2002 Week 3: Patriots vs Chiefs

Watchability Score: 5/6 Lombardis

That's right, we now have a method to rate the rewatching of these games! And this one didn't disappoint (well, the 2nd half at least). Join the brothers for the following:

  • Greg learns a new word: "luddite"
  • Troy Brown vs Wes Welker vs Julian Edelman
  • Gino Cappelletti deep dive
  • Smack vs spank
  • Andy's learned a new trick: game audio!
  • Greg does a deep dive into Dante Hall NFL player mentions in rap lyrics

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This is Christine Brown and while. I have to listen to this podcast. As my motherly duty, you have the choice not to my son's sometime. Say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny, but really they're just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your. Welcome. Back to the Patriots. You know I can't do this video i. WE'RE GOING TO START OVER Welcome back to the pages dies podcast. Two thousand, two still trucking along in good times, two, thousand and two. Anyway it's come back. This could be the first episode they listened to. We've been over this nearly episodes if you're if you're starting here. I don't know what to tell you. I was starting at one episode. It will be weeks reverses the chiefs in two thousand and two. I mean to be fair. This is a pretty good one off gain, so if you're here just for a one off game and remember this then congrats to you. I would want thank. Thousand One. What about our Spanish listeners? I Review Steve Has. When he went to, Mexico came back with some Spanish stuff. Yeah well. Everything I. Know Spanish I from Dad. anyways. We already covered that we should do an episode and Spanish. Should. See. The same. So German and you guys can do it in Spanish. Moby had El. Partido was more Bueno. Survey says pull for for. This game actually was pretty good. This game was amazing the second half this game was amazing it was. Allow like I don't remember this game, but stuff worth a watch, yes. I wanted I wanted to do I. Should start the game with like a watch ability score because some of these guys were going through all of them in some of these. Men Not so great. There's been some some losses to the dolphins in Miami ECHINACEA one season that. We. Definitely that would probably be at zero on the. Scale, would we do through one out of six Lombardi's? ooh, is that too much of a Dick Measuring contest while we haven't. To win more than six, Lombardi, so that's artificial because it could be ten and three years. You know it could, but for now we could always increase it. But for now in terms of watch ability. One through six. I mean we should scale it on like coaches. You know like what coach what coaches teams the most fun to watch. Like Michael Mark Mike. Martz is great to watch. Andy Reid usually pretty good to watch call Jim harbaugh games usually. Entertaining the very least. Yeah, not like go into sex Mike Mularkey. Well they're entertaining. If you're enjoy paths, blowouts, yeah, I would I would put dick from. You'll games in that because. As well as he could coach offense, he's that bad at coaching defense. Dick. So I think. The the chiefs in this season we'll go eight and eight, but they would lead the league in scoring. And would be like thirty in. You're going to steal my scouting report already. Oh all right. Yeah, let's see Ya. Ability Score! Let's go one through six. Lombardi's eighty. It's six. Six! Actually. No, let's call it a five. Because you care. Okay. Yeah, a five and only watch the second half I would say well five Lombardi's in a AFC championship so five point five, okay? I. Is AFC championship. Championship trophy. Is that even a half though? To me. is a point to five. Okay, all right fair enough, so we'll give this a five point five because I think there's still like maybe to marginal steps up. You know if it wasn't week three. I would I would even go hard five I. Think there was some sloppiness in this game was retaining your. Billion penalties. Well I didn't actually watch it so I'M GONNA? Let you guys. To score. This out. I, am I'm shocked and appalled. All right so score of this one for those who can actually count that high. Was! In overtime, no less forty, one thirty eight New England Patriots Your New England Patriots over the chiefs.

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which is pretty impressive considering the game was a ten to nine chiefs at the at the half. The second half was yeah. Absolute Bond Burner. But Greg tell us a bit about the chiefs. Share your scouting reports. Well like you said Andy. This team was as about as lopsided from offense defense as it comes. Were on offense this year. They were first in points in fourth yards. And on defense they were twenty. Points allowed thirty second dead lanston yards. According to Wiki PEDIA DOT COM, it's the second largest offense defense imbalance, and what's that twenty from nineteen, Ninety two to two thousand ten holy Shit. Far In years. Yeah, well, that's. One Nine, hundred ninety two Seattle seahawks. Wow. Before my time, but yeah, yeah, so if you look at the so Dick for meals, head coach. If you look at the roster's, it makes sense to so the offense Trampoline Green quarterback priest Holmes Dante Hall Tony Gonzalez So. To the fence line stack as well. Really row from will shields and Brian waters winters. Is An all time name? Especially for live here. Would permit having nickname for him. I feel like he would have. Probably we'll probably Willie ROAF. Steve but if you look at their defense like. This, literally, not a single name I recognize. Defense is. is putting it generously. To, these guys are fucking nobody's. My favorite was all-time named Mike Maslansky. Do recognize him one hundred tackles here. I just used him with. Mike Dowse Ke from. Much Zinc. Crockett. Why do I know Ray KROC its? Name! You're thinking of Betty Crockett. Or somethin'. Feel like he played in a different team, and I knew his name Yousafzai Played Denver for a long time. I mean I recognized I reckon. Clemens. Even recognize him. I didn't know anyone in their defense besides him. Now you're thinking of a heat is Andy Tatton It's just. A V thrown in. Monte buys all. Didn't he play for the PATS? Badly for years. I feel like. A as well. One. He's on special teams two thousand five Yup. Manderson, Kicker again. Harto facemask. Straight out of the nineteenth of the from the one from the nineteen seventies I. Don't think that's hard and I came in the League. Oh, yeah! He's like I'm keeping this face opposite apart. To continue my. My. Didn't that's all I had? Oh wait. PATS finally are favored in a game here. They're eight and a half. Point favorites going. Over under forty, three and a half, so hang on. A second I gotta go inside I. Hope You bet the over. fucked. that. Maybe we can turn video back on I thought only Greg had computer problems was not. Remember that seat. Is it not. Set move we can turn. Video back on. The that send you that snapchat from last night with my ear painted no. Maybe, I haven't checked my snapchat very frequently. You should have been sending you a bunch of ridiculous abstracts. Here we go. That's. Gross I got gotTA. That's pretty Gross, did you? Did you see my snapchat story right now. No check shit. Oh, I'll give you the caption. It's called Parts Town USA. Should Watch this? Those bugs be Falke. Going out and making more bugs bug porn. It's like that movie Bug's life or that movie ants if they were fucking. The. Right. I can't I don't know how the mustache over your lip Gregson.

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Saying out driving nutsy. Gross but the. Feeling Yeah Kelly hates it so I. Leave it. Would drive nuts like I put my beard hair. My my hair's getting slow on twirler constantly Oh. God. Yeah you. Can Yeah, that's definite. So fucking gross. Right. Looking good Gregory Hey buzz. About as dumb as year fucking profile pic Bro. Cool Bro. Except someone outlined your head in a marker. Cool Bro. All right. Let's talk football. Soccer football all right. See if you WanNa, tell me about this game. Well I. Don't know how much per meal saw look like you squinting the whole time with his teeth. You know like that. Sucks his teeth yeah. I. It took me a while to get over that. Can you describe that for our listeners? The best way you can cause I thought on video and it makes sense. Yeah, like what you squint e generally e Kinda like pull your cheeks up a little bit and it's like. That, he would just like. Let the lips go over all the way over his teeth show his gums and everything. Or teeth or sticking out I mean if you think picture Dick for meal, and is like him squinting with his teeth sticking out. And you'll know exactly what we're talking about. I feel like it was like heiress. WHO's got peanut butter in his mouth? He's like he's pulled his lips all about. Yeah, it's like that, but I like. He's The a defining picture in my head of him, though before all this is natural face. With the squint you've never seen him in a rain game. He's always like Super Sunny. Maybe was just so bad this. Is Watching his defense fly. Is Not that bad God. He's such a white person though. So. If you just go google dig for meal. It's like this. Is The whitest human life. Well my wife dresses me, you know. She's got a good same style. Have a lot of. Collared pullovers but hang them up. On hangers because I don't want them to be wrinkled. I like divest because my core stays warm, but my arms. You know there's still some cool. Like to be able to move around a lot. It's enough. Dick for meal impressions now. I have some audio decorah meal. Because he was apparently super pissed about injury situation. You talking about that halftime as he's walking off. Yes, as he's walking off after Bonnie Bernstein. Yeah. She. She went to go interview 'em real quick. And, so she said. Adding about it because there was a bunch of injuries to their defensive backs reckless. Let's go to Bonnie Bernstein. Problem! This might be a sticky situation. We have a serious problem deal with it. We try to get the forty six man rule change of the players. We have a new. Roster, shoot up and play. That's the number one way we do with it, but we don't want so we'll try to get a safety plan. help us out there, but it's a problem right now flake. Combat. And play. Catch thanks. What was he so mad about? Knocking. He, they had some injuries late in the week in terms of defensive backs, and then Crockett went out got hurt I think he came back eventually. Calf got stepped on or something but so they didn't have enough quarterbacks to suit up. Probably why you saw an explosion of poison the second half, but It makes sense. Is, is Bonnie still around these days. Check? I'm a big Fan of Bonnie does us? Here, she's still. And also why were we? Maybe, she likes fierce crack. Oh here we go. She has been named one of the one of the most accomplished female sportscasters in history. What does that mean? One of One of like five hundred. You know she's on the list. Though I mean none of us can say that I. Don't know I mean. I GUESS! Game show much. Is. Game was brutal in the first half like Andy, said I had. Five peaches penalties in the first five minutes. Seven in the first ten minutes, and then Brady threw pick right after that. The Patriots had more penalty offensive yards at one point.

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Thank you okay? Yeah, at halftime? The Patriots had nine counties for eighty yards. And the chiefs as a team. had less eighty total yards gain, but one was a pretty good back shoulder. Throw from Trent Green. For the. Only good throw yeah legend. But Yeah if you're gonNA watch this show. Skip it the whole first half. Actually Taylor not on watch that Kevin faulk wheel route touchdown. That was pretty. That was absolutely perfect ball from Brady. Hit him or you can do is you can go to the Patriots Dynasty website. Slash game slash sixty nine. We, are your watch the. The Falk highlight. In the highlights section and then go back and watch the full game the full second half. Why is it games sixty nine Randomly generated number. It's the sixty now sixty ninth piece of content created on the website. That's happened to be this game, so worked out well for us of course, yes. Perfect. Why didn't why didn't I guess that? Because you're not a nerd gregory? While you see a series of ones and Zeros House. So fucking number doesn't mean anything just. Jump Nerd. I don't WanNa. Hear you a nerd fucking, luddite. Luddite is you calling? Called you fucking Luddite? MCDOUGAL S. FIGURE OUT! How offended you? A purse. A luddite says derogatory a person opposed to new technology or ways of working. You want to hear it in a sentence. Police I think are just use the incentives for yes, please. Greg you're a fucking luddite. A small minded luddite resisting progress. Oh, there's a historical definition. A member of any of the band's of English workers who destroyed machinery especially in cotton and woolen mills that they believed was threatening their jobs eighteen eleven through eighteen sixty. The. The life of England. I hate cotton machines. And you know what I hate more than cotton, machines Wulan. Let's do much technology for me. If that makes me a luddite. Thank God damn it I'm a Luddite. I'm taking this off the rails here. Boy y'all. Yeah, here's. Attract second right. Backtrack you ready for this speaking of. These commentators. Good issue. Your door wasn't as bad as I remembered. With Is Dead Orphaned Tandberg. Atrocious now that I figured out how to do audio import into this I've got a couple of clips I've got one for December. and. I just want to set the scene that it was a a quick bubble screens dion branch that went for a couple of yards. But. This is how it sounded on the television broadcast. We'll get this technology Indian luddite. Know, it's Stu Antwan Smith. Was May make. Four was flanked throws at the branch. In the crowd. And just for the records if you were watching that. Clearly showing branch the entire time. Completely emblazoned to his defense. All all all those guys have a three-under number technically yeah. One one foot taller than the other. And Anton v never lines up at wide receiver, but you. Do all the reason. I will say though they had a sweet Gulf reference so I was all about that. What was it? was on a punt in the second quarter. African even punted. Yeah, hit it at the one in. Had A backspin Walter. Walter. I forget reference. While I was I had my own house. He should call it A. Sandwich his. His Sandwich doesn't do that, they have. Maybe the Punter was using K V. One now. Sure what's who? Really want never mind came all. I have a pro V one.

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What's a cave? You want you know that jokes too high class. Fanned Wedge you want to hear some funny? Steve is I have I've had a sleeve of Provia ones for about two years that I am unwilling to us because I know. Just, GonNa put them in the woods, so it just sits there and my bag. At this time. Slice away on my range balls. So yeah. I think I've golfed with you boys once maybe twice. And I actually left the golf course with more balls than I came with because I just use whatever I can find. A hit a ball to certain direction that it's going fine. Whatever ball is out there in the woods? And I use that one. Last time we in Greg play together. Greg just took some range balls onto the course with him. And, then we got matched up with a member and that guy was like. You're using the range balls. Greg's look, yeah, whatever? Guy Spent the next two holes, just like walking through the woods, tossing out boss or not you. Hit a single shot he would. He would get in his car and drive it around to wear. My first shot landed, and just like drop to real balls next to mine just driving the best. The tooth fairy for like real golf balls. Oh well once we got past that snooze her first quarter second quarter. Second half was. Awesome Things really picked up. They did yeah. Even! The third quarter wasn't like crazy, but it was kind of started. At the! Moment the whole game which always at. The chiefs scored that touchdown. Right so they're up. And then this was like the Troy Brown drive. Or Brady like they started playing zone and discuss troy troy four in a row, Troy Brown, found and five in a row. Then the fifth one was touchdown where like Brady was getting blown he knew he was gonNA take a hair, and he throws it to the corner of the endzone because he just knows that troy's going to see the same shit. He sees and go to the spot. To, a spot, not even to troy. And, tremendous sick ass, sliding diving catch. This I wish you could arguably say this troy. Brown's like best game. I think that's right up there with the steelers as chip on. Yeah, this. From a productive standpoint was was better like an offensive end got hurt, too with like in the third or early. Fourth Quarter? And didn't come back. That's A. Thought. Yeah in overtime like Oh. Browns back from his injury and it was like yeah. No, that's not. This is what I reach. Y-. I one point I was getting all worked up and I was getting kind of like nervous that Dude Orphan Emberg born as bad as I thought they were. I know I remember this correctly? They were that Ben. Troy Brown ended the day with. A team record sixteen catches for one hundred and seventy six ers. were. Today is still tenth all time the Patriots. In terms when I go in terms of yards. It's still I in terms of catches. Game Jeez. Catches still stands. It's better than Welker or anybody. He's tied for first. In catches. Yes, Greg's. What game was that? Give us a clue. Game! Against Buffalo, in Buffalo. Getting. Final score. They won that no, they lost that game. That's the one where Fred Jackson. Had that. Run that put. Yogurt like right up twenty one nothing, and then they law of losing thirty four thirty one. 'cause I think that was His name from Harvard from having Ryan Fitzpatrick. Thank you. It was a Ryan Fitzpatrick game where you started the game throwing three interceptions, and then turn around, and still like threw four touchdowns. I love. Fitzpatrick is the best, but was Welker in that game. Which I'm excited to get you now that I know this. Sixteen catches two hundred seventeen yards in two touchdowns. Yeah. Brown Welker cattleman. Like rank them. The same. I like kind of have a sour taste, so most spoke about Welker. Lot of people do because of his drop in the Super Bowl and the fact that never actually I mean try Brown's number one. What are we reading this off of? How much we like the guys troy.

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Troy number one if that's the case. In their prime who you got, who would you pick? Try Ban. In their in their prime, probably welcome to be honest, his numbers are. Benefited from Randy Moss to. True, but he was also like doing shit on his own as well. That offense was like running gun. That's when they were running that. HURRY UP! And they were, they were getting off like seventy, five ninety five plays a game this this. The Buffalo Game was in two thousand eleven, so it's not like it was just with. With him Here's some knock on Walker though no special teams like Troy and Jillian definitely had impacts is partner. Turner's woke are used to return punts, but then I think because you so valuable to the offense they had elements are doing instead. I remember when they made the switch and I thought Elvin as good. Also. Knock on Welker is his face Kinda looks like dumb. Astro. Like. Obviously a beautiful looking man even troy brown like he's kind of a normal looking. Guy Welker pretty gorgeous. Face got ma- manning forehead. You know where he gets like the mark from the helmet. Onto Titan yeah. That's fair. That's fair. I would go troy Ataman. Ataman doesn't get enough credit. Troy Brown, whatever like huge numbers if he played more seasons with Brady I mean he did in those first few years. Yes, probably. And, I think just in general I think you'd have bigger numbers. In the more pass, heavy offenses of today anyway. Yeah, but even like as opposed to a blood so where I feel like. Brady relies on that slot receiver that can just find spaces like work through zone and get open like I feel like that's troy brown to t right like when I in blood saw, but it was, it was a different game. I feel like Troy browns game was. A lot different than Welker and element. In terms of like welcome almond were that quick shower kind of guy who can change real quick, and that wasn't ever really Choi Browns. Game in terms of like route running, you know. They knew where to as felt like twenty brown knew where to sit in terms of his own. He's pretty shifty, though maybe not his shift. And he also like I feel like troy. Brown got a lot of his yards on those quick bubble screens to. because. returner guy. Who got the most touchdowns? Most touchdowns yeah, because that was always I mean. Awkard never score touchdowns really. True does have. Never. Had that many touchdowns? But Troy seems to be memory watching all these games and seeing them gaming amount is a little bit more of a downfield threat. Than just that slot, so he's seem to score little bit interesting like even that asked referenced. Wait. What is this ranking it on touchdowns? I so the first one. They're eight, nine and ten. Really really, this can't be right. You WanNa get the order. Are. We talking like eighth-place ninth-place ten points, or they have nine and ten touchdowns. Eight eighth place nine points. OFF I. Think Troy probably has the longevity right. He's been there less. Correct. Workers got thirty seven element thirty six troy around thirty one. Randy Moss. Three years. He's got fifty touchdowns. Take US fifty one. In Santa, so we're counting all touchdowns, not just reply off stance. And Plows Yep. It standing Morgan sixty-seven. I've just got back. From two thousand. The Brady Bill Trek era. Ed Greg How many like pawn return touchdowns, so they all have. Talking. I'm talking total. Where is an honest with? Yes, because he thinks like? Try Point factoring in special teams so all touchdowns. That they had something to do with the run. Pass catch. Punt Return? Kick Return. told was your Greg. Welker ellman-brown okay. In terms of Alta touchdowns. How would you put them? Brown Ataman Welker. Greg. Eshelman Welker Brown.

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Really Element has forty seven touchdowns is thirty seven. Yeah I throw a couple. Through a couple, he's got some punt return. Ones as well. Yeah, I'll throw in counts. All, all touchdowns. All Right? welker has forty one troy Brown has twenty eight. This says Gino Cappelletti as forty two. Kicker was the kicker slash. Back or back? took. Td Receptions. The list I'm looking at wow. I mean that's the shooting of Gino Cappelletti I'm not eat your heart out. This can't be ray. Receiving Russian. Him Yeah. Yeah apparently paid you got. As many as fifty passes in a season. got. I didn't know that at all. Oh a kicker! is in the hall of fame for kicking right. Detrick. You tell us. This you're looking at. Do you have to. I mean I guess you do have to have a position, right? Yeah you have that position? Do. Water Beast, right I just loved him from his On the radio speaking of Great Confrontation, what did you think of when one other please no more tickling? tickle Andy I thought of you. It didn't tickle the line because there's no tickling football. But then they talked about tickling like five minutes. Oh. Yeah was a lot of talk. Talk that's Tiktok gut started. It was actually just videos of people tickling each other. Discussing afterwards also on the broadcast there like. The most heated rival. Dolphins, jets, bills-dolphins, browns-steelers, chief narrators, broncos, raiders, broncos chiefs was answer I. It was like A. Lot? COM Pole, yeah! There was none of the above. I mean they're all? Now. Yeah, maybe now back in the day. Probably I don't know. If. You look at this today's Lens. Dolphins, jets, no bills. Dolphins no browns-steelers no. Cheese raiders, not really broncos raiders now broncos cheese has got to be one of cheese on the. They're going to be I. Guess Gino Cappelletti Base Positions. F. L. S. E. Fleischer. Split in. Defensive Back Wide Receiver Kicker got them. I need I need footage of Gino. We may have to do an episode on Gino Cappelletti and he's an exam was duke. Love. Hell you. That is such a sixties nickname. Keppel Eddie I know. By sixties character. Not a combat. What what position? You Play Doh Guy, you know, flanker split, aunt glad. He think he He played with Bucko Kilroy. Buck. I bet they didn't get along. There's smoking cigarettes on the sidelines. Walker was dirty. Hammered doesn't strike me dirty Kinda Guy. STAND UP, DUDE! That's what I'm saying. I bet. He's got some skeletons in his closet six. I bet he played the game the right way you just you just feel from the way I'm. GonNa Statue. Check that. You are put Gino cappelletti controversy into Google DOT COM okay. Let's not go down that hole even if it's us. Let's talk about this game. Speaking of I because it's speaking of OWL's Yeah, I'm a little. A little disappointed that Mike didn't get to be here for the the Dandy. DORF December era. Because even I could get the football now football this. And says. Yes I've got just a couple. But there's one. Where they were talking about Bucky Jones from his safety spot was pounding the hallway and I'm not sure grammatically correct. Doing he's. Just said he's found the whole way. Tastes great through the hall, wait pounding the whole away. No pounding the whole way. And, because I think he got the the saddle so impounding the enwright me.

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To the quarterback so pounding the entire way. Guys the sense you. That's how you squirt. Do the whole. Bounding. You pound the whole way squirt through the whole thing he did. He squared through the whole stack I. Think. And the force interception. And then I. Don't know who it was, but somebody was smacked by three chiefs. Which I think you could show on TV. smacked by three cheese yeah. Just smacked by three chiefs. Why is that? Why is that in New Endo? said. It's if I have to explain it to you I mean. They didn't say spanked is smacked. Well, what? What were you when you got spanked as a child? What was that called? Yeah, but that's like A. That's like our family thing. I don't offer breath. Smack, smack to me. Means you get like slapped in the face? You going to Google smack? That checks snack. But spankings can smack your kid around right. Can SPEC who really. The use it in a sentence say she gave mark smack across the face. Oh, you WANNA. Hear another one Jessica smacked his face quite hard. I ran smack into the back of A. None of this has to do with spanking. I think looking up on the wrong website. It's Google Dot Com man. I heard rest my case. We would ask jeeves about. Snacks Slash spanking, urban dictionary and Surreal Ligo. No, it was the other one. The Thawra the starace Yeah Yeah We go. Wycliffe? Wicky deaf like what's the difference and I have spanked verse smack. As burbs, the difference between spanking smack is that spank is to beat, smack or slap a person's buttocks. Fair. Other object to as Regular. As punishment, gesture or a form of sexual interaction. I'm going to say football then. I think we cleared this up. So to that's football. If those three cheese had spanked him then. Boy are so then. This is similar, but I don't know if this will create the same controversy because headed dot com well. They both took wax. Now. This is not innuendo either. WAX WOULD YOU WACK? We're just googling random verbs. I'm with Gregg on. Either end. Couldn't tickle the line because there's no tickling. Tackling! Your only on well I guess you could take a child. Let's not go down that path though. What was tickling the? You know Taylor desert, could you, could you? Factor the game. Talked about to start opening up right they Daniel Grams I touchdown. With, one headed snake, they'd actually end. This was good commentating on their part. He saw he said he all these one hand on the catch, and then on the replay you can see that he'd literally left hand snags it and secures it without even using other hand. True any looked pretty fast. He Outran a corner back to the end zone. Yeah. He looked like what I've think. that. He was supposed to be the Ben Coates replacement, Then use big fast two hands. We force a fumble Victor Green. Ribs, Sadat priests think yeah presold big run to like seventeen eighteen yards and then pad turn that recovers. Bad Brady Kinda through behind him, but that one handed while pivot turn and gone for a touchdown. A, great catch, and that point brady, excluding his slow start was twenty, seven, thirty six four TD's in three twelve. In two thousand and two, which is insane, right? Now House. How the fuck do we miss the playoffs looking like an absolute wagon? Yeah, except except on offense anyway. Connor Kinda made a point earlier this year about like like Brady announcing like.

40:01 - 45:07

He's here. Nen like these three games for this. Last year was like okay. Brady's like a game manager, right he's. He makes big plays in big moments, but he's not put on crazy stats like these three games. He is Langan all over. Four hundred plus yards in this game, four touchdowns four ten. With this. which was at the time was the sixth highest in Patriots history. This is where like to me Brady like. Anybody can be a Joe FLACCO. Won a super bowl, right? Ally managed done it twice where he goes on a hot streak and rides it, but who? This is a Baltimore. Joe FLACCO No. Is like you mean. Shots fired. Older Trento Trento for. Rich Gannon Scott one right. Rich Gannon good though REX Grossman went to Super Bowl with the bears. Yeah, exactly yeah. But yeah, this is this. Is Brady. Come out showing that it wasn't just yeah. And that's the difference. Brady Brady wins the Super Bowl, and then he puts more work in the off season. which I have I have a clipper that. Look at me. I'VE LEARNED NEW TRICK IN UTAH. Yeah, I like it. So this is. because. The luddite. This is our girl body talking about Brady work on us because we remember last week, we we didn't know by Brady's play action. Who? All right we'll play. Action has become so much. A part of the Patriots offense and Tom. Brady's really worked on the fakes in the offseason. He watch a lot of film with the Gray Ones Brett Farr. peyton manning. He mentioned now this girl back and he said the key is really consistency. If you watch quarterbacks a lot of times, they'll rush to their hand off and then slow down and do just the opposite when they fake said defenses will definitely pick up on that. You always have to keep what you're doing exactly the same. Elvis back does not fit. Did she say Gervais back in there? Yeah, yeah, she's like Oh. Here's some to. Hama fame. I, thought I misheard down. That name. Maybe he's to play action. To Great Game! Here's the real thing that makes brady great like. I don't know I have I. don't remember the season at all am, but I know the end result. Of that missing the plaza, he's got a fall off, but then in two, thousand, two or two thousand three. He comes back even more with a vengeance. Like to have that peak of Super Bowl start this here the way this has i. don't remember this year being awesome or Three games or three and L., they're absolutely lighting people up. Their offense looks unstoppable. Their defense looks just as good as last year, and then have it all fall apart and then to come back the next year. And Rattle off two more super bowl wins. That's what really makes Brady Great Yeah. Well, I think that even this year. I think Brady Brady led this the NFL hush he didn't need. Twenty eight, Savelli. Baghdad I think that was like a reasonable. Amount. To, the league with. Yeah and I mean Steve Saying. The event is as good as last year, but I think you're starting to see cracks here like look at priest Holmes at an absolutely monster game, so I mean yeah, the talk about pre song because. I I remember him being good, but I don't why, but apparently he led the league by four. And out and he was like the they were talking about it. The Commodore talking about it who was? The first guy like twenty years to lead the League in Rushing When he was a free agent the year before. So the chiefs actually had signed him. Prior to the two thousand one season. And Actually Patriots were looking at him as well, but they. They went with Antoine Smith because he was cheaper. I think. Equipment cheaper doesn't sound right, does it pretty songs is a nobody before he got to you. He's undrafted out of taxes. Didn't. He played for the Ravens a right before for two years, but he didn't eat him. Put up any numbers. I think you still pretty highly touted though because. Who else was there? It was a wasn't Jamal Anderson at the time. who was just lighting Leon Fire and preach homes back him up. So I mean maybe I mean. He's got a decent average per carry, but I mean. I think is one of those like backup running back. Everybody fell in love with you know, and so there was a bit of a bidding market forum. WHO's the equivalent right now? Probably. Of because everybody has like three running backs. Well they don't. Who is running? There was a running back for the The Ravens backup that everybody loved.

45:08 - 50:02

Remember who it was? Yeah, he's. He put up a F-. Put up a three year span here Kansas City where he's like the best running back in the league. and. This was right in the midst of I think he. How many yards run for this season? I was like sixteen hundred the ridiculous. Yes, sixteen, fifteen with a another like almost seven hundred receiving yards. He basically was the offense of the team and I knew that going in the new. They're getting through. These still couldn't fucking stop it. Twenty four touchdowns would and then the next year he would set an NFL record with twenty seven touchdowns, which has has been broken like four times since, but still. At the right. Yeah, yeah I always confused Lt and pre psalms. But I Don't know why, maybe because they both like didn't lt break that not long after. The next year, and then somebody broke the year after think but I always. Get Him in Jamal. Lewis mixed up. I just get him in. The chiefs have another. Larry Johnson were course. Yes sorry, John was jobless. Right from Penn state it. Yeah, yeah, and they'll kind of similar running running back styles and there. The Workhorse of the team and everything ran through them. Yeah. Tara, of of pollick songs went undrafted right he did. I think it's because he was backing Ricky Williams right that we're saying Steve. They're they're in Texas again, but it was like there. Were that crossed and there's like a one year gap priest Holmes like stats at taxes I have no idea what happened there. Was Name's. Priests so it's definitely not like. Touching or anything? Penn so. I. I don't know. Maybe. What a Backfield! Eat. Jesus and like when you think about it like Ricky Williams. There's that trade. Where the saints trade like their entire draft. Who wrote? Yeah, take get them. Then like the preschools undrafted. career-wise gotTA say priest. Holmes has a better career than Ricky Williams. Is that true. Set a touchdown, record. Williams never even sniffed it. Ricky rear the start of years. Yeah, it was I. don't know about a stud. He was good and then was like just crazy. Latin travel the world smoked. I've loved Tara but. Owns have you ever heard about him negotiating his own contract? Or I this is this actually goes. It goes hand in hand with by deep dive, but. When he got drafted, there was like the whole like. Hip, hop and sports were becoming. Intermingled to a high degree, so all the rappers were wearing. The jerseys backwards remember that. At apparently like when you got drafted, he signed on with. I don't know it's one of the southern rappers like head like set up their own agency sports agency and they were getting some pretty big names. Like the contract that they drafted for him was like. Like Ninety eight percent incentive-laden. Like the incentives were like he have to set like NFL records for like four straight seasons to get to that benchmarking. And he's like Oh betting on myself and are like lost millions and millions of dollars in the process. Yeah, Oh Ricky Williams. So. You want to hear my. DEEP DIVE! So whenever I hear the name Donte Hall, I think of the Little Wayne Song. From the drought three. I'm to I'm going to read you the lyric right now member he does. Rick please. I'm just going to speak it mauled. Come on. I'm sure you've. Just gotTA stick a member. They called the x factor and he used to do the X., thank. You Yeah Yeah So. This is the line from Little Wayne. I got a great idea. We should have sex. Pitch I'm like Dante. Hall I just throw up the acts. Poetry. Second realized that was the.

50:03 - 55:00

Like? would. Ex- ex-. Ecstasy, yes, who used to do the Second X. in? Talking about they ban that from the kickball field in my elementary school because everybody. Across? kickball do the X.. Hooves. Triple eight or something like that? Yeah, you WANNA. Hear a couple other. Lines from the song. Yeah? Hooked don't drink cristal more just poured on white bitches heads. With actually has context than you'd think, apparently the like the CEO of crystal in an interview with the Economist. They were asking him about how rap, Cold Trad kind of adopted crystal as like a sign of affluence, and he basically said. Hey, you can't pick who drinks beverages you know and they all took it as racist so like. Jay Z started like boycotting it, so this little Wayne acknowledging that Y'all fuck you I. Just pour it on White bitches heads now Scott Awesome. Which I never knew. When I listened to the song. I thought it was kind of funny, but it's pretty bad ass, still pretty good, yeah! is another line. Like it. Ninja Fuck you with an AIDS DICK Come on. This Mr Wayne. Is there a backstory to that one? Self censoring. Yeah. Yes! Which also reminds me of my favorite rap quote ever from Dr Dre, forgot about dre. If y'all like me, Oh, me. which is which is just the vast and I say it to Kelly all the time. y'All. Don't like me. Blow me! So then. From there I looked at him for Christmas gift and a curse. I started looking into like when is like did? How much to Tom Brady enter like the hip hop culture right, so if they're. Dante Hall and like. Brady is like a perennial MVP. He's got to be in there at some point right, and apparently the first time little Wayne mentioned mentioned some as two thousand eleven. Longtime yeah the song. Gucci Gucci my life is like a movie got a leading lady. My rooftop dropped back like Tom Brady. which is a pretty big line? Two Thousand and eleven two thousand eleven. Yeah, that's the way late. I A little way mentions him. Okay. Yeah I thought so, too. My favorite was a a Rick Ross Song. It's actually wall lay. WHO SAYS IT And this quote is. Out of this third rock Ninja air it out a mom. My Tom Brady y'all Ninjas Eric, crouch. Eric. Eric though the whitest quarterback to ever be mentioned in a rap song. He's gotta be He's up there. Yeah, I don't know. Is There Brandon Weeden One? I feel like we would actually be a good. A good word, if into a rep song definitely. There's a little Kim went to just so bad. We can't the not honor Greco. This is two thousand and nineteen little. Kim, Song too bad. I'm shake it on him. Shake it all around like a Hula Hoop and now he wanna take me to Hawaii. And you know I'm ago going. Get it Tom. Brady I`Ma, throw it. Throw it back. What Poetry. Camp? I believe she's talking about her hips. During Coitus. Okay? Lewd explain the Hulu. Certain position yet throwing it back. Yeah, but it's Tom Brady. Even throw it back. He throws it forward. What is Hawaii, F to do with anything the pro bowl idiot. Anymore. In Orlando, he wanted to take me to Orlando. Pro Bowl events. Deputies. Invade the. Bed the Super Bowl, so he canceled on me. That's all I had. I thought that's deep. Dive was GONNA be about Dante Hallman.

55:03 - 60:05

Strange turn. Yeah, yeah, he was sick, but like. He wasn't like a great receiver. Yet I catch behind the scrimmage in the fourth quarter the vary Adlon. chaser making it a game. and. That Tony Gonzalez stag was also login one of the game. Lab, but it was on tile law. He was not open and he. Pulled along. The bad risks or something you had to the kept talking and talking about it. Too much backing right andy. Smith! I would say Dante Hall even to your point. remind me a lot of Devin Hester. I shift gear than Devin Hester. Interest in terms of like Devin Hester was an incredible kick returner. The tribes so hard to make him wide receiver and he just couldn't just couldn't. And it felt like Dante. Is that similar guy they they did a couple of and arousal reverses with them just to get the ball in his hands and one of them. He was electric, but Is it like a couple? Punt returns kick returns that were. Very Damn, good and. But having in this game, specific I thought diaw branch almost matched him. Kick return for decorative because there was a lot of game, the branches a sick returner. I didn't even remember him returning kicks yeah. He's averaging thirty yards a kick return in this game. They were fantastic, his first to worth thirty four and fifty three yards. This is what they started from yeah. He was great. I just don't remember and this is his rookie season. And they keep talking about how polite he is. This is I think two games in a row. They've talked about it whereas. Starts he starts every sentence with. Yes, sir, or yes, Ma'am! That's white commentator to say. Mamadou ages. Wears a belt and he doesn't even sack his pants. So polite. That, Leah? GonNa say, can you? I think Dante Hall might be. The shifty is player that I can think of just off the top of my head I. Mean Reggie Bush. When he was at USC, was like impossible to put a hand on, but the. One name all right. Let me hear Barry Sanders. Okay Yeah Yeah. That'd be. That's a good point. But you know he's he's in that. In that Skjei! He's not obviously not as good as a football player like not as productive as some of those other guys but. Just from a pure like, get the ball in his hands, and that one you watch the highlight video of Mandy. The one entitled Human Joystick Absolute. Runs like back like sixteen yards, and then like. or he gets a a pontic. He catches a punt on like the four yard line. And goes backwards a couple of yards to the end zone and still managed to return for a touchdown somehow. Even catching that he's like fuck it yeah, he was pretty good. Human highlight reel. Running back to the pets picked up. UNDRAFTED guy in the short dude. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, he's highlight packages. Be looks like he's going to be something fun to watch. Like I thought that about Dion Lewis when he first came here, and he was, he was electric. LUTH ankle like no. I love you I love. The AMAS loved them. What gets I I didn't. Obviously I watch these games I have no idea I was going to happen because I. don't remember the season. And the chiefs get to the one inch line right. There's like the receiver runs a curl whatever and stops one in short like an idiot. Enlarge. His knock it matter not here. Tell me they throw a slant and thorough pick. You have pre songs. The backfield like carried you Trent Green. Like barely you just broke hundred yards on that fucking throw. To. Tell me and I was like, please. Throw agreed. But they don't. They just run smart people do. Pete moment this is. Essentially even. Getting really went down to third inches. Three seconds left. One left and down by seven. And the chiefs Ram Priest Holmes Louis Right. The message Dover the pile and almost didn't make it, but managed to get there because. I think it was a both Bruschi and pfeiffer. Out For this game. So. They were start. Starting their heavy package what had? Larry Izzo in there.

60:07 - 65:01

Yeah That's whether we're for. Lose their linebacking core, and they got gash for like a buck eighty by priest Holmes in this game. Yup, the gay was yards doing whatever he wanted on. The ground felt like he was averaging a first down every carrying. Yeah, yeah, I don't think I saw a single negative play from even when they thought they had them. You'd still get a couple of yards. or at least gets crazy lucid. He's yeah, he was. He was better than our mem- I thought he was kind of like a power back guy by he had he had some shifting to to do, and he does that little like. His endzone celebration as going. Back Memories Yeah they're. Kinda. Remind me of the tie a little bit. That I love you get a little bit of showmanship. Of course Dick Enberg on that last touchdown says priest home scores and we're going to extra time. And then Dan Dude while people had to remind him that no this led to kick the extra point. Is? Pretty automatic. You know whatever yep that's true. especially with Morten Anderson is. Is Nineteen Seventies. I Want I want you to commentator Game Andy. Love that and then and then live referee another game, and then I'm GonNa. Sit through and watch the whole film I've done it I'm getting ready for. Football and college Buchan hard did. I have no problem with referees except these ones. Except all. So you know how you always hear, the Patriots always get all the calls and everything. uh-huh. Yeah, you can point them to this game because. There were thirteen penalties called new game and twelve more on the Patriots. Penalty for five yards, maybe they did. But the Patriots. Did they bitch about it? Did they get off their game? No there's went won the game anyway. I mean think about that locker room bowel. Check halftime. They had nine in the first half. The game. Three more. New must've been so fucking mad about penalties because it's been a game if they were sharing selves in the foot in the first half, I don't know I. I? Mean I didn't watch the Games I didn't see the penalties, but where were they like there? There's two kinds of penalties right. There's like aggression type penalties, and then there's like. Like offsides or like mentor. Holding I'm fine with pass interferences and fine with just playing aggressive. Perfect example Greg. The end of the first half. The they pin them. Deep achieves deep, and they force a three and out a punt it in. It's crappy pond, or whatever and they get the ball like. The forty five offense and and the. And then immediately false start. They only have one time no timeouts whatever in like. Less than a minute in time to try and get a field goal through. So lows of ones that make those five yards or so key in that situation like. High offense get out there and boom false start. That's your ninth penalty of the half and blew. It was now came at inopportune moments. Two things to to keep drives live, or you had like a really great punts. to Dante, Hall and you like you pin them and you had. I think it was illegal. Man downfield on is out and so they got to ripon and kick it back to Dante Hall. And ended up an extra twenty yards of field position. Yeah, stupid shit like that. And some of them were ticket tax, but I think. Most of the calls were correctives I think in this game they had to that were called where the gutters were or the like the punt team was blocking the gutters out of bounds they push them out of bounds, but kept locking them out of bounds. They caught two different guys who confidence twice tyler was one of them. I think no. That's terrible call. No, it's legit colleges. The TA play. Those sorts never really see called, but there was to his game. Wit guys doing. F- Hassles. Terrible. Referees in this on all right, let's get to. Tie Law. Thoughts I strongly disagree. Read the commentators disagreed about the original overtime rules for no gets possession. That's won the toss. They take it down. A sick move by David baton like they thought he was going out of bounds. He cut it back inside and got another fifteen yards. Yeah I think it was one of those places where we're supposed to be a run play, but Brady's all the pet was uncovered, pulled chuck to him quick and took like twenty yards as great play. Yeah was fantastic. Any given the old.

65:01 - 70:03

Hey, how are you to to that DB? Did look like to step out of bounds and cut it back in front of his face and he was like. Hey, you dropped you. Draw jockstrap buddy. Yeah. The argued. have some thoughts about. About. And we actually talked about this. In the got up. Last week. Yeah, but this is what he had to say in this game to. This is a situation where maybe some people think. Well, maybe we go ahead and try the kick the field goal on third down I. Think you try to keep going? I even added an adventure Terry. It's not a certainty. I know that he hasn't missed this year. The guy is money in the bank. But a touchdown! Touchdown. Leaves no doubt. I actually get get his point. So. A little bit like the twenty five. He's talking like avoiding a missed field goal or like a botch. Snap right because that's why would say go for? Kick it on third, but third and seven like I I understand that aspect of it. It's third and seven. From the chiefs twenty yard line without Viteri. Oh, yeah I mean I don't agree with the statement but I see what he's trying to say like. When I first started I, thought he. Didn't understand that a field goal wins it. You might not. I'm still not sure because as as they as he's talking, they're showing. The Stat screen that says showing Adamant appearances has twelve game winning field goals six of them in overtime. This is. Automatic scoring a touchdown. Touchdown he's doubt. On like a field goal to. have. You considered that Andy? The Dow factor. Fail to think of the doubt. is in the hall of fame. For. Adams field goals and no doubt her. It would have been good in arena. Quality Split yet rights right down Broadway yeah. She wrote. Another big win and you gotta think that spirit to sore and high right now in New England. Win a superbowl you come back next year in your quarterback is even better, and you're just shit. Stop teams like. And you're you're undefeated on the season three hundred. Yeah, against some pretty good teams to. Right right. So. I think it's a good start time to do some best and worst. Greg O. Yager. Can you start with Stephen? GRAS She highlights now. The worst is like more commentating pile on Indie. The only good part is there. was there golfing where the house always get super stoked when punters kick their coverage. They they like Casey. Emberg. Yeah, hit the fuck out of the ball, but like he did kind of a low live driver or not. He put it out. He kicked his coverage by like twenty yards. Yeah, and so try got sick. Return out of it. Just by running strip the middling. Huge booby, and also what I great legged so you? Try to do. oops, and then my best is definitely that Troy Brown drive. I mean I. Think Snapchat at it to like a billion, people. I like the headline sweet highlight montage after it to of all his catches. Oh go do nothing was easy. I think Learn to camp zone against Brady. Take because like troy was too good against that zone, raise going over and over, and over Troy's making the gutty grady plays and like just be awesome and that touchdown cap. It was Wa. Brady was even look. He wasn't pretending to like look anywhere else. Staring Troy roundout until he got open, just threw it out of. Even open you just throwing anyway. You still catching all right I got mine now could good. My best show Daniel Graham first career touchdown reception. Think talked about that. Church. My worst was the commentators. You know like that play where they got the name wrong on who caught a pass? Like. Time! Are we talking about the one where they were talking about troy? Brown is back from his injury when He.

70:04 - 75:00

Saw? The name wrong three times. And then you can be confused are leading wide receiver. But. For Five fucking minutes. You guys know you got you get you get. Well when they call the script, kick the onsides. Kick Oh that do dow. When Dick Emberg says. says. A six yard game gains, maybe a yard. Actually wait that six yards. Oh, DUDE! He was five yards off. But it would idiot. Pretty. Pretty Brown. That's a hard negative for not watching the game. They're Greg. It's true I did. That's the thing I just watched. The highlights I. Don't get any of the commentators. My negative with Gregg not watching the fucking football game. Well, my positive is you because you're such a good brother Andy that was so very much. Do you know what I'm GonNa do. I'm going to mix it up on. You. Ready you ready. What do you do my best? Is the following Dick Enberg line you owe. Third third goal. At the end of the game here. And the Patriots, not the chiefs are gonNA. Run it and you can see. They're sending in their. Cakes. Package and Dick Enberg goes. They've just sent in a whole truckload beef. Oh! See, that's what I'm talking. That's redeeming one right there. A truckload of beef truckload beef, yeah. let's see what else do I have like visualizing that you know. Just a bunch of fat dudes wedged wedged into like a Ford F, one fifty. Back? Off factor tracing. Back you're. Running out like A. Set of pigs there grunting. My worst is. One of the referees getting in the way in this game because they were take as many shots as Troy Brown and. Tom Brady were in fact Radha, guys, one arrests Managed to run into the chiefs fullback as he was running onto the field to go to the huddle. And it literally looked like a knocked him out cold. Yeah, and I had this massive. Like like black is sort of like you know in boxing. We're like the bottom of just under is swells up at all like the cut it to make swallow down. It was that and that's what they didn't have to give I drops and shit. Stop Game like ten minutes just gone. Oh, yeah, Stephen, mcghee stayed in. Yeah, confer him. Yeah, but there's a few plays where like the referees just? They were in the middle planes got clobbered Scott ragged old. Yeah, so molly molly waft. Who like that. Let's. Survey right source. There, I mean this is an ideal I a game ball out where Greg. Urban sources molly wapping. Mine. I'm. Not GonNa Steal. Your Steve Mangoes Sit. Tom Brady, four hundred passing yards. Four touchdowns. Save it! Save it late. Go ahead. Of See Mines, Troy Brown patriots record in catches. In all three quarters, mine is again, Burke. For watching a different game than we were. Take it back. Mine is the Patriots Offensive Coordinator. Who Has Charlie Weis at this point? Because, he has decided one that he wanted to play this game I play, Madden. which was lose throat. Every fucking play Brady. Had like what fifty trump's. I'm like that. And they're just came out. Doing came out five. Weiner's at you up fucking. We're just not gonNA. Run the ball. And the huddle tale that's I drive no huddle firefly. Just like all right. Let's go. and. That was crazy. And then just the the amount of trickery they had day. On their first touchdown, they tried. To Go for two on the extra point by having the holder and Walter try to do a dive off of left tackle and he didn't make it. They didn't know where they pitch to fall. Who through back to Brady? Who fumbled? Away. And, then they had another one where they pitched.

75:00 - 80:03

The Falk enthralled fall through deep to Troy Brown. Who missed it and our old friend? Dick Enberg missed the fact that Brady had pitched. The faulk es commentator to that. It was a brady going deepen. He was deriding Brady for missing fall for missing Troy Brown. Until. Two is like the next play, they somebody. told him in his ear. That is that correct himself eventually? Really bad. So the offensive play calling I thought was. If ferry. We're execution. It felt like chip Kelly. Ask you know. Just having a good time with it, UNH's finest. That's right all right. Greg lasts less on the Molly Watkin. Well so I put in Rag doll into urban source, and it sounds like getting two separate like paths here. I'm getting we'll watch. What looks like a seaman rag? Synonyms and I'm also getting a lot of like. When women are on their periods, cinnamon saw just reach out to. You make the call. Cotton Pony. Cock Rag. Apron. West. Tackle I'm still I'm still stuck on cotton podium. I don't know which I that goes on. West. Virginia Tiki torch. could be anything rusty work. My. ragging a bag. Seat Semen Farm I think you can get with that. One is when I got. There there's like. Literally like seven hundred. Options here. This this is awesome. Sorry, MOM! Making up, oh, or slap. That's good for you andy. Is Slapping Innuendo. In this case I'm going to say probably. All right well on that note If we have any listeners left's. What are we looking at next week? Boy I have no idea. Page traveling to QUALCOMM stadium. The San Diego super charges Sandiego soup charges. That's the one. So we'll see you next week if we haven't been canceled by then. On the next. Again, Let. US I you are the reason we cancelled. Can I can't like us all you. I. When I came in on. US. When I came into. This recording is like intentionally I to make this. Go off the rails. I set out to do that. Doesn't feel intentional. Just naturally who you are an okay job at it, but like I don't know. I got us to some weird places. No sure yeah, we did. We just kind of dip. A Toe Kinda tickled the line. We did. We were on wicky deaf. To. Talking about. Smack and smash. And I think you're wrong there, Andy. And I think we prove that unequivocally. I disagree I. Think you unproved it with here. called. The something smack. This. We can save this for later episodes, but I have You know like the When you have sex, and then you leave. Like. There's like there's a term for that. You know like the damn, thank you ma'am. Yes, exactly so synonyms of that I've got like fifteen better so fucking funny. Oh, I had know that I should have brought up on. What's Tom? Brady's completion streak I don't know what he had like eleven or twelve in runs game. Ranger. Not GonNa Stat. Statuary. Ask later, okay. Let's stack checkable of for the next episode. A. On that note, we will see you next week in San Diego. We're still recording. Oh! I thought we were done like. Five let me finish before oh well. While excuse me.