2002 Week 10: Patriots at Bears

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The Brown brothers discuss the best game you don't remember: a massive 4th quarter comeback on the road against the Bears. Know how we know it's important? Greg actually watched the game!

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This is Christine Brown, and while I have to listen to this podcast as my mother Judy, you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny but really just being stupid you still want to listen go right ahead I am not your. Pages, does he podcast? It is Thursday July twenty, third? Twenty. Twenty. But today we're going to be taking you back to Sunday November tenth two, thousand and two. Were saying the date of their according now, I just throw it in there just to see. All kinda feel. A. They unearth the records of mankind in this podcast is held up as the sterling example of humanity. Then it'll be good to have a date runners. On. Their. What will happen I'm sure. They're gonNA know about Tom Brady Evans GonNa know about him. That's true. Aliens come and then. This'll be just a record of him. Yeah especially. Since I'm actually putting these onto cassette tapes every time we recorded an episode. So They're safer posterity and I'm very good in the backyard but don't tell anybody. Body. We don't tell anybody. Remember, last year down does listen to this. You should bury them next to your porn mags. Tapes. Can I go on record and say that? On July twenty third hours in a real rotten mood. 'cause I'm in a bad mood. was. that. Bad Mood I. Maybe, I need a vacation. Maybe you guys are annoying. That can't be what maybe I hate my wife, I don't know I just. Just in a bad mood today. I understand why your wife gets introduced by has poor. Kelly. Poor Kelly Were Poor Greg. Yeah that's that's not a big name that stuck for some reason shut up. Andy. I'm just saying. Hey maybe should fix your microphone. Pretty good. Skin interesting podcast. Speaking of assholes. The coach of these Chicago bears. Dichter on. Adult. Dick. Dick Yeah. I want to. Come on. Even, I admit speaking astles here's a guy named Dick really missed out. Actually all or is that just like your transition? Do you Kate Dick on Yes because he in two thousand, one, one coach of the year. Over Belgium jerk. For the New Jersey Smitten, it feels highly disrespectful just to the sport of football. Well hasn't check only won twice he's one of them is. Probably. Stat check check how many times it would go bella check one coach of the year. Like when he retires against going to rename that after him, right. Like all the. Award named Adam that that feels like it fits. Three three times three which let's see if we can guess which seven. One, I honestly can't think of another like specific year twenty eleven maybe close. To three thousand, four, one of those seasons. Those are two guesses but yes, two, thousand three. Two thousand twelve runway two, thousand, ten, they weren't fourteen into. Two Thousand and three they went fourteen and two in two, thousand, seven. I'm not gonNA bring that up. Yeah. We I don't even feel Belshazzar one coach years since two, thousand ten. Correct interest it's crazy. What year were has You know who has one in that time though. Jason. Garrett. Fuck is Jason. Garrett, coach of the year. Yeah. What is the worst coach in the NFL right now? He's still coach. Every season, it's like Oh. Yeah. They're gonNA fire him. He's on the hot seat for five years L. least he's like. What's his name? Has a crush on a muggy with Roma where he can do? No wrong. Jerry Jones. Yeah Do Ron Rivera.

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Won It twice I think he's a good coach Bruce Arians. Won It twice I think he's a good coach. Harbaugh. Would saw. Jim Harbaugh at the niners. John. He has not. Sean McVeigh Matt Nagy, that's kind of a one might not age. Well, we'll see. Already hasn't. Oh, John Harbaugh did win it last year. Sorry. Probably, okay. That makes sense. So yes. Who wanted in the justice? When he sixteen? Yeah. That was chasing Gary. I think that was, what's his name his rookie year. That Prescott. Yeah. They went thirteen and three. They really. Over. The over bell check. Who? Started three quarterbacks that year and still went and whatever they went. Through. Where did they go? into. It went fourteen and two year. Losses, came to the bills member when Jacoby percent had one hand. was playing with a bad passing hand. And wondering checking in one of them came with one of the backups Ray. Three hundred. Three. Three and one without Brady Yeah. Flow was. was hurt and they were like threatening to start element at quarterback. It anyway and didn't play Garoppolo One, the cardinals game opener, which they're super good. Then then the dolphins where he got hurt in the. Third percent finish the dolphins game then they beat the Texans on that on. Remember, watching that game at. Heart. But they lose to the bills. Sixteen nothing. Watch that game, the bills Bar, and as leaving everyone everyone is shitting over me and. Enjoy a super bowl. Enjoy a super bowl Andrea super bowl. Super Bowl and you can see their Faiza hockey's right. Still no update on my chicken wings at. From here. Let's check the tracking. Yell Please I. Think we need an update on this I regretted that immediately by the way I will send you some money if I can timeshare that. Timeshare a hat. Yeah. Does that work? Borrow for a couple of months. I don't even think it's shipped yet for occasions Seattle Amazing I ordered it from a bar. which is not even open anymore. Anchor. Bar. Chicken. Wing. Asked. So yeah, it's it's. Dues basement it might be a while. Yeah. By the time, the NFL season starts when do they play the bills go? Relatively early. To. We'll have to. Make by. Greed although. You have to wear a mask. Did you hear that news you? Don't tread on me. They said, they're going to require mass for any fans if they have fans of the NFL season. Yeah. Having a bunch of stadiums already said, they're just not going to have fans. I think at least like some. Partial Fan their ideas, twenty five percents getting thrown around. Every wants to link to this podcast is laughing at us because. Season's already been canceled by the time. This comes up. Get cancelled. We'll see. Growth. Yeah Baseball is. Opening, day his as we speak right now. Has Actually kickoff though I was watching the pre-game by the way. ESPN. Is just the fucking worst. Well, that's why is it a bad mood Greg am I? Before this. I haven't watched cspan in months and I was like you know what? It's opening Damn Baseball Zika. So I gonNA turn on, see what they do. How bad can it be and it was there was nothing like sports related. They talked about fucking cove. They had like Mariano. Rivera. Playing catch with President trump. In like a super awkward interview and then they did like black lives matter stuff and I was like, can you not tell me anything about the players playing in this fucking game? Day have it at. About. Right. And then every every commercial commercials every like five minutes I we're in this together. Exactly. Why is so bad? I.

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So speaking of people who are super angry. Dick Giron. Priok. Particularly pleased either when he played the sole noted assault, they go to whole dictator on noted coach of the year award steeler he's from mass. It's from swamp sky. Did Ya We've already decided this. We don't WanNa know about these people as people because then it's harder to hate them remember that's A. That's a good point you could stop doing that. That'd be that'd be great. Patriots are eight and one against on teams. His only loss came in two thousand when he is what the bears. Average score for Patriots. Game against you're on twenty, eight to fourteen. The average. Associate Head Coach or talking any coaching. No as a head coach, a with the buffalo bills from Oh six to nine. Oh, right. So you know how many times he beat the the Patriots of none exactly. Math skills went to Yale. I don't care how smart he is or how cool he is or probably a nice wife and kids, and he's like I'm donate to charity instead. Any of that. Is All American in football in high school two. Teenage Teenage deathly the month and in two thousand one he led the bears to a thirteen and three record on the season this season. Not so much. So speaking of fluke coach of the year awards. Chicago bears would finish the season four twelve. After starting to go by the way. They had come into this game losing their last six. So they were in six at the point. So he won the previous year. Yeah. And followed it up. By winning four whole games. That's right. They they did like sound like that on the broadcast of like. They're like really stressing how disappointing a year this was. Oh alert for Oliver free listeners. Greg actually watched this game I. Give. Start to finish this the first time you've done this. No. I watch all the good Games. Yeah. So I think with with this being such a momentous occasion being the first game of two thousand and two that Craig's watched. How about he gives us his lombardi score? Yeah. Okay. It's out of how many five? Yeah grow. Six? To six LOMBARDI's of we. Work. Sometimes you lose track when there's any refunds data's true. We have one six yes correct. Yes. It's interesting. I don't really count that last one because it wasn't like glamorous enough or me. Only one touchdown. I need more storylines. Six I'm giving it four and a half. Okay. Any Any. Watch ability notes. Third core third quarter was just a dynamite quarter all and. BLEW UP Yeah it was like a sluggish game in the first half there. that. I gave it three. Lombardi's because the first half is six six snooze Riyadh to say but now it's got to be more than three because the annual. Is At least three AFC championship. Three and a half I'd I'd totally forgotten about this game. I've never seen it. May to but there was. Another good. Watch ability. Well, I didn't look like what the the final score was. because. I. Knew it was going to watch it and there was a lot of points in the game where you're like. Came should be over right now. A kept getting. Darker Darker Outlook and you're like. When. Did they turn this around? Here reminded me of last year against the chargers where I got like halfway through the fourth quarter and thought. I am watching the right game, right? Yeah. You win this one. Little Bit of the game to says in the third quarter was getting dark out there. Yeah. There's one there's one point in the third quarter where you're just like Holy Shit. So, this is going into the half six, two six. No one's really playing well, both teams, Kinda, look like Shit the the starting quarterback for the bears is out for the game him. Yeah. Let's touch on him real quick because the last time we saw Chris Chandler. WAS IN ATLANTA LAST? Year. s when he got hurt so badly, he was like walking crooked remember he was like, bent sideways.

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Which Michael Vick Cayman exactly yeah. Game You got lit up to and this game was exactly the same Chris Chandler from the Gecko just taking shots. And exited in. The second quarter I think. Could. Hurt. HIMSELF ON A fourth-down qb sneak. because. I think it was Lauren. Malloy was one of the say was. Came in and crush them like on the top of the head. And he ended up with what they were calling in next brain. Yeah. Those definitely a concussion hundred percent. I probably both because the way he was walking, he just wasn't moving any of his upper body and it looks and then would they bring in who apparently was already you might have been the starter before that but he had severe. Yes. Show. This bears team. Jim. Miller, should he look there's a throwback? This is last season in the NFL. Yeah. So The starting quarterback before chance gave us like kind of garbage day. They were talking about stuff game at least he came into the game with tendonitis in his throwing arm. So he couldn't throw the ball more than ten fifteen yards down the field which you know. If your defense knows this and you could see the Patriots, even hit as easy command just. Didn't cover anything past ten yards safety go for. They jumped every end like it was slow go. And you could switches makes the third quarter even worse. Yeah. So the third quarter is just a, it's an absolute disaster for the pats like. Time. And it just like all falls apart. and. Give up a touchdown on like. Or they go three and out give up a touchdown. Today Yeah. They fumbled right sack fumble on Brady give up a touchdown three now punt it the very next play they run a trick play. Yes. Already Booker fucking throws it to Marcus Robinson like fifty yard touchdown pass. Very next drive. Walk it. Sorry. Can also in in in the middle of the? Forty five yards in there. Yeah. Jones. Even the like that three out I don't even think you did a justice because it was so bad that. The Patriots their I play fall started. and. Then they burnt a time out and then they still went three and out, and then they had a punt where the punt returner kind of fucked it up and fumbled MOFFITT. But our boy Chatham had a fifteen yard facemask sorta called back and had to reprint it into the win. And gave an extra. Fee like twenty yards and then the next play was that wide receiver pass from book immediately, a trick play touchdown a narrow down. Then you've the very next drive. The, very next drive you throw the nearest -ception drug lady they they go three and out again. And then the next time they get the back. which was an incredible interception. Bright Brian Urlacher. WHO's we will get to him later but then the before that on the first play, the drive Brady fumbled the snap. Eat It, dive on. And then the next play throws the interception early. Yeah and then it's like. They get the ball. Thirty five yards out and they just pound it down the pats throats. They run the ball at three plays easy touchdown and you're all the sudden down fucking twenty one points in like half half a quarter. Yeah. So at that point like what the fuck is going on. Here of two, hundred, six bears. Yeah. You're five point favorites you're playing a backup quarterback he just turn the ball over twice in your last four drives you're on the road you physically get dominate. You're getting out coached by Dick Giron and you're down twenty one points, ed, you're they still having converted. Like, Hair August. Compared to third down at that point either no, they're not. They're over whatever on third down here I was like Oh for five or six. This game was even being played at soldier field. It was console ship feel was being built. This is play. Illinois. University. Which is why champagne miracle at champagne right which. It is not spelled like champagne the. Drink. Champagne I'm glad we couldn't that. It's not it doesn't have an L.

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Steve Martin. We discussed this last week. AD. nauseam actually if I remember correctly. Way. Now, now the like you said, we discussed this a lot. Champlain is a is a is a French call navigate. Members Samuel Day champlain. Name, getting him mix up with similar data points. You're thinking it's Sergio Dale opponents. I always get those mixed up. He's the guy that wanted to find the counted of youth. Champlain or Get off. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to get back to maybe it's not Sergio deal opponents. Early or the other. Discovering the Fountain of Youth. How about that? Transition. Steve Dick. ALP Ponce Daily on. That's they go. Making sure funky steadier after. Name, and there's some history guy out there. That is just listening to this and Jesus these guys are fucking idiots Gary History teacher. And, we got like all four of the navy brought up. Oh Yeah like, Oh, I like the Patriots I like history. Let's listen to this and they will never listen again. We're getting both of them. Correcting each other and getting them wrong. So the Anthony Thomas Literal Walk in touchdown who also great nickname the way trae train love. Yeah tastic. But the ensuing drive I feel like this is one of the reasons we're spoiled with this patriots team in like Brady. especially is because he's got a massive nuts on them. Yeah. You any other team that goes down three touchdowns and a quarter like they default they don't see them come back from that. You know yeah and the Patriots their next drive they finally converted third down to who else try brown. Gradually started looking more like himself. This game I thought. And then a massive screenplay Antoine. Brady finally finds faulk for. Touchdown to answer finally. So now they're only down two touchdowns. Right. Well, my my I already know, and then you guys interrupted me. It's fucking tell podcasts works bro Yeah. But my kate was all about my kate inside listed all those things I was working against them now. What is Brady do? A play seventy, five, yard seven for seven three and a half minutes Totti. Like I started going into rival. Yet clinical drive from bringing. You could tell he just looked pissed off was used Sassy. This game here was supersonic having. It's best to bring up the commentators. And Not in a way you think but I'm going to do. You like them when I started. I wrote this is not the Varsity team. Kevin Harlan and Randy Cross. There okay. Randy man. Has His name pick his name is Horny mad. Ready, cross? Greg Yeah, we understand. But. I thought to cross like I I wrote him and his voice and was able to actually like put the name to it like I, just the center meathead but he actually was pretty relevant in this game. You saying things about Like right after they scored that Adrian touchdown about how the bears can't relax and start like not being as aggressive on defense because. Of what the Patriots could possibly do. And he kept like calling out the bears events like on that that ensuing drive the Brady touchdown drive for being too soft and like kind of taking their foot off the gas and they. They shouldn't do that talking about making sure that they. Score enough points because you know you don't WanNa. Wish, we had those extra four points at the end of the game sort of thing I had a big bone to pick with them actually. I mean I have a couple causes me but I want to hear it. Yours is. They were fucking slandering Brian Urlacher. Thank. Oh God he Do. They were like he's not our linebacker. He's just a good football player and Ray Lewis is way better and double down on it later in the game. Point, eight times In what way? How can you say they're like he's not a complete linebacker he's just an all around football player. What does that even mean? To me that sounds complete player. Or lack was played out of his Gourd. In this whole game. He had that sick pick on the two point conversion.

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He had that amazing. Just go through all the trash in. Garesh up. The. Fake snap. He read that whites without getting full. He was all he did everything you'd want from linebacker was pass rushing. He was stopping the run and he was intercepting passes. How has He didn't have any sacks. I think. I think that's fucked green was. The Ray Lewis, catalog. Sex STATUEK. Out Fuck static Jesus. Alexa. My pizza just showed up. Alexa. On it right now are you? Hey Siri. Bay Siri. Total some career sacks Ray Lewis? Forty one and a half sacks. Average season. That's on. How many did he average per season? Just I can get maybe. Three ish if that, maybe two and a half. So if they play for a while two and a half four, three three and a half three three and a half zero one and a half, one, one, one, five, three and a half. To two one. Not a complete linebacker maybe maybe it was racism because he's White Ball. Brian Urlacher for awhile I. wanted that barbed wire tattoo around. Of course you. Didn't so bad ass though. Well when when you're thirteen, it is. Yeah. Yeah. I thought Brian. I mean, I was loved him. Bone to pick with or any cross is that he'll love calling Tom Brady a mobile quarterback. This entire game he did say that I was like, fuck? Yeah that once he's uncertain Rebecca. Did. And and relative to competition that he was playing he actually was significantly more mobile. Jim Miller not high bar to clear. But House Chandler, a twenty one year old Tom. Brady can actually scoot around him. A Jimmy Choo Chewing, right? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Us a pizza review parents what you do now. Yeah these are. Newman's on. Frozen. Pizza. I can the barbecued chicken here and I got the Margarita. Get kind of sick of them. Scale of. College Kid to divorced dad how sad is that pizza? Well seeing as my wife just Watson's into the room and brought. It's me on a platter. I would say I, don't understand the scale. I'll take. I guess, College Game. But that doesn't make not either. You know. The final answer, that's what I'd like to hear. Arousing Review From Judah I'm going to be honest with you guys. I probably frozen pizza once a week. Okay That's my like easy night. You know I cook I'll probably cook for four times a week actually cook something. then. One night when you're like I, don't feel like doing shit pop in a frozen pizza. He says my shit for that. Annie's Annie's bomb to. He's fucking drown. That shouldn't pepper potts on their. Vehicle, for you don't even care what What's your? What's your favorite meal to Cook Andy? You kind of. Your wife is good at cooking. Yeah. But she's Trying to teach me. Tonight I cooked. Pork chops in a reduction of. All Sonic, vinegar. Stone ground mustard and such a ticket. That's the only thing I know how to Cook Fancy there. Yeah. But the fact that he's called auction. Stole grounded it just me fucking. Has got the bits in it? Shut. College Kid to divorced Dad Anyhow Sally. Hottest scale from like Beta human to cock boy. Sore. Soy. I don't even know that meal. It was Alicia by the way. fucking nailed it. All right. So speaking of soft noodles. That interception.

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Miller through note, look like late stage Peyton manning who right after and Brady touchdown with the talk to get back in it to get in that second touchdown Roy quick was Is on his own twenty yard line and just had nothing on the ball. You try to go deepen the only one that was closest to hose Otis Smith by like five yards. But New England. Coaching start at the bare twenty five imagine goal kicking a field goal. Did Go. So I mean even at the end of the third quarter, it's. Bears. Twenty seven Patriots sixteen like woods but all this happens in one quarter, which is pretty crazy. Yeah Oh. Yeah. There was fourteen. Drives in this. There was the first four or four touchdowns. And if you'll go, I, feel to thirty thirty one points quarter. Yeah. And three turnovers. Question do you think check getting out coach in this game? No. No. Those pleasure working and now? They had like three trick plays I want their way. I can think of my add. To, yeah. Patriots also doing their own trick plays though. Did they work. Yeah. They did the fake punt in the second quarter that set up. Adams. Husband Damien seven yard field go where you David Lined up like they lined up as if they're punting I don't even know like where he hit on the field today like. Protector and then he can't guess. Yes. And then. They lined up in. Who they have in the background Dion Branch, the running back lined up. And is ready to Cuba sneak. To convert. A three yard Tom Brady quarterback sneak on fourth and three. Even more bold in my opinion. And that was halfway through the fourth. Fourth quarter, it's the May even on this final. It was after all the final drive hub blue about the clock we'll get to that. Yes the Patriots still down. Pretty big. Speaking of the commentators I wrote down some. Quotes from them. You got some young have. Football football. Just things amused me these are just. My musings as listen. Okay. Tom Brady is one fired up cowboy right now. Seductive move by Brady. Which Niche I thought, that's a weird way to describe it, but he was describing A. Play, action. Who has? Seducing someone into thinking it's play a hand off is really appropriate word to use their. So both both great descriptions A. Horny hungry. What's his name? Randy Cross? Horny Horny Mad. I have another bone to pick with them as well. By. All means I serve. Patriots last touchdown and they're like. Do they go or not even touched on before last right with do they go for two or do they kick the PAT last? Lasted they go up one point thirty, one thirty. No good defense he has got kicked upon PAT in. Defense this is like. The logic of like, yeah. Let's go up by two or three by two or three because even if you miss it like what's one or two? There's no difference in those because it's literally next core went. In Stupid Yup. I coach to. The era of analytics though, is it no deft logic tests? Last bears touchdown run cross. This was a whole bottle of feel-good pills for the bears. Shit like that rules maybe what was in? The feel could pills but I did have one football football. It's here. All right sacking involved I promise. It was you better get his whole package when you hit him I don't even remember what was context saying. Remember the play. I think it was Antwan Smith running the law. Better yet his whole packing. It means grab onto his junk to tackle them that football not football.

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Then I think it's A little bit of both. Can you both option we've never done because like you gotta grab this package to tackle him. He had the whole thing. You know he to be an effective way to bring down. You're grabbing onto grab onto lifeline. Oh. My That sorted out. Should. We talk about this to Patriots Touchdown Touchdown Greg Greg you've been really setting it up so great since he watches game. Takes their. Take us in the field. you got interrupt interrupting me. Thank you to pay me a picture. please. No pain picture payment. So end of the third quarter. When we got to score here. Pats down by twenty seven, sixteen, Twenty, seven, sixteen third down by eleven. Start out the fourth quarter by go on a long drive like A. Fifteen play drive that ends with a voluntary field goal very next drive. Day gave up a field goal of their own. So you're like, God is really isn't heading the direction you want it to go. Kick kickoff to the fifty. Yeah, yeah. And they to that field goal in? Did the joint. Got Me off. Don't Cammisa, CHICAGO It written down. All adenjer to I'd never heard of that did. Still haven't but Dan So you got about six and a half minutes left down by eleven. So you Kinda gotTa make something happen here. and. What is Brady do. Brady always dies. So drives him down there. What like the thirty five some around their yard line. Bears just send the absolute Haus have Brady and he's like. Back. Stepping backwards like throws it off his back foot and you're like, all God. Is Third. Downhill this is trouble. And like he it's one of those ones where like fall. Flat and like turn left and it goes over and he has the earn while it's in the air and Rana. Wheel. One Hand into his basket and what a catch and then. Clocks Earth. Kevin fog to me is the NBA game. He was looking good I will give you that. You see numbers. And Very. Very new, England offense of them. had seven catches for one hundred, nine yards in two touchdowns in five carries for twenty one yards. And no mistakes blitz pickup JANA numbers. Yeah. Yeah. That's. A Stud Patriots Friday. I did notice that. I don't know if the Patriots had seen something or what but they were running shit like drop droplets in this game. Yeah and it felt like. Kevin Faulk was getting a good amount of those yards on data draw screens, flats, routes, Anton Smith caught a bunch of balls in this game, which is weird. It felt like that. What was Anton? Smith numbers I just scrolled all the way down Andy kinds versa. Anton Smith Four catches for twenty four and ten carries for forty one. Try Brown. Seventeen targets. Eleven catches ninety yards, seventeen targets. Our our grade you back. While think, he had a tough tough day. Those coroners who are pretty good. Jerry. Jerry Zuma UNH product at baby. In the dark. The Shield Eiser who had a better name though Jerry Zuma or R W mcquarters? Sure her W mcnichols. But A nickel. Back. So, perfect. At some point he was. I saw some point. As cool. was that dark. Facial was. That, I can't help you in a night game right Does it hurt you. I'd never. Wearing sunglasses, right. I've never worn I mean Aaron's grandfather used to wear sunglasses at night when he was driving home because the. It would cut down on glare of oncoming traffic. which scared the absolute shit out of me. This is what happens when you get three guys in a room.

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We've never played football talking about. I see out there. It's dark out and he's wearing sunglasses. Feel. two of Kevin Fox catches were. bailouts for Brady sacks to remember those plays. Oh, the little shop ones that he'd been doing back like crazy shovel passes from Brady about to get sacked and just flipped it to Kevin Fall he had a couple of those and you also had what I thought was. Like. The Textbook. Screenplay like right at the end of the first half and it went to faulk for like thirty yards. Yup where it just looked like it was a broken play and the like the blocking was perfect they let him out through just the right time and it was the perfect way. With Australia because that, one of those flip shovel passes whatever he's about to get like pulled halfway down was on that drive your was just Take us there greg. Yeah. So actually, well, before we get to see the Patriot. Fox course touchdown. Talk, what's your score there? So now we're down. They go they go for to get so down five, right. So now they're down five with under three minutes left. And they kick off which I thought. The. commodores like they're probably going to go on side here like you get timeouts in three minutes like why the fuck would you? Got The. Lighten to go on sides. But that they lined up on sizes and kick the deep. Not An analytics error, I guess. At the back of the. Kick a deep, and then immediately give up a nine yard run on. I. Really. This is trouble. Barron their second time I'll second one. As second one big Willie. Makes it huge stop. User second time. Are there last time I'll and you're like? All right. This is basically a third one for the game here. And, say play action on a guy with a noodle arm I. Liked that I. liked that I like thought. Matt Miller Back There Greg Weather spellcheck was out coach I'd say, no because of this right here. Yeah. You gotta put your nuts on the table and because the only time they did anything in this game was when they. Went outside the box like across talking John, Bill for outside the box that they went back in it. Is what he said. Aspen. Commentators Way. Off. Air clearly not a trigonometry guy. Clearly. They run up, run up the middle of the train at Tedy Bruschi comes in and stop some Richard Seymour was in their yard a yard. Not. So near like all right I, see game plays out. and. I was still like like leaning forward towards the TV like it. Is. This is this is. The one. Stop working. On was working. All right. Oh more work and that's Chessel. Time. Get. Good. Yeah did you also to go You know actually yesterday going back to that other drive the one that the touchdown with Falk on. They had to go for a fourth in like five from their own forty three. With like four minutes left and now as a huge play by Brian and he just got absolutely demolished. So that was a huge play by Troy easy second everywhere these early years oh so was. He was like I. I remember. A few years ago saying when Brady Element Gronk role on the team. And I think. That they lost in the. AFC Championship to the Broncos one of those years. peyton manning was still there and. And they just kept getting more and more injuries and I think GRONK was out but it'll is still there I, was okay because I said. Like the offense run through element like he's the one that kind of keeps going between the twentieth like if Brady needs the I doubt he's going to go to albumin and that's just GonNa like keep offense moving whereas Gronk is the guy that finishes drive. So they'll still there and he got hurt. And they weren't the same after that. And I feel like Troy Brown was the original version of that like when you got your, you really needed something. You go to. Brown. Is Always any whole yes, and even if he's not, you're gonNA catch it anyway. I think we've been pretty clear about our absolutely love Troy Brown on this podcast.

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He's pretty damn good employees for listening. Please please come on we love to have you on Or just knowledge our existence that would make me so happy. McCoy you want if anyone wants this podcast to stop forever. No get a signed affidavit Troy Brown saying, yes I have seen podcast at sucks please ask them to stop. That probably would do it actually I would stop it that if If I knew that trae gated our podcast Miss so much shame. Badge that he listens in this thing is. You guys can do better I did. Scraping the Brown name. What we do that anyway. Yeah. Chokes on new. Years. So? I guess that brings us to the. Final drive the penultimate drive. Really. But the final drive them who big word love it. I was actually thinking that word in my head to wreck. I was GONNA. Correct you to you didn't say. Sorry I should've I should've given that to you. I think I taught you that early? Yes. We've talked about on this podcast is a good monty python skit sketch. This is get to the penalty mation. Let's. Great, would you want to do the honors Nope? He's getting frozen pizza. All right. So I think the reason I want to do is because I felt like this. Dr Had some similarities to the drive in the game that Greg calls the best game of the pages tightness in the talk group which. They actually showed the replay of in this. I know they're going to even even if you didn't put together yourself there, we're GONNA we're to beat that horse. Basil is this horses kind of fresh? At that point, it was not anymore. Yeah. But. So the Patriots hold the the Bears Bears Putnam, bears for some reason they the comedies made a comment about how the bears. Took the wind in the third quarter but I don't Know if That's the case out coach Bill Bell check again. So ballot check has the wind behind in which is. The reason vegetarian was able to kick a fifty seven yard field goal in the. Second Quarter. Second Quarter. which is career long. His car is still his career long problem. Wasn't that point. It was also a Patriots career-long or Patriots all-time longest field goal and the longest field goal in that season. So they kicking he and they knew like because they were kicking with the wind there. So, Siri. Oh. Aries. Adam. Method. Is An American football player who? Would you like? I'm. Really not would you like to hear more? Bad apparently asking do you WanNa hear more? Make serious as. Shop. Bears kicking into the putting into the win, which hasn't gone well in this game. So troy remains take the punt return back to their own forty four. The windy city right really living up to its name Sperry that was his career long. Yeah I. figured this Little Career Fifty seven feel. Far. Songs is fifty five the when city, Greg. But we'll let that slide to. Chicago champaign. You want to get a little deeper there. As. Well, it's not even the call, the Windy City because it's Wendy wisely yes I know politicians and shit now it's windy as fucking Chicago it is it isn't it? Yes. So, page down the ball on their own forty, four minute fifty left. Because they're win bags. The. Politicians who were data's ready for any to start interrupt him. I'm reading history dot com slash news slash y Chicago called the windy city. That you are eldest just rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Radars Zoom. No People wanted showing for. An Open Forum. Zoom balls. I. Mean we could live shares as seven. I don't know if I'd do zoom dot. US Dot Post. was just going to be asked again nightline them.

00:50:00 - 00:55:00

Yeah. It's cool. Waste. Anymore. You fucking kick at. First Time ever muted. Because, you're trying to give out our fucking privates zoom call. That thing we need right now is. Zoom bombed by somebody other than you. The Hell is gonNA zoom bomb us. Know Hackers Greg this is the Internet you know how the Internet works, they eleven and then the. Torture it till it's dead Bro I know all about the Internet erasing that video of them those people in that talk show talking about like. What is this Internet thing. Is a what is this? Haywar. The circle around it. What does that mean that about? It's one of the bucket and funny videos. There's that and the newscasts about what the? L., O. L. stands for. But every single one is about like drugs and sex. A good. Comeback Steve Patriotair is. Late in the fourth quarter about a minute left I'd Sam Five, two minute drill and they're cruising they're they're moving the ball Until. Brady decides a loft one into the face of the bears nose tackle gets picked off Brian Robinson. who was a guest an underperforming high draft pick. From. Behind. They were trashing him to trashing interim crushing. Other commentators were like gushing about like this his redemption Yada Yada Yada, and then the play goes under review and you see that he never has complete control, the ball and For as bad as for a was from Brady, throwing it directly to the nose tackle. He's also the one that did the karate chop into the guy's hands to make an off the football. That's. The offense of lime and spread it i. Did it. Well, I saw bring do it. I couldn't definitely that you can see on the replacement watch it again Steve watched it again Joel no actually again was it was initially dislodged by you're wrong watch watch it again never had complete control. So how initially dislodge if you never had control Because exactly what do you think bray was while he was we had to have a control to be dislodged if it's not lodge to be dislodged. Just say. You're wrong. And you're not a good football fan because you don't see those things you're not even. Even real athlete. Aren't anthem the night ESPN at least I can beat you with golf. So that's all I care about. If The tape is correct. and. Important Sports. Stretching the definition of the word sport but okay, do you. So. In Shades of the snowball. Tuck rule. This call was overturned pages get a second chance. A third chance for less controversial is definitely not an interception. which is like all the celebrating and even the commentators like they showed the replay and it was did a really good shot the first time they showed it where you're like that I never even to add that. Yes and I did it like pick up on it which I thought was surprising. There was this whole spiel about like Bryan Robinson's redemption. Yeah. The bears are going to win this game like there's probably like a minute hat where you're like dose overturn. Yeah. It was pretty obvious but then. If that wasn't enough. For the fans to boo. Couple plays later. Brady hits patent with a DART in the back of the endzone. Pat Manages to dot the I with his left foot to get both down before that was a four, thousand, three Tom. Brady quarterback sneak. Play. Pass to Kevin Faulk. Yeah. So yeah. So All right. Yeah. I did skip that. You're right. I. Apologize so much packed into like the last. Minute of the game, the reference could barely keep up because the overturn their call give the patients ball back figure out like timing where the ball should be Yada Yada Yada and its fourth and three. Patriots lineup real quick into a qb sneak. To the first down and then lineup up again to spike the ball. But the referees have to blow the play dead because they want to. Measure but they've already pick up the ball to put it somewhere else. Stopped it. Can't make search.

00:55:02 - 01:00:01

The refs there too because I was like, I? I. Don't know what? Do. You do there. You know. Exactly the only thing you can do is really review it to make sure they got the first but then you're giving the Patriots advanced because he stop the clock. So it was a bit of a show, but eventually, it was to patent with absolutely ridiculous catch for the touchdown running full speed. Managed to grab it without bobbling it and get both feet down like a full sprint. Not much very rainy moss. Ask I thought. That Randy Moss on Thanksgiving. Against the cowboys. Yes. Similar touchdown. Yeah, he's telling you of those great catch gets a pass to, is it good toe tapper? He is he is. And so they review that one too because it was close and that one was upheld. And then you got probably my favorite chance in football is the bullshit chant. And As soon as that started right across as like well, the fans aren't happy about that call, but it's the right one. Would you say that were cross? Hey So on the on the cat, she could tell you it was like the. Fields with like the rubber pads in it. So you get Steve. Orange was it was not talked about it. All okay. Fat Check Bro. Stadium's ASTROTURF was replaced with Astro play in two thousand and one astro play. Kevin Harlan Call Randy. Cross out about it because he cross said something about how you could see the dirt kick up. He's like that's not actually dirt. It's rubber pellets. And they had. Two, thousand and one. Didn't even know this shit was that old. No Yeah. So it must have got replaced the year before, but you could clearly see his. Foot, Mark. On the Orange Zone because they're in. Lack of. Else crazy. So close astro play. Yep. See Call. Since the early two thousands, ASTROTURF has marketed taller pile systems that use infamous have better replicate natural turf. It really is so much better than astroturf God you astroturf pitches carpet like admiral carpet on concrete. might have been worse than carpet like Shittier, to fall on then carpeted wasn't great. It was very thin carpet. I love that shit the. Astros play. Is Pretty good for soccer I. Think it's Probably prefer to plan grass but no way really unless you're playing like parole, I got fucking perfectly manicured. If you're playing at the levels you and I are planning at your plan trash field. That's like Oh. Yeah. Potholes ship. Yeah. That's fair. Upkeep is not him for this. This fake ASTROTURF brier anyway pats go up one yup. And then there's the debate. Do they kick the extra point or do they go for two with thirty seconds left? Take the point here. Distrust your defense take points. Over reliable. Troy. Brown. Two point conversion. It's good. It's wide open to. What he was super open for. One Yard play. And now the bears have a noodle arm quarterback, the ball and the twenty. Second on second down. And then actually frustrated they called a timeout. With one second left. After that. He actually like five seconds, run off the clock and then call timeout one second like like what? Kind of makes sense right? Anyway. So who cares if it's four seconds or? One Second True I would've thought time run out. Yeah so they tried the Miami Miracle. Did Not work. Came over. Pass win. And this was kind of the. A theme, the Chicago Bears. This was the third fourth quarter blown lead of the season. The other two teams they had done it to were new. Orleans. And Detroit. Shit. That Year Right I think they were pretty good that year. The Detroit. Lions I don't think we're the dirt troy lions finish the season three and thirteen. quarterback for the saints. Aaron Brooks till.

01:00:02 - 01:05:04

Their laws, Aaron Brooks Yeah I. Think it was an address. Well, it was last year. Did you guys catch the scar citing? No Yes kinetico's on there was. Just briefly. Also when after the game when bill check or there's like cutting around random people and Belgians getting super chummy with a guy on the bears number fifty five. By the name of Rosevelt, Colvin. Caldwell. Check of in ninety three I think he's on the Cleveland Ninety three ninety five. Okay. That's funny. Because Rosevelt Colvin was playing in this game. Had A good game to get help the monster? Athletic that. Rodin through the monster which the Patriots sign him. Although he had one tractor trailer was on there to. Play this is the last drive. Where the Patriots Spike it because I think it was Stephen after the play. Where Brady like shoveled it to Kevin Faulk. And they ramp try spike it and Rosevelt Colvin just kind of like stood there and didn't try get back on sides with the bears had to call a timeout. Completion this extra fly it. And so the Patriots. Got To stop the clock without having a spike and I think. It was third downs with its spiked. It would end up being fourth down. So next play was the town I. Think it was An early Lacquer Coleman solid linebackers. mcquarters good cornerbacks. Defense I mean does White Marty Booker is some solid receivers and tight ends Marcus train. Coup Robinson would. You Robinson. I never ready, you have any nicknames versus now I forgot to do that I was. This is what happens when I actually watched it. I know that I know one of them was cherry. Zuma. As. Him I feel like you can recycle that one. What is Kuku could chew me Robinson mean. Does that Song I think Simon and Garfunkel. Whatever close enough. Other. Should I sell Marcus the song slaps. Probably why was famous? Can you can you put this in money? Do the edit anti? Probably what do do do do you made Simon and Garfunkel underrated hard w silver dollar mcquarters. Mrs. Right. Strong Sadie. We get sued. Why do they look like Beavis and butthead if they were polite. Somebody who came from Good families. Youtube comments about like one in twenty or funny. But the one is always pretty fun Daniela. Did that was one of them. I found the Jerry, Zuma one jerry halls of Montezuma. ooh. I was thinking want to zoom when I heard his name that's not bad for Chris Chandler. It was MONTEZUMA's, Aztec. History Lane. To kill you see the one that Cortez. Comes, full circle you got killed by police de Leon. Cortes I hope is. That that is like one of my favorite stories and history is when the Spanish hunky stores the Aztecs like right around the time when they found the new world and. Just. Just imagine that of your like an ass tech empire and you like I know is going on here and then all of a sudden fucking random dudes with like metal swords and shields show with. And you've never seen horses before you just like what the bought. Imagine my two worlds colliding for the first time in history like truly colliding.

01:05:05 - 01:10:00

It must've been so. For both sides. Yeah. The Aztec Empire was apparently like like ridiculous. As well, so it must have been just as mind-blowing for the Spanish to all. Yeah. And then the this, she's like raped of all. Like the whole empire with thirty dudes. That took a dark turn. We should do a episode on that. But that's just the play the game and get the fuck. OUTTA here. Your best and worst Greg I think you should go first as. Steve you go. I'll do the best as the play of the game. For me. Personally. is right after the interception. The noodle arm interception. Like Anton. Smith fumbled it but I believe we got back and there's a huge scrum looking for it. And Brady gets a personal foul. Yes. For like reckon people off the scrub. That may be the only unnecessary roughness personal foul Brady's career. I can't I can't remember another on. Yeah That's I can't remember what I'm I. Feel like he's probably had another one where he's got fired up like. Against the Ravens maybe now he's like. headbutted ed read or some shit like that you know. How I feel like how remember that? I feel like there's something like I don't know if you called for it or. I feel like him in the Ravens Defense always used to get into yeah and then the worst. Honestly, I think it might be the commentators there were frustrating. Wow. Okay. They're just shitting Brian Urlacher I love Friday lacquer. We spend too much time with me. Done. Corruptive Yes all right Gregg are you are you prepared yet? Of We've never done this before. It's. My worst is Steve Not gaining his hyped about I feel like I've been the worst. Of Yours, like half the time. Well, not just. Tanto Cheat Lawn. Dig where you just there she. Needs. It's still Aztec. Right. Now but it's my fucking uneducated. Dictum I take that back then. I have no idea probably be asked just make it up. And I think. A. Really. Listen. Mr Goldman. Apologize for all of us it's nine. It's mine. Yeah. So my worst, Israeli, then Montezuma thinking that Cortes was like a divine on boy of the God. Quite CICALA. Call. Milled. I that's not even close. Pronounce that I can yeah three how to pronounce it. So apparently, Montezuma, just like just starts showering them with gold rooms full of gold. Any demanded everybody from his empire to bring goal to this did. Not, Cortez just like. Massacred everyone and killed them. Against the will of the Gods. Dear when people give you gold I guess. Yeah. He's just. Well I mean I guess if if you're looking at it not in today's terms but. Of the terms of the time then cortes he fucking. Talking about an odd said dared he just wanted me with like a thousand people and like broaden entire empire to its knees civil took all their gold, send it back to the king and Spain. He's like I was Bro. Check out what I found. You didn't want to fund this trip but Jagannath what Brady did to the bears this game. All, right that's the theory. We can't go back in history and like this guy's ass. All I. Mean it's a completely different time. Have you not me talk about the commentators that's legitimate would have been doing every week on. All right. my wife was the first half of the game I have I have a few good things we haven't touched on. One was referees explaining their calls. or who referee was some old dude. White hair and he Had a great time explained the calls and one of them I think it was a bears catch on the sideline. Ruled a catch obviously a catch but I had to look at and because it's under two minutes.

01:10:01 - 01:15:02

And came back and said after reviewing the play, it was a good catch. And that was the end of his called. And then he also pantomime. Pat Patent the catch and tapping his get one foot in and tapping the other one he made the. The actual tap with foot and then put his hands on a touchdown. So. That was great. Oh Yeah. No he pulled it off and he didn't say anything we all knew saying. We're pants currently. Maybe. Ran. Into my time. Of Mine. Of Mine. I'm Steve like mine. Your Pants. Works okay. Dad States Mimes. Everybody hates dude I don't know if that's the thing I think that might be a dad day everybody hates mine they're pretty hated. Let's ask, Siri. Siri. Does everybody. Hate Mimes. Yes For two thousand, eighteen everybody still hates mimes. Has Fourteen. It's still. GotTa check the source and he can't just be like I. saw a headline. It's on medium. On. Everybody hates minds come. By saw my haters dot org. Speaking of. People we didn't really like or who didn't have a great day. Bears Defensive. Coordinator. Not a great day but had an amazing nickname. Dr. Defense. That's. Pretty. Cool. Dr Defense. Now, what's his actual name for cares? DATA UP MR defense. I wrote down bears offensive coordinator, and then his nickname because. His. Name is Charles Defendants. But he said doctor because has a PhD in defense. That's allies Steve if you're wondering. I'm looking it up right now because I don't trust anything he's got. That check. That's a lot of Lonzo. While you're checking that. I also enjoy the musical selection that the stadium. was playing. Some Lincoln Park on there, which brought me back starts with one thing I don't know Yada Yada. Yada Yada Yada rest in peace. That's right. Yeah. Chaz Chaz. Stretching a seri-. What. What was the lead singer? Of Linkin Park the guy that died chester chester. Bennington. Check Out C.. C.. Links to chat chester. Bennington wikipedia. But why can't she just be like Chester Bennington blockchain? Watch Steve It's it's fucking European did? Said Stocker Defense Blue, but at the offensive coordinator John Shoop. SHOOP shoop. shoop. Dog. Shoot. I knew you wouldn't is the nicknames Greg thanks. Shoot Judge Give me a dame humored gotta be a good one I was thinking that like. Damon. And then. I almost interrupted you and then I was to say like, hey, member when Johnny Damon said he had a rocket for an arm. Got An injury and that's why throws fucking Dickhead. Like. That's way too far off tangent. Really. Not The going so just so you just so you his book wasn't it yeah? Yeah usually I was a specimen in high school and college cannon arm. Wouldn't catch in the finals and I ran to the wall afterwards. So I fucked my throwing arm. Yeah. He didn't come out very well no no, it didn't. It did give you the reasons start calling yourself specimen greg of heard. You say that about yourself many many times, it's not true. Any I think you're specimen. Both, specimens. In, one way or another right it's a pretty open ended term it is. That's why I used it. You're both definitely human. For the most part. Steve's like science experiments specimen if you combined like a homeless person and A mentally challenged infant. Bold come dude.

01:15:03 - 01:20:12

Beer. Beer was almost. Have like the idea ideas? Mentally challenged infant. Bright. What's you know? If, I would have been better by time thing if something. Is Whatever. How improv worked. As. Steve He'd shoveled. So. Amateur Smart. All. Set about Ukraine about all of us. Easy ones. Even go hydrocare nothing. I'm just glad my girlfriend saw greg beer because now she knows it could be worse. I've got up a notch. But the thing about that is it's the same thing with setting expectations low right of. That I don't have a beard I look like amazing. In. Comparison. Yeah. Exactly and it's all about comparison right? If I just never had one. Just kind of looks like a dump still. But the fact that I went from like super, Dombi Dom. Now Dump has been bumped up to like he's pretty good. Now you're dumpster to just dunk. It's all about setting expectations you gotta go down you got to crab legs to make an online. Yeah. Yeah. That's why my first few. Valentines days with my wife were horrendous of at the beginning of our relationship. What did you do I? Don't even remember they weren't good. What do you do now? Let's Valentine Great. Day. I, Hate Valentine's Day not a huge fan. Steve comment. Again, I don't know what this is. You'll find out. The Barlow Boys. Tonight's existence. Speaking of Dr Defense. Jesus. So. After defensive. So. Speaking. Of Improv I have no idea I don't know where it came from. But I was thinking. That we should write. A book. But then I thought we're not that smart which one of us is called. Right. Yeah. That's reiterate this children's book ask. A lot of. pitchers. Nego that way or the opposite and make an adult book. I, at the thing that popped into my mind was growing term remember and I feel like we could put one of those together. But. We also are not very. Adept in the bedroom. So might come off as like even better. It's like forty year old virgin what he's like. An mean part of it's already been written from Greg talking about how he would do the. Tyler dance afterward. Exactly. That's not getting anybody horned up. On brand though I think okay I tell you have. You read a talking to remember that. PODCAST. Fire. It doesn't have to be sexy is what I'm saying I'm fat. What does it take to get a book published because I'm down. You could self publish. Yeah. But I I think we can do is we should all the only they only print it when someone buys it off Amazon. You can. You can do a kindle book for basically free. But I wanted to in my hands. Enough trouble. Just came every week on your resume that you're a published author. Just don't I ain't putting anything bottles. Exactly. Some looking up the listen to this. At Bet, there's another greg found that wrote a book watch this Greg Brown off. That's good thing about having a common last name tell. About it dude I just said put Greg author and I had seven results. So. Anyone ever. nope. They're not gonNA. Believe this guy. SORT. Of First One. It's a black eye writing about the Bible. I see Brown the American Christian author radio broadcaster and former seminary professor. I have angered Brown born nineteen fifty five in London is an English journalist writer and editor at my work Skyros Downing Staff of the independent Joseph Trusting God's sovereignty and goodness the Bible Teachers Good Book Twenty.

01:20:12 - 01:25:07

Two. Yes Oh I can relate to this guy's books with this podcast. What was I thinking? The endless freedom ooh, when you're rope breaks. The good is not enough. Win Over? Mister Nice Guy. Reese free sentence. Seventy dollars. Oh My. Turn, sid skyrocketing all of these. This is all background. Are Steve Bratt Bro. Jesus Christ. It's awesome. Andrew Brown row watching the detectives the Darwin. Wars in the beginning was the worm. Vision. Anatolia, and that was the church that was I think. Now wins this. What does he look like Steve? Could you like in a pinch? Passer uses fake? You know he's a real did. Younger. The I found I found my guy. Belfast Maine. Bob My age. wrote some generic fucking bullshit he looks like hair hide the pain Herald. You know that? Yes that'd be. Okay rules. Are you see pictures of them Steve, I found the page. A, picture of him with a podcast Mike we got going on right now. It is a radio. He is Ashville North Carolina. Ashville. Stephen with a P.. H.. Steve Bannon actual. Christian name as you know. The host and the talk show Steve Brown, etc. Saw your brown NPR. He Stephen with a P.. H. Steven Webb Brown. Damn Steve. All right. So we have to write. These, earlier. Is a religious books. Yeah Super religious no more tonight's guy. Is. Good is not good enough. Over this is perfect and list free. I am one of the three cents. Just be. Gluttonous. On. I'm going to buy this because what we're GonNa do is when use this as a jumping off point? We're going to write our own three reasons. But based on. A Patriots adult novel. Okay. Three free sense. Erotic novel. Abou- Patriots Fan Fiction. So we wished up the game for free cents. To change the title slightly because we can't have another three free by Steve Brown. Oh Oh. It's even better. The full title three Free Sins God's not at you. Off another two separate books no, it's the thing. But Oh, my office the. This Amazon Review not sure why you picked three and it. Doesn't really explain that either. Ask South Sixty. Four. Doesn't Eddie sets. Man. All Dude, this is a Joe loss team book. No. Oh, Steve. Trouble. So. To do that title or do we do. What was I thinking about this? This guy is way more successful on podcast and radio that we are. Currently heard on six hundred outlets Stephen. Everybody's more successful than. US. Dude angry. With GonNa get him on a pot, we should get. That could be dangerous. Not. Is, a pastor in Quincy. And even to us. Dan Dude I wonder if. Perfect, which part of that whole thing that went down. Looking. To. Get Him on the phone. would. Not that that is not offensive because that actually happened. Yes. They were fucking little kids for years. We make. Fun of her that. I don't WanNa live in this country. We'll know if he did it though. We're allowed to ask religious people how they feel about.

01:25:08 - 01:30:02

Cuts, yeah? We'll. We'll cut this park. I just want to say for the record I think religion is good in that it forms communities at all. Use a higher moral standing. But, I also think rummage it is bad because it ends up with kids getting diddled. Yeah. I think people use Religions Shield to be an asshole sometimes. Agreed. All right. Sounds got here but. On that note, I think this is the perfect time to say. If, you'd like to share your thoughts with US Sean, how we're doing on our podcast. You can go to rate this podcast dot com slash pats pod. Well. How many? How many fifty shades of Grey Today Ray So, three of those. Kids. Yeah the. Black. thinking, we could do like one of us reads fifty shades. One of US reads. The other one that we melva together for the Fan Fitch is that's what we're doing. We're we're combining genres right I. Mean I was going to read a Gronk and traveling just for pleasure again. Because I've forgotten again. Read. Jesus Christ. The second one is bizarre. I. Think we'll have to do a second one is bizarre. So he said, yeah it's worse than the to. Yeah. But I think we'll have to. Be Honest with me. Did it make you warning. Not. Any point any. Little. Bit. It was too weird. I don't know. Weird Shit they already before. That's not in this podcast just. Another rabbit. Off. Please explain. It's It's just human being Newman's. I Keep I love. You Andy. Keep it on my coffee table just so we're people out. I got you each. One of the two books of course. Yeah. I never the second one really read. So that's tough. Yeah. I'll find the audiobook I'll read it to you. But I. Yeah. I think we should do a book club where we review those box. Okay. It's well worth it the. Will Be. So. Again, if you have thoughts on this podcast. Rate this bar guest dot com slash. Pat. Spot. ooh, I got. A bit of. Breaking news guys there's one nine cam new and no. Yeah I've been with Cam a Cam Newton Aerobic. Romance. Now. Oh. Yes. Look at this time. What's the title again? Gavin Will Cam Daven with Kim. Looking Guy in the cover, they just felt like a red and black guy. Cam Newton. Why. Can't. Be. To share your screen less. Google data camp. So look inside I want to look inside. He's. Talking Free On kindle Into a limited. it's two hundred nine to buy it. Don't minutes worth it. Sure. Is Just You're. Just a guy doesn't black guy he does sort of not even really looks Cam. So here's what we're to need to do is we're going to each one of us has to read one of the books because it is. The same author. And Book, Club Y'all read. The side is different. It's all the same thing. All right. So. Do we start with the term member? Do we start with I've already read the groggy and so let's start with the or you had. Did you read the second one where we're past ground CROCK is over? I don't WanNa get drunk. You might. Out Jude Groggy to remember to Chad goes deep in the neutral zone. I don't like it already. Oh. You have no idea how much you can we do a horny meter while we're reading it? I could probably put them together. Sure. Say how hard is it in terms of Lombardi's one six somebody Abon Rama.

01:30:08 - 01:32:43

All. Right. So next week. We haven't scared of literally everybody at this point patriots are. Back home. Against Mother, NFC North Foe. Your Minnesota Vikings Purple People Eaters, and I have nothing to say about this game. Basic already I know I know nothing about or they played I started reading Cam folks the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings. Okay. Yes. So we will see them. Next week and we'll see you next week while we were here. You will hear US next week. Now's a really great transition. You like that now it wasn't even a transition. Or was it. A stumbling on your words All right. So you'll hear me and Steve next week is Greg might not be back. He's been such a Dick. ooh. You you. You reap what you sow andy next week we might have guest actually so. On a better. I don't want to spoil it because I don't know if for sure yet but. We should have gas next week. Not quite sure who executives Dagan read the bus. No right within the book for next week. No, that's GONNA be a special episode Steve. To read the whole thing. It's like a fifty page fake all. Pure terror. It's lightning out here. I'm scared. Oh. I heard that. Damn Dude. Can we get a live review this thunderstorm? Could but not as good as two days ago. How many Lombardi's? Three and a half you should. Also thinking. This is probably punishment for me fucking Shit on Steve Brown. was. Scheduled is on fire will on the why? Join US next week to find out if. A lot of cliffhangers. Today is Steve's alive. Yeah. If Steve House burned down or has been smited by the Almighty Lord if Greg's back if we have a guest. and. How the Patriots Viking Games go. And we'll see if my company realizes I was googling erotic fiction NFL on my company computer which. dammit. Kelly's computer this stuff. All, right. Join US next week on the pages you park. Yeah.