2002 Week 8: Patriots vs Broncos

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We're officially in the dog days of the 2002 season as the Pats host the 5-2 Broncos as they attempt to stop their losing streak (spoiler alert: they don't). Patience is running thin for the team and your podcast hosts. In this episode we touch on:

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This is Christine. Brown and while we have to listen to this podcast as my mother Judy, you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny but really just being stupid you still want to listen go right ahead I am not your. Welcome. Welcome back to the dregs of the two two season on the Patriots Dynasty podcast. Dog Days of summer. Literally and figuratively I think. Struggling through the longest losing streak as the Patriots Dynasty. This is. Two Thousand Eight. Hosting the Denver Broncos. There's want to get out the way they don't win this either. That's the PUCK and broncos back in the early two thousands kind of given. Parties. Five. That's what you're in his game that you didn't watch. Five out of six. I asked you little Bharti's Oh, I thought you said I didn't. Know. I didn't watch it. No kidding. To ago to going to give it that many. Yeah, I mean not the worst one of their losing streak but. Certainly not particularly entertaining. Than this in this losing streak. A good question. Because I'm about to give this a one unless. Otherwise I wouldn't watch this again. The only only reason getting a one is because I wore their all blues again, the Miami One was way worse. Area it wasn't clear Jason Taylor just absolutely dominated us and we had absolutely nothing. Nearest passing in the first half. You bring up a valid point I. Wonder what we're ready to that one zero. One one. Yeah we're not right in this Dan this is a little peg above that but yeah. How does Steve gave it a zero because I remember who is the first ever rating we did and he went as low as as possible rating scale. That's nice. Things. Flu May have given that one on one then. So this is probably like a one and a half. I'll give it a one and then just the not the ball of the Lombardy, but like just the the stub of it. Okay Yeah. Like not quite one and a half but. The bad half do the opposite we'll do Warren and the ball. Off. The end of this game. was probably closer than it should have been broncos twenty, four Patriots Sixteen. They had at least kind of kept fighting the whole game. They rolled over in Miami. allthough. There was some comments in the globe the next day from Brady. After yesterday's loss to the Broncos New England's fourth straight young Brady issued some challenges to his teammates quote. I liked the guys in this room don't get me wrong. So the twenty five year old quarterback but might need to be a little more important to him. You look at his last four games you see the other guy's playing like it really means something. You've got to figure out how much this means to people. You and it's continued on the other page got to play like your life is on the line maybe guys aren't playing like it's their livelihood certain guys play like that every play they try to make their mark. Not Trying hard enough. Yeah. This is his first full seasons of starter twenty five years old calling out. Teammates that. I. Think. It's a different media world back then though. Maybe he says that now who s going on the talk radio skip bayless sharper is gonNA shout out each other about it. The next two weeks, Shannon Sharpe speak of the Devil Ese's in game correct? Yeah. He actually played really well yeah. Look how far he's fallen to is current state. Why Because he went from respected football player to like an absolute clown show he is the worst like halftime show guy, you can't understand him. Apple. The all yelling over each other. Well, he's he's was skipped. Bail is now right Oh. Yeah. That's the worst combination of personality. Sports. I've never seen it honestly. Diesel favorite that way me.

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I'm going to go out and say I. Call. Her. You said that in the last episode, give them another try I know he's kind of a fire flames fought date guy but. Give me another try. Any of them Rodney Harrison said. Mike Florio. His happy takes his just like here's the facts. He's a nerd. Yeah. Can Throw. Mike. Recent there to Mike races like very much Here's a well reason take. It clicks is it Chris. Quick. Greg quick. Give the heartache. On I did anything I don't kiss. Shannon show sharp is the worst analyst in all sports is pretty hot take. I can clip that we'll we'll. We'll tag a minute to. See what he says. He like what the fuck this PODCAST. Call me out. To destroy them, they'll probably be the best thing that ever happened to us really for sure. Because then Troy Brown would know who we are in life would be complete. Yeah. That's true. You want do your your weekly call at this point. If anybody knows Troy Brown introduced into this podcast. Diet lease. That'd be amazing. Right. So that's segments over with what's next remember for Christmas. My. Girlfriend got me a Malcolm. Brown Jersey 'cause she knew I loved the Troy Brown. And Malcolm Brown is on the Patriots and she just looked it up and said Oh Brown. Way, really. Malcolm Brown Jersey sitting in my closet. Other, pretty deep cut I. Mean that's pretty gyp to wear that out but great idea poor execution. Yes I agree. That, we're not together anymore You Know Me. Really you thought you do me but you don't you everybody who loves me knows how much I love Troy Brown 'cause a package deal. That's fair. Well except for her. Well Do. We could talk about this game if you wanted. Yeah let's talk about the Broncos. They had an awesome skill. Position Group. Yeah Greg, you got any thoughts on the skill position group. Busy watching it like the nine hundred, Ninety eight highlights instead of this game. But in nineteen ninety, six was a stacked roster for Denver. SA- John there. They won the superbowl that year right relevant. Sexy I probably always yeah. This is the Mike Shanahan error. This is a great in the midst of it. Yeah. Ninety five to two, thousand and eight is Mike Shanahan Coach Andy. Okay, good. I'll winning record against. Taxpayers did he see he's an excellent coach? They commentator saying that him and Brian Greasy don't talk at all. Is that what they're are because I missed like, yes we're talking about I thought you were just talking about other coaches know. Greasy and Shanahan don't talk in all goes through Kubiak who was at the time Oh that makes more sense because I miss her they were talking about which I mean it doesn't make any sense not even pleasantries. No. Nothing. Yeah Between them right yeah. That's very Nazi Germany you know. I can. Follow your command you know. Just following orders. Exactly thing more like A. General military thing perhaps where do saying all military is equivalent of Nazis, India that's pretty Suss I know what you're saying. Hot Sake Takes. Yeah. What do you think of our defense budget in the United States? Andy. Slapped broncos defense wasn't really as good. The only guy that I really recognize was Delta O.`Neil Alpha. I'll would. delfs ever price. Camacho never like awesome though you know A. Trevor Pro Bowl Mark atwater. He was on that Defense Greg Greg. Sorry I was watching the nineteen ninety six. John elway. Did you did you actually watch highlights in August because he missed the sweet tyler interception. Way Interception or fumble recovery yes.

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I T. Both The prime time on. Youtube is only two minutes and thirty seconds. I'll of like forty five seconds is them talking about the game? So I didn't see many plays now request you. Watch two and a half minutes. Yes. Of course How dare I question drag. Record. I'm also in pro football reference, dot com show pro football reference. Site, it's the site in the world we wouldn't have nearly as much to talk about. Doing that. For the stat check diets key. I wish we want to talk about Mike, Shanahan stretch here. So Ninety five is I serve the head coach. Ninety, seven and ninety eight who wins back to back. Super. Balls right. But he salary cap right. Donna. John our retired after that one. He only has one losing season in two, two, thousand, seven. Twelve years he has one losing season. It's these are pretty damn good coach especially with La retiring That's tough. Transition Antietam was greasy as good. Our Zee on the year was nineteen, ninety nine. AFC coming off a super bowl championship they law there were six and ten. It happens. So I guess that's the floor for the Patriots Assira wonder. Because? They. Set. A staten. This game it was I wrote it down. The last super bowl champion to lose four straight games. Next season. Was the Denver Broncos some warning if it was that season. Accents yeah. If you're going six and Ted, you probably lost a bunch of row. And Mike Hans record with running backs is just like hilarious. When did Clinton portis get traded for the first time? Pick the REDSKINS. Two thousand three it has to be pretty soon because they had those a Mike Anderson citing in this and they immediately went right to Mike Anderson and he would crush just as much as Boorda's. McKay Names Greg. Terrell Davis in the sixth-round land. Is Gary in the fourth rally right Mike Anderson in the sixth-round. Portas in the second round Tatum Bell Second. Round. Mariscal. Didn't really work out I. Have. His Jersey. Alfred Morris in a six round. There are some other guys in there. I think that they're not on this list, but there's still saw. It was like one of those situations where you could literally plug in Anyb- anybody out felt like. And this year's plug in was Clinton portis because he was a rookie. And the reason he was even starting was Terrell Davis retired preseason. Out of the blue like a ground thing. And so they drafted you said, he was in the second round Clinton Portis. Wait trial. Davis this wasn't having fun anymore. That's what it sounds like. I'm going to super bowls every year right. Yeah. So Terrell Davis is a pretty good story six round draft pick. He put up like insane numbers call fame, right? Not Very Long though, right? Right. I think he was like one of those guys where the hall of fame debate rages. Really. Short. Career. But. I think he's in. I don't remember statue. Stat check. He Done. I don't think so. Claydon nine hundred ninety five to two, thousand one. Right, that's what I mean security only here only. Played four years. Yeah because he was injured for one of them, right If you're from nine, hundred, ninety, nine, two, thousand, and two, thousand, and one he never played more than eight games. But Ninety five. He had eleven hundred yards fifteen hundred yards seven hundred yards. Two thousand yards, right so for like four years, he let the fire. Yeah, and then your other I. Remember us talking about last season. Because I. Don't know if he was playing or not but. They're saying that Oh I don't think he was playing. He wasn't. But they said he had some like. Unspecified. Leg Injury and that's all they knew or something like that. It was something. Really. Weird. In the way they talk about a little creepy. Crazy to think about it, Tom Brady never faced Terrell Davis. Despite playing the Broncos at least the first two years.

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We have migraines to write had Maria Migraine and the Super Bowl. Without Him Yeah those stories and you could you could see straight when he scored one of his touchdowns. Cocu imagine. Regular headache and I'm like I can't work today. Now I do you do You don't get migraines. That's what I'm saying. I don't even get migraines a day off of work. Actual headaches. Scoring touchdowns in Super Bowl. Peng over and I'm like, I can't work today. I'll say. I. Wake Up Hungover and I just spend eighty percent of the day in the toilet still. Still on the clock still on the clock. From. How very? Close makes a dollar I make a dime. That's why I'm shitting, on company time. That's right. Now I'm at the age now I wake up and I pulled something just sleeping. You Probably Got Night Terrors. No actually I one night I tried to roll over, and so I push my hand down on the bed to push myself over. And it felt like I tore all the muscles in my in my packs on one side and. Can we bring us back to how terrible Shannon Sharpe's way I want I had something to talk about? On the sleeping situation. Enough I WANNA hear this. sleepwalk and you guys ever like read about sleepwalking. I've heard of it. Sure. It's really interesting like what's what's going on with sleepwalking? Can we get back there well, Shannon does don't you think it's weird that you can stand up and walk around wife's sleep that doesn't. Pique your interest at all. They. Blow your lodewyk sleep and. Regular. Qazir Asleep. Take Ambien. That does some weird. Shit. You know people have like acquitted for murder or sexual assault by claiming that they are sleepwalking. I can see that I used to work with a buddy who? took amber went to sleep and woke up and he had somehow taught himself how to use a three. D. Modeling Program and three Model DEDUC. He went back and he didn't know how to do it. You know how to use the program, but somehow in his sleep managed to do it. Yeah I. Listened to apply cast on sleepwalking yesterday. That's why it's in my mind. Showdown other podcasts. Can we shout out a podcast you're rehab war. You should know you ever listen to that one of though and yet you love Andy. That's. That's your sense of humor. You think so yeah what do you trying to say? I don't know they're just kind of like nerds, but they're walk you. Oh Josh lease talk her Shitty Shannon Sharpe. Yes. Steve Give me your Shannon Sharpe take is he better or worse than the jets? The jets regardless. When he scores a touchdown And? This. So he scores his touchdown it's actually pretty nice play cut tippy his toes in the back of the end zone, and then like he goes to his shoes on the tongue of the shoe, he peels off and has some writing on there but he like can't peel it off take some five minutes and take him to try. Yeah I remember those cameras can't read it. Yeah. It's like took seven point five. I remember what was on there now because it wasn't even like. It was almost like supposed to be part of his name, but it wasn't. It was like the greatest ever do it or something just super. Though. Yeah. He's like Terrell Owens but just shitty. Yeah. Money. Terrell. Owens. But he wasn't good at it. When was the Joe Horn thing? Unless the Joe Horn sharp thing stat check I. got you guys Joe Because that will kick this off tear alone now not terrell owens sharp. Didn't Joe Horn start this you did the phone in the. Yeah well speaking of that one too that it was two thousand and three interesting. So it's right in the middle. So this is before this. Well Terrell Owens. What the sharp I. One. Don't ask that bitch. Too. So this is. To as well, October two thousand and two, which is so this is before all at this game. How at the same time, October? Yeah.

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So it's probably like the week before. Do that always bothered me about that Joe. Horn thing when he takes the phone out and he goes to put up his ears flip phone and it's like flip down and then yes, reflected open. I know I just one of those things that like you just didn't quite pull it off. Right gives you the. I'm with. Terrell, owens the best ever do it. That's what I'm saying and Shannon Sharpe was the worst Amer do it his execution was shit it's all about the execution. Popcorn in the face thing. Remember that. That's great. that. Cheerleader to pause. pompoms the. Dallas. We've got tackled for this is. This is like. Peak celebration. And OCHO CINCO? DISIN- dumb shit. who was like working out in their driveway doing sit ups allies. That's my quarterback is. What's The. Most. Like. Newsworthy, player in the NFL love to. Hate Shannon chart all of Famer Te'o. Is the fan no they won't put him in there because if ZANEX which is so ridiculous at is ridiculous. He was a beast. He's like, Anquan, Boldin. But better yet his numbers are like second best ever for. Jerry Rice. NOCA-. Best why does he ever statistically? Speaking of like Randy Randy Moss is like I think a better receiver, but he didn't have as many the longevity that Yoda. sandbelt matron to. Speaking of assholes Andy How would you take the commentators? I honestly wasn't paying attention. They were the the usual with the fuck. Was it. You write them down because it was a phil and Greg Gumbel. Phil Simms so They did reference getting pegged by snowball last time there. In this game. Yeah. I was skipping through it a bit. It was at the very end of the game when the Patriots fans streaming out. After the Broncos a big pass play to ice it. Is. One of. The on their. Way. Out. Phil Simms Greg also. Greg? Gumbel. He's fine. Wayne. Brady makes Greg Greg Gumbel. Look like Malcolm X.. Show, which is ridiculous because Phil Simms was crying Greg Gumbel. Pumpkin. No pumpkin. Yeah. No, he's like. No, you can't call we pumpkin. He's like Audit Klay, Pumpkin I called you pumpkin and then he spells it. Yeah. wrote this down P. N. K. I n.. Yen K. Way Forgot the yield clearly like punk can but the just sounds like a real turn endearment to me. I add that about the time where I started skipping forward. Now's the first quarter. Yeah, exactly. And we're like measuring a first downs on the like that we up voices Chicago on. fucking Pumpkin I added someone apply to job my office and their. Email address on their. Resume was like. Something like banana pudding at Yahoo Dot. com. Have a lay better wad. Steve. Felt like we are transitioning one golf course to another management company small one in Michigan. and. The dudes. Email was his name was like brag or something like that. and His name was Gorn dogs sixty nine like hotmail is like I was like, who do you want to give facebook access to? He's like, yeah, I can give it to my email corn dogs sixteen. Like. Where I work. Work Email. Email your three. I. Don't if you knew that. Love the sixty, nine at the end it was. Gordon Star. You're going away. We can go a lot of ways you can go with it. Being, a pornography Willie McGuinness his game.

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May My pants take. You know what? I had a bunch of flashbacks to. Dont`a hightower in the seahawks. Promote. Oh Yeah. Because he had an. While Teddy actually had that running play hit, but there's action some very similar dont`a hightower plays they between teddy and Willie. Because Teddy like. Read the whole I goal line run play same direction as marshawn Lynch was going, and then just Bam made the most clean tackle of all time. What you thought he would like clint portion GONNA walk in. And then Willie did the whole like lineup y that Did in the Atlanta Super. Bowl. Oh. Yeh Strips Accu like lined out wide just blew right by the running back because he just miss read it and. He didn't actually get the fumble unfortunately no be almost dead Brian Greasy paid for that play. I think that move them that sack moved them out of field goal range or they missed a long field goal because of it after the. So I'm giving it to Lombardy some like as like flashing back to Super Bowl this game so. I guess. This is. Remind me of any. Any super bowls. There were some good play I think my favorite Willie mcginest play was. When Denver try to reverse and he just saw come the entire way. Didn't chase after the plane just stood there waiting for the guy on. Ran Straight. Is Ashley, Lay yes. It was from Hawaii. Crate name that's a sick name that name. On the other hand offensive line in this game. Get. Negative one I actually I think it just you would hit them with a Lombardi for their. One drive wrong head. Yeah. With that puts more debt than it because they were. Bad there were two sacks in the first seven plays including our our punt. They. Had four sacks all on third down. I think the third downs with was the tail of this game. Yeah. Yeah. Even, Bell Check said that at like the halftime interview when back when he talked to reporters at halftime. Right. Yeah. who she's crazy the. Kayak fell check says more than one word. Right. Company. We're like, Oh for at least the first half the all. For. Four or five or six or something. I remember what it was but I have a note from the third quarter says, wow a third down stop. The brought the Broncos went six for six on their first in the first half on third down conversions in the win over three after that. I think the only time the only when they converted second half. was. The long ball right after the two minute warning to seal it the forty our paths. Palsy. Call if they hadn't turned it over the twice in the first half of an even more blowout but that Thailand pick was. Yeah. It was. Definitely committed Pi, but you know not back then I think he did it on every. Well, the thing is. because. There was another interception later on the game. That got overturned is in the fourth quarter we had the interception. In the end zone, but they called Taiwa for. Defensive Holding. which probably should have been pass interference, but it was exactly the same. As all the other holding he'd been doing throughout the game. It's crazy to watch defensive backs. So back in two, thousand and two, there's a lot of. How mcadoo it's crazy. Every single plays the penalty. It would be these days. By this first quarter was. The fact that it was only seven nothing broncos at the end of it was bad. Although, it was based fourteen hundred K's. Denver scoring the first play, the second? Quarter? List off some other shit that sucked. Tom Brady during the triple coverage I N T. Dion branch getting tackled by the Punter. On. Awesome. Punt Return. I'll I'll give him that one. The end of the third quarter of Tom. Brady. Doesn't realize the clock is running out and he's looking at the game clock the. Not Very Brady like. Hombre fumbling the Kickoff Yup? I don't think it'd be fair. He absolutely got blown up on that. But that was. So this is their first drive. New England. They get the ball to start the game.

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Brady get sacked on third down they go three and out. I. was like. Twenty something yards Brunel. Denver drive straight downstairs touchdown. And then pace get the ball back. Branch gets hit on the kickoff recovers it. I. Don't know if you recall the Patriot government. The they try the their usual around to. Troy Brown did always works and that goes for negative yards and then the next play. Pretty sacked again and then they punt. and. Never actually fumbled punt, but they recovered it. And then the next play was deep. All Tyler picked off like this was a shit show to start. Yeah. Absolute Shit Show Delta Neo blown up on that Tour Guy Delta O.`Neil does not no. He does not know fair catch turned puns because while the first when he did get a fair catch, neil lit up by his own guy. 'cause the blocker just like who is blocking the governor just like right into them and like. Look like Delta Neil's like seriously hurt. The second one, there's nobody near him. Except for Patriots, and he doesn't call a fair catch and gets lit the fuck up again. And then I think from then on, he didn't return a punt. He just let them all bounce over his head to me that's smart. Because, we couldn't even stop from going in the end zone. anyways. God or make it go more than twenty yards. Yeah just not great. Sir Remember we talked like in the playoffs about patients playing in all three facets. This is exactly the opposite. And nobody covering Ed McCaffrey. God. I always loved. Ed McCaffrey original. McCaffrey. True they related. Yeah, that's a song. WHO's the other McCaffrey Christian? McCaffrey. Ed's Ed's runcie himself. It's not his today's is it really? Yes Star Trek. I'll check it but I'm pretty sure I did not know Chris McCaffrey is Ed McCaffrey son. So. Good of football that I mean it makes a shit sense now I think about it. But I did not know that. Christian McCaffrey born Colorado the son of former STANFORD NFL wide receiver. How Stamford soccer star Lisa McCaffrey. This. Kid had a made. That's he's a fiscal. Yeah. Wow. Already Light Christian McCaffrey now I liked him double. Like less fucking McCaffrey McCaffrey was shut the fuck daddy always ricky pro but not a Douche. How do you know? I don't know. He just seemed like less of a Douche. Ricky pro like super butthurt about all these super bowls this time of year. McCaffrey just did his job. McCaffrey's got the longest neck and football. No there was a cornerback for Merton hanks. Yes. Merton hanks, dude spun you bring that up. A little Merton. Hanks. Do, the funky chicken is. Way To say this actually because I watched. Right. Yeah. If you're at home right now, listen to this Google Merton hanks funky chicken dance. And it's some of the funniest shit years. 'CAUSE I. I started looking into the best celebrations. And this is on the list and I was like, fuck? Yeah. Forgot about that. Oh my God. Move separately from his body. Always on a loop I found game opposing this gift in. A. Thanks to found it. I didn't know this guy existed. You don't remember this I like. I got. A defensive back. I thought he was the receiver something but I forgot how good this was number thirty six for the forty niners. The shuffle to that was Obviously. Goals in soccer. Shovel. Favor one. Say Never. Did it. I didn't rec soccer. Highlight video of him. Defending Troy Brown. Bear axes good to close will be number eighty on the patriots like the old school patriot. Pat Every fryer maybe. Yeah I return punts. US A good player.

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Is like a pro bowl it wasn't a. So. I'll stat check that. Yeah, he's a four time pro bowler first time I'll pro what. If four straight seasons a pro baller. Camp near you can turn to the sky. This is awesome. Ninety one to ninety, nine so. I was like my view that's probably like good forty niners back then. That line sound like the end of the United. Try. Amazing. To Stop watching it we're getting away off topic. How did he even come up? I? Don't even know how we go. On long necks. That's. That McCaffrey got nothing on. Speaking along next, I just listened to a podcast dinosaurs. Getting. What happens when the Patriots are losing? Could you imagine? So I, know we've joked about before. About doing a browns on Brown spot, cast a spin off, we do this with the browns. And yeah awful because they don't ever win the Games. Yeah. You just gotTa talk about humor and things you know. Although I feel we could. We could change just a little bit. We can do browns on browse on browns in only talk about players with a last name Brown who played for the Browns That's going to be a very short podcasts. It's all when he was one episode but why don't we just do? Gym Class with the last name. Brown Jim Brown Gone Steve SICOM. We could do a whole episode on him alone. Ever heard of him. He's only one of the best running backs to ever play dickhead. We can't do browns browns and just do different NFL rounds on Brown's browns. Can do any sport any sport? Bras all bras on browns and. All of them are sitting on the toilet. Brown. Brown's on Brown's. If that gets Troy Brown to notice me than yes I'm in. Two but never played with the browns guess we can't talk about them. We can talk about any Latte athletes last name Brown. says. Another thing on here of the list celebration Steve Smith doing a row the boat after he scored against the Vikings. Got Caught in that that Lowell. Scandal. That's some good trolling right there. Clever. The Randy Moss mooning one is pretty sweet too. Yeah. I. Did it really I mean it's not that clever. Joe Buck got so pissed about the reason he did it was because the opposing team would always get mooned by the fans the Green Bay packer fans. Entering or leaving. So he was doing it back to them. It's like. Cool. Place. I would have liked it more if he actually. Got His cheeks out that would have been alleged. Today. What would they do? They showed Janet Jackson's Nipple on TV. I'm they. She got away scot-free. I. Mean. He probably would have killed box. So do you does that attempt? Joe Buck commit suicide live on air. He would have had a heart attack at the very least. Go I think nudity should be encouraged personally I. Bet you do. I'm very European in that way I've seen you. Yeah. Let's take our dicks out. Let's take our heads and let's have ourselves a good old time. Score Super Bowl you WanNa let you fucking Dick hang around. You go ahead and do that. Right. PEANUTS HIGH-FIVES No Okay Pumpkin. Mushroom taps no. Nice. Throw Ready. Ready to second matching dodged mashing cock heads together. Lord. How do we end up here? Don't I don't have new this week we knew this going to happen. Before we hit record. Two. Thousand has been rough dog ally. I feel about it's also the dog days of quarantine I think that as part to do it. Yeah. That's true too. If it feels fitting doesn't it yeah yeah? Season Wall suffering through quarantine. True. I feel every patriots fan should wash these games off. I agree because like if this is the longest losing streak gets, which is crazy to think about it's two thousand, two's twenty two right now right? Eighteen years ago, they will not lose more than three games in a row.

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From here, that's crazy. And everyone thinks that like This. So expecting on it, but it wasn't like that all the time you know at this point. In, our lives when we were little kids, we were like up. Here we go again. Thank God on that one Super Bowl He. Can never take away from us. This is what eagles fans feel like. I. Got Are what people. Remember. Any of these games more giants fans. Maybe. because. You I mini Shit. Bring this earlier like Terrell Davis burned bright for five years. And Allied Manning was dimwit. motherfucker. Dumb. Ass. For like twenty. which would you rather have like the the? Davis or just ally manning plotted along through many interceptions. touchdowns for. Twenty years I mean two time super bowl winner. Every, so often he has little brightness and that's it. You're manning is the most frustrating quarterback I've ever watch play football. Is Not good. I feel like the way he spends mark as there. No more frustrating because when he's out there I feel like. I down. Second he makes horrendous decisions. And like almost gets picked off both the times or something bad like he gets sacked or he he accidentally fumbles the ball, but it was called incompletion sorta bullshit not on third down you just hook up a hail Mary and he's super talented wide receivers managed to come down with it, and then repeat that over and over again till you scores or he forgets to breathe an stops breathing because you know you have to be reminded that sort of thing. And the end up having to punt. Is Like I, agree with that take I. Agree with that take his face is so dumb. Like anytime they zoom in on him he doesn't. Always knows what he's doing a we can pull together listen quarterbacks where like you're just waiting for the other shoe to drop a number of. Throw a stupid pet. Yeah. FLACCO Tannahill Sanchez. Tannehill? Yeah. He's not good. We'll see. He's not contains inter regret that contract super. Bad. Put It on the record yet said. What do you want me to do like send a certified letter to the titans. I want. Let's time stamp this in the episode here, and then let's weekly updates when the season starts. The Guy who's not editing the podcast. That's Your time. Stay up your heart out. Andy, you signed up for this okay mean Steve or the talent. What you are gonNA throw it throw another name in there. Josh Allen don't you dare Josh? Allen Yeah. He's Is waiting for him to make an mistake though. That's true. I think you watch. Shout it doesn't make the decisions. He has built out a ton. Because he can run. And you can throw a depot. Tries to run on the Patriots absolutely fucking blowing up knocked out of the Game Jerry hit does there's no wasn't. Runner Lean Oh surprise surprise the Patriots Fan doesn't think that was a dirty hit surprise surprise. What does that make? Even Ernie talked about this on this podcast for and I brought up that Tom Brady quote about the clemency set and what he said after it we we've been down this road pro exactly. and. I. Think we all agree. that. You guys see everything through the Lens of a fan and you don't you're not subjective objective Greg Greg. How does that fence suppose field lodged that fire up your asshole? Also now, I have to pick a side of the fence any. You can't be fucking sitting up there looking down recipes because you're not going to pick a side. How why a? Why? Because because everything in life has nuance why do you think my face looks like this Andy? That's Man. Talk. I told you it was an art exhibit that explains my philosophy on life and God damn it I riding that fence because that's how I feel about things. You can't make a decision or pickers no because there's nuances to everything. Who you voting for this November I'm an independent. Registered independent and you know what Ron Paul has. Party. Voting against the system as a whole I am I know.

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You'll get me off. A. Around me up. What's a move some of our quarterbacks on these Otis Smith in Terrence Wheatley. The third quarterback, even splitting. The second cornerback was a liability in the Patriots this time it's starting to show up. Also the fact they can't get any pressure on the quarterback to even blitzes. Al Get picked up. When you give him Brian Greasy enough time to make completions it's. Like Otis Smith matched up against the end McCaffrey was. I mean, you've put Tom Brady behind center instead of Brian Greasy you would have been fifty six not. Rod The bod plan this game. Yes. He actually put to and I think he underrated. Way underrated yeah. Every time he caught the ball, he would pretend to Juke and then just run straight the defender lowers head and get another three or four yards him and tie rod is the number one at this time. and. They were battling all game a great blake. Chrissy finally figured it out and just start looking Ed. McCaffrey. Every snap because owners. Wide. Open. Yeah. Yeah. Crossing routes every time. Who I got another run. Mike Shanahan running back name for you Ruben? Drones memory. A fullback right Was He. He's in this game. He was in this game it was actually. Ruben. Maybe, he was a full back then you. Pressure. Checked. Got For played the Game Greg. Tyler interception. Startled, you should definitely google it because it's a good interception. It's great. It'll be on the website. They go. Patriots Dynasty. Dot Info. Slash game slash seventy-three. Is there an apostrophe? Let. Like Patriots. Amidst their dynasty right and Lord. You try with an apostrophe and get back to me. Goes. Although a lot of web website address is do have a posture vase I get we're coming up on this cycling. They don't. They don't. CABELA'S I can't do it. Does no such thing. How do I get to Andy I go to plays List, of all games game search did this is a good website I've never been on here. Listen to podcasts fuck. You to check out the Brady page it has every Tom Brady touchdown. Oud. With now gifts of each play, go watch this tyler interception Greg. We gave. I'm there in out this dope. That way you don't have the highlights. Plays all you do. It's under highlights. Yeah. I don't have that one up yet though Brady to Fauria. This is my second play the game here this is actually my playing a game. Is it? Yeah because if you watch this highlight Greg, you'll notice watch troy. Brown in this. They all collapse on Troy beating for a wide open and troy at the top of the screen and the bottom he's at the bus runs like curl route right before the end zone and. For. Everyone like. Troy Brown and therefore as legit. Wide Wide Open my playing a game is Antoine Smith's rushing touchdown. Which? We haven't had a lot this year on this because it is only his second touchdown of the season we. Off. Yup and he tweaked his knee I think on the play because. He was dragging a guy and the guy like rolled up the back of his leg. But that and the play before where he kind of ran to the left side, and then snaked his way all the way back to the right and picked up like ten fifteen yards. One driver and they can run the ball and they just ran it all the way in down. Yeah. That was the one. Yeah can't wait for Corey Dillon to show up. Yeah Yeah I. Mean Anti was still pretty good but he wasn't as good. I remember him being I think. He was better last year. Was this year you can have more insurance. True. On the ball a lot more this year. Yeah and I think part of it.

00:50:03 - 00:55:05

You can put on the offensive line to. Like, there's no time but they're not getting any push off the ball or anything like that and. Like this two, thousand, nineteen season. where? Our got a whole bunch of ship even though it's tough to say it sounds fall right. Like. It wasn't breaking tackles, but he also had two guys on him as soon as you got the hand off every play. So they had injury same idea to they had a bunch of injuries offensive line. Yeah it's been a bit of a carousel. Steve's a real Sony Michelle Stan. Big Guy I think he was overdrafted. Well, if he got picked one pick later, you would send his second round back. He's doing pretty good. I wouldn't. If you draft a running back in the first or second round these days they better be like Alvin Kamara. Agri, he got start catching the ball. Starts grabbing balls James. Well like the problem is gonNA. Run? Grabbing, balls. All right. Anything else you want your best and worst. No. Just worst. Already talked about on my worst may pick one of them. Pick one. The triple coverage is not as soon as he threw, it said Lord and then of course, interception Oh Lordy. Beth. Obviously Troy Brown getting Christian for a touchdown. That's it doesn't stop show up the stat sheet in love that bill check fucking radios. or I mean is it good could play by Troy Brown or play by the defense both. The defense because of the good play of Troy Brown, who do you? What do you mean? He ran the route he was supposed to now but he's been so good running out and catching balls in that area. Play it's not actually good play on this play. Don't sit here and tell me any negative things about Troy Brown, you can get the fuck Outta here. Goddamn attitude. Watch real watch the whole fucking game then come talk to me. Yeah. Did you see troy Brown's fumble third quarter? nope. Maybe you should watch the game plaque that of my memory. and. He recovered. Yeah, he did. Make. Up. Tumbling Well he did. But he Jim Bread on. Fumble. In the third quarter, I don't know if it's a third quarter but he did drop. Steve Steve Steve. Greg. that. Yard. Dr. Poured. Rod. Smith at ten targets seven catches fifty four yards troy brown nine target seven catches fifty nine yards at McCaffrey was a parade route one sixteen. The next. New England Patriot David Patten five targets zero catches. Zero yards. Yeah. He had a tough game. Let's see who. This was not good. Dion branch to targets zero catches zero yards. So the only wide receiver that the Patriots had who caught a pass. Was Troy Brown, and he seven. So, eat a Dick Brown is what I'm trying to say. My Best of the game is Clinton Portis he's got twenty six carries for a buck eleven two touchdowns. As a pretty impressive game from him it was like when you agree. Now. Offering. Hope imagine that no, we've been watching a lot of other running backs absolutely carves the Patriots. It didn't feel like he was one hundred rush supplies when they showed the staff that he was. Well, if he was starting fantasy fancy running back, that'd be pretty happy with his performance. would you have watched the game? If he was just I don't think you would've because back then running backs with generate a lot more yards than that. To Totti's. How much did Ladainian Tomlinson a priest Holmes out on the Patriots. You're expecting a real big day. Yeah. He's still got his hundred and two touchdowns. Unless answer bad day but. My second star is Ed McCaffrey. Catches on eight targets for one sixteen. Outside nothing for them. You know who should tell that to the fucking Broncos podcast you're on. Fuck well, you know what? Andy if you want to expand the appeal of this. podcast maybe we should you know. Why the fuck we're trying to expand the appeal it's two thousand and two weeks seven on a four game losing streak.

00:55:07 - 01:00:02

Doesn't several was the bye week this is coming off a by by the way. Because like Michael Jordan said. Like conservatives by sneakers to or something I'm paraphrasing. Aunt. And Yeah you try to sell its everybody. I'm not. We have our niche. If we're going to sell to everybody, this'll be called like the NFL dynasty will podcast, but it's not it's the Patriots fuck on. For shot everybody, it'd be Brown's on Brown's. Listeners out from browse. At her heat listening to this. I'm on your side nobody's hey, listen to this. I hate listen to. Sports. All the time. Fell them as I've the only time I've ever listen to is because they hate them. Yeah. I do hate read a jets sub reds. What actually reach out and see if anybody hate listens to us if you do let us know. On twitter facebook or that's my that's right. That's what I hate about like Duggar masses they both have the same opinions on everything. So you're just trying to be contrarian just to mix it up a bit that what you're saying exactly hold these thoughts at all. Eighty you've. Known this kid for how long? I guess just thought the better of him but no, why would you think Greg has any good motivations at all or is nice or is rational or is cool or has a dreicer thought or? Smart that's the duality human nature though you know like me new and you're sitting over here and the Patriots and Greg over there has just been a fucking Tusch. Air It is. Yes aren't as well rounded as me. That's what it is. You could you could learn a thing or two about my from my face Steve. Like what you know what I'm GonNa Start saying maybe send you pictures before i. go to bed every night of my face just remind you wake up that you need to consider the duality of man. You know what I hear a word points. Here's a word for it's the word of the the week. His enmity. and. That's him from Greg face at emnity. and. N M Yeah stuff wanted to say enmity. Enmity, who is tough on to say The state or feeling of being actively oppressed or hostile someone or something opposed but yes. It's basically. On adulterated hate towards something. That's great until bell check that's actually about May. Now, that's how. Bill. Yeah. Face gives off to the world's. I I think people either hate it or love it because. It's got a little bit of everything. You don't like some chicks like beer guy some shakes like clean shave while Bing Bada Ivo. Check out this fucking Shit on each side you're talking about cross appeal. Hitting that Strip club bringing questionnaires. Questionnaire, the Strip called Bandy that says beards are not. Accurate. Strippers instead of money. Take it back I. Don't want an explanation. Her usual. Took a weird turn. My best. Was Tom Brady wearing gloves on both hands because that was fucking Gouveia ship. ooh. That's very teddy bridgewater of them right Commentator talking about that. Oh gloves you don't go back I do that for golf sometimes. KUWA-. So distraught look it helps why only wear one I'm why not wear when you PUTT. When would I ever want less stick? You know what you do wear boxing gloves. That's that's how well no those are too clumsy Steve Don't be ridiculous. Hockey gloves. Work it's a stick Lacrosse case where wide receiver gloves the Jerry Rice stick gloves That's right. Drone shade don't worry about it. My worst I think has been great performance on this podcast is I agree. I can see the sides of things. Okay. I agree. I'm introspective.

01:00:02 - 01:05:01

There's a word, Google? DRO's. Can't sell it. I know. You want to see my fuck in literature sat score bullied Ted's off. Right now he says all this you'll spell. I don't remember what the SAT was out of my fucking, very high score. Reading and Literature I. Still Have Discourse. Are Bet you too poorly on humility. It should be. Also play of L. Wilson in this game playing with a broken finger broken middle finger. Again anyway in the broncos defense, they had such generic names do Al Wilson is good. Yeah. There he was the pro bowl or on the team him in his generic. Like Delta O.`Neil that's my mind. That's fair. Using that as an example of generic. Oh. Clinton Portis dimple play for the PATS. Yes. He would join the Patriots the following season. While about that can't beat them join them or if you can't beat them join them anyway. Nobody of no, e-right right Steve. I was like, okay with not noting tyrone poole denise suck. Not Really. We'll find out tune in next year. Well I mean we have anybody left at this point I suppose we should. Thanks. For listening this far, you can read podcast to. If you want to give Greg feedback on what his face looks like. We are posting pictures of this with like. Okay we will be. So rate this podcast, dot com slash pats pod. You want me to send you some photos just because you have to send one every week so you can see the progression. Hi I'm addicted to selfish now. That sounds right. Give addictive personality. This is true. I've I honestly. Like I probably before I started doing this with my beard I. Don't think I ever took a Selfie. Maybe like once or twice. I take one every night. Are you gonNA put it altogether. Slide show of. Off your allegiance it looks so ridiculous that I. I don't send them to anyone I just have a phone by itself these. I. I look at it and I laugh at silly face. I'm addicted to it. Embarrassed by. It to anyone but I. I love doing it. It's a parody have. Yeah. Yeah I have no. Opinions of you of any high regards so feel free to me. I know. You want to. Call. I'll just put him on on twitter forest. You want me to do a live one here. Okay Yeah send to you. Now, this'll be the one that we post. Destroying your video. No please don't. Look. At this picture for as little as possible I could put it. Just sent it to you. This is the most recent one from last night. Figured out there like the high angle to light yeah. Yeah I got a couple of those. What WHA-. If you've taken a Selfie and you got to hold the camera above your head consider better angle makes you look thinner everyone knows that Jesus? Christ Take selfies. I thought you meant for like the beard appearance. Like. When I take it like looking down my face like really like you can see the length of the hair. I'm trying to get contrast I'm not trying to get like. It looks like you brush that beer now and a little bit. I Still Harris evening so That's That's a beard. Show. You what I'm talking about the look down the camera and Stephen. Get hit you with one of those right now. Oh, fuck me. That's I'm not even GONNA. Try to describe words can do justice shows you. have to tune in next week to see where stupid beard is. Now all I'm shaving it this weekend by the way what We you're not gonNA let Liana and. Audrey see it. No. So here's what I'm thinking right I.

01:05:01 - 01:08:06

Need a haircut to and this upcoming week can happen July the fourth so I'm thinking. Stripes on my head Star on my face oh? Okay. I just feel the girls are GonNa, love this see the Happier Greg just you know hold out one more week Steve Go fuck yourself I just WanNa see I wanna see it again impersonal be honest well, I I want you to shut the fuck up but we can all get what we want can we Joining us on the pages Dicey podcast. This has been thrilling gentlemen I hate this I hate this podcast and I hate. This. Steve the most but I, also hate you andy. Andy. Love you. You like British SCHRAFFT's sending texts. Can I talk Greg you to? Did, you see the second? Time? Yeah. The second one was. Some long hair? It makes me wonder why you WANNA BE DUDE I've. been. Doing. Real life emojis. That series is wild. Oh I can't let those get out where I do the like. Yes you. The monocle one I have a monocle would and now. I A UN slack anywhere because you can create your own slack emojis. Now Microsoft. Teams. Growth and you're you're on the right path ending this this is getting sued. Over this has been over for a while just like this patriots game is this going to be aired. I-. These cell fees are electric search. Term Right now. It's a killers it here. Next. Week. Traveled to Buffalo. To Ruin Steve. Pats at bills, pats, bills I think you know better what better way to get off the Schneide then. Tom Brady in Buffalo. I'd be reptile Ralph how I know that the streak ends 'cause Tom Brady always wins the Buffalo I can count on my hands time. Suddenly I know each game where he's lost, the bills is only loss I think three of them is that what we decided yeah. So. We played a half. So. This might not be one of those but you have to tune in next week and the pages dicey podcast if you're. Still with us after Gregory this week. We will see them. Maybe. I guess. Yeah. They all ADA. Deer Jesus.