Andrew Brown
11 February 2020
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This all started as a simple website. I came across an infographic on Reddit outlining the Patriots records vs every other team in the Belichick era. I loved it, but wanted it to be sortable and filterable. So I made a simple webpage that allowed me to do that.

Then I wanted to be able to update that webpage, so I build a back end behind the page. And then I noticed some discrepancies in the numbers, so I updated the back end to allow me to add every game into it and have the graphic calculate the numbers automatically. You can still see that page here. And there's a version for only Tom Brady games, too.

And things snowballed from there.

This site has grown to something I couldn't have imagined back when I started. I worked with another Redditor to add highlight gifs to the games. They had been diligently creating gifs for all new games, so I've started to help by going back and capturing highlights from all the older games. So far we're back to 2009, with some other games sprinkled in.

While I've been going back and capturing highlights, it occurred to me that there were a lot of Patriots games that I just didn't remember, but enjoyed rewatching as I was grabbing highlights from it. This dynasty has been going on for so long (almost 20 years at this point!) that there's no way to remember all the good (and some bad) that's happened over that time.

Which brings me to the podcast. I've convinced some of my closest people to go back and rewatch every game of the Patriots dynasty. And we're going to do a podcast on each game. So without further ado, please enjoy the Patriots Dynasty Podcast.

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Podcast Listing

2001 Week 3

Your favorite quartet of idiots talk about high school football camp, Momma Brown, and even review Tom Brady's first NFL start.

2001 Week 2

The full crew discusses 9/11, the Drew Bledsoe injury and Andy's anger issues as they look back at the game that set the wheels in motion for the greatest dynasty to ever grace the NFL.

2001 Week 1

The Patriots traveled to Cincinnati to face Corey Dillon and the Bengals. How would the illustrious 2001 season start? Would it be as rocky as the inaugural episode of this podcast? Let's find out together in this week's episode of the Patriots Dynasty Podcast!

2001 Week 8

Let's go back to happier times, when we were all able to still get together. Join Mike and the brothers in cold, snowy NH for the shitshow that was the in-person Christmas episode. Yes, we realize it's March. Deal with it.

2001 Week 7

Mike, Greg and Andy talk failure: both of the hosts and of the Patriots in Mile High.

2001 Week 6

The Brown brothers discuss the first game with a name: the David Patten Game. Well, except for Greg who has a confession to make.

2001 Week 5

Mike joins Andy for some Doug Flutie talk, as well as getting nerd boners over Brady's best game at this point in his young career. Want to hear two grown men discuss the heights of other grown men? This is the episode for you!

2001 Week 4

Mike and Andy suffer through sports talk radio, childhood as nerds and a tough-to-watch Dolphins game. Join in their misery as we dive into Brady's rough introduction to the NFL.

Also, as promised, the link to the DOS gameĀ Unnecessary Roughness 93.

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