2004 Week 8: Patriots at Steelers

The end of the Patriots record-setting 21-game win streak feels appropriate to talk about this week of the current Pats/Bucs matchup and the return of Tom Brady. Since we can't do it full justice, we brought in an expert: Mike Dussault from patriots.com! Join Andy and Steve as they bother Deuce with questions he can't answer, before jumping into one of the worst 3 minutes of football Brady and the Patriots have ever played.

And listen now to find out which hoodie Belichick should wear this week, as told to you by the creator of the Belichick Hoodie Database.

Show Notes

  • Definitely check out Mike's newest podcast "2001: A Patriots Sound Odyssey" at https://www.patriots.com/audio/podcasts
  • Here's the clip of the Steelers fan dressed as Bill Cowher: https://youtu.be/cwlxCGFyEvw?t=3825
  • Belichick's post game press conference: https://youtu.be/CulCm8UFJ80?t=149

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