2002 Week 1: Steelers at Patriots

The defending NFL champions open the season in a rematch of the AFC Championship game. Join Connor and the Brown brothers as we jump into the second season of the Patriots Dynasty Podcast.


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This is Christine Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast. As my motherly duty, you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things where they're trying to be funny, but really they're just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead I am not your mother. Welcome back! Loyal listeners. Keep listening. Keep doing this and now we're doing a second season. This is the two thousand two NFL season and we're starting here week. One Patriots Banner Night's. Opening their new stadium with a skip debris, season or what? Did you wash a preseason? I watched every game. On kmby, grow Han. Davies Future. Let. Let's back a little bit because we could talk about some offseason stuff censuses week one. There were some there was some big changes in the off season. The biggest one being drew bledsoe is no longer a New England patriots. and has gotten traded to the bills. Light Up Green your don't. Going up north to the buffalo is an Orchard Park. New York Yep wider pastures. Of Greenery happening up, there don't think but I'm sure we'll see him. A in future episodes, but yeah, let's talk about S-. Off Season what happens, there was. Some interesting. There wasn't really anybody else who got. Glenn CEO Ida. Off to the packers which we talked about the office in our. Last season with the the bi week deep dive Atari Gwen. We're actually. And not well on the packers I don't think but then. We'll get back to his normal. Productive self when he would reconnect with bill. parcells on the cowboys Andrew Buds triplets as well. Yes, he would, also you yeah, they would all get back together gang. Also big loss Rod Rutledge the was he the leading tight end. In two thousand one I think he may have. Deals because he was the only tied achy colony until the playoffs. Role True, then our boy. Way Germain wigand. What does he do connery now. is He still on the radio? Hey. I think? I know I. Don't think it's on radio. I think he's on the wait. Is Wigan on math I thought he was on like one of those late nights. He knows on Boston side I think he was on the morning. Show took over for Who is the racist Tahhan? Yeah. Yeah I think he took over for him at races. Talk show host in Boston yeah. They brought in. They got well as him and whoever the other guy was. Who was always Minahan? Yeah, I liked million. He to. he got old fast for me. He was a good interview he was. He was a really good interviewer though I mean he did not pull any punches. It didn't matter who they were interviewing. He he was. He was pretty solid. Yeah! He left to start his own podcast on Barstool so now it's They got the guy from Af. The morning shows Naef. Greg Hill Yeah Greg Greg. I'll just keep doing your job Andy Iskoe. This is this is what we do we. I I haven't listened to. The Guy just haven't listened to much IAE. Lately. Like the guy then. The bosses talk talking all. It's fucking worst awful it so much better. What he says that in North Carolina, it's hilarious. Elect the hurricanes dropped another one, but you know they'll get next game. All right, not just because they're negative about a different team. They're just less negative in general. Oh Yeah. Yeah last native across the boy, they even like make fun of Boston sports daily segment of like his off Mawson's warts radio. It's hilarious. We should do that and just have connor on. Two Bills Bills Radio is pretty good too You Got Brendon. Obviously, I have to hear you know. Ricochet Bills Radio from time to time and. God the Depression in their voices. And and and the lack of optimism. Fell draft? Tragedy born. I know joked about doing a browns on Brown's podcast, but I think that'd be really interesting just to hear how.

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Cleveland Sports. Is there Cleveland Sport Soccer Radio. Court sure there is yeah. You think you're going to have it just like. At this point now browns hardcore. Just like bill like Buffalo Sports Radio. You know you know sneaky depressed Detroit. I don't think that's very sneaky. Detroit Cleveland Right there. That little pocket who voice pocketed sadness rust, belt. What else we got from the off season. The draft who draft yeah. I know. Connor has thoughts about this draft. Does, he want couldn't wait to share why INCR- earlier. What an incredible draft I mean! Out Row Han, Davey or anti and Antoine Roma Womack. And I mean that just looking at knowing what we know now and seeing their careers. Incompletion. Daniel Graham, Jarvis, Green Dion branch, and then David Givens in the seventh. Yeah, that's. Was He'll. Pick, she. Yeah, he. Thing! How many he had so many big catches for than those the two thousand and three in two thousand four season, but yeah, what a what a steal! You're just Mr Reliable Tom. Who's the guy that moved the chains? Every time ahead is Jersey. David Given searcy Yep. Rail any hasn't. Heard! Like, never played again. Your Fault Yeah Yeah. and. And even like Jarvis Green, he was. He was never a superstar, but he was solid for years and he was. Just is a really really really good draft, obviously beyond being the highlight dion branch being the highlight. As true I think the the newspapers were were big on. The Patriots drafting their drew bledsoe replacement in Rohan, Davey. They were big fucking Van Hab. Yeah or ANAHUAC at arm. Yeah I I! Remember people were gushing Ram. Jamaican! Born in Jamaica. Really Wow got a roster quarterback. Arena. Arena League legend to. Was He I think he played a couple of years. I'm surprised at how many people were discovering who? Spent time in the NFL. And now we got to bring it back corner. Have you heard of the L. A.? Okay, so? Andy told me one of you guys doing like a spotlight. On it after your interview with Matt Chatham House. Them Chatham Matt Chatham. You're not from around here. Asked. Kid All right. Chatham. Sorry about that pojects no I really I I have no idea I have no idea anything about it I. didn't even look into it. I figured you guys. We're going to talk about it. You have to listen to the episode that comes out. We cap for two hours. Fire Season of the show. I watched ten episodes. Of like. A hard knocks version of for arena football. Team sponsored by. The Rock. Band is that what it is that what it is. Is it like a scene similar oh. Okay. Okay I think I could get behind I think. I could get behind this race electric. Highly recommend speaking of Titans Kiss has some tight end though. Some other. In Free Agency the Patriots seem to want to address the tight end position this year since I didn't have one the year before brought in Cam Cleland from the saints. And our all our altering Christian foyer from the seahawks. You start on the Seahawks, isn't he? Now, it's not worth it. Yeah I remember I remember. Looking at briefly and he didn't do much. Oh fucking hell. He played on the seahawks fire since ninety five to two thousand and one Jesus Christ. I thought he was younger than that when he came to the Patriots, not. Only he's not Christian. He's Jewish. Seven years with the seahawks. Seven touchdowns four years with the Patriots. He caught thirteen, so remember that time that he was suspended from.

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For Making Fun of Don Yee I do remember that. Speaking via. I. Mean that that's kind of what happens. Is that the sports agent is it. Is They Don. YIKES! Worry. I have a trivia question for yes. Alright who caught more balls in yards? Cam, Cleland and this year or the costs in the past year. Oh Fuck Cam Cleland Damn clue. He already catch like two balls in the first game. Yeah. He had six catches. I, think this game. He ends up with sixteen grabs for one hundred twelve yards. Damn. About as much as any came, its titans combined now. Lacrosse one hundred thirty one yards in your face cam. showed him. You're supposed to be like legit right like Cleveland. or Did he get her he did he get hurt. He came out of the gate with six catches. I mean it was only forty yards, but he. Said you six targets six options first game. I wonder if he got hurt or if they just. I have no idea. So he does get a touchdown I. Actually had a note about this. He gets touchdown in this game I. Believe Right this game I don't think. Oreo the touchdown I'm working at his. Kapadia and says when he was a rookie with the saints, he was struck in the eye by a teammate with a sock filled with coins during a hazing incident. What the early lost is i. in addition to suffering, a broken is socket and broken nose. The injury permanently affected his eyesight. Lord. while. I might. Be Incognito. One of the referenced articles. That is. A WILD Wild Story. I mean sock Philly, you can now compared. Yeah, compared to like pc culture now I mean. Someone did that in today's game and. You know they didn't rape. It's not raped or beaten up kids, so they'd probably like suspend them for a year. Say hit someone in the eye with. sock filled with coins. It's probably what does he joining a gang well? How good the guy who hit him was probably I'll do some research and let you know right if you. Could that'd be great. We'll do a deep dive on now. VISIT WHOLE LA Times article on it. Is, that's kind of the big changes for the off-season The wasn't a ton of turnover really. On this patriots team other then. Drew Blood Tone Terry Glenn. Brian Cox on the saints. Which? You didn't play much down the stretch. Did. He not play much at the end of two thousand one. Not really he broke his leg middle the season and then came back and played on it. But was not the same guy, so couldn't really couldn't. Much, so he was, he was like a just a run stopper on short yardage down. Yeah, I liked. I liked old man i. think what are you wear, number, ninety, two or ninety, five or something like that? I like Brian Cox. He. FOR THE SAINTS I don't and then he got into coaching and coached a match Adam when he went to the jets, they were didn't see eye to eye when they're on the Patriots if I recall. And the opponents, tonight was the Pittsburgh steelers who also really hadn't changed much. Their team was basically the same as well. And commentators actually mentioned that were basically. Almost exact rematch of the AFC championship game the year before because both teams were the same. Except even though the steelers defense was the same. They struggled a lot. First dealers. Even thank. The same divas finished sixteenth in points allowed. which is what mill the table? And seven yards allowed. It's not bad, but they gave a shit ton of passing yards of rushing touchdowns for some reason which actually saw. Kind of in this game with the patients decided they weren't gonna run the ball and just spread them out. and. Just gasoline desk, so we ranked actually twentieth in passing yards, allowed and twentieth in rushing touchdowns allowed so.

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There's a blueprint warily. Their. Secondary must have must have just been abysmal because that's maybe the best linebacking core. I've ever seen in my entire life. There's a big news the steelers. Jason Guild in. Ferrier. Remember Hendro Joey Porter Kindle Bell. Kendra bell was so many second year. Yeah James Harrison. Dot. The heiress another year, yeah! No. Wasn't really yeah. He's undrafted. Undrawn. fucking and they also have wary foot Larry foote was no slouch. Either Larry had some good years in the league. I mean this was a linebacker. Mike couldn't crack, and now he's starting on the Patriots and winning Super Bowls building. Yeah! He was the only one that did any of this game. I think, but I mean having settled at the the steelers could get almost no pass. Rush in this game. Whatsoever he this is the first two drives all time sack leader in the steelers and still is. Who is killed ill? Yeah, he was a monster. Affair. Fair, he was also the only one still celebrating. Down Three touchdowns in the fourth quarter when he makes a tackle for a loss. GotTa style that that steelers Eve Eso. Case. Ahead not go ahead. How you? GonNa say there. There dealing wasn't bad either Casey Hampton I remember all these names like Hagan's Chemo Chemo. Yeah I mean defense. Never seen. Classic Football Name Right there. Cuando from. Two of those linebackers guild and imported would actually make the pro bowl along with hines ward. Who is still hate to this day and anchor their guard I? Of course, you do because you're an asshole, too. Good. Your it Asshole to Steve. You got it right. I think is compete level. Yeah, because you're an asshole. Yeah, that's true on both counts transit of property. I think that works so recognize real. And, the the the new face on this offense was Antwan, randle El, also Fanta, but mostly a return man. The season well is Swiss army knife. Was Yeah. He was there brown according to John Madden. A college quarterback right? was that, was it not it wasn't. It wasn't I almost said V tack, but that can't be right. I can't remember where he went to school. I got you. Thanks. Would Act Guy. You went to Indiana. Back. Yeah. Maybe not elegant I'll get back to you on that. There was a who is the seals by? That threw a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. Most positive. It's Randall against the seahawks. I thought it was. His Fun Farry and then they and they talked right, and they talked about him playing quarterback in college I sort of goodness. Yeah He. Yeah, he was the first player in division wind history to pass for forty touchdowns and score forty career rushing touchdowns. He also played. For the Indiana basketball team. Which? Like. Italy program wait dual sported at Indiana under coach Bob Knight. What a monster! That's impressive does pretty sick. Yeah? See like I can eat a dick. Though yeah, he almost didn't get it yet to sit out a year before going Indiana. Because of low sat scores No. Dominant. Sat's don't translate football, but what was community service still? You know well rounded applicant. So we actually saw Kordell Stewart again this game. But he would not last long. On the season he got benched week four because he couldn't stop throwing interceptions. started doing. From the Gecko in this game, you WANNA get into it. Let's be really didn't stop doing that. Right through two picks to close out the AFC championship game comes right back goes over three to I. Was Sure To pick on his first three passes.

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Both of those two were actually back to back, so he threw interception came right back in his added one wasn't enough in through another one immediately. To to Mike Cradle of all people, which is hard to do. That He. Didn't see him like he go. That was bad. But I have to say he can. He can Hukou football deep from any body position like he's running sideways and diagonally backwards and just like just slings at like he's. Skipping rocks, and it goes sixty yards. You y'all. Remember his nickname rate. Slash. A YEAH! I don't know. Why didn't he play a bunch of positions to? quarterback in mind receiver. Yet running back and all that shit about to get. A Randall. He got drafted to for Major League Baseball. What, about Kordell Stewart I dunno too deep into Randall l right now. So but I wanted to touch on somebody who I. I found fascinating. This was doing my research and that was the guy who took over. Fair Kordell, Stewart. And that was my boy Tommy Maddox. Pittsburgh legend Tommy maddox apparently. He played in the AFL. Just like everybody else new. Jersey red dogs. did okay and also played out the original xfl if you remember that with, he hate me. and. Was the league MVP for that one? He actually got drafted by the broncos. He was supposed to be always replacement, and then you know. Obviously wasn't. Is a first round pick. By back, only mathematics was a first round tech. By the broncos though so. L.! We had a hand in it I I always thought he was just like a journeyman. I never realized that he had. Career before like I. Remember him coming there. Be Like Oh. Yeah! I played xfl in that. I didn't realize that you already had an NFL career. Yeah he he had he'd been around the game for awhile. Because he from he was already a journeyman. He played for Denver for two years. The rams and the giants. And then took what six years off. To play for the XFL and the AFL and then came back to the NFL because he was the xfl league MVP, the steelers picked him up and now he was backing up Kordell Stewart. And then he came in, and all he did was I don't know which game it was. It was one of his earlier games. He set the. Week ten against the Falcons. He set the steelers record for passing yards in a game. With four, hundred, seventy three. In game of the steelers would go onto Thai. Thirty four, thirty four, which has got to be like. The worst tie in NFL history. That's that's probably worse than like a three three shootout that ends in a tie juice. Blue Ball SORTA. Come on, right. And then the week after. Against the Titans He. Got Hit. As. He was throwing tripped over somebody at apparently they hit, left him briefly paralyzed, and he was taken to the hospital on a stretcher. Yeah right, but then came back in time for the playoffs, the playoffs to the Ravens. Now sorry to the titans actually went lost the titans again. In a shootout thirty, one thirty four. Lost in overtime, so he is one of the more fascinating stories that I had no idea about because. The only reason I recognize the name Tommy. Maddox is because I'm pretty sure. I had his rookie card. Is Football Card back in the day. Nineteen ninety-two Gallia. We were collecting football God's bag. That was I nine. Peak, football cards and it. Wasn't just that? twinkle in your father's I in nineteen, ninety, two, I was three years old four years old. Sounds about right. Yeah I was five I. Don't remember Shit from nineteen. Ninety two. I was not I barely remember except for my time. Matic's UCLA. Rookie Guard. Probably that would have been worth money now. If I knew was going to be next, a felon would have it. But you know easy. Come easy go new. Jersey, red dogs is a pretty sick name. I wonder if that's related to the beer. I. If it wasn't. They missed a great opportunity? Did, talk about branding. That's. Like free giveaways at the game.

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All the beers cost money except for red dogs. which you can get as many as you want. They live mascots ship as the whole time. There's a lot to do that. He's got the Tucher gummy. Just shoot now Kansas read, Doug Apparently able. Deo is another way Alway la extreme, the xfl right. Yes, yeah. Did. He have a nickname. Tommy maddox! Yeah, remember he's. Yeah. He's been nicknamed in the back of their jerseys. Dude Yeah. TM twelve. Yeah, I mean. He is pretty white, so he probably just went with Maddix. Probably Tommy! That's the guy is. Don't go by Tommy like you're if you're a grown man like Gandhi. I'm Andrew Thank you very much. How dare you call me hated? Reserved for my mother, stop it. Greg, Greg don't. By Gregory. NY. Sounds pretty tired. That parenting is with that is. Thomas Alfred medics. And he goes by Tony White. is human ever go by Tom Bud? Alfred though. Alfred. Sure as gone by Ta Matic's. Right and TA Matic's. He's a fucking. Writer of short stories. Luckily we didn't have to. We didn't have to see Ta Matic's plan this game. It was all Cordell and. He was generous. I thought. Even starting from his first driving through an interception by our friend Terrell Buckley. who was on my favorite back in the day before we get too far? Should we talk about a banner raising the opening ceremony? It's Gillette game. Here yes I! have notes about about that all right here. Well I I don't WanNa go I mean. Did everyone get to watch any of it like the? G G guys see the Dennis Hopper opener. Yeah do what was it? Run US through. So Dennis Hopper you know I think would. Like US was the first game of the NFL season I think there was the first televised game of or was. That is right, wasn't it? Wasn't that at first televised? Damon that season? There's a Sunday night game, so is the first so they're. A primetime game it was a Monday it was. It was a Monday? I got it yeah. Yeah it was it was a Monday night game and. Dennis, hopper is just like. You know recapping the Patriots Miracle Season from the year before talking about the young kid Tom Brady, and then he gets into the snowball game with the Tuck, rule any like. Is just like the abominable snowman with like. White Paper Confetti. Fake Snow like it was the coordinating is. It was the corneas thing I've ever seen. And I thought I was going to be the thing that the thing that pissed me off the most, but no Nick Nick Carter from the backstreet boys. On the shoulder. To sing the national anthem for the fucking banner raising night for the Patriots me off so bad knitted. Carter I was disgusted. I love it I love. It's like I like the backstreet boys. Kinda, but I was I was just appalled seeing that. Was An odd choice, but they also coming back from commercial one of the. Like the the coming back into it things. They had nickelback song onto. Caught up. NICKELBACK? Maybe getting nick. Maybe getting Nick Carter to sing. The national anthem in thousand into is like. A huge deal and I just don't realize it, but. From around here, Nick Carter. Local. Boy I Nick Atta I. Feel like you'd want somebody who's like Moran here. No He's telling nationally televised game. The Boston Globe is pretty pissed off about it to. Jeff Jeff, Wagon Heim. One of his best and worse was Ah Backstreet boy singing in quotations the aunt. And then in parentheses, wasn't it past bedtime for Teeny boppers question Oh shit. Come. That's old. Man Yells at ground I mean. I'm going to throw. Connor category do? I? Mean it's a song.

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We can't have like a singer Swansong before a game. What's wrong with that? I. I don't know if I. You would just think that they could find someone. More impressive all. Night. Nick Nick. Nick. Carter is nick. Carter is from New York I don I. Don't know it just again. It is old man that yells at Cloud I. was watching the game. fucking eighteen years later today. And I was just like what is this? I can see both sides of it on one hand. Again. Nick Carter Thousand Two pretty fucking famous Yup? Probably that's probably the flip flipside is you haven't as guy with frosted tips. That also matched Lonnie Paxton's new. And like is that really the tone you want to be setting with your football team for the season John Madden was all about giving tax and shit for what happened to his hair. Fell into his hair. Was Dick euless. which probably talking about John Madden, too? Because this was his. First game on the ABC. And it's risky with Al Right now. Michael, Yeah Yeah. That was. Wasn't, he said it was the first time since one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine had there wasn't an NFC team involved in the game us calm. Shit. Time Yeah, because all. It used to be on Fox and. See Exactly. So he did have one mess up. Well one of many. Of the second quarter. As like replaying screen, and there's three defenders on the screen and he's like this guy right here. Do you circles? And two of. Other guy. The Not, circling the guy you're supposed to watch. And then there was the play where they were replaying. Troy Brown's toe tap catch. And was going to replay and I called it a catch, so bill cower tried to challenge it, and then the overruled it and called me complete so ballot challenge it. And Madden seemed to think it was blatantly not a catch, so he decided to go on a tangent. While they kept replaying, it was obviously a catch and it was going to get overturned to catch. And it took them a good five minutes like of a couple of different stores before somebody must attacked him on the show and be like. Hey, by the way by talking about this because it's, it's going to be a catch. Is Oh. Look at this. You guys see what I'm saying, yes. Yep Jeff Wagon Heim from Boston. Globe comment on that as well. Let's hear. Apparently, the rats said that Brown drug, his other foot inbounds rather than dragged, said Jeff said that was. The worst drug test of the game. Guys like Greg Easter big. The Internet. Typical Jeff Wagon Hyman my right. I wonder if he's still doing things. Now, it doesn't Seem Racist Jeff Wagoner Jeff Wagon high on twitter. He doesn't know how to use it. When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Yeah, that's. That's his quotas by Yogi. BERRA's him. Oh Man What's your favorite Yogi? Bear quote, nobody goes or already it's too crowded. Yes, my favorite to. Gets laid out there early. To. Speak an early. If. We're talking about the crowd and his game. There was a thing in the Boston Globe about how great the traffic flow was. fucking right. Now at at. And the they're only praise was that they were planning on opening? The the stadium an extra hour early at four PM for this. What nine o'clock game? Time, it started. Nine o'clock but because people had arrived so early, the traffic was starting back, so they opened it at three thirty. Just let everybody in early enough to get super fucking drunk. And they. They felt drunk to me well, never gone to a few games over the years like this. This crowd was fucking rowdy. They started a madden chance at the end like atom. Monday night football. You just come off a super bowl raising a banner brand new stadium. I flew. Will. They didn't know that. I battled little bigger. They don't fucking not the last one, and then you'd better meeting innovate and all a world war.

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What until the second one happened? Surprisingly there? They were underdogs. The pats going in yeah, they were three point dogs, which I found surprising for this was They show the first time since eighty three that the champs were underdogs in their season opener. Yeah Shit Stop. Thompson Book Bullshit L. Teacher Yeah. We should stay. Say The final score. What was it? Thirty four. Pack which we'll get to. That close wasn't even nearly because we were in that. It was thirty to seven really. We'll get to that during the. Alley in this game. This is officially Gillette by this point right? Yeah, yes, yeah, it was no longer. We don't know what happened. Nobody ever said what happened from CNN. I feel to Gillette, but they announced. Gillette field well. I I read an article in the Hartford current about it. As you, do yeah. Stock. was like the hottest thing in the street. As. Recently as January, two thousand. One, hundred sixty three dollars a share. And then. By off. Yeah well. It was that in nine eleven I guess. Yeah. I think nine eleven kind of like the DOT com bubble happened, and then nine eleven happened just kind of like crushed any. Anything that was left of right there. On the stock market so when everything? There was no money out there for them. But went from one hundred sixty three dollars, a share to forty cents a share in like a year now gone. So. Lost, a shit load of mine. got. That's brutal well. That explains I. Don't have the. The rights to the naming of the stadium I guess Yup. She's E, take stock. Paying ten million dollars a year for the rights. That's reasonable. This stay in business perspective yeah. Yeah. I wonder if you have to sign a multi year thing though. It was one fourteen for fifteen years. Wow, but then the stadium itself only costs three twenty five. So you're getting a good chunk of money back. Wonder wonderful has to be paid up front I. He isn't the raiders. Stadium or the Rams, stadium and billion. Bra All that money's like all inflate and everything anyway nowadays. At the time, it was at the time as a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a stadium on top of the money that he spent on the team itself right. Out We'll, we'll do a deep dive on our 'cause. That's or we got talking about. I had to feed my dog. Stadium. Yeah sorry, sorry, I cool Bray I remember when it first when. It wasn't a Brag I'm sorry he's. Itchy? anyways, you guys like that open concept. I wouldn't I yeah I. DO I don't know if it's still the allure from when I was younger and like the. That, big archway with the open concept seems like it was pretty. Cutting Edge, not cutting edge like a new. A new design at that time. Going on what eighteen years now that thing being what is so for an eighteen year old stadium? Greg? I duNNo. I go back and forth. Like I like it because of you think that Murray. But I I. I don't think it has anything to do with. How the stadiums designed. To me, it's Kinda like me. I think stadiums fine the coal experience with the route one. Really her right and you go to other stadiums around like this stadium like way better. Whole Process of everything. Redskins Games a great it. In time. ENSKILDA, sweet or like Seattle. Stay thing because. Do, you think it's because. Our tailgate is so blah that you walk into the stadium, not feeling. And Yeah fired because after after bills tailgate I. Don't walk in and I. Know It's a Shithole walk in and I'm like God places Shithole I'm all pumped because there's just. Like the best tailgate on my life whereas Gillette. Everyone is just kinda like. I don't know maybe in two thousand, one or two thousand and two people were had a little more pep in their step, but. Going back and recent these past these past couple years. It's just people are just sitting around like. A, Steph, where the best like Guy I.

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Don't you know I'll maybe you know exactly? I think even just watching I remember the feeling washing games back then compared to now, and I felt it again recently, when Brady was suspended for the first four games of whatever season was eighteen. and. You would go into the game his first game back. No, no those first four games. Just. Right yeah, and you go into them and it had a completely different feeling because. I realized that. Over the years you'd go into the game expecting the Patriots to win, and now you have this the stress of them living up to your expectations, and if they didn't you get all this wagon, all pissy. Because an all playing like that, they can sort of thing whereas when you had Jimmy G. and there was like. Hey, maybe they'll win this. Maybe they won't, but at least exciting. Let's find out and I think. That part of it I think it's probably what's missing from. Patriots tailgating these days. Yeah I mean. You don't really even care I don't WanNa. Say don't care about you. Don't really even care about the Games until the playoffs. This pet, these path like you. The winds the Wednesday meeting. Nobody! Just such A. Win that started. I I would say probably from like the two thousand seven season on. Right I think when we were pre one. Those first three were still Kinda spunky. You know spunky fan base like we still have like. You know we're finally starting to success with the socks you know. We're like the miserable Boston Fan. It's just it was. It was groomed in red sox misery, so we brought that like chip on it. We brought that chip on our shoulder like over into football season, and with our patriots fans And then we just became like just hockey and didn't really get up for games probably I smell like as soon as. As soon as Brady, took over his offense and and became. Elite at what he was doing like. You said in two thousand. You've made even two thousand six. He was dragging the team along with them. And, so you just never felt like you're actually out of any game and you kind of expected him to win it every time. Though it came with this expectation of if they don't do it. You're disappointed and Tom Brady because he didn't do what he normally does. I hope they win this game and like a unique way that I remember. Yeah, exactly you have many. In browns and bills fans. You're pissing off right now. Because fucking Patriots podcast literally earlier today I had about Lions Fan. Try to tell me is talking himself into Matt Stafford. As League MVP. On Lake six thousand plus thousand. He's like yeah man. It's like she not a bad bet. I was like okay. Let me know how. Who are they throwing to go? I could even she's. Got A nicotrol. GRONK did anything that's his. He's like this is my cycle. You know I'm at the point right now. Where like shipment? Anything's possible exactly? What's most possible that they're like twenty five year like playoff streak continues. Yeah I think that is. What part of July is really nice? Though is, they're drunk tank. Yeah. Explained to me under the well. I actually don't know where it is. Or you don't remember where that's correct. Very cavernous, though so I thought it was under the stadium, but I'm not positive with very roomy looking. Yeah, yeah! All, right that's that's nice any any accoutrements. I was in there with another kid. Didn't like me. was that. I don't know, don't remember. Was the game on. Baying on the window, I tell me the score and there were no. Jesus Christ. Name. Kelly's learn about your brothers me up. With your in laws. That's correct. Can't, MR early days to. God blessing God and they're still stuck around. Yep. I mean. In In Gillette! Securities Defense you are insufferable. Yes, absolutely black with once you. Once you get past that level you are you're you're pretty insufferable? In terms of I mean I personally love it because it's usually directed at.

45:03 - 50:01

Bills Fans. We go to build things together so and that's always fun. you've certainly gotten some RV tires slashed. Do to you. Oh, yeah! It could have been wrong. Get rocks throwing. Rocks thrown at us. Rocks thrown at us, yeah. Greg Pierce rights you, didn't you? When you're sitting on top of the hour of. Give it? That's annual. That's commonplace dislike. Jesus and we we, we're GONNA get into this game, but I wanNA talk about it I'll just to say well. We've been talking. Kordell Stewart just hundred inception. You're probably talk about that, so yeah I was GonNa talk about you WanNa, talk about Cordell. Go ahead. You have the floor. I was just GonNa I. I was just GonNa say that. With all the offseason, talk about like. You know Tom Brady. Was This just a fluke. Israel Davey GONNA. You know up, settle, you know. Take the starting job at some point. and. Defending Brady and Yeah Big Dick Tawny. HAD HIMSELF A game. I mean I wanted. He sixty seven percent completion percentage AC- hair under three hundred yards, no picks three TV's just came out there and was just laying. Yeah, obviously. Our tending to run the ball. No. No our defense granted and great spots all throughout the game. There's just Tana turnovers What a statement from Tom. I thought. He function new faces to I mean Dionne branch had a huge game six receptions that Cam Cleland I mean he was. Throwing at all over the field resilience of drops in the bucket. Pork, because the steelers pick. They turned into nothing. Go three and out. Of Line Field Yeah. They got touchdown on. That was the first ever points scored in the new Gillette. Stadium Christopher Little! Trivia! Thing, yeah Christian for you. And outgoing, but even that drive was only because the seals have committing penalties on third down defensive holding. Jumping off sides on sorts of bullshit. steelers got some they a going right. They had that bullshit. Pass fearance on time. Tile Gregor W watch his game 'cause law. This is an you know what I'm actually. A little pissed that you didn't get to see his game because. This I thought you were going to actually join me on the dark side because the reason. The pass interference calls. We're getting called on. Thailand was because hines ward was flopping all over the place and any time. You wasn't gonNA. Catch the ball. He just kinda like flopped over onto ground, antilock getting called for Bass happened twice once the end zone. He he was. The that's literally Hines Ward's. He was the best in the league that he was known. You, so he's doing that and yeah, he's like starting fights after after turnovers and stuff and he's just like. He's obviously known for his his. We'll call them. Generally, his borderline blocks crack back blocks on people who is injured and stuff. Just, not a fan of them although to be fair. He not an team eleven. Money is oh. Yeah and. In his defense. There's a lot of people looking to get their shots in on him. So even if you caught the ball went to ground, nobody like tagged him down. They fucking jumped on him like helmet, I! And especially law Malloy, who was just going and heavy literally every time he was even close to the ball, and he just like pop back up. He's like yeah. I get it. gave the guy on the button title the next play that was like elite Thai law years too, and he still had a game. Today. He had like ten tackles. Back. Hindsight added that one touchdown on him. He got him pretty good. Getting over on the defense in the motion. You've been a pretty clean. But that. On that first drive the second half for water. Or they call too Pi's Ontai. Bullshit. So see the ball first and goal from the one. They fall fuck apart with the REX call a false start, which was also bullshit, which wasn't there. Yeah, that was a bad call, and then Chris Mata Ma follow like had the ball knocked away from him by lawyer someone after the play. It's personal foul.

50:02 - 55:01

Then they kicking a field goal, and they have a false start. He's named. Paul. And then it cuts hours. Face a baby. was. It was like it was the bill. Cower faces up there. I think on the Pantheon of. Annoyed phases. Manning brothers! Yeah, he's definitely like that kind of that. That jaw whereas mouth almost becomes like non existent, and it's all bottom chin. Is Extends passes knows it's ridiculous. It's fantastic, yeah. And that was that was peak. Because yeah, they did. I actually wrote it down because they get a first down. I like you, said I and go from the one and then. They get backed up on penalties. And then they complete a pass on third down to fool Mata Maa follow one bad ma, follow exactly so he gets tackled at the one or the two right so chip shot field goal, but then lawyer Malloy does is bullshit like the. From? Mafele tries to reach the house like knocks out of hand. And so he gets up and pushes malloy in the chest and gets a fifteen yard penalties. Now they kick it from the fifteen. which still makeable Phil Goal, but then they they do a false start, which moved them back another even further back and then they missed the field goal. Wide left the take all back down and hit the exact same field goal from Ventura. Exactly. And Jeff Jeff Wagon Heim, said that that was the best bus stop. There was a lot of bus stops. I. Don't know if that's the best one. There was one that I think. It was Willie mcginest. Just came off the edge and the bus tried to do was like it wasn't. Even a sweepers just like out are off tackles thing. And just random over like he was. UH playing football back in the day where I was like a foot taller than all of you and tackle, you will like whatever angle. It didn't matter if you had the The momentum or anything like you're just hit me and you just fall over and it looked J. I don't remember this at all that either. Of course you don't. It's all the concussions I gave you. Open up half to with the. Donald Hays touchdown. Actually a really nice turn after you get the ball in the awesome blocked by Dionne Doll Hayes who we saw. At the end of last season, regular season, playing for the panthers, and he's the one that had a couple of football's come off his hands that were returned for Hutch downs. And they were like like what by St there? Let's this guy exactly. I, this sparked my thought this Cam Cleland I was like what are the skill position players that we've got in? That haven't touched down because they'll know that list of Brady touchdown passes. It's on Donald. Hayes and CAM CLEVELAND, or on it like who couldn't crack that group. I couldn't find them. People who've played more than eight games of Brady and still couldn't catch A. Td I. Will Actually you know you? Weird one Stephen Bradley. That's true. Yeah, he never caught a touchdown pass. Yeah, you didn't really catch to watch though still. Had like four years as a starting tailback. We get one in there some point you would think some screeners. Yeah, so you can you guys named the top five. Receivers Ranch Welker, Prong Maas Welker. Ranch. Yeah so it's Gronk Element Moss. welker James White. Sake. And then the branches six. Number seven. Theoretical question for Connor. WHO's a bigger? Data Pan or branch. who was what who's like more legendary Patriots Blair. Branch or patent. Oh God I the only the only huge branch. I remember more legendary. David Patten catches the one in the back of the end zone. was that the one from drew bledsoe in the back of Enzo Andrew had the step and are. They able branch I. Yeah, but Brandt. Branch also won a super bowl MVP. That's a tough one. I remember more legendary catches probably. In, those Especially the first in will branch wasn't there. Two Thousand One David Patten at a bunch of catches throughout the playoffs in snow. Branch Branch was better patent.

55:03 - 60:05

I Dunno sticks out more in terms of catches. Is Our analysis to yeah. I think it was patented, had the the more memorable catches because he also had that game where he ran paths, passed and caught a touchdown to. Dan's best, YEP, receiver! We've ever drafted in developed. There's a hot take. Right. Era Yeah. Either way they're like one eight one B right James White. America. You can put him on there. He's fifth on his team and touchdown catches. The radio. Jamie Blanco. That's fascinating. He's going to move to wide receiver this year. I'm calling right now interesting. Where though we're GONNA put them in the slot. They play. They play him out wide receiver all the time anyway, so they might as well. They play. Everybody Watches Evil Oh. Yeah, exactly. I mean the Patriots aren't afraid to throw a tight end up. They're not tight end. fullback out there. All the way back to the Mark Edward Days this game. Actually Trust me on the film review. I don't trust that. No. We have A. we have like a top three tight fullback this year, Danny, by towers. Can Cash. yeah, he's. What do you think about him the? Articles Oh boy. Justin in roar Wasser. Guess. He can kick it a country mile. I think it was one of those classic like he knew exactly what Tattoo was and. was just coasting until. It came up I. was draft and Now. He's crying on social media. Saying he's getting covered up. It's a classic. The story is all this time. Held. His name translates to. Justin pipe water. Does. Pass on Rodrigue. blankenship for in tap water. I just I can't believe I wanted. I wanted rod so bad. Agree easiest a fucking legend. Those glasses man that kid from Georgia yeah with with the REX becks yeah yeah, yeah. He's like a rapper like hangs out with all the whole. God really yeah. Yeah. He's awesome. His name's Rodriguez blankenship. Come on. As a kicker. You got half the sign that guy. Yeah Yeah, the colts got them right. Yeah. You went undrafted and signed. Will all right speaking of kickers though. Connors boy adamant Terry. Had himself some kickoff problems in this game all? Decided to. Write the in the third quarter kicking out of bounds. Kickoff fucking idiot timed. Time to hit the panic button. Where do you think kind so? Yeah? I think we should probably cut them in draft to. Draft the kicker in the third round. Maybe someone more accurate. Preferably somebody more accurate would be good. Yeah, but we'll statistically speaking. So well, Connor. I I want to bring this up. I wanted to bring this up to you. Because just to hammer my point of like you. Just you select the memory we were watching the. AFC Championship game from last year against the steelers right fate. The Patriots are up seven. And they're driving with like I. Don't know what to men's left something like that. He and they get a forty five yard field goal to basically win the game. It's GonNa. Make ten point game. Pushed it. gave the steelers another chance still interception, but if the steelers go down and score there, that's a whole different. A whole different perception on what Adam Vinatieri's career is. It was real yeah. Okay that's fair. COULDA WOULDA. The only it was the only field goal he missed. like I said I big teen on. Yet but guess what. We won the game, so no one remembers that you remember. But then I, defense won the game, so no one gives a shit about what the kicker did. When? PEOPLE REMEMBER IT When it loses. God I'm not.

60:07 - 65:02

All right I have. To my questions. I. Pose your question. which which player has like the most catches, but no touchdowns from Tom Brady. Okay, Ooh, what era I? Guess it. Maybe probably not. Play two thousand seven to two thousand ten forty seven games. What position did you play? Running back. Ben Jarvis Green Ellis, no, he's on here though he did not catch one. Ben Jarvis had. Twenty six catches. Forty nine forty nine catches, no touchdowns. From the running back spot now, woodhead right, nope! Now, he's scored on the Gary. No? Must have one on. Damn. You I think he does actually. Ridley for reference had twenty three catches. Wow double that almost. FUCKING Really has the most games fifty two games that sense tell us four. Did I catch us? No, no, no, no, don't tell us just yet. That was more time to Google. Sanjay. Connor gotta saying more Hale. Did. Google really is a fucking wonder. DO IS I. I. Thought I heard Alexina Becker okay well. Well there is a there is other running backs to choose from on their besides. I almost asked if you were going like. If you're being coy and it was actually a fullback, but he's called them a running back just to throw us off. Because I almost said Heath Evans, but that would have been lie I think he's caught on James Devlin, never did. He did but it was in the playoffs James Stephenson. One, it was, it was one of those blows against the best. Just regular bluntly has one though against. Jacoby Myers is on this list. Myers, well yeah okay. I mean that's Sony Michel. Is A lot. Of people that have one though. Hollister twenty three Games Antonio Brown. He's got one Mr. big chest himself as many touchdowns as Matt. Mulligan does. I Miss Open for that matter. I miss him, too. I wish you still Antonio Brown. This sort of been a whole different season if we'd had in out Brown. Could've masks a lot, I mean not. That? We probably had to what the worst production from the tight end position in the history maybe in league history this year. just two thousand one patriots of probably argue. If. They probably give that a run for their money. It we just determined came. Cleveland was worse. But he wasn't the started. Daniel Graham. Who? Intents Berbers looks like a fucking wagon. I. Don't know how he didn't work out. Because that's a big man who moves quick, include a while while in the league and he didn't not workout. Wasn't. The GRONKOWSKI that. He looks like he should be. The looks like he has that same like speeding. And smoothness to his route running and stuff but. Ten years. Did. He play where you go to the saints. DENVER. DENVER, that's what it was hit. Watching. Yeah, yeah, what sounds good? One of these new graphics will be a good. Watching could he was a specimen coming out of college? I thought he was going to be I thought he was going to be. When I remember when we I think it was what Gaza and four when we drafted Watson. I thought he was going to be dominant. You so fast. He was kind of like. He's the one that ran down champion for Vernon. Yeah he did run. That was an incredible. That's. I'll never forget that by. Yeah no, it's Brenda rated speed of underrated. We talk about this fourth quarter. Fourth quarters under rated by the way it's overrated. Because this point, it's thirty seven Patriots. steelers have given up literally. What this has my best play in this? Does it yes. Okay! Let's hear. It actually didn't count. Going to be my best actually, my boy Roman Phifer. Willie, the other Willie mcginest. Wrecking plays.

65:03 - 70:00

Bodies Kordell Stewart CINK. Kordell Stewart Rolls Out and decides to pump fake. To give themselves some more time and Willie mcginest doesn't take that Bait. And just lights him the fuck. Perfectly clean tackle and like interview. It wasn't a fumble right. Cordell Kinda held it until. Metal at the grand growl immediately shot out. So look like fumble in real time. So. Yeah Roman Phifer returned it to the house right yeah. But if you watch the replay of that. Willie mcginest gets up to go to recover the fumble and I think realizes that Pfeiffer is probably has the better angle, so he peels off blocks. Whoever the running back or the? Of the steelers running after. Yeah and that's what sprung in for the touchdown, but like you said it, it got overturned. The lady absolutely bodied him. It was that that was he really mcginest and ended up at thirty eight. We scored. We should another six seven on top of that yeah yeah. But yeah. It did also set up a third and thirty four which the steelers couldn't. Convert after this look. So Good Oh yeah underrated. A great name to. Pifer yeah. Also, way late in this when they're scraping for content. They cut to this guy in the Patriots booth called Bucko Kilroy. Which? Absolutely an amazing name who had spent like sixty years in the league or something I when I did a little research on him, because like what an amazing name, and lies in the pages booth, and I've never heard of this guy. He was the founder of the draft. Fuck Shit. He's shaped the modern super bowl as we know it now. He's. He's generally like the like the game 'cause. A championship. Tell Old sky was. he's generally known as the dirtiest player ever. Even John the broadcast calls him that. He is a Patriot scouting assistant and the reason he stopped is because he died. Oh, shit, he was. In the eighties. In his head out in the two thousands when we drafted Brady and Richard Seymour all these guys fucking hell. Bucko Bucko Kilroy Yeah. God Damn. SCUZ- a legend US, instrumental in drafting Roger Staubach yeah. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Awkward to team that they made it when they combined the steelers and the eagles. Yeah? I caught that name like there's gotTa. Be some story behind wise steelers. Emmy Eagles combined ads awesome. Can Kilroy. About the Beanie Steel I. Ne- I. Need A fucking. Kilroy Struggles Jersey. Prime Major. Just know when the player NFL history. Absolutely, yeah, they were. They were definitely a grasping at straws in terms of like content because they were focusing in on the Like the tray of all the medical equipment. Yeah. Yeah, talking about how they didn't know what any of it was. and John Madden to jokes. Something about what was it? Civil Mamata Airlines or thermometer airways is what it said. Sounds like a terrible box to open, but which I didn't know, he was afraid of flying. Clearly he must be. and. That's why they always had like that stupid trailer at all. That he would do right. Eat the Turkey after Thanksgiving from it. They put the player in the game. He had a fear. Flying Heyday was definitely a full-fledged like diagnosed phobia. Battery wouldn't fit in the seat. I. Mean you remember that part of the plan the? Remember that Boston, the little giant remember when he made his cameo in the little giants like Bruce Smith and A. Me! That's a fucking deep. Cut Right there God do. which there's actually content on the field to like we had really bodied people. and. The steelers scored a last second absolute garbage time td oh. My God this was fucking brutal was a super mad. This is shades of when the Patriots of blowing out the colts last year.

70:01 - 75:05

The colts kept calling time outs. They get the ball back and then they threw in their backup quarterback. Felt like yeah. There was literally no reasons go down. Thirty to seven. Under two minutes left and they're just like. Pulling out all the stops. If they're running, trick plays. They're running no huddle. They're like desperate to get in the end zone and Cordell. Scores a touchdown because he can't figure out to the ball across the plane instead of his feet. and. Tedy Bruschi was fucking livid about it. Like he had to get pulled off of the referee by multiple players. It was kind of like that. Bills gained. Thirty one nothing book and year. Yeah those are kind of driving down there on that game I totally understood the bills motivation. There was like yeah right. Lose that same score you beat us on week. One like I I was not like. What are you doing? Bills ears waste Cyrus. This was a lot more. Like what do you do in steelers? You wasting everyone's time? Yeah, they were. And so to the point where they scored one second left and the referees like what we're going to run. The clock offers not whereas doing. Latin, we'll go home is. Only about that last second. It's. No big deal so I think that brings us to best and worst Greg, did you? Did you have any best from your boy Jeff Wackenheim? He's got A. He's got a ton of Mir. Give me wagon hines. That's his best yeah. Just give you the to corneas ones. He's left on. The the worst impression, an impersonation of Terry Glenn. Christian for a number eighty eight in your program actually made onto the field, caught a TD pass and didn't get hurt. Shit. That's the bucket fire God Dale. And then worst superiority complex the steelers of claim, their AFC championship game losses a fluke. And that they were the better football team. Based upon their tackling last night. Maybe they meant best touch football team. Jeff Wagon Heim fire flames, just roessler. A week. More like touchable Baugh. How many more these do you have Greg Thirty? He has like no twelve fifteen the whole season here. and. I bet we can find them. Yeah, I definitely have. Some Jeff Waghorn and. Keep I got more of them for Future Games. Are Caught let's hear your best and worst MS game okay. I'll be. I got some good ones here So fast, here's here's. Here's a fun staff for you. Tom Brady was incredible. He had three touchdown passes, which matched his total for the last eight games of the two thousand one season. Regular eight in the last eight regular season, Games which we won all of Phnom Brady had a total of three touchdowns across those eight games, so he came out. I think he shot up a lot of the media. Pundits pundits. He probably shut up a lot of fan to were wondering if it was a fluke, he was awesome. you was Terrell Buckley Terrell Buckley was so underrated. You know being in that secondary with lawyer, Malloy and ty law. DROPE lucky luckily and even to Bucky Joan. He was just really solid and I think he had a five or six, maybe seven interceptions this year, maybe five or six, the only had three the before, so he had to two picks this game. and my third star. I'm just GONNA. Do Losers and winners started on my? my third star probably goes. It's it's tough to say I'd have to go get the Dion first game as a rookie coming out with I. Think he had like seven or eight catches. He's eighty five yards. with the Kentucky to the exact kind of like. Long player and by long I mean just like the stretches, the field runs a lot on those like deep posts and and fade routes. I. Think it was just what the offense was made need need. That was sweet. Biggest losers, bombs or things that sucked Kendra bowel I think. Getting injured in I. I think it was the first quarter. He was defensive rookie of the year last year. He was supposed to be I'm not going to say they would have won I. do think it Kinda changed. definitely did the trajectory of the game Jerome Stinks.

75:06 - 80:00

What a big fat load! All he did was I I I? Think he had like six hundred rushing yards this season. He just don't I mean granted he. Punched it in nine times, but drum bettas. Blah. And then obviously? Any of the fumble yet which led diving and led to the branch td. and then the third biggest loser is I. GOTTA GO BACK TO BILL I go back to Bill Towers face, and then terrible mentioned is. Honorable Mention is what's his face the quarterback. Kordell Stewart He. He. After being. Offensive Player of the year in two thousand one. All pro he he was like he was I think he was the AFC MVP our offensive player of the year the year before he came out and. showed he still had the APPs from the AFC championship. Game it was not? And he would last two and a half more games after this so. Yeah. Slash yeah. I'LL BET HI Steve. Your best wars. I. I have. The every run is a hold. Note it. All caps yeah I. don't think the beaches couldn't run. The ball is like literally every time they did. That whole the county. I mean they didn't exactly try. They had four runs in the first half. Or a quarter runs. They had like four holding penalty to. Ron would that's true, but most of the most of the they had twenty three consecutive passing place between the Abdal Jacobs. Look if you can't run a ball out gut molding at him to throw it anyways. Yeah, but it just went five wives fucking five wad just gases evens. So I had a couple Bella check bests. Good. They talked about the. T shirt. He gave everybody in the organization. Like, all the standards are zero. The everybody's standing on the back. It was at zero. Yeah, fucking Belgian move! Can confirm that he's been keeping the replay sock or the replay flag in his socks since Oh two. Yup, yeah, I didn't see that in the first year. I think they had buzzers last year. They did and. Now at the the flag. So he's like that's always been. His spot is sock. I've always found hilariously endearing I'm curious why the sock and went onto pocket. And then they were talking about Scott Paoli called them the son-in-law. And, how he's married to bill's daughter, and I was like what I didn't know that like ballot. Check and Scott Baio that. Google that and is not. They were talking about bill parcells. Oh, that's right yet. Not Scott purely. Is Bill parcells son-in-law the pair incestuous same with What's his name and Tom Brady's sister? In Brady's sister. It's all sorts of cross pollination like that all right. With his chin. Good in the post game. Boy. That that's just spread it out and threw the ball. Hope we get to do more of that. I have the audio here. Let me see if I can actually. Honestly because I have it I, also like. Toxic bursts and we didn't lose this one. We got whipped. After the game as it should be. With Melissa. Out when we talk to Tom Brady yesterday or actually on Saturday, said we are going to kick their butts. Tom, how'd you know that? Yeah well. We you know I think we had a good game plan I think we all, and you know what Israel time for me to practice, though good to come out on our own statement our as a good way to open this thing up. The title steelers defense was ranked number one in the NFL last season. How were you able to exploit them so well? You're right. They do have a great defense. Just a Charlie Weis came over the great plan and I think we we We are in the first game. We run a lot of a lot of huddle. Stuff is tough on a defense conditioning. Wise and you know we kind of got him a Guy Guys Donald Hays. Made an awesome play on the curl out when He. Kinda hooked ran a branch and Christian. Three guys. Are GonNa have came up? The very women.

80:01 - 85:08

How does anyone love Haredi? He's the fucking short. Love Him, but he's. fucking back these. Realize. Sticks out on that interview is like he didn't say hi mom. That's really didn't soul. Always. My parents. They're like yeah, but he sounded just like. Sounds like networking a little bit here style. I'm just using that as an example to show how awesome Guy Tom Brady is when my thought is like men. He's also usually very gracious to his parents as well. I miss him already. God I miss them. I miss him so much. Yeah, ever not miss him. Worse Brown the fact that you Miss Tom Brady. or Worse I I mean. Everyone. Being holding penalty was my worse. Alright. What the hell is going on, Connor dogs still hungry. My roommates are talking in the kitchen. My audio has been fantastic I'll tell you what Andy Year audio cut out a couple of times. You know here a little. Ricochet knows my roommate telling us. Should he story I'm sorry? Did sound like a good story charge. Yeah that'd be. Maybe we'll get him on the podcasts instead. What what what what are yours? Andy Aren't my best. Was the referee cam? Yeah cameras on the the middle referee, the guy behind like in the middle of the defense like behind the linebacker's which of seeing college they don't have that is. Because College for sure. And One and that. One Thousand two. I can see. They never done it before, but you did it. It was so good it was just looks like chaos when you're in the middle of it. Like the fact that anybody understand what they're supposed to be doing is beyond me when you look at it from that angle was fantastic. I'm a hundred percent and like the college version is cool Shit, you NFL version only be cooler because it only quicker and faster right. Yeah, it'd be great so. That was one of my best the best The fullback from the steelers when no during introductions Dan Creator. UNH Alum. How about that? Oh Awesome, the most famous UNH football player! No we say that gang. Jerry Zuma. Oh, yeah, all right all right. Yeah I'll give you. That also is going to play for the rams. There's an. cornerback yeah, and and Kyle Kyle What's his name, Kyle? Bears two. He picked off manning in a big game. I remember to me Jimmy something. Ravens. Yeah Shimmy, Smith. Kanye's not him. I. Definitely yeah. Zuma was one of them. You're right. But I don't know who this new guy is talking about. Horny Dram. Calling dice yes. I, Know Kyle Corey. I don't even have to. Use Google. there. WAS A. Was Zuma the wide receiver. you tell me you're on Google dot so a debate. Bacterium yes. Now those David Ball, who? WAS A. He broke Jerry Rice's touchdown record touch catch record. When I was there. And then who broke that record in the chip? Kelly days. I don't know who broke. That record is in the NFL right now. He's a white shames. Jeff. Cooper COP. Ship Cooper. Set The college football touchdown receiving record. Was bards maybe. UNDRAFTED free agent who played for the bears, well signed by the bears on the Corey Graham played twelve years in the league. Yeah, he's really good. Yeah, I recognize name. A UNH guy. How `bout that represent about 'em wildcats into the third round pick in Nineteen eighty-two there you go. and my worst was basically the steelers. They had six turnovers and thirteen penalties in their season opener. When they had an entire off season to prepare for the team that knocked them out of the playoffs the year before that silly, just hot fucking mess. and. Off of that, my favorite quote was Because this is the beginning of the new division alignments does the the first year of the AFC North that the? And even with this lost, they were still tied for first place in Madden.

85:08 - 90:08

His quote was luckily. They're in a bad decision. Because it was the browns and the Ravens were falling apart to. And we'll start division. Redskins. undermined. I did. Turn. When they're when. They're like. 'cause again. They're scraping for content and they're talking about the NFC east. For some reason because that's what John Madden was stuck. On kitting of Bengals I've ear was was the dark time for the bengals and the browser that out because it's the browns. But yeah, and using the steelers would get their doors blown off here. Finish ten, five and one and still. When those people talking Shit we sit on the steelers, being recognized as as one of the. Greatest Just teams and Franchises, we have incredible win loss record against them. I, think we need them like? Like twelve like we won twelve, they've won I mean at some preposterous number. We've always had their number bill. Has Oh I mean it was an easy game plan. Like oh you have all these huge linebackers. Okay, we'll just go no huddle and catch you in the wrong scheme, and just you the fuck out you know it was. Bill Kaur was always always Out Coach by bowel check that's for sure so the Patriots against the steelers and the ballot check our our twelve and four. All of the information is available on Patriots. Dynasty DOT INFO Exactly. That's where I'm getting from fifty four to three thirty eight. and. If you want to. Actually I had a quick before we end. A quick trivia question because I know how much you boy like that. So the Patriots have played the steelers three times open the season. Never lost their three, no and actually average a score of thirty thirteen, which is very close to this one. But there's one team that they played four times to open the season. Do. You guys know who that is the dolphins. No Baltimore. The chiefs notes. Soon as an AFC team. Navy's yes, they play the bills four times. They've lost once and I can guarantee you all I guarantee remember the winds though because I. Sure don't. I'm looking forward to where you're watching that game that I am but. It is. Because I know how the season ends, you know. That's true it. Amen Easier to watch though. So Yeah, Oh and we have a new thing before we go you can actually now leave reviews for our podcast. You don't tell him that. Yeah, no, I WANNA get some feedback so I think. Maybe we'll put together for the second season will put together something where the best or our favorite review gets. A Free T, shirt or something? But if you go to rape podcast, dot, com slash pats pod. You can rate on your podcast listener of choice. They should probably give that. You should give that pitch in the first fifteen seconds when people are still listening. Instead of you know the last minute of the okay. No I I want I. Want I want to know what they really think. I'll have suffered all the way. I won't. Go to leave fucking comment about this. With everything you need someone to listen lists and all the way to this point. You might not get any ratings so yeah. We'll get. We'll be like. Wow. I didn't know that much about Bucko Kilroy. Guys. And speaking of which love mom, Can a witch when they ended. Their partnership is still is in the eagles. The steelers done merged with the Chicago cardinals forming team known as the carpets. dumbest shit ever says pronounced carpets. And they went oh ten. fucking carpet and I found an artist. It's awesome. It's all about like the players from back then like smoking cigarettes on the practice field. Their coach Greasy Neale. Forties must've been so sick. A part time job, wouldn't it? All right boys was there fulltime job, right? And on that note I think we will bring this to a merciful end.

90:10 - 91:45

Again rate us. Leave us some feedback if you dare and if we get any good ones, will what? What's the? What is it? It's rate discard cast dot com slash pats pod pats P. Od. And it'll be show notes to so look in the show. We'll be there. Your comment is to put the. The ratings staying at the beginning of the episode Walk Yourself Okay. If your comment is that Kari's a comeback on, we'll know if you connor and stop leaving. K- ratings and reviews you've. Got It I'm not I'm I. I'm going to juice up our reviews, so love it. Yeah and If you if you want to add some some positive. Balance All the negativity. We're about to get feel free, but this is Ben. Eliezer high a really good yet. All Right? Sorry. No, it's all right. This is. Joy As always gentleman. Appreciate you joining us. And we'll see you next week on the Patriots DNC podcast. What is next week? Be Prepared for this. It's. Their pluses true. According to the Boston Globe, it's route two. Route. Like route rupe. Boston Globe punt giving it away all right. Yeah, we're Travel Giants Stadium. York football jets, yes. We will jets. We'll see you then. Take it easy.