2002 Week 9: Patriots at Bills

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The losing streak is finally over! Join the 3 Brown brothers as they celebrate surviving the longest losing streak in Patriots Dynasty history. All four games of them. But what's better to end a losing slide than a trip to Buffalo, New York?

The boys talk about:

  • The problems with taking baths
  • Berman nicknames
  • Bountygate
  • What to call the Washington football team?
  • Greg impulse buys a chicken wing hat
  • Steve struggles with stat checks


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This is Christine Brown, and while I have to listen to this podcast as my mother Judy, you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things were the trying to be funny but really just being stupid you still want to listen go right ahead I am not your. Back, everybody. Especially, the two brothers Nice to see you guys again. Andy we've been here this entire time. You don't you don't go away after we finish now. I. Feel like we've been on every episode for a while there is a bit there but we miss the. Bunch. Yeah. Early on basically pre Cova. You boys had lives and podcast wasn't. Older brother was not as important as it is. Greg that will it will revert back to that once. You know I have better cooler friends to hang out with you guys. If It reverts. If it does just stuck with you to trump's. Honestly take my own life. Good to see you to. This is. Two thousand two, week nine. In Orchard Park. New. York. It's not technically buffalo. Is it? Else. Fuck of Buffalo are the Bill Stadium in Buffalo bore it is in the suburbs like. You just driving past houses. House is slow a city. I. Think so. I think. It's buffalo a city. According to W. Dot Com. Buffalo. City in western New York in the seat of very county located on the eastern shores of Lake. Where fucking? Idea I hate excel much. Of China like I took like two years off from Syria when they invented it and I was like. Technologies, not there yet I'll come back and I think it will be and I came back and it still blows I'm not a big talker to technology greg. How you feel when you ask series something. Similar feeling we get when we say, Hey, stat check. Shall we start Greg Siri. Well we work on him the from what? We come grocery. The differences when you insult me like you just did, you can see my reaction and get some satisfaction knowing that you hurt me on the inside right right theory is just like please don't say that. Our want to be offended. Exactly. I've been on alert. She's a Goddamn. Batch. Speaking of batches. This is the game that I don't even remember what? Channel was that broadcasting this, but they deem this the blood Zobel. because. Your blood. SO ANY REVENGE GAME Against a team, the trade him in the division. After giving him a ten year, hundred, million dollar contract is so bold. And he was doing well so far this season they were let them one offense, right? they were up there I know plus himself was second NFL in passing yards per game and touchdown passes coming into this. I feel like the commentators said they were the number one offense. I mean. Eric Moulds. Travis Henry over unders forty seven and a half. So yeah pretty high. There were a Lot of points to I don't think they're defensive play very well because they're rising games like. Forty two, forty, three and overtime I. Think the first few games on to overtime. They came into this game at five and three on a three game win streak. There were one game behind. The. AFC East. Leading Miami Dolphins I think we're five and two. They beat the Texans Dolphins in lions coming in so I have a confession to make A. Well like I. Kept myself intentionally in the dark on the slide was going to end. You know they were talking about the new. This was the longest losing streak of the Patriots Dynasty. and. No. I was Gonna end but then I saw bills and I was like, wow. Tom Brady's twenty, two, three against the bills and I know exact-. I can like list off all three losses. So He's definitely going to win this game. Yeah.

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So I can I came into it kind of a similar feeling except I knew at the score was a because I have to just put the show together throw it out there. Would you want to do the honors? Remember. SHITLOAD NOTHING Thirty, eight, seven final. Shocking. I think thirty eight was actually probably higher than. Out of Bills Fan stadium. For the. Pats fans there though Yup good amount which the both announcers seemed surprised by. Not taking into account that Buffalo's drivable from New England but they did but they. Throughout a bunch of creditors, bills, Mafia. I mean you have to consider it is drivable book. Why would anybody want to go there because they're cheaper tickets than Fox? Where this point though sauce lost four in a row, you know like This is like the Patriots tickets we know and eight it's the city of Buffalo like you go there you go to the game then you go home, you're not going to the nightlife and also catching a game yep. Well. That's why you dear you would go but casino in what's it I gue- false. Yeah. I I in the filth though know. I don't think. jetsetter. Love like grimy dirty time where I live, I believe the phrase is picking Shit. Yes. Yeah. Happy. Isn't they can. Should I believe in the entire phrase which Maria, perfectly Yes. So the Patriots, the Patriots punted once this game. I don't know I. I. enjoyed that the announcers called out and they showed some bills fans in the stadium. Like like Dorothy from wizard vase like on wasn't a vase gone is good to know that like bills Mafia is pre social media. Oh. Yeah. Even. This out you can. You can tell that those mafias not doing it for the social media fame. Maybe it's like supercharged little bit but it's always been there. That's that's been my take about this. Yeah, and that's like the huge difference between like the. Whatever the twelve man that Seattle. Whatever the the twelve. That's the big difference right? Really passionate fan base but they are so fucking corny enforced and like you can tell they're doing gluck. Hey, look at me whereas Buffalo it's the most authentic. Ridiculous Dan based ever had. To. And I, hope they never change and part of me thinks that they aren't like. On social media so they'll never even. Realize have this fall we haven't got the Internet a Buffalo. Hopefully, they don't listen to this podcast. We just got now in New Hampshire. So get next ten years or so. Yeah, there were some So actually. Yeah. Let's let's do this. Let's give watch ability score. Greg, you don't have to because you didn't watch architecture but. We'll watch it Greg. Now, I watched the highlights. WanNa, come I give it like three E.. Are these and one as he championship. As a competitive game, not very competitive but nothing like snap in the slide by absolutely berry and the bills is added agree with you. was. Going into this. Like we've been doing a month patriots losses on this podcast record once a week and the last four weeks have been. Like more and more brutal losses is that it was only four games in a row they lost. Count. That's the longest losing streak in Patriots history is four games in a row. Now you made it how do you feel? Vindicated. Appreciation breath was four dance. Those Abiodun can we can we take a moment and appreciate that? The longest losing streak is four games right and we almost stop during the podcast because of. The lions lost all sixteen year. That's insanity. Didn't the Tampa Bay Bucks lose twenty something over two seasons Almost went two full seasons before when the first football game can. I. Can't wrap my head around being. A fan of team is so bad. Well Because, like we were patriots fans when we were little kids but little kids. Can't imagine being a thirty year old man and being like, yeah. Well, the lions are going to Suck Dick Again. A bunch of Dump Front Office Moose and we're GONNA draft the wide receiver in the first round. That's just what we do.

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The Celtics are Kinda dog shift for a while there. Through. Early early pierced early. Into Pearson. Antoine. Were Fun to watch nine. Playoff game against Indiana at which we enjoyed. and. Then they pulled it yet at the end of it. Ruins here though. Like. been competitive like all the Boston teams have been like on and off competitive at least some point. been a few years here and they're like the Bobby Valentine. Red Sox year the Celtics rebuild. That avid team the awful for super duper long especially if your favorite team as can be so tough. True. Give the other sports like you. Because closed minded. I just. I. WanNa like again I watch this game and I felt very Sense of appreciation. I. This is the worst the had to deal with for the next eighteen years. Right. But that's what I'm saying it's like. This game was kind of sports. A. Equivalent of. Like going on a really long car ride say to Buffalo New York and getting out like how Boston having a Piss and taking that piss and it just like the relief in the feeling of it. Or? You know, I'm sure there's other examples that we won't get into but. Shaving, your half beard off. Are you. Feeling lightness well. Is that I mean I got feeling a deep sense of regret or. Immediate regret. I'll be on a bills fan. Every morning Grech or going camping for a week when you look at yourself in the mirror and you feel shame. You're talking about. Being a Bishop Sh. Go, camping a week and you know you get all super dirty, never clean and come home and take a shower. Exactly. You sleep in your your clean bed that first night. That's what this football game felt like to me I agree and I'm not discounting that put us only four games. Only. This is the longest losing three we've had to endure and we'll. We've had to like think about all the other. People we've had on this podcast and we will have on the podcast of like. God just. CLEVELAND Browns, fans. Lion so like expectations to. It doesn't feel that bad when you're. Not Coming off super bowl when you expected to lose right. Still I think. We get like an odd bone here and there was an occasional win. You're like four twelve. Yeah. But you're you're playing yeah. You're playing not to have a good season but to have good games within a season. Yeah but this game fell like I've played soccer teams. There are some Cleveland browns fans out there who would love to do the same sort of podcast idea of ray watching every Cleveland browns game from two thousand and one but they're like actually we absolutely below the entire. Cross their mind because. They have had any success. Why would you anybody socks to them as we're going to do form browns right browns while. Rows Brown's. Brown Brown's. Don't think I have looked up how many players named Brown started for the Cleveland browns over the years. How many? There are two stat. Eight. Eight. Gorny Brown's and Jim Courtney. Do this Yep. Jim. Jim Brown Jim Brown Courtney Browne. You'll know. because. I know. The Patriots more recent more recent Courtney. Brown. Defensive Lineman. Malcolm, Brown bill like a Square Malcolm Brown. Felt like US where? Brown. I got nothing Oh. Sorry dumping somebody else. quarterback for Philly for a long time. Crisper. Malcolm. No. Shel-, Sheldon Brown. Sheldon Brown Courtney Browne Lomas Brown. WAS A. Tackle. Remember. Thinking, of Sheldon tune in this Sunday for young. That's got any of those sports. Booking Young Sheldon commercials I. Am I have been surprised by how often they're pushing the fantasy football angle.

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Yeah it started to me in my head fan didn't start until like Randy Moss. The CBS one to which I think is a yeah. But like it's strange see like in two thousand and one and even to them like. NFL DOT COM. AOL KEYWORD NFL DOT COM. Fantasy. How early they're pushing it? Yes it's true. Three one talk about these bills. I guess. So I just want to set the scene for me watching game yeah. I made it into ill event. Myself a bath pours. Wine. Let some candles really. Took, no notes just. And have a bathtub in your house yet, Dave. Not often but yes. I would like to save it up weeks the network that I. Can Fasih taking. Yeah epsom salt. Scenario. Sometimes a bath bomb. The Bass. That is, it's always like decreasing returns right? The best part is getting in when it super hot and then it gets worse and worse. So I don't really like bass that he's got to keep the hot water running. Kelly. told me that's genius idea. Yeah. But my problem with baptism too big for him. So I can never like you're underwater. The head floats. Float and in the top sticks out cold. Dick won't fit in the top. Call. US. Yeah Oh Lordy. This yeah. This was take baths see watching. The bath on the dictates about? Once a yeah I usually shower after I'll take a bath addict bath. Shit. I didn't think the bills were super stacked on offense. Bad drew bledsoe who was still legit as fuck back then you don't. This was his best year. Up until this point was they had. To sick receivers. Eric. Molin hairless price who's a third receiver that was also super good. A rookie Josh replay pretty well. Yeah, Josh Writers. Jay Riemersma. A Alzheimer's. Time and yeah. Travis Henry. Greg isn't your number one hall of fame of Kids Right? He's got very good seed. Don't know is like fifteen children by twelve women. Antonio Commodity Ear. They ask about it and he's like all the. Buffalo Fuck. Him Or will get he one of the two. I thought it was. So, your offense was like legitimately stacks. bledsoe threw for. Three hundred yards and twenty four touchdowns. Travis Henry went for fourteen, hundred yards on the ground at thirteenth does sounds. Eric Mold had hundred catches appeals fight at ninety four and I do my. Can I do my notes right now 'cause kind of kind of relevant to their Ross you have so go. So this whole page of notes that you see here. Is All Chris? Berman nicknames. I have maybe like seven or A. Berman nicknames, and then I gave a gave a run myself that making the bills. Okay. To be a new thing to grade my Berman nicknames. Well, how about how about you? I'm actually. Excited for this how about you give us big name we tell you who came up with it Ooh I like that. Okay. Okay. That makes them up. Ruben Extra Coleslaw Brown. Have you. Gone though it was like Ruben drones somewhat wasn't it was. was. To have the Bourbon nickname as well or US coming up with random nicknames. Basically, they're all going to be me for the bills because I went through their roster and use that. I'll give you a couple of my favorite ones. Yeah. Strong Salle it's not your Best Greg O.. Was My best. About this on. Coy Wire Go.

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Don't play coy with me wire. Alex Van Beaver Pelt. Oh Here. Department that's. Larry centers of attention not bad. Not Bad. Now, the good one. David Dinkins donuts. It. Steve really like that one. Oh. Yeah. With the fuck position to play them because like who the fuck that is. He was a injured reserve quarterback. That explains why is that Burma's name for? This one Desha poke a dotted bikini. That I could see. That one. I think that's that's all ones that. I came up with I'll give you some of Berman's wants because I went down that rabbit well would actually got me down to the Robin. Always Christian euphoria which adopted goods. Actually. Can't help but think that in my head when he's Tashaun. Andre, bad moon rising. That's on here. So apparently. I watched an interview with Berman and he was saying that's one of his favorites and apparently Andre Reisen has a tattoo that just says bad moon on. I. was like there's no way he's cleaning crew what clearwater revival like you got that from me. which is like potted percent. True. So that was. An interview with rich Eisen and rich zych. Thanks for me and he's like rich Lucy in the sky with is. Off the top of the dull I. think it thought of it before because he had like four or five? Don't. Let C. J. Touchy feely. That's like. This one. This one's might favorite natron refried means. Author Data Natron Business. John. Kit and caboodle. Hardy Har Hard Nickerson On the buccaneers to. At a million better. Yeah. Eric Sleeping with the enemy that's a cloud. Up, and here's actually another Buffalo Bill One peerless actual retail price. And He's the best. He's the best. Thing is not prolems. Shampoos his way for a first down I'm ricky. Position. Things of nicknames like how does he come up with them? Yeah. So they kind of asked him about that. There were like. Where did this come from? Why did you start doing this and he was like l. a lot people thought to just like. Arrow be corny but he was like. Back when sportscenter started like he was like I'd be like aren't at two am reading like a box score in the summer from Mike, a five three royals Indians game like they didn't even have highlights for it. So I just be like reading a box score live and he's like I have to do something to just be ridiculous but this hedges out all beautiful things start. I'm bored. Let's. Do. something. Up and let's be honest. It's how this started Exactly like what is Dan to? Notes have this game. Well I guess they can get into the game and Greg. Go the inner something. I'll talk next week. Thanks coming on her I got a couple of fun fact before we get into the missed the drew revenge game. Drew BLEDSOE's a second leading rusher on this team. He finished the season with sixty seven yards. Travis notes. All tribes entry, all fourteen, hundred of them Nobel's any. But blood. Drives Henry did the team. COED team with eleven fumbles each. Him and Travis Henry both fumbled eleven times each. Who Yeah? But as A Bat was ending record.

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They started five three. We got hit with the old robot voice. By the way. Is Lag. Nine and seven. So what is lag by the way? Explain like I'm five. I do that with. Greg. Greg guests their ending record say not in seven eight and eight came in fourth. Place. Now Greg reading the shown up some. The Chinese I knew that. Can't read the show because. For me even though at. The. Super Chubby. It's actually called. Lag Andy. You'll get one day. Is that any better? Better. Than asked regular act? All. I can throw it on the UH spot. Chocolate Chili who. Some Yeah. It's pretty good recipe. Chocolate Chili makes. Air makes it tastes like. But. Quite rich. face to. You also went through gay but sex phase, but we didn't judge you on that. Indie but. It we. You Back Steve. I'm still here I'm. Over to my house part I heard him giggle. Hey TV he. Any better. 'cause the videos the best part. Turn off again, the video because I like to see you guys Agri. Eight okay Andy, can you please say you like the video because he like to look at us? I'll take that as confirmation. Shave your chest Greg. A scissor MANIP- hair what about your armpit here I shave my armpits. Like Razor your armpit hair down approach in the here, a scissor as low as they can get it. got. Really Handy because I don't like when the hair he's come through here you know. Like I don't know it's one things. started. Church. We have our air. Why do we have it? Same about Hair Greg. To filter. What am I getting a lot of fucking poop. My fucking armpits to track the fucking molecules of stink. Stank. Stinky boy. Greg. What do you think if your first name had to Jeez? Like. Greg Williams I think it's a dickhead move. And I was reading a boat like Greg Williams and bountygate and like one of his most critical. Like one of the most critical journalists on them was another guy named Greg with two GS in it. I was like, what is this world coming to everybody? I. Think it was him. From New Orleans newspaper like Jesus Christ Weight And Hey, I have a question is it like Gregory? Gregory. Correct. But is it like Gregory with two GS? Or were they like names in their birth certificates Greg with two? Geez. It's avowed question Andy. I don't know. Here's what I'm GONNA. Do. You the fact for me. Williams is I. Think it's just Greg Jeez. Yeah because of the pro football reference. What about what could be? They should have their full man we yeah, we could. Use uses. For can we also talk about whatever vange game? This was for Antoine Smith? How about we do one time? Do we want to talk about game because that Greg Williams Let's talk about. Actually, did put that together but you're right he was what? Offense coordinator for them. No. He was the defensive oriented like Dec was his thing. While he was not very good at it. Clearly 'cause fucking hunk thirty, eight on. Well he was the head coach for the bills right and we can also dovetailed listened to Antoine.

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Smith's revenge game we will. Because anti-us maytag what a hundred yards running in to screen pass catching touchdowns look at their got bump. You fucking yeah. She's a steep trying to shit on Greg Williams a lot ruined. Let's let's talk about him first, and then we'll show it on. I'm going to build them up. He was. The bills head coach a one throw three. Went Seventeen and thirty one, his head coach. MISSA. Seventeen to thirty one They're three, fifty, four winning percentage. So, not great and then he started a defensive coordinator for you. This this is I head coach job. Okay, did you go well a one two or three him, and then back to defensive coordinating with The Washington? For a bunch of years Jacksonville New Orleans and Oh, nine, ten and eleven. And then. The road happened but the quote I pulled was on March second thousand twelve NFL announced that it had evidence that defensive coordinator Greg Williams, who created the program soon after his arrival in two thousand nine. An alleged that between twenty two and twenty seven saints players were involved Williams and the players pooled their own money to pay a performance bonuses. So I know what's his name coach? PEYTON got suspended for a year. Greg Williams actually got suspended indefinitely. Yeah. That would eventually get overturned the next year This had this like it almost forced. tagliabue's to resign right. Didn't have a lot to do with his retirement and that's how we got goodell. Well, what the Fuck Greg there's I think I think I heard them say that I was watching a video about it s crazy. But like he's clearly doing that everywhere else he went to it wasn't like he was quite to the saints is like you know what? I think your program. I think Paul Tag Tagliabue was like the the mediator or something. Okay. Between the League and the saints because like the saints filed some. Greens the saints players were suspended. But former commissioner Paul tagliabue overturned all sanctions against the players in December after finding that despite the players being very much involved the coaches and the saints, Organization were primarily responsible for scandal. Where's he at now you was. Cleveland right and then he was their interim coach. Yeah. Exactly. What he was used that Cleveland. Defensive Coordinator and then was there interim head coach after? What's his name? The guy that went owned Jackson? Jackson got fired. And he finished the season five and three and everybody like all the browns fans wanted them how Greg Williams, the head coaching job and they went no. They all want the other guy yet it and they gave it to him and he gets onto your kitchen. Right right. Well, I think it was. Out to Jeez. To Jeez can't plan these and they were on. Hard knocks at here. And he was like openly like shitting on. He Jackson. Came off as a Prek. Well clearly, he's county and I mean you can't take that bills roster and tournament to nothing. Last year, he was the defensive coordinator for your New York jets. I love that didn't know that. Oh Wow it comes full circle ag Greg. The Jesse had sucked. Tavon added is like the Fuck Outta here. It's amazing. Wouldn't pay them and allow other people. So. This whole podcast thing is that more than just for that? Back Greg Williams like everyone's like, oh, Sam darnold sucks. But like low key, their defense should be way better than it could be because the talent on there and like all the town on there's like at the here. Joe. The face of that. Elaborate Oh. Yes, shopping. Case. The Oh bills head coach the. United get. Fit. That's true yeah. Yeah. The. Yeah. The the Patriots Against Greg Williams Buffalo. Bills Team are five and one. Capably loss in the three years. I bet you know the lost. Thirty one. Thousand Nine.

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Does nothing to do Chris Williams that was. Bill Belichick. Greg Williams quotes from bountygate that are. Really well. I I actually have an admission myself I was like. I was like Oh. Yeah. Like bountygate. I've never really read much by it at the time I thanked. Me I was like you know what? I'm going to revisit this in likes see what all the details were. 'cause like in my mind I was like you know what? Rebound it's already. Like a super violent sport. And like to going out there to hurt people regardless, right you're trying to hit people's hearts you want like being aggressive in football especially in the defensive side of the ball is like a legitimate strategy, right? Let me give you a quote that that touches on that exactly now they're talking about drew bledsoe and. Willie mcginest in how good friends there were enough and they showed pre-game Willie mcginest coming up and given drew a bear hug from behind before the game. And then. The quote was from mcguinness I like them but I wanna hit them. Yeah. That's a good guys with and you. Play that's always existed. So I'm going to I'm. Interested to learn how you can set a bounty and a money system to like make that. Right and even like. Paying players, fines I almost like I can weigh my hand at it and be like whatever you know because it's like you want to be aggressive. You don't want to go out there and play with like some. Being, timid and shit like that. But then the. More got into it a say so they were filming a document. This is how it all came out as filming a documentary in the Locker Room. Of. Like an NFC championship game around that time. And one of the filmmakers caught is like hype speech the night before the game. and this is against San Francisco back in with the Alex Smith Days. I. Just read you some of the quotes from this. Boy It's going to be dad. Yeah. Kill the head and the body will die kill the head and the body will die. We've got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill Frank Gore's head. We want him running sideways. We want his head sideways. So. Pretty aggressive. But you know he's not explicitly. Explain it away, right? Yeah. He's the. One Stop, he goes on. Every single one of you before you get off, get off the pile, affect the head early effect the head continue touch and hit the head. Football. Just. So they had a wide receiver. Kyle Williams that had like concussion stuff coming out of college sounds. The little wide receiver number ten about his concussion. We need to fuck and put a lock on him right now he needs to decide he needs to fuck in decide. Michael Crabtree. crabtree wants to be a fake ASS PRIMA DONA, which is Larry. Or if he was to be a tough guy, we need to find it out. He becomes human. He becomes human when we fuck in take out that outside acl. Cheese. Christ we need to decide on how many times we can beat Frank. Gore's head. Billion Psychopathic we did decide how many times we can bowl rush and we can fuck put Vernon Davis his ankles over the pile. Oh. So yeah. He there's a line between like I. Want you guys to play aggressive football shirt and like I don't I don't want you to feel bad about playing hard and then there's like this guy's head concussions in the past hit him in the head hit him in the head hit him in the fucking head. On your is. Go Gopher ACL, because It's commodity. And real his Frank Gore, who is like an absolute tank It's like real up. Veteran could punch that the Abrahams. Take your fists and one Abrams. Abrahams go up there and just like just like beat on it with. It. I. Don't want you to come off the field had but at that Silva. That Greg. It's way more fucked up than that. Bridge cognitive. Shit? Yeah for sure way like. I just he's been ship in that. That's just. Real and Even or fucked up in anything the pages of I ever caught for.

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Right by bountygate whatever. bountygate it. Should is like he's literally. Telling people to tear ACL's give people concussions. Lasting you needed to work. Volunteers not yeah. It's worse than the actual bounty though in my back there were there were visor thousand dollars. Guys that are making it's like it's like doing one of those like when you're at work and they're like. Guests the day your coworkers baby arrives like no one gives a shit. Numbers. And competitive share guys in the locker like. Culture, right? It's not just that sort of unlike the they're betting on. If you score touched this this week I'll give you a thousand bucks you know. Exactly what extent? Injuries to yeah, it was like. Yeah of damage swept up yeah. I'm glad we beat his bitch ass in this fucking game then all other games. Crazy still like pretty prominent to right yeah. Back in the league housing blacklisted from that crazy well I mean just look at the redskins. Things to that's still going. Although extricate today. So we'll see we should put on this redskins while I shouldn't post article came out July sixteen twenty twenty. They're still called the redskins. They're technically not. Do you see that statement he released like he said redskins Fifty Times A. slider. Yeah. Realize I I live from redskins or something else so. The redskins town. Team so proud of redskins history redskins are definitely. GonNa. Make the best decision for the REDSKINS. Seventy. Everybody. Hates redskins. which what would your name change being? The DC defenders just pay the xfl franchise like everybody. And just like let's just rebooted as that. I. Really liked that. that. S Fishing I have two two things. They're. Either end of the spectrum one is the washing ball motherfucking eagles. Okay and the other is the Washington. Cox. Because all politicians are Cox. I think you have to play the politician angle think. The ship England calling the London redcoats called. Red Coats now I. Love it. Love it. That's earliest. Washington doesn't. Should they didn't Snyder doesn't deserve a team. That's what I mean. They area Kata does I mean of course it does well, they have one. Well we we had the DC defenders for like. Eight weeks. We're crushing XFL UP. Here. The capitals get great crowds like the nats do whenever it like a good team work rooting for who nobody gives a fuck about the wizards. Into bullets. Fishes. Them. Saying. They should go back to the bullets. If it was ever, they don't the ever got to the NBA Finals I have so many people call out. Even the capture a little bit that way but there's some definitely like Cap sans by her. I didn't know you were a Cap San Wow that Jersey looks really new. Wizards. Worse. Even like a billion the I've met one was abandoned here for fifteen years. I've met one guy who's like I'm a wizard San and the gotTa respected some. Players. Yeah John Walls like John Wall Bradley Beal Marsin. That gained seven. Kelly Linnet game. I washed that. Hidden. Traded. Olympic. Oh. Yeah. He saw soft. I fucking hated. That one game you super bowl. Doubt I watched that. was. sped. was distraught it's. We're in Bermuda on a cruise, and we like we found some bar in Bermuda to watch gained seven Celtics Wizards because you're both the it like. He's like. What? Do. I Hate Kelly Olympic to tell you. SO NEXT UP ON A. Celtics Dynasty podcast. You bought her andy because we're talking about something other than the Patriots. On the Patriots Day his. I'm just GONNA. Cut All this anyway. That, he does have that power. Give me.

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One Steve. I'M GONNA get to at that. I was going to. Make you talk about Anton Smith wealthy we got. Like. I'm back baby. You missed are talking about. Antoine, Smith. Not, I love. Antoine. All out in this game. I will I was GonNa talk about him with Greg Greg, and watch the Games. He has no idea what happened. Yeah sorry fresh. We're ready to go. All right. Waiting Greg to figure that technology. So Antoine signed last year the first to bill gains I guess we're his revenge game. Yeah I. think There was A. Every time he did. He said it wasn't. But I feel I still feel like there is so much hype in this game leading up to. The drew bledsoe revenge game that Anton might have been what about me? A. Little. Bit. I think you've had his because this wasn't his like this is blood cells first time back in sheriff. Been Back to buffalo twice already, but it was a different antoine in this game. I think part of it was a yeah he had. He had a game he had twenty nine carried hundred eleven yards rushing touchdown. That's classic Thuan but have you had five catches for thirty one yards and two touchdowns? Five catches all last year. So they actually. Museum. Find that there was a a know about so. In the first eight games of his career. He had one touchdown catch. And in this game alone he had to. Yeah. He's like it'd be like, Sony Michelle like catching three touchdowns. In a game. Or even to like. When no Sony's in there it's clearly a run. On third. Same thing they did the same thing to the the bills they screen them to death with Antwan. So that was the day. I, think that was more what it was and it was Antwan Smith revenge game. It was. For A. Greg Williams defensive trade or what but. His defense couldn't recognize the screen to save their fucking life. So yeah, well, Charlie Weis found something that worked on the screen and just well did the old. Doing, taking stop it and they never actually never. Yeah So I think did they had a fourth down conversion screen passes to Antwan Smith. Loss and five catches. He had a couple touchdowns which she milital wiggle onto but like It was fourth down and like one and the screen pass at the. Angeles. Believe. It was four three. Yeah Yeah. Crazy from the buffalo thirty five, but they didn't want to kick a field goals like fucking. But I also like. So yeah. So the all Brady's touchdowns where two running backs the screen to Antoine, on the. The. Action true screen to Antwon in the second quarter. Screen Antwon in the fourth quarter. And then he had what was the busiest swing past to come faulk. It was. That play was ruled. A. Run not a pass. That doesn't count. So that forty five yard yes. Swing pass to Kevin Faulk was Kevin Fox long Russia his career. on a on a swing path which acidic Kevin Faulk. The both Kevin Faulk fact it's as longest touchdown ever. If you watch that play I have notes about it is like Kevin faulk played that play perfectly because the bills were in the worst defense possible for the screen pass were they blitzing off the right side where it's going to left on the offense? Yeah. Kevin Faulk like bl- picked up the block or even like block the dude, and then I pulled off and caught the pass and has gone well I don't know if you saw the the replay that CBS talked about where the Linebacker I think they said London Fletcher was supposed to be covering him. So he was on the same side and when he came over to cover Kevin Faulk. Won The offensive Lineman just ran out there and just like their doctors. And so forth was wide open. Receivers blogs to yes. I wanted say it was troy. Brown of course, round one defender into the other and knock them Volkova. bonkers walked in. His seat. You'll be able to find that replay on.

00:50:03 - 00:55:01

Patriots downs. You. Know I. Bet you don't have on Patriots Dynasty is my play the game. Greg got to play the game. We can go first since he didn't watch it at tiles interception. New. Coming. Obviously, which do you WanNa, talk about that did you see the end of it? I don't know if they showed it on the highlights. I don't think I did was he doing the dance? No but the end of it because he got pushed out of bounds and the first guy come up to them to congratulate him and slab on the head and it was like screaming Adam. Ill Bell check. I believe. Two Thousand and two bill check way or am an animated by the bill. But this is like the most ever seen him. Yell at like yelling at him. Slapping him on the head like fired up. I've never seen well according to Mike. He sells his soul at some point and then rose the fire. It's going to be pretty soon. Think Andy. Play the game. Let me see. I do it was I I have a few but I'll we'll go this one. It was a pass to Troy Brown. BLEDSOE. Brady was on the run. and He. A. Brown was even open. But. He managed to fit Louis like inches away from the defenders has and Tori Brown caught a falling over I'm watching date it and I'm literally yelling like there's no way he caught that and he gets up and again I've never seen anybody as animators troy was that on that play he's Jawing at people you like doing I down dances. What is going on something about buffalo that? Rallies Boys Up. I'm pretty sure that offender like I can just a touch on it and may guy the tip of his finger on it on when it was going does aunts for pretty also had a couple of those like he's zinged that on the move but he had to one was like a shot put that he did. Might be the only chef of past ever seen very throw. It wasn't pretty Any convert another third down early where he Like look like he was gonNA. Lit Up but right at the last second, he just like chuck into the the running back was in the middle of this falk. Yeah and converted that and no one thought to govern on like third in like fifteen. Yeah, he converted. Radio, pretty, good stats twenty, two, twenty, six to sixty five. Essentially four touchdowns. touchdowns are just literally screen pass. said a paid one single game completion percentage record in this game. makes. Broke his own record of last season of eighty percent. This was eighty five point one percent completion pood- BLEDSOE's stats are so bledsoe to twenty eight of forty, five for three hundred, two yards one touchdown one pick for Saks Limos light. So stat line ever. Let's if you WANNA get so blood. So On, the first drive of the game, the bills drive straight down the field. They. Pages couldn't stop a kick return. So they cut the kick return to their own thirty eight may throwing forty. In two places at the Patriots Twenty Five. And then on third down sack for fourteen yards because he's A free is algorithms they run backwards they get sacked, and then they missed field goal short by two yards. On that is I'm surprised he didn't Hook. It, up. I was little surprising throw back over shoulder. THOSE SANDS WE'RE HIGH BLOOD SOLO Huge. Standing when he shut up Yep as as you would expect. Here is awesome quarterback at that time. He could carry a team I, what did they? The the announcers said something about. There were calling him. Pasta sauce or something like that. Because he covered over the imperfections on the team. and. If you put enough pasta sauce on anything, you know it'll take eventually. Maybe we'll just leave the nicknames to Chris Berman Bills. Those kickers Zach though he that field goal which was like just barely short dose of Bledsoe had thrown away deathly three points. He missed like a super chippy he was another one. In the third quarter. Quarter Park let him know about it? He actually didn't have that bad of a year outside of this game either really. Yeah. He was twenty five of thirty three on the year he missed three kicks on this day so. I made a single kick outside of extra points. He didn't make go kick. Yeah. He's three of five for fifty plus on the year. Wow so I mean he Bag decent kicker.

00:55:02 - 01:00:03

Tough Day. So Shot L. Michael Astute where we stand with you. I'm. Fairly judged. We're going to stop unfairly judging people all this time to debate on ways and even change her tune. Did you see that guy in the state of your head? But she's not the cheesehead with the Buffalo Wing. How I've never seen that before was he wearing Zubaydah's to of course now this is two thousand and two Buddy Mackenzie has legs but. It was like a cheese head but a buffalo wing buffalo wing stick out the side it was huge. legit. Yeah Google Princeton some. Hossam. Images can I work in one purchase chicken wing Hat xactly. Dot Com. And it's GonNa live purchase guys. He's been out of the lease it's two, thousand and two. It's not on Amazon anymore. I feel like. Fills. Mafia should really embrace the buffalo wing hat the cheese had. Oh. They were just make everything about the bills. Mafia. Just one little. It's to eleven. Does one mafia store. Link I had had two links that were done so. So, don't even make it right now. Brutal. Off. Oh wait. A founded. Forty six dollars now. Pricey pretty steep but it's awesome. How much our zoo Baz. What does it smell like those what I WANNA know Fuck in. Buffalo Wings. For therma-tru wing lovers out there who aren't afraid to show their pride I scared. I'll make myself look like a fucking jackass to show how much I. Love Chicken Wings Goddamn. Prove it. This is an opportunity for bills Mafia. The? Wing Hat I agree. And we'll surprise has already I am shocked as well. I haven't seen any wagons either which is a little disappointing 'cause circle the wagons actually yeah. That was Chris Berman by a buffalo wing thing everybody can get behind that. It's true. Let's see what was your play the game. Because I watched every game all the way to the last play. It was the last flavored it. The last play. Is. Eight thirty seven, you're only talking about the last drive in general. MOSHING Thailand. The last time it was great because. You're right. The had note here, Ninety nine to go down by thirty one with one shifty three wives bledsoe out there. So. Yeah. Because the Patriots run down the clock. After bloods I guess picked off the first time. The. Only time but the first time in. The series against the Patriots. So the pads, just run down the clock and bitches like running antoine up the middle. They get four goal from the three and you know do the classy thing and just run up the middle again. Stopped at the one. To bubble started their own one yard line. Literal garbage time less than two minutes. They're down thirty one points and Greg Double G. Williams decides you know what? It's fucking were going out. We're going out slinging. I'm sure there's a bunch of bounties on the line. BLEDSOE's. GotTa get. Touchdown. Passing here. Jet Himself another another grant. So he can buy some chicken wings, and so they come out swinging in the pages you know whatever. So they drive all the way down to the Patriots Five Yard Line Right. It was it. Very much of that thirty, one nothing game for the Patriots kind of it reminded me of the The steelers game early season where the seals are trying to score that last touchdown for whatever fucking reason and running trick plays and all that SORTA. Like dying to scored the last touchdown. Kind of felt like that. So here's here's a accounting of the last play. The Patriots had zero blitz unlike the three plays before it the what happened you they're playing drew blood cells like. Bring the House. But what happens? Place. The. refs. Decide to call pass interference on the Matrix in the end zone twice in a row the pages like give a shit we're gonNA.

01:00:04 - 01:05:06

Keep bringing in house. They did they brought everybody in played man covered on the outside and which leads us to the last night game Steve. Just buds against absolutely buried zero bullets. Three rushers. And he ends up on his back. Really McGinnis on top of them. which is started day down in his soul and the had I get here how an upon the bills. Deter for rebels and stadium yeah. Having lost by. Thirty. Thirty one points kidding get a garbage time. Off. What into Romeo to make Megan? So mad at me rest were doing their best. There was three defensive penalties on that pet drive because other one was the The the personal foul. You know there was the personal foul facemask. there's another one those of personal foul on really McGuinness for slamming bloods it to the ground on a sack. Actually body slammed him. That was totally deserved. Yeah. That was. But the the horse call the face wasn't commuted. Grabbed him by the it was Ta- Jones our friend Muggy. Jones. Grabbed the guy by the shoulder pad. clotheslines as. And call for the penalty because nobody expected anybody could do that to a man. So I saw an advertisement for playstation who in this game really. Yeah. And had. Thought is WHO's older Tom Brady or playstation. Tom Brady. He was tonight at this point not true. What cell playstation two is older than Tom Brady older for his career wise or holder. Around close. It's very close. So playstation two debuted March fourth drape Brady was drafted April. Sixteen. In two thousand. Yeah Yeah So a month and a half between playstation two getting released and Tom Brady getting drafted. In, Tom Brady is still playing. Playstation five bucks come out. That's true. Pleasant. And Mom and Dad Batas the second Saturn. DREAMCAST soups. What's dream capsules awesome this? Like Tom Brady started when playstation two started. Yeah. I wonder what? The? Yeah it must have been in. Madden two thousand. Yeah, he. Actor. In the first. Playstation mad and physician to imagine cheeses. Again like. It's weird to wash gays never one listen to this watching him by like. square screen to knock eight not wide-screen I wasn't a thing back then there's no HD. You definitely have to wear glasses to see the score in the time like, wow this game has the yellow line for the first down this. Nice. It's crazy to watch the gains back then versus like. Now we're in playstation five and yeah production qualities vast saying. Do. You know though the only two quarterbacks to sign a ten year deal are true blood bledsoe and Pat Mahomes. Far Yeah. It's not true and also mcnabb, Dan. We talked Oh yeah. We'll. Bitch yes. We went through the whole. fucking pitch. Who is the first one decided tenure deal? Gino Cappelletti mcnabb. Drew Bledsoe's deal with the Patriots was ten years. So as mcnabb was like twelve. mcnabb's post break bledsoe. We're about Brett, farve? Postal. I'd say, no, I don't think that's true. Same. What's wrong? Grip. Brett Farve is burst one stand check. Ninety Eighty signed that thing. Hey, Alexa earlier. Hey Girl Greg. Greg Rewatch. Who was the first NFL player to sign a ten year contract? Chance. Aso's scheduled to start. Your the answer. To fucking dubbed. How you get like one is the season starting over WHO's The I? I give up it seized even starting.

01:05:06 - 01:10:01

On that anyway got dammit nude. Oh. Hey update I bought the hat. Nice. We're in business. Which? Chicken Wing Hat. On its way, that's basic. Yeah. Aware. If it comes before next episode where on the POD. We're going to get some insight on the next bills game and chest. Really Suss out how they've done it. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Award, that hat to somebody last call because I already have so much useless shit in my house and I know a lot of bills fan saw I've might do some sort of competition like that. Wishes give anybody. Any bills fan is going to will come on this podcast and get pooped on. Bills Fan we never our listeners. That's what I was going. Say You have a few different bill fans on for the next few games. Honestly as like a bills fan. You deserve it just for being a Bill San. Bound for all of them like any they all deserve it like I can't say one is more deservedly. So where to every Bill Santa Fe? That is so hard core. Buffalo Buffalo Wings rock to. Yeah. Fair listeners if you ever thinking about going to buffalo game, just do it. Oh. Yeah. You know it's not glamorous, but it is an experience I mean the Talked about in this game broadcasts of like Oh. This is the best. Place to go watch a game. Yeah. There you go to Niagara You can go to the casino you can go get buffalo wings. You can go to football enough to fill up a long weekend. Just with those things along renton are vera you don't need a nightclub. You don't need like more than six people at a bar like you. They're legitimately the first time I went there. I was driving through the city of Buffalo. On a Saturday night is the night. Before the game we're looking for a bar couldn't find anywhere. And a fucking deer ran across the highway. A deer ran across the highway. Wiley. Coyote fucking laugh through that happens in Hampshire to but. There was. It was completely safe because there was no one on the fucking highway. Saturday night in buffalo middle. Middle. It's a special breed up their. Their Super Fun and Agree I mean if you're GONNA go honestly if I had one away pastry scheme to go to Buffalo. New Orleans Abby. Good to. Loans a SEC but like the the atmosphere in the parking lot with New Orleans buff allows us not. Big With that pre game buildup. On and say Pittsburgh's up there to. See Pittsburgh being similar. are boils do our best and worst here? Okay Greg I crack. No you guys go I figured he had his best. Taiwa interception houses plainly those my play the game yeah. Stevia, which is also as best. only watches like five minutes these games. In how `bout there's my is Nfl prime-time Highlights Yup. This thing was legitimately five minutes long. They do that for every game think about what like Sportscenter does for highlights football these days. It's like it's like six plays Max Max isn't that the game was good. Yeah. They'll have Shannon Sharpe will. Stop Give me five minutes of Gimme five Mansa. There's probably like twenty as yeah. Yeah. We should do that. We start our own youtube channel where people want. People are sick of listening. Like well, let's talk about Colin capper. Neck. It. Not. Again. I I haven't done I sandy. Worst. Okay, this Sean Jackson's comments on Jewish. Just getting got. if you guys go your. Although I think. I have, commutation best. It was Phil Simms.

01:10:03 - 01:15:02

Asian have we confirmed that's a word yeah. I get quick check on that. No I looked it up the day that we the. Very dancer abroad. Phil? Simms. The quote was the buffalo offense has not played their bad today and drew bledsoe has played well. literally, five seconds before you bledsoe throws interception to title. Perfect perfect timing. Just mock. Chefs skin He also had a comment about how this buffalo teams about where new the New England team was this time last year. I don't think that would work out for Buffalo. But in terms of best for like place. I would say the come faulk longest rushing touchdown of his career was a swing pass. It just feels so right as pretty. Cool. He's coming into his own this year. Yes. Pass catching. Back. Fourth Year Right. This is fourth year in the league just crazy about and he was like pretty highly regarded command school. So I think he went through that like Zia bust phase right and then he can. Really pull it together but I think in two thousand, they tried to have him be the the league. Is. Not a lot is giving them every tiny yep. He's original Shane. Rain. would. Yep. He's a James White to me where like James White wasn't he? Be like he's he's looking really good and camp in practice. But he got the ball and you'd be like. I don't know but then like eventually found his footing and now Jin's white is like the best player on our offense. Is this he created the Jane's White Position in our offense. The same way try Brown created West Walker and the. Position Was the original Yogi. Kevin thoughts like his stats at Lsu were pretty ridiculous. They weren't. Yeah he was. A. Second most career rushing yards in SEC history behind only Herschel Walker. Like all purpose all purpose yards he was tied for fifth in Ncaa History and I in SEC history when he when he went to the NFL is that Lsu, right? Yeah and that's where he's coaching coach he's running backs coach. What round was he drafted in Second Round So he was like highly regarded coming up. Worked out. The expected him to and he was. Actually. been the Jane's white comparison is Hudson James was the second draft pick Wisconsin. He did like he was kind of behind somebody, but he definitely had that purse yardage We. Ringo and. On. So glad, we kept James White. fucking. Men see feet Jimmy Blanco. Is the. Best the worst. Worship. More quote. This is for Greg, it was about quote from Tyler. Talking about how he's GonNa Approach the game. Covering speedster Eric Moulds so we can play the speed game if we want, we can wrestle to if we need to. Know it was like so perfectly tyler. fx The patriots are more wrestling at this point though they're. Is definitely like a liability who's GonNa come in a little clear that like You put a guy on him. He can get burned in Terrell Buckley was kind of. pulled. His Dad. But my worth was well, you know anything about wrestling is right. On Personal Russell. We will I ask water wrestling. Fuck you. So the good thing about having sex. Hard, pat cut that. But okay. Ka. tickling. My worst other than Greg's. Shitty joke. There is color. Wasn't Shitty. A funny joke if you think about it chairs shared. It's it's just. Keeps keep it going buddy. A rape. Joke Steve. I use the word Shitty. Off Color, shady. Threatened you pooper Eric Ahead. So my worst in his game was a new England kick coverage.

01:15:03 - 01:20:00

Because, yeah, they end up Squibb again specialty squirting out of bounds and actually like. giving. The bills worst field position than if they kicked off. Yeah, special on route. Forty. Hours bad not great. And house like the old Charlie Rogers was returned. It was sped is really good. Plane him a lot of Lot of respect them hundred heard this we've had a couple returns where he was broke it all channel. saw that knows like fuck this let them get back into it with. One play. But then. Out of kicking out of bounds a great. I have my best and worst. The worst and I I don't know this for sure but I'm pretty sure. That this might have ended Victor Greens career. You think statue ticket hurt did he play after this greg? Because I know he is like this is last season ish but. He's coming on a blitz and the like against fourth quarter. The Patriots is and blitz after blitz atra blitz bring the house and Larry Centers. The Buffalo fullback blocked some Guy Ns kicks his right leg out and his fifth degree in right in the fucking knee Yup and victims green just collapses and I. think that ends his career. Wrong. Now. Did he play again this year. Yeah. Played every game. Really. Doesn't start though. Steve Steve's not a step check guy either way like. Clearly only ten year deal. L.. Start for more games. Dirty ass. Garland's how you slice it. It was a super dirty like. Walking some dudes sees afraid blitzer comic and stakes legit tripping. Call you but he Kicked dogs I thought. No you got them right in the knee. He went schinder neon on victory and he was out like two games down for A. And then. My best left is Daniel, Graham Giving mine he added a couple of catches early on and like the bills had no answer for him. He was he was catching a bunch of screenplay. One. Now, that will have on the website where he caught a screen pass, but the two defenders like. Just blue stripe passer blocks. So two guys coming on him after like immediately catching the ball and sidestepped them both and took off like another ten yards. Amazing especially, the first half Graham List La. Shifts. The Patriots Original Hernandez Gronk plan screaming he have. Graphic. Yeah. I think they wanted him to be the Ben Coach replacement. Who who would you take Watson or Graham? Question. Bag they're also saved me. Yeah me too I think Watson just barely I feel like I can remember more like. Big Play like clutch touchdowns from him. Like that game where they beat the bills on Brady's first game back and. Came back. For touchdowns in Those words a gram. To Watch Watson. And Watson ran down Champ Bailey to. Yet plays sick. Let's take a look here. So watching six, thousand career yards, forty four touchdowns, tick protecting career or patriots career. Career. Career. But who is better for the PATS? I think. They think it's Watson. Neither lived up to their first round building though I think it's been Watson I think by a statistical standards if the Patriots double dipped back to back years first round tight ends right now. that. That's what they did. Right? Because Graham was the year before Graham was this year as a rookie lesson was here before Watson? What? Watson. Oh for. Now so to check. Steve. Either way I mean we're talking in two, thousand, two, thousand, four. Texan three years. In three drafts while the that says what they say, what they think of Dan Graham to Roy tight end position in general. True Yeah because eventually they figured it out with. The the again this year right level dipping it.

01:20:02 - 01:25:06

Last night this past year didn't. They didn't throw it to the titans at all. So. A lot about another hot take, which might be my my hottest take. Live so ready for this. I think I've actually maybe a win on this podcast with for. I feel even stronger about it and now that I've read about it. Pete Carroll throwing on second down was the right decision. At that heartache it's not. Nearly as hot as the Aaron Hernandez is better than they do people fucking murder Pika, they they basically chalk that game up to a bad coaching decision. It's right coaching decision. If he the fade, it would have been a little bit better. Yeah. It's second down you have one timeout. You run the ball. Yeah. The burn that time. Oh. And you basically lose fourth-down Yeah Greg. We already slice and dice as a bunch if he does a fade is instead of. The play calls is wrong call I even like the play call. The slides pretty safe throw. Disagree with you there. It's an incredible play by by the problem I have with it. The only problem I have with is didn't play action like you have. Right. You have them thinking run and you have a mobile quarterback like get him on the pocket action. Bootleg. Could Talk Iran too so That's the problem I have play call. The throwing pass to me I think is is a good decision in Nazi you shouldn't be running a shotgun throwing it inside the. Air. It's not that hard take right I think I think a lot of people would disagree with I. Think You'd get a lot of defenders through though I heard that a lot. A bunch of times people look foot could. Piece year. End Your Hernandez's take is significantly more lava molten hot. Put it down record right here. Right now, who's going to be a better tight end the Patriots distracted. On Keane or a Devon. You see I'm not. I differ Steve from maybe you or you and your friends and associates. I don't make I don't just pull takes out of my ass. Do. I haven't watched these guys play like a shock to me after the. Second. Dresser. That God damn s about just fired shit out. Absolutely unbiased. told. Tonight no associates me. Pat Mahomes and drew bledsoe Tatum quarterback decisions me. And stats over storylines we are all data guys you. You're just a fucking held up a thing of nicknames. She full of Chris Berman here literally right to your data down by Penn Pepper. All about the data. By Data Chris barbeque nicknames. Hardy. Nickerson. She. Yeah. I mean it's free sick. I'm doing that from here on out. How narrow it down to like maybe my best three but I'm GonNa Scout Away, teams for nicknames 'cause I'm a big fan of I'm a big fan of funny names so. You're the funny name Hall of fame. Guy Oh. Yeah? Yeah. No treasonable we should have a mount rushmore of funny names if we're GonNa do this so. Share. In Hardy Har Har Nickerson. My number. One vote. Just because he played the day of Bucks Natron, refried means. But. Andy said they have to mainstream hardy Har Har. Nicholson's the only one willing to enshrine right now. Hardy Har. Har. Just. Plays so hard. It's Been in the Buchan ears, he played the box. That's that makes it a billion times better. Yeah. All. Right boys what's next week? The Patriots? barrel enchant. Champagne Oh. Newspaper Clippings from this we win you. They were GONNA lose again. Could be. Don't know sign I'm over like not known the score now. Like. Actively seek out the score. But if I see it, I'm not going to be upset. I WANT NOT GONNA win. This is just a good game. Is it at the bears or at home? It is a Memorial Stadium Champagne Illinois Champaign Illinois.

01:25:06 - 01:29:23

Champlain. Lake champlain. or My. My pain. Illinois. I don't know actually it might be champlain I'm sure champlain. Look you've been right so far this podcast. Over seven. Right because I'm looking. In Chicago, so I should know guys. Annoy. Ellen, know we're looking for. In ferndale wait complain we'll figure isn't there. Did you ever get in touch with that guy who wants to be on this podcast? Is that? Plane. That's in New York okay. That's what we're thinking of that. New York border in Canada I don't remember this game at all so I'm excited to watch it again. I I've seen the highlight of his game. It's very exciting. I'm going to do I'm GonNa do a lake champlain deep dive. I'm going to talk about the biodiversity of the lake. Let's go up with the nickname. Change. Over since two thousand and two as well. Just wanted to win. Acres of wetlands. Greg. Well, it's four, hundred, Ninety, eight miles Any word from that guy who let's review who wants to be on this thing on that? Only tried to and see but you interrupt no, we have not heard from wherever that was left us. Review on facebook or Tune somewhere else I didn't. We did post one right on facebook saying if you. With Everything you. Haven't heard back. Through again, I might reach out to who I think it. You think it is. Guys left us the. BEARS FANS I know. He probably got a couple of twinkie friends raised. National. I know I mean also from work. Work. Nice. A joke. The beginning privacy. Well, I'm the only one who? fucking. Ones any friends of any other team while did you hear what I said though that I know gay guys I said, you know twinkie friends. Say now. Bear since. Pro You know couple from work. I know I know gay people from work to. Do. I got still my best friends are gay. Yeah. I've convinced. How the person twitter to come on That that's Hilarious I actually I actually do know a gay person from Chicago they live next door we're good buddies. Get? One of those Dan pod Greg. Show Jake he's awesome. Magic, all right. All right. We wrapped up I will see you next week. We're recording on the patient divy podcast. Do by the way lake champlain sounds like it's got like some sort of fucking sweet underwater reef. And extensive or to Vichy and carbonate rock formation and each just cut the ending in way earlier that's exactly minute. Do all this shit dude. But what about the ecology of the Fucking Lake? Andy cutting. Did it's actually pretty the war of eighteen twelve, the revolutionary war, the siege of Quebec. Ever heard of it. Should I try and get my Chicago friends on IT FOR NEXT WEEK I'll try reach out this other person. Doing. have. Foot on the other side of my chair and I accidentally pressed the button that lowers in it. would. Our Boys it's all we have for this week. Thanks for tuning in again and we will see you next week.