowa. I was the I. Walk I mean in FRY. You know that sorta storied college. Place it much like Nebraska Nebraska cornhuskers. If you live in Nebraska, you're pro team. Is Your College? Like an Alabama set idea, I was very much the same way, so there's a lot of my friends. I lived in Sioux city. The Iowa is comparable size. It's just short of one hundred thousand. It feels a little Bush you know. It's a very blue collar town comparable in size I. Guess to that but we. Have just a blend of people because you kind of sit in the middle. There are NFL fans, but Chief's Fan Summer Vikings Fan. Some AIRSPAN summer packers fans. You get enough, Sioux. They actually sits in three states. Iowa South Dakota and Nebraska depend on what part of town you're in, and so the western portion, some of those people through sit Nebraska will be broncos fans so again long that long winded way to say they don't have. You kinda just cheer for you. Cure for because we sit literally in the middle of maybe four or five markets, you know six hours in every direction so I was raiders fan, which is Kinda Goofy, which has done nothing to do with any of that but I was a big like how long quite a bit you know! US Defense Alignments Stud Guy that I just kind of dug his game but I was a safety number forty two Ronnie Lott. Were that obviously for a while? Kind of Doug Ronnie and I was a big tall, skinny kid, played safety, initially before I got a grundig a linebacker. So now it's kind of a raiders fan, which for me was was neat, because my very first preseason game wasn't regular season game, unfortunately I my first time where I got to wear an NFL uniform in game situation and go against another team, it was against the raiders, a preseason game there for the rams, so that was cool Tim. Brown's out there, running around the field and you're just lay is our biggest saw. It's that was. That was really really cool to see the second. Raiders Fan we've had on, and neither of them are from either Oakland or la. Art He got into the raiders through hip hop actually. Yeah? They got a brand. New I was I would I would say like starter jackets guys like. Jackets among the stack fall through like the I'm you know eighties, kid and early nineties in high school, and all that so like yeah, raiders were like one of those brands that. You know raiders. The Bulls were kind of that way, too. Just like these huge eighties nineties brands that if you didn't have an affiliation, you probably weren't share for one of those all. The cowboys for me growing up. Behind you. Yeah so the cowboys were in the team. You root for if you didn't. Didn't watch football. Right right. So what was your connection to the steelers since you clearly just went on like a revenge tour in two thousand one. No steelers love whatsoever I. Don't you know what I would say this? Though when you're like a kid from non NFL world, you know like if you're here locally, you can grow up in Framingham or you can grow up in. Dorchester whatever Franklin Kit, or whatever you from some small area you can, maybe even if it's just once a year once every two years three years four years. Whatever it is, you can go to Shea Stadium or Patriot stadium, or whatever Sullivan's you, can it? You can have sort of brushes with NFL life. Go to a NFL stadium. You can drive by NFL stadium, so you're around. At least you're aware of it. I out there like just even the site of those icon accounts like give you like goosebumps like walk on the field, and it's just that you know old steel curtain. Look and it's just so cool when you're you know. Those are the things I've only seen on TV and I had been to NFL game on my life until I played in one. Show I like yeah, so when we when I had gone through college at the University of South Dakota.

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We have a school in our conference back. Then at the conferences exist anymore. It's called the NC. See so that was North Dakota say South go state South Dakota South Dakota. Say All those schools northern. Colorado is in there, and Mankato a lot of good hockey school Saint Cloud States Hockey Program Pip. And Minnesota Kato I think actually called Minnesota. State now, but MANKATO's state had had a team. In our conference, I was calling her conference and they have They host the Vikings. Training camps have for years and years and years and one time of year they get to play a home game and what used to be the metro, so that was my one little brush. I got the play a road game against Mankato in the Metrodome, but it sucked. metronome huge, and there were two three four thousand fans in the stands this trickling down the Perot kind of deal. Arable Environment. Rats. Yeah I gonNA say I've. Been Revolution. It's that it's that feel so. Yeah, so my point of bringing that up is just when you are a kid like me. Without any NFL sort of brushes, UCS steelers helmet across UC. Raiders across each get niners helmet packers helmet I mean those things, just it. Just it gives you goosebumps. It's just such a cool thing even if you didn't necessarily cheer for one of them are cheer against. a lot of sense. Did you have a favorite way stadium to go to? so this is a this is a cornea. Hell kind of story, but I. I still laugh about it because it was my mother, so I played i. don't think I got to go to dilemma or the packers are at until well into my career. I think I played in a few times. Maybe or twice with the jets once I think maybe he just wants the packers with the Patriots the Patriots for six years and I feel like. Maybe we had one trip there the sex, maybe none I know we played. Played the packers at home, but I haven't been there lot. So I feel like I've been in the NFL for handful years by then for five six years. Something like that and I think it was my first trip to Green Bay and I think the first one was actually a preseason game that we came back and played their later in the regular season. I think that's correct. But and it was my first time at Lambeau right, and that's that's kind of like a big deal again to like a football fan, because even if you. If you're ambivalent with the packers thing cheerful, not cheer for him. Still just being Lambo is kind of like a fenway kind of thing for for baseball, so I just remember this is corneas, but back in the early days I, I'll give a Tom Brady credit for this. Lady was one of the very first guys that I knew actually our strength coach Mike Woke and Tom where the to sort of forefront guys on this that had I tunes libraries on their laptops. This is before even like the ipod stuff got started, but. But Tom had like itunes library, really really early always beyond as apple this before apple computers were really cooler new, or whatever this was, this was kind of just like the early days of apple and Tom would be up at like ungodly hours, downloading songs and making these playlists, and this is you know during the two thousand season, and this is like right when I thought I, think came out the a by todd. The handheld thing came out like after the two thousand, and I think it was like the two thousand one offseason yet. Anyway so. Yeah somewhere in that range and you know I had like an extensive CDC, election and cassettes comes up, so we were all trying to download shift or laptops and make these playlists, but tom was like an assassin with stuff like you so into it and a land. Already CDs. Had My vinyls Tom. What are you doing so anyway? He was like really really that and I was a little late to the game, but part of the incentive to get it on. Your ipod was because we had one of those attachments like a little adapter that would allow you to plug it in to the to the weight room, so the the Patriots Weight Room. You could get your own playlist in there. You could sort of control a thing and it's not gonNA. Obviously Tom had seniority at any like that. He was just a guy who had a play with and everyone. Else's fucking popping and a cassette pavers. So. He did that and it kind of incentivize a lot of us to go out, and like figure this shit out, so so we don't buy about IPODS I started to make my own stuff and ungodly amount of hours he'd span. Were I remember What is that? That ghetto boys stamkos going to be a gangster. Remember downloaded that song overnight. My office was like upstairs in law and it would. It was downloading the song from the time. I went to bed at a morning. The download like single saw. Nats Napster. would. And you better hope it was the right so. That was named that way. This is the closest I've ever felt Tom Brady in my life. I have to send. It would just it would just play like you know like I'd be sitting there and a half asleep at one o'clock two. Whatever and it would pop on. The funk partially downloaded and which her plane. Wake up like is there, but anyway so I had I had this like I'd gotten to the point where I had you know had a pretty robust library and had had my pre-game playlist exactly as I wanted, it was still on that I first or second sort of a generation ipod and I had a with me and I always took it out the pre game, warm ups, and we were now in Green Bay.

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For the first time that I've ever met Bend Lambeau and Lambo Z- The walkway from the locker room to the field is unusually law like Denver's a little bit that way in the new stadium INVESCO most of them. You know you're if yards, maybe a hundred yards. Know you're you're close Lambeau. has this weird like tunnel? The tunnels really long really steep, but then how lions back through the underbelly of the stadium to take, it takes like it's a long walk in. You're going through these hallowed halls kind of feel and I just remember. I back at the time, just had my ipod on shuffle, so no Dick or platelets radiology so every. One of the eight hundred ish songs, or whatever it could possibly pop up at any moment and I had hit play, and I started walking down this like wind e thing i. don't remember exactly what song was on, but as I hit that as walking anyway, but as I come down that final tunnel stretch, and I popped right out the the tunnel. You look and you see field for the first time. looks like we made it pops on. That said that looks like we made it with things that Uh. It's. CORNEAL, you know like Seventies. Oh my gosh, I built built the whole story up and I can't think of his name. But. That was kind of my life. Oh, you know like the angels. Whatever kind of looks like it is and I'm walking out on the Lambo. And I will always. Just get a kick out of that and chuckle everytime I think of it because the way the song tied up right as I hit this iconic sort of football venue very male. Barry Manilow. There you go, very. Factual. Yeah! We'll dub that into this. Recording. Over over my singing. Complete So you mentioned? South Dakota State. They were arrival of yours at the time. Is that right Yup so so? Is a few years older than me. I was a senior when I was a senior when I was a freshman I or either senior software something like that. He's a couple years out ahead of me, and that's our rival. Yeah, so south. Dakota State another guy you might may or may not know this is going to take some hardcore NFL fan, this but Steve. Harvey was a tight end for the browns played about the same amount of years. The did someone that. Range something like that Steve was Steve was alongside Kellen. When he was there, so winslow junior whenever he was winslow in Heiden, whether two tight end sets, and Haydn, and I are the exact same age so he was at st all four years I was at you, and so he's an NFL prospect. NFL prospects. We've played against each other all horseshoe. We've had surprisingly so another running back James. White. James I. Ask. Heard? Why can't I literally can think of the Backstay Holy Shit Terrible? USD had another running back. There was small. Kinda like James Bond. James Body type so the river somewhere that way, but anyway gosh so bad I mean. Go on there and I know this, but we had a running back. It was really really good. That went to South Dakota from South Dakota to the Brown also around that time, and once again this you know, I'm sure that'll come to me later, but was we have a handful of NFL guys come through there. There's a some brushes with the South Dakota. You'd have any beef with Adam when you're on the PATS. Not Really I. Mean I kinda give him a hard time now? you know he took her, so I don't think to get. Really real into the whole like rivalry stuff. He does his job exceptionally well obviously, but I gave him some. Shit so two years I. Call a Games for ESPN. Generally I'm up here doing maybe. We used to be you. Mass Games than the than Syracuse uconn I kind of stay regional I don't travel much NFL obligations, but generally I'm doing games up in this northeastern, and then when it comes time I'll end up doing a UNH game main a down to James Madison. Things like that but we had to years ago south. Dakota state actually advanced to I. Believe it was the final four. Of the FCS blouse, bracket. And Maybe it was still just the final eight stage when I had this particular game, but anyway they were down at a school called Kennesaw state, which is in Atlanta and they have consolidated has like a newish like two three four year old stadium. That's like one of those built a venue just for soccer, so they like a minor league soccer team where they build us really cool sort of low city lights brand new with like. Eating decks right on top of the seeds really cool really cool stadium, but South Dakota State was actually their opponent, and for all these years where I I knew the stuff through the regular year, but then when bowl season starts I don't do do.

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So I get in to I I'm always wanting these assignments. Where Yeah Gimme a South Dakota state or co state schools I used to do, and they never given to me i. always keep with northeast stuff, so I got us out the state assignments. I really fired up about it. Says yes Texan adamantly. ONA talk so much shit on the. Bias call history again, but I actually held my tongue in the. The head coach there now. is the same guy that was there when I was head coach Subco- states same guys when I was there years and years ago and we have the coaches conference during the week and I. You know so. We did a coach. Coaches call with broadcasters ESPN cruet stuff, and and I got on and I kinda just bit my time in. Say a whole lot. And he came on and gave us a little Spiel, and he said. Hello, Matt Oh. Yeah, of course I. Remember you we. Kind of had a little little coyote jackrabbit back and forth then we had a dive into it so I knew the sort of been put on notice that. I got to college straight. Zolak does that every Sunday right? So it was fun though I went back, stay so like behind the scenes. They always have a production room. Where were foods available for crew and staff? Before any game really at the NFL college level but I went down to sort of the the officials room umbrella food was being served, and I was gonNA. Grab a few plates and take him back up to the booth and in the hallway. Hallway is this whole crew of the South Dakota state cheerleaders. So there's you know fifteen of these young girls in. They're like blue and yellow stuff, and I'm like they're not gonNa these young shit. I'm in my early forties. have any idea who I am so I'm just GONNA ask him to take a picture and they'll recognize me with my l. earliest Dan Garbutt whatever being down here that. Must Be. One of the broadcasters are some random dude, so I asked him to take a picture and I they all got around me and kind of arms around everyone. We're all GonNa, and I said on three one two three goats now, Yo South Dakota. So not only had our producer whatever taken the photo. One of the guys down there with me. I got them all the one two three Oh. Yeah, that's. It snapped and I sent it back to Adam and. Fun with them, but but unfortunately once again guy gone I'm being facetious. Straight game I would almost be accused of maybe being complementary for state on that. Yeah, that's had happens it does. We have no love lost fair South Dakota state, either because they beat the crap out of your to really okay back in. Back in a twenty-seven. Jack Rabbits Yeah. We that was the that was the big thing. I think they've a lot of that now than allows to do it, but they'd always. There was always a dead rabbit. Every time schools play. Because you know we're. We're the coyotes. Emphasis on coyotes coyote. That's that's it's. sacrilegious to say that it's not the correct. coyotes coyote, but anyway we those that were actually you know it's like a natural Predator kind of situation with outs and Ravin, so any any one of those games. There's always a dead that Jack in really big, not like regular bunny. It's like a large Jackrabbit Strana. On the field thrown on the field of the core whenever we've had any kind of thing, but I got some trouble for them. Probably an animal rights, thing or something. I just made the realization that yolk in your twitter. Bio Is Cayo. About it and I google. Et Cetera is the past tense of Ye. I don't think. Is. Settling the past. And I'm so proud of my school. I feel like I I. I grew up at the wrong time. Obviously, the Patriots stuff worked out swimmingly timing there, but USD right now is like said it's an FCS school, so it's comparable in size stuff the schools we mentioned out here, but we have a dome that's called the Dakota Dome and I, it's Very similar. Gosh, there's really they don't really build them out here. In the northeast, it's the Metrodome was a bigger version of this back in that day. Silver dominant trait all these kind of eighties. Eighties seventies, eighties builds have kind of come and gone, but the Dakota Dome is still there. Put a solid A. Ceiling over the top, but now so it's not the old bubble top, but they're putting solid seating on both sides. Anyone is board. Listen to podcasts. We got all this time on our hands and you jump jump. Jump here and go to. Go to a I think it's like. A I don't know when these website whatever that University of South Dakota upset. They've got like this stadium progression thing right now. They're putting solid seething on both sides so now you've got this like twenty thousand seat.

30:03 - 35:07

Gorgeous packed to the Gills FCS program that looks like nothing in the country, and I'm just like Gosh I want to go. I would go to school. It's it's sick. I mean you're obviously familiar with UNH. It's nice. Not Saying well. No it's not the same and main is solid enough, but it's you just the big metal stand kind of thing. You see this venue like Holy Shit. That's a that's an FCS school. I mean I do be do be seen games. You know regularly throughout throughout these years in you know alumni stadium, but it's you know it's forty thousand eight. The aluminum stand kind of thing. It's pretty basic. This is sick you. Got Up on now it's unbelievable. It's ridiculous. It'd be ready for the season, but I don't. If it's going to be ready or not with all this stuff going on. Right through, so you played when they built the new stadium as well for the PATS. What was that like? Like. Locker rooms and all that. Yeah I think I had two seasons obviously at the old place so again with the contrast of the Ram stuff. I started that I. You know my first out of South Dakota thing and you're a division two school at the time, so you know the phillies are nothing like the NFL. Some all excited to go I'm going to the NFL. Its first class in the rams, runners place called training these earth city so or cities. Cities like this gorgeous like you know full training facility out in the burbs kind. Thanks, a glass facility racquetball courts indoor field, Basketball Court Just gorgeous rooms are sick like everything's really nice first class. The field looks like a golf course like it's just like nothing. I've ever seen in my life and I'm like that that's the NFL. That's what's supposed to be like I. Guess Right, and then you know the domes downtown. WWL and those are like the facilities that like I've made it I'm in the NFL. Yeah, this is supposed to be. And then when I got released in your shuffle off year in I, I stayed out of the West and at the at the airport, so they fly to Logan. Stay overnight at this really nice west and next to the It's not a west anymore. I think until now, but anyway the one right next year, so he's like okay. I'm downtown, Boston. This is cool and the. Hotel. This is nice, okay. Drive Down Ninety five. And I get out and on my. Way that like. Old Patriots Stadium it's still. It's kind of a college bowl, so that's big, still big, and that's cool and everything, but and then I get instead of staying anymore. Nights in the Nice West end were put up in the end zone, the end zone motel across history from the stadium. and. DOB blast. We had some really good times they're. The owners are really nice people at the time. I think that's changed ownership. It's a shuttle I mean it's. Really Nice laced, but we had a party seeing Kinda of hotel motel, but it did not have an NFL. Feel to it but then the stadium itself. You know like you go into our meeting. Rooms were the chairs that have the the desk that Kinda folds like chairman. To write on like that's I mean with partitions like you would have at some office complex kind of thing like the rooms were really divided. We had like the standing rolling partitions. Cuddle seats that roll up and it was like Holy Shit. This is the NFL and for me I would say the facilities. Weren't that much better than what I knew at South Dakota I, just GONNA ask. Source to two good years of that though and it was still cool on game. Day Old Stadium from the field. That's pretty sweet, but still aren't nearly as nice, but then when they built the new thing, it was called. Cms Gi, stadium. For the Gillette remember that. Clip but I have a bunch of I have a box somewhere with a bunch of Siham Gi logo stuff because that's the announced launched their C M G I was running all over everywhere like the. The good the like Yahoo of the northeast at the time I think. They went under the DOT com bubble. Exactly. So. Many camp at Bryant or was it at Fox yeah. I think I did to training camps or maybe three at one point coach Belichick flipped it to To up here and we, we started staying at an extended stay, or where those called like the residents and or something like that over in Foxborough that we could instead of the oncology or Back here in the woods and Foxborough and they would come over here and doing stadium, but yeah, we we were. We got maybe maybe three or four camps here at the stadium and. Absolute night and day one quick story from that I had so when I grow up on south, Dakota, going to university south to grow, but at USD we actually had two coaches had a coach Walt Houseman House we call him houses a a rock star legend.

35:07 - 40:01

He's I. Don't know if you remember years ago. They had the L. L.. A. Kiss that the team that was owned by the band kiss, and they had a reality show on one of those Tlc or something like that. No No, no I haven't seen that. Anyway. 'cause I'm looking for Shit to watch right now. It I don't know. Maybe it's one of those you can find online, but it was. One of those reality shows that follows an arena team around and the old joke. You know it was like gene. Simmons owns football team at light. You know it was. Anyway, it was crazy, but house was the defensive coordinator for that team. He's my old coach from way back, but houses from New Hampshire so house has got the accent, not not not not hardcourts Boston, but like still in New England. It's going to sound very new. England to a South Dakota Kit so houses. You know South Dakota. Guy And we have this other guy. That was a strength coach and He was from out here and had much more of a you know very very heavy Boston accent kind of thing, and so that strength coach was. So out given story quickly. So I'm at training camp. At Bryant like you'd mention I'm out there on the field in two thousand head-spinning. You know it's not gonNA. Be Thousand. Sorry. I had to be two thousand one because I missed training camp thousand I was in Saint Louis, so my first, my first Bryant training camp, a one I guess so I'm out there on the field and the way it always works. Is You only do autographs? I kind of still do now. You only do autographs with the by position group, so they don't let you know. The today's running backs today's linebackers. Today's tight ends stays quarterback. quarterback whatever it is so when you're walking off. The field coach would encourage us like if it's not your day. Don't go, do it. 'cause then everyone will be expected to Divan, so they sort of an and sequences so I I. It was one of those days where I knew our group wasn't supposed to go over there. So when it was time to go, we just had to walk off the field, but you know a lot of people. Yell out to you and want you to cup. Stop Signs, something and this guy is yelling, and again I'm some. You Know Young Guy that I'm not the Guy People's. For their autograph right, but for some reason there's this guy who had his shirt off huge guy. Shirt off the entire time like like I don't know ray bans. Whatever like he's just like. He's just screaming my name throughout the practice there a guy. Sodom bottom. China I'm John. I'm like he's trying to get into time. All the the linebackers are busting my balls like who the fuck is that? Just won't stop name and then when we went by I may not I. Don't know if I wave acknowledged by certainly in stock because we were. Just you know I'm doing what I'm told. Our Day. We can't stop the sign well anyway. That guy was Tom Jenkins who was my strength coach. Now. I had no clue that that was him and so this is before like you know. I guess I probably have an email so I'm getting a text message months later about. Why did you punk me? All my friends, and why did you not me and I'm like look? Like what checks i. So anyway that was that was like my my dad that if you're gonNA imagine that voice in South Dakota. We had to hardcore new Englanders. Route my four years, so it was It was always a little piece of that in my life even i. knew really what this is all about. He should tweeted at. You like a big chunk of meat or something. Yeah but again this is what this is pre. Social media maybe had a cell phone. Yeah, probably have a cell phone I wanted I probably like right towards the college. I think midway through. College in like ninety seven or eight I think they got first big chunky cellphone, but it's not like you know your text. People really that much then and maybe it was the email, but I'm fucking. My Wife I. Share them email I i. It's like it's. How do you get one another back now? I it! It baffles me how he managed to do. It kept by land mines. Right and by the way I'm looking up this La, kiss and their jerseys are outrageous. Exactly what you'd expect if someone from kiss designed, uniform. In House Wall House is name houses study was a really good offensive lineman of believed Iowa that went on to play for a couple of years NFL, but his knees got got really jacked up. was you know how reality shows are like? They always try to hone in on a few of the big big personality. Guys houses just while the screamer religious, good good nude. All the players love him probably has the dependent on at all times. Big Cat lover like he's just he's. He's very eccentric guy. One of my favorite coaches fall time, smart football guy, but house was like this. You know I'm down I'm coming from some to division to school, and you know fifteen twenty years later. There's this reality show male defensive coordinator on there. Had you. Guys are getting to see what what I see. Flirt is from New Hampshire.

40:02 - 45:10

Where from new, Hampshire as well originally. FROM THEIR WALL Coach Jetta Sansom College. which is literally five minutes from the House? I believe houses retired now, but just a great guy could do. Coach all throughout arena and then small college stuff with us and. and I. I love. He used to actually come up to Patriots camp and when you know the arenas, obviously trying to arena, football's trying to pick up. Guys that look like may not make her officer. You know like there's something to them. That can still play. They're good players, but they're gonNA get snipped on fifty three, and that might be part of the next ten so he was always always up here in those later years. Evaluating trying to who hey chatham, who's WHO's not gonNa make it through like. A love and stuff. It's great. Kurt Warner Right. He was A. he's an Iowa guy to any. Did you have daily interact with them when you when you were at the ranch? That little bit. Very little, so remember ninety nine, the that offseason when when the ACL gets blown out. Greens ACL gets blown out and so a by my little story earlier about how when I left camp. That was I left camp the week of the first preseason game so this announcement come right around that time had the meeting I went through a practice or two after they told me that and I stood there for the entire two and a half hour, just watching and I was furious. Feel old emotional reaction, but anyhow, so I didn't actually see the Rodney Rodney Harrison went through through a translator. That's right PRESEASON getting preseason game. But that happened I believe a week or two in the preseason maybe the third week. Something like that, so I I missed that part so in fairness the time when I was there Kurt was just you know backup quarterback and my draft class My Class I was I was one of the undrafted guys, but Joe. Germaine was in that Group Number ramp from Ohio state Joe Germaine was the other. Could he be the second? Could he be the third? So at the time I left I really? You know it wasn't the Kurt Warner story yet, so had a few interactions with them, but not a ton, but obviously superbikes guy. I didn't get to see the kind of player. He became until I was. Nathan. RAFTED Iowa. Let's see that was another? It went to the University of Northern Iowa and that's another school sort of been the FCC conference yesterday now so that's a competitor like cool school I I went to their for recruiting trip, and it was one of the one of my coolest. Memories there was Remember offspring. Your band hang from. Extent. Jan.. So that that I'm blanking on that one song. It I'm terrible about bringing up song names here. Not Remember the name, but. I remember on that recruiting trip. It was one of those you know almost like Johnny. Be Good. That'll movie like one of the sickest recruiting trips ever remember you go into House Party. After we left the game and they had actually opened the back door, and then opened the front door, and they ran a a slip and slide all throughout the whole. And and add kegs at one side where they had opened a tap of the category that run down to slip and slides. What what whatever that song was from? That other that White Guy was. There hit early on there and the keeping separating. Yeah now. You'd hear it. Whatever it is I and you will come up with him, but they killed the lights in the house, and they started plan that song and there's like two hundred people in this old house, and they flip on the kegs, running down the slip inside out from the back out the front door of the home, and people run into the backyard and slides of the house, while that offerings on glazed that that's how I. I'm pretty sure that's how Greg's. To. Apply Myself. sh- all right well. I mean we've. We've kept you longer than We told you we would. boys. Do you have any last questions you want to ask before we mercifully let him go only interested in like the build up to the super. Bowl Super Bowl mediaweek. Actually actually talking about. All the time in the were unfortunately I do have all the time in the right now. But. So I'll just say this. It was weird. especially getting to experience the next to and you know the pace of the week you know based on one way, Houston and Jacksonville is next couple. That's Kinda. What it's supposed to feel like, but you'll remember. The Rams had an incredible advantage I would say credible, but a nice one, because they want at home against the eagles to go to the Super Bowl that we won on the we want on the road against the steelers and you'll remember.

45:10 - 50:06

This is the nine eleven year we'd lost A. We lost a week of the season where the NFL pause thanks during the year and We lost that week. The basically what was chewed up was the that extra week of the Super Bowl so there wasn't two weeks. There's just one so when you went on the road against the steelers. Want to say. The AFC game was the afternoon game I believe. On that Sunday show you know we're clint were Clinton early evening? And we're having our trophy party there on the field, and then we got to hop on a plane and fly back borough and then go to New Orleans the next day so. You know if you're Saint Louis. You'd be Philly. You're at least homes, guys. I'll go back to your house. Grab their bags and you probably meet the next morning. Take off in a flight for once. We fly back, so we had to fly back in the middle and I. You know obviously. The drinks flown having a blast you're you're making it the super bowl work, but we have to. You know late night flight from Pittsburgh back in New England, but everyone's gotta be back the next morning with their bags pack the stadium and operas. You know the guys at work. Operations over the team are trying to put together a super bowl plan on the fly. I'd just remember being. You know maybe asleep a little plane, or maybe not, but you arrive in back in the middle of warning gotta go home. Pack a bag for an entire week. Stay in new. Orleans and your back the stadium maybe at noon. Remember exactly the time obviously, but something like that like the flip is so quick, and now you've got your bags packed for a week coach spell. Spell checks coming in with his itinerary. Probably together on a flight I guess I I. Don't know when one that would have time for all that, but and then we're turn around and jumping on the jet and going to New Orleans so it was quick, it was a whirlwind. You did not really have an opportunity to let it all sink in, but then that evening and think Monday night I I would imagine we've touchdown. Maybe sometime that afternoon or something like that we went was a group of ten twelve of US something like that Emerald Lagazio was has restaurant called Nola and had was hosting the handful of us, and so we you know. We ate it at emeralds place and he kinda hosted then. It was really cool. You know again. Her kind of celebrity is. Had spent like all these cool things, but we went there to knowle's require had a really great dinner that night with a handful, the guys and then down to Bourbon. Street for kind of our one night out in one night we don't have a curfew, or whatever and you kind of just let let loose and a bunch of the rams. Guys are down there as well. I Larry Larry Flint Santos's highbrow place but Larry. Flint has one of the sort of `Bout Balcony Hangover Bourbon street kind of places, deeds and all that stuff, so bunch of guys run there which some of my old friends from from Saint Louis and a bunch of us after leaving knowle's went up there and we kind of had a little bit Kinda Weird, but two teams are kind of. Down Bourbon Street the night before gets going, but it was that quick though that you just basically arrive there after I mean she was twenty four hours from when we're sitting dinner at Knowle's twenty four hours from when we were in the stadium, it's Tamla case and after I've gone back to new. England back again and then you have your wildlife out. There got pretty pop and then the next morning the next morning. You're doing media. So that that whole in the stadium pictures yet it was that fucking quick, so that's what Tuesday was, and then you're into Wednesday practice week, so I'll remember I don't remember a lot of details of little antidotes like that because it happened so frigging fast, so that's that was one of the ones where when people our remember stories like. Individual things that we did and Houston or Jacksonville way better than New Orleans New Orleans. Wall that came quick like just you know you're in new a game plan like basically the next day and just trying to get up to speed quickly. Play game. Yeah, it doesn't time to study that ranch walkthrough tape either you know all their practices. As if that didn't. Read that article on the athletic that you wrote about that, so we got to bring that up. Just drove me nuts. Especially, since have a lot of respect independent of that one situation with a lot of those guys in in Saint, Louis bought into it. I don't know why they did but I can understand that when you you know when you've had this appointment loss that you would want to believe that something like that was at the heart of it, but it. It's just not true so and that's a crazy thing like you know we just It was such a quick week and I think one of the things that. When people wanted to find a way of how we showed on defense, we must've known some. They had some secret love. Blah Blah like it was so incredibly helpful to have played them really tight and lost at that. You'll remember that home game that we have in November December. December what it was rams that was so helpful to kind of flesh through what really worked for us that we can now build a game plan around, and also look at all the time.

50:07 - 55:01

Rams have been smoking people and allowing the receivers and tight end just allow untouched. That was to me one of the first real hardcore belichick aim plans that was. You know really what wanted for us. If you if if we'd adopted a different game plan and we had done something comparable to what you've seen all the other teams that tried to slow them down. Do probably got beat in a while. We did it. It took a very particular approach to beat. Those guys and coach taught it to us again in the. The sort of expedited manner because such a quick week, but it was like you can't. You can't learn everything in this environment. You can learn quickly what you can't do. They can't free release the line you know Ernie Conwell Stud Big blocking tight end, very athletic and Williams, the other side, and they've got really good athlete identity. All those receivers Isaac Bruce. Might draft class of or my rookie class Tory hole and You know Horn Horn was still there Blanket. Receivers name Rick Rookie, Law Yeah Obviously Marshall Ricky Parole and just it just incredibly talented group. If you let them build on you and you get easy releases off the line and make their break. Twelve fifteen yards are gonNA murder you, but if you beat him up at the line, you know that's just is one of the first times where we. Where I think approach won a game that I that I'm aware of big NFL guy, but it was. How incredibly important the approach that we adopted you know played a play that role. Similar to bill checks. Game Plan against The bills when he was the depends on for the giants to. Think that's basically told them that. They wanted Thurman Thomas to run for hundred yards and if he did the game. Sort of thing, it had shades of that at least. Of that area. Anyway, I don't know I wasn't there. The Ebony like A. Guy Who played with still keep in touch with the elec. really close friends on the team. We're talking patriots. Anywhere. Yeah so I would say the the group of guys that that stays in touch the most is really your position group. So you know it. Larry's as one of my good buddies and I were obviously together here for. For for five or six years, and is as gone on to do a lot of different things and coaching. He was a special teams assistant at the for the giants for several years before he got its first coordinator job. with Texans had that few seasons, and now he's assistant up in Seattle and it. It does kind of suck how you know one of your boys. Your ties with the live on the other side of the country y'all so we just Kinda. Yeah, you're unfortunately forced to keep contact through texting and stuff like that. PODCAST because he. Asked me what we did and everybody else there? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I i. mean it's generally. One fortunate that few of the guys deliver on your Patrick Pass. Use My Patrick's my My neighbor on virtually everything I did as a pro at specialty so on kickoffs on the L.. Three Patty Patty is the L. too, so he's right next to me on on punt team on the guard Pats, the tackle had our kind of like I know wing, my wing, man, or whatever something like that, and just about everything we did. We were always alongside one another coordinated really well together so patty still down here in Rhode Island like it's a Lincoln Guy so i. do see him some. Wish some were joined jerseys. Local Copen has got his place down in in East Greenwich opened up that line cider brewing place. Incredibly. Busy with that. Nad Cope isn't doing much. Maybe you get this towing that few years media, but these really involved in that burry, and it sounds like it's pretty bad ass I usually just actually physically haven't been down there. I've gotten cases of his stuff. It's really good, so highly recommended. If anyone's going down there. That line copes, got his hands and stuff, but Yeah Russ. Hoax Stein Russell. ECKSTEIN is a is a Nebraska Kid university. Nebraska and grew up in than which is in town not too far from where I wasn't too city, but hoax nine is. I'd say Russ kind of the criminal example. What happens a Lotta guys nfl you go to your host city out city that you. Kind of grew up in you. Settle their. Russes two towns away and I see rust once or twice a year and he's a great. We get along really well. Our families get along great, but you just you just end up. I live in Wrentham and I basically see rent them people now now it's socks. It's K- faulk was here for years, but the now he's moved back down to Louisiana. That's right so I. Think I've I think I've. foyers obviously doing radio, so he's local. Also also still here. and.

55:03 - 60:00

Still here. Yeah, obviously, he and I worked for careers together unnecessary, but now doing radio TV anymore so I I. All those names that I mentioned were all around here or we're all kind of live in different towns, we see each other a little, but not a lot Bruschi, honesty, brute but brew. Is Down, in Bristol few days a week, but he lives in north, Attleboro snotty far away. So you know, yeah, honestly, even though you're here. It's I think we talk through text messages more than we do in person which is. I mean just more life. That's a common thing a though, I mean we have to ask the question of like. Do you have the phone number for cripes? Era. Yeah because we are the browns. We we also. We were discussing those last night. We're going to ask you, and then we're going. Discussion does is Troy. Brown the type of guy that actually has a cell phone. Strikes. I definitely am not going to be able to give that one. Yes, yes. Like, how how early was he on the IPOD train? I don't remember seeing okay so I have to be deliberate here in and so the the groups don't lift together necessarily. Show that mile thing was. By the linebacker group sometimes line would go in with us as well. Maybe tight ends like mid Agricola the or they lightweights, middleweights, heavies, or something like that, so I think we're always in the middle group, so the receivers, and maybe the running backs and the DB's and stuff they all work out together quarterbacks with them, and then the middleweight stuff, which is us linebackers, and and maybe lying now dealing heavy so mo- mostly linebackers and tight ends, and maybe the fullbacks, or whatever we work together so whatever troy music toys listeners. We're probably not in for so two more. It's more your body type kindness of middle. He's probably listening to classical he's, he's A. He's from Westwood School West Virginia. I don't know I. Don't know I don't know troy's musical tastes reckon. Foiled. L. Greg! You wanted to ask about Brian Cox. Just from watching all the Games in oh one. He's like one guy that likes stood out as someone like. It didn't jump to to mind like looking back, but when we actually go through watching the games, you're like wow Brian. Cox Electric Bike just from my personality standpoint and From a place standpoint, too. So he had, he had a really interesting role on that team at something that So. Brian wasn't there. In two thousand two thousand was the team was five and eleven and You know I don't know what the exact number was. Maybe half I. IT seemed like path. Maybe it wasn't quite that dramatic, but there was a real house clean from between two thousand and two thousand one, so cox was one of those new offseason. Free agents in the one crew Roman fight from Seattle wants to fight this. A Stud really noticed. Noticed a tremendous pro, really lucky to played with him all his years, but five came in Cox came in, and those are kind of new to new additions to the linebacker room and any member. Any cats had those problems was having surgeries, and his career was ending. That was kind of all happened around that same time Cox's coming in his andy was kind of going out and i. believe TJ to Johnson. News you know obviously? Player for the for the Organization for years but TGI had. I think it was his bicep thing then at the time I. don't remember, but he was. They said it was A. it was a little bit. Yeah, he was a little banged up at the time Cox came in, so it was timely that Brian could pop in and play Mike Linebacker, and that was of the days before Bruschi was a Mike Brusca was more of a will in other words, weakside Linebacker, so you're Mike is traditionally big hammer guy and Kocsis Hall I think would be about the same height six four five type guy. Brian was heavy like he was. I mean it was like way now unfortunately. Too I mean it was like to sixty type, and I was more of a fifty type, but Cox was just one of the thickest on contact heaviest hitters at least a linebacker that I'd never really been around and in the crazy part is. Brian was pretty Shitty in the weight. Room I I joke because. He was such a such, an absolutely animal on the bill, which was always a good was always a good reminder that it's not just the weightlifter guys s early hit the hardest to play the best like that and caucuses, a preeminent example that he was really poor at things like bench, press and things like that which would expect as he was absolute assassin on the field. The reason I said is is role was unique as Brian was Kinda like the much much older fat when he was brought in one, and he was kind of a you know.

60:01 - 65:05

I don't know speed dial to the Front Office Kinda guy like bill would have a man. You can tell a lot to. How are things in the locker room? And you know you sported meant that'd be kind of a go-between and enforcer a little bit. You know and so Brian. I actually had a little attention because I've gotten in trouble for a couple of personal thousand one game against Broncos early and the hottest that. Yeah, coach, laid coach, had laid into me in post game, and then Cock said something to me in the locker room and we didn't get to blows, but it was tense between the and I, I'm telling you this because I I love Brian Greene Guy and that we re tense then because he was the sort of the older guy in line of the coaches and I was just leaving the alone time for. My job here I'm not trying to fuck up. It's just know I had a couple. Bad calls So! It's twenty, because then as I grow and become a vet. And then Cox Booze into coaching. Brian was my coach, so he was in New York when I was in New York so box was brought down there. He was brought down there with me. Jeanie, so it was funny. 'cause that one year Cox. Was You know the hit? He has against Indianapolis that really turned the tide of that game? One of the big shots over the middle and. And you know Cox's just such. A A for that early grew less emotional leader kind kinda guy, but he was also I think one of the biggest lessons I got from Brian, was his toughness, and just that he played with one of the worst injuries I've ever seen. He basically had a broken foot. Yeah, when you break your foot, you can't fuck and run and he would put. It, you'll see offense lineman. They'll do that like club thing where they put the giant club on hand, and you know. Maybe maybe it's even a close fists, and they don't have fingers, and they're able to able to play a semblance of the normal game Kosta Foot and let it I've never. I've never seen that before like he's getting shot up if you look at the way yet it. Is What was like a club foot like he had so much tape on his ankle and. Foot I don't exactly where the break was, but he had a break somewhere there down in his foot, and he was so big. You know in the mid season and late season with us, but you one really healthy yet played through that. Thank through the play offs and I want to. If I recall I. Don't think he had much of a role in Super Bowl I think by then he. He was I was a little more reduced because he was so fucked up physically, but I just remember you know. I went through some things later in my career I shredded my toe at a says, Roy tear basically like when someone is an acl reconstruction I kind of had one of those for my foot, absolutely shredded my foot, and I used to have to take a pair of shoes and. Get a new person who's reached game and the cuddle x out of the side, so might says Moore junkets. Stick outside of you because there's not enough room that with like my I mean. I had a fox up so like I they. Should. Shouldn't have been out there. Getting shot up and was just limping along, but I always remember. I like thinking okay Brian played with his broken I got stress factor. I've got badly dislocated. I can barely walk, but I do. Remember is not playing going okay. You know like Bryan out there and. Be Cox went out and played on a broken foot, and I was similarly limited. You could tell Cox to to, but this whole thing was audible Middle Linebacker by that point. He's like I can still take three hard strides at the show. The Garden Front of me cover anyone at this juncture got could be able to pass rush flip. What can I still do? My Body Limited this way and I just I always looks good example for me. Because I remember, he figured it out. He played through the pain. Take what you gotta taking it out. There and I had a very similar situation that later micro that I. I had to deal with and I. was Kinda thought back. How Cox was a little bit inspiring that way, but yeah, he was, he was important guy in those in those, and that one run because he was very emotional, leader and be dealt with a lot to get the game himself from Israel, kind of inflow like a Lotta guys have happened, but you know glad I got to play with them there. Even though there was a little tension early on, and you'd have to be my coach later on ended up being a guy that I that I really respect because I remember he got. A chop block or something against the. broncos is how he broke it. Because he was finding up kind of. Swinging on the guy because he just opened his feet, absolutely remember that rockers game. You're right. Came back like five weeks later and we were talking about it. We had no idea how that was. Broken leg and five weeks. He came back. I think you're right. We're talking about how he came back. Yeah. He came back quicker from that and Terry Glenn from his hamstring I believe. Hamstring suck man though I hate those things I've I've gone through that because it sounds like such a it sounds like Hannibal Pussy Andrea. Your Ham is, but like once you porn one of those things they never heal, and if you happen to have a job where it requires you to open up open up and go full speed covered kickoffs, obviously for my whole career hamstring stock like like. Would you literally rather just break the arm? Break the armed right, the bone, clean, clean break leading you'll hamstrings are kind of those things where? You, get a tear in them.

65:06 - 68:53

They start to open up and they never heal, and you can't run, and it's just. All Miami just sounds like something. That's not like as cool is like I wrote my leaguer. Had separated. My shoulder something like hamstring sound terrible pulled muscle, but if you know I just know I dealt with that one season, and for my job, you have to sit over there. Silver Silver, then run down and cover off. Maybe plays a few plays on defense, and it's just when you're ham user jacked up. It's not it's not good, so I can imagine being a guy like that. Where you have to run forty yards downfield. The huddle run twenty five yard out. Cut Down on the thing like if you're AMI's reject up, it's. Depending on how much! Don't you have hamstring issues? I Have I've like ten tonight is stuff. That's right. Yeah. I've been giving you crap for answering issues for no reason. Greg Greg used to play soccer. Is the closest thing we have to match adamant our family. Donations UNH is a cool school man. I'm just I'm sad that they didn't have hockey season got cut short because I've I've I've I tried to do? hockey's it like as many venues as we can. A year. Here's my kids eleven year old kid. Good hockey player in the Nice. We don't get up the game often that we try to get everything. You can't. Hockey unh is when I haven't heard. I've never been up the Maine's. Think. I haven't been merrimack yet. either. I think we hit just about everything and this was going to be off season where we're GONNA kick off those last few and the season got got started. Besley. Go All right well, MATT! We've. Taken, we want if you're. For Twenty minutes. At Accurate I. Took your, Tattoo? I just. Talk and talk I I took the day off today. The Hell's PTO. This year you know. I am good ago. I'm working today. You're on the clock right now. All right, but Yeah, I think. I have no other. Nothing else on mindless that I want to bring up well. Let's let's shout out is. The the razor. Show right that you're up. At, yes, sir, the razor show on the athletic is is up. We haven't done any episodes since. Yossi and Rexach Jeff House there now I'm Jeff How's our lead reporter guy and I'm the analyst but the ratio has been. We did one episode after the Super Bowl and it's Kinda sad doormat, so you're bored and they want to go listen to social last year. They're out, but we haven't been. We have met. Raise your showing this season yet. So Nick underhill was the other writer, obviously with us at the athletic nick is now moved back down the New Orleans so. Jeff Right. Now we're. We're not doing much. I'm just an season writers. I'm not really doing a whole hell right now, but if you're bored, you want to go look at old stuff. It's all their archives. Let's put it that way. Hello Throw Lincoln. The show notes for that. I met do a Nessin. Nelson's the plug there you go, so. We're I. Think we're actually starting to while, but this is gonNA be. The show will be shown later, so maybe not by maybe dental, actually beyond him on TV, but right now we're just doing it from home stuff. Man. All right. Well thank you again, Matt. This has been fantastic. But, also herself. and. My pleasure. I'm back.