Emergency Episode: Cam Newton

Holy shit Cam Newton is a New England Patriot. We don't normally do these things, but this turn of events warranted an emergency episode to process what just happened.

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This is Christine Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast. As my mother Judy, you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny, but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead I am not your. Welcome to your emergency episode. Patriots Dynasty podcast. Are. Not! Our usual programming. We usually do things twenty years in the in the past, but today we thought we do. A special one kind of like. We did with the Tom Brady News. This is. As big boys bigger. What do you think? Those auctions yeah. Less big. I think. Well it certainly more exciting for us as a fan. Well I think if you were to take our tone from the of the last emergency episode in this one they they'd be. Markedly different. See they're both like someone expected though. I don't think either. They were like completely out of left field. Breed to the box wasn't out of left field. Will Brady going somewhere else wasn't out of Iraq. And, like where else was Cam Newton Really GonNa Sign Yeah Tennessee. They just paid tannahill. Back up I mean as a starter. That was the problem with all. This right is somewhere where he can start right. But I gotta say very very excited for him to come to England was your. What was your immediate reaction? How stokes how describe? Her. Moving on next question, getting focused. Honestly. My I was is going to matter if we don't have a season. Good point I'm a little pessimistic about whether. There's actually yeah, and well to this point. It was so nice to have something on the Internet that was like enjoyable to like. Go through. Read it about you know enjoyable. Patriots News Yeah. It's Daddy News. Anything I haven't had anything that hasn't angered me the Internet in like two months, and finally just got the fuck around. Say some fun jokes, and like you know. I don't know you didn't like all the. The releases of the uniforms everybody shitting on the los. Angeles ones. Yeah, that's kind of fun, but this was. Whenever these like huge breaking news in the NFL that's when social media is the best because everyone's like, it's like it's not like people. People are being mean they're just kinda like fucking around, and then you can let go and read other fan bases like reactions. In the. It's just it's. That's what I like about sports is. We're not taking too serious, but we're all avid. A good time and everyone's talking about it. Yeah that's true. Brings everybody together in. In different ways. Everybody's still like is always talking about the same thing. Everybody on the same page. I actually screen shotted. Some stuff from red. At that I thought was funny. Oh I'm excited. Radio all. User You blow me a jets fan. Comedy? Going going to grab the Bleach at Oh another jets fan responded. You don't keep it within arms reach. Let's see a bills fan. Gael Bridge just said Fuck. That's it and then someone else said Astute observation. Garbage. This fresh prince, nine eight seven steelers fan, says as an Auburn and steelers as an Auburn and steelers fan I'm going to go jump off a roof. Quite sure how Auburn fits into that, but okay. Yeah, this is long. He's a Patriot says is I have no idea what to do with my hands right now and someone responded. You know what to do. Bills Division favorites March Twenty Twenty June twenty twenty. I saw that the jared stood stidham the savior. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of like erection. Talk out there like people being talked tour having Boehner so. Let's just some good on the Internet you know this is. Made for where they were predicting, he'd be the line starting quarterback in twenty twenty one. I think I saw that, too. That's. About Calvin Johnson, coming out of retirement and Trade Newton for Stafford.

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Like the one that it was Basketball video of everybody. Just, putting their heads down dejected -ly and it was The AFC east upon hearing the news this morning. You got to feel for them, you know. As a jets bills dolphins fan you're like this is a year. It's wide open was can win it. And I haven't checked Vegas Vegas odds, but I I would venture to guess there were probably favorites. I heard it on the radio where now tied for favorites to win the division with the bills? Okay, that makes sense. I think as of this afternoon, yeah. Did you see the the pitcher of him his newest outfit. He's wearing the tri corner hat and like A. I saw the one the militiamen. Bell Jack wearing a scarf with like dreads. STUPID GLASSES! I've I was impressed with how quickly people photo shots. Cam Newton in a patriots uniform. That only Mos me away. The memes are immediate. But even these photo shops they looked. Completely realistic. And somebody who dabbles in photoshop badly I I understand how much work that is deadly. Don't sell yourself short andy. You're the best photo person I know personally. Yeah! Didn't you like Photoshop? Greg and Danny into that thing of brokeback mountain. Yeah. Definitely Greg Davis in their shadow Danny. and. It was Debbie does Dallas. DVD cover VHS Donna. With Greg he does Dell's. Or the time that you? Your Christmas gift to me was burned ten CDs. Who Sack it for care whose face was, but you put him on every album cover. There was my roommate joey bear. Yeah, that was that was legendary. Right. Rank. The ABC's quarterbacks now number one Jarret Stidham. Number two CAM Newton. Remember, three Brian Hoyer. Number four Jillian Element. Number Five Mohamed. Nice question. really everyone says assuming is GonNa step in and start. What if you're beat them out heuer? Well there is, there was a valid point. I listened to Cal Colin Coward talk about today and. I think she don't mind him, but he was saying. Like with. Learning the playbook like a big piece this right especially, if you have a short off, season, and people can't get into facilities to expect images show up on day one and be like running a complicated offense. That's a tall order. As stardom sorry have already had a season with the play ball. You know he's got the coach's respect so. I think there is some truth to that. Yeah I! Uh, also point out that you did call them. Stem I appreciate that. Yeah, why what do you call? Now? That's what I call. That's why I want to exclusively yeah. Yeah I think as a point to that, but I also think with Brady leaving Josh. mcdaniels is kind of has an opportunity to revamp the book anyway. So for? Whoever the new quarterback is, he can. Kind of cater the new places into their their strengths, so with a Cam Newton. Come in, they could. foreseeably, put you know plays in that. He's comfortable with or work with him. To build a brighter more simplified playbook at the beginning and build it up from there. You want to hear my my theory on this okay. I don't know if anyone I haven't seen. Anyone mentioned it but the Baltimore comparison. To the way they run their offense Hispanic here. He athletic quarterback like a good offensive line. Multiple options running back. They just drafted two tight ends, which is a big part of Baltimore's offense. The just brought in that fullback to. Yeah who's weapon both running catching? Yeah, and then also look like a defense defensive prevent exactly as well yeah, and the turnaround of that system. If you remember was like really quick where they had flacco in there, and then once they benched him. It was like they switched superfast that new offense. Yes, so I'm thinking. It's not terribly complicated. It's just hard to defend. You might be right.

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He's for this season and build up from there. To call all the way to Baltimore, you know. Like No. I think it could start incorporating some elements, but most stay some of the same. What was it? To be in theory better, throw the ball downfield then. And of these other like quote, unquote, run I. QUARTERBACK! That's what I've been seeing right. You've all I can say comparing him to like Michael Vick. And all this, but everybody keeps giving the nod to Cam Newton thrower. He's not an accuracy guy. He's always been like he's like a career like sub sixty percent. Can. Still Virginia would he needs to go. He's a big. He's a big play guy, you know. And and and he can fit in tight spots. Play I could foreseeably see them. Like, basing their offense off of what the Ravens did. But also opening up the the playbook to more passing place off of that. Now. Dependent on the run. Yeah, but that's why this is so exciting is because I think I. Mean you've always seen a patriots kind of like? Base their system around their roster, but there's limitations that because Brady has always been that one mainstay right so you? You changed so much because you're not gonNA change away from the strengths of Brady, but now it's like a completely open ended question to see how far they are willing to like adapt this offense. I mean. Whatever the best interest of the players right of putting him in his position succeed, even like star owns more mobile than people give credit for. So you could see and probably gonNA incorporate more backgrounding guardless this year. I mean I think he's more mobile than Brady? I wouldn't put him as a run. I quarterback or even like a running quarterback in general. He's like A. Like a Sam Bradford you know. He runs, but you're not. You're not going to begin planning to prevent this. I don't know dude. He had had fourteen rushing touchdowns on year his rookie season. Yeah, that's more than most running backs but were. Like like an rpo thing that he struggled in yeah. So yeah, I mean he like I, said he's more than Brady, but he's not somebody that you game plan for like a Patrick Mahomes you know. Hank you sleep not at a little bit here. Cam Newton. Has More design run. No, he's averaging like a hundred plus Russia's season over. At one thirty, nine, no in at Carolina. Oh who you talking about? Newton. Oh talking about. Starting. Him. He's a bumder now. Here. Newton's running around. That's that's the take world knowing love Greg. Z's done already. Yeah the train on, imagine if you bought a jersey. I guarantee people out. There have don houses. Yeah. There was a lot of people on twitter and facebook in social media in general just. All about how the fact that bell check didn't draft. A quarterback means that this is stems team in obviously, they've seen something in. which I think may still be true. Yes Sir you also don't pass up somebody who was. Vp of the League and took his team to fifteen one. and has always given you as defense problems whenever you matched them. And get him for the League minimum. That's that's the most insane part about this whole thing contract, yeah! So explain to me what what was the contract? I mean from what I read. It's like a million dollar base contract plus incentives to go up to seven and a half right, yeah! And they just gave Phil Rivers get like twenty two for a one year contract. Something like that was one easily. Bridgewater. Bridgewater got a twenty million dollar plus contract to get. The Max deal being a third of what they're paying. Teddy Bridgewater is like. Absolute insanity to me insanity. Though an average water hasn't done anything like. It doesn't make any sense. But if They had caught a bunch of people free up salary cap room, and then gone after care that says more about their their thoughts instead of than. We waited it out and finally got cam for the League minimum. Like. Why not there's no, there's no downside. 'cause the only downside you could see as I.

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is it GonNa. Affect how like stuttering feels about it sure? But every single team league would have taken that contract. Yeah? No brainer right which which makes you wonder how the hell did no one sign. Because the report was. Were saying that the Patriots the only one that had any real interest in them. That seems crazy when I'm looking at the twenty twenty quarterback salary lists. Because I know like he could've been probably paid a little bit more. A backup at the steelers are some other those teams like that. You would think even the Ravens. I think are looking for a backup like I don't know. The Rams backup is, but are three three yeah. Cam Newton be an upgrade. Kit Is that a real question, right? Yeah was three here. Let let me give you. Let me give you some names that are. The were in the one million dollar range lesson to those for twenty twenty for quarterbacks. Just over million Alex Tanny for the giants. Never heard of them, no! One point zero, five million Brian Hoyer I one point one point six nine million Mason Rudolph. The steelers CJ beathard for the forty niners. For the giants. Joe FLACCO for the jets one point two, seven, five million really. Drew Lock one point six million, Chad runny. Backup for the chiefs one point six. Ryan Griffin for the bucks. So back at Tom Brady, you'll never see the field one point six million. Jeff Driscoll. Droopy drippy driscoll drip drip and these. Three quarter million. Everybody else's over. Two million. Last time rg three started more than half the gains season. was his sophomore season. In two thousand thirteen. That doesn't mean he's not good. But who said he is good, Zapping upgrade came. Off Spot for rg three. Me To! Go the future the League back when he kinda love him. Yeah, and the Redskins just ran him to death. Apart, and then kept running them. You just never recovered. Rg Three on this list two and a half million this year. Yeah? Lamar Jackson. Two point five three million this year. Two thousand dollars more than rg three James, Winston two point six, but it's a perfect like this one year deal. I mean essentially what Newton's trying to do is parlay this into a bigger contract, right? Now, trying to one year, prove it on a good team with a good coaching staff. And then next year. You'll still only be like thirty one thirty two sign like a huge deal again. Right. Has worked for him in the past like he went when he went, he was at Florida originally behind Tibo. Nan. He'll either. Got Booted from the university or left it on early sure. But then he went to junior college and then Auburn and one is in a national championship. And just like torched the entire college football landscape. So he's got it in them, you know that kind of like fuck you attitude. which is. Plays well with the Patriots Tier Right. So. That's great. Pits and two point without this contract for. Cam Newton. The Patriots are pay a combined, lets you. Two point two two point eight million dollars for all the quarterbacks. So even if Cam Newton earns his seven half-million, you're looking at what also math on that ten eleven million. Give or take that cap number for all incentives are. Now, I haven't heard. Come Out, you know. But. Every Patriot quarterback combined will be even if Cam Newton hits. A seven half-million will be making less than Teddy Bridgewater. himself. And Carson. Wentz Matt Ryan. Alex Smith Kirk cousins. Basically anybody above him. We make an about being about as much as Mitch trubisky which is. All well and good except. The! Patriots have no cap space, so it's not like. Oh, I guess that brings up. The question is this. Is this a? Be this this whole thing getting. Cam Newton on a possibly washed up. Cam Newton on A. Killer deal is this. Because Bell Check has mismanaged the salary cap, or is it just another example of him workings magic? And having spent his money elsewhere on well, they have like eighty six million next year and free space so.

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They goes just in case of actually have about as much money. Available as you and I do. And you just want to help. I, think they're actually in the negatives right now to know. Opportunity Strike in. Yeah. So you don't see this as Belgium kind of. Having gotten stuck in a corner. Now this Greg's on the call. So this is genius. By bill fell check pure unadulterated genius news shift negotiation setup over years of Tom Brady finally laid himself as former MVP quarterback at a million dollar contract. Ella daily Thomas. Point. I? Mean what's the alternative right? The you just roll with a rookie quarterback I guess you could say. I don't think money's the reason inside Brady because a lot of that dead money is him anyways. Isn't it? The tackle, so it's like the alternatives are overspend for the Teddy Bridgewater is the world or On Newton I don't care what the salary gap is GimMe Newton, you know. That's a no brainer to I. mean even if it was just football, never mind what you're paying of I'll take Newton over bridgewater. I. Mean this is Great. This is great money management. Wow, so it's genius by Bella. Track I think it is yeah as far as I can. How can you say it's like anything? But you know like you got the possibility. That turns into a super bowl contender with the downside of. Nothing really. Million Dollars Yeah, and then you you're out of. Like. that. Stood could. Be legit. And beat out! Cam Newton for the starting job, and then be your. Starter for however many years. You know because he's the young guy installs ready contract. You can especially. If next year stadiums, they get the answer you still on his sub million dollar contract, and you have like Steve, said eighty something million dollars cap, space. WHAT THE FUCK Well so then I have a question for a d think ballot check is good at these. Like, not damaged goods necessarily, but like formerly. Like really highly value players bringing them in at A. At a bargain, would you say he's good at it or bad? At least I'd say he's. He's better than the average. He's had hits, MRS I'd say he's hit on more of the. Are they great imple- Five on the radar is Calvin Oi. No Like a second round, pick by the lions, so it's like might as well be a first rounder almost. They just could not utilizing trade like a seventh router forum and then turned into the awesome. That will our pockets that we've been talking about the Mike rebels exactly the same. Counter counterpoint Barky views MINGO. Hundred percent right. Yeah, and that's that's ultimately what it is right is. There's no downside to these moods where he brings these these guys and everyone talks. Like Oh, it brings in these veterans that are. You don't really remember the Mrs because they don't matter. It's not like they sink the team where your salary, but there's tons of them. You look through some of the names that have played team. You're like should have. Reggie Wayne Joey Galloway. Cinco you know like all these. Anthony. Hanes worth marines or it. Can Bring. We've missed on a ton of them, but it doesn't matter because you hit on Corey Dillon, Randy Moss Ryanair Center. Legally blind like. Twice. All you need to do really hit on a few of them and it's A. It's a successful strategy so I. Think we're. Can come is like the media circus that surrounds it. Cam doesn't come without. We very made some about his. Style dress? And help fence, and all that and there's a there's a fair bit of criticism. We talked about before about Cameron. T. Bo is a great example like that guy is just traveling media. Circus of Cinco Albert Hanes worth there the same way so. Raise the risk in that for other teens, but less so for the Patriots seem, and I think part of that, too is they're perfectly willing to just like? Cut ties with that. Robert. Handsworth, there were like this isn't working out.

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See later. As Pastor. Yeah exactly Antonio Brown! You know they just. They're not going to hang onto late to it. You know they just like. Here's a controversy to because they've. They've usually sign them for these. Incentive Laden contract it doesn't. there. There's never been one of those where they've cut the guy, and it's really come back to bite them. In terms of contract like the closest one I can think of Antonio Brown and I've felt that one to me. Elliot's Thomas was. Probably. Yeah, that's true. But I mean at least. A couple of years. Right. Which Poe made. It made me think they would've caught him sooner. He wasn't make that's policy was alright, Don he? He made some yeah. He's just, but that was the whole. Emmy retired after he got injured and I think that was that whole like two, thousand, eight, two, thousand, nine, where? Bell check felt like he lost the team. Right wasn't that was our own nine with the fourth and to game? And the rainy Ma Shona blatantly everybody showing up late to the. Two meetings because it's not some bullshit. Around then! Yes, I don't think it was as much as it was. Dylan Thomas it was just kind of like a whole clubhouse thing. But I think Adele Song is probably played into he now we're talking about Roman, Phifer being wicked, awesome and that we forget that. They brought him on in veteran's minimum, right. That's crazy. I. It was still like fairly bait. To get that out of what we've seen him do back in the one Oh do like that is insane production for veterans minimum right. But this is and I think part of it is. That the Patriots have a system and so that they know what they need to fit into that system kind of player. They need, so they can go and look at somebody. Who might not be getting attention from? All the other teams in the league like somebody. Like a Roman Phifer and so you know what we need or even my variables like we need this. Kind of Combo Edge Guy who's. Too Big to be alignment a linebacker, but too small to be defensive, and we need him to be able to set the edge sort of thing, and that's all. We're GONNA. Ask Him to do and as long as you can do that. The system will will fit him in and it will. He will be bigger than the SOLVIT. It's parts because he's doing only what we ask them as doing his job. Yeah exactly and the pages have gotten this. That part of it down to it feels like a science. that. I mean you look at drafting? You have no idea who they gonNA pick because. They don't seem to grade players the same way that other teams do. I think like the only real blindspot. It feels like the Patriots personnel has for some reason it just doesn't translate to them for whatever reason I'll Tom Brady's fault. You know now cam in here. It'll be no problem. Kill. Harry's the happiest Person Team Right now. I mean if you look at the receivers. He had when they went to the. Super Bowl. Laris Yeah. Well, I mean. I was hearing a lot of. Launches was probably their leading receiver. Yeah. We went through it when we talked to bobby last season. They were Ted game. philly grills leading receiver Yep Philly Brown, then a couple of guys that even. Even bobby hadn't heard of. Knock, Great But I was also. That's part of what I was kind of surprised to hear people. Being negative on this move because. They said that Cam Newton blast honey saw the field look like he had lost a step, but also. He had had a better surrounding cast than the Patriots because they had Christian McCaffrey and. A couple of wide receivers who I can't think of right now. Samuel, band, yes. Maryland that's. Exactly I like come on Jay more. Yeah, that's the one he's. Struggling with he was struggling with those guys. Is hurt though. Yeah that's what I think. But surprised at how much negativity there was around that from who? Where did you hear that? You pats fans, exactly people like you. Know See I judge the Patriots moves on what other fans are saying. You. Don't like it. You like it. Yeah, just sheep! Commit suicide over.

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It's a good signing. CHICAGO. 'cause you know that's a true side. We we all have our our fan base by Caesar and like I. We're no different. Here's Patriots. Fans were probably more drinking the cooler than anybody in proce, or if we're being honest and bill, we trust yeah, but it's hard to spin this one as a negative, because even if you say oh, he's not the quarterback wants what it doesn't matter. He's getting paid a million dollars. Right. There's no downside. Little risk the only thing I could. It blocking yeah. That or but it's a one years Dr, seuss. Because everybody thinks he's got a thin skin it'll be interesting to see how he handles the boss media. Right because I. think that's always A. Concern With anybody comes here regardless our. What? Baseball players that have come over to the red sox and struggled. Pablo Sandoval Right. says. Pablo Sandoval what? He blew out his belt suing in this. fucking all over. Just trade them that. Really show. It was so funny I'm interested what happens if? Still wins job out of camp. And struggles the first couple of weeks most wondering. Point. Because like is there to start or the opposite I mean even if. Yeah, we've never had to. Not since. Two Thousand and two games. That were just rewatching now. Well, you could say. This. This feels to me similar to. The twenty eighteen embrace was suspended the first four games and it was Jimmy Garoppolo first time to start. Then he got hurt, and then it was jacoby percent. It kind of has that fields me where because and I think we've. Talked about this here and there on this podcast already where? You got so used to Brady what he does. That You came into every game with an expectation of matter what the two teams are like no matter who's around Brady or who the opponent was. You is expected to do Brady things and figure out a way to pull it out in the end. But going into those first games of. That twenty eighteen season. I hope it's. Like going into the Games felt different because you didn't know what was going to happen. You had no expectations what the game was supposed to. Like how it was supposed to go. You know what I mean. And I feel like I haven't felt that. In twenty years. And now I'm having that feeling again where I'm kind of excited to watch these games because I. don't have an expectation of how they're supposed to go. Yeah. Absolutely have used the ground right when. The expectations are so high. It's like it's kind of this is going to come off like patriots fans just like babies, but kind of sanded. It comes out when you're always the favorite. Yeah, yeah, because you. You come into this game with anything less than perfection. Is like a negative result. Almost you know. Yeah, but has assigning signing not significantly elevated those expectations again now. We're all going back to super bowl because they. No know. These not for me because I still it so completely unknown still. Matter I have no idea. How does look I? Don't know if ken is back to his. Twenty fifteen, you know. Performing performing ability where for back to. Pull for minutes ability. Skill level of twenty is health kept. His adroitness sal out that. You. Can you spell it for me, so I can? Stat check this Greg. Jacket adroitness. This is not a word, well Adroit Lou, cleverness or skill. Yeah especially with the hands you. God Damn Right Bitch. Is Because I. Go on Reddit and common under that guy and be like. You know what to do with your hands, Mr. In my lexicon and his good right. Guys. You got to stop using such big words. You're going to alienate our audience. Yeah, we don't want to be Gauche I. Don't you? Talk about your mother like that CPR? podcast now, sorry, mom! And so, it just like back to what I was saying. It has a different feeling and I kind of. And again, I know this comes off sounding like a spoilt Patriots Fan, but it.

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It's kind of a refreshing way to go into a football game of not having that expectation of we're GONNA win this game and if we don't. I like it because the change of pace, but talk to me. Six weeks into the season when we're three and three. And there's a quarterback discussion and I'll probably gene. Yeah, talk to me when that Foam Mos on the ground and Cam Newton and looks at it, and his brain starts spinning. Nah. or even just went like. The you know there's some sort of gaffey makes the post game press conference like the? Yeah the UPS on the, window. Get back what the fuck is its own arm. New umbrella breaking news. Emergency podcast purchases new umbrella. That's right yeah? ME. Literally walked right past. The didn't see me once. Our old umbrella got eaten by mice. Those fuckers classic class umbrella with a hole in its useless. Useless You on the PODCAST, but whatever? Does uses a large vocabulary on this podcast about that I was gonNA say Brian Hoyer. To. Back to back to vocabulary. Word Masochist? Is inherently sexual, or is it just me like? You like pain. I thought it was yeah I think it's just you you enjoy having pain inflicted on you I. Don't think it's necessarily sexual. Where we go with this, Greg Well 'cause I. I sent it to someone at work, and they didn't know what it meant. And they just put it in Google and the first response is a person who derived sexual gratification from their own pain or mediation, and there were like. Why would you say that to me? Maybe I just thought I. Mean it says underneath in general use a person who enjoys an activity that appears to be paying flirt tedious. But the first hit being sexual gratification from your own paid. The husband co-authored is so, it started. The Fuck is you took? Right. Do Tedious work, painful or tedious. I'll just skip by that. One Granny and I'll leave that in the in the personal folder. spank Bank as they say the Masochist Spank Bank sure whatever whatever you decide Sundays at work. Okay, the SPANK. Bank inherently sexual. What did you? Add, snacking were sexual. Remember that. slipped. Shadow Week Fifteen, thousand and one. That's a joke for our. Our religious, you know listeners be short, pretty emergency podcast. Off. Know People. Listening religiously. Might not even be out. It's true. The problem with prerecording. You're breaking news since overcut your. Actual podcasts episodes coup. Mandera only get worse. Thank me prediction for how you see the Patriots. Doing this this I say they had. Shakes. Predation Steve Yeah. I predict that stood in winds job in camp, and holds it all year and came as a backup. What's their record? Make the playoffs card. That's a fireball take. Enough I think that was his take from before Cam Newton. Thing Liz eve. Share 'cause. My original take was patriots. Squeak into the playoffs hit like nine, seven, ten and six. What that seven spot now that there is a seven spot. Yeah, and then you have. benched bench tour, thing, yeah! Exactly. So, I think I'm going to update that slightly where? I think the quarterback play will be better. The Patriots will win. The East again. We'll make the plan. Same thing happens. And make the playoffs get to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady's there waiting for them. Bell Jack Put together yet another hall of fame, the defensive game plan to Stymie Radio who has set multiple offense of records. Is this season and go on to win their seven seven? To.

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which she got greg. Jarett. Jared Dot Com wins the job, but then problematic tweets from his past research training camp. He gets canceled. Cam Newton takes over the starting job at then. The season is canceled by Co bid, and the Patriots go zero and zero in the NFL falls apart and in. There's never another game ever played. How's that for a fuck? Up! Twenty twenty five right? Now. I think. Right. Cam New assuming there's a season. Cam Newton wins the job. They, start at six and six. They squeak in at ten six. They lose in the second round. And then the patch ship mile I. Don't know. Doesn't matter. the Texans. Steady state I should really. I think they'll struggle to the beginning parts of the season sitting. There is some legitimacy to like. This guy is to learn a whole new. Playbook and or they need to like change their system I. Don't think it's going to be like a command. Just blow the doors off. I didn't. Either way stuttered, or they're gonNA struggle early in the season. Right and I If, they get. To that last quarter this season and start putting it together, they could be trouble. Be Away Patriots did yet. How about this they go into? They go into buffalo and beat the bills in buffalo and the wild card. Possible, found. If, they back door and seven spot, and then beat the bills in buffalo in the playoffs with bill would have in this case won the AFC east for the first time. With like Cam Newton goes on I R and weeks at starbucks first game as a playoffs, it goes into Buffalo. Dougherty so perfect. All. Right I'll I'll add onto mine. Too Mirrored. The the the two thousand one season stayed wins the job. Or Neuro Cam Newton wins the job injured. Early in the season week, two or three right out for like they put them on I R, but needed to return. Niece, knee and then. Stem comes in does what he needs to do. Pages get through stood. Him gets hurt against the bills. and. You have your triumphant return of Cam Newton, who comes in and wins. The game instead continues like it's only hurt for. The game comes back into the. Right. To the rescue exactly. Yeah. I love his celebration still when that during the tennis got pissed. NABBING DABS his face. That's just legendary stuff. Pretty good. Okay. My final thoughts on this the bad state designed Jamal Adams. They need freedom, Jeff! He's ready to come in. Would you trade for him? Dude? He was. He was applauding bill ballot. Check online for this signing. For Trade Oh, yeah, he's got some googly eyes for all billy boy. So, what would you give up to get Jamal Adams here? Safety position no need for Jarrett Stidham! Again I'll tell you what I'll give you that doesn't actually. Patrick Chung expiring contract. I don't even know if expiring contracts or the NFL but. He doesn't even have one. We just resigned Chung. You can have it. I'll give you all the cocaine that Patrick Chung has in his Lake House. That will be sick. Tomorrow, He is, but he's the safety and how much impact the draft to do by. Ready linebacker Andy. No He's not he is. No He's dude. I read this i. read this fucking stat the other day. Of like the numbers differences when they have when they're lining up tomorrow Adams in the box as opposed at safety. And like. There's like a drastic difference in. Fifty percent of the players like went for. Or something crazy like that Lord. And that's the new thing, right? You have these. linebacker slash safety hybrids. DUDES that can run.

45:03 - 45:42

I'm telling you because basically what? The patient is just spent an entire draft on right that. Either linebackers who are lighter and quicker, war safeties heftier. And can still run. Which I think is to is to. Combat the. This kind of run for rpo offenses that you're seeing the ravens and the chiefs and such I don't even want. The jets took him. Go get the groceries. All right. Guys. Actually by Bugah Wade Ao etta.