Tom Brady's TD Passes

As we go back and create highlight clips of the important plays of the Patriots dynasty, it provides us with some interesting opportunities. I've put this page together to list every Tom Brady TD he's ever thrown in the NFL, and created some charts to show the breakdowns over different categories.

To help tell the story of these TDs, you'll find two separate things below.

Breakdowns of his throws by different variables show the details and trends of who he threw to and when it happened. 

And a data visualization of every throw's beginning and end point all mapped out on a single field shows the enormity of this feat. Six hundred and fourteen TDs across 18 seasons.

Each TD is linked to the gif of that particular play to allow you to relive every TD of the Brady era. Enjoy.

  • Blue: Regular Season
  • Red: Playoffs
  • Gold: Super Bowl

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