2001 Super Bowl: Patriots vs Rams - PART 2

It's finally here! The big game in the Big Easy. Join the brothers as they talk about John Madden, the Super Bowl logos and some fun facts that you'd probably forgotten by now. It's Super Bowl 36, the introduction to a dynasty (right Ricky Proehl?).

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This is Christine Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to my sons, and of course my. Sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny, but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your. Heart to various. Episode Super Bowl episode. we thought this was such a a special one, and because they that Chatham talk for long did. We thought we'd spent the senate to episodes. So this is episode. Two of the Super Bowl, two thousand one super bowl. Coming back to us. We're GONNA take you to Sunday February. Third Two thousand two. In Louisiana a super domes pre Katrina. Ultrabra we are New England patriots. Are facing the greatest show on turf in the second time this season. The first one didn't go the Patriots Way and because of that, the Patriots are fourteen point underdogs because underdogs. I think insecure history. That's not the biggest underdogs. THE BIGGEST UNDERDOGS! At this time yeah, Greg was the biggest underdogs. I looked at out kind of simple old one. Eighteen. Really! The was the Jonathan. It might have been. I look it up guaranteed victory. I know the biggest blowout was I? Don't think the sperm. Upsets at jets colts who ruled three eighteen point spread. Didn't. They only scored eighteen points a game back onto. The final scores Sixteen to seven. Or we're not going to ruin the finals. Tell, you who won? So talked about the rams, really because we saw them and we. Talked about their offenses. Solid defense at Adia. Nothing huge and that's I think. It's probably just get into this game. Because this was a game that I felt like I. Watch More Racist Than Happen I. There was a bunch of plays in here. That were big plates. I can believe that way. So can we talk about Kurt Warner I? Not. 'cause I went down. Kurt Warner Rabbit. Hole all right I love you randolph. A story is. Ridiculous. It's crazier than Brady's. Without a doubt really. Oh, yeah, I. Just his rise like He. was a third string quarterback at the University of Northern Iowa. Power So. Yeah match Adams. I think same conference. I think I think you. Saw One AA. He goes undrafted. Nine, hundred, ninety four goes to the. Gets picked up for the packers training camp, competing Brett. Farve Mark Brunell tied detmer she's. The coaches Mike Holmgren Steve Mariucci and Andy Reid. Audit Powerhouse Yeah, all three agrees sucks. They caught him. So then famously after he gets. He's stocking shelves at a grocery store for five fifty an hour in Cedar Falls. Boy. Imagine anything more depressing. Clean and pools. Hey. That was like eight dollars an hour doing it during a pandemic. GS. Sedan. He goes to the arena league. And So in college to Susie played senior year lit it on fire. He goes to the arena. League lights it on fire. He like wins to arena bulls. He's Zych I in the League in yards and touchdowns all these stats. He gets a tryout with the bears. And before he goes, he goes honeymoon before training camp gets bit by a spider. And can't compete at Camp. Bear. Did he go on his honeymoon? Australia! Australia, yeah. Fuck off, spider. I see sneaky I. Think you know Super Religious? This is just a theory, but he wasn't. You know you save himself marriage plus true. But as soon as he busted in instead of that like like. Two minute, more moment of clarity. had like six months one. Skip the.

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This to what am I doing? That's my theory. Then he goes to NFL Europe boys for the Amsterdam. Admirals with. His backup Jake degrom didn't know that either chat. and. He Lights It on fire in Europe as well so everywhere he goes, he's just spent hairs it up. Yeah, there is it out. He ends up with. The rams they pick them up as their fourth string quarterback. and. They put him up for the NFL expansion draft. When the browns were expansion, they were like. Nah We don't want him. And then. Is Somehow ends up being the backup because they like trade Tony Banks and Willie's Bano yeah. And then try green towards ACL and all the side. Your starter is Kurt Warner ninety-nine. What does he do? It does for forty three hundred yards, forty one touchdowns sixty five percent completion percentage. For Fourteen touchdowns in his first four games. That's crazy. Yeah, Wins Wins. The MVP wins the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl Mvp all in his first season in the NFL. Come just just a ridiculously meteoric rise hell when he first got shot because I, he went forty five around Graduated College in Ninety Three. So. That's twenty seven ish. Yeah, graduated in Twenty One late Twenty S. And then signs a seven year contract right after that ship. Imagine his wife. She must be like God damn I hit the Jackpot. Eilly, auto word that. You're making five fifteen an hour and I was wondering this House for Real. And then the rest is Kinda history back-to-back MBP or two or three years MVP. I mean he lifted up one so this is his third year in the League and he should have spent. This is like I. Think the height of his career. Split. I mean he falls. He falls apart after this game. But this is indeed. Right. Yeah! Actually funnily enough it was a lot to do with the thumb, so he gets a thumb injury in this game and. I think that carried them for like four years like stay I. Don't even think you've got an game at the beginning of the season. They are saying. Cast because in the last game of yeah, and he's still having issues here that talk about him. Like having some like grabby thing, he's always squeezing, so he can like. Try some up, but he's like. Grabbing better. Strangers. I know what you mean when you gotTA. Springs I'm guessing. It was John. Madden John I'm pretty sure he actually said grabbing that may have been pervaded. I'll I'm going to go on record and say John Madden was a better commentator than I. Remember Love. Them I wrote down to yeah. Let's go there John Madden and PAT summerall. This was actually pat summerall last ever game that he did good. We'll. He was awful well, starting at just not finish it. Are, you gonNA say something. Thing. He would fall for it every trick. Play the. Patriots Dad what they've been doing all. Also you season with a direct snap. To Kevin Faulk. Oh, too high. Snapping a boggles over prey. Oh, wait no. Well he's so like monotone to and that one play was the one where you could tell. You actually surprised because he actually had some emotion it. Yeah, exactly. Yeah I I agree with him. I thought John Madden was a lot better than I remember. Remember just like all the stupid shit that he says yeah, he actually listen to them. Like a lot of it is really good and really informative stuff. You can see why he lasted as long as he did. I remember mom saying that she liked him. Because when she was learning the game, he would explain it, and sometimes he would like you dumb it down so like stuff like I'm like. Yeah, no Shit! But I remembered that comment. Mom must meet a years ago or she loved him because he would explain to her when she had no idea that was going on right absolutely. Jokes around to. He was having a great time with it when the rest of Dogma that call and the guy like held his hand for like ten seconds. You see that. He's like you must got a good one look at his eyes. Referee was like if you haven't pointed, which way was going to do it.

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Doesn't know which way it's going, but he you can tell by the look in the referees is. He's got a good one. Because were wide open. He was the guy standing. This is ally over his holding his fifth. He, he was used very quotable. Well I mean my impression coming away from it because I've watched that found drive a ton is him like saying they shouldn't go for and then doubling down right out on that. But. From the big picture. He's got a point. Where like they're on the seventeen had. Ever change. Left Brady's rookie. Logic now yeah. They just gave up a touchdown in mind halfway through he. He's like never mind. I'm on board with this. Yeah, all right. Now now listening back now. Twenty years later I've changed. My I'm sure I know he said some. Silly things, but never stupid. Never wrong like you'd say Dan fouts. They're not super bias either. He didn't seem to be like crazy. Biased know who more just like excited to to watch football kind of like. You'd see Tony Romo these days. We're just excited. To. It had that that like joyful feeling to it to me. Also. This is the best Super Bowl logo of all time in my opinion I. Below goes. Remember member really but this one. It's awesome. And They were kind of Samy after this one. And then eventually got standardized out of the same thing every year. I don't know whether they do that either. It's stupid. Couldn't tell you. Apparently is supposed to be something different to. Remain. The ad they had different logo and they did. They had sold some merchandise with the old logo and then obviously. The nine eleven thing there's a lot of patriotic themes around the super bowl, so they end up changing it. Makes Sense. Google it. Very drawer lives theme looking. Like. The? Better. Likud did some research this week. To watch the gay but this. WIKIPEDIA! Greg's also. Rainman of Patriots Points Remembers. Watch! Shutout Matt Chatham for putting me onto the L. A. Kiss television. Have you watched. It I watched like five episodes last night. Yeah and it's worth watching did. I say. I'm GonNa tell you something that. It doesn't make me proud. Kick Kelly cried. Excuse. Kelly cried and episode three here's. Sadness like? Tears of joy when PJ Bell, the underdog made the team, so he could play with his brother. Kelly was. Clear sign your on quarantine. Really. I can hear in the background yelling at you. Issue Custom from downstairs. Here's a happiness. Here's. A KISS football team. We may have to future. Do a a bye week, episode or something? It's worth it. There's enough to talk about their to attack as they say. Line series of Episode Yeah. Maybe not that much. Even better all right. You have anymore. I had some some Kurt Warner notes. Actually we got so. I noticed that in the last game. They didn't talk about it, but he had this like you. That big long facemask Kinda like similar to chew bledsoe's. Had like an extra loop at the bottom. The fuck does he has just like. To hang his tired or something I don't understand why that extra thing, but actually talked about it in this game where? Apparently his. Vocal Chords got injured somehow that explain how it happened. I guess he's got like. Shot in the neck or something? By. Post that clarity. But. So they they put that there while it was feeling, so it wouldn't. Come because. Lost? Losses Voice for like a great thing. No they had it for that, and then they left it there so wouldn't get fucking crazy injury. Get. Does that even extend far enough down now? I? Think it did because he took a shot like directly in that spot from Willie McGuinness at one point. Oh, yeah, we stayed in their late I just like. Throw them all away, but. Like.

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Top of his dome was like rightness, right mischance off. Maybe it did help. Shots in this game. He he took a lot of shots in the game in a bloody point. They said it was eleven. Eleven hits three quarters them. And he was also at the point at this point who? He was second in NFL history in attempts without an interception. In Super Bowl with sixty. And, then procedure throw two hundred sections in the next eleven. Attempts see spoiler. I'm assuming that's been broken since because people just actually throw. More passes Games Jenner but there was I took a bunch of screen shots because there was a bunch of like. Steps that they put up on the on the Chevron, the bottom and Didn't make a lot of sense. Yes I actually found video when I was youtube in this of. Home video reactions to this game for Frank. Yeah some people in these Boston fans. And the quality is what you'd expect, but. One of the things they brought up his like. The on stats from. I swear to God just throwing anything out there. It's just give you a taste some of them. At the beginning. The rams started the ball they showed. The rankings of the offense and defense. The rams offense was passing NFL the Defense Somehow twenty fourth in the NFL. Using for that. Yards probably aby. Even. Twenty four seems real low yard, not sure what that was. But then moments later, they showed. The Patriots Defense have allowed one opening drive touchdown last twenty six. Good stead over. But on twenty four, th ranked defense. Quite it's gotta be a yard and then on the opposite side of the ball. This was also surprising. They showed the same snap. Reverse patriots offense nineteenth in the NFL which. feels. About right yeah. Middle of the road of Rams defense anybody want to guess. where? They ranked in the NFL. Fit! Higher. Really a third in the NFL, yeah, they gotta be using yards then because they're not going to be something like yeah. Not Not Great, there was a lot of. and. We'll all do some more later, but there was a lot of this is one other one. The Patriots Defense in the postseason they were showing the defense special teams and scored three touchdowns. And the Patriots offense had also scored three touchdowns. Yeah Yeah. That makes sense that. GOES BACK TO OUR Three days the game defense wins championships. Can You? Can you name the Five Hall of famers that started for the Rams in this game? WHO Yep. Warner Yep. Isn't hall of fame. WHO's the left tackle? Pace Yup. Fuck. Williams yes! Wow well done guys. Get that I don't think. We got also the. Defensive Back Hall of Famer Atta. MARCI, LETTA! Yeah, yeah, he wants just taking snaps gets even the white defence. mean him, adjacency Horner. I was sick, too. I Love Jerry by. Their good secondary. That's a pretty dope name, too. Because if you went by like Andrei and not as cool Andrea. y'All Murphy. I need to hear Burma I. Tried to look up. SEE IF BERMAN HAD A. Like primetime for that couldn't find it. yeah I was looking forward to you, and I can find either. Because a couple of my favorite Berman nicknames in this. Ricky paull member Prell Shampoo. Ricky Pearl Shampoos is way for a first down. or Hausa here, Akeem when you. You did. Favorite permanent isn't. There all my favorite. This genus! All right I mean. Should we talk about this game all that? Yeah all right. So Open quarter, the rams actually took the lead which I've forgotten. It's the only lead they'd have.

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A fifty yard field goal which at the time was the third longest field. Third field goal of over fifty yards. They put a whole bunch of stats matlock yeah. So third longest figel. One of three zero field goals will shit their longest field goal and fifty yards. More. And, then that was kind of all it had didn't start a bit slow I bought. Antoine Smith. I kept. Like remembering him as more of A. Game Changer in this season. But at felt like every game, he would start off averaging like two yards a carry in the first half. The team down and would eventually end up averaging four yards a carry. Ninety two yards and five foot, one one per carry, and I feel like this game was the same thing like he started off the first probably quarter and a half averaging like a yard a Kerry. And then started. Wearing them down. Bring bigger runs. Derrick Henry effect. Yeah exactly the same idea. Yeah. And second quarter was Prime Mosey, rans actually to open the second quarter Mr longer fifty two yards. Way Way Way. We're not to best words for quarters. We're going to buy the half. Oh cheese why you got best worse for every Goddamn quarter. Yeah, of course. I fucking stood Oh God. I mean either fucking. Bullshit did. Do Nothing. The first quarter we set the tone. Ballot. To bucky like absolutely laid lumber. That was. The bit deleted with Isaac Bruce. Lob Lay lumber on the crossover right across her like a Shaolin Cross Bruce and Mike Longest right there and just like wipe them down. Like. They came out and they're hitting people everywhere. The worst was first KIGULA Games of forty I return. Yeah, that's how the rams are. The Rams won the opening toss. Elected to receive the football and then took kickoff out the. Punted it to our one. Our three actually that was my best was. Tom. Brady's I snap. In a super bowl was from his own three yard line and his idea to. Go Empty Backfield and had a real quick slant to. Who Else Choi. Now, it's his first ever play from scrimmage. Sweep You're GonNa Best Greg. Why did I was Kinda scared there for 'cause I. Don't remember either of those plays that you just mentioned I don't know if I just like zoned out for a bit, but. I don't know if this is in the first quarter but madden. Or summerall asked him asked Madden if he had proud. Bourbon Street earlier in the week. Is, I don't know prowl is the right word. But. Yes, I made to stop there on Tuesday. Monday MTA. It's the yeah. I think that's all I had written down. We'll call best and worst the worst. The question was the worst answer was the best. Of It. You have a worst. Did you do a worse? Area just ridiculous to to yell can't get right to yell all also. They came out as a team. They kind of set that. Most people remember that but. I haven't noticed. Winded the crazy train. INTRO start. It was in places. Crazy train on the intro in the Super Bowl. First quarter. Well Youtube one that we I thought they out to crazy train. In my mind did. Fact check it. Also! Episode something never change now. There's some Cutler's some controversy about win. This game was to be played as Matt. Connor mentioned in the interview. Yeah just because of the nine eleven. They pushed everything back and. I guess they didn't do two weeks back then. In between the conference game in Super Bowl think so. Because I was thinking. Why wouldn't they just make the two weeks one? We can keep it the same day, but they actually at the move this game back a week. Yeah, I thought really yeah. So they must have only been to one week at this point. Apparently. There's all sorts of discussions around whether they should like. Make the playoffs.

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More compact like play games midweek. On, Osha like cut out a week of the season. 'cause they 'cause, there was some automobile show already booked in. In the stadium for that that we Yeah because I remember like right. After nine eleven happened in the in the Boston Globe, there was articles talking about how like even directly after this happened, they were already like NFL was already on the phone with like the people like I. Think the the Metrodome people. superdome rather and. They were like trying to convince them to push the auto show huge. FUCKING SUPER BOWL! Yeah, exactly the beat it. Yield or something like like a few days later and we're talking about this and we're just like so. Yeah, so apparently they They gave them financial considerations, and also they let them run free ads during the Super Bowl. Shit I don't know if it's I cars or the be right. The car manufacturer if you gave me a chance to do a free ad during the Super Bowl. So inappropriate appropriate. Like. Oh, it'd be awful I know that. Moving the cameras I think tone deaf is. We're probably be a good way to describe it. A half your beard shaved. Exactly Brow Wearing A. Thong that that has a elephant trunk on the front, swinging around in circles thirty seconds. Google crazy train thing. There's a blog post by the guy who used to work for the Patriots that did all of this. He said he did it and he ate Yup. Starting to suffer for the yeah, they used to come out to jock jams. Are you ready for this? Ring a bell. Also, did you know that Janet Jackson was supposed to perform halftime. Really. Yeah. Pushed. You to come on. You know that yeah. I don't it's a beautiful day. Had all the name scrolling on the. Middle. You remember that Steve Come on Caesar's trying to be like too cool for pop culture right now. Steamer than Batum taking shit at this point i. just looked up hooted crazy train. You can. I. Mean Imagine if this was. Doing all this America's stuff and then. And then just internally. Attribute. Saluting around them. Ship. Tone deaf. Things? This podcast. Expert this? Quarter. Roman Phifer played safety and laying lumber Larry on the first play. Wanted take absolute shot whether you're planning a big zonal. It's like he got a really deep drop. Gentleman. dropped. He looked at a place back. The Mexico, the likes of Laura Malloy is still Taranto when athlete though. Right. Also Grant Winstrom Look pretty good. He did not was answer I had forgotten about him, but he was a good player. He like they did like a zone blitz, he liked dropped in the coverage. Encouraged Kevin Faulk and Coventry well. Yeah, yeah. I thought there was a Richard Seymour was out there running down. Marshall Faulk. One of those place. where it looked like he was excellent coverage, Marshall Faulk came out of the backfield and the guy that appealed to cover was. Richard Seymour, which doesn't seem particularly soda. beat flick ten yards, but definitely yeah, he's still ran as. They look good doing it. All I will say. Different. We're going to give him some shit. We gotta give him some props for. His sack literally takes the right guard and frozen aside like the guys, just a child. And then just run straight after he's a cartoon. Yes, yes, sorry, cartoon, monster or something. He's just bigger than everybody else. He just looks like he's playing with like younger kids. It's like wrong that same sort of like just. Too Big to be what plus go back the second quarter. So. Your best quarter.

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Oh, I talk about quarterly. I think we'll leave that until we get to it I. Think it's going to be Greg's. So! The rams mess a fifty two yarder, and the pats get the ball at their own forty one, which is by far the best starting field position because. Two drives before that they are there three and the throne nights their their first chance to actually get somewhere. And they? They don't the Dick. Out what. Brady took a shot to To Patent probably should have been picked off. That, but that was on third down that the defensive holding call on it so. They got another chance and then did that as well. They punted. Notice this was. Combined. Tackle on the punt. Great tackle to help. In the! Rams deep, but to start the ran's starting deep was tackled by like variable and also our friend match Adam. On Coverage. This I, only I would only know this talked to him. But when you talk about how Brian Cox is like playing one foot. Like, yeah, I can't cover. Analysts on coverage. That's I'm weird. I'm where you like. He goes out and delay the white the cornerback spot. He was out covering somebody like out past the numbers. A faulk, Rodney almost like chase him down from behind house like. Yeah he was in there for more than I. Remember was keep an eye out for him to. For a lot of short running plays and you made some tax. Those things you don't, you wouldn't play with not registered at all for me without that sort of. Knowledge Yeah That's that's Kinda. Why I to do because you kind of rail to watch these games in a different light because? I thought that I would be. Cooler headed watching these games I think in some spots I am I'm recognized things like that. Boys but I'm still like tensing up during some. It's almost like. A physically. I'll be honest with Andy I'm not really well. You know what happens to I know, but it's still like I can't help myself doing every time. The the ranch, the ball and and they got the ball to Fox hands like whole body. We can tackle tackle. Even though I know how this goes, I've seen this place before. Steve with Andy here, really getting worked up on these Games for sure I can't help myself. And then even some of the other games. We've done early season like I. Don't remember them at all. Yeah, so it's like watching a brain game for me is great. I thought I thought that, too. I thought it would kind of like tone down as I start remembering these games more and more richest. Why these ones that are to sell reaction. And parts of them and I don't remember to. Let's talk about the part we do remember Greg Brad. You want to Walk US through this. It, will you mean the greatest play in Patriots History? Possibly the greatest. Like ten seconds of my life up to that point. Thankfully. There's no possible. So, obviously, we're talking about the tight law. Pick six. They're down three nothing. It's time three now. Yeah halfway through the second quarter. Actually looking back, it was. It was very similar to the high tower. SACK, strep against Atlanta I thought that Tony. Where are you just sovereign? Coming off the side and you're like dude. No one touched him saying yeah. Yeah, and then one or just kinda floats went up there. And Tie catches it in stride, and does the infamous like hand up as he's crossing and. White the dusting of the ground celebration. Yeah, yes. Still lutely iconic. I used to do that after every good thing I did. I can see you making the bed. Trash out room. He's dusting. The floor did I want? I want that. After intercourse with Kelly and she's. Lucky. I always doing it to. Get the joke. Remember the shrine used to have yeah. There was like a tile corner of the shrine of course I was. Like we did it in there. It was funny to do and then after I started. Doing the dance, and during the four, and she's like what are you doing? Is arguing understand.

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The show stand. She gets it now. I I'm better question. Does she listen to this podcast? For you. So yeah, that was a big part of my childhood depth play. Just parked fairly. Tyler Law Fan for him to get a pick six in the super bowl. You know on the biggest stage. was just it was? He was so swaggie about it to that. Because that's what you love, the Buck Diallo is. That confidence and It was pretty special huge momentum play. Yeah. But I do have a note here. That's a personal foul these days. That's true to hit him in the head pretty good. Based that right tackle just totally blew it to free. Who was then he goes? Just well that was the right tackle. who was there back because their original and got heart earlier. No, this is his last play. They said this is his. That's right, yeah! You're right, you're right. You're right, but like. If you watch the replays, you can see him turned inside. And then he turns, looks at him, colleague, crushing the quarterback, and he's like claps his hands in like Shit fucked that one up. Yeah. And there before. there. Would be. I'm looking at broken and then PAT summerall was like. Interception! Return for a touchdown. Jesus packed. Celebration Pat Summer on the other hand fucking blows. Wake up dude yeah game going on. If you don't get hype for pick six and a super bowl. Like what are you, yeah? That was the second ever pick six super bowl. Who Can? We is the first one something we'd know? Maybe. It happened the year before. That the Ravens, I don't remember that to. ME. Is the one year after two right that dude from the Tampa Bay. ever. To be. Were three. Year have to hair Jesus. Kerry. Collins got pick six by Duane starks. Remember and then the year after rich Gannon threw three interceptions that were. To Dwight Smith. And one by Derrick Brooks wait who won the MVP on? The boxer. tweet right, you would think. Clusters. Tell you, I left, seems on pro football reference. I'm not seeing is going to be built three did. Baltimore won the Super Bowl Year before against signs. Have no recollection at. The. Boreham was boring game of all time. That was that was the one where they had that historic defense. Trent dilfer! That's the one the one that everybody. Whereas quarterback is. He's not right. Ray Lewis was. Rookie year maybe all. Is this I Brian Boulware era. Name. Now, you think a Kyle Fuller. Bull aware the LINEBACKER OH, yeah! I think that makes sense. Okay, Rod Woodson right nets. What Rod Woodson her. Well let's we finally got an exciting. We bought for that Snooze I. Hear Stephen. Dexter Jackson the safety was the MVP. TEXTING! Jackson and why. I think maybe screwed up your first. Three picks sixes in a super bowl. was trying to at a guy who had two of them didn't win the MVP. This is correct. I mean Dexter. Jackson also had to hear sections. Stealing. Check Andy Static. What we what? What do you think the odds were Dexter Jackson Signal, MVP. -rageous how wages I can't think of another link safety maybe. A defensive player when the Ravens won as well, but like not since then he, he'll just fall into the category other. There even put. Even? Put up numbers on those did. You GonNA call. Them. All right so pats up seven three now. Things are looking good. This is how we wanted to go. Yeah and. The defense in this quarter was onstage Shit Stop I thought they were getting chunk plays, but we're making some solid ones easily because after that.

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Bruschi basically just stonewalled fall on a second one like one on one. is absolutely just. Getting it, and then the Nex- play Lor Malloy almost got his own pick. It but also on that drive had that fumbled snap that it turned into like fifteen yards. Kurt, Warner was cool. Calm collected. Picks it up everybody like the entire offense and defensive line just stopped. And then like he had all the time, Orleans completed a pass, not if anyone's ever tried to fake that from risky alsi. Do when you. SNAP. Yeah fake, a fumbled snap. or You just have. The Guy, the center. Keep it in Google. That's what the fumble risky is, isn't it? Yeah, but it's not like a fumble. I think they didn't change the rules. We actually have to like exchange possession I. Couldn't do that A. Makes Sense. So, then they punted away Trae, Brown, fair catch with like nobody within fifteen yards of them. Else. He would make. Then I got like a football or not. Football wasn't quite sure. ooh! which if this has to be the one I thinking, too? They said lingers John Madden. He said thorough guy bone, and then you throw them to bones in a row. Actually, not the one thing. Als- thinking of either You have to have the one I have written down. I'll say it. You said when he said. What do you think Tyler thinks when he sees two hundred seventy pounds of me coming out? I had something else actually. I heard that I was like. There's no way anybody midst that. I don't even know his name because we're talking about the rams fullback. mangles his nickname meet. Never heard anybody more excited about a nickname. That was the same play I mean. That's a great lakes. Now mattress talking about even remember the situation. Something to do with having his fingers moving under there or something like that. Had to do with with. Kurt Warner getting his his thumb hurt. Call, you know when you when you have your fingers under there. Things can happen. Oh Fuck. Sham? But to answer his question, I bet tylenol was thinking well. That's not GONNA fit. Down to. I think Tyler has enough swag at that it would fit. I can? His work can handle it seventy pounds. No problem they did make the tackle to. All meet. That's an all school football name. Such a nickname for a fucking fullback. If you feel like not named me semi. Let stalled out with the Brady on that stunt SAC, which had no chance on back there in two zero I remember right. Yeah, yeah, because this is getting towards the end of the second quarter, so they start moving the ball a bit, and then one hits Ricky parole. WHO. He is obviously the guy who made the comment about. Dynasty is born. That's him. People were talking about it. What? Them being a dynasty I know, but he's the one before the game starts turns to. The camera goes tonight at Dynasties Board. And then like every catchable, he would fuck in celebrate a whole lot for the fucking forum writers either I've Oh sounds like. Andy doesn't like Ricky Pearl. I thought that I hated ricky pro, because he killed us in this game and rewatching it I'm like no must been thinking about Hakeem because he killed us in this game. You're thinking pro because he the game tying touchdown. That's how I. It's it maybe a Carolina game, too. I remember pretty pretty good there, but so either way. He definitely hates the Patriots. Yeah I think we'll get to that later. Because I think he does score the Patriots in the superbowl when he's with the panthers as well, but in this quarter he fumbled a fucking ball like a Joe. fumbled it because of. Our Boy Antoine Antoine Harris Baby. Shout out the most underrated. MVP candidate on this team. As made a couple of big plays lately. He's lot better than terrance shaw.

45:03 - 50:04

Weeks well got injured. Right didn't shock. It injured on that Roman Phifer hit in the first quarter. Out there, someone I don't remember who it impressionist Shaw? But, they're only playing. All these guys are going with that five. DB Yeah Oh my God. There's a stat here somewhere. Where is it? So the Patriots defense tonight. This is halfway through the third quarter. How many times they've played. Different amounts of defensive backs on the field. Though. Your normal four defensive backs two cornerbacks to safeties. They did that twelve times five defensive backs, which is Nichole? Ten Times six defensive backs, which is a dime which you don't see very often. They've done that fifteen times and even rolled out seven defensive backs three times after quarter. Dow was obviously there was just put nothing, but pass offenders out there, and then as soon as somebody catches the ball fucking light them up. And? There are so titan line everywhere. They're jamming every single time. One of my but there was one player I saw it was a screenplay to the tight end or something. Marshall Faulk was lined up in the backfield. He ran kind of like an out. And Willie mcginest. You could tell his assignment. Was Marshall Faulk so he. He saw model for going out, and he just ran straight at to the point where the left tackle like when out to go block them and realize like he couldn't because. He goes running away from, and we'll let me get his. Probably like ten yards in the Backfield, just lit the fuck into Marshall Faulk and knocking like ten yards back and then came back, so you got to do? Now is the game plan and it. It worked only through, but it was like you could just see immediately. He just made a beeline straight to Marshall faulk knocked his ass over and then came back to get to make the plan. was fantastic. Yeah, and I think like. An it's part. Part of the reason is fourteen point spread by that turf makes a huge difference. Dot part of their team nickname for. God's sake so. That this team is bill yeah? This team is built to play on this surface. When patriots are coming off like yeah, coming off two winds to get there, that are like. Log Fast so you can kind of understand where that spread game. Oh, yeah, especially, since late in the Patriots. In in Foxborough on the the non turf, and they still yep look sloppy doing it, but the whole the way at the end problem. I didn't notice like everybody was bleeding, though probably from fall on that TURF OH, yeah! Indoor on it indoor soccer for awhile back in the day. fucking terrible. was just like a thin layer of carpet with like covering concrete carpet on cocker. Yeah, it's awful. It's nothing now. It's great, though little rubber pellets. Better bigly, you find rubber, pellets and blaze. Even know you had three days later. But from a visual standpoint, the tariff pretty cool. Yeah, Green Turf. The pats field doesn't look great on TV now at July, but. The colors were popping in this game. You The blue jerseys on the green grass. Grandma dude, imagine if the rams had their old school. Yellow and Blue Holo. That, cool. Like or even the Patriots read. An hour to. Anybody else getting. Yet. That sound you heard was me unzipping my pants. Penalties. Where's pants? Strew I do also. I went down down the Elliott Kiss Rabbit Hole. The most disgusting pair of sweat pants ever. For Sale Yeah It's just like a full sized Gene Simmons face. Oh, yeah I just did it. Why got the kiss? Where like their faces are right above your deck? I they had some of the tackiest should ever. I heard like a animal moaning. Stomach. Really. That's not true. Walls? St, hungry, right. Before dinner. It's all the Pu Bruin. Okay? Let's move this along.

50:05 - 55:02

Yeah, we'll cut this. So that I once they get that fault. Ball back from Ricky. Parole dropped on the ground that loser. Efforts like troy screen. Thought againts whereas John Madden sweet. He's talking about his first step quickness like what makes them. A good screen receiver made some great punt returner and. I was like man. Knows his stuff. But? there. was massive but I thought. even bigger plan. This is going to be my I. Think Third One and the page like just outside field. Goal Range. And Ken Fox takes the toss sweep out of the shotgun. Around left tackle. And the left tackle the guy that Matt like got injured and this guy just come in for the strive. And recognize name. Yeah me, either Williams someone something Williams. and. He pulled out an. He blocked two guys on that one play and Sprung Faulk, not only for the first album. Bounds. And get done with five. Yeah, yeah, and then like two plays later, brain patent touchdown in the corner there. Shades of the week before Blood Zona Patent. That back corner fall away. My best was like the in like the live broadcast on Youtube. They had different camera angle for that. Did you like? Image like usual is is from the corner of the end zone. And I was like set up perfectly. Watch like Brady sprout ahead. Oh, you're the perfect angle for political. Like I don't know you see it from the replays. You think it puts a lot more air under it, but it wasn't loses kind of a bullet Yucky in their. Tough catch though yeah I think it's a better catch than it was a thorough harger. I agree with that and it was an awesome route committee. Yeah! Not from five hundred eleven. Game those wiggle hips. See later Brady pumped up to yes. Out Up. Out Get the gun to bite and get behind him. Yup Dave Pattens only catch the game show. His Patent had another play. But it wasn't. Hysteria reverse. Tom Brady Front we call a blocking. They did that like dances way through the getting into the fray. Not Great Tom, not great. They had a stat, or this is the. Rams first time trailing by more than eight points all year. At the end of this. At the end of the half was that that was. A tomboy I touch passing last eighty three attempts. Great. You know timely. yeah, this is the first time that the rams have trailed by more than eight points this season at all. And then right on the ensuing kickoff, for this was the biggest super bowl fact, the biggest halftime deficit overcome is seven points. Covering out fourteen to three. But you know it was great and kind of set the table for. Your twenty of this podcast, but. We'll also that I mean that fumble is huge like I. Don't think people really talk about that much. Today. Antwan, Harris fumbled, but I mean. Math or fourteen three if the if the rams go down to score there I mean you're talking about being down at half. This is a whole different. Having. Still seven three and it's anybody's game. Scores Down Fourteen three you go into that locker room, thinking we can win this fucking thing. Especially since the pages getting the ball back like to. Do that score and then get the ball back and try again. That's that's a whole moment, and even like offense hadn't done anything. And even this whole game in offense doesn't really do much until the last drive. It's true. Yeah, every single thing is it had? Season never mind this game. I can't think of a game this season. Where I've been like. Wow, this. This offense is a wagon. The only one was the. Didn't watch it. Watch any of the Games? Wagon at all based on what you guys have been telling me. Now Broiler. The game against any rallied them down for Milan and they've aged fucking slant and he threw it like fifty times so slowing at Tommy Yeah exactly just one of those programs. But speaking of underrated plays in this game I thought the ensuing kickoff.

55:03 - 60:00

was huge. Address not already. Seconds left in the half style. And Now. It's the rams and we've seen them do this the Patriots last time they played, but are they. Right before the half just went down and. Completed plays of like at least twenty yards, a bunch of Kicked a field goal or score touchdown rights right before the half. Typical you see the pages, do these. A Terry and actually sent. Marshall Faulk Mac to return the kick to. Instead of Yale Murphy. And Viteri. Kicks it away from. Faulk like right on the sidelines, so that when when fault catches it momentum takes him out of bounds at the six, which is just let it bounce, and it probably going to balance exactly. It was a super ballsy kick to deal in fucking your ball. Because if let's bows out of bounds, the ranch while the forty and you completely different things, it's not thirty seconds left instead of green at your own six, and they just take a half, so to plays change this whole Shape of this super young I don't think Marshall Faulk was. Comfortable doing it. Now I. Don't think he returns kicks very often. You know what? Someone needs to tell Mike Martz do job. and Yo- Murphy was good, he was a gay guy. He had that forty yard turned open the game. Actually. Good Spark, and that's that's the whole theory behind it. All is right, is I don't change things just because this is an important game. Just do your job and Mike Marches going all, God. We do some here down fourteen three. We need a sport. Yeah, no, don't do that, just do. Your job. You want to hear a quote from John Madden. Yeah. Is Patriots Defense has done their job. Why did you write that down? Because it would be a fucking quote later on. Okay all right. Just written down everything. You've heard for the next twenty fucking years. Pages. You got over there Andy. Ice Melts I have four pages all the screen shots, so it turns out. I knew he's send us. Your show notes never read them I'd never read them either. I don't even know. I think my own notes. I have two and a half pages. I have a half a page on Kurt Warner and nothing else. You didn't watch that game. Somehow, you're contributing. God damnit arraignment. Yeah Exactly. Good job you're good at this is the only thing I am good at. That's where we had our own little spark on the second half kickoff. Patrick, pass Hellier yeah, returning that. Kick off to the thirty. Yeah, well, he was like dead to rights in fifteen. You squirted out that. This year like the season years will better kick returner than I. Ever imagined. Right. Technically, was he? I think he was a running back yet, but he was used big Biller brexit house. Is that what a half back is? Somewhere between a running back and a fullback. Halfback was just originally. Running back. Yeah, That position like they back in the which never made sense. Why isn't it I? Just I just invented a fucking perfect description didn't. You somewhere between a full bag running back right? Now Patrick Pass, half back. Calm and a half a halfback. He's a quarterback off. Your mom, so dumb Shit quarterback was a refund. As My go-to joke when I was a kid. Shocking. It doesn't really work, but I'd say it's my brothers, but. You. Get the point. Luckily we know Mamas listeners. Shot at every fucking. Then they come out with a ton of Antoine. It was this is some of his best friends the game here. Yeah and they actually I thought they were going for the dagger, because Brady tried to hit patent, deep and Pat. You had like two steps on the guy, bridges missing. Matting called it to call that players like Tony Romo. He did like this is the time where you take a shot, and that's exactly what happened. And I think. In scored the touchdown over and. Kill Them I feel like they could have just kept grinding it with A. Baton. Fuck was at MOM's trying video. She's she knows. Impart can. You tell it.

60:02 - 65:02

Come on answer. Answer I. I can video or if you want to climb, mom, I just let her go to voicemail. On, the park yeah. Mom! Mom Mom. She can't figure out the phone. Can figure out technology. That's a shocker. I'm. John Sewer you mom. You're in the middle of a two now. You're just talking about how you never listened to us because he don't care. You keep saying you will mob. You will. You'll figure out podcast the next twenty years. Italy? Riveting radio. Takes Bob. I love you, mom. Finally got around the PODCAST. Four months. How often you call your mother Steve? Call all the time. Very ten days maybe. She calls me like every three days complains about you so. figured. Greg she was just I'm gonNA. Tell me how much of a good good boy him. That's interesting. Laura where were we Anton Smith just pound in the rock. But I feel like they kill momentum by taking that shock there I don't know I kind of like the data. Is Rationale. What's his name John Madden John? You know you're already up. They're expecting you to ground and you're in good field position. Touting was working. Yeah, the shot they. Jr Edmund Loses three hours now. It's third and thirteen in like. They're not even in field goal range, and they end up putting in a way. Yeah, but if he hits, that was open. There's the right play call. Didn't extra just missed it. Brady sneaky has been bad at the deep ball is. Way Better at that than. Even like only a couple of seasons later then. You guys Chris Five. Now Brady emergency episode by saying there's never a great deep offer. That's true comes a great people her. He's all he's never been strengthened is like he becomes decent pretty good because that was never his game. You fucking lists in Steve. How dare you? Late zone coverage. We have another Chatham citing right after this. Yes. Not One of his better things. It's called for fair catch interference. And please voraciously with their effort. He didn't. It was very close. Though was real close to not being a, didn't but. Got Away with it. So the ramp, start throwing fifteen instead of further field in that. This is where Warner starts taking shots. Like, there was still driving the ball. But I think they made about midfield then he took three like real shots in a row. Big Rich got him real on. Yeah, that was the one there that that was the one where he you just toss the garn aside like it was up. And, like the next play, PFEIFFER has delayed safety. Butson does absolute blows them up again. He's tough son of a Bitch Warner. Yeah he was, he would just standing there taking it. The whole time is bleeding from the channels shit. Warner yeah, have to yeah. I want him to be the new Monday. Monday night, guy. He does the radio. Doesn't Monday night. Yeah. He's pretty good. I'd bet it'd be yeah Grasp of how the game works. To Brett Farve. Maybe. He's a good old boy. You can't tell me Brett. Farve is charismatic. That's probably true. Everybody loves Brett Farve. Yeah. He was going to live the whole thing. You. Can't get a bunch of shit wrong to also. Right GIVES US gunslinger. He's just shows up in a patrick.

65:02 - 70:00

Mahomes game. God! He's doesn't wear a suit. He just comes in his blue jeans. Gene Tuxedo. Canadian Tuxedo Andy. I wanted Denim Tuxedo. Power the fuck you want. We don't talk. See No shame here. That's true. They're beaten up on the wide receiver so. who was that one play like? It was weird like I guess it was part of their thing, but like the wide receivers. It hit the ground before they got tackled. Yeah! Madden even call that out. He's like yeah, now they were they get as far as I can just fall over. SMART. Malloy just blows up this like happy endowed. And it wasn't like, and I'm pretty sure that's legal now to yeah, and then I probably legal then, but the super bowl you don't. Like the. was like I'm sorry I saw Chris Chessel with his ask. Them right back yeah. Sounds Great. Well that's the whole thing like I. Think they're getting in their heads by just being overtly physical with receivers. and. I think it was getting wars to because all the timing often hughes run a prison life this point. In the ad time a bunch to, but he couldn't find people open solemly. Timeless, really thrown off. The rush would eventually gets on and then he was hanging. There's always he could. Like hopefully somebody would get open. He would start taking shots. He got like those corners that they're just flooding. The filled with all played pretty well. As a tough. Assets Probably. Takim did so well as you're asking. Wheatley in Shaw. Our boy, it's kind try and cover them. Well, that's their. That's always been the patients offensive game plan a sake away your best options, and have you beat them with your third guy right. I mean the third guy is awesome on this team, too. It's true I mean you could even make a case for parole. Let's say. Wide Receiver the trunk candidate advocate touchdowns. Right, I read your notes Andy. I read them? I was just giving you a hard time. I read them sometimes but not. successions. That's okay six. That's still a lot for backup running back. and He. Something about him being like Keefer, Kiefer Sutherland character. His name sounds like a bad Fox TV drama. Candidate the drug candidate Tuesday nights at nine. On Fox, yeah. So, yeah, this team is just a a wagon. Right you have you have to have a perfect game? Not only I mean you under you. See the game plan and I bet that's not that crazy to think of. Physical with them a lot. It's a lot of teams probably thought that, but. This is like I think seven perfect effect execution, right? Yeah you get turnover opportunistic turnovers, dischord points on defense. You're hitting him at every opportunity I'm still gain a decent yards, but. Give them to three points through three quarters. That's. About as good as you can ask for, you can run the ball. Yeah, earn, turn the clock a bit. Yeah I mean Lake. Chattan said if they hadn't played them early in the year I. Bet they lose this game. Yeah I said that to I in that game I said it was the most important loss of the Patriots Dynasty. The Room by Greg Mike. Yes Fair. Well I just disagree with anything you say. Really. I hadn't noticed. It hasn't gone off fucking thirty years. I'm just I'm just testing you to see how strong their convictions are. Like any good brother would do. Speaking of convictions. NEXT BRANDS DR. Kurt Warner's picked off again. My Ot I s Otis. I've forgotten about this interception to be honest. I always forget about this one time died. This is like the the sleepy turnover like the everyone remember Ricky Pearl Fumble in the. I law pick sex. Both out this patriots are driving. Tie The game and not. To win. Right, yeah, because this turns into well, this was the. Direct snap to faulk. yellowy fooled. Summerall, but even before that the play before that are jubilant whether they tried. Running back past can fall. Which I had completely forgotten about. And fog, the pressure was so great that he just had like pulled down unit.

70:01 - 75:00

SMART OFF. Yeah, we've covered anyway. Did you see that angle now? The guy was like strive for strive with the receiver and defensive end and named he was. He blew his block up. Is Right on talk to thousand, Greg. Space until. Brought them up earlier. winstrom yeah. He will play up. We got at least a military field goals and our seventeen three going into the fourth quarter. So yeah, without that. Ranch coach you touchdown be down, which is exactly what happens, but I mean I. Don't know if there are any more things to talk about in the third quarter due vessels you guys have. A best with PAT summerall getting foiled by that direct snap. House, my favorite. Best. Hardware, yeah, running back. Yes, jump into the fourth quarter. This is this is where it gets good? Well, the rams are kind of figuring it out. Well all right so good I mean it ends good, but it starts. Well. It starts really good because he. Drive all the way down the Gulf fourth and goal from the three. Even before that dude, he almost two picks back to back place. And he didn't seem a lawyer all. Almost had a pick. On the third down. To Fade and Hands on it, and then the president went for it. Kinda had this point. Yeah I guess. There was a what. Was Kinda early. Knows right right the beginning of the quarter, but you down two touchdowns. In this day need you probably can't feel go because there's a lot more scoring, but I think back then. Might have been a different calculation. It's true maybe. But there's also a lot of scoring and so I think he'd go. Yeah before fourth and goal from the three. Warner draw snack to pass nobody's open. Mainly, because Willie mcginest has. Formed technicals are coming out of the backfield. Within five yards. Here we. Five. We. Tackle. Play the ground bins to. He tried Kim Malden. Ball, but he's in five yards. You can do John Madden. Can't hold people though Steve You can make contact. You can't hold them. Sit in called Pi or something now all the. But the result of the play is warner scrambles tries dive touchdown. If you WANNA, call it scrambles. Radio Slows Warner Whose Faster Brady Warner. She's. whose faster than Brady Warner Greg Brown? I'm faster. Now. We keep trying to get a guy at work to do a forty yard dash. Brady's combine time you should make them to the triple jump. Shuttle. Patients only care about the three cone anyway. If you, WANNA make a non athletic person. Look really not athletic. Make them do the triple job. is like the least intuitive. Thing ever. So. You just look a fucking idiot. Maybe we should. Maybe we should have combine stats I'll do it. We'll see if we can figure that out. Or in North Carolina summer. Maybe the next time we're altogether, but that's bullshit. Ask Flag shouldn't touchdown should have been game over tomorrow? Except the fumble one your goal line and runs all my back for it would've been twenty four to three, and then the game again is over. Yeah, ten! Let's up. Huge swing fourteen point swing rams get the ball back and a first down and basically the one yard line. Later. Kurt Warner qb sneak gustave. We talked about. Just ranch drive the middle of course, the touchdown and has a little bit close and Pets Morales like what just happened? Didn't realize it as a touchdown like five seconds, which definitely let. John Mad- gone about goosing. The patients offense a three and out. Pretty much every drive. This always happens. Right will like off. The plate get super conservative, and they distract grind clock, the freemen's and out three nine, three, nine, three out, not just with the patients, just in general I feel like yeah, I and football. Momentum Baby. Yeah, I think that has on the do of them at once. Your whole starts clenching. You start getting conservative. Galley and you start getting conservative and just like you're running the plays. Even like execution.

75:01 - 80:02

Right here like can't. You don't WanNa make played at blows it. Kept played pretty well, O! Playing defensively is pretty instinctual ray. You dislike running around if you're. Tight, window here do I. Just let it rip or do I. Check Down You know right. Yeah, and so you in this game. This is where breaking. We'll be checking down. Yeah, well until Australia would. At that point you're not, you're game. You're not trying to contain that. Lead you just. See what you can do on this last drive in then whatever happens happens, but there's still that thing that Greg said where you don't make that fatal mistake either now. John Madden's point of taking me. Because, he don't make that mistake. That's true they didn't. Conversation with Brady like like we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA fucking slam, but it's like Otas had made that pick and they hadn't got that three points right, and of course how he's GonNa Bring it. But even more impressive. That is slanted to win it. Yeah I mean back to your point I think the defense does do a decent job in this, but you can tell a getting gassed well. Do they like Blue Kurt up again? Yeah, 'cause they patient, go three hundred and the ranch. I think had a holding called move back to their own seven, so started their seven guideline drive. Down the field, but not in like a typical rams way rather just like. We're warner has a bunch of time. He's standing back there. Just picking apart like he was running for his life. Completing passes like you're half. Expecting, be like shoveled passing. It left handed, but still managed to drive almost within field goal range, so we're kinda close. Until Willie mcginest comes out. And puts his the drive with. A huge sack, utech. Forcing the. Ramps upon. The! Well Willy's celebration. Their tail was you could tell was exhausted. Deny it player. On his back Dang, talking God at the ceiling. Amazing. Yeah, he knew that that was getting them off the field and get lakes acid. Wasn't my has the ball at their own twenty with three and a half left basically I. They were going to run. Free running plays, but they didn't they then they'd like burned. Stupid Timeout to. Oh yeah, like by the by this point. No neither team had any timeouts left. Which is baffling to me? They're just using them like whenever the fuck they want, you know some stat where the the rams led the League in delay of game for such a what you would expect the a well oiled machine. You wouldn't expect them to have that many elegant calls, but it did feel like a little disjointed all the way. But the punt was. Can. Walter is worst under the season and we say absolute auto punt. Thirty yards. and. They cut the Brad seely, what the fuck is that? Were totally like. Both. Why Would they re kick it or not right? I think nowadays you can just take that five yards jacket on. I don't. Start at their own forty five. Ridiculous. And then I'm GONNA leave while. Minute fifty one left. Yeah, yeah, because they they the pats mansion. Run it down. Yeah, so. At about five a couple of plays later. I'm just GONNA. Go out and say it. A legal offense hasn't appearance on this players pick. Course you are, are you? Are you guys kidding me? They called it a little. It's not name calling it a pick. It's only think it's a rub. There you mean to tell me if the Patriots ran that play on offense. You'd be saying the same thing, yeah! I. Celebrate the touchdown because it's been called, but it's only on. Actively get in the way the player you did him. Randy rather not so much. No was waiting. All alone so much so that the is a bad play by turns Shaw. It was, but it was still an illegal pick black now. I fucking I can't believe I can't believe you guys bring that out I. usually usually I can tell when you're going to be like. The Patriots got shaft. Get on this. Now and never even crossed my mind. I spent. Matting called out, he called it a little pick. Off. Pick what he didn't say a little rub. Did well, he would've called it what it is. was that illegal back I not. I don't know. He might have got away with a little pick I feel I. Feel like Tape Steve I feel like it was illegal, but it wasn't as.

80:04 - 85:05

As focused on back in the should never go called. Yeah, so I mean it's a touch of irony council. Fuck it patriots battle through that. Ricky parole the. He of dynasty fame scores a touchdown. Shampoos his way into the entry, but that's that's right. Pros commando. Now we've got ourselves tie game with how much time left under a minute. One on thirty seven. It took yeah. It took them a total of like twenty four seconds to score that. Plays Three plays eighteen eleven twenty six saw. That kind of puts in context what you're thinking of when Madden's like Maybe they should be doing this. You throw three incompletions. And Punt. Exact. Flip side to that is like good overtime like. What's going to happen there to wreck exactly? Yeah, that makes sense because it's like you just got a win it now you put your you. Did everything right to get here. Put yourself in a position to win this game. He can't. Back Down now you know I had A. Not Football. 'cause he talked about that. He said the yet to let them all hang out Well that is. Happening that's a real one. Yeah. Let Them I mean that's what we're talking about their right. Yeah, no, he's the John. Madden said you've got a flop. You're talking. Let's go just let them hang baby, but a I've never really whenever I hear that term I think like Saggy titties in my head. Not what. I mean. Yeah, that's the female. Them hang out I. Mean Your balls. then. What what are you doing? You just pull them around your cock and. You let everything hang out, but it's mainly the balls. 'cause I'll do that Swang. I'll do it. Everything I. Did I. Ever Tell you time that before. Kelly and I were dating and always at her apartment when she wasn't there because we were friends obviously. and. She had left her laptop open. I've pulled my nut sack my jeans. Zipper. And I took a photo with her computer and made her background just A. Picture of my nuts. So she opened her career. Now. Just stare at my big old bag. All Squirrel Brain and We love and we got married. I. Felt. So bad to the biggest drive of yeah. Brady! Halls Right Before that. We gave Mike March shit about putting. Faulk back there for. The exact same thing with Troy Brown. You're trying to kick off all act to the seventeen yard line. Nine seconds just run around coaching, you know. All right. If we do not agree. Yeah like I. Said Patrick Pass surprisingly. Good attorney wasn't like they weren't getting nothing either turn game right. Or or if you're going to do something like that, have a play in your back pocket of maybe. I don't know. Maybe there was something like neutral handles right, and he's got that Short air quickness like. That makes more sense than taking. Marshall Faulk like right. We need a spark Marshall. Go out there and return this kick. Look what? For the first. Done before Martin. I ever kick return. I? was there a play in an important game where the pats tried this, and they did like a one of those reverse ones. Sounds vaguely maybe we'll get to that somewhere down the road, but I expected to becoming, and then at like failed miserably just. Yeah Seventeen! Similar, but it's just didn't seem like they had a plan, you know. Yeah Marshall Faulk returned one. In two thousand, one in two, thousand four. Kick returns those yet. For the colts. This entire career stats three returns. College San Diego State he's. Nasdaq was. On pro football, focus or I have a college when they do not have an arena football one.

85:06 - 90:02

I learned that the other night. Andy sounds like you're gonNA, do it. he had. To Kick Returns College. Sarah! So John Madden said he'd done it before he met once, yes. John Man just got stat checked twenty years later. But I'm with you. I feel that it was overthinking it right. Just put Patrick passback there. He's done. That's what he does I wasn't. Or if you're going to have like have have something like unique, you know. Like a frank y check. Hey worked out Fox. Start on the six troy start on the seventeenth eleven yards better. And one super so. Once favorite play on his last drive. All the fan. Obvious Choi Braille once. The intentional grounding in call. Say. I don't know if he was. That general vicinity. Wasn't willing to go round down there, but he wasn't that close. With, forty one seconds on the thirty. Like get in like a lot of light there and then he dumps it again to Jr for the third time in a row. Is the one where he like makes guy miss in like barely gets out of balance like almost. Stays East as inbounds air like Kinda fucked over the forty in the clock is ticking. Yeah and like you. You'll see that type of play maybe like once a season. Like just randomly in college or NFL, and every time I see it I go. That's JR Redmond play. Out of bounds. Or more often you'll see doesn't get tries to get a couple more yards and gets like sorry more yards of waste thirty seconds doing. Yeah, but it is a smart move to do that. Little like Dang. If you think you can get back out of bounce, because player, that defense is plane you right thinking. You're walking out right. Allow them yeah. Yeah! Yeah so that twice? 'cause Troy Brown same thing on that deeper cross. That's the ball gets as many as you can go and four then just out of bounds. Always running toward. I thought sneaky. Big Play one after that though because there. I think that puts them at the thirty six after Troy Brown's catch. Now I think it would've been a fifty two or fifty three yard field goal mad was saying or something and. So then I still roam. One more play Brady finds. WIGGINS has redemption because he dropped a big one earlier. Yes, it did. At almost got picked, he batted straight up. Scare the shit out of me. A wiggins for six yards down thirty, and then the icon ick Brady, spiking the ball, catching one hand just holding it. There can joke or great commentating from John Madden there. Yes, yes, iconic commentary to yet walk me through it. What Brady did just gave me chills or something like that. Response. That gave me crews bums. I think he said something like what that kid right there just did. Yeah. Because, you is a kid, yeah? And then there's only one more play left. And that's an iconic call. Santos Dude I have it up right now. Through my headphones though. I'll I'll plug it in here in post. Can we do our best impression? Given to me. It's good. It's good. Kick is on the way, and it is good. It's good. Laughing maniacally and background his voice. Jerry Forty Eight. Yard field goal. Kicking all the way. Is. Art Super Bowl champions. Electric. Yeah. Ingestion the like the first part of that. Brings me back to childhood like listening to Games in the car.

90:03 - 95:00

We used to always call the Hash Mark. B Like left to right or Is, the best radio commentator I remember? Would paint that picture immediately. I mean just visualize it when you know I never paid any attention to it. I always do. Yeah because I always used to try picture in my mind. And it really paid attention either Greg, yeah. I mean it was cool like filler noise that like now looking back as an aesthetic, but I never was like all right in case on the near Hash left her. I never realized I didn't until. He retired and the new guy was. SOCI- started doing it and he doesn't do that. S are driving nothing like what what's going on like. Where's the ball I? Don't understand what down is it? How like what's the down and distance and? It's equal like starting a game on the radio. And then you get to your house and he start watching it on TV. daylights were not what I picture in my head. Exactly saw. Some gains are we would mute the TV and put the radio in front of. US so much. Yeah, also again I saw this on that youtube just watched on the Guillen Gina. Call Charles Johnston not even excited. Who des Custody. People. Like, Yep at the cameras risen. Well he was listening to PAT summerall. Call So. And it is good. The Patriots are Super Bowl champions. On believable, he did a unbelievable, but in the in the most believable tone. I think. Though wasn't it like the monotone. play-by-play people probably because I think Joe Buck is trained in similar. Yeah fashion. Where they're supposed to maintain like not. Once, going on, yeah, right? Yeah, the color is not Gil Santos though. I mean he had together. The best part, is he? Has It for like the first ten seconds of that? He's fought this. The. People in the background just going nuts like in the studio with them. The best part you can hear everybody. So good? Why tax runs down. Does Snow Angels Yeah it just. Brings right bag I remember. Like standing up and punching the ceiling so hard that I like shred of my knuckles on the popcorn ceiling. I Dad did the same thing. Yeah, because every time I talked he's. That's still the person talks about his scraping his. Balls on Adamant Terry. Forty eight yard that could have been a fifty something. With with a stat on the screen that says has never missed field goal in a dome. He's just says fuck. You worry God goddamn right. I haven't and then they bring us out of every single time and kicks, don't to. Other that I forgot was. The New England Patriots early in the fourth quarter, they stat there eleven. Oh, record when leading after three quarters. The? Patriots were twelve now. After leading. In? Their franchise history. I think it was that season. I. Think I thought I heard him say. The Brady was the youngest quarterback to win. The Super Bowl Them Weiss. Play. Talk about how times have changed. Is the oldest rate. Both Book and so that record. He doesn't anymore. It's definitely I think it's a big bend now. To win the youngest to win a super bowl Really, yeah, that's a pretty sick. A book into your career, though right the youngest quarterback to win a superbowl time, and then the oldest to win a superbowl dilates. I kind speaks to Brady's legacy right and it's still going for on twenty. Four Kim. It was twenty five when he he had barely raped his first woman at that point. We'll cut that by. Just like my mind instinctively goes to rape when I hear the name Ben Rothlisberger. GEEZ! Is Hell. Let's see some best and worst greg. Are Your best and worst of this. And I phone a friend Yes.

95:01 - 100:01

Andy, what are your best? You guys go I. I haven't thought I. I We've talked about most things couple of my. Small things. Troy Brown when David Patents. Touchdown was so busy celebrating they showed a picture of Troy Brown going, getting the football, and like carrying it back to this island. Era or patent, so keep it. which just feels like such a typical troy breath, and then also They did the halftime interview with bill check. Like. Second half just Jean. Do you think we need to make? Stay out a long yardage on offense. Now. Run pits. That was one of those interviews. He's like I know. This is GonNa Suck I'M GONNA ask him one question and then sex. That summer said he's got easier to talk to. Jack Easier to converse with. Kids. And then my worst was. The. t the broadcast, the little inaugural in the corner whenever it was fourth down before the down and distance market would show his yellow those showed up every after every third downplay, it showed up his yellow, which is exactly where they put the flag on the field market is well in yellow so every third down plant. Oh, that's that's as good lead into my my worst is is like that feeling. When your team? This Tamaki Jones in reference to that A. Touchdown could call back that feeling when your team makes a huge play any hear the announcer go. Is A flag and a field and you just like fuck? It's really the worst feeling ever 'cause you go from the highest pies down to the lowest of lows, you know. Yeah, and you're just like sitting there. Hoping and praying that it's not against your team, and you're like yelling at the TV like just talk what the fuck you know. Music patients media. been two seconds dirty, yellow and. Figure it out. Let me, see. Let me see this where you play. Preemptively Mad! Five yards! Exactly. My Best It's just the image seared in my mind I think this is Antoine Smith. Yes, when they showed that back screen, and he's like high stepping onto the field. And I. It's like burned in my mind in my memory. Yeah, just just I. Don't know it's just a cool unique reaction. Track hugging lawyer Malloy and. Hundred Call Yeah, they were. There were a lot of images like seared in my memory from this game. Obviously him catching the ball at the one hand. You know you've been kill Santos's call. Those certain things just you'll probably never forget right. Oh, yeah, yeah, never I mean if I haven't forgot it in twenty years I can't imagine ever here. Although I've done a fair amount of drugs so. Here's. What's your best and worst? My worst outside of listening to Pat Summerall was you can never tell me. timeouts are left on it either. Yeah, right you never because everyone's throwing time routes around Willy Nilly, will number timeout was Nowadays All onscreen graphics will tell you how much time also have left. Without down distance all season. It was not just had like timeouts left. Niagara. and The. Best is watching the game. If you got two hours still under two hours, it's definitely worth. Because their soulmate, little pieces in there like man. If that had gone differently, bladder gone differently, this whole thing would have been different in. It's awesome like. Experience the whole thing again. It's better than highlights 'cause you get that feeling of the flow of the game, even the way the announcers are talking about things where they're like. Oh the rams! They could get back into the game and you're like I. Remember feeling that anxiety at the time. Especially, we've all watched that last dry right like everyone knows play by play last dry, but I watch all the enough to. It's definitely worth it. Really is yeah. Ju Yeah, just serve. Just remember the feeling for that that last drive. Yep! Makes it just feel that? Well I think we've done a solid job on the. Super Bowl special episode. Covered it like Tyler covered Isaac Bruce who? All the way to the end zone. There was one play there when he like. PROCON Bruce's route.

100:01 - 103:05

He ended up tripping, but it looked like he knew. What Bruce's running before he did. And the the filming practice thing did cross my mind as I was like there's no way anybody that good. Tie It's tie law. Yes, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. And trae blinded that URL later on the game to London. CROSSER! Not Slam. You knew what was coming. So maybe maybe maybe Marshall Faulk is so upset about this because. It was a contracting actually did film it. Yes assume everybody's doing it. It's like those like pastors that like preach about aiding gays and they're banging. They're caught the choirboys on the side. Yeah, bathroom with their stance. He Hof. Doth protest too much me says there's I definitely butcher that I'll take. Because no way, yeah, yeah, no, I think you're. The The lady, doth protest? something. Stevie, got it. Talking about. Cool I don't know I. Butchered that. I'll take it. Yeah, WE'LL PUT IT in post at it. Okay. This royal way you're GonNa do the funny. Rather than I, have I said this all the time like cut that out I have no control over what's getting? Young a this is the end of the season. Shoutout Andy Brown. Hair, seattle organizing all the editing all the Internet database, though fucking nine yards, social media tweet net Matt Chatham every everything. Sean this is impossible without you, andy and I. Thoroughly enjoyed it I'll go I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. Awesome. The only nice thing they'll say to you this year. Luckily the Doug Boyce I'll tell you. I appreciate you doing this at the beginning. We said that all I ask of you a whole along I think any of us. This is only the beginning I. Think it's yeah. The next year. No days off. Off! Except maybe to season. We should just do some stupid episodes. Wanted to. Greg off dude. I got some stuff down the rabbit all last night of just kiss kiss merchant merchandising in general who say that save it for two thousand two baby. Gentlemen it's been a pleasure. We'll see you next season on the pages dicey podcast. Allied. Play with, it's a beautiful day. There I bet you to it probably.