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The Patriots Dynasty has been a huge part of the NFL landscape for the last 20 years. The trio of Kraft, Belichick and Brady have become almost mythical creatures at this point, but what was the journey actually like? Join the Brown brothers and their motley crew of friends as we go back and experience the history of the Patriots Dynasty one game at a time, reliving all of the best and worst moments of the most impressive stretch of football ever played in the NFL.

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2005 Week 9: Patriots vs Colts (1:03:14)

We often say that we "watch every game so you don't have to." Never is that more true than this week, where the toothless Patriots defense succumbed to the red-hot undefeated Colts offense. Yes we watched this. No, you don't have to.

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Your Hosts

The hosts have over 100 years of combined Patriots fandom. Or put another way, they're 3 brothers in their 30s who are lifelong Patriots fans.
Andy reading the sports section of the Boston Globe

Andrew Brown

It's Andy's fault this podcast exists. A Pats nerd from the very beginning, he is also in charge of this Patriots Dynasty website as well.

Steve wearing a Free Brady shirt and bandana

Steve Brown

Steve has always said that he's "the Rodney Dangerfield of the Brown family" in that he "gets no respect." It doesn't really seem right to start respecting him now, does it?

Greg with an inflatable penis on top of an RV

Greg Brown

Greg is the Rodney Harrison of football fans: you love him when he's on your team, but if you're a Bills fan and you see him standing on his rented RV with an inflatable penis it's hard not to throw Labatt Blues at him.

Our Favorites

Don't know where to start? If you have a favorite game in mind, search for it below or find it on the individual game page. If you want to start from the beginning we recommend maybe skipping the first couple of episodes, they get better as they go. Still not sure? Here are each of our favorite episodes.

Andy's Favorite

2001 AFC Championship: Patriots at Steelers
( 2:09:00 )

The Drew Bledsoe Renaissance

Steve's Favorite

2002 Week 13: Patriots at Lions
( 1:46:35 )

Thanksgiving Day

Greg's Favorite

2003 AFC Championship: Patriots vs Colts
( 1:25:54 )

The Ty Law Game

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2005 Week 9: Patriots vs Colts ( 1:03:14 )

We often say that we "watch every game so you don't have to." Never is that more true than this week, where the toothless Patriots defense succumbed to the red-hot undefeated Colts offense. Yes we watched this. No, you don't have to.Support this show

2005 Week 8: Patriots vs Bills ( 1:19:44 )

With no brothers or interns to help him, Andy reaches out to the only Bills fan he knows that would come on a Patriots podcast: a fellow football history nerd and Bills season ticket holder known only by his Twitter handle @BillsVhs. Get a unique, in-depth perspective of what life is like as a Bills...

2005 Week 7: Bye Week - The Clip Show Episode ( 1:13:07 )

What do great shows do when they run out of ideas? Clip show! Andy built a playable transcript search ( because of course he did. And what better way to take it for a test drive than to use it to find the dumbest things the brothers have said over the past 94 episodes...

2005 Week 6: Patriots at Broncos ( 1:25:12 )

The whole gang is here (eventually) to re-live... the Patriots losing to the Broncos, as usual. When we say we watch these games so you don't have to, we mean it. At least Andy does, as he seems to be the only one watching these games anymore.Support this show

2005 Week 5: Patriots at Falcons ( 1:12:56 )

Steve is back from Mexico just in time to join Andy and Tim for the Patriots visit to Hotlanta. No Michael Vick in this one (injury-related, not dog-related), but how would the depleted Pats secondary hold up against bargain-bin Matt Ryan?Support this show

2005 Week 4: Patriots vs Chargers ( 1:02:46 )

A rare episode featuring only Andy and Greg goes over a forgettable 2005 drubbing by the LaDainian Tomlinson-led Chargers. The 41 points allowed in this game are the 2nd-most points given up by the Patriots at home under Bill Belichick. Can you name the only game where they've allowed more points at...

2005 Week 3: Patriots at Steelers ( 1:05:18 )

Andy and Tim the Intern revisit the day the 2005 Super Bowl hopes were dashed - even in a victory over the mighty Steelers in Pittsburgh. Listen as the boys mourn the loss of Rodney Harrison, while celebrating beating Heinz Ward, Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the terrible towels.Support this...

Bonus Episode: Tyrone Poole Interview ( 41:48 )

The brothers (and Tim the Intern) were once again able to convince one of their real-life heroes to join them to talk old school Patriots football! Except for Greg, who is still adhering to his "don't meet your heroes" rule after discovering Dave Meggett's extracurricular activities.You've heard us...

2005 Week 2: Patriots at Panthers ( 1:14:20 )

And you thought we were kidding about doing every game of the dynasty era! The whole gang is back together, reviewing the Patriots Super Bowl rematch against the Carolina Panthers. A word of caution though, this was recorded on 4/20, and the quality reflects that. Join the Brown brothers and Intern...

2005 Week 1: Patriots vs Raiders ( 1:29:32 )

We're back! With the Brown brothers off to Europe (and not wanting to do the 2005 season anyway) Andy is joined by a special guest to talk about the crazy 2005 offseason (who knew Putin was a bad dude!?) and the season opener vs the Oakland Raiders.Here's the link to the banner ceremony: https://www...

2004 Super Bowl: Patriots vs Eagles ( 1:25:19 )

The brothers are finally back, and just in time for the Super Bowl! Listen as the boys talk TO, dry heaving, and babies. And don't miss the very special guest appearing on their first ever podcast.Support this show

2004 AFC Championship: Patriots at Steelers ( 1:15:31 )

The Patriots returned to the site of their week 8 drubbing (that broke their record-setting win streak) looking to avenge the loss and hand rookie Ben Roethlisberger his first loss in the NFL. The commentator from the 3 Games to Glory III DVD summed it up better than we ever could:“The Steelers...

2004 AFC Divisional: Patriots vs Colts ( 1:20:37 )

The brothers are back talking about old football games, and this one is a good one. The white hot Colts look to avenge their past losses in Foxborough, Massachusetts on the back of their record setting QB and offense. Will Indianapolis finally be able to solve the Belichick defense, or will New...

Bonus Episode: Kevin Faulk Interview ( 52:20 )

In a historic moment for the podcast, the brothers were able to convince one of their real-life heroes to join them to talk old school Patriots football! Except for Greg, who is adhering to his "don't meet your heroes" rule after discovering Dave Meggett's extracurricular activities. You've heard us...

1998 Week 13 - Bye Week Episode ( 54:06 )

The 2004 Patriots earned a first round bye in the playoffs, so we thought we'd take a bye week from the 2004 season to go back in time to 1998. Is Andy still salty that Dad took Greg to this game 24 years ago? Is Greg still a shit about it? Was Steve late showing up this week? Yes.Join the brothers...

2004 Week 17: Patriots vs 49ers ( 1:08:57 )

In a game that even the hardcore fans probably don't remember, the 2-13 49ers fill out their contractual obligations by visiting Gillette Stadium to play the New England Patriots. Andy watched this game so you don't have to, but if your morbid curiosity is getting the better of you this game is on...

2004 Week 16: Patriots at Jets ( 52:51 )

The Patriots head to New Jersey in hopes of rebounding after the terrible loss last week. Their foes: the 10-4 Jets who are coming off a drubbing of the Seahawks where Chad Pennington had his best game of the season. Can the Patriots get back on the winning track?Game NotesGame video: https://www...

2004 Week 15: Patriots at Dolphins - The Night That Courage Wore Orange ( 1:16:06 )

The 12-1 Patriots visit the 2-11 Dolphins in Miami for what should be an easy win. But we all know what happens when a Patriots team visits Miami. Watch Tom Brady do his best Drew Bledsoe impression in a game the Miami press dubbed "The Night That Courage Wore Orange." Gross.Full game video: https:/...

2004 Week 14: Patriots vs Bengals - The Corey Dillon Revenge Game ( 1:10:07 )

Andy and Steve are joined by a special guest to talk about the Corey Dillon's first game against his former team as the 6-6 Bengals visit Foxborough Massachusetts. Do Bengals fans hate Dillon? Find out on this episode of the Patriots Dynasty Podcast. Also, here's the link for the Tom Brady TDs...

2004 Week 13: Patriots at Browns ( 1:22:17 )

The Brown brothers are back at it as they head to Cleveland Ohio as the Patriots face the high scoring Browns. Coming off of a shootout loss to the Bengals last week, how would the 3-8 Browns fare against the 10-1 Patriots? Spoiler alert: not well.Support this show