2002 Week 2: Patriots at Jets

After blowing out the Steelers, the Pats visit the Jets as underdogs for the second straight week. Join the Brown brothers and Connor as they talk about:

With a special musical performance from Greg Brown who debuts his first ever EDM track.

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This is Christine. Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast. As my mother Judy you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny, but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead, I am not your. Back to the Patriots dies the podcast. EPISODE TO SEASON Two. Heading to giant stadium to take on the jets and see Brown's favorite player Curtis. Martin, here's my favorite, Martin Steve is he your favorite Martin. I should think of another like something to put him there instead me. Mullah favorite Martin Yeah. Got The brothers today, and we also have cornerback. Connor. Nice to see you again, but. You can't see me, but thank you, Andy. It's good to be back to boys trust everybody is better that way. That nobody. We decided the only person who had a face for radio was my case. And Kelly barreling. Boys Boy L. Ijaz dropped and he he. Steak. Right on my dense. Rousing start. I can't wait to listen to you. Eat It. We're recording this. What you'RE GONNA. Give you WanNa give live review. Right, let's do it. We, got some corn on top okay. How well done, is it? Perfectly sheared. Nice and juicy in the middle. We got a little. got a melon avocado tomato. You know Potpourri Salads go with it. Oh boy! But I. will go with it. I'll. Very refreshing to go with the seared tuna off four stars. or Call. At Five. Thirty three. All right now to the scale down. Job Kelly. After a rousing start. Almost as rousing as the Jetstar in this game. Each. You're GONNA do the. All Scouting report. Well. Let's let's preface this by saying that we decided that. We ramble a lot on these episodes. We're GONNA. Try something a little bit different today. We're GONNA try. A little bit of a format, so we'll see how this goes, so yeah, you wanted to do a scouting report. Preferably not on what you're eating for any other seafood, but. The jets. The jets I got you. I got I got notes volunteer. I'm. I'm going to set the scene a little bit here because it's not just about the jets at this point, right, this is this is in the midst of new. York verse Boston Sports. Like closer. You know what I'm saying so. There's a lot of stuff going around hanging around both these these cities this point, so it's not just the patriots as the red. SOx. The Red Sox you're you're looking at nine. Hundred Ninety nine was the. From the Yanks, the socks for games to one your radio. From with his name in far too long. leaving, Pedroia, no, not quite. That's that's that's a year from now. That's two thousand three. fucking boone, which is also the same year as Don Zimmer getting thrown to the ground, remember that yeah, a little matador actual off Roger. Clemens got signed with the Yankees in nineteen, ninety nine so two years ago. Pedro I think we'll remember when he was talking about Wake Up. Babe Ruth and drill in the ASS. Right around this time frame. And the whole like. The Yankees are my daddy thing, but will forget how. Well. That was two thousand and four, wasn't it? Yep! was. was in two thousand and three Greg. Yeah Yeah. Harry Fucking Boon. So then the even the jets and the Patriots have all sorts of controversy swirling around right as bill parcells leaving leaving the pats going the jets all stink about that. Some draft picks got traded and then Bill Belichick obviously. Resigned courtesy NYJ goes those from. Exactly and then replaces parcels as well as he.

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Carol, who used to be a head coach of the jets? Nineteen ninety-four Carol's jets head coach. I had no idea. I have no idea. That great right? So then Mo Lewis obviously last year. Victor Green leaves. The jets come to the pats after eight years in the jets. This ought season and somehow. The jets come into this game as one point favorites. Did. Not like what the? Fuck Won The superbowl earned back to back. Underdogs Yup yeah. Yes so so there are underdogs last week and blew out the steelers, and the jets squeaked by the bills I think it was even though they are outgained and. Like out everything, but it was only because they beat the the bills last week because. Chad. Morton returned to kickoffs for touchdowns. and. They won in overtime. I just looked up a carroll's time at the jets. Knock Great. Ninety four elevated coach. Carroll painted a basketball court in the parking. Lot Of the teams practice. For coaches played three on three during their spare time. Go Six and five in twelve. He got fake spite by Dan Know Oh. That was fake the clock three touchdowns. And they lost all their remaining games six dead and. We got fired and hired by the PATS. The next year snow you went to the niners. Two Years Oh then to though is not a head coach. Yep. And the jets actually got ravaged by the The Texans expansion draft, do they did? I noticed that WHO yeah. There was some kind of big names at left. Yeah, the two biggest like salary cap hits from that expansion draft were both jets cornerbacks, Aaron Glenn and Marcus Coleman. There's multiple hall of Famer here. England, right that one. Is He. No No. there. But they're secondary like year-over-year had no, no names. Yeah. They had three out of the four guys were new. There's only one. Who was the? Last year I remember. It was also lost Tom Kupa to the box, right? It's also. A big loss. I think because you didn't hear about about him. being a quarterback as well so you've got greg yes. That's the same that's all. Right. Vinny testaverde still quarterback, which is ridiculous. But then they. Didn't drop them this year, but the backup was Chad Pennington right. Who I think I played. Here's the season before. A couple of games the season before, but nothing really. I Love Chad Pennington is the winningest quarterback behind Brady right a balloon Pierre's yeah. I think so yeah. I, believe in what we? Since he's been planned. Since two thousand one probably. Like Jim Kelly has got to be up there. Oh. Yeah. But yeah. I can in the last twenty years. The second most wins by quarterback in the AFC East I think is Chad Pennington. I mean who else who else has any wins? It's magic. You've patted his stats this year. He won sixty up there. Yeah, yeah! He's won a few games here and there for every other SEC team all right so then she. We get into the game that we've set the scene here. All Right Steve You. Well I'll. Throw the final score was forty four to seven. Shit stopping. I washed every second of it I. loved it Yup. I was water. Amazing got attacked Huntington citing. Obvious I ever snap. There were. One two three four five quarterbacks played in the fourth quarter this. Can you name them five? Can only. So. I want to see if anybody else can can name any of them. So so how many can? Name what? The five quarter. Fourth quarter of this game. Five what quarterbacks that play? For this game. Oh. Ronco. Testaverde? Grand Tessa. Verdy, up to you Chad. Pennington row hundred. Did. He did.

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He was he was in life for all three Neil Dom and the game they were neal's. David Human Dinner. And he led a drive entirely of hand offs that finished with a faulk touchdown run. I did not know that was Damien Hewitt I watched I gave him it. Said was in there, doing handoffs. That entire drive is all he did. You had like five. In a row. Trying to run the clock out and the jets couldn't. Like they were clearly trying to make. SAYING HERE! Well I think they have no. But. Yeah! He was. Like number two everything. You go back and you re watch that Ramsey bowl game winning drive. Jared at those Kevin Faulk. Assume Kevin Fall. In the pages dynasty, one one, which at some point they become, but I mean two thousand one. He didn't do anything really. Didn't even dress in that steelers week one. Wasn't even on the active roster for for the first game. But in this game, but Kevin Faulk did yeah, and he was. Running back James White. Yes, same exact idea and white started out. He couldn't do anything either the first year. James Call him a bust. That's right. Not Anymore. Yeah. He was I, think he? Was the. The number two running back because Antoine Smith Yeah. Antwan Smith Gone Up. Was the lead running back? And he was eventually returning punts and I think you'd returning kickoffs at one point to him and dion branch. US Back. There obviously returned any but. So, he was the the Troy Brown of of the game, I think. Yes pats absolutely crush them dog game, but it really could have beaten him better, Troy. Brown had that fumble on the one yard line in the first quarter. As going into score was brutal. House? A very rare mistake from joy brown I think that being said Troy Brown in the first half ten catches one hundred seven yards. Jets forty eight yards. Like double them up by himself, yes, just catching the ball. So. There's something else I want to mention actually getting further. We've been talking about all these plays, and if you actually WANNA watch you can go the website. So, that's what pats dynasty dot info slash game slash sixty eight. You'll be able to see all of Choi Brown's big plays. Especially including his receiver screen. Greg does that mean next week? Does that mean next week is slash sixty nine. It might be nice who? have. INTRIGUED TUNED ELECTORATE I can't wait. I'll dress up. And, we get a bottle of wine. You know you're having for dinner then. Jesus, himself ninety. Say Steve Wine and dine them. Sixty nine. We had more forethought. We could have got grow. LOVES THEM THEY'RE Good sixty-nine joke. Eighty make sure you get that I'm sure you've got nothing better to. See. They're all on here. Don't you worry about it, did you? WanNa talk about? That like he fakes reverse one of the best ball fakes of every scene from Brady. Dime and he's. that. Steve. Just took one of my key talking points. that was a thirty nine yard. Pass to David Patten I wrote down that Brady's play action ability has always been elite. I, mean he he sells. The play action the reverse. Better than any quarterback ever. I agree and You. That's still. That's still training to preach to him by. So what you're you saying you took the ball Charlie. Wife taught him up on that. But he he's into run reverses a ton last like I. Don't know maybe even back in the day like this time last year. They're running a ton. That certainly Charlie Weis Charlie Weis. Maybe he was awesome. Yeah. He's not wasn't the the direct snap. Where Brady would. Pretend went over his head. Dot The announcement again on this game. Should we talk about them? Sure, 'cause. It's introduction of Dan fucking dwarf. And the worst. Thanks, Greg, I appreciate the support.

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Whether, or not, you believe I'm not sure but I. Know I really do I usually shit about this, but Dan deed or blows. So I I think it was just him. But. I paid special attention because I I've been kind of hyping it for a while about how much I hate Dan End Dwarf. But Dick Enberg is partner is probably as bad if not worse, the two of them actually looked it up. There was a New York Times article written about how bad they are. Geared Orphan emberg repeatedly fumbled broadcasts of Rams jets games. This isn't even a patriots game. This is just. Like. They're just bad and we'll linked out in the show. Did you read the Article Oh did I? What were they saying? Basically that they don't seem to understand what's going on a football game? and they're talking about. Holiday here. Here's a little bit off. Had A notably weekday. Analysts are paid for their opinions, but he had some disputable one Sunday he praised a dubious by jets coach. Herman Edwards a reception by the Rims Torry Holt thing with a good tactic to stop the random momentum. The challenge was denied in the context of Edwards history of back. Clark management the just possibly crucial time out. When. The Rams scored two plays later, deardoff tried to justify his decision by saying that Edwards made the call because he sensed this coming. At, it just goes on and on. Well in this game had held his partner. I love it when you talk geometry to me. Oh, we'll get some quotes. That's fine. I? Here's. Here's a here's the payoff. Then came a real head. Scratcher Jeff Wilkins lineup for the thirty one game winning field goal for Saint Louis at a distance, from which he rarely misses still disappointed. Dear Door said I would have tried for the touchdown touchdown. Sure things with this often. This is in overtime by the way. Before you. Get the possession to. Right, so it's it's I I go with. That's bad. But. He. He did love Charlie Weis as The direct snap to faulk. Charlie Weis has gone crazy and Charlie Weis has unleashed. On A. This was actually pretty good on a I think it was a they measured the. The first down it wasn't. and. He said he's about to Jimmy. Dean short of a first down here. Was Me. I? Think Jimmy Deans of those sausages. Right breakfast, okay, l., real close, but then they show tedy Bruschi. Going into the locker room with. Like wooziness and neck injuries, the neck issues and he didn't return. And deardoff says Oh. He might have gone in for Bruschi. which seems. Perfect guy who's getting his had looked at for funding possible concussion. Well it's not even bridges a beer to relax, not even what Andy you could. You could use a Bruschi. Bruschi. No. This is my first time I. Get to go into fucking in fucking dear dwarf. Out Amberg was worse. Alive he do. What did he say well? I. Don't know if it's racist, but he seems to assume that all patriots receivers look the same. Was Confusing, David, Patten Donald Hays Multiple Times. Yes understandable. Yeah, because they're you know five foot six. The ones like six foot four. That makes a lot of. The numbers on even anywhere close either he also call those those wide receiver. Still look the same I guess so. He did he did that with all. He got every single one wrong with different wide receiver. It's very impressive He liked calling people. David Baton. And then. He. Couldn't quite understand. How much was needed for a first down? He with this all day, but my favorite was the beginning of the game. Where it's I think the Patriots for thirteen yards. And on first down, he's like Oh looks like he has nearly enough for a first down. And he does. On a thirteen year game. Well he's threes all up in the box. He's up in the box. Andy, no, have you ever watched a game that high? As even further away. From TV also. He's used to the metric system so yards and all that can get confusing. What about when he called lawyer Malloy former jet. That wasn't good. Heidi Fuck fucked up I.

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Don't know he's probably taking green. Right those right after Victor Greens pick six. He's like any comes back and gets a bunch of congratulations from this former players that. Loves that the former jet. Like no way I had to google it while sitting there watching the game I was like. Yeah, thank God, who note. Here he likes Confuse Kevin Faulk Antoine Smith to. Did a bunch. And then he also called the team the Bella Terry's Patriots. Field Goal. At the half. Way What. That's is that a pun? I don't think so I don't know. L., it's tough to tell you I. I told Terry Right. Why would you combine those two names I think he just. Like Brand Julia. Bella Terry. Plus talking about. Brady of bachelor judging the Miss USA. Pageant too OH, yeah! Yeah well, there was a lot of football now. Football on this Yeah Fox in the Hen House sort of thing I think you guys want to watch with little slice of that. Yeah, yeah all right so. This was. It's all Dick Enberg. He's he's. Foxy man himself. Bahia talking out our favorite wide receiver on this program. Said boy, look at what has been the hallmark of Troy Brown's career, going up stretching out exposing himself. Football football well, it's Troy Brown, Says Papa. Breathes eats leads football. I don't see how it could be. Like some. Sounds like some locker room. Talk to me. Could be locker room. Talk, you're right. It's just boys being boys. Just grabbed by the football I got I guess that's part of football. All right and then they were both going back and forth over something. I don't even remember what. It ended with I. Didn't think you'd get it in this quick. Alyssa is giving a dig about Michigan. Losing Oh. Yeah, I, think you're right, yeah! You think it's about the dig and not about something else. You don't think they were gonNA. They were having. Never were having sex on on air. And then? I think this all was actually our our boy. He was fascinated the entire game with ball handling. Especially boomers is he's a boom size was magnificent ball handler in ball faker. I don't I understand ballhandling ball faking I. think might need some explanation you. Have, you ever heard someone call like another person's hands, there cockfield. Get your dirty. Cockfield is off me. I have now. At Danny ISM. Or like your mouth. Your mouth is your cock taster. Stop running your cocktail. Dan Dr Dirty mind. Does bought your ball handlers. But now Tom Brady has also become a very adaptable handler. I think. We already talked about that. Yeah I suppose that is proposing it in that regard. What about boomer was he a good ball handler in the same way or was a different kind of dowse balls? That's all I had. I just wanted to bring that back in. In memoriam. Are Mellow! And then you'd have another twenty years of commentating games. Yeah, he's still didn't get. Replace or something of that two yeah. Dan Faster know how yet such a long career. Which one do I? Felt S-. Of! Dan Data he was. Easily, my least favorite and I think it will get worse. But. For now that's just the intro to Danbury ORF. For me. Motherfucker is in the hall of fame. You sons a bitches. Dior. Remember I told you that. For Yeah but I. I didn't look because I thought you might be getting now. He's a hall of Famer son of a bitch for what? Was Brent Jones. But that was. Something else though, isn't it? That was like the real hall of fame Jewish Players Hall of fame. The NC double a hall of fame and whatever it was. that. Oh, you got me on route up again.

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Thanks, Greg. Let's get back to the game. Relax Andy. Back Steve Bring me back. Talking to you about the second half, yeah, second half. More of the same first possession for the jets blindside blitz from to Bucky, scoop and score. With a Tomahawk, Chop. Sweet that I think so and like they just. Beaten them down. Their biggest play, and I think they're leading rusher of for the day for the jets was fucking. Thousand be my best. Haggling was. Hunt. It was also their first. It was their first first down of a game. It was. Yeah, it was a it was their first first down of the game. He was. Thinking about that? Their favorites at home, what? Talk About Shit Stopping So imagine buying tickets that game. It was raining to Oh yeah pissed. One thing! That's one thing you don't have to worry about it. As a pats fan is like. Am I going to pay a lot of money for tickets and show up and just be miserable all time, yeah? How's he doing this close games, but? Yeah, like, how often do the Patriots every loan out at home? Especially the whole hated like legit can't think of one. Yeah, losing by two scores at home, I don't know even. Even. Just in general like how often? How often does that even happen like the? Yeah, I, think I can think of A. Thing what was the Ray Rice Ravens playoff game. On. Or don't opening night against the opening night against the chiefs. was that like two thousand dollars for the Guy who? Ate Dinner. When. What's his face went nuts on US three months. Cream hot, yeah! It was that was two thousand like. Playoff game where they lost to Sanchez. And REX, Ryan! I went to that game. It was fucking miserable. I watch that with. Her let's see. was probably a good launch into by other stat here. They said at the beginning. If you notice. The jets were wearing their road whites. And I guess they must have changed your name to include, new. York jets this year as opposed to just jets. Oh. Because, they were still under five hundred at giants stadium. Thing goes called back then what Matt Life is now. It's like a loser approach. We had a pretty good record last year. That's where road to our own home that we play is named after a different team. I bet they're still not above five hundred in that stadium. They're the fucking jets knicks suck. Places a dog to. It's no character there. have. You been there connor to metlife. Commit light no I an old glance. Probably driving by driven past. Yeah God, it's just gross. Look over there just. Mill in no way. was just like there's no character disgusting. There's nothing around. It is like an industrial park. Yeah. Sits, literally just surrounded it surrounded by Meadowlands, and it's just gross and Barron yeah, and they can five hundred their concern pussies. Watch every second. It's getting loved it. You know who else loved it. Bill ballot check yes, the amount of time they show him on the side of the US that smirk on his face. You know the one that he had when he was running the clock down against the jets this past year. On like that, the the clock thing that. wrinkle in the rules. Yeah, and he had that just like Shit. Eating Grin on his face, like just just like a half smart. You had that on this entire second? Half his best one was right after the Kevin faulk touchdown. I. Really got an ice. Fall keeping the ball. His first touchdown. Well, he was the starting running back in two thousand so I would have hoped he'd scored at least one rushing touchdown then. So. Maybe it's been a while. Some sunny says check his stats.

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Hard Statue Eker. Check it. While you're doing that, I, want talk. Stack Stack, dude, a mean tuna steak. Oh still eating. That's a big tuna steak I. thought you could eat. Talk to me about eighty Andy. I'm just saying I can eat. I would've finished up by now. He's scored wanting. Perhaps it was his seventh touchdown Bourret. First of this year though. He kept ball. I wonder if he kept album MS, all he was gonNA should honor touchdowns. Laura. Marriage because they beat the jets. But I WANNA. Go back to the The fake punt because. I think that drive was. My turning point of this game. Because the jets went three and out yet again then they did the fake punt, which converted their I I out. And then I think it was a very next play. They had a big play to Santana Moss the drove. To the Patriots twenty-odd I like Oh shit. They actually score some points here, and it's like twentieth and see how they score down two touchdowns, and this all of a sudden the game. The very next play was Victor Greens Ninety Yard pick six. And the same Victor Green who. Was the leading tackler for the jets the year before, and they dislike didn't want him back. I Guess Yeah I. Don't really left on real bad terms. They're talking about that I. didn't know that much about it. No me, neither did either you. Conor McGregor either of you. Guys know anything about that now it what? The Victor, Green Saga. No I! I probably back when it was going on, but it it had escaped me yeah. But he retired as a jet I. Guess couldn't have been that bad. and. That was like two years after. The. New England, your New Orleans and then he was gone. He signed a one day contract with the jets could retire as jet. So. But interestingly the WIKKI wikipedia. Didn't even have. Didn't have him as like. The additions and subtractions he wasn't. No. It wasn't, wasn't it? Sounds like there's a conspiracy afoot. Somebody's been washing the wikipedia. Maybe we should update the WIKIPEDIA. But also in the last game, the one that forced recovered the fumble and drone Beddis, too, so he's had himself a hell of a started this season. He probably drops off those as last interception of his career yet while he was kind of like the third safety on the team because it was still lawyer, Malloy and Bucky Jones or the starters, but the Patriots were. At certain points running. Three safety sets out there which I don't think you will ever see well. You might see again just. going. I think maybe to counter the whole spread offense. And the RPO you'll see like a lighter, but still got Kentucky. To safety you their second round pick. Yeah that's true and the drafted a bunch of like hybrid. LINEBACKER. Guys like outside linebackers same idea. The Patriots starting to Sapio back then absolutely nasty. I feel like for the whole first half has dynasty. Yeah. Because you go from Lower Malloy movie on directly to well maybe the whole dynasty. Because you go from low malloy to Rodney Harrison to Pat Chung right. Yeah, she's got to throw Pat Chung in there. I, mean you move mcchord? Nothing Pat Shuns lately and safety. Rodney Harrison and Pat Chunk which one of these doesn't belong, I agree with one. Yes fucking right you. IAGO mccourty. According to the free safety, be the Tobacco Jones on this. Has Been a nice surprise though watch, these Games again, yeah! He's a good player. Yeah, he's bigger than them to. Be Big big boy yeah. That dude can lay the would and has less name on the teeth. Does. I'm still sad. Our sister didn't name her firstborn to Bucky. Dot have been great. She's got chances. I actually does. You got another one comment so? Hopefully, that'll be lucky. We've got an update on the tuna steak. Finished yet Kelly didn't finish tears.

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I got I got another half estate baby. Let's go. Going, overtime. On this fucking tuna steak. You gotta need a new stack, guy. We already did yeah. Connor? You're the new stack. What? No, no, no, no, that's. That's not a good idea. What are you? What are you bringing to the table here? Connor your good looks. I told you I'm I'm I'm color? Commentary I, I provide keen insight into specific. You know plays within the game nuances Steve Kinda stole my thunder bringing up. Brady's reverse play action play. I was GONNA do pretty big deep dive into that, but Econo-. Ruin it like he does a lot of things so. Yeah. Circle around. Let's circle back to the play action. Because I. Was I. Guess it was I guess it wasn't like. The deepest dives right I. think that's something that's That's I think that's something that he's always been. A lead at and it's and it. Has always played in his favor throughout his career like he's just been in an incredible sleight of hand. You know not just the play actions like you're talking about that. The direct snaps to. Kevin Falk. He's just always been good at that kind of the game within the game kind of stuff. Do. We know if that's something he was good at. In College, too, or is this something? He learned when he got to the NFL I. Don't know the answer to that. There is something either. You know like that feeling when you're watching play though and he does like a hard play action. And then he's like spends his head around, and like immediately goes off his back foot, and just looks one and for Lord hydraulic line before the camera. Even Panzer like that's a. that's a completion to touch his like there's no better feeling than watching him do. It around and not waste any time just. So I've gone through and documenting all of his touchdowns as a patriot. Touchdown throws. And the amount of times he does that from the five yard line where just he does, he turns his back and over like an half as he's pretending to hand the ball off. And then he turned around and whips and the base at the Goalpost, and just hopes that his receivers there. It's it's textbook. At this point. There's probably like forty fifty of them. Granted of his six hundred touchdowns, but still. Like. It's it that is I. Think The Textbook Patriots offensive play like they ran it for years, and it was unstoppable. And, like watching on TV I, feel like with Brady you can tell. Before, you can see the receivers whether it's complete or not by his body language as he throws it. You know if he's sitting there. Pat Knit happy. Fi you like. He's throwing this away. Yeah, you know. But there's certain ones where he's like. Zip You like. There's no way that's not necessarily as he's planting the back foot. It's coming out all. Yeah, he's. Definitely does it doesn't have guys covered? You know completion. And that speaks to his preparation to like he's a clinical player of. If it's not there, I don't I. Don't force it. But if it is, they're a making that play you know. Oh, absolutely, and you just wonder how many times he's tackled that. That whole like not not even just the the play action, but even like the the jump twists that he did on the direct snap. He could just stand there, and that wasn't there. One play that he pretended to catch the ball and drawback for pass. When they ran that, and it was like they ran that as a drop led up the middle instead of like a sweep. And the entire like defensive line bid on it because I thought he was dropping back for a pass. You don't see that in any other quarterbacks. I don't think I've never seen anybody else. Do that. Were I thought? Was Haven pay manning. peyton manning used to get blown a lot for his Play action if I remember correctly. Well, they'll ever ran that one stretch play, and then he would play action off of it. But he was good I didn't write it where Greg's comment for everybody listening. He didn't like Peyton Mann. Didn't blow. It got blown. By like Media Yeah Right, yeah. Brady, which is to say that I'm not positive. Is that much better as it might might be manufactured? Fair enough. And I think he would also.

40:02 - 45:02

He would also like walk away as if he was calling an audible as the direct snap happened. Which I think is Yeah Brady Times. Dude I- sneaky love Peyton now that he's retired me. I don't know if I'd say Love Him I. Hate definitely have much more respect from now. For. Doral, did you? Did you hear about what they're doing a golf tournament? Tiger Woods in peyton manning burs Brady and Mickelson. That's fucking awesome, yeah! Yeah they had they had like A. Native. They had a video chat today. Peyton went went on today as in. For the folks listening May seven twenty twenty Painting went on. Can't Peyton went on a tangent today about? I guess it's getting played and Mike Tampa Florida somewhere. and. was like. I, wish I wish we're playing somewhere where they hate you. Tom Like Boston. It was funny I didn't say that. Reason, they're doing it. Because Brady was on house. Arrest couldn't do it anywhere else because of all the shit that he. Like breaking and entering. Like Yeah Like yeah? We we gotta do it in Florida now since Tom's beanie. House Arrest. He's got the What. I'll tell you I love him eight. Paying does it form now? Yeah, his is commentary he. He was doing some like. like film. Review thing. I think it was on youtube or something. And it was actually really. Yeah Yeah and he did it on yeah, Tom Brady's overtime. Drive against Kansas City Chiefs Celia. Are you talking about the details like Kobe does a detail and he'll talk about different. It's like an ESPN thing called detail. Yet my payments. On Tom But Yeah Yeah. It's called detail It was amazing. Kobe done on like yeah. It's a shame. They didn't get him from Monday night. Because I think it'd be really good at it. Oh. Yeah I think he'd be another Tony Romo. Can't be worse than fucking booger. fucking theordore. Boettger. Guy's name is booger. Man. This is the biggest sports event like weekly in the United. States and we are booger out there. So far I. Mean I mean to be fair? My nickname was burger, but then I fucking graduated third grade and it wasn't anymore. You know exactly. Grown ass mainly you know what? No? My my name's my name's Ronald But the Burger. They gotta fix that fucking. The football is in shambles, says to have you let espn do anything these days. It seems that way. Yeah, and what we have in the the three hour and now draft the drought the. They're announcing the schedule tonight and it's a three event. Three hours hours. Where we just I'm not backward where we go on this here. Vegas. They. They're playing. BEGAS bucks are. Oh. Gosh! I did see that Alan Cumming caught me off guard. Yeah, I'm into that. I'm not sure. I'm into that. Yeah. I was actually just before this I found out that I could download updated rosters on an old man, and so I did that and I was beating the shit out of the buccaneers with the Patriots. In Tampa fuck him. Those those guns are GonNa. They're gonNA be silent today. You're a weird kid. You have no. Idea The do but. Thirty five year old. down. Twenty years ago and then acting out his. Deep. Andy. Revenge, it's like we're. It's like revenge video game. Porn is what it is. Vanish video getting. What I should do that. In! Do I. Put it on rookie. Because what the fuck out! And E. You have a mortgage. You have children. What are you doing, dude? You have children. While? I. Don't just ridiculous. I think. That's the worst part. Oh No. I. Don't WanNa play games for the fucking challenge. I don't play Games. Why could be a God Damn Superhero? Rest of my life. What was he's? Got To have signed before had to make dinner.

45:02 - 50:02

I was up twenty eight nothing. You're actually kicking field. No it's. Strong through my buddy twenty. Brady's thrown a pick and fumbled it. Goddamn ready has. Well. You'RE GONNA say Steve last time. I played manage the same thing play with Scott. We're both the Patriots. beat the shit out of the jets on rookie mode exactly where this? Let me. Hear about this to you. Play video games with someone on the same team. Yeah Oh yeah. Is Great. So what is going on? Not a video game guy, but that's weird now. No COA it's weird. It's weird. Thank you gotTA. Play against each other. We may have to put a pass. Then someone has to play as the jets right exactly, yeah. Fuck debt, and if you, both Patriots and the Patriots are GONNA lose. You don't want that. I just I just get my. I get like Beavis and butthead like you fucking chuckle head like. Like sucking playing the Patriots versus the jets. With your shirts over your head like it just doesn't make any sense. Kind? That's surprisingly accurate actually. Go home. Babe IBM. To nothing. To leave the room and I'm doing this. You should have seen me. Pants are coming off again time to go. Going out. I mean it is revenge porn. Say. Andy are you reading another new. York Times article on. My parents were off on. Come on you. Go to like jets blogs, and just read about how terrible their team is. The AFC. Sub Rats on read it. All I love doing that. Jets bills. To. The anthem. Salty and Beautiful. This team has no direction every. Office is bullshit stamped. Arnold's pretty good all. To be fair, that's what the Patriots bread is like now. It is interesting to see it is interesting to see who the fans revolt on with like bad teams like which players are allowed. Yeah, it like in their graces. And always one that they're like well. You know you know who doesn't sucked a backup running back. Yeah, exactly more playing time. Especially for the bills was amused and they love their back running back wherever it is. And then they trade their backup, running back or cut their backup running back. Danny woodhead and he goes. It's so. Beautiful Damn. That's our segue back into the game. I love it. Oh. No here's a here's a segue speaking of studs. Really McGinnis is finally healthy. This is. Part of part of the the Boston Globe article stuff out reading. And it fucking shows he was ever. We had three batted balls. one of them was on fourth down so blue a fourth version. A also had An offensive pass interference called. Like four him like on him. Because, he drop back in coverage and I, think it's like cra better someone like that. Tried to light them up as the gases in the air and got called for an offense. Abaza fairs, which is Great. And then they were trying to block him on a screenplay. And he got up so quickly that as Curtis Martin caught the ball. With me get. This was already tackling him he as it might be. The worst screen ever seen, it was bad. But any also had a sack in this game I think he was the one that sacked. Chad Pennington. I think Pennington was point. By so there was a few sex, but he was. I mean we talked about it a little bit last week to where he was just kind of like. It was like watching Gronk. Play offense was watching McGinnis by defense. He's waiting through people like he's playing with with like kindergarteners, just like walking through and kind of pushing them out of the way. Just, so we can get to the bulk you use unstoppable and he gets my game. WHO GETS LOST OR SHUFFLED? Against if. We got. HIGHTOWER. That's a tough one willie for me. Willie came to my first, but you think about that. Plan Super Bowl. Chance. Big! Stop against the colts in the playoffs, yeah! Now wasn't the to yeah.

50:02 - 55:00

That's a good down stop. In Indianapolis Yeah. That's a big one to. Connor, who you got mcginest hightower. It's so I was just about didn't Willie I forget what the Super Bowl was, he had like a game. Or. Maybe it was against Peyton in a in a AFC championship game. W- HIGHTOWER's has got a couple of those. Like huge plays in the super bowl, the stuff on marshawn to the Malcolm Butler interception. And then the The the Strip Strip of Matt Ryan. This strip of Matt Ryan that got recovered a part of that comeback the Falcons. He's just got some huge plays, but. I think I think Willie was. Pro I think Willy's. Willie's got a chance to go to the MAT. Maybe not the regular hall of fame, but Fuck God. That's already been patriots I'm going. I'm going Willy I'm going Willy. Willy McGuinness had set the record for those player playoff sex to really. Yeah! He's got sixteen sacks playoffs. He also has most second game with four and a half. Four and a half and a playoff game I think it was against the The Jaguars Set the records both. Nine thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, four to two, thousand and eight, and he had a great career he did. It twelve. I, thought he was like John After that Third Super Bowl. Yeah yeah, but no, he he's still. He's just a cool son of a bitch to you know. Some some. Cool factor taught. Yeah ty law has it. He's got that Swagger Yep so Willie mcginest had the. injured. mcginest makes crucial play two thousand and two thousand and three AFC playoffs against eight and. I think. He stopped. He stopped at editing James on the one yard line. that. That was in the playoff. Was it? I thought that was zoo it. Was it. was. Oh can carry significant. AFC PLAY AFC plast feedings Y-. It was really the first place in the. Yeah Yeah And it was. It was in Indianapolis, too. Yeah was huge. Maybe we'll get him on. We should start tweeting. recency by. Such much recently bias, obviously with hightower I mean he's made some huge place. Yeah, I think Willie was just a better. In his prime was more dominant Weli issue with hightower's like I feel like he's always sorta injured or was there for a while. That's true. He is yeah, he. Man Yet like the NAP, dude like. I'm looking at stats from like. This season on his a absolute rock. Who Magsi Exceeds Sixteen Sixteen. Fourteen thirteen fourteen games. Close out his career. Young hightower could never had so many injuries the chest. He's only got one he's. Just, Of all sixteen games. But he's got. Jitters. HIGHTOWER's played seven years so Willie's twelve in New England so. Yeah, I think at this point. I think it's real close right, but I think that it's just like the. Terry Right. What do you want big plays or consistency I? Think it's more no like we talked about with Dion. Branch or David Patten. Yeah, patent like branch has the numbers, but patent has more memorable plays. No decided. Fully agree with that but I was on. Lost probably on Willie right now as well, but I love high. Underrated and underappreciated same as Williams team here you know. I don't know oily was ever under appreciated, but I hear what you're saying I think you will hear. Had some injury knocks to him around this time. Two thousand two thousand one. He didn't play a lot. He was going to a bunch of injuries. So people like because he was a high traffic, wasn't he? Their first round draft pick that year. He was trapped same years bledsoe and they were both first they the top two. Because BLEDSOE's first overall I think they had another first draft and they picked McGinnis as well. And, of course, the two of them were. We. Know what they turned out to be. With, were they both like what ninety four or something? Yep mentioned that Yeah Yeah Yeah.

55:02 - 60:02

Yeah, he was drafted fourth overall. In the first round. Baker Tad. All right so now. They weren't drafted the same year as he was drafted four. War. Ninety three! You're okay. Yeah, so after ninety three first overall. And then. Four. McGinnis was fourth overall. You have great. The Patriots were back then. And the bengals picked Dan Wilkinson. True. Well to be fair. The redskins picked Heath Shuler one pick before Willie mcginest. hoops. I'm back. Good. No, YOU'RE GONE! Liar. Willie mcginest baby. Oh Yeah. Did you know that Tom, Brady and the boxer playing Saints Week One. Yes who in New Orleans Dow would be fucking sick. Sick. If we weren't in a in a I mean. If New Orleans and Urban jeep was like regular Bourbon Street. I would borderline maybe book. Fight down there right now. That But if it's like. You know. Only fifteen to twenty thousand fans lot in the stadium and Bourbon Street shut down. I don't know he might be fun if you a buck span. Move I am kind of honorary. Connors on my side in this argument of where now bucks stands now? I'm not about that after everything to- after everything Tom Brady. Has Not only given to the Patriots, but transforming New England into a city of Champions Champions in instilling that championship, do everything it takes to win attitude across all of the Boston sports teams I will follow Tom Brady into the fucking sunset on the last two years of his career, okay. And I don't care what anyone fucking thinks about me. We're GONNA. Look back on this and B. K. remember how crazy it was that Tom Brady finished out the last two years of his career in Tampa Bay and won two super bowls. Yeah and sent all those. Yeah that's how I plan on looking back on it so me to. Tom. Brady is bigger than sports. Radio I'M BRADY? Bucks Guy. He's bigger than like regional alliances in an or regional fan dubs. He's he's a deity, you know. I'm with Stevie I agree I B. If breakthrough for six thousand yards. Yeah I'd be if Brady threw for six thousand yards in the bucks when an. Through like seventy touch. The bucks are. The bucks are like the least problematic it's like. Even really you. You are against the scene, the buck to do well Tom Brady under center. Give me a fucking break. Yeah, they win. They win a superbowl. That's going to you're GONNA. Be disappointed. Why because the PATS and win yeah? Let them have one do why. You weren't saying that Oh seven when the giants won. Yeah, now it's going against. Connor said about instilling a winning culture in New England. Group point. Well Hey. Guess what if it's Patriots box in the super bowl on cheering for the fucking patriots, you know damn well. That isn't happening. Okay? pitcher schedule just came out. We have the hardest schedule in bill. Bella checks career as in Patriots. The pages had coached. No! It is a it is. We have the top strength schedule in the NFL this year for the first time season central. That means nothing, Connor. You know that. Yeah, all right well, you can't tell. disappointed. Fuck myself. Jesus, Don't the. NFC. West this year. Yes. Dude at Kansas City. Tempting. Depends on how the path of do I think? Back to back games in LA also tempting. There'd be w sweet to to go to both those games and spend a week.

60:05 - 65:00

It's not like we use our. Our PTO, on anything else right now. Right Oh dude! One of them's a Thursday. Oh there. You go short week, perfect. clack. Patriots again squeak into the play Oh. You know what's going to squeak in as the seven seed in the playoffs this year because they've expanded it, and then they're going to go on to win the Super Bowl. It's wishful thinking calling it now. They're gonNA. Get Hot at the right time. They all. Just like the O., eight Patriots did when Brady went down, they got hot right at the end, but if there was a seven see, they would have got in and they would rolled. Out here that they beat the shit of the cardinals, who went to the Super Bowl calling it out. I disagree okay. I would like to see them do well, but it doesn't l like it. I wouldn't mind a tank. Tanking season would be all right for me. The. We're GONNA. Do this strategic tank I've been talking about talking about this. We're building in a leap defense and we're GONNA average four points a game on offense. Get Trevor Lawrence Yeah I. Don't even know about that. I, just think I I. Mean I hope so I think I mean I've Kinda drank the KOOLADE and Trevor Lawrence I think he's going to be really good but you get i. mean the writings on the wall. We haven't added one. Premiere offensive weapon. But outside of the AB experience, experiment Washer, we haven't added one premiere offense weapon and basically two years now. They. Offer! First round. Of the last two drafts, but you can't? Swastika, Saudi Arabian Week three Sony. Sony Michelle is not an offensive weapon. I'm talking about a premier offensive weapon. Rafting one. Steve's GONNA BE UPSET WITH THAT I know Steve. As What Sony. So Sony Michelle fucking Laurence Maroney dancing the whole three to auto. No way dude he has no burst last year was. I mean it was glaring how? Little burst he has. I'm looking forward to. Eleven one o'clock or four o'clock games. DO I. We've I. Always like you've really aren't big. See I'm in so many fantasy leagues. I I always appreciated that. That, they were well not like not like an absurd amount, but I always appreciated that the later game so I could watch red zone for all the one o'clock games. When they, so when they came in on, you know like the four o'clock game. It's like hey. I got to watch I call my players on red zone now I get to settle in for the Patriots. With, three of those eleven are four clocks. and. The other clocks are my favorite. By To 'cause you can watch the one o'clock, and then you watch the pats. And, then you just like fall asleep in front of the night game. Yup. Yup. Staying up on the fucking. Monday. Sunday night game at Seattle who? I liked that on I liked that one oh God. I heard Seattle's a nice city to visit. All Right? Why are you say that Andy? Cities Fine, but I'd go outside the city photograph there. No, it's nice outside the good bunch of hiking and shit. I mean that's all falls within visiting all right. Let's stop talking about the Goddamn. Gets. Hurt. Has Cooper. Shows overrated. Game Balls in the best the worst thing and use them better. And, then once were not live. Let's talk about this schedule some more. All Right Steve Giving. Give me your best and worse here. Beside the things we haven't talked about. And again I'm really happy I watch this game. The steelers game. The last kick return from the jets. The. Dude, the return of comes like he does a pretty good attorney comes flying through. And he runs into pepper. Johnson who does lays them out like instinctively puts him on his. Former linebacker, no less pepper John. Twenty years younger than we know now, Johnson so. You just sat him down. It's awesome. Great? Asset play also got. That great kick return. Back for holding. Count. He did have a little smirk on his face when he did it to God.

65:02 - 70:01

Down to the sideline. Man? The worst low like replays in the first half. I. Is Vitamin in the first game where they had a replay counter. How long has taken them to do it? Oh, yeah! They did at a timer, but I was like I was hitting the ten second fast forward I clicked at six times. I got the point. I need to fast forward. This and I clicked at six times. They still hadn't come out with the decision and I looked because lit by half. The second half was fifteen minutes shorter. Yeah because of that stay. Now. Whether or not, it was the first down to. Yeah and it was blatantly not a first down. Short weightings. Aw that's why I can't watch these games like watch the whole thing. Even like. Half Hours. Yeah and then you're sitting through shit like that and it's like oh those. Games are awesome that they do now. Yeah! Cut refined minutes yeah. Get to that player to play. That's great. We'll get there in two thousand nine. I think currently. So far back they go also just a fun fact I saw the first fantasy football add. Oh interesting! Yeah for AOL fantasy football. I've been like waiting for the come up and I can't believe it this early. You know what I. Wasn't gonNA. Play face this year, but if there's AOL fantasy football slow going, we're all doing A. Been Divi. Weren't you going to do it Andy? I'm done fantasy football I feel like. Why. Greg's clearly invested here. You've always been a big fan of see guy I'm wondering what changed. Couple things. In play it for probably called twenty years, and I've never won once. Good at it. League. Where me and Mike Mellow together and I never wanted. There's other leagues are actually cheated and I so lost in the final. Stay well, league ad that I saw was eighteen years ago. All right so yeah, it was about that low. You wear a early adopter. A fantasy I remember that was. And also I just feel like it's made me watch football games differently. I'm not watching it for the joy I'm watching it for my fantasy football team. I get that by played as a score a touchdown. I got all pissy. Although at that, so I like watching games with people that are like that. Yeah Yeah what God don't. Throw it to my guy yeah. Yeah especially if you're invested in a game like its. Or something. Or even wanted to pack game, and you have like somebody on the other team, and you're kind of like having that sort of. Inner Battle of cool that the pages losing, but my guidry scored. I'm winning my fucking. Fans rally like a matters. Yeah. I'm going to put someone on blast right now, and you can probably guess who it is. The, fantasy guy. It's mark. FRATER rally Aussie. Okay. I thought. It was me, too. See Mark B like that. Car You big fancy Guy Yeah I love it. I love it. I I. Try not to you know I don't let it sway me one. I'm watching the PATS, I'm not like. I don't care who scores for the Patriots. Even if I have certain Patriots on my team. But I really loved the one o'clock Red Zone That's why I when the pats or just like you know always. One of the top teams are always in in prime time I. I really enjoy that and I yeah. I I loved fantasy. I think the only reason I actually did fancy for so long was because I would run my own league. And it just gave me an excuse to abuse all my friends. I have this it was. It was. It was the worst leagues ever, but also like very entertaining. Neck the basically enter is great, but the structure the league. You would never use like ESPN DOT com. You'd like have some like fucking website. Develop yourself like. Are there that one kick returners thing? You'd be like Oh. We got quarterbacks like Dude Andy. Keep it simple. Away. sliders Yeah Commissioner. Newsletters are always funny. They were yeah. Those are good time album I did.

70:01 - 75:07

It was to shit on all my friends on a weekly basis, and now we have this. And now have this theory I do it to you in real time it's it's been even better so bottom FSU play more. Names anyways. That's true. All. Right Greg, give us your best and worst. All right So best. I think is a week to. Sunday night game at Seattle. Worst. We twelve at Houston what Shitty city wants to go there. Yes, yes, I am fully involved in the schedule. Now it's been released. It sounds like it icon. What about you? Want, the best and the worst that forever from this game in the rest of us are yeah. Yeah, yeah So Again I. The Best I was just gonNA. Say the Patriots Defense as a whole I. Don't know if it was completely them or. Just like Bill Bella Checks Game I. 'cause I was just like no one stood out in terms of like Holy Shit this guy had. Ten tackles. You know like everyone. It was just like. It was a scheme. It was a game plan in our defense just suffocated the jets. we we. We got up big early on offense. and. I don't know we just knew exactly what they were going to do. They were playing from behind. Our defense will never. At A. Special team special teams was great to obviously And then the worst it's. Tough to say I think I mentioned it earlier, but. I guess it goes hand in hand how a team can go. Until deep into the third quarter without having a first down when their projected to be the favorites. Is. A static doesn't. Really is also. Also I wanted to I. Don't know if you guys heard Tom Brady's interview. At. The end of the. Game Let me know if you can hear me. Can, you, can you hear this now I think you have to. You have to share the screen with with audio. Hold on share computer, sound, check box, okay Fu Ooh. ooh, ooh, ooh! Why? What was that is awesome? The feedback loop created by the speakers picked up by the microphone. That was awesome. Okay we're. GonNa do that because that was a nightmare. I don't know. L. That was. T to. Just say. On picked up on that, too, he he was just talking about how he's like. A little bit of. And they've got a chip on their shoulder now. And I fucking loved it. They, they're just like they. It puts a chip on their shoulder. You could just see little glimpses into. You know the fire that Tom Brady has god. He's so goofy looking I don't know who said it last week he's. You know these early days Tom Brady's are. He is goofy, looking how swab he is now, and how much more chiseled has jaws but yeah. Brady. The hair flick member that the hair the ramp the front hand. Has Different. So he he I just kinda liked. I kinda liked what he said afterwards he was he wasn't. braggadocious he was just Kinda humble, but he was like Yep. We're we see everything you guys are saying and it pisses off. This is just as us off and yeah, we use it as motivation. I. Don't know I I love me some Tom. It is and that's. Much chip on shoulder. Every time we you know we, we realized we have to proven your guys your last. Respect. Last year. We didn't. Like I said just to. Just to get. that. Is Kinda is pretty forceful words to egg donor to stupider realize it.

75:07 - 80:01

I was like Okay Yeah Right Tommy Yeah. But looks at twelve zero when he says it. Yeah where you've got the tie on. I. I enjoyed that. Early doors like that same. Same type of stuff he says now he's like Oh. We're wound. Or Win. A world championship saw care about. AS A SECOND-YEAR PLAYER! A up. He's foreshadowing. That's all I got. It was basically I mean pretty straightforward. Pat Defense was the best PATS, defense, Tom Brady's interview, and then the offense by God I one first down. Late in the third quarter. That's appalling testaverde. I told you he sucks. He sucks any test, very. Play for twenty years and suck every single one of them. Green. Never that Steve did the live Spanish to English translation. All right Andy here. I'm Ubud. Allows US better. That I have been moved full time talking to you guys. Is Nice. I'd I'd do that all the time conference calls. Things, why don't these motherfuckers listen to me? assholes. All right I'm my worst GONNA play off of Connors. Is just offense. They had eighteen plays in the first half. The Patriots had a drive to end the first half that went nineteen place. So that's not good. And I. Before where Matt Turk the Punter was leading rusher. But actually gets worse than that he he led the team in rushing with fourteen yards and one run. Their second leading rusher was backup quarterback Chad. Pennington who had one run for nine yards The synoptic looking for. The jets running back as a committee had four five six rushes for. Nine yards. Hey Andy it's not about stats all right. You play to win the game. That's why the war their white jerseys. That's this year. Old. This year Herm Edwards Ya. 'CAUSE last year. Actually I don't even think. We touched on it, but The playoffs that quote lacks. The colts last year, because couldn't stop wearing interceptions. I'll be surprised if the other game. Yeah? So this is this is what bright touch on it. Yeah, they go to and five start this year, and that's when old herman boils it. I could see that. My best was that this was. One of the biggest beatings at the ever given to the jets up to this point. Ou! Second I got in yeah, the first biggest one nine, hundred, seventy nine. It was yeah how? Was Say Buffalo. fucking rain man was the score. Six nothing. Fifty six three. How did you know that? Did you read it to? In rainman Andy. Well. We know that's true, but we just clip out the same. Yeah, exactly. I clipped it out of the newspaper when I was twelve years old and put it in a scrapbook, and then I read it today in my scrapbook so I clipped it out. From my Internet, scrapbook today at the ripe old age of thirty seven years old. That's the difference. I was scrapbooking at twelve. You're doing it at thirty five. Immaturity maturity. About yeah I just haven't grown up yet. Maybe. Like. Like the Buffalo Game For me, though as watching it and I was like manny can't believe. I forgot this game based on how much they hate the jets and how much I enjoyed that but fumble game these. Are For me. And this is kind of. It's. GonNa. I was just gonNA contend that. Yeah. I've never liked the jets, but I think the real. The real jets hatred came during the Rex Ryan era. So I, think the butt fumble game was much more enjoyable like. OBVIOUSLY THEIR NEW YORK. You're like fuck. New York but. Really the the disdain for the jets came during the Rex Ryan era.

80:01 - 85:01

In my opinion, you think so least during the. During the early dynasty, yeah, during the early years of the dynasty. Yeah, see I thought it was. This era was way out really got. Cartels. Especially, because of the Yankees stuff that was going on same time you kinda like. Had jets and Yankees as like one entity. I get the came to A. Crescendo is word. In Apex when. When all peaking during the wreck the Wreck Sarah? Well May. Be. You got the man genie in. To? Two Touche too. I think they're like peaks. As well I think there are peaks all all across the because right now. I Get any like I don't get my rocks off. The pats beat the jets these days, no and same with like the Herm Edwards era to I didn't really care. The exact opposite I love watching the beaches. beat the fuck out of the jets. Restaurant. Aimed that's my valley. These are my. See Brown was touching himself to his ball. Handling to the shots Curtis Martin sitting on the sidelines looking forlorn, yes. Staring into the abyss. Like this by lifestyle got jets peaches, just one of the fucking superbowl. If I'd stayed, there could be a simple champion right now. That's a good point, Steve. That's a good point it is. the one thing I did want to. Throw out there for your boys. Is when the Patriots blowout the jets. They lose either. They don't make the playoffs. They lose in the playoffs. In heartbreaking fashion. That Nineteen, seventy, nine and seventy, six and seventy, eight, seventy nine. They didn't. They didn't make the playoffs. eighty-eight they didn't make the playoffs two thousand and two this year. What happens? They wins. Spoiled And then also don't forget. Two thousand ten patriots beat the jets forty five to three. If you remember that game. Yeah, my rex Ryan, almost cried. And how that's, he's an end. Zip Game is that. Right and the worst part worst part about that game as I sat in traffic. And I took me like three hours four hours to get back to Salem New Hampshire and drop mark off at his house, and then I backed into his garage door. Oh. My goodness. Top Day Oh boy. Well. The I can't top that. You, WANNA YOU WANNA stack year to to wrap us up. COMMU stats are up this up. After this game Tom Brady in his career is sixteen and three as a starter. This is true. Pretty Pretty Amazing. It is yeah, they won it was. That was their eleventh straight straight win at eighth, straight regular season game. Austin long-time. Law since November eighteenth of the year before an underdog wagon to like. Have you look at that and be like? Yeah, now, jets. By one if and. Bob Ryan admitted to defeat. Boston Globe. LIKES TO J T. at jets Jesse Jackson. Told everyone who asks plenty. Who didn't? What was I thinking? What do you think about Brian Andy? Is All right. He's. Jackie, macmullan, you know. People Are Jack Mac. But I will not stand for any Bob Ryan slander slander shank. All you want, do not do not slander. Bob Do not slander Bob Ryan. A, little, old and decrees been a little, old and decrepit. Old and decrepit for the last thirty years. Okay, he is. Very very old man I. He's one of the best writers I've ever seen, so I love Bob Ryan to. Me To Be On the same side a lot today car. I'm a little worried. It's not typical. No. That's putting it lightly. Yeah, in fact I'm starting to question my own. Brain yeah brain function. You having a stroke. Yeah! That's what I'm. That's what I'm considering. Because I know that conner. Hi, conner acts like a stroke victim so.

85:04 - 87:32

Some only at Hermit Island after I've been. Drinking for seven straight days, I can't sometimes put together a full sentence if I can break. Your Hermit Island now. I. Done okay I feel like I've don't okay. Yes I agree. I've got the smartest Brown of the bunch agreeing with my every word so I think I'm doing okay. Anything you've said. Even Greg doesn't agree with that. MIGRATE BY GRADE IS GETTING deeper. WHO'S THE SMARTEST BROWN? Well. Prior to like the last two hours. I would have said me, but now Mike. Trick questions. Yeah. That's true Mick Brown trick. Questions Elliott for not being on this podcast Yeah Ellie, although she also lives in Brooklyn with three small children, so it's probably the I wanNA, you know. If appointed potential in there, we'll probably. Recipes. All right on that note as I can see. This is unraveling quickly. We will be back next week four. Bond Burner. And band man pats and chiefs. Game Ages that I don't even remember. Looking forward to watching it I think there should be a good one so that we will. Who the hell remember as early two thousand chiefs. I'm I'm just excited to dig through the notes and the game meal. Deck I I. I I know the coach. It's trending legally. Saving for it. I'm just I'm just wet the appetite of our listeners yeah, I mean. How am I going to fall asleep tonight? Knowing I got fucking tick for meal and Trent Green. You're not going to fall asleep on your stomach, are you? See with Dick on the. Joke's on. You cut a hole in my mattress. Very small. You didn't actually need to just did it. On that note, we will see you next week on the Patriots Dynasty podcast. Ceiling against Golden Boys. Are.