2002 Week 4: Patriots at Chargers

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Join Andy and Steve (and eventually special guest Ryan Storie!) as the Patriots travel to San Diego to play a loaded Chargers team.

  • No seriously. This Chargers team had Brees, Tomlinson, Seau, Harrison. How did they do this season?
  • Ryan brings the heat with his hot takes.
  • Thoughts on different football stadiums
  • Andy and Ryan have a failure offer for listeners
  • Deep dive into Reche Caldwell

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This is Christine Brown and while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny, but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead I am not your mother. Back. Dicey podcast. Myself Andrew Brown and with today's my brother who's doing his best. Cower impression I'd say. Stephen. I. Don't know if we're going to post the video this, but I could i. could maybe pose a screech out of that Phase House biking. Now No it was all Chin and all mustache. Very. She's not now great schottenheimer. That was a shot Schottenheimer. Know know who who do we say that face the other guy. Rarely chiefs. Jas. In my notes. Talked about this last week, we did yet I've already forgotten because fucking. Dick Vermeil meal. Yes, that's how it was all gums. squint sitting here, squint city. That's right. Billboard. Just the two of US right now Greg is dealing with storm issues. Apparent North Carolina's never had a storm before, so they lost power. hurricanes. And Connor is apparently golfing, so he'll be here at some point. I have a special guest joining us later anyway, so we'll see who actually shows up for this episode. Right now it's the two the two workhorses anyway. The one actually watch a game and Steve Brown so. STEVE WHEN? You're done playing with your hair, you can Let me know what you thought of this game. We should probably pick like WHO's a real workhorses of the Patriots I go for Mike. Rebel catches his first touchdown in this game. Nicely done. WORKHORSES, the Patriots I caught me off guard I would say. In this game I would actually say anybody on the offensive line. Because this was the topped ranked. Defense in the NFL this year. In the chargers town. Yeah, they can. They mentioned it a bunch of times There was some stat where. When the Patriots in the first quarter gun to the red zone. And score a touchdown. It was the fourth time the opponent has actually entered the red zone, the entire season and the first Huchon given up in the red zone by the chargers in week four. Which is pretty fucking. A precedent. Does this because they'd played crappy people? I think that was probably part of. Untested. Right right right, right, yeah! And the Patriots had been world-beater. So this was a test for. For these chargers. Speaking of is charged for. Go back and look at them. Because usually, we have greg here to to do the. The teams, but This chargers is actually kind of a loaded team if you look at it. and. Having said all that they started three and our. beat the Patriots this week. Spoiler alert. And so they started the season four know. How do you think they finished Hebrew? If they made the playoffs well? I appreciate your optimism, but no. Had Lt CEO Rodney. Drew your reason, quarterback. Drew brees. Year! I think so yes, his first year actually starting because Doug Flutie last year. He's only when you're behind Brady. The chargers would go eight this season. There was not a good season. Try. It started off really well. One these these first four games. And actually they were at the by they were six, and one then had their by. And then they lost. They want to more games season. They had a two game losing streak. Yeah. They were six and one at the by. and. Then they came back week weeknight and just forgot how to win. Both, their relationship or they get in life. So let's see the first game. After the bye, they lost forty four thirteen to the jets. The same just blew the fuck off. Lost a close went to the rams. beat the niners and over time. Got Blown out by the dolphins thirty to three. beat the Broncos in overtime and then lost to the raiders, bills, chiefs, and seahawks the season. They lost to the entire AFC east except.

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that. which even more baffling? They announced stat that. The Patriots had won the last ten straight games against the chargers. Yeah up until this. And they had in the pages of one twelve games in a row up until this so. It was one of those things, but yeah, it was I'm not sure what happened. I. Don't see any injuries anywhere or anything in terms of charges. Which? Who's a really good? Did Yeah and Schottenheimer is a really good. Regular season coach, she struggles in the playoffs, which I think is pretty well documented. Breeze had Let's see thirty two hundred yards, seventeen touchdowns sixteen interceptions up bad. But kind of mediocre, okay for back then Yeah Yeah Lt ran for sixteen hundred yards, which is pretty reasonable economic year. Yes, this his lake I mean. He did good as rookie this verse year where? Steps himself is like an elite back. The was his breakout year exactly. Goodness game, too. I fucking hailed. Z., but we'll cover them. Oh. We'll definitely get to that real quick. But yeah they Kinda mill road in both offense and defense surprisingly. I don't know. They gave up like a shit. Ton of points down down kind of the second half of the season so i. don't know what shifted because they were really good. In the first half? Because those first four games they gave up. Six Three fifteen and fourteen points fourteen cr New England patriots. But after that it kind of the wheels fell off, and they started giving a blow, say how and Harrison both got like hurt in this game, not like knocked them out of the game hurt, but Yeah and I think they came in hurt too like they were talking about how I think it was Rodney Harrison. Had struggled in practice the week before, but still decided to play and like did a good job I thought. But They're both really good. Yeah, but both both of them say oh, and Harrison made the pro bowl. No sorry say. Oh, did in Donny Edwards the linebackers well. Those two linebackers made the pro bowl, but Rodney also lt me the pro bowl, so they had. A decent team going in hand in ten delight. Right the original well, maybe not the original white. Gutty wide receiver that might go to What's the name of the jets winker? I hate the jets. I do like waiting. Quebec I have a begrudging respect for winker. Bet, I think just like I do. Yeah, he was, and he would take so many shots going across the middle and get concussions all the time, but he'd still keep playing. He was like yeah, he was one of those guys that you hey you. You didn't really hate. Grudgingly accepted that he was good, but you weren't a huge fan of him like Zaire. Probably similar to like say how and and Rodney Harrison. You can hate Rodney. Come on. He would play kind of. Just absolutely whistle Hana, but slaps peaches players. Yeah usually after tried to take their fuck and heads off. As soon as it's done, it's these these macinacco, yes. That's how I like to think I. Play recreational soccer. Just inside the lines. Really any aegis play poorly no I just I just have people. Try Go by me and slap on the butts when when they're picking themselves off the ground. You got to be a better than me. Freely standing chargers quarterback room a thick this year, breeze rivers, and flutie proves their flutie was there. You. Pressure, they mentioned. Request See His name on here. Pass. Let's, let's check the roster. Oh, quick as true duty stack. We do art so. We go. Position quarterback drew brees. Guys Have Doug Flutie. Thousand? Four hundred, eighty. Good effort though. Nearly two years off I like. I don't remember the whole I mean. I remember the outcome of the saints, having both drew brees, antelope, rivers, and which one do I want? Remember anymore than I thought what happened was drew. brees got injured like severely. And, so the saints drafted, not says the charges drafted Philip Rivers, and basically just cut drew brees loose because he hasn't been great.

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And then. I think it was the dolphins had their pick of drew brees or Who is it on a quarterback? Aren't they colpepper yes. Oh, my goodness Ryan. Sorry, what a great time to join! That is perfect. To See. You and your rocket on. Say homeless beard but This is an audio podcast so luckily for you. It's very, we're not. We're insulting you. So, this is the is the perfect time to introduce our special guest. I thought that with the US getting to the longest losing streak of the pages dicey era. The perfect person to bring on was my friends. Ryan story from my childhood friend, our family friend the Ryan story noted loser. Well, the reason I wanted to bring you on I think I told you this. Bhavan told listeners yet is that. We have watched a handful of games together. And the pages have not one I. Think one one of them. If. Bad, fashion. Remember the what the outcome of that Texans game in late two thousand four. That was the one so so. Let's see we've watched. That one is probably the oldest one. That was the one where. The Commentators kept talking about how adamant Terry never missed indoors. And he has like four field goals and it went to overtime, and then he finally hit one, but he was like one for five or something ridiculous. I ever watched, and so that probably should have been a message, and then we watched a cardinals game. Where the cardinals came to Gillette earlier in the season. And the. THIRTY ARDOR TO WIN right? Yeah, because the cardinals had the ball, run the clock out, and they follow the patients recovered it, but then we missed the field goal down by two loss by cow. Scary I think he might have been early. Gostkowski maybe yeah, leave I don't remember. was like thirty yards or short. and. then. Yeah, and then we watch the playoff game. I came to your house for that one. That was exciting. What the fuck is, oh. Two thousand ten one. I think yeah the one that they lost. Yeah, that was a horrible him. I didn't know you're here for that one. I. I don't remember that game. I knew people were here I just didn't know. Was One of those probably shouldn't have been. And I think our. Cry If you will. Was the last game we watch. We actually both attended. You hold on. You missed all the jets game that we watch if leeches. Which Jessica or Jerome Boettger, whatever the hell! His name is decided to make up that pushing the line rule. Oh, that's right and over time and so the jets missed the the winning field goal and they made that bullshit. Hit. No one in the world of hurt of I call before that show and nobody's heard since. And then. So, fucked crisis, even more games even better. But then our our crowning achievement if you will. A loser, them. Washington is the other. No Ryan Story and I went to. We actually got tickets to and. Traveled to Gillette Stadium. And watch the. Tennessee Titans beat the New England patriots. Tom Brady's last game where his last throw was fix. We saw history. We may have made. I mean that was. Definitely one of the worst games I mean. We had fun, but definitely worse games. I haven't been to a game since Oh nine and. Swan, yeah KNOCKER A Yeah, and they don't lose when you watch the game or I watched that game. Just I watch him together. Now let's do it although we figured. Maybe it'd be different live and in the playoffs with everything on the line, but. Kurt. Wasn't. I was a hot mess. So I was actually hoping to have. Much Ryan tannehill through for like eight yards and beat the Patriots and a playoff game. Yeah, yeah, that's a kick in the Dick. We watched a lot of bad things. Happen to the pages together, so we literally just for probably since two thousand nine, we just stopped watching patriots.

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Games together, and like the only patriots fan within driving distance really. Stet has invited me over and I've just said No. That's the thing we don't even try anymore. And, so we gave it one last college try in. We ruined the pages. So actually I wanted to ask you to. Look. Well. That's what I wanted to ask you is. Was that game the end of the pages on. Maybe, A, good answer for podcast GonNa live. Now it's I don't know maiming hot. I'm talking myself in the system. I think play OK. They'll be fine and I think if they can build something. I don't think they're gonNA. Be Great this year, but I don't think that they're so far away and they still Bella check which you know, everyone says Heartache Watch out. On. So I don't think. Gold. Completely socks, so they must see something on them So! I know it's. End I. Guess It depends on how you define. It is at the end of them winning championships. Could be right at. Good and competitive I. Don't think so I think they'll still be decent goodness. But but does. The dynasty like as a as A. As an idea and because Brady left because it's no longer bill and Brady. I'm really thought of that I know because. The Ones Elta and those two the mainstays all the way through these twenty years. I think it sticks with the team. I mean look at some of the other like you look at like the Celtics are. Alert teams players change. I mean yeah, the core. Guess was still there, but. You know you look at different teams. People come in and out I. mean granted. It's not always breeding Bella. Jack. Mean that's kind of a big deal, but right now I think it's a laundry so right. You would make a terrible radio host. Men Love the. Movie. So I. An actual question. So, I've been saying this since you left, but here's what I think is going to happen. I think Brady and. The buccaneers are going to be the next greatest show on turf. Just not on tire they're going to be on. Grass is there Tampa. Grass. And they're going to waltz into the playoffs. They're gonNA. Make it always the way the Super Bowl Patriot GonNa scrape by on the strength of their defense in jared stadiums, just going to keep them in enough games. And they're going to get the seven seed because there is a seven this year, right? And they're going to scrape been as a wildcard team. They're going to get hot right the end and they're going to meet. The Buchan Years in the Super Bowl, and then bell tracks GONNA come up with one of his patented. Put in the hall of fame defensive schemes to stifle Brady. The giants did back in. Take, your pick years saying be that guy that Guy The drinks tight. GET LISTENERS RIGHT? Come on! All nothing baby. Graduates here. Patrick suck. Yeah. and Steve's the middle ear saying. We're GONNA play football this year. That was my original suck. I think how'd you? Do you really see them beating Kansas City I mean. I. I think they can beacons that he because now all they have on defense or safeties. Sure, and that's basically custom built to be city and only Kansas City. And Maybe The Raven we'll see. I mean they get jobs last year? It's not like they haven't played good against Casey. Exactly Yeah! So we'll see but not to put you on the spot, but did you actually manage to watch any of this game? I did right. Well the twenty. But yeah. Hello a hell of a courthouse. So that's the thing, so these patriots and I don't think we will kind of talked about it throughout, but. They start off three and our in their beaten the piss out of teams like they blew the doors off the steelers that was like supposed to be a rematch AFC championship game. Then they went to the jets and harass them yet. Victor Green had to pick Zeks, yeah, against his old teammates.

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And then yeah, then they had that Barca chiefs where. Lewis who am I thinking of priest? Holmes Louis last week. Thank you. Priest Holmes ran for like two hundred yards. And so you can be like all right well, you know the it's the Patriots. They'll figure it out. Their strength is their defense. And then. Ladainian Tomlinson comes in here runs for. were two hundred yards. It was quite a lot of yards. I think he it was. It was the most. He's ever run for up and told them at this point. Yeah Yeh Yes. This is the second season forth game saw. At two hundred seventeen yards. Which is on twenty seven carries. So it's not like he was running at forty times. Lastly I kept getting priest Holmes and Lt confused maybe because I watch these games back to back back in the day. and. They both absolutely earned us. That's probably that remember who I hated, but now I know I hate Lt. So I also. I also hate lt for. Similar, reasons for slightly different, because I remember I, didn't watch. A Games have realized I may have watched the game. This was the only game. This season actually watched because we've talked about it before. How I failed out of Penn State? and. so at this point Yeah Ryan you know you remember. But I was. On. It was. That was a shit on any brown week. You would love it. But at this point I had. Traveled to England to spend time with family and I was living in. A small town in England working at a convenience store, opening it up at four am. But. This was the only game so far that had been on TV in because it was like prime time, it was the four o'clock game. Over there. The game started like ten o'clock at night and went until midnight. One o'clock and I'd be at work at four on staffer this game the patients they're undefeated and they're blowing. The shit out of out of teens is going to be great, and it was one of those games where. The patriots loss, but there were always still in it so had to stay up 'til the very fucking of it. and. Then they lost anyway. And they have the ball. In a typical brady situation. Entertaining. Frustrating in that, they couldn't stop like the player a heat. Entertaining I mean. It was entertaining now watching it at four o'clock in the afternoon. Not instead of sleep. I'm a big sleep guy and this was not my favorite game. But I was I. Think the the thing that stuck out to me most was. How much they actually mystery Brown. Because, the Patriots on third down sucked in this game I. Dunno I thought then. Dion branches. Electric, I mean deal branch went off. Yeah, he had like a hundred and something yards, but then he stepped in still in that Roy down so like there are missing damn branch, but. Remember because Diaz branch was good like first and second down. He had thirteen catches hundred twenty eight yards. But on those third downs weeks Ashley Happy Having. Troy Brown was missing is what it was. I thought. I actually watched. It was thinking kind of opposite I was like Holy Shit. There's open receivers. But, that's coming up last year so kind of fresh in my mind. Yes. You haven't been watching the rest of these. Pages gays so not watching them in sequence. All have to compare it to like. Last year when One could get any separation. It's like that's what the offense used to look like when it works. Right yards. All their trick plays were actually working in Oakland. Smith was working. Mark Words or was it an actual like? A fullback who was an integral part of the game? Yeah, yeah, it was. It was like Oh. Yeah, that's how that's how it used to look. And it's a lost fourteen days. But yeah, I. Mean This was the season where? And I kind of forgotten about this. like the two thousand one season. The Patriots had basically just been very run heavy run. I doubt and try make Brady. Convert third-down whatever hopefully third in, but like Brady was really good on third downs, and that's what kept him in games, but this year they came out in the last. Say as you said you know what. fucker going five wide, and actually talked about it in the company is talking about in this game. where? They want to go five y to tire out the steelers defense.

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And, so they did that base the entire game and did like Hurry up and all that shit and then. Worked so well like they only had a few plays in the playbook, but then they kind of added a few more, and they tried those against the jets, and it work even better. So there's. This point you said you know what fuck going five wide all the time. And this I thought was the one game where kind of almost saw it. Come back to bite him. Because it worked really well in the first half. They're moving up and down the field, but they couldn't quite. Finish drives which I think we've seen in. Patriots teams when they put the ball in Brady's has like. Oh. Six for instance things like that. Or, even like. Before. They started winning these these second round of super bowls. They could always get into the red zone, but they couldn't quite finish. Whatever great red zone team because they didn't have that running back. Who could finish that off, but? A ton of opportunities in this. Yeah. Like we'll start the game like. They score a touchdown on a baller. Play action from Brady Ns. The. chargers immediately fumbled kickoff. Which I time this 'cause. There's at thirty second skip on the game. Eight thirty seconds skips on the review. I have here on. That's four minutes as. The review my God the only thing I hate more than this is Lt. And then they overturn it, and then they immediately like throw slink past the fullback. He fumbles. Rebel recalling we had a touchdown a fumble and then he's kind of like pissed that. Pasco three and out from the San Diego thirty nine ended up having a punishable up in this field goal to Yep Vegetarian Mr from the fucking. So we do best and worst on this show, right off, you listen at the end. We do best worse Ahmadou right now my worst. Is that fucking garbage baseball diamond on the field. I know people love it because it's like. Oh, it's different. I fucking hated. You look stupid. Everybody gets is like dirty and everything for fucking. Reason. That's actually my first note. Have the chargers ever had a nice stadium? No That was soccer stadium right. Yeah and like there. Aren't they sharing the Rams Stadium? If you've never had it moving into, told the RAMS, kick him out. Yeah? How can never atelier nice? chargers stadium 'cause they don't deserve it their shit. Stink, no wonder. Oh rivers is going to a much better place in fucking Indianapolis. And hanging banners anything there they'll hang a banner for sign fill rivers. Of all the run that the colts again already. Like, people are talking them up like they're to be like this great team, are they? I've I've heard a lot of people saying they're going to be really good. This year and like rivers was gonna like make a huge difference have not seen Philip rivers play it. He's like Tom. Brady but with interceptions touchdowns. And, also kids instead of touchdowns. Forgets how bad he did last year. Already you know what I mean, yeah like he's not. He can still throw the ball just not to who it needs to go to. I think two years ago was his like that was his swansong when the Patriots. beat. Of them in the playoffs like that was that was supposed to be their team of destiny, and then they got the playoffs. Did Charles Plows things? Now I thought the chargers are GonNa win that game. On, people did. I didn't. I got exposed well, of course you didn't. I never do. Tyrol. The reason I'm doing this podcast because I don't think the page ever lose so. You Walk. thinking. Well exactly which is why don't wash with you anymore? Although now we could probably start. We may just have to rip off the band watch hours for this. Was To say if you really want, screw them. We can get together week one. That's true. Yeah, and tank for Trevor Right. We could probably make that happen so yeah, so if you're listening and you you want us to. To to submarine. The Patriots season let us. Know and we will Advisory We'll watch nobody wants that. There's people the want. If you not been on twitter, ever nobody who's listening to this fucking podcast does well I. Mean that's that's that's A. Look at his parking. All of this slogging through all of these episodes to get to week four, two, thousand, two, the Yeah Ghanem because that's because they're suffering through the the first four weeks of the Patriots.

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Post Tom Brady because me Ryan. Story Watch the game together, and they're losing harboring fashion. You know what let's go back to the good times and listen to when they actually didn't suck. I'll bet I'll do it for some craft beers. Off. We'll do for Shitty beers you can. Write stories out of fancy man. PBR. Rhetoric. After that touchdown. Blown drive. That deep ball by drew brees was. A classic drew brees is. Things out of it drew. brees went to the the. Doug flutie school of throwing a football where he has to put like one hundred and eleven percents into every single throw. He makes every move he makes. Like I, remember like from last season Flutey Doug Flutie You know when you kind of lift your foot when you're shotgun. SNAP! He would like. He wouldn't just lift his foot and put it down. He would like stomp. His fucking foot and he like every single move was completely over exaggerated. I'm pretty sure drew. brees picked that up from him. But if not, I don't want to be correct because it just feels right. I wish I had a stats guy because I had Fifty yards and that was his. Up just looked up on stats guy. That was really long time. And I'll just go unnoticed. Career long is now like you know hundreds and hundreds of touchdowns later. Wasn't that like his fourth game. Pretty much. So what is his career long? Yards to Brandin cooks? Oh Shit. No. Remember this. I remember this play at least. Against US like. It was kind of like the at a brady to Wes Welker, the thousand nine hundred ninety nine yards, ninety nine baby. It was the same idea. It was just like one on the outside and cooks. Obviously we could. We could. Fastest Beatles. Dude, alkaline and breeze same think nice deep ball here to hear it also as the raiders. You Go. Doesn't. Take away from the fact that This game was the first that we ever saw. Of the. Wonderful connection between Brady and his linebackers. It was Brady to variable for the first time ever and we mentioned it briefly earlier was at the first one. This was the first one ever, yes, okay. He looked pretty exciting, so I was wondering and actually. Yeah, well I mean they're all excited to catch house at this point. Brady looked excited. You taught me. That's true. The fact that it fucking worked. And the commentators all they could talk about was. How? Rabo must have been a really good blocker to be in there. Because of all tight ends at the Patriots had at this point. Now I was thinking to myself. Seeing Kim, Cleveland play football. I, they also had a note on there. It was like the very briefly deposit. This was He had eleven thousand eleven touchdown of the year pretty solid for a game and a quarter. Three and a quarter any given relievers. That's fucking crazy. This was the time when Brady's favorite receiver was the open receiver. WHO The nine! It didn't say I was wondering if we come up with because I mean, we've watched all the games. High Rise Story, WHO's the nine wide eyed people who caught touchdown from Bray in the first four weeks. Propriety, this. Probably Branch. Off. The first touchdown in In Gillette Stadium History actually he got another one, too. Yep, so branch for a variable of course Brown. Has. Four patents must have had one. It's five you'd think. Oh Daniel. Graham had won his first ever touchdown. Lead. On. What are you GonNa? Do for me Andy. We're all doing it now. Gordon Steve Brown Got Anything to add. Antoine. Touch on this point. I'll think so not seating. Kevin faulk! Because I thought it was his first one. is You thought it was his first ever and he's been around. Six Yeah Difficult Steve Brown. Seven I know one more. Can't. Clean wasn't really Oh.

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Fuck all right, so let's say. Oh was it DONAL Hayes. That Hook Route Yep that was early in the in the steel. Goddamn. Remember Doll Hayes Right. Name I haven't heard long. Exactly the Patriots Kim Cleveland was too, but she's exactly so we actually realize that. The last game of two thousand one was the panthers were they blew them out? And in that Game Donald. Hayes had two balls bounce off his hands that were intercepted, and both were actually returned for touchdowns, but one was called back for holding on the return. He's been decided this year so far though yeah, and he's wearing eighty-one, so you're looking at all. It's rainy, Moss unrealized. Moss! He's Moss who didn't run a four zero or something. Like a five one. Night so right after Mike verbal scores a touchdown. He comes back with two awesome plays of course three now right when they get the ball back your. Really talking about that rookie center getting a start. Ball. Who happened to be from Londonderry Jason Ball from Londonderry new. Hampshire, who played at you, H? Don't you worry about that and then? L. Mike Raids. Just like. Ham Blocking air on his rush. Through the way. As if you're one second down, and then on third daddy back down the ball, pretty awesome like. The, give them a touchdown immediately comes out and makes like two know huge offensive by the second quarter, but still pretty awesome. Yeah, I think if you'RE GONNA give a game all to anybody in this probably because he's the only one that had. Sort of like positively. Day crush. Mean you could probably give it to Brady to. But we're talking about. Getting we're we'll get into arguing boss all right. Yeah, but I think. The one of the stuff they show. was that Tom. Brady, over the past two games had thrown the ball over one hundred times. which was fucking bananas to me especially back then right exactly back in two thousand and two when you? Were converting slowly from running team, and all of a sudden throwing it literally fifty times again. It's fucking ridiculous. You said I mean they started the season. Completely surprised everyone by throwing. Yeah, I, mean I I. Like forget how many three hundred yard games they just started. It was just piling up. Three Hundred Yard Games right off the bat just over here towards like brady firm for three hundred yards. It's not. He did. He do bunch of bad picks. He did actually through like. La. Goddamn like? Hit One of the third quarter he had one in the second quarter to end drives that were like points basically. Yup. Yup You're not careful the ball again, you said the pats move the ball is it shouldn't have been as close as we should have been welcome them up a little bit more than we were. Surprised at how? Well the offense performed for a game where the only scored fourteen points. It doesn't feel right. Look at the scores and I'm like I. Remember Them Losing this game. I remembered saga. The score and E. Score was it ended. New England Patriots Fourteen San Diego chargers twenty one and the last score came three plays into the second half. So if you WANNA watch game. That's one thing we've been doing that well that we've been trying to do and we haven't done very well. Is Give a watch ability score in these games. So out of doing it out of six Lombardi's Ryan story, because where assholes like that. Makes Sense Yeah, and so the last game was. Patriots one, thirty, four, thirty, one in overtime with barn burner. We gave that I think a solid five. Lombardi's because it was an exciting game and they want. This game. But I think we also said that only watch the second half of that game. Because the first half was, the Patriots had more penalty yards than they did actually arts. had like ten penalties for one hundred yards in that game. It was rough, but Muslims came in the first half, and they unload in the second half. But this game, I think is probably opposite in both ways. You'RE GONNA watch a game. Only watch first half because that's when the pages do anything. And I would give it. I'd probably give it a one and a half. Lombardi's maybe to. It's variables I for such. 

40:04 - 45:00

It wasn't a blowout. To the end. You know that's true. When's the last time the pages of actually got blown out talked about this. It doesn't happen very often anyway. They lose, they lose close. Let's touch on that second half. They come out with the fucking three stooges defense. Everybody balls over each other trying to tackle lt run so. Touchdown that's that three plays into literally like assault. To. Six tackles because. As people fallen over impairs. I I'd say that's a quite a surprisingly accurate discovery pig late third quarter. In the red zone. They're just like outside feel, Goran, July and Walters hitting fifteen year punts. And the chargers in the fourth quarter hit like a absolutely amazing pun. Yeah, yeah, Kevin, Falk returning punts, because troy brands of course injured. At a balance at the five and a little go sideways and go straight out of bounds. Have less than two minutes and no timeouts left. Can't make it happen. They still down the field. They did they got into. Territory and got to like the thirty s yard line. Forty Yard Line. watchable so I'm going to give it a three. Just because we didn't win doesn't mean it wasn't like an entertaining game. Agree to disagree stuff. I only want WanNa. Watch the wind like seeing CEO and Rodney in chargers and. Ten highlight in white drew brees in a charges uniform, which looks weird. You know also the fact. He looked like he was sixteen years old was a little strange to me, yeah! It comes off at one point he to see like super young drew brees. How Like Oh kit was he able to drive to the game and his MOM's lungs? You can skip the replays because there is a bunch of those. Eight thirty second skip a six hundred. Thirty All in the first half. and. Well! I, remember, because in two thousand one where we're doing it. I think replay was new, so they're living timing. It and they had a little timer in the top corner of like how long this replay was taken. And it would take like maybe two minutes tops if it was borderline. And also what they were doing that, they've scrapped. This year was that they were doing Fan polls where you could text in like you're part of American idol, and you can vote, either the play should stand or should be overturned, and they would show the percentages like as the referees coming out from underneath the hood. which should still fuck it happen? The fact that that doesn't is a travesty and I blame the NFL. I, blame, no, specifically I blame Roger Goodell mainly because I. Strongly worded letter I'm going to do I'm going to follow my mother's footsteps and I'm going to write Roger Goodell very strongly worded. Letter. You. Let it hang on the hells. Angels driving. Ask My house. Did you hear them. A little bit, not really they're not hells, angels. They're probably dentists on motorcycles, bengals. I've got a football or not football. Or if you hang up before we do that, our our our know how many Lombardi's Ryan gives us game. Right in the middle of fucking surprise. Well Can you game just like stupid. It was an okay game. The first half was really good. If you just watch the first half, it's a fun game in the second half is fucking slog, but they had their chances that just keep fucking authenticity off in the ball end with chance to win so that they told me that was a heartbreaking thing. Like Brady doesn't ever not convert those at least up until this point like. When he would get the ball and he needed to score. At this point is Greek. He always got one. I. Don't think there was one before this that you hadn't converted like his. Jets I'll give you that the fact that he played the first like four plays against Jetson that did what He. Did it though. Yeah I guess. He was throwing pass in the endzone that we're hitting people in the hands, but this just wasn't that so and the way the game ended was. Brady threw like thirty four seconds left Brady, threw to Kevin faulk across the middle and Kevin. faulk tried to lateral it to. Alignment. Said Nah, not my fucking problem and just let the ball. Go right past him. The Super Bowl Yeah Kevin's Fox trouble. He got lit the fuck up. Like absolutely blown up by the linebacker Donny Edwards just. Absolutely just Oh. At looks so painful and that was based last where the game.

45:03 - 50:00

So, let's. commentating, you've been actually very quiet by this point usually. You're all riled up. So this is true. And I, thought I'd be morale up because it was Phil Simms, Phil Simms hates him some patriots all right. I don't know if I agree with that. Ryan, how do you? What do you think Phil Chances? Thing is. You're kind of right in the middle. I! Think you select Brady. So, that's the thing like I, think now he, his new thing is that he likes to root against Patriots because they're the evil empire or Them and his sons of Douche. Oh, that's right. Yeah, because his son. Play, well I don't know if played is the right word, but was in the NFL at the same time, right? Yeah you. He was for the Bucks Chris Simms Right. He he they tried cal who was a coach for the pats for like a year. Yeah. Shit! That looks. So he that's why he always has for years, he's had the hot take of Brady's not as good as he is and. Right. Though. I think he can see phil turning when his son decided in the Bads, the early on like this game. Symbols. Appropriate and that's exactly gonNA. Say Yeah, he does. He really loves him some early. Tom Brady back in these days which was. Kind of strange here because I missed this whole season, so we didn't have Phil Simms. Doing any patriots games the season before because the Patriots were good enough for that we had. Dan Fuck endeared. Did it. The raiders and he loved. Tom Brady in that game to. Did you catch his foreshadowing at the beginning of the game? That sounds familiar. Off I wrote down. What was it like? He's like Brady. Makes it look too easy? It's too easy for Brady. This league's hard. He hasn't suffered. Gay GotTa Suffer Tom. Brady hasn't done that yet. I did not catch that, but that's pretty good I. Did catch the fact that he called Charlie Weis an arrogant play caller? which was currently a compliment I don't. Quite, understand how. Ya I of upset when they said is in the late second quarter like Oh, that's a really good block by Curtis, Conway. He's clearly holding tile. Aw, Yay And, then like the same play happens, reverse the Patriots, zebras doing a patent or brand. Just pat you. That's an easy call. Exact same play! But at this point. The first few games have been Dan to your door F-. Berg! And I think I was just so happy not to hear them commentate this game. That I just gave both of them a free pass like you know. I wrote nothing down. Like I'm fine with this. It's not not Dan beard door so I'm happy with it. Confused me a little bit though. Okay. Let's hear you've got a football now. Football, right you know this is. So Mike Sorry is back in the day and He was confused about some some of the terminology that the commentators use. It wasn't sure if they were talking about football or or not. Football sued. Ask these questions to answer them so St. it sounds like Steve found one of these he's. Ball is on Bruschi at the point of contact. Excuse me. Ball is on Bruschi at the point of contact. Do you have any context for this was? There's somebody. Rubbing up against Tedy Bruschi at this point. I mean it's. A lot of rubbing was going on in that. There is a lot of contact US game! what the point of contact you know like like. Yeah I mean it was the point of contact. Where is. My as the ball. On risky, the point and Katelyn that'd be the balls to. You would think you'll be the balls unless we're talking about. Lance Armstrong. And there was like some sort of situation with that. I didn't see any yellow jerseys out there. Though that's true, but but maybe somebody had had a similar situation if you will. For instance. I don't want to put a bad words on our friend. Jason Ball from London Hampshire but I mean. Why did they? Right exactly why they call balls. Yeah, why don't they call them Jason Balls Really I? Mean just ask questions here. Lot of people are saying. Jason Ball why just one? Saying. Look them up and I couldn't find them online otherwise. I was going to try to have him on his. That'd be fucking great. He doesn't exist on. You. Probably get the fuck Outta a long time ago.

50:02 - 55:00

Well, he went and play San Diego. More. which did you catch one? The commentators talk about how Lt had said that. Concentrating on football in San Diego was very difficult to do. Now. I've done it is like. Are You horny? Bass's keeping your pants. He's not trying to Hungary over here. Cromartie. Forgets. How many kids yes? As you do, he got the number eight just couldn't remember. The names are the birthdays or something. It was yeah, I think it was the names. It was not right. But the one last thing I want to talk about. And I thought Congress going to be here to do this, but he's not This was. In the two thousand two draft, the San Diego chargers selected. In the second round, forty eighth overall. A wide receiver from Florida named Russia Caldwell. Oh Italy they did so. This was called wells rookie season. He didn't play out. He did not I. Think he probably did, but he didn't do anything of note. I didn't see him. No I don't remember he called. Me I didn't see. He's probably seeing you right now. So, big. The one. He doesn't see as the past coming his way when he's wide open on the two yard line. Against the colts the playoffs, but that's another story. So I, did charney digging or going to? We're doing down. The reshaped called Prabakaran in how. They probably should. Now we save. You think we should say say say call. I'll yeah. Wait till you council us. Another draft pick by the chargers ahead and even better name or give it to me. Best name of any defensive back ever. Really. Quinton Gamer, Oh Quinton Jammu. That's right. Pick first while fifth overall first round now quench. Name. It's up there with Taiwa because the I mean you don't have. The I fought long allow one jokes, but I mean Quentin, Jammer! I feel he would have to play. Like bumping run man to man the right like you always zone defense is not his own guy, not in a million years. He's got to be like Brandon Browner type. We could probably talk about too because he's got some some interesting post football stories. All right. Yes, yes, okay. I think violence and Drug Charges Ueno. What? Should have landed him in jail I. Just didn't know if he was there. I believe he's still in jail by I. He went to jail for bit I. Don't know if it's still a thing. But we'll get to that. When when was he on the team? Was that like? Twenty. Fourteen ISH browner fourteen. So. We'll get to that in. Twelve seasons. So goes Zillow, get there like six years. Be Fine. We should do. Re she called. This is what I mean. So! Rochet colwell if you google him, you know, son says the normal stuff comes up his picture which? Always looks like a Mugshot but I think that's just how he looks, but the is. There's also a story from ESPN entitled. How rochet Caldwell googled his way from the Patriots to prison. Rather than how well I won't original whole thing because that seems like. A lot of work and you can. You can read it yourself on ESPN DOT com. But basically the gist of it is what happened he? Got Arrested for running a sports book. Out of a mechanic shop. Across, the street from a middle school. And because there was so much traffic, going in and out, it got the attention of the authorities and he got arrested for it. Was On probation and decided he'd heard about buying drugs online, so he googled it and try to himself because like there's no way this is a possibility. There's always a real thing, so he googled it and try to do it while on probation and immediately cop because all tracked. And ended up in jail for. For attempting to buy. I. Don't even know what it was, just we. But Tied by drugs on Silk Road. And, how you really should that coming to his house. I mean.

55:01 - 60:01

For. And the best part is that that's not it. Yes, as that Shaimaa guy would say Shaimaa guy. No, the oxygen guy. WAS Yes! So just recently the this story on. Yahoo Sports so sports. DOT YAHOO DOT COM. from January twentieth two. Thousand Twenty. So you do the math where we're actually recording this in May, may twenty first two thousand twenty so not that long ago. And It, is called well and attract PRUT. That is pleading guilty in health. Fund fraud case. And I think we had talked about this before Steve. If you remember, it may have been greg brought it up. But basically what happened is. A group of NFL players for Colwell, probably being the lookout. My guess. But. Who else was on? Oh. Joe Horn was part of this as well. This is where it came from that. Saints Game. Other players involved Joe Joe Horn corral buckhalter Clinton portis. Van Over from this game, he was the kick returner. They kept calling tomorrow back which I thought was weird, so I'm saying it wrong or not. Those the big names. They were basically defrauding. The NFL by. Filing, nearly four million dollars, worth of false insurance claims in eighteen months from the gene, upshaw NFL player health reimbursement account plan according to prosecutors. So what they do is, they would submit claims to be paid for medical equipment. for like four players, but it was equipment that. They didn't actually buy receive. They just do it to get the money. And I think the reason I called because the medical equipment was things such as hyperbaric chambers and cryotherapy machines, and also have been alleged to have. Faked prescriptions as well for support those claims. So. Call well. How do I commit Insurance Fraud Online Either that or you heard it from Clinton portis. The. The stellar minded he is. Home from up to White Cochran's. That's true. Yeah, he's not. He's not running a gambling ring out of. Storefronts across the street from a middle school. So that's a step. In that bad. I think it was the fact that there was so much traffic going in and out across the street from that school was a reason con-. Yeah, you've done it literally anywhere else. It would have been fine. But yeah I think the The googling how to buy drugs. Online is probably. Concise a low point. Musher were there yet. He he's he's a candidate who keeps digging? If. He's always looking forward. That's for sure. Sewing looking for the next opportunity. But if I if you. Had A bad day. Or you're feeling stressed from work, or you know you've you've got some stuff going on at home. Just go to Google DOT COM and type in Russia. colwell R A C H E caldwell. And just click on the images button. And you will feel a lot better yourself because these pictures are hysterical. Video. It, yeah, it's it's like the football version of a of a funny caveat, just feel warm and fuzzy inside. Up Chris Berman nicknamed form. Hit a nickname forum. Yeah which didn't include his is. Really, what was it? Was Liquid Shane. Hall Really British Nicola Have you laying! Chris. Berman. Really dropped the ball now. Yeah I mean Berman's usually dead on with these things usually slot, but maybe. Laundry bad moon rising I mean. It's classic. I wonder if there's any urban thesaurus. Entries for Prochet Call. Let's not. Let's let's. Go to the best and worst. Earn the. Again. Oh okay. To eight nothing good. Tom Brady's the first result. Quite so good! All Right Steve then you. If you WANNA, kick it. To your best and worst in this game. let's see.

60:02 - 65:01

Never really cover my worst in detail about how much I hate lt and how? You really didn't talk about that much coming to me a little bit of A. Why why do you hate lt? I don't think this game. This is why I got him in priest, Holmes confused, but it's just always cry baby stuff in when they were actually good, and we beat on the playoffs. Oh. Yeah, when he called. Me Call Belchior and says all such a talk. Dirty team. Show Up. Shaw Berryman was and. They were doing. He's one of the dirtiest defensive players ever Yoga. By. Any play for the jets if I'm not mistaken we did. Fuck, other reason they don't take. Brad's simple pleasures and simple agers. Love it. It was awesome. The you know, say out and Rodney Harrison fine around there you dip. They were flying around on our guys and watching junior CEO like mistimed blitz, and then like like step on snap. Try to insult back. Like really missed back a lot. Incidences! Man's land kind of dances around a little bit and. I came in the Senate still holding it Yep. Funny those fantastic. And then. I also liked the little. Game break where they showed Fr- Jackson. I mean yeah, but Fred Jackson hung two hundred and thirty seven yards on the jets that week. I missed the. That's fantastic now on that. Good fucking Yucca jets, right. I Ryan not to put you on the spot, but do you have any best or worst for this game? I mean obviously variables touchdowns Kinda cool especially. I won-. Now I know they celebrated like they did. In the worst, just that pathetic last drive was just unwatchable. Yeah that that last play was a Shitty woodhead football game. Yeah and it was reminiscent of a lot of ending of games recently, so it was a default watch. That's yeah that that makes me said because it's true. All Right My My best was. Marty schottenheimer describing. The Patriots Defensive Motion pre-snap. Where he said it looks like Spaghetti on a plate. Basically, he had literally no idea what the Patriots were doing and what they're bringing in, so they had. Just. Simplified everything, just basically all the blocking everything was completely simplified. There's like blocked the guy who's in front of you because they had no idea what was coming and the first half. You could tell because they had no idea what was going on. See my worst was I had something here. I mean other than Troy. Grab you know for this game because trials, wife. Actually know my other best was Jason Ball? The starting center for the San Diego Chargers, who was from Londonderry New Hampshire if if you hadn't known that. And Play UNH. Both Ryan and I went to and Greg also. Crisis Age before they were even relevant though yeah. Yeah this is before the chip Kelly days when. They actually did anything was like when they were bad UNH. He's still managed to make the NFL so good for him. Now your best like they were talking about the way too much shroud crap. He was right, but he's from. New Hampshire so fuck. It's my best bro. From London. I've been there. Before, that's fucking cool. Yeah, and they're and regretted it. Well Yeah, that's why is literally more probably 'cause? It's Hampshire. Oh I! Regret it being there. Speaking of best. Another best is that Greg Brown is actually just joined us. As it. As we're wrapping up the show, yes. My worst is. The the music during the stoppage in play in San, Diego, two thousand and two. I don't remember all the songs, but I definitely recognize. One of them is Averill Levin and I think that's just a worse regardless of what.

65:02 - 70:00

Early Forever Levin Two thousand to. Look it up. Bro Seems Right. Yeah. It wasn't a great era of music. No, no! It was like the eighties. I stick to that. No good music came eighties. Set maybe METALLICA. Thousand. Static. Let's go and she took off. Say they go and they were playing it in stadiums. Across California apparently. I haven't heard it in. The East Coast Games that we've. We've played, but. Definitely had it for this one and I was disappointed in San. Diego crowd. Yeah for Land Canadian to come on circa. This is what I made. This is American football. Why plan, Canadian girl Hockey, game. Figure Skating. The game boss. All right. Gregg Brad join twice in. This failed Bowl Times Ah. So it's not just you Ryan. Who Sucks the technology? Also a brother Greg. Cutting. How much did you have? Everything so. Is. The fact that your name comes up as Alicia. That that hint. All Right Steve. Can you give me some game balls? I'm going on the branch. Okay. Electric rookie starting to. Actually, pretty strict career. Alderson said it's definitely a breakout game for I agree. I'll take yeah I mean. Everyone says Tom. Brady can't voelpel rookie receiver. Maybe that is true later in his career, but unlike from the jump. Was Awesome that this game especially is fourth ever career game. Troy Brown is out and it's like all right. Game Four, but your Troy Brown. And he was, he was lighting it up. especially in the first set seem to slow down a little bit in the second, but. I love. His kick return ability that he didn't show this game by so. I got a couple of pretty good. Can't back out to like the thirty yard line every time this game and the game the season that they'd found they'd definitely Johnson. Awesome branch. They definitely did. I agree it was he did right story. Where was he drafted? Round Yeah. I remember. I don't think it was the fresh round. Was it second round sixty five overall? Louisville. Don't draft receivers in the first round lists Chad Jackson. They prefer to be call Louis though. I don't know they do, but okay I I know many people from Louisville, actually prefer to be. Hondo that you do? But you also call a cabinet when you order wide. Peanuts Greg Yacht French prefer that to Andy. Culture Hard, tease French love them. If, the letters are there. You might as well pronounce them. Jesus. Wait all right. First Name. Anthony. Knew that no, I'm just like at the same page you. Anthony Dion Branch Junior. Sleet from Albany Georgia about that. I Ryan give us your a game ball. Who you give it to you in this game? Well I was going to get with the branch, but that's not fun so. I guess I know agreeable. Greg, point up. Some good defensive plays really bad the ball down. He seemed to be a typical variable game early. He's always disrupt. Touchdown catch out there warm I mean. Not Defensive Guy so untold dear dwarfs of the world. ETC is onto gas. Annette candidate so. The game. Chiefs. Fuck you knew deardoff call. Did you know he's in the hall of fame? Did. Fuck you, for knowing that. Probably announcing, right? Yes well yeah I mean. I could be for football.

70:01 - 75:02

He's not good at either of them. Say I mean. I'm an on this part of the his career like he didn't play that much last year. No! He didn't. This was like the beginning of. He looks like this is his best offensive game. I'd seen up to this point from him. Yeah, I, think. Probably the. The chargers super. Bowl the. Panther Super, bowl is probably speak. Touchdown. The ad seemed like energizing because he will be some defense like immediately after it, too. Yeah, yeah, it was yeah for the rest of the. Great. How many catches does he have Kerr? Has Twelve. Patriots Dicey Dot Com. Pitch Dicey Dot Info. Slash Tom Brady tasty passes. He has. He's actually a high up on the list presently. Has Ten touchdown passes. Is Sixteenth on the list of touchdown passes from Tom Brady. Bonds careers. In Casey I think you got a couple of cases. But he has more touchdown catches than Philip. Fell did. Or, brandin cooks or Jabbar Gaffney. touchdowns than intersections. fucking right. Is More than twice as many touchdowns as Aaron. Dobson did or Malcolm Mitchell or Josh Gordon. That's amazing. How does that make you feel? All those players had four touchdowns. God. Tagamet hunt doors set sucks or according. I feel like eighty gets off your chest, so let's let's do that. Again This is the first like mid like heartache. Passionate out here, but so it was horrible. It was horrible. He thought he was okay. Got Notes separate meetings never in the right fucking spot. He couldn't be relied on and they needed them. was useless and the only one to catch a touchdown in the volley against the rams, the second one that whole playoff series. What I'm pretty sure. What the catch a touchdown! The playoffs yeah! The only touchdowns all playoffs at your. True. Caught one against What gets to choose one against the. chargers. Ruin Sony cleaned up a lot near the goal line, but. Yeah rule I thought he was like a three receiver. He was never gonNA never awesome, but I like him or you know. Kobe. Is that guy. I probably better than. Call well. We'll. All right, so reshape colwell or filters set. Cod well. Oh Jesus. You remember one play. was good, but he wasn't Alamo. Doorstep pissed me off man. Kid. Never when you need it on, you know it's like even when they have actual receiving like. Edmonds GonNa draw multiple guys. You know back then lead Gronk. He's GonNa draw multiple guys even had. Single coverage you can never get open. You're supposed to be fast and all this shit. Some I don't like. And then he leaves, and he's like Oh. Yeah need to get out of there Blah Blah Blah. Yeah because you career. Rather have him. Or the number three receiver on the ocean beaches. With that, Gaffney -actly Yeah Oh. Definitely want Gaffney. Gaffney was great. Doug Gabriel. Big Not very good. Address Bar Gaffey I. IT WAS A. Troy Brown at the end of his career doesn't Gabriel reshaped. Call Bell so free ever talking about. Reception yards in two thousand six recalled called well I bet Watson Second Troy Brown Third Kevin Faulk Fourth Doug Gabriel V. Complain about last year. You can always be worse money. That was the reason the Patriots went out and got site. Gabriel on that. Now does such a better. says. Doug Gabriel. On same like, but he would be in that same five. Really have like two thousand six Watson and well. She's a faulk in. Troy Brown very on. End of his career, bre yeah. Yeah. Greg nicest. You WanNa give us your best and worse. My late.

75:04 - 77:27

We're literally stopping now. Perfect, time game. What Game Are we talking about? Two thousand two week four against at San Diego chargers. Watching you? Know. I was in England, the time and I stayed up until two am Milwaukee and had to be a worker for him. And they lost, and it sucked towards your best and worst. Lost you there. What did you say? Oh well my best wits Ryan stories performance today. It really brings the levity. Left, and right, and I couldn't keep up. The heartaches! Mill road on anything at all. My worst is that massive? knows he's got plastered on his face. Closest thing this podcast has the Ken Walters Shaggy. My best is rice story sense of smell. Doesn't even need GPS. He just follows his nose. Tell him every time he asked for direction. Smelter Musk. To be fair I, do have a strong musk so. It does. All Right? Well thanks for joining. Greg, but this has been. Fantastic episode of the pages part Dynasty podcast. Do you know what happened next week. We know where we're going next week. No I don't even know. Don't tell me who wins charity. Now. You've ruined all. Answer me Andy. We're going. When when the when is losing three again? Because I have no idea role player stadium. In Miami, Florida Face a jets. Facing Dolphins. In their. Goddamn jets those three at one Miami Dolphins. Against the three and wondering patriots. ABC's battle baby, so we'll see you next week. On the pages Dicey podcast. Included Greg.